The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter One

Author — Sidia

Jason lay in bed, procrastinating and putting off starting the day. Summer had passed and the weather was turning cooler. He didn’t feel like going to school anyway. Sometimes it didn’t seem real that he was in his final year.

“Jason! Get up honey, or you’ll be late!” His mother called up the stairs.

Jason sighed to himself and, with a supreme effort, rolled out of bed. He stretched, yawned, and made his way downstairs. His mother, Helen, was in the kitchen, washing up the remnants of her morning smoothie. She was a yoga and meditation instructor, and usually left pretty early for her first class of the day.

“Finally.” She smiled at him as he grabbed some bread and put it in the toaster. “I thought I might have to go and pry you out of bed.”

“Sorry.” Jason mumbled in reply, keeping his eyes downcast. He was finding it more and more difficult to maintain eye contact with his mother lately, especially when she was in her workout gear. He had always known she was beautiful, but the older he got the more his changing regard made him uncomfortable.

Helen was dressed in her standard outfit; full length lycra pants, a dangerously low-cut tank top, and an open jacket over the top. She had a figure that the even the women in her class fifteen years her younger envied; curvy in all the right places, and slim everywhere else. Honey-blonde hair framed a heart-shaped face, hazel eyes, and full lips that were aways turned up in a gentle smile. She had Jason young, just out of high school, and to look at her you wouldn’t believe that she was a thirty-six year old mother.

“I’ve got to get going sweetie, make sure you don’t dawdle leaving the house!” She said, waiting for his nod of agreement. “I have an evening class, so I won’t be back until a bit late tonight. I’ll ask Sarah to whip up something for dinner.”

At that, she kissed his cheek and gave him a quick hug. Her soft breasts pressed up against his chest in a manner that made him shift uncomfortably, realising to his horror that his cock had twitched in response. Jason and his mother had always been physically affectionate when he was younger, hugging and cuddling up on the couch. He’d been withdrawing from her in the last few years though; his acute awareness of her body was too much.

As she turned to walk briskly out of the kitchen, Jason couldn’t help but turn as well to watch her go. His mother wasn’t a tall woman, but was perfectly proportioned for her height. The jacket she was wearing didn’t cover anything below her waist, and the view of her well toned ass encased in skintight lycra was hypnotic.

“Enjoying the view perve?”

Jason jumped guiltily, and turned to look at the one person that above all others made his life miserable.

His Aunt Sarah was leaning against the doorframe at the other entrance to the kitchen, a smirk at catching him out marring her otherwise attractive face. He had been so engrossed he hadn’t even noticed she was there.

“What do you mean?” Jason asked, blushing furiously.

“Please. You were all but drooling over there.”

“I was not! You’re sick.”

“So you have a thing for relatives. Should I be worried?” Sarah laughed scornfully. She put her hand on her side and cocked her hip suggestively, standing in a manner showed off her body to good effect.

Jason looked away, flushing again. He had never come out best in an encounter with his aunt. She always knew how to get to him. This was a new tactic though, and he was furious at himself for giving her more ammunition to use against him. It didn’t help that she really was pretty hot, loathe as he was to admit it.

Sarah was more slender than his mother, not as curved. She was also taller, and more tanned. Her features were very similar to her sister’s, but her expression was more likely to be set into a look of distaste than a smile. She was still dressed in what she had slept in, and her rumpled clothes showed off a lot of smooth skin.

“Guess that’s my answer then.” She jeered at Jason. She grabbed the bottom of her top and lifted it above her waist, exposing her toned belly to him. “So who do you prefer, your aunt or your mother?”

“Who’d ever prefer you!” Jason shot back, unthinkingly. He was off balance, with no idea how to deal with this.

“So it’s mommy dearest who gets you going.” Sarah laughed harshly, triumphant. “I’m relieved, but my poor unfortunate sister. I’ll have to decide whether to warn her or not.”

Jason stood there fuming. He was pretty sure it was an empty threat; she enjoyed tormenting him too much to lose such a good hold on him. So he stood there, taking her mocking abuse, paying the toll until she felt like she had rubbed it in enough.

She eventually turned to head back to her room, satisfied that she had got the best of him for today. “Have a nice day at school.” She called over her shoulder as she left. “You fucking pervert.”

Jason kicked a rock on the path as he walked to his school. It had not been a good morning; but then again that wasn’t unusual. He usually tried to ignore all the snide comments Sarah directed his way—he’d certainly had enough practice over the years! But she always kept at him until she managed to get under his skin. The look of smug satisfaction on her face when one of her barbs successfully hit always made it worse.

She’d been like this with him as long as he could remember. It was just his mother, aunt, and himself that lived in their large house; plenty enough room for them and more. But Sarah somehow contrived to make him feel unwelcome in his own home.

His mother was a deeply caring person, however she was completely oblivious to what was going on under her nose. Teaching yoga and mediation made her a very spiritual person, and she liked to believe the best in people. She knew abstractly that Jason and her sister didn’t get along, but didn’t think it was any more than that. Sarah always made sure to behave around her sister, unwilling to lose her free room and board.

And that was the base for all her unpleasantness.

Jasons mother, a promising student, had fallen pregnant with him right after finishing high school, ruining his grandparents plans and expectations of her going to college. The boy who had knocked her up had skipped town, and had never contacted her again. Helen’s parents were moderately wealthy, and had been more concerned with the apparent shame and stigma of having an unwed pregnant teenage daughter on their hands, than what she had wanted.

Nonetheless, they had ensured that their daughter was well provided for, to the point of overlooking the needs of their younger daughter Sarah. Sarah was almost ten years younger than Helen, and grew up watching the every need of her older sister and her child met, while she had to earn everything for herself on merit. It was sort of a tough love approach; their parents did not want the same thing to happen to their other daughter, trying to instil a desire to be self-reliant in Sarah. Unfortunately it also fostered a deep resentment and bitterness within her.

This was only increased when their parents passed away in an unfortunate car accident. Apart from a fund to pay for her college, all the rest of their estate was left to Helen and Jason. The majority of it was held in trust for Jason for when he turned twenty five, and the rest, along with the luxurious house that they all currently lived in, was given to Helen.

Jason only barely remembered them, they had died when he was seven. They had turned into doting grandparents in the end, evidenced by how much they had left to him. It wasn’t his fault that they had left so much to him. It wasn’t his mothers fault either. Helen had made sure to make Sarah welcome, telling her she could live with them however long she liked. Jason could tell that the charity rankled his aunt, although not enough to stop her from taking advantage of it.

So she was mostly pleasant to her older sister, never going far enough to jeopardise her place in the house, playing the part of the helpful younger sister, looking after and babysitting her nephew until he was old enough to look after himself. But when it was just Jason and her, she made sure to take out her frustrations on him. The older he got, the worse it became; morphing from unkindness and neglect to outright hostility.

Jason sighed to himself. Sometimes he couldn’t wait to move out.

When he arrived at school, he was greeted by the person that made it possible for him to get through all the abuse heaped on him by his aunt. He had been friends with Emma since they were both kids, growing up together and sharing everything. She had often been the one to listen to him vent about what he endured. Her home life wasn’t great either; her dad was constantly in and out of work—so he always had a chance to return the favour when she had a bad day.

“Morning Jason! Almost didn’t think you were coming today.” Emma called out in greeting. She was sitting on the front steps to the school, waiting for him.

Jason couldn’t help but glance at her rounded thighs, exposed indecently high in her seated position by the short skirt she was wearing. Indeed, he noted that a lot of the guys walking past into the school were getting a good look from the corner of their eyes. Emma had bright red hair, pale skin, and blue-green eyes; along with her attire she was quite a striking sight. Jason often thought that if they hadn’t been friends for so long he would have been too intimidated to go up and talk to her.

“Well staying home was definitely not an option today.” Jason said, a note of bitterness creeping into his voice unintentionally.

“Oh.” Emma said softly, getting up and giving him a searching look. “Rough morning?”

“Something like that.”

“Sarah being a bitch again?”

“Careful, I might start thinking you’re a psychic!” Jason said, attempting to make a joke out of it.

“Yeah, there’s no other way I could have guessed that.” Emma said, a concerned tone in her voice. “What did she do this time?”

“Uh, nothing much.” Jason coughed uncomfortably. There was no way he was going to get into what had actually happened this morning. “Just the usual unpleasantness.”

“It’s the last year.” Emma said bracingly. “We’ll head off to college, and you can get away from that bitch.”

“There’s still the rest of the year to get through.” Jason said wryly. “Still, it’s a nice thought.”

“It’ll be okay.” Emma said, putting her hand on his arm. “I promise.”

Jason twitched at feeling her warm palm against his skin. He suddenly wanted to take her hand in his, to pull her close. He looked down into her lovely face that was set in a concerned expression. Her lips looked so soft.

“Thanks Em. I appreciate that.” He started walking up the steps, chickening out and breaking the moment. “Come on, we better get to class.”

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. It wasn’t a great day for learning—Jason was mostly lost in thought, thinking about everything. His teachers had to keep telling him to pay attention, snapping him out of the funk he was in. He felt like he needed to get a lot off his chest, but he couldn’t talk to anyone about this; not everything anyway.

His growing fixation and awareness of his mothers body. Was that normal? Surely not. But maybe it was normal for someone whose mother was as hot as his? It wasn’t like he was peeping, trying to get a look at her! It was just that when she was there, in front of him, he couldn’t seem to not look. He missed being close with her, sitting on the couch together, watching a movie. He just didn’t trust his body to not react to her.

And Emma. When had he realised that he might want something more than to be friends with her? She had always been his closest confidante; they had shared everything together. But suddenly, almost overnight it seemed, she had turned from the skinny, sexless, best friend, into—there was no other word for it—a babe.

She hadn’t changed how she acted though, staying the same person he had always known. Jason knew she was getting asked out by guys, but as far as he knew she hadn’t taken anyone up on any offers. Jason wasn’t unpopular at school, but neither was he popular. It was mostly his own doing, he mostly preferred to be by himself. He was content with being friends with Emma, and she seemed to be of the same mindset.

Jason periodically psyched himself up to ask her out, or to attempt to steer things in a different direction, but he always chickened out. He was too scared of ruining what they had. After all, if he didn’t have Emma to talk to, he might go insane with bottling up all the crap he endured from Sarah.

This morning was a nice twisted addition to the dynamic he had with his aunt. He despised himself for it, but he couldn’t help but admit that his body had reacted when she exposed her belly to him. She was a fucking bitch, but she was a sexy fucking bitch. The lurch of his cock when she teased him with her body, made him feel sick and knotted up inside. He definitely didn’t want to go back to that.

The last lesson block of the day brought a welcome distraction. Jason always found art class relaxing, being able to lose himself in his projects. And of course he, along with everyone else in the studio, got to enjoy watching the new teacher, Karla. Alabaster skin, hair so blonde its almost white, fine elfin features. It seemed like everyone had a crush on her, and Jason was no exception. It was her first year of teaching, and she was twenty-three. She always dressed professionally—probably to ensure she was taken seriously despite her youth—but even dressed down she couldn’t hide her appeal.

Today she had a grey, nondescript skirt on, going down to her calves. Coupled with a long sleeved shirt, and covered with her art apron—on the surface at least you would think there wouldn’t be much to admire. Unfortunately for her, she could only accomplish so much by dressing down. Today, everyone’s attention was focused on her behind, and how her bubble-butt filled out her skirt.

Jason let the time pass, enjoying the work and the view. Towards the end of the lesson, he was aware of a group of guys at another table beginning to mess around. It was close to the end of school, and they were clearly bored and wanting to go home. He didn’t pay much attention to them, but he soon became involved against his will.

There was a sudden sharp pain just above his right eye, and Jason clutched at his face, lowering his head to the table. Someone had thrown a small ball of clay; on purpose or not, he didn’t know and it didn’t matter. Jason explored his face gingerly, still hunched over on the table; he could hear Karla angrily shouting at someone in the background. It didn’t feel like it had hit his eye at all, and didn’t appear to be bleeding. It was very close though.

Goddamn idiots! Jason thought angrily. He took some pleasure over how much they were getting yelled at, although he didn’t bother looking up. That would have been a perfect end to the day!

The bell signalling the end of school rang, although no one got ready to leave, unsure since the teacher was still haranguing some of the class. In the end Karla dismissed everyone tersely, promising repercussions to the guilty party. She came over to Jasons table before he started collecting his things.

“Jason, are you alright?” Karla asked, placing a hand on his shoulder and looking down at him, concerned.

“Yeah—it’s not too bad.” Jason replied. “Hurts, but I was more surprised than anything else.”

“Let me look.” She said, gently guiding him up off his chair. “Here, stand up so I can see.”

Jason stood in front of his teacher as she placed her on either side of his face, and turned his head from side to side, inspecting the damage. He was a good few inches taller than Karla, and Jason started to feel uncomfortable with how intimate the setting was. He didn’t know where to look, as her face was upturned, staring intently up at him. Her eyes were a brilliant blue, and seemed to pierce right through him when his gaze met hers. He hurriedly looked away. Her fingers were soft and cool against his skin, and to his horror, he felt himself begin to blush.

“Well, it doesn’t look like it’s anything serious.” Karla said, a faint knowing smile gracing her lips as she took in his reddened face. “I’ll think you’ll be fine.”

Her fingers curled ever so slightly, the tips of her fingers grazing down his face as she pulled away. Jason shivered.

“Thanks.” He stuttered. “I—I better get going.”

Jason collected his things hurriedly, clumsy in his sudden haste. He nodded goodbye to his still smiling teacher as he exited the studio, his belongs clutched in a disorganised mess to his chest. When he was outside he paused, leaning heavily against the wall.

Fuck, she was hot.

Jason made his way home walking slowly, in no rush. He had missed Emma it seemed, even though he hadn’t been held up very long. His mother wasn’t home for another few hours yet, and he didn’t really want to go home and deal with Sarah. It seemed like everything today from when he had first woken up had been a complete rollercoaster of emotions. There had been both good and bad, and he honestly didn’t know how to classify it. Jason found himself wandering off the route back to his house, aimlessly walking. Lost in thought.

The first time he realised just how far he had gone was when he came to the lot of the freshly demolished Kalleske House. Jason stood at the barricades, looking in at the piles of rubble amongst the grounds. The Kalleske House was his towns resident haunted house. It had been empty for as long as he could remember, a rundown wooden monstrosity of a building that had squatted like a giant bloated spider overlooking the street. There were so many ghost stories and urban legends about it, it was hard to know if anything ever had a basis in fact.

The story that had always terrified Jason as a kid, had been of the demented old man who lurked among the grounds, staring sinisterly at anyone walking past, trying to lure them close so he could grab them. The rumour had gone around the neighbourhood kids that children that went to close to the house went missing, never to be seen again. Of course now Jason knew it was probably just the story of the last person to live there; an old loner with no one left to talk to. Still, the house had always creeped him out when he passed it.

Now it was just a pile of debris. On a whim, Jason climbed over the chain-link fence, and dropped down to the earth on the other side. The grounds that the house had once stood on were quite large, much bigger than the usual plots of land for houses in this area. Jason wondered idly whether it would be developed into a house, or commercial real estate.

He made his way along the piles of rubble, idly scuffing the ground with his shoes, still lost in thought. Jason reached the centre where the largest pile was; the remnants of the main house, and stopped. The debris was mostly wood, weather beaten, and covered in dust and dirt. But something in the midst of all that caught his eye. A smooth piece of dark cherry wood, lacquered and shiny, as clean as if it had been freshly polished.

Jason looked at it curiously. It stood out clearly amongst everything else. He lent forward to see what it was, to discover that it was smaller than he thought; a flat wooden case about a foot square. It came out cleanly, barely being held in place by the rubble around it. He turned it over in his hands, surprised. It didn’t look like there was any damage to it at all. It was as though it had just been sitting on a table in an antique store, not found in the ruins of a demolished home.

There was no markings on the outside of the box, nothing but the rich grain of the wood. It was held shut by ornate clasps that looked it be made of brass. It was so strange, that Jason turned it over in his hands a few times, examining it closely. He gave the surrounding rubble a closer look—maybe there were other things that had survived the destruction of the house—but nothing stood out.

He opened the lid, and stared wide eyed at the contents.

Inside, set in fitted recesses, were five rings, one in the centre and four at the corners surrounding it. The central ring looked like it was a heavy pewter band, and it was inlaid with eight clear stones, set in four groups of two. Jason couldn’t tell, but they were shiny enough to be diamonds. The four other rings were slim silver bands, with two small clear stones set in them. There appeared to be a compartment that was set into the lid, but he couldn’t get it to open.

Jason took the pewter ring out and examined it; it felt pretty heavy. He slipped it on, just to see what it looked like. He smiled at the sight of it on his finger; it was really ostentatious. He went to take it off, but it wouldn’t budge. He pulled on it, hard enough to hurt his finger, but it didn’t move in the slightest. Jason was worried for a moment, but then he just shrugged. He’d get it off with some soapy water when he got home.

Jason cast a quick look around him—it didn’t look like anyone was anywhere near him. He felt like he was stealing, but then again, who from? Not taking it would mean putting it back in the rubble after all. Still, he felt like he was doing something wrong as he closed the box and tucked it under his arm.

As he made his way home, he started considering what to do with it. Maybe he could sell it and get some extra cash. His mother didn’t really hold with material possessions, so he didn’t have a lot of stuff to call his own. His allowance wasn’t huge either. He may have a trust fund in his name, but that wasn’t any good to him right now. Also, maybe he could give one to Emma. Although that might be a bit strange, giving her a ring. Maybe if he said he found them, it would take some pressure off? Still, it was with happy daydreams of Emma loving the gift and declaring her feelings for him, and other childish notions swimming in his head, that he arrived home.

As he got there, a man was exiting his house. Jason stopped, surprised and unsure. He had never seen him before, and he looked a bit dodgy. He was a big guy, with deep-set shadowed eyes, and old faded tattoos that tracked up his forearms and biceps. He walked as though he was pretty pleased with himself, almost sauntering his way towards the street. Jason didn’t know what to do, had they just been robbed? Should he try and stop the guy? Call the cops?

He was frozen, still undecided, when the man reached him. He smirked at Jason as he passed, not stopping.

“You have a fine piece of ass for a sister kid.” He leered as he passed, heading towards his car, a heavily modified and lowered mess.

Jason was shocked, and then quickly got angry. Sarah was still in her late twenties, and looked younger. It wasn’t surprising that this creep assumed it was his sister. But how dare she invite some random guy into his house. Especially someone that looked like that!

Jason stalked to the door, the stupidly loud engine of the souped-up car reverberating the entire street as the guy left. As he got to the door, Sarah opened it, standing just inside and leaning against the frame; a carbon copy of how she stood during their altercation this morning. She had a robe on now, a short number that was probably meant to be worn with bottoms. She was holding it closed at her chest with one hand, and the hem barely made it down to her mid-thigh. She was showing a lot of skin, and from her flushed face and messy hair it was clear what she had been doing. She smirked at him, almost the same expression the guy had used.

“Hey perve. Good thing you were late getting home. I don’t want you hearing anything while I have company and getting ideas.” She cocked her hip, and leant forward slightly, showing some cleavage. He could tell she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Jason blushed, and then became even angrier that he did. Sarah laughed scornfully.

“You’re too easy kid. What’s that you’ve got there?”

She had spotted the box that he was still holding under his arm. Before he can do anything to stop her—he was too distracted—Sarah grabbed the case, snatching it from him.

“Hey!” Jason yelled, furious.

His aunt ignored him and flipped open the lid of the box, her eyes widening at the contents.

“What have we here?” Sarah greedily took one of the rings out and held it up, inspecting it.

“Are those diamonds, where did you get that?” She demanded.

“None of your business, give that back!”

Sarah ignored him, twisting her body slightly so she was holding it away from him. The only way he could get it from her would be to physically lay his hands on her. She rightfully assumed he wouldn’t be willing to do that. The way she held it before her made it look like she was almost mesmerised by the ring. Sarah slipped the ring onto her finger, and inspected her hand, admiring how it looked on her. Then she paused for a second, her face losing the expression of malicious greed, and going strangely blank. Her hand slowly lowered, and her brows wrinkled as if she was confused.

“Take that off, its not yours!” Jason said, his voice rough with anger and frustration. Why did she have to ruin everything in his life?

“Take what off?” Sarah asked, confusedly. Then, more like herself. “Don’t give me orders you little shit!”

Jason had enough. This was the end to a very stressful day, and he was at his emotional limit. He could feel a wall of rage building in him, rising in a steady headache behind his eyes. He had never been this angry before, had never been on the verge of snapping, of losing control. He had always put up with, and took what she dished out. But she was stealing from him now!

Jason took an aggressive step towards his aunt, noticing for the first time how much taller he was than her. She looked up at him in shock; he had never stood up to her before.

“Fuck you!” He said to her savagely. He had also never sworn at her before. Sarah’s face went blank for a second, and then she took a step backwards, a startled expression of uncertainty and fear gracing her face for the first time.

Jason leant forward, towering over her.

“I’m sick of taking your shit!” He snatched the box roughly out of her hands, so angry he didn’t even bother asking for the ring she still wore. She made a scared little squeak as he did.

He pushed past her, not caring that he made her stumble into the wall; she hunched her shoulders slightly, leaning away from him and cowering. Jason paused, and turned around to face her.

“You are nothing but a fucking whore!” He hissed to her.

Sarah gasped, her face going curiously blank again, before a confused expression took over. Her face broke out in a blush, and she sunk to the floor, finishing up sitting against the wall. Her hands went to her sides to steady her, and she looked up at Jason, her eyes wide.

The front of her robe had opened now she was no longer holding it closed; her breasts were almost completely exposed to his gaze. Jason was momentarily shocked by the sight, swift arousal coursing through his body—her breasts were full; heavier than he would have thought, with pale pink nipples standing erect at the tips. Then he noted there were marks that looked like they had been made by teeth marring the smooth flesh, and he grew disgusted—both at her and by his reaction to his aunts body.

“You don’t know any other way to act, do you!” He said accusingly. “Go clean yourself up! I don’t want to see a single sign of what you did today—or I’m going to let my mom know what you do in her house when she’s not here!”

At that, Jason turned and stalked up the stairs. He didn’t look back as he made his way to his room. He was shaking, he was so angry. At the same time, an element of worry was taking hold within him. What would his aunt do in retaliation to him speaking to her like that? She had obviously been shocked—he had never fought back like that before. She hadn’t acted like he would have expected at all, looking afraid of him. He hadn’t been that scary had he? And then that pathetic attempt when she flashed him …

Jason sat on his bed, his heart pounding from the adrenaline of the encounter. He had to admit though, it felt good to give back a little of what he got from her.

Something caught his eye, and he glanced down, frowning in puzzlement. There were dim glows coming from one of the sets of stones on the ring he was wearing. One had darkened slightly, and the other had a green tinge to it. He held it up close to his face. Yes, they had definitely changed colour.

There was a clicking noise from the box on the bed beside him. He opened it up, and saw that the compartment in the lid had come undone. Inside it was a heavily embossed card that was filled with stylised pictures and words. It was titled in heavy block letters.

The Binding Rings.