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BimboTech: HCVM

The Sympathetic Devil

Chapter 5

Kerry was a little embarrassed when she prepared for her jog the next morning. She couldn’t believe she had let Rob talk her into getting a tattoo, especially one proclaiming that she was easy. Why had she done it? Maybe she was feeling guilty about sucking off Jim. She blushed at the memory.

But that had been Rob’s fault, she told herself. It was the sexy suit that Rob had bought her that had gotten her in trouble. Well, that and her flirting with the customers. But how could she help but appreciate the attention to her titties?

There were plenty of men waiting to pay attention to her titties and all the rest of her, she realized, pulling a purple baby-T on. Her nipples and the little rings piercing them were clearly outlined by the tight cotton. Men couldn’t help but notice. They would stare. They couldn’t help it. And Kerry couldn’t help but like it. So sexy….so hot….she wanted them to watch. It was a little slutty. But a little slutty was o.k. Rob said so. A little slutty was o.k.

Kerry selected the hip-hop mix on her music player, knowing she could count on it to drive out her conflicted thoughts and focus on her run. She had never cared for hip-hop, but Rob had downloaded some from the BimboTech website, of all places, and Kerry had discovered that she really liked it. The rapper was a woman named T-T-Fuque and Kerry connected with her on a deep, primal level. Kerry could tell T-T just really understood what it was to be a woman with needs.

“When I wake up in the morny and I feel so fuckin’ horny,
Better give it to me quick;
I’m a girl who needs dick.
I’ve been dreamin’ ‘bout cho worm, put it in me, make me squirm.
Better give it to me quick;
I’m a girl who needs dick.
There ain’t nothin’ half as good as a ride on morning wood,
Better give it to me quick;
I’m a girl who needs dick.
Baby, fuck me mo’ and mo’ ‘til I’m wailin’ like a ho’;
Better give it to me quick;
I’m a girl who needs dick.”

It had embarrassed Kerry when she first heard it. It was filthy, as was every other T-T-Fuque track. But not any more filthy than the lyrics Kerry always seemed to overlay on the pop songs she listened to. After listening to her for a while, Kerry realized it was a relief to have another woman saying what Kerry was thinking. She got so many dirty looks and disparaging comments from other women lately, it was nice knowing there were women out there with the same needs and thoughts and feelings as she had. It gave her a feeling of solidarity. Like she was part of the sisterhood of the slightly slutty.

Kerry had found her stride, her titties bouncing rhythmically, her heart pounding, by the time the next track started. She grinned as she recognized the opening drum riff.

“Ooooh The Money Shot
Give me what.U got
It’s my fondest dream
To wear your facial cream
Fuck ya! The Money Shot!
I like it fresh and hot
Drippin’ of my chin
It’s my fav’rite sin”

Mr. Dorsee, 75 year old retiree, was out watering his shrubbery in the pre-dawn light. Kerry waved at him as she approached and he dropped his hose. It lay there forgotten as Kerry bounced on past and the old man grinned toothlessly, having rushed out without his dentures.

A newspaper delivery van weaved slowly along beside her on the street, papers being flung out with wild inaccuracy, both driver and pitcher mesmerized by Kerry’s kinetic rack.

The Clark kid had decided that early Saturday morning was a great time to mow the lawn and his father was out in the yard disputing this idea, but their argument dissipated as Kerry approached. Father and son contemplated the importance of a vigorous physical fitness program and, once Kerry had jiggled out of sight, wordlessly agreed that the lawn could wait and went back to bed.

Kerry couldn’t help but observe that her workout audience seemed to approve of her nipple piercing. The group of six high school students who always seemed to encounter her on their way to early-morning band practice (apparently now held on Saturdays as well) even went so far as to comment on them after she had passed, as their eyes went from burning holes in her top to burning holes in her shorts, though her earbuds kept her from hearing.

“Holy shit!” one said in a cracking, ineffective attempt at a whisper. “Did you see her nipples?”

“She totally got them pierced!” another confirmed. “God, and I thought they were great before! BEST! TITS! EVER!”

“They’re so totally getting bigger. I swear to god; it’s a fucking miracle. The miracle of the titties!”

Kerry came to the home stretch, her house in front of her, Rob in bed, his cock rigid with the morning, ready to take her to heaven.....

And then she was cockblocked by her friend Tina stepping in front of her on the sidewalk and waving her arms. Kerry couldn’t help but let out a groan of frustration. She was so close to getting dick! But her brunette friend dressed in formless grey sweats and hip, horn-rim glasses didn’t take the hint. She waved at Kerry to take out her ear buds. Kerry sighed and complied.

“Where have you been, girl?” Tina asked. “I haven’t seen you in forever and you never answer your phone!”

“I’m sorry,” Kerry said. “I’ve been really busy lately.”

‘Gettin’ busy! Gettin’ busy! Gettin’ fucked until I’m dizzy!’ said the voice of T.T.Fuque in Kerry’s head.

“I can see that!” Tina said, gesturing to Kerry’s rack. “I never would have guessed you’d get implants! Was this Rob’s idea?”

“I...I’ve been going through some changes lately,” Kerry said, deciding she didn’t want to take the time to correct Tina about her implant assumption. She shifted her weight back and forth on her feet, excruciatingly aware of her vaginal vacancy. “Look, I...really need to go get Rob up...”

She shuddered at the thought of Rob ‘up’. She staggered toward her house and waiting cock, brushing past her friend

“Kerry, really!” Tina said, placing a hand on her arm as she tried to turn away. “I’m worried about you! This is all so sudden. You never would have dressed like this in public a month ago! Oh my god!”

Her judgmental blonde friend was staring at her ass.

“What?” Kerry asked, trying to see what Tina was seeing.

“I can’t believe it! I can’t fucking believe you would get that tattoo! What’s going on with you!” she demanded.

“But you have a tattoo!” Kerry objected, becoming angry. “More than one!”

What gave Tina the right to criticize her body and keep her from her morning fuck? Couldn’t she change her tastes without consulting Tina? She was acting like all the other women who looked down on her since she started enjoying sex.

“I have a sun on my ankle and a double happiness symbol on my arm.” Tina said, exasperated. “That’s hardly equivalent to proclaiming ‘I’m Easy’ to every man who looks at your ass! Don’t you see how slutty that is?!?’

“A little slutty is o.k.!” Kerry said, quivering at the thought of men staring at her ass. “A little slutty is nice!’

“This is a whole helluva lot more than a little slutty, Kerry!” Tina yelled, exasperation tumbling into anger. ‘”You’re just spiked heels and fishnets away from full on whore!’”

Kerry shuddered, remembering the fishnets and heels she had worn for Rob just a couple nights before. But she wasn’t a whore…was she? Did Rob want her to be a….

“Look, Kerry, far be it from me to tell another woman what to do with her body. I’ve thought about getting my nipples pierced myself! But, if I do, it will be MY decision. That’s what I’m worried about. That Rob is pressuring you into these changes. You told me before that you thought tattoos were tacky and that piercing creeped you out. What changed?”

What had changed? Tina was right about what Kerry had said before. And she hadn’t really wanted the tattoo…not at first…or to have Rob make her titties quite so big…even though she loved how men stared at them…

“This isn’t you at all, is it Kerry?” Tina said looking earnestly at her. “It’s that bastard Rob! He’s turning you into some kind of bimbo!”

Rob had NEVER called her a bimbo. Kerry was sure of that. Anger flashed.

“Bitch!” Kerry yelled at her friend, shrugged her hand off violently and ran for home, confused emotions welling up in her as Tina yelled after her, saying she was only trying to be her friend, that something was terribly wrong with her. It wasn’t true! It wasn’t true! She was just…just… just a little slutty. A little slutty was o.k. Wasn’t it?

She ran into the house and locked the door behind her, locking out Tina’s judgmental scorn. Was she a whore? Had Rob made her a whore? No, no, no! She staggered towards the bedroom, trembling, confused, horny.

Rob was there in bed, smiling. But his smile vanished when he saw her expression.

“What’s wrong, Kerry?” he asked.

“Tina...she...she was outside...” Kerry confessed. “She said that I...that you... I’m just a little slutty, right?

“Oh, Kerry, Babydoll!” he said, holding out his arms, welcoming, beckoning. “You’re perfect! There’s nothing wrong with you! Nothing wrong at all! Come here, sweetness.”

“It’s just…Tina said that I…that this isn’t me…that…I changed so quickly…” she stepped towards her husband almost against her will. Her pussy was aching with need. But her mind was so confused. “And you gave me…you’re always giving me…stuff. BimboTech stuff. And stuff that makes me look…a little slutty.”

“I’m just giving you what you need, Kerry,” he told her, scooting to the edge of the bed, placing his big, strong hand on her shoulder. The sheet had slid off him, revealing his big, half-erect cock. “What kind of husband would I be if I didn’t give you what you need, especially when it makes you so very, very happy? What kind of friend would want you to be sad and horny with no relief? Doesn’t Tina want you to be proud or your luscious, luscious body?”

He ran his hands along her figure, from her tits, along her sides, down her hips, back to her ass, squeezing, kneading. Kerry quivered and her mind swam.

“You work so hard to keep fit and trim, running every morning, why shouldn’t you show off?” Rob reasoned, as a hand slid forward around her hip to gently massage her crotch. “And you’re soooo good in bed, why shouldn’t you be proud of that as well?”

“Ooooohhhh!” Kerry moaned and pulled off her top. Why was she upset? Because Tina had interrupted her morning routine, of course. Her run was done. She needed fucking. Was that a little slutty? What had Rob said?

“Proud?” she asked.

“Very proud,” Rob said, pausing to lick her left nipple. “You’re an incredible lay! That makes you more of a woman than Tina could ever hope to be!”

“I’m an incredible lay,” she agreed, and shuddered violently with arousal. Rob slipped his legs between her own. “I’m a….a hot….piece of….ass!”

Rob placed his hand on her ass and rubbed it firmly, smiling and nodding encouragement.

“And just a little…just a little slutty,” she said. “A little…a little slutty…is o.k., right?”

She stared down at her husband in desperation and anticipation.

“A little slutty is o.k.,” Rob agreed. “And a lot slutty is a lot more than o.k.”

Kerry blinked.

“It is?” she asked. “You WANT me to be more slutty?”

“Oh Kerry, sweetie,” he said, slipping two fingers into her twat. “I want you to be you! And what you are is very, very slutty!”

He placed his thumb above her clit and pressed in a gentle, clockwise circle. Rockets went off in her head. Paradigms shifted. Resistances crumbled.

“I...I am pretty slutty...” she said, starting to pant. “Aren’t I?”

“You’re super-slutty, Babydoll!” Rob said and licked her right nipple, flicking the little onyx bead to the top. “You’re perfectly slutty! And slutty girls get the most dick! Everyone knows that!”

Kerry’s head swam with heat.

“I’m a girl who wants dick!” she said.

“You’re a slut who needs dick!” Rob corrected.

“Oh yes!” Kerry exclaimed. “Oh yes oh yes oh yes! I am such a fucking slut! I’m your slut, Rob! Fuck me! Fuck me like the slut that I am!”

It was such an incredible relief to let go of all the little criticisms and hesitations she had been holding in reserve, dampening her fire. She didn’t just need to be fucked, she wanted to be fucked! She deserved to be fucked! She chose to be fucked like the fucking slut that she was! She grabbed Rob by the wrist and wrenched his fingers out of her, then grabbed hold of his monster cock with both hands.

“I’m a slut who needs dick!” she reminded him, then pressed his cockhead between her labia and slid him home, so slick, so tight, so perfect!

“Oh yeah! Oh god! I’m a slut! Such a slut!” she said as she worked him deeper and deeper inside of her self.

Rob smiled at her with undeniable pride.

“That’s right, Kerry!” he praised as he began to mash her tits with his big hands. “That’s right! You’re my slutty girl! You’re my hot, slutty tramp!”

Kerry wrapped her legs around Rob’s waist, pushing his cock as deep inside of her as it could go, grinding her pelvis against him. He began sucking on her right nipple and grabbed her hips, meeting her grind with his own, lifting her up and down with the tilting of his hips and the flexing of this ass. As they began rutting harder and harder, Kerry was barely aware that she continued moaning and mumbling “Such a slut...such a good slut...fucking slut...I’m a fucking slut...slutty slut...slutty slut....I’m a slutty slutty slut...need slutty. Good to be slutty. Happy, happy slut.”

They fucked like that, with her impaled on his lap, for what seemed like hours. Then they moved on to the shower, where Kerry’s exultant screams about what a slut she was echoed in resonant acoustics. Then back to the bed where they fucked slowly, lazily, dreamily as Kerry moaned and sighed and begged Rob to tell her she was his slut just once more.

“Tina’s crazy!” Kerry said, and giggled contentedly as they lay there in post-coital bliss. “I can’t believe she was trying to keep me from being a slut! And calling me a bimbo! What kind of friend is that?”

“You know what her problem is?” Rob asked her, drawing a finger slowly around her left aureole. “She’s jealous. She sees how happy we are and how much dick you’re getting and it’s driving her crazy. If she would just admit to herself that she wants to have her brains fucked out, she’d be as happy as you are, Kerry!”

“Gosh, I didn’t realize…is she not getting any dick? Doesn’t Bill fuck her?”

“Not nearly enough,” Rob said. “But I’m pretty sure that’s all going to change soon. I talked to Bill about the situation, because I was worried, and I told him about BimboTech and all the nice things they have to help a woman enjoy getting fucked. He ordered a bunch of stuff and I’m pretty sure that Tina will be so thoroughly fucked this weekend, she won’t be wasting her time worrying about your sex life.”

“Oh my god!” Kerry said. “Really? That’s so great! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want you to spoil Tina’s surprise, silly!” Rob smirked. “But I’ve got a big surprise for you too.”

“For me?” Kerry exclaimed. “What is it?”

Rob pulled the sheet off of himself and revealed that he was hard again.

Kerry melted into a puddle of delighted goo. Soon Rob was pounding at her doggy style as she ground her face into the rumpled bed sheets without a care in the world.