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Best Served Hot

CATEGORIES: md, ff, in

SYNOPSIS: The Tilson family is surprised by a visit from an old high school acquaintance.

“I’ll get it!” shouted Megan Tilson, jumping up from the couch and bounding for the front door.

Her father, Brad, glanced up from his newspaper as the lithe, pretty teenager answered the doorbell. On the couch next to Tilson’s easy chair, his wife Rebecca also smiled at her daughter’s enthusiasm.

The girl peeked through the peephole, squealed in delight and threw the door open.

“Uncle Teddy!” Megan threw her arms around the visitor, a huge, athletically-built man in his late 30s. Ted Dalloway, who had recently retired from a stellar career as a lineman for the Denver Broncos, lifted his goddaughter up into the air.

“Hey, college girl” he said. “Still not to big to do this!” He put her down and stretched out his hand as Brad and Rebecca got up and approached.

“Ted, what a surprise!” said Brad, gripping his old friend’s hand.

“Yes, why didn’t you tell us you were coming by?” asked Rebecca in mock annoyance as she gave him a hug.

“Sorry, Becky. I was in town on business and my meeting finished early. You guys are practically on the way to the airport, so I figured I’d pop in.” They all made their way to the living room and sat down. “I tried to call ahead on my new cell phone they just gave me, but I haven’t learned how to work it yet.”

Ted fished the silvery gadget from his pocket and laid it on the coffee table. Curious, Megan picked it up.

“Wow, what is this?” she asked “Looks kind of like a Blackberry, but it’s not.”

“I just got it,” said Ted. “They gave it to me to see if I’ll endorse it. Hope it works!”

“Who cares if it works? Endorse it anyway,” chuckled Brad. “As long as the check works when you put it in the bank.”

“Oh, come now, honey, you know that wouldn’t be ethical,” said Rebecca, nodding pointedly toward Megan.

“Oh, Mom, I know Daddy’s just kidding,” said Megan, placing Ted’s phone on the coffee table.

Behind his smile, Brad felt the twinge of envy and regret he often felt when talking to Ted about his stellar career, first in football and now in endorsements and licensing. Ted and Brad had been gridiron stars together back in high school nearly twenty years ago, the same school were Brad had met Rebecca, the head cheerleader. The two men were both in the running for a full-boat college scholarship when a serious knee injury ended Brad’s dream. Though he had since built a solid contracting career and a good life with his wife and only child, Brad couldn’t help being wistful.

As the three Tilsons and their visitor settled down to chat over a pitcher of lemonade, none of them noticed the device on the coffee table begin to vibrate slightly, almost imperceptibly.

After a few more minutes of conversation, Ted suddenly sat upright.

“Hey, I almost forgot!” said Ted. “Guess who was running this electronics company—the guy who gave me the phone?”

“Who?” asked Rebecca. “Somebody we know?”

“Alvin Mackie.” Ted replied.

“Wow,” mused Brad. “Alvin Mackie? Poindexter himself?”

“Poindexter?” repeated Megan, quizzically.

“He was this nerdy brainiac guy we all went to high school with,” said Ted. “Man, we used to give that guy hell!”

“That’s right, you were pretty mean to him,” said Rebecca.

“Ah, it wasn’t a big deal,” said Brad. Some guys like that just have it coming, you know?

“Remember that time we locked that little twerp in his own locker?” laughed Ted, slapping his knee in glee. “He ended up pissing his own pants before the janitor let him out!”

Even as he saw his wife look down in embarrassment and his daughter go wide-eyed in surprise, Brad couldn’t help but smile at the memory. Something about that Poindexter always bugged me, he thought.

“How about when we got word to him that Stacy Bannister wanted him to ask her to the prom?! You helped us out with that one, Becky.” Ted continued, “Man, the look on his face when she told him off right there in the cafeteria in front of everyone!”

“Oh my God!” said Megan, looking around at the three adults. “You guys really did that?”

“Now, honey—” Rebecca began. Brad shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

Ted, seemingly oblivious to the sudden tension in the room, went on. “But the best—the absolute best-was when we called the principal’s office and pretended we were calling from the hospital, and that Poindexter’s mom had died in a car accident! Too bad we couldn’t have planted a video camera in the office when they called him in and told him that!”

“Jesus!” exclaimed Megan.

“That’s enough, T,” said Brad, mortified. “That was a long time ago. Let it lie.”

Megan again looked around at the other three. Her mother’s head was lowered in shame, her face red. Her father avoided her gaze. Ted had stopped laughing; his expression was oddly bank all of a sudden.

Something’s wrong, Megan thought. It wasn’t just the shock of learning of her parents’ teenage cruelty. There was an odd buzzing in her head. Listening intently, she could just make out a thin, very-high pitched electronic whine. Is that coming from Uncle Ted’s new phone? she wondered, looking down on the device on the coffee table.

Just as Megan reached for the phone, Ted suddenly stood up and strode toward the front door.

“Anyway,” said Ted. “Here he is.”

“Here who is?” Rebecca asked as Ted opened the door wide. She knew she should say something to her daughter, apologize, explain, but things seemed to be moving too fast. Rebecca felt a headache coming on, concentrated just behind her eyes.

Brad stood up, also confused. Why is Teddy letting someone in the house? And why do I feel so weird all of a sudden?

Into the living room stepped a short, thin, balding man, about the same age as the other adults in the room. Impeccably attired in an Armani suit, he strode confidently into the room and looked around at everyone, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

Holy shit, thought Brad.

“Mackie?” he said aloud.

The newcomer grinned.

“Good eye, Brad. I wondered if you’d recognize me without the zits and the coke-bottle glasses.”

“What are you—” Brad began.

“Why—” said Rebecca at the same time.

“Surprised? Well, why wouldn’t you be?” said Mackie in an amiable tone. He turned to the oddly expressionless Ted, who, having closed the door, was still standing there with his hand on the knob.

“Thanks for letting me in, Teddy boy, but we’re not going to need you for a while. Why don’t you go over to that corner there and have a time-out?”

Wordlessly, the Tilson family watched as Ted obeyed Mackie and walked to the corner of the living room. Ted sat down, then folded his big body into a fetal position.

“Now, the rest of you, have a seat.” Mackie continued.

At once, the three Tilsons complied. Brad sat back down in his easy chair, Rebecca and Megan next to each other on the couch.

Why did I do that? Brad wondered, watching Mackie with a rising sense of panic. Why did Ted do that? Brad felt like there were mosquitoes buzzing around his head.

“Okay, okay, let’s get this show on the road,” said Mackie. He bent down to the coffee table and picked up the device Ted had brought in.

“Alvin —” Rebecca began.

“Save it, Becky, " Mackie interrupted, his tone suddenly harsher. “I’m going to talk for a while, and you three are going to listen. I suggest that none of you say anything until I say otherwise.”

All three Tilsons tried to protest, but they found themselves unable to get a word out.

Mackie flipped open the cover of the device and took a stylus out of his coat pocket. He punched a few tiny buttons, smiled again, then put the gadget into the same pocket. He again turned his attention to the immobilized family.

“Well, well, well. Brad Tilson, after all these years. And Becky Stiles -no, I guess it’s been Rebecca Tilson for quite some time now. And this...”—he turned toward the teenager, and put this head gently on her forehead—“this is Megan, the fruit of your blessed union. Your blessed, jock-and-cheerleader, got-all-the-breaks, better-than-the-rest of-us union.”

“Well, you certainly look the part, darlin’. You’re just as pretty as your Mom, and she looks almost as good as she did back in school. And you’re a jock like Dad. I’ve been watching your volleyball games at school. You’re a talented young lady!”

At this revelation, Megan’s eyes got even wider. The buzzing in her head just wouldn’t stop. What’s he going to do? What’s wrong with us?

“Don’t look so scared, sweetie. Of course, I had to do my research. I’ve been planning this for oh, I don’t know, let’s say forever? But hey”—Mackie’s voice softened- “you’re the innocent, here. I want you to relax, Megan.”

At this, the stiffness went out of the girl’s limbs. She sagged gently into the couch.

“You too, Becks. I don’t want to do this with you ladies looking all bug-eyed. I suggest that you both relax. Listen to my voice. You’re not afraid of me. I am not a threat to you.”

Rebecca went limp next to her daughter, the fear evaporating from her expression. Across the room, Brad looked on in silent horror.

“In fact, I suggest that both of you gals feel quite warmly toward me, just like you feel about Uncle Ted over there,” Mackie continued, jerking his thumb in the direction of the footballer, still curled up silently in the corner of the room. At this, the faces of both Rebecca and Megan brightened. Each of them smiled at their visitor, bright, perfect-teeth smiles.

“As the evening develops, I will make more ‘suggestions’ to you, and you will find each ‘suggestion’ to be irresistible,” he continued. “You will be unable to disobey my suggestions. But as for right now, you both feel really, really good. You are relaxed and happy. You feel better than you ever have in your life.”

Both women shivered in response. Their eyes eased shut. A pleasing warmth began spreading through their bodies.

Yet, somewhere deep inside, Rebecca heard a voice say, This is wrong. The voice, she recognized, was her own.

But it was silly to listen. She felt so good right now.

“As for you, Bradford” -Mackie turned toward him, his voice again becoming more ominous. “You stay just as you are. You’re just going to sit there. You won’t be able to move, you won’t be able to speak. You just get to watch.”

At that, Mackie steeped forward and then plopped down on the couch, snuggling in between Rebecca and Megan.

Rebecca felt her arm rise up and drape itself over Mackie’s shoulder. Again, from somewhere deep within, there was a twinge of -what? Revulsion? No. This is Alvin. Alvin’s great. It’s completely normal to want to put my arm around him.

On the other side, Megan too snuggled closer. She was glad to have met her parent’s old friend. Friend? But they were so mean to him...A faint flutter of concern rustled near her heart. He’s been watching me in secret. That’s... that’s...

Megan felt Mackie’s arm encircle her shoulder. ...that’s so nice, she concluded.

Mackie continued speaking to Megan’s father.

“Oh, Bradford, I suppose I should begin by thanking you.”

Seeing Brad’s startled expression, Mackie continued, “Yes. I believe thanks are in order. You know, a lot of people who succeed in this life do so because they received encouragement, where their efforts were supported and rewarded from childhood on up.

“But from you and your hulking pal over there, I got a different sort of push to succeed.

“Despite all the beatings and humiliations I suffered at your hands, no matter how much I hated you, there still beat in me the heart of a scientist who wondered, as scientists, do: Why? Why did you do all that to me? And, more generally, why does anybody do anything that people do?

“Those questions consumed me. And from college to grad school to my double doctorate in behavioral psychology and molecular biology, I found some of the answers.

“This is one of them.” Mackie pulled the device from his coat pocket. “I’m not going to explain this to you, Bradford, because as I recall, you didn’t do all that well in science class. Suffice it to say that I found a way to reach people in a new way. To ‘cut in line,’ so to speak, between what their brain tells them to do and what they actually do..

“And, to make a long story short -too late, I know!—once I figured out what I could do with this little fella, I knew exactly what I would do.

“That’s right, guy. Tonight is all about returning favors. You see, I’m going to get rich from this. I’m going to get powerful from this.

“But first...” Mackie rose from the coach and stepped back slightly from the seated family, “we’re gonna have some fun.

“And remember: everything that happens here tonight happens because of you.”

And then, before Brad’s panic-stricken stare and the glazed, happy eyes of his wife and daughter on the opposite couch, Mackie took off his coat, laid it neatly on the back his chair, and began unbuckling his pants.

“Rebecca,” he said almost absently, “I suggest you take off your clothes. You too, Megan. It’s a great idea. And by the way, you can talk if you want to. And can call me Al. Just like the song!” Mackie grinned as he draped his pants over the chair and began unknotting his necktie.

“Sure, Al,” said Rebecca, getting to her feet. Her fingers flew to the buttons of her blouse, and within moments she pulled the blouse back and away, revealing a red, lacy bra. With a flick of a front clasp, her bra opened and her large, white breasts, still firm and high on her 38-year-old body, emerged.

“Damn, Becks, you ‘re something else!” said Mackie admiringly. “You’ve been sticking to a cheerleader training regimen, I’ll bet!”

“That’s right,” beamed Rebecca. It was so thoughtful of Al to notice.

“This is such a great idea!” Megan exclaimed. She stood and pulled her t-shirt up and over her head. Her auburn hair shone as it whisked through the collar of the shirt. She wore a white cotton bra—but not for long. As it came off, her milky teenage breasts -smaller yet firmer than her mother’s-bounced free.

“Look at that, Megan, your beautiful pink nipples are getting hard,” observed Al as he sat to remove his socks. “I suggest that it’s very exciting to get naked like this in front of everybody, especially Daddy over there. It’s fun!”

“Yep!” Megan agreed cheerfully. “Look, Daddy!”

She turned her back to her father and then bent down, pulling down her jeans and panties in one motion. Staying fully bent over, her firm, round teenage ass in the air, she playfully turned her head toward her father. “Look!”

And Brad looked. He knew he shouldn’t, but she was right in front of him and Mackie hadn’t told him he could move, and so he looked. He looked at the taut, athletic globes before him, and the firm tan thighs beneath them. He looked at between the smooth, white cheeks, his gaze inexorably drawn to the cleft between them. He looked, God help him, at his daughter’s pussy lips, which were already becoming shiny.

Meanwhile, Rebecca had finished removing all her clothes. Again she felt a slight twinge as she watched her husband gazing at their daughter’s naked behind. No, she heard faintly. No.

“I suggest that you are very proud of your beautiful body, Rebecca,” said Alvin, as if overhearing her faint inner doubts “You are so glad to be nude.”

Yes, thought, Rebecca. Yes, I am.

“I like those little pink sockies, Megan,” Alvin observed. “I suggest you leave them on.”

“Great idea,” agreed Megan. She stood, bare but for the socklets, grinning widely.

Alvin was also nude by now, his own excitement rising, not just from the mother and daughter so wantonly displaying themselves before him, but from the final knowledge that his device worked. Boy did it work! His penis, which had been dangling below as he surveyed the scene, began to stiffen and rise.

“Megan, I suggest you sit back down on the couch and spread your legs for us,” he said. “That’s it, nice and wide,” he added as the teenager complied, a big smile on her face. “I suggest that you really like showing your gorgeous little pussy, and that’s why you keep it so nicely trimmed.

“I suggest that you’re really becoming aroused now, and that you really want to touch yourself, but you can’t because you have to watch your mother and me first,” Mackie said.

Brad grunted slightly. Nobody heard him.

Megan’s expression became strained, and her breathing became faster. Her hands, now resting palm down on each knee of her splayed legs, twitched and seemed for a second like they would move. But her hands remained down. Her heart began to beat faster.

Turning toward her mother, Alvin said, “Look at my cock, Becky. I suggest that you find it to be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. You’re very excited just looking at it.” Alvin grasped his dick and presented it to her. “I suggest you get on your knees and take a closer look.”

Rebecca complied immediately, sliding down off the couch and dropping her knees on the thick, plush carpet. She stared intently at the penis before her. Her nipples became incredibly stiff, almost painfully hard. A wave of arousal rushed through her body. She felt it from top of her blonde head straight down to her vagina, which twitched once, then again. She gazed in adoration at the wonderful cock, her mouth watering so much that a thin dribble of drool oozed from one side of her lips.

“Suck it,” Alvin said simply.

With a small cry, Rebecca dove forward, taking his penis into her mouth and almost down her throat in one motion. Her hands gripped Mackie’s butt cheek, pulling him even closer to her. She raised her head back, gasped once, then sucked him deep again.

“Oh, yeah,” groaned Mackie. “You love sucking dick.”

Rebecca had only been with one other man besides her high-school-sweetheart husband. She had never liked giving head, but had decided that her discomfort at performing the act was outweighed the obvious pleasure she gave by doing it.

But now, as her husband sat frozen in the chair to her lefts and her daughter whimpered in frustration to her right, Rebecca thrilled as she felt the ridge behind Alvin’s cockhead pass the sphincter of her tightened lips. She gloried in every inch of the rock-hard shaft sliding over her tongue. She reveled as her nose reached the furry base of his pubic hair. Again. Again. And again. She felt her vaginal juices brim and begin a slow stream down the inside of her thighs. She moaned at the sensation.

A few feet away, her smooth legs still spread wide, Megan’s young twat was also leaking profusely. Her pink nipples, stiffer than they’d even been, felt hot on the tips of her firm, white tits. The inside of her trim thighs twitched in frustrated desire.

“Please, Al,” she cried. “I want to come.”

“Of course you do, sweetheart,” Mackie responded, a tad breathless from Rebecca’s ministrations. “Tell you what: Since it turns out that your mommy here is so orally gifted, do you want your mommy to lick your pussy for you?”

At that, Rebecca paused in mid-suck, and Megan gasped, “No!”

“You’re right, that would be wrong,” Mackie chuckled. He looked down. “Take a break, Becky.”

Rebecca pulled away from him, his cock springing free with an audible pop. Rebecca leaned back on her haunches, her face sweaty and flushed.

“Mothers shouldn’t give head to their daughters. Everyone knows that,” said Mackie. He turned toward Brad, adding, “You know that, don’t you Bradford?”

Inwardly, Brad screamed.

“But the thing is, Becky, I suggest that you are fascinated by Megan’s little pussy. Look at it. Get over there and look closer.”

“No,” whispered Rebecca. And yet, going against everything she’d ever believed as decent, she began crawling slowly on her hands and knees toward where her teenage daughter sat, legs open wide.

“Mom, don’t!” Megan whimpered.

Mackie interjected, “But Becky, you really need to come. I suggest that you’ve never been so horny as you are right now. Show us how ready you are, sweetie.”

With a moan, Megan’s eyes closed and she thrust her hips forward, pushing her mound over the edge of the couch cushion. Rebecca continued her inexorable approach, her eyes focused solely on her daughter’s drooling core.

“My God, Rebecca, I suggest that’s the prettiest pussy ever. See how smooth and pink the lips are? And so shiny. And look at that, look at her little clit peeking out like that! Look how hard it is! And those juices! I suggest those juices are sweet and delicious. You know it’s wrong, but you can’t wait for a taste.

“No,” Rebecca protested, weakly, but still she kept moving.

“Megan, you know you shouldn’t let your mother eat your cunt, but your body wants her mouth. It needs her mouth. If you don’t have that mouth all over your pretty snatch right away, you’ll go crazy!”

“No,” gurgled Megan, her breaths coming in raggedy gasps, just before her mother dove in to her daughter’s twat. Megan’s hands lifted from her knees and pulled Rebecca’s face hard into her crotch..

“Oh, God! God! God! Mom, no. Oh God, oh Jeesus, oh no,” Megan grunted. “So good...So fucking good...”

Rebecca’s tongue dove straight up Megan’s tight tunnel, the girl’s nectar coating her tongue. The flavor was heavenly. Rebecca ran her tongue and lips all over Megan’s slit over and over again, tugging on Megan’s nether lips with her own, swirling around and around the engorged clitoris, eliciting animalistic grunts from Megan. The girl gripped her mother’s head and rubbed the woman’s face all over her needy cunt, thrusting her hips forward over and over again.

“Unnhh! Unnhh! Unhnn!” panted Megan, completely lost now in the most intense pleasure of her young life.

Rebecca’s insatiable tongue dipped down, rubbing the slick perineum and then, oh, my God, no, onto the girl’s puckered anus.

“That’s right, baby, rim it!” shouted Mackie from behind them.

Up the chute went Rebecca’s tongue just has her nose pushed in against the girl’s hard little clit.

At that, Megan screamed and her entire body went rigid as her orgasm hit. Every muscle in her lithe form vibrated. Her body shook, loosened and then went rigid again, She gasped for breath and stars exploded behind her eyes. Yet again, the pleasure seized her, and again her body froze as Megan felt bolts of sweet energy coursing from her sex throughout her body, a tremendous release that finally began to ebb. Her heartbeat slowed and she was finally able to draw a complete breath.

Megan sighed in ultimate satisfaction and let go, slipping comfortably into sweet slumber.

“Holy shit,” said Mackie in awe as he watched the scene in front of him. The teenager was unconscious, yet her hips still jerked in small spasms in response to the continued, slow licks and gentle kisses from Rebecca, whose ass was high in the air facing Mackie as she continued to rub her face languidly back-and-forth over the girl’s soft, soggy snatch.

“Pretty damn hot, wouldn’t you say, Bradford?” taunted Mackie, twisting around to look at his childhood tormentor. “I guess you know what comes next.”

Mackie walked up right behind Rebecca and dropped to his knees, where Rebecca’s gaping, twitching, drooling cunt awaited.

“Becky, I suggest you stop licking Megan, but keep that beautiful butt right where it is.”

Rebecca, staying on her knees, lowered her head and rested it on the carpet, her mind a swirl of pride of accomplishment, the horror of taboo, and the sweet savory flavor of the juice covering her face. With her ass still thrust skyward behind her, she felt her own fluid coating the inside of her thighs.

“Becky, as aroused as you’ve been so far, I suggest that nothing feels better than having my cock in you as I do you from behind.”

Rebecca’s breath caught in her throat. Her pussy twitched again at the prospect of Al’s wonderful prick, this time where she wanted it most.

“As we do this, Becky, I suggest you talk to us. Talk to Brad and me about what you’re doing and what you’re feeling.” Mackie took his dick in his hand and edged forward. “Go ahead, Becks. I suggest you start now.”

“I feel your cock rubbing against my pussy lips,” Rebecca panted. “You’re moving it up and down, all over, up and down. You’re getting your prick nice and wet so you can put it in. Put it in, Al, please put it in!”

“Ohhh, Al, oooohhhh...slow, slide in slower...let me feel it, let me feel all of it... that’s right...that’s right...oh God, so good... God, such a beautiful prick, push it push it...oh, yes, oh yes, all the way in, all the way in, God, so good.”

“You’re right about that,” said Al, resisting the urge to slam forward and fuck her hard. “You’ve got one great pussy there. So tight. I guess Bradford knows that already!”

Brad remained motionless in the La-Z-Boy. But the tautness in his limbs was now gone. His body sat back limply, his eyes dull with resignation that one nightmare after another was coming true for him. Somewhere in the back part of his mind, he almost felt like he deserved it, almost. As if any man deserved watching his wife make his daughter come and then fuck another guy right in front of him.

“Brad, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Rebecca whimpered, her face in the carpet, her eyes shut tight in illicit ecstasy. “It just feels go good, this prick, this wonderful cock, oh, so good.... So good... I’m sorry...unghhh... yeah...that’s it...deeper...uhh...uhhh...yeah good... unghhhhhh...

“Like that,” she panted as Al began to quicken his thrusts. “Just like that...” She shoved her hips backwards, seeking more of Al’s delicious rod. She opened her eyes briefly to see her husband watching them. She slowed her movements for just a moment. “So sorry, honey... Sorry...”

But the pleasure coursing through her was too great. She gyrated her ass around and around from side to side, wanting that prick to touch all of her inside. “Faster... harder... Fuck me, harder, Al!”

Rebecca’s voice rose in urgency as she pushed her upper body up, extended her arms fully and began to hump backwards more quickly, squeezing her cunt muscles down on Al’s luscious, hard dick.

“Yyyyheah...yeah...that’s it... that’s it... fuck me... fuck me... so good... so fucking good... fuck me...harder... harder... fuck me, goddamt...fckm...fckmm...” Her words became slurred. She picked up the pace even harder, shoving backwards with increased ferocity, her back glistening with sweat as she threw her head back.

“Uhhh...uh...uh...uh...Good...sorry...sorry...too good... I wanna come... I gotta come... fuck me, Al... fuck me, Al... make me come...” All her attention was on the shaft as it entered her all the way again, and again, and again, bringing her closer and closer to delirious fulfillment.

“Gonna come...Gonna come...conna come....CUMMMINGGGGG!!! Rebecca bucked and writhed, jerking herself back and forth against Mackie for almost thirty seconds. Finally she slowed, still wheezing, and lowered her face again down to the carpet, staying impaled on Mackie’s still-rigid tool.

“Well, that looked like fun, but what about me?” Mackie asked playfully. “How bout some sugar for Mr. Al, huh?” He looked up at Tilson. “Hey, Brad—”

Mackie stopped, staring. Beneath Tilson’s pants was an obvious erection.

“Well, I’ll be damned, Bradford,” Mackie laughed. “Enjoy the show, did we? I always heard of guys who liked to see their wives getting porked! Never figured you’d be one of them. Well, you can put that pup tent away, mister, because you sure aren’t getting any tonight —” Mackie stopped. “Unless...”

Mackie looked thoughtfully over at the limp form of Megan, who was beginning to stir again over on the couch.

“I’ve got another good idea, Braddie,” Mackie grinned.

The panic returned to Tilson’s eyes.

“Hey Megan, wake up, darling!” Mackie said loudly.

The girl stirred and sat up, opening her eyes, which became even wider as she took in the sight before her.

“Welcome back, sweetheart. Listen, your Daddy’s got a problem and I think you’re just the person to help him.”

“I don’t know what you mean, Al,” Megan said.

“Well, take a look at that big old boner in Daddy’s pants. I suggest you go over there and let that doggie out of his cage.”

‘No, I can’t,” said Megan, nonetheless rising her feet and walking toward the La-Z-Boy.

Tilson watched helplessly as his naked daughter approached, stumbling slightly, her hair disheveled, her lipstick smeared, her crotch and inner thighs shining with moisture.

“Megan, I suggest you let his recliner back so you can get his pants off easier.” Mackie smiled as the nude girl crouched next to the chair’s control lever and released it, leaving Tilson lying on his back.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” said Megan, her eyes welling with tears. She began unbuckling Tilson’s belt.

“No you’re not, Megan,” Mackie said sharply. “I’m tired of ‘sorry.’ In fact, I suggest that you are really looking forward to seeing your Daddy’s Johnson. I suggest that it will be a lot of fun and the right thing to do.”

At this, Megan brightened. The smile returned to her face and she eagerly pulled Tilson’s belt all the way off and started working on the buckle to his pants.

“Megan, no...” came Rebecca’s voice, still face down in the carpet.

“Quiet, Becky,” admonished Mackie. “You and I aren’t finished. I suggest you just lie there quietly and think some more about how good my cock feels inside you like this.”

Rebecca sighed contently and closed her eyes again.

“As for you, Tilson, I remind you that I haven’t given you any ‘suggestions’ about this. That boner is all you, dog.”

Megan quickly pulled Tilson’s pants off and tossed them on the floor. She gaped as Tilson’s hard-on popped through the slit in his boxer shorts.

“Wow, Daddy, I always wondered what this might look like.”

Mackie snickered. “Did you now, Megan? I suggest that you wonder about how that thing might taste. I suggest it tastes really, really good.”

Kneeling beside the La-Z-boy, Megan lowered her head toward her father’s helplessly erect penis and gave it a long, slow lick.

“Mmm, Daddy, that’s really good.” She bent down again and slathered her tongue over the whole shaft, then put the tip into her mouth and waggled her tongue tip on it.

Tilson grunted, his cock twitching at his daughter continued.

“I suggest you get those BVDs off him, darling, so you’ll have more of Daddy to taste.”

Megan complied immediately, giggling as she worked the shorts down past her father’s erect member, then tossing them aside. She leaned in again and ran her tongue all the way down the shaft to his balls. She sucked his left testicle gently into her mouth.

“Mmmm...” Megan said again. “Fuzzy but really, really good.”

“Say, Megan, when you were little, did you and your daddy ever play horsey?”

“Yes, we did,” she replied.

“Well, I suggest it’s time to play horsey again, except grown-up horsey this time.”

Megan looked over at Mackie and then back at her father.

“You’re getting all wet again just thinking about it.”

Megan instinctively reached down to cup her pussy. Her hand came up shiny.

“Prop yourself up on that chair so that you’re over him,” said Mackie, his voice becoming slightly raspier as he resumed thrusting slowly into Rebecca, who responded with a low moan.

Megan climbed up on the chair and spread herself above her father, her knees on each armrest, bracing her arms at the head of the chair. The position left her youthful breasts dangling gently in front of Brad’s face.

“Look at those beautiful nipples, Tilson,” said Mackie. “They’re so pink and perfect. For once, I want to hear you talk. Tell me what you want to do with those nipples, Bradford.”

“No,” came Tilson’s reply, through gritted teeth.

“Oh, your lips say no-no, but that rod of yours has a different story,” laughed Mackie. “Not bad, by the way. I think I’ve got you on length, but you’ve beat me on girth.”

“Hey Megan,” Mackie continued “I suggest that your nipples are feeling all good and tingly right now. They’re really hard and you really want your Daddy to suck on them.”

Megan lowered her chest down so that her left nipple came into contact with Tilson’s lips. He kept his mouth tightly shut and struggled to shift his head away.

“Come on, Daddy,” pleaded Megan. “Please lick my nipples.” She moved around, continuing to rub her succulent tips over Tilson’s face as her breath started coming faster and her hips began a slow gyration.

“What’s the matter Bradford, aren’t you the kind of father who spoils his daughter by giving her what she wants?” taunted Mackie.

Tilson kept his head motionless and his mouth closed.

For one last second of self-control.

Then, with a grunt, Brad opened his mouth and sucked in his daughter’s right nipple, eliciting a squeal of delight from the girl. With increasing need, he licked around the areola and nipped at each bud as she offered him one after another.

“Oh Daddy, that feels go good.” She leaned down even closer , mashing her luscious, smooth breasts into her father’s face. “I’m getting so hot. Lick my boobs. Suck them. Suck them.”

Tilson had given up all control. The day’s events, what he had witnessed, the smooth young, eager body above him—it was all too much. He lost himself in his daughters firm, smooth orbs.

“Take a look at this, Rebecca,” said Mackie, pulling her head up from the carpet so she could witness what was happening.

“No—” Rebecca began again.

“You mean yes, Becky. I suggest that you’re very proud of your husband and daughter. I suggest it’s great to see them having so much fun. It makes you really hot to watch.”

Rebecca’s expression changed. “Suck her, honey,” Rebecca called out encouragingly. “Lick those boobies.” Yet again, began backing her ass up along Mackie’s shaft. She was still soaking wet, still insatiable for cock. She felt like she’d entered another world.

“There you go, Becky,” said Mackie, returning her thrusts with slow firm strokes. “Say Megan...”

“Yeah, Al?” the girl replied, her eyes closed as the pleasure from her father’s mouth coursed through her body.

“There’s a big hard cock right underneath that hungry little puss of yours. Are you going to do something about it?”

“I can’t,” she protested, her body stiffening slightly. “It’s not right.”

“Well, Megan, just like before, you’re correct. It is wrong. But I suggest you really, really want to just drop down a little bit and touch the head with the outside of your muff. Just to see what it feels like.”

Megan bit her lip and gazed down into her father’s fevered eyes. Neither said anything before the girl slowly, deliberately, brought her sopping young snatch lightly down onto his erection.

They both gasped at the contact. Tilson felt the heat from her nether lips and the moisture from her fluids along the underside of his shaft. She wiggled slightly and then moved up, then down, then up again, until her stiff clit contacted his equally rigid member. Both gasped again.

“Damn, that’s hot!” exclaimed Mackie, picking up the pace of his thrusts. “Isn’t that hot, Becks?” he asked. She could only nod, lost in the haze as the pleasure built and built within her.

Mackie thought for a moment, as well as he could with Rebecca’s tight cunt tugging on him. “What the hell...” he muttered to himself.

Then Mackie called out: “Brad and Megan! I suggest you’re completely free! You can do whatever you want to do, without my suggestions.”

There was a moment’s pause.

Mackie held his breath, prepared to reissue orders if Tilson turned on him

Tilson and Megan froze, locking eyes, staring, searching, questioning before reaching silent assent.

Then father and daughter cried out in unison, their lips meeting.a fevered, slobbering kiss. Almost simultaneously, Megan thrust her gaping vagina down onto Tilson’s waiting pole. She slid down in one steady movement until his entire cock was buried in her dripping, twitching snatch.

Tilson’s large, strong hands flew to the twin orbs of Megan’s well-muscled ass. He grasped tightly and quickly lifted her up along his shaft, almost all the way off, before thrusting up again as he pulled her back down on himself. They groaned and grunted into each other’s mouths, tongues lashing furiously as she rode him hard.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy...” she panted. “You feel so good...Uh... Uh...Uh...”

“Baby...” Tilson sputtered. He suddenly sat up and leaned way forward. Still gripping her ass tightly to him, he hurled himself forward out of the chair toward the floor.

He held her securely as she rolled back. Megan remained impaled on his hot shaft and felt the soft carpet against her naked back. Now on his knees over his daughter, Tilson snorted and pushed down deeper into the girl, bringing a screech of joy from her. She wrapped her legs around his back and met him thrust for thrust.

“Look at ‘em go!” panted Mackie as he pounded away at Rebecca.

Rebecca only mumbled incoherently, her eyes glazed, her mouth slack, her breasts bouncing beneath her as she pumped back and forth, faster and faster. Sweat dripped down Mackie’s chest and on to Rebecca’s back.

For another minute, then another, no one said anything.

No one thought anything.

All four of them writhed near each other on the carpet, all in a frenzy of pleasure. Mackie sunk into Rebecca in time with Tilson’s crazed yet rhythmic porking of Megan. Their sweat-soaked bodies all glistened as they lost themselves in the sheer delight of unbridled fucking. The smell of sex hung in the fevered air amid the smacks, squishes, grunts, murmurs, moans gasps of joy.

Tilson’s thrusts moved his mewling daughter slowly across the carpet until his face was almost even with Rebecca’s the flushed, pleasure-drenched face. His wife opened her eyes as he stretched forward and met her in a long, loving kiss.

Beneath them, their daughter looked up through heavy eyelids to see her parents kissing deeply, intensely, as her father continued to rut into her, bringing her to the edge.

“Mom... Dad... I’m gonna cum...” she muttered, almost incoherently

“Good idea!” Mackie yelled. “In fact, I suggest we all come hard... really hard... right... NOW!

The climaxes hit.

Rebecca and Megan barked out an extended shriek of pure joy and thrashed wildly around their partners’ cocks. Mackie and Tilson felt their balls boil and then shoot, again, again, again, each of them pumping load after load into the grasping cunts of their respective partners.

All fell together in a sweaty, groaning heap.

A half-hour later, a fully-dressed Mackie sat in the La-Z-boy, fingering his “suggestion device” and contemplating the scene before him.

Arrayed before him were the Tilsons, all still nude save for Megan’s socklets. They lay near each other, exhausted, covered in dried sweat and bodily fluids. They were awake, yet silent and embarrassed. Ted remained curled up the corner, oblivious as ever.

“Here’s the deal, folks,” Mackie began. “I rigged this up for revenge, out of hatred for what you did to me when we were kids.

“However, it’s hard to hate people when you party with them as hard as we did with each other. I’m going to remember this for a long time.

“But you won’t. Before I leave, I’m going to ‘suggest’ that you get all cleaned up, go to bed and forget everything about this visit. It will be like none of this ever happened. I figure you’ve earned that much today.

I’ll have to content myself with you feeling jealous after I get rich and famous from my little invention here.”

Mackie paused, then chuckled. “Ever hear that old saying, ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold?’

I’ve gotta say, I prefer it my way.”