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The Binding Rings

Chapter 14

Foreword: some of the events referenced at the start of this chapter occur in a side story—nothing essential to the main plot is missed.

Jason begrudgingly trudged his way to school in a foul mood. He had woken up late; entwined in his mothers soft limbs he hadn’t had enough time to do anything with her. He knew he could have pushed the issue and she would have acquiesced, but that would’ve made her late for her class. Besides; she had promised him a surprise for that night and he was very intrigued for what she had in mind.

It had been a revelation-filled day yesterday and he was still processing all that had happened. He had been in a fugue state all weekend—completely intent of exploring and enjoying his mother’s incredible body. He remembered his momentary horror at discussing birth-control with her wryly; he had been so entranced that it had never even occurred to him and he had been relieved when she had laughingly told him that she was already on the pill for other health reasons.

And then of course there was the unexpected encounter with both his aunt and his mother on the couch. Remembering how they had interacted together with him still managed to make him uncomfortably hard.

He couldn’t wait to finish the day and get back home to them.

As Jason approached the school, something niggled at the back of his subconscious that something wasn’t right. It took him until he reached the front doors before he realised what it was—he couldn’t see Emma anywhere.

He looked around in confusion—she was definitely nowhere to be seen. She was always there waiting for him and it felt absurdly wrong that she wasn’t bounding over to him with a smile on her face. Jason knew they hadn’t left off their date the best way, but it had been a good night overall. Anyway, if Emma was unwell she would normally text or call him …

Shit. Jason realised with a sinking feeling that he hadn’t actually ever called Emma back after their date on friday night. It was completely understandable; who wouldn’t forget to call if they had spent all weekend in bed with someone as gorgeous as his mother! But he couldn’t exactly tell his friend what the reason was for him not getting in touch with her.

Jason waited at the front of the school almost until the bell rung before he gave up and went inside. He was lost in thought and worried—maybe she was sick today? But as he made he way to his first class he saw a flash of long red hair out of the corner of his eye. Jason swung his head around quickly to check—it was definitely Emma—but she was acting so unaware of his presence that it had to be on purpose.

The entire rest of the day was like that—she was making a serious effort to avoid him. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get her alone. Jason had enough time to stew about the whole situation. He knew he had overstepped his bounds at the end of their date, but he had said sorry—hadn’t he? Why was she …

A small part of him knew he wasn’t being fair but he wasn’t giving it much notice. After a good first date, they had been making out and he had gone too far. She had said no, and then … he hadn’t given her another thought all weekend.

It wasn’t personal—he hadn’t avoided her on purpose. Not long after he had said goodbye to Emma he had ended up in bed with his mother and had then spent the entire weekend fucking her. But as far as Emma was concerned, after she had pulled him up for going too fast, he had ignored her.

Jason knew Emma wasn’t a fickle person. If he had been nervous about their date he knew she would have been as well. How could he fix this? He knew he had to apologize, but he didn’t know what to say. He would have to lie—to make up an excuse—but she knew him so well he wasn’t sure if he could pull that off.

It wasn’t until the end of the school day that Jason finally cornered Emma. She had even made herself scarce during lunchtime. He had hung around in the main hallway after the final bell had rung to wait for her. When he saw her coming he lurked unobtrusively next to the wall before stepping out when she neared.

When Emma saw him she looked down at the ground with a hard expression, but then she squared her shoulders and continued on as if he wasn’t there. She would have walked right past him if he hadn’t taken a step in front of her. She pulled her stride short to avoid crashing into him, and looked up with an expression that was half hurt, half accusatory. She didn’t say anything, so Jason had to break the awkward silence.

“Em, I —” Jason began before she cut off.

“Look, not now—I need to get home.” Emma said, shifting uncomfortably.

“I’m sorry, okay!” Jason said in an exasperated voice.

“Oh, you’re sorry?” Emma asked him in an odd tone. “What are you sorry for?”

“I know I should have called you, but —”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She said stubbornly. “Is there anything else?”

“Don’t be like that.” Jason said, actually hurt.

“Jason, I can be however I want to be.” Emma said, firing up a little—admitting she knew what he was talking about. “If you didn’t like how it went, that’s fine!”

“That’s not it at all!” Jason said heatedly. He was aware that the emptying hallways still had some people in them, and they were turning to look curiously at them both. He was starting to feel embarrassed.

“Then what’s it like then?” She asked, frowning at him in challenge.

“I really liked our date.” Jason said uncomfortably. He hadn’t decided what excuse he was going to use. “I wanted to call you …”

“Then why didn’t you?”

“Hey—why didn’t you call me!” Jason burst out. He knew going on the attack wasn’t a smart idea, but he had nothing else to go on. He knew he hadn’t done the right thing by her.

“Don’t put this on me!” Emma said, raising her voice.

“Well, it’s true!” Jason retorted, doubling down. “You didn’t call me either, so why am I the bad guy here?”

Emma looked up at him, and with a jolt he realised there were unshed tears welling in her eyes. Without a another word she pushed past him and fled out of the school, leaving Jason standing in the hallway feeling like shit. A few straggling students faux-clapped his performance.

He heard a soft sigh of disappointment and he turned to see Karla standing in the doorway to one of the empty classrooms with a pitying expression on her face. She turned and looked up and down the hall—no one was watching now. She crooked a finger to Jason and went back inside the room. He looked up and down the hallway himself before following her in.

He entered the classroom, closing the door softly behind him. Karla was leaning on the edge of a desk with her hands behind her steadying her. Her feet were crossed casually at the ankles. She was wearing a white satiny shirt with a long grey skirt. She looked at him with a hidden expression for a moment before her bow-lips quirked upwards in a smile and she shook her head at him.

“Jason, Jason, Jason.” She said, amusement bubbling under the surface of her rich voice. “You didn’t handle that very well.”

“I know that.” Jason said shortly. He roamed his eyes boldly over his art teacher; he wasn’t sure what exactly was going on here, but he was far more confident in himself than he used to be. He saw that Karla noticed him looking at her, but she didn’t seem to mind. If anything she seemed pleased.

“I’ll give you some free advice.” She told him. “Sometimes being right doesn’t mean that you win.”

“How much did you hear?”

“Enough.” Karla said simply. “I gather you two are exploring some options other than friendship.”

“Maybe.” Jason said shortly.

“Ah, young love.” Karla said lightly.

“It’s not—I mean, I don’t —” Jason flushed, thinking that she was mocking him.

“It’s okay, Jason.” Karla laughed. “Sorry, I wasn’t making fun of you. It’s just I remember what it’s like. Being a teenager I mean.”

Jason looked at her anew. He knew she was young for a teacher, and in that moment he fully realised that she was only a few short years older than he was.

“It’s okay.”

“Are you though?” Karla asked him, looking serious now.

“I guess so.” Jason shrugged.

“Things didn’t go well then?” She probed gently.

“No, they did.” he said slowly. He didn’t really understand why he was telling her this. But then again, it wasn’t like he had anyone else he could talk to. Emma would normally be his first port of call if he had to talk something out, and he obviously couldn’t talk to her about this. And his mother was … not a good option. It was unlooked for, but it felt good to say some of this out loud. “But we went a bit fast. That is, I mean—I went too fast …”

“Huh, it’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for isn’t it.” Karla said, almost to herself in a musing tone.


“Never mind.” She said hurriedly. Jason could have sworn she blushed a little. Her porcelain skin coloured the faintest tint of rose. “Anyway, do you want my advice?”

“Sure.” He said neutrally.

“Don’t try and be logical—even if you have a point, you won’t get anywhere with that tact.”

“But we are both to blame if you think about it —” Jason said, beginning to feel indignant.

“It doesn’t matter.” Karla said simply. “Of the two of you, I’d say she’s more upset. And if she’s truly your friend do you want to win—or do you want to make her feel better?”

Jason stood there silently, actually thinking about what his teacher had said. She had a point. He remembered Emma’s face as she fled by him; her eyes watery with unshed tears, and he felt guilt squirming within him. He didn’t want her to be upset, and he definitely didn’t want to be the cause of it.

“You’re right.” He said eventually. He gave her a weak smile and to his horror felt his eyes prickle uncomfortably with tears of his own. He blinked rapidly and looked away, not wanting her to see him like that.

“Oh, Jason.” He heard her say softly. She got up and walked over to him. She looked around carefully, checking to see if there was anyone that could see them through a window before very gently giving him a hug. “It’s alright, it’ll be fine. Just talk to her. You’ll work it out. Trust me.”

Jason gingerly put his arms around her before hugging her gratefully. He took a shuddering breath and felt himself master his emotions. He could fix this; all he had to do was talk to Emma, and then it would all be …

Jason realised with a start that he was embracing his sexy teacher. He was confused—how the hell had that happened? She felt small and slender in his arms, and her hair smelled pleasantly like violets. His hands were resting on her lower back, just above the line of her skirt, and her arms were around his torso. He couldn’t help himself, he tightened his hold on her, and pulled him into him slightly.

He heard her take a sharp breath at his action, but she didn’t pull away at first. He felt her fingers dig into his shoulders but then she relaxed. She leant backwards so that she could look him in the face, but she didn’t move way from him. They were still standing very close together with their arms loosely around one another. Karla moved her hands to his biceps and jovially rubbed them up and down as if there was nothing going on and everything was fine.

“There, you see—it’s never as bad as what you think it is.” Karla said lightly.

Jason very softly moved his finger tips in little circles on her lower back just on either side of her spine. He was very tempted to reach down and grip her round little bubble-butt but knew that would be going to far.

Karla’s face went blank as he gently caressed her and she stopped talking. This time he was watching her face carefully and saw the faint blush arise in her pale cheeks. She took a deep breath and slowly stepped back out of his arms. Jason let her, but allowed his arms to trail along her sides as she backed away. He saw her pink tongue dart out lightening fast to wet her lips; almost so quick that it made him doubt that he even saw it.

“Well, I’m glad I could help.” Karla said in a breathless voice. “I have some work to do before I can go home, so I’ll see you next time you have art.”

“Thank you for the talk.” Jason said, looking at his teacher carefully. “It really helped.”

“I’m glad.” She said, smiling.

“If I need some more advice—can I come talk to you again?” Jason asked her boldly.

Karla looked at him with an unreadable expression for a long moment.

“I suppose if you—I mean,” Karla said, her composure cracking at last before saying simply. “Yes.”

Jason smiled easily at his teacher, noting that the flush on her face seemed to have taken root now. He then nodded his goodbye and exited the classroom.

That had been exciting—in a whole different way from everything else he had experienced so far. He wondered exactly what was going on, but decided he was going to enjoy finding out. He loved being so confident with women now—it was hard to be embarrassed after what he had been experiencing lately.

She had given him good advice as well. As he walked out of the school, he took his phone out of his pocket and sent Emma a text.

‘Em—I’m sorry. I wanted to call you but I told myself I should wait a bit. And when you didn’t call me I was worried that you didn’t want me to call. I was stupid. I’m sorry.’

He hit send and almost instantly he saw the dots signifying that she was texting him back.

‘I’ve always known you were stupid. I’ll see you tomorrow.’

Jason smiled to himself. Leave it to her to get a free dig in when he was apologising. But it seemed like things might be okay—Karla had been correct in saying that being right wasn’t worth it. So it was with a far lighter heart that he walked home.

Late afternoon when his mother had arrived home, she coyly told him that she had his surprise for tonight upstairs, and to give her a bit of time before they went to bed to get it ready. Jason was intrigued enough that he didn’t press the issue. He knew if he had asked she would have gladly have sex with him, but he held off even though his encounter with Karla had left him quite aroused. Exercising restraint when he had two gorgeous women at his beck and call was difficult to say the least.

So they had a rare family dinner together; most of the conversation being conducted by Jason and Helen. Sarah contributed somewhat, but she had fully embraced her more demure persona around him so she was mostly quiet.

After dinner Jason relegated the cleanup of the dishes to Sarah, and his mother didn’t question it. Instead she walked up to her son and pressed her curvaceous body to his, kissing the side of his mouth gently.

“Give me twenty minutes, Jason and then come upstairs.” She whispered to him, making him shiver as her wet lips touched his ear.

Jason put his arms around his mother and gripped her ass tightly, digging his fingers into her rounded buttocks. He pressed his erect cock into her belly, leaving no doubt as to how much he desired her.

“Trust me, honey.” Helen said breathlessly as she let herself be groped by her son. “You’ll love this.”

Jason let go of her abruptly; if he held her any longer no matter what she promised him he would have to take her right there in the kitchen.

“Okay.” He said, his voice thick with desire. “But only twenty minutes.”

Helen directed a loving smile at her son and then turned to walk up the stairs to her room. Jason noted that she was rolling her hips more than usual.

He watched her until she disappeared from view before turning to look at his aunt. She was still standing at the sink washing up. Jason walked up behind her and casually pressed his erection into her firm ass. He rested his chin on her shoulder and put his arms around her waist, resting his hands just under the curve of her breasts.

“Do you know what she’s doing up there?” He asked his aunt while grinding his cock into her rear. He lifted up her top and then flipped her bra up so that he could get his hands on her bare tits. He roughly fondled and squeezed her soft orbs, using her as nothing more than a pleasant way to pass the time.

“She asked me not to tell you.” Sarah said in a small voice. She had frozen when he had unexpectedly taken such liberties with her body, but she was now pressing her ass backwards into his crotch.

“Would you tell me if I asked you nicely?” Jason said curiously. He gripped her nipples and pinched them hard; making her yelp and then shudder pleasurably.

“Not—ah! Not nicely.” Sarah said, her voice husky.

Jason chuckled at her answer and gripped a handful of each of her breasts—squeezing them hard. Sarah let out a long moan and shuddered some more.

“She has bought —” She began.

“Don’t tell me.” Jason interrupted her absently.

“What?” Sarah said, confused.

“If she wants to surprise me, then I want to be surprised.” Jason said to her.

He spun her around to face him, ignoring the splatters of water from her wet hands. He gripped her chin and tilted her face to his before kissing her deeply and thoroughly.

“I like the new you.” He said to her, releasing his hold. “Come and see me later and I’ll show you how much.”

She began to stammer something but he interrupted her.

“Finish cleaning up first.” He said. He was eying the clock and the twenty minutes was almost up—he didn’t want to wait any further.

Dismissing his aunt from his mind, he went upstairs to see what his mother had in store for him.

He opened her bedroom door and froze in awe. His mother was laying on top of her bed with her feet facing the door. The room was lit by a number of candles; their flickering light illuminating and enhancing her beauty. He walked over to the bed on stiff legs. His mother was wearing a lacy black corset that was practically see-through. It barely managed to contain her large breasts, and he could make out her nipples through the fabric. She was wearing sheer lacy panties that also didn’t leave much to the imagination. There were little satiny bows strategically placed on the corset and at her hips that gave the impression she was a present waiting to be unwrapped.

Jason stared at her without speaking, his mouth gaping open as he took her in. This was … incredible. Something far beyond the somewhat casual sex they had been having after their intense first time. She had taken the time and care to display herself like this to him. To dress herself in such a way to entice and arouse him beyond measure.

“Hello there, Jason.” His mother said in a low voice. She stretched her arms above her head, pulling her breasts tight against the corset. It made her already narrow waist look absurdly small.

“Hi.” He managed to croak.

“I take it you like what you see?”

He nodded dumbly, and she gave a small pleased laugh.

“This isn’t even the best part, love.”

Jason gaped at her without saying anything. What could she possibly have that was better than this.

“You know I’ve noticed what you like, Jason.” His mother continued in a honeyed voice. “What you like. What turns you on.”

“You have?” He managed to speak at last.

“Mhmm. A mother always knows.” Helen said to her son. “So—as a special thank you for looking after me so well over the last few days …”

Jason watched as his mother gracefully rolled over onto her front, and he saw for the first time the back of what she was wearing. Her corset constricted her narrow waist, and the black color contrasted deliciously with her creamy skin. But his eyes were drawn immediately to her panties. They were actually a french-cut thong; black lace that rode high on her buttocks and they accentuated each perfect curve of the globes of her ass.

Helen slowly raised herself to her knees, making sure to leave her arms and chest flat on the bed. She arched her back, displaying herself lewdly for her son. Jason stared as she became a wet dream come to life and he couldn’t stop the groan that escaped from his throat.

“Jason.” His mother said, her voice growing ragged. “This is your present.”

Jason shucked his clothes in record time and jumped onto the bed behind his mother. Panting, he pulled her thong to one side to expose the soft folds of her pussy. Helen moaned into the bed as her son exposed her. He noted the fabric was sodden with her arousal. But he was barely thinking; without a word Jason lined up his cock with his mother’s opening and pushed inside her with one smooth thrust. He began to fuck his mother as fast and hard as he could; there was no build up, no growing crescendo. He just started pounding her with all of his strength. He was panting from his efforts, and he could hear his mother grunting as her body rocked with each powerful thrust.

Her hips flared out obscenely from the the confines of her corset, and he was focused completely on his shaft sliding in and out of her tight cunt. It wasn’t long before he gave a strangled yell and came; splashing his mother’s insides with his cum.

Jason fell onto the bed to one side of his mother, breathing hard. After a few moments of holding her position with her ass in the air, Helen crawled over to her son and lay against him. She kissed his chest softly.

“That was the hardest I’ve ever been fucked, baby.” She purred. His mother being crude never failed to excite Jason, and even now after he had just cum his cock lurched a little in appreciation. “I take it you liked your surprise?”

“Hell yes I did!” He said hoarsely, pulling her up so that he could kiss her lips. “You are incredible. I love you so much!”

Helen shivered pleasurably. and cooed her happiness.

“I love you too, baby.” She said, kissing him. She gripped his cock and gently fondled him. “Mmm … I think you might be ready for some more soon.”

A noise made them both look up. Jason jumped to see that Sarah was standing silhouetted in the doorway. He hadn’t shut the door; after he had seen his mother in her outfit all concerns outside of the room had vanished from his brain. He didn’t know how long she had been standing there, but she appeared to be waiting for something.

When Sarah knew that her nephew had seen her, she walked quietly into her sister’s bedroom to stand by the bed. She looked down at the two of them with an unreadable expression.

Jason was momentarily nonplussed; it wasn’t like her to take the initiative like this. But then he remembered that he had told her to come and see him later. In fact, he had said that she had to finish washing the dishes first. He hadn’t meant that she should come find him straight away, but she had interpreted it that way.

Jason looked at Sarah’s face and tried to work out what she was thinking. Now she was closer, he could see the flush of arousal in her cheeks that he had come to know so well. Ever since the previous days encounter with both his mother and aunt he had been filled with vague thoughts of having both of them. He had been trying to think of the best way to bring up the idea, but hadn’t decided yet. And now here they all were.

His mother looked back and forth from her younger sister to her son. She seemed to be trying to read the situation. She looked at Jason searchingly, and he realised that she was trying to work out what would please him—what would make him happy. The binding of Love was ensuring that she did whatever he would love the most.

“It looks like we have a visitor, Jason.” Helen said softly to her son. She placed her hand on his cock and fondled him gently. “Do you want her to stay with us tonight?”

Jason swallowed and then nodded vigorously. Helen felt his cock begin to harden once more in her hand and she smiled warmly at her son. She turned to look at her sister.

“There’s plenty of room on the bed, Sarah—come join us.”

Sarah licked her lips and then crawled onto the bed.