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BimboTech: HCVM

The Sympathetic Devil

Chapter 6

The housework had really piled up, what with them spending so much time in bed (or on the kitchen table, or on the living room floor) and Kerry was feeling vaguely bad about it, though not enough to suggest they stop fucking. Still, after their fourth go around that Saturday morning, Kerry was happy when Rob announced that they really should clean up a bit. Rob almost never wanted to clean up back before Kerry’s needs had awakened. It was a happy side effect.

Even more delightful, Rob revealed that he had bought her a special cleaning-up outfit. Soon Kerry was dressed up in a frilly blue maid’s outfit with a white lace kerchief holding back her red tresses. The outfit barely contained her titties, which Kerry thought was just perfect. She wasn’t sure about the 5 inch heels, practically speaking, but Rob assured her that he would have her feet in the air before long after watching her work dressed like that. She giggled and started picking up the house, flashing her naked ass beneath the tiny skirt every time she bent over.

True to his word, Rob had interrupted the house work to fuck her several times, including one particularly nice session on top of the washing machine that had her screaming her head off before the spin cycle. It more than made up for the fact that Rob really wasn’t working very hard at cleaning the house.

Once the house was clean and their celebratory 69 went off with a bang, Kerry dressed up in clothes more appropriate for public appearances: a yellow vinyl halter top, with matching hot pants and ankle boots. Rob proposed they have lunch at a strip club. Kerry didn’t even know they served lunch! It was fun distracting all the patrons from the strippers and watching the girls dance. There were lots of slutty girls in the world, just as slutty as she was! Even sluttier, even! Kerry had no idea you could pick up a dollar like that—though she decided she would have to try it herself soon.

She told Rob how fun it was to know there were more sluts in the world as they drove to The Edge of Chaos to get more ink for Kerry. Rob chuckled and told her there were much sluttier girls than that in the world. Once she had a pink heart with the word SLUT in red letters inside it freshly inked on her left bicep and a titanium stud was through her tongue, they headed over to Sam’s Magazine and Video and rented a whole lot of porn. Kerry was fascinated by the acts of her slutty sisters. She wanted to try everything!

* * *

Monday morning, Kerry really enjoyed her jog. She didn’t feel the slightest bit of shame that she had decided to do so wearing a purple thong. She wasn’t embarrassed by the thin cotton of the white baby-T she had stretched over her rack either. In fact, after just a half a block, she decided to pour half her water bottle over her jugs, leaving her pierced nipples standing out in clear as day. Rob had suggested the night before that she get bigger, permanent rings through her nips. She loved the idea. It was so slutty!

She jumped around in the spray from old man Dorsey’s hose for a while, once she had convinced him that she needed watering more than his rose bushes. She thought that really should give the nice old guy a hand job one weekend, but on a Monday, there just wasn’t time is she was going to get in a quick fuck from Rob and still make it to work on time.

She had to suppress several more slutty impulses as she rounded the park and headed home. So many dicks that needed her, but Rob’s was the best and she had an appointment with it.

Kerry giggled as she passed Tina’s place. Tina’s husband Dillon was sitting in his car, trying to go to work, but Kerry’s blonde friend was kneeling in the driveway, trying to get one more shot of jizz out of him before he went to work. Her head bobbing up and down, Tina didn’t notice Kerry, which was good. Kerry was on a tight schedule.

She shed her top and her shoes in the entryway and skipped to the bedroom, dove under the covers and started sucking on the morning wood of her still-sleeping husband, tasting the residuals of their juices from the night before dried on his pecker.

Soon Rob was fully up and mostly awake. He pulled aside the covers to see what Kerry was doing to his dong.

“Hi there, babydoll!” he said. “How you feeling this morning?”

“Slutty!” Kerry announced proudly. “Wanna fuck?”

Rob chuckled. “Mount up, you little tramp!” he said.

Kerry squealed with delight and impaled herself upon her husband’s engorged meatsword. She worked her highly-trained cunt along his shaft, undulating its walls along the length of it, rubbing it up and down and side to side, reveling in the sensation and in the knowledge that she was driving him absolutely insane with lust.

“Oh God, Kerry!” he said, his face an agony of astonished pleasure. “Oh God, you’re such a slut!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Kerry exclaimed, punctuating with thrusts of her pelvis. “I’m a slut! I’m a slut! I’m a slut!”

Rob groaned, shuttered and exploded within her. Her talented coochie sucked at the semen, swished it around, rubbed it all over his spasming cock. Then she rolled her eyes back in her head and trembled as her own orgasms became overwhelming.

She lay panting on top of Rob for a bit, then slid off him, gently patting his belly. “Gotta get to work,” she apologized.

She went to the shower, slipping off the sodden thong she hadn’t bothered to completely remove before riding Rob, preferring to just push it to one side. She was just satisfied enough that she was able to resist the impulse to get herself off in the shower. She scrubbed off the sweat and spunk from her pale skin, patted herself dry with big fluffy towels, blew her tangled red tresses dry, and selected a dildo. She chose the big white novelty one that looked like a chess bishop. It’s head was quite a bit bigger than Rob’s and had a fun little knobby thing at the top that tickled her cervix when she wiggled her ass.

She went back to the bedroom to find Rob groggily sitting on the edge of the bed, scratching himself, a big dumb grin on his face.

“You’re awfully clean for such a filthy slut,” he said.

Kerry giggled and stuck out her tongue at him.

“I better go get in the shower or I’m going to get you all sweaty again,” he said.

Kerry pouted and her pussy clenched its toy.

“Don’t tease me like that!” she said.

Rob laughed and left, his cock dangling limp and satiated between his legs. Kerry wondered how much it would take to convince him to call in horny. But she shook her head. They needed money. Rob wanted her to get more skin art. And all the dildos Kerry had bought when her libido first awakened seemed absurdly small now. She needed bigger ones! So she needed to get to work, and so did Rob. Plus Kerry had plans for Marvin.

She did her makeup in dramatic shades of aquamarine to match the low-cut sun dress she had chosen for work. It covered up her tramp stamp, which was unfortunate, but bank policy required her to wear either a dress or a suit. Still, she could certainly pull the thing up to show the tattoo to her boss and Marvin. Most customers didn’t look at her from behind anyway. They just stared at her tits.

Kerry hefted her fun bags and smiled down at them. Nice, slutty titties, she thought, then giggled. She was so glad they had finally reached their full potential!

She pulled at her nipple and clenched The Bishop in her bush.

“Oh God I need another fuck!” she exclaimed.

She bit her lower lip. She needed to get to work and so did Rob. If Kerry made him call in sick again, that bitch Saundra would have his balls. He had told her as much. And Kerry needed Rob’s balls slapping against her ass as he fucked her. She pouted and slipped on her dress. Then she put big silver triangles in her ears, a silver chain with a heart charm around her neck, and strappy silver ‘Fuck Me’ shoes on her feet.

Maybe Rob couldn’t answer the call of her shoes that morning, but Kerry guessed that someone would. Kerry hadn’t ever screwed anyone but Rob since her awakening. Just the now-regular blowjobs and titfucks with her boss to keep her job.

But Rob knew she was a slut. Hell, Rob loved that she was a slut. He couldn’t expect her to get laid only when he was available. She licked her aquamarine-glossed lips, gazing smolderingly in the mirror.

“Gotta get more dick!” she told herself, then giggled.

“What’s so funny, Sugarslut?” Rob asked,

“Oh I was just thinking how lucky I was that I have a husband that understands about me being a slut,” she said.

Rob chuckled, kissed her on the top of the head and squeezed her right tit.

“How could I not be okay with it!” he exclaimed.

Kerry giggled again and squeezed her Bishop tight. Marvin was definitely going to get lucky that morning.

* * *

Kerry grinned when she found her co-worker fumblingly inserting the key into the credit union door as she arrived. Jim was not going to be in until 10 and there was still 20 minutes until opening time. Plenty of time for a thorough fucking.

“Hi Marvin!” she said, grabbing his ass. “Having trouble getting it in?”

Marvin gasped, shuddered and dropped his keys. His eyes went wide and he froze.

“Oops!” she said. “Sorry I startled you. Here, let me get those for you!”

She squatted down, letting her tits rub against Marvin’s body as she did so. The young man shuddered and mumbled something about it not being necessary, though that trailed off as he was overwhelmed with the need to look down her dress with her kneeling beside him.

She giggled and held the position, holding the keys up to him as she continued to squat and display her cleavage.

“Th-thank you, Kerry,” he said, groping for the keys but unable to gather the will power to look at them.

Kerry giggled and stood, placing the correct key in his hand but not letting go of it. Rather, she grabbed his wrist with her other hand and guided it to the keyhole.

“It can be tricky,” she told him. “Some times it’s best if you put the tip to the opening and just kind of wiggle it around until it slllliiides on home.”

The key went into the lock, despite Marvin’s trembling hand. It clicked open and in they went. Kerry punched in the code for the alarm, wiggling her ass as she did so, knowing Marvin would be watching. Then she went back to the door and locked it from the inside.

“We don’t want any members coming in early,” she told Marvin. “Present company excluded, of course!”

“E…excuse me?” he asked.

She ignored him and swished her way back behind the counter.

“Can I show you something back here, Marvin?” she asked. “It’s kind of important.”

“Oh, um, of course!” he said, shuffling forward in a way that he tended to use rather frequently since Kerry had started dressing like the slut that she was.

“I’ve been very bad,” Kerry explained once Marvin was there behind the counter with her. “And you’ve been suffering because of it.”

“Oh, oh no, Kerry!” Marvin insisted, shaking his head violently. “Working with you has been…has been…incredible!”

“Aww!” Kerry exclaimed, and stroked his cheek. “You are so sweet! But it isn’t true. I’ve been horrible to you, showing up late and making you open alone, and then when I do get here, I flounce around displaying my big juicy titties and my cute little ass!”

She hefted her jugs and then turned and wiggled her butt at him as a visual aid.

“I’ve been a horrible tease!” she confessed. “And I want to make it up to you.”

“Really, it’s not…how?” he said.

Kerry giggled and ignored his question.

“Remember I wanted to show you something?” she reminded him. “It’s under here.”

She lifted her skirt, revealing the transparent blue thong and the tail end of The Bishop. Marvin swore in Bengali.

“I keep a dildo in my coochie when I’m at work because I’m such a horny little slut,” she explained. “If I didn’t have SOMETHING in there, I’d just go crazy!”

“Oh…” said Marvin.

“But it really isn’t enough, Marvin,” she confided, slipping the thin cloth to the side and squeezing the novelty dildo out with her highly-trained cunt muscles.

“I’m a slut, and I need dick! You understand that, right Marvy?”

The college student whimpered his understanding.

“Oh good!” she exclaimed. “I knew I could count on you!”

She fell to her knees and went to work on undoing Marvin’s pants as he burbled incoherently. As Kerry had suspected from the frequent bulging in the young man’s pants, he was hung much more like Rob than like their boss, and without any of the timidity that afflicted its owner. It would do the job.

“Oh Marvy!” she exclaimed. “You have what I need!”

She lifted his brown-skinned pecker and licked the underside from balls to tip as he jerked with pleasure and groaned. She giggled and rubbed his shaft between her palms like a boyscout trying to start a fire.

“That’s it, Marvy!” she said. “I need you good and hard. Get good and hard for me.”

He moaned and did as he was told.

“Lie down, Marvin,” she said. “I want to ride you. I need to ride that big hard cock of yours!”

He complied, his eyes delirious, as if he didn’t quite believe any of it was really happening, as if he had dreamed of this moment so often he couldn’t be certain he was awake.

Kerry knew that she was awake, though, and all she cared about Marvin’s state was that it was turgid. He lay down, his dick pointed toward the ceiling, and Kerry mounted him with an exultant squeal. She licked Marvin from neck to brow and started to grind her pelvis into his as her c proceeded to spoil him for all other women, massaging it, trying to get him to grow just a little bit bigger inside of her.

He jabbered an incoherent prayer of thanksgiving. Kerry grabbed his left wrist and brought it to her right tit, where his hand was awakened from it’s paralysis and made up for its previous inactivity by mauling her fleshy mound. His right hand realized it was missing out and soon was squeezing her left funbag.

She fucked him as forcefully as he was groping her jugs, squeezing him mercilessly with pussy and thighs. He groaned and banged his head against the floor.

“Don’t cum yet, Marvin,” she urged. I need more from you. So much more.”

The dazed young man stared at her worshipfully and bit his tongue. She leaned back into a sitting position and began rocking her pelvis forward and back, rolling the walls of her c along his trembling shaft.

“ are a goddess!” her ride exclaimed.

“No, Marvin,” she corrected. “I’m a slut!”

The young man shook his head. “Oh no, you are wonderful…you are..”

Kerry pouted and reached behind her ass with her left hand and found Marvin’s balls. She grabbed hold or them and squeezed gently.

“I’m a slut, Marvin,” she assured him. “Say it for me. Tell me I’m a slut.”

“No!” he objected. “You are not! You are…”

Her squeezing of his balls became less gentle.

“Arh!” he exclaimed. “Don’t do that, you slut!”

“Ummm!” Kerry exclaimed, closing her eyes and rippling her cuntwalls along Marvin’s shaft in a way that always drove Rob absolutely crazy.

“Oh!” said Marvin. “Oh! Oh! Oh! slut! You slut! You beautiful, degenerate slut!”

“Oh yes, Marvin! Yes!” she exclaimed. “Such a slut! Such a horny, fucking slut!”

She came and came, and so did Marvin, jerking spastically beneath her as he grunted out half-enunciated slurs against her virtue.

At last they sighed into contented after glow, Marvin looking dazed, Kerry feeling incredibly self-satisfied. It was all interrupted by a rattling and banging on the door of the credit union, though.

“Oh god,” Kerry said, looking up at the clock. “That took longer than I thought. We’re open. I’ll get it.”

“What!” Marvin exclaimed, suddenly broken out of his daze. “Oh shit oh shit oh shit!”

Kerry giggled and dismounted with a wet shlup. She stood, tugged her thong back in place and smoother her skirt, then headed for the door as she rearranged her tits. Marvin scrambled behind her to get himself repackaged. She felt Marvin’s spunk begin to trickle down and out of her. It tickled. She liked it. But it could make a mess. She flexed her highly-trained muscles to push it back, deeper inside her. It was like her cunt was gargling with semen. She giggled. It was a game she could get used to playing.

Kerry smiled broadly when she saw who it was at the door. The well-dressed man in his mid 40s owned the hardware store down the block and often came in to get cash for the till or to make a deposit. Since Kerry had started dressing like the slut that she was, she noticed that he never delegated the task to one of his employees. She knew he wouldn’t be a problem.

“I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr. Stevens!” Kerry said as soon as she opened the door. “Something came up this morning and I just had to take care of it, so we didn’t get things opened on time!”

His initial look of anger had melted at the first sight of her cleavage through the glass door. Now that there wasn’t even that between her tits and him, he seemed to have forgotten why he was even there. Kerry grinned and placed her hand on his bicep. She squeezed and let it show on her face that she was impressed.

“I’m afraid we haven’t even opened up the vault, yet,” she confessed. “Marvin, be a dear and go get the cash from the safe. Mr. Stevens is going to need to fill his registers, am I right?”

“What? Oh yes, um, yes, I’m here for…for that…” the hardware man said.

“Yes, yes, right away,” said Marvin shamefacedly. “So sorry. I’ll…I’ll get the money now.”

“I just feel so bad about making you wait!” Kerry said as Marvin disappeared, leaving them alone.

“I’m a bad, bad girl! I wish there was some way I could make it up to you! I want to take care of your member…I mean our members. That’s my job!”

“Oh, it…it’s really not a big deal,” Mr. Stevens stammered. “Really, I…I didn’t have much to do this morning. And things at the store don’t really get going until afternoon.”

“Well, that’s sweet of you to say, Mr. Stevens,” Kerry said. “But you’re a BIG deal to me! And I really, really do want to make it up to you.”

She looked around conspiratorially.

“Do you still have that big truck with the tinted windows?” she asked.

“Wh..well..yes…” he said.

“My lunch break is at 11:30. Be parked outside then. I will TOTATLLY make it up to you.” she said.

“But..but how…” the man stammered.

Kerry giggled, pressed her tits against him and stroked his crotch.

“You know I’m a slut, don’t you?” she said. “How do you think I’m gonna make it up to you?”