The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bible Belt Redux

by Pan

Chapter 3:

“I’m going to a Christian camp,” Anne announced at breakfast one day.

My name is Brodie. My sister is a few years older than me, gorgeous, and spent each night sneaking into my room and getting me off with her hands, mouth, and perfect tits.

I’d recently discovered that my sister was being hypnotized by her boyfriend Brad. In the month or two that they’d been dating, he’d been slowly programming her to become addicted to the first cock she ever saw. He was obviously planning on finishing the program and showing her his own cock, but one day I’d flashed my sister as a joke and become the target of her desires as a result.

Since then, she’d been sneaking into my room each and every night. At first she’d just been watching me masturbate, but that had quickly become hand-jobs, which had in turn evolved into blow-jobs, and eventually tit-jobs.

A few weeks ago, I’d followed her on a date, and found out exactly what Brad was doing. I’d been repulsed, furious, protective...and incredibly turned on.

* * *

I’d hidden in the back seat of the car, heard Brad hypnotize her, heard her cry out her allegiance to cock...and I’d also discovered how Brad was doing what he did. Each date he’d push her boundaries just a little bit further. I hadn’t seen anything more than what her modest (but, given the circumstances, incredibly sexy) night-gown normally showed because he hadn’t programmed exhibitionism into her yet.

The night that I heard him hypnotize my sister, he’d told her that her hands and mouth were built to please cock (which I couldn’t help but agree with; I don’t think I’ll ever find anyone who can pleasure me like my sister) and added something new—her breasts.

Brad had told Anne that her breasts were made to please men as well.

I won’t beat around the bush: my sister is well-endowed. More than that...she’s extremely busty. She’s so top-heavy I’m amazed she doesn’t fall over from the sheer weight of them. Before Brad came along, I was aware of that, but only on a brother-sister level, y’know? I wasn’t hot for her like all my friends were. (and I mean ALL my friends. I don’t think there was a single boy my age who hadn’t brought up my sister’s tits in conversation at least once.)

Since her night-time visits had begun though, I won’t lie...I’d become a tiny bit obsessed with them. I was fascinated with all of her, I guess...when she first started watching me jerk off, I became entranced by her big, beautiful blue eyes...when she started jerking me off herself, I started obsessing about her hands, and when she started sucking me, I couldn’t look at those big ruby-red lips of hers without getting hard.

It made it difficult to sit across the table from her during meals, I’ll tell you that.

And since I’d heard Brad telling her that her breasts were made for men to admire, designed to get men off...well, I hadn’t been able to get them out of my head.

Fortunately, immediately after the date that I eavesdropped on, Anne had come into my room as usual, and I could see how quickly Brad’s commands took effect. She was wearing the same old nightgown, but she’d managed to adjust herself in such a way that she showed more cleavage than ever before.

I came particularly quickly that night, and dropped off to sleep straight after. Anne’s date nights were running later and later—and now I understood why!

The next night, nothing changed. I was starting to work out how Brad did it—instead of dumping a heap of new information at once, he’d slowly change her thoughts, alter her ideals...instead of suddenly making her a tit-fucking nymphomaniac, he’d planted the idea that her breasts were designed to make men happy one night, and then hinted at the idea that they were particularly good at serving cock the next.

And two date-nights after that, I’d have to guess he gave up on hinting, because Anne came into my room, slipped her nightie off her shoulders, and nervously exposed her tits.

I must have stared for ten whole minutes before I realized that neither of us had said anything. Anne, for all her looks and confidence, had still never really been with anyone before. (I mean, I knew she hadn’t done anything with Brad, and as coordinator of the chastity club at school, it’d be a bit suss if she’d hooked up with any of the other guys she’d dated.)

So even though she was stunning, sexy, and just downright beautiful, I could still see the look of worry in her eyes as I checked her out. She should have been able to tell from my gaping stare how hot I thought she was, but her lack of experience extended to boy’s reactions as well, I guess.

“Wow,” I eventually said, putting her out of her misery. She visibly relaxed, causing her boobs to bounce a little as she sighed in relief. “Anne, those are...I don’t think I’ve ever seen such beautiful tits.”

“What other tits have you seen?” she asked, confused. Maybe I should have felt guilty—each and every night I was cumming inside my sister’s mouth, and she didn’t even know about the porn that perverts like me could access online.

Maybe I should have stopped things then and there, realized that I was taking advantage of a true innocent...but all I could think about in that moment was how hot she made me, and how much I wanted to touch her breasts.

“None,” I said, not wanting to go into long explanations. “But even if I’d seen every other girl in the world, I know I’d still be able to say that.”

She smiled—that heart-melting smile that always drew my attention to her lips and got me hard.

But I could tell it wasn’t those lips I was going to be fucking tonight.

“Do you wanna...” she gestured. Clearly Brad had put the idea in her head, but she didn’t have the words for it. I was curious to see how she’d express the idea, but again I put her out of her misery.

“You want me to fuck your tits?” I asked. Two months ago, the idea of saying that sentence to my sister would have been, it was met with an enthusiastic nod.

“Oh god, yes...” she replied, not even aware that she’d blasphemed. (again, for the old Anne, that would have been unthinkable.) “I’ve been dreaming about this...I don’t even know why, but I just…I just…”

She trailed off once more. Like I said, I think my sister was simply lacking the vocabulary to express her own arousal.

I had some hand-cream in my bedside drawer, even though it’d been unused since Anne’s nightly visits had started. I explained to her that I’d have to be the one to administer it to her tits, and bless her innocence, she didn’t even think of questioning me.

My hands coated in cream, I leaned forward and for the first time got to touch my sister’s glorious orbs.

I could have sat there for hours; my first real life boob-touch was everything I’d hoped it’d be, and more. Her tits were soft, her nipples were instantly hard (and surprisingly rubbery...)—I must have run my hands over every inch of my sister’s tits at least ten times before finally remembering that this was just a warm-up for the main course.

She was moaning and writhing like an animal in heat. Except for the orgasm I’d overheard from the back seat of our family’s car, I’d never seen Anne so openly turned-on. It was as hot as the hell her actions were undoubtedly sending us to.

When I stopped, she leaned forward and tried to follow my hands with her tits, but I was focused on what was about to happen.

I pulled my cock out, and she stared at it adoringly. I’ll never get sick of that, I thought. Even though I knew it was Brad’s doing, there was still something incredibly hot about Anne staring at my cock like that. Her body was, after all, made to please cock, and as the lucky beneficiary of Brad’s mind control, it had been specifically programmed to please mine.

What man wouldn’t enjoy that?

Her tits well-lubricated, I slipped my cock in-between them, and started to slide in and out of her cleavage.

It was heaven.

I guess part of it was in my head; the knowledge that only a few minutes after seeing my sister’s tits for the first time, I got to slide my cock in and out of it...but the physical part felt pretty great as well. Her boobs were so soft—the hand cream that I’d rubbed onto them had turned her cleavage into a soft, wet tunnel, and my cock loved it.

Cumming at least once a day had slowly built up my endurance (I kept expecting Anne to complain that her jaw was getting sore, but I guess her love for my dick outweighed any discomfort she might have felt) but the sheer erotic charge of fucking my sister’s tits combined with the build-up of getting to fondle them and stare at them for the first time, and ensured that it didn’t take more than a few minutes before I was shooting my load all over Anne’s face.

Back then, I didn’t know her orgasm face that well, so I can’t be one hundred percent sure...but I think that just the sight of my cock, inches from her face, blowing a load all over her...I’m pretty sure that was all it took to push her over the edge.

It was an amazing sight. Her moans, a little squeal or two, a flush not only on her face but all over her chest...and then just a few seconds later, she was done and I had my big sister back. Anne smiled at me, her face covered in cum, and laughed.

“It’s messy, isn’t it? But just as much fun.”

After that, tit-fucking became a regular part of our night-time activities. Depending on our moods, Anne would suck my cock, or I’d fuck her titties, or sometimes I’d just play with them while she jerked me off.

Until, of course, her breakfast announcement.

* * *

I responded to my sister’s news by almost choking on my Cheerios, but managed to cover it up with a cough. If I was really the good guy I was tying to be, my initial thought would have been worrying how she was going to survive without access to her addiction, but honestly, my first worry was how I was going to survive without sex for a week.

My parents just nodded—this was the sort of thing that they were used to hearing every month or three—and asked who was hosting it, where it was, all that stuff.

“It’s one that Brad told me about,” Anne replied, and my head snapped up to watch her as she continued. Her eyes were unfocussed, and she was swaying slightly.

Thinking about it, I’m not sure how Brad managed to convince my parents he was the perfect little Christian that he clearly wasn’t. Maybe he hypnotized them too? Or maybe Anne’s recommendation was good enough, because she’d never been wrong before. About anything.

But Anne’s declaration that she was going was enough for everyone except me. I did the fastest research ever, and proved my suspicions correct—there was no camp. Brad was taking Anne, presumably to finish the program and expose himself to her. Would that cancel out me? Would she now be addicted to two cocks?

I didn’t know what to do. I definitely didn’t want this hypnotizing scumbag to take advantage of my sister, so I knew I had to do something fast. I knew I had to tell her what was happening, what Brad was doing.

That night, Anne sneaked into my room as normal. Over the past week she had started playing with herself while pleasing me, which was new and interesting and the dress code had been updated, presumably as a result of Brad’s sessions.

She had started wearing underwear—at first just her boring stodgy bras and panties, but over the course of the week they had gotten sexier and sexier. I dunno if she had bought some herself on trips to the city or if Brad had been supplying her, but whoever was buying—they had good taste.

Tonight’s number was a g-string (it must have been Brad’s influence, because I could have sworn g-strings was near the top of her list of sins) (although I guess incest and masturbation were probably higher) and a half-cup bra, which was something I’d never even known about before my sister started wearing it for me. I have no idea what her excuse would have been if mom or dad had caught her with that in the hallway.

Knowing my sister though, she probably could have explained it away. “No Mom, it’s fine. It’s for Halloween.”

She looked at me with a cute puzzled expression when I slapped her hand away. Not like slapped slapped, but stopped her from undoing the buttons on my pajama pants, as had become our standard opening ceremony.

“Anne,” I said, “we have to talk.”

I patted the bed next to me, and she sat down. Her nipples were at attention, but I barely managed to resist playing with them. They were perfect little red buds, built to please men. She noticed me staring, and smiled. I very nearly had to slap my own hand away.

“Anne,” I said again. “Have you ever wondered why we’re doing this?”

She looked thoughtful for a second, then shook her head.

“I mean, you know it’s not normal, right? You’re coming into my room each night, dressing up like you’re my plaything.” (her smile came back at that, eager and proud).

“I’m your brother. We shouldn’t be doing any of this. Every night, we’re...we’re practically fucking!”

That was a bad choice of words. She bit her lip, her eyes vagued out, and a soft moan escaped her lips.

“Anne, focus!”

Another thing that had been changing—not only in the last few week, though I had definitely noticed it more since witnessing her date—was that Anne was becoming more and more submissive. Most noticeably with me, but she was doing it with everyone, or at least every male. Dad, bringing groceries in, had asked her to give him a hand with the door, and she had almost tripped herself on her rush to open it.

So when I snapped at her to focus, she immediately sat up, started staring me intensely in the eyes, and tried to answer my question.

Well, she didn’t try very hard.

“Is something wrong?” she asked. “I thought...I thought you were enjoying this.”

“Yes,” I said, and immediately regretted it when her eyes rolled back again, “but why? Why are we doing this?”

I don’t know if it was a part of Brad’s programming, or my sister’s natural ability to make everything revolve about her, but she looked down at her exposed tits, and frowned.

“I thought...I thought you’d like this. I thought it—”

I cut her off.

“Anne, not the point!”

“It’s okay,” she smiled back at me. “I can take it all off.”

As I sat and watched my sister unhook her bra and slide down her panties, I realized three things. Firstly, my life had changed so much that I was actually struggling to remember what life was like before the day I flashed my sister. Secondly, my sister had changed so much that she was almost unrecognizable—I was sure that Anne of two months ago would never have shaved her pussy, let alone done it because a few nights earlier, I’d let slip that I thought the idea was sexy.

And thirdly, Brad’s programming must have been nearing an end, because I was pretty sure my sister was about to try to fuck me.

I’d never really thought about sex much before.

Well no, that’s a lie. I’d thought about sex plenty, and in great detail. But I’d never thought about sex as something that could actually happen to me. Whenever I’d played with myself, I’d imagined someone cute and willing. Enthusiasm is sexy, even when it’s just enthusiasm that you’re imagining. No one gets off thinking about having sex with someone who’s not really interested in them.

But even in my wildest fantasies, I’d never thought it would be with someone as cute, willing, and enthusiastic as my sister.

Before you judge me for what happened next, I want to make it clear that I did try to stop her. I said “no” several times; maybe not as loudly and forcefully as I could have, but the word definitely came out of my mouth. I did nothing to encourage her; I tried to push her away, but my hands kept on ending up on her sizeable breasts, and once your hands make contact with tits, they sort of don’t want to stop, y’know?

And when I finally summoned up the will to tell her it wasn’t happening, her mouth sort of landed on mine.

Anne wasn’t my first kiss. I’d gone on one of Anne’s Christian camps once, and a girl there had thought I was cute. It wasn’t anything serious—I was 11—but I just want to make it clear that I’ve kissed a girl other than my sister, okay?

Having said that, Anne was my first French kiss. If you’ve ever had a hot naked girl writhing on your bed, forcing her tongue into your mouth and said no, then you can judge me for what happened next.

In short, we fucked.

I had no idea Anne’s feet were as nimble as they were. While she was kissing me and holding my hands onto her tits, one of her feet managed to pull down my pajamas and underpants. She lowered herself down on me—she was so aroused that my cock had no trouble parting her pussy lips, so wet that the resistance was almost non-existent, so ready that she took my entire shaft in one agonizingly slow move.

She would have been a virgin, I guess—I didn’t think about it at the time. (I wasn’t really thinking about anything at the time). My guess is that she’d been practicing on hairbrushes or something like that, because there was absolutely no evidence that my cock was the first thing to penetrate her pussy.

“Brodie,” she moaned as I thrust into her, and I’ve gotta admit it was pretty hot hearing my name moaned so lustfully by someone I was having sex with. Maybe part of Annne’s “training” had been researching it online, maybe she was just naturally skilled at it (as she was so many things in life), but even though it was her first time, it was absolutely perfect.

Anne knew what muscles to squeeze; the noises she was making remain the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard, and even though she spent most of it with her eyes rolled back in her head in bliss, she was able to gauge exactly what I wanted and start doing it before I even realized that I wanted it.

Her mind had been so thoroughly programmed to serve men, most of it was probably subconscious. Without even being aware of it, she was using her mouth, her hands, her breasts, her pussy...everything she had at her disposal, from her voice to her skin, just for me. Just to please me. Her entire body was dedicated to giving me as much pleasure as she possibly could, and…wow. I’m guessing you haven’t been on the receiving end of that, but believe me, it’s pretty amazing.

I feel a bit bad that I haven’t mentioned my sister’s ass before—like the rest of her body, it was absolute perfection. Pert, round, big-but-not-Beyonce-big...and when you’re drilling her, fantastic to grab a hold of.

“Oh feel my ass,” she moaned when I reached around and grasped it, “please Brodie please, touch my ass.”

Like I said, my brain was pretty much turned off at this point—my sister’s body is so perfectly constructed, so ripe for fucking, all I can think about when I see or touch it is how much I want to have sex with her. If I had been thinking, I probably would have second-guessed myself and not been bold enough to do it, but without that filter I just acted, and put a finger inside her rear.

Maybe it was the sheer wrongness, maybe one of Brad’s lesson plans had been about what a glorious ass she had and how it was built for pleasure, but it was that act which set her over the edge. She started screaming in pleasure and I could feel her tighten around me, setting my orgasm off as well.

During most of Anne’s nightly visits, she’s had her mouth full. I don’t think either of us were prepared for the noise that she made as we simultaneously came, as I spurted inside of her and she rhythmically tightened around me. It was loud and joyful, and though my parents are heavy sleepers, I fully expected them to come bursting through the door and catch us.

Perhaps Brad really had gotten to them, perhaps it just felt louder to me because I was inside her at the time, but our post-coital panting was not interrupted by Mom and Dad bursting through the door. After a few minutes, I sat up and just appreciated the vision in front of me—the hottest girl I’d ever met; my sister; naked, covered in sweat, panting, a giant smile on her face, utterly satisfied, recovering from just having been fucked for the first time—by me, her little brother. I leaned over and slowly licked from her nipple to her neck. She closed her eyes and sighed blissfully.


I’m not going to lie; I could have gone again. And again, and again, until morning. I could have gone until we both collapsed from exhaustion, or until our parents literally had to pull us apart. But it was at this moment that I realized the sudden power in my hands.

My sister not only enjoyed my cock inside of her—it was becoming obvious, she was literally addicted. Now that she’d gone once, the floodgates would be open. I suddenly had no fear—there was nothing I could ask that she wouldn’t do. My rapidly re-hardening cock held all the power.

I stood up.

“Anne,” I said, my voice more powerful than I ever remembered it being. “You’re not going on that camp next week.”

Before her eyes had a chance to glaze over, I continued.

“You won’t be seeing Brad again.”

She sat up and started to object, but I interrupted.

“You’ll ring him tomorrow—no, this morning, and you’ll leave a message. You’ll tell him that you know what he’s been doing and that you don’t ever want to see him again. You’ll tell him that if he comes near you, or your family again, you’ll go to the police. And if he ever approaches you, you’ll run away and call me immediately. Do you understand?”

I’ll never get sick of that sight, my sister with her big, beautiful blue eyes, kneeling topless in front of me, submissively nodding.

“Now come over here and clean me off.”

Her eyes lit up at the very prospect of licking the sweat and juices off of my cock, and my eyes rolled back as she began.

* * *

Brad left town without issue. I supervised the phone call the next morning, making sure that Anne got her whole spiel out without letting him get a word in. I closed the line as soon as he started to reply—Anne’s eyes had already begun to glaze over at the sound of his voice, but as soon as we hung up she was fine.

He didn’t fight it; the more I think about it, the more I reckon he was meddling with something he didn’t fully understand, and when it backfired he just found a way to get back to the city, or at least to a new town where no one knew what he was up to.

Since that night, Anne and I were inseparable. We fucked at night, we fucked in the morning, and if I had a free period at school we’d fuck in the bathroom. We got so good at it that all we needed was ten minutes and a closed-off area. Anne’s enthusiasm never waned, and her technique never stopped improving. One time she followed me into the bathroom at church—no one suspected a thing when we returned with slightly ruffled clothing and hair.

After all, who would suspect the leader of the Chastity Club, the most beloved, most holy, most wholesome girl in town of taking her brother into the bathroom and bouncing up and down on his cock for a quarter of an hour?

You’d think I’d tire of her, but her passion never got old, and her array of underwear and costumes (to this day I can’t work out when she gets the time to make costumes) meant that being with her was always fresh, always as good as that first time.

I struggled with it morally, for a while, but any time I got close to rationalizing ending it, Anne would come into my room, and one look into those blue eyes, one look at that body that was so clearly built for sex, and I was back in. It would have been a waste to let a body like that be used for anything else, y’know?

I remember the first time I took her in her behind—it was only a few weeks after our first time, after Brad left our life forever. Playing with her anus had become a regular part of our sex life (like I said, I don’t know if she was programmed to love it or if she’s just naturally sensitive) and we’d just finished fucking when she said she wanted to go again.

She was naked and on all fours, in an empty classroom (this was during one of my free periods at school). We’d just done it doggy style, and even though she’d cum twice, she was hungry for more.

Insatiable Annie, I sometimes called her.

I was slowly finger-fucking her while I got hard again, and one of my hands had wandered to her butt. I loved watching the little faces she makes when I play with both her holes at once, and I was about ready to go again when she said it.

“Oh, Brodie...I wish that was your cock.”

I stopped in shock. I guess by that stage nothing should have been able to faze me, but my sister, naked in school and asking me to fuck her in the ass...well, yeah, that’ll do it.

“Are...are you serious?”

She turned around and looked at me, those big blue eyes staring at me, and gave me a look like I was an idiot. She may have been a submissive cock-obsessed slut, but yeah, she was still my sister. When was she not serious?

My cock was still wet with a combination of our juices, and so all I needed to do was line it up with her entrance, and slowly slide it in. (and boy, do I mean slowly.)

I’ve got her diary here, I’ll show you what she wrote that day:

* * *

I thought I was going to be burst, or split in two. I know I’m the luckiest girl in the world just to be able to SEE my brother’s cock, let alone pleasure it on a daily basis, and I know that it’s all about his pleasure and not mine, but dear diary, I couldn’t help but moan ‘lower’, over and over again.

Brodie, the perfect man that he is, went as slowly as he could. I know that my body is designed to send guys wild, I know that God made it to drive them to uncontrollable lust, and so I was so proud that he was able to restrain himself from just fucking me hard and focusing on his own pleasure...but wow. Talk about intense.

Two things stopped it from being unbearable: the knowledge that I was finally using every hole that I have, every part of my body to please Brodie...and the pleasure.

I can’t even describe was more than just a knowledge that I was serving my purpose, it was this intense feeling of joy. I don’t know if I have a second clit in my posterior, or if it was just the knowledge that what I was doing was so wrong, so sinful, but I think I may have cum just from the feeling of him entering me, it was that good. A different kind of orgasm than I normally had.

So we’re there in the middle of the classroom, and I can tell that my little bro is close. I’ve gotten good at reading him—I think it’s important for a sex-slave like me to know when their Master is going to cum. It helps us serve them better, and hey—that’s what we’re here for!

Maybe it’s the knowledge that he’s fucking his sister in the ass, maybe it’s the knowledge that he’s fucking his sister in the ass in the middle of a school-day, or maybe it’s the knowledge that he can fuck his sister whenever, however he wants...but he was quicker than normal (not that I’m complaining!) and soon he’s filling my ass up with his glorious, glorious cum.

I love my brother.

* * *

So yeah. I wish that was the end of the story, but...well, about two months later, the inevitable happen. I guess in New York they teach it differently, so Brad thought he’d never have to worry about informing my sister, or maybe he’d just planned to use condoms, but here in the Bible Belt, our sexual education is pretty lacking.

I’d noticed that Anne’s breasts were slightly bigger, puffier, but I never claimed to be an expert on breasts. For all I knew, that was just what happened after a few months of being played with daily.

Mom and Dad were surprisingly calm about it. Like I said, it happened to most of the graduating class each year. No one ever suspected me; it was never openly discussed, but the unspoken consensus was that it was Brad’s fault, and probably why he skipped town.

My parents fuss over her; if she wants a glass of water, it’s in her hand before she’s finished the sentence. If she wants half an hour alone with her brother, they don’t question it. Me, I try to take care of her in my own way; by making sure she’s never deprived of her obsession for too long.

What else can a good brother do?

I’d write more, but Anne’s calling me. She’s about seven months along now—her belly is massive, and she loves it when I rub some ‘freshly-squeezed cum’, as she calls it, onto her. She says it helps with the stretching. Her tits were big already, but now they’re just impossibly huge, and I’m pretty sure that they’re going to start leaking milk soon—like I need another excuse to suck on them!

Anne was horny before, but now…god damn. Insatiable Annie doesn’t even start to cover it. I feel like we’ve broken some kind of record with how often we fuck. She says that it’s good for the baby, the protein and all that, y’know? She made me promise that I wouldn’t let her go to bed without having filled every one of her holes, not a single night the whole time she’s pregnant.

I kind of like my cock-hungry sister being all knocked up with my baby, and Anne doesn’t like contraception for ‘religious reasons’ (someone needs to teach that girl about irony) so after the baby’s born, we’re probably going to get straight to making another one.

It’s gonna be pretty hard to blame Brad for that one.