The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 15

Author — Sidia

Jason watched as his aunt crawled up towards them from the foot of the bed. Sarah was looking intently at them both; her expression unreadable in the shadows cast by the flickering candles. She paused at their feet, and at this distance Jason could hear her rapid breathing. Even in the midst of his excitement and lust he was torn—how should he act now that both of them were here at the same time? Could he be rough and callous with his aunt while he was in front of his mother?

Helen distracted him by snuggling closer into him and then wetly kissing his neck.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” She asked him softly.

“Yeah—I’m fine.” Jason said to her absently. He looked at his mother’s gorgeous body laying next to him and then at the shadow-wreathed figure of his aunt in front of them.

“Would you rather it just be us tonight, love?” His mother asked him gently, running her hand softly down his chest and trailing her fingers over his lower abdomen.

Jason didn’t answer at first—wrestling with how to go about this. His mother slipped her hand lower—grazing the shaft of his erect cock, before dipping lower and gently cupping his balls. She kissed him again—this time on his shoulder.

“It’s fine if you do.” She said, her voice muffled as she trailed kisses on her son’s skin. “I’m sure we can find something to do. Should I ask her to leave?”

“No!” Jason said hurriedly and loudly. Particulars aside, he knew enough that he didn’t want to cut this short. He turned a fierce look towards his waiting aunt. “Stay right where you are.”

Sarah flinched at his raised voice and didn’t move a muscle.

Helen raised herself on an elbow to look at Jason properly. She very carefully squeezed his balls before trailing her hand back up his body to cup his face.

“Okay, she’ll stay.” She said to him soothingly. She leant down and kissed him lingeringly on the mouth.

His mother was so focused on what he wanted. She was trying to arrange things to please him, but at the same time she wasn’t sure what he wanted. It felt odd in many ways—a lingering residue of his old hang-ups; but Jason enjoyed it nonetheless. Maybe he could give her some directions though.

“I don’t think she needs her clothes if she’s going to stay—do you?” He said to his mother carefully, swallowing a little. Regardless of whatever had happened so far, he was breaking new ground here. He was telling his mother that her younger sister should take her clothes off.

“You’re right of course.” Helen said warmly to him. “Sarah, why don’t you strip down. You’ll be much more comfortable.”

Sarah just looked at her sister and didn’t make any motion to do what she was asked. Her body language screamed that she was uncomfortable. Helen frowned at her sister for a moment and then looked to her son as if unsure where to go from there.

Jason suddenly realised that there wasn’t anything connecting his mother to his aunt in a way that would make Sarah obey her sister. He felt like slapping his head. The wearers of the Rings accepted one another—he had discovered that much in how relaxed they were about the open secret of his sexual activities with the them both. He had been lulled by his mother’s actions into thinking there was something more; but she wasn’t attracted to nor had any desire to have her sister in bed with her—she just wanted to lovingly make Jason happy. Sarah was drawn to him almost in spite of herself—if he hadn’t been in bed with his mother she wouldn’t be here.

Actually, if he hadn’t inadvertently told her to see him later he doubted she would have made an appearance here at all. She had made herself scarce over the past weekend after all.

He had to be more confident in himself.

“Come here.” He ordered his aunt in a harsh voice. He felt his mother stir next to him, but he didn’t look to see what expression she wore. He was focused on Sarah.

Immediately after he had spoken, she crawled forward to one side of him until her face was level with his. Jason gripped her hair and pulled her face down to his—kissing her savagely.

“You’ll do anything my mother tells you.” He whispered roughly to her. He gave her a quick shake for emphasis. “Understand?”

Sarah looked down at her nephew with wide eyes. She flicked her gaze to the side to look at her older sister before returning to him. She bit her lip and then gave a stuttered nod of her head.

“Good.” Jason said, and then he pushed her firmly back. Sarah overbalanced and fell to her haunches—throwing her hands behind to steady herself. She sat there panting; legs splayed and vulnerable.

Jason turned back to look at his mother. Helen was watching her son with a quizzical furrow to her brow. She didn’t exactly look worried—more perplexed. She looked from Jason to her sister and back again.

“I love watching you tell her what to do.” Jason said wheedlingly. Helen blinked uncertainty before she gave him a smile. Her face was flushed and she licked her lips.

“Come on.” Helen said to her sister again. “Get undressed, Sarah.”

They both watched as Sarah took off her clothing. She kept herself low on the bed—a vulnerable and submissive pose; seeming unwilling to raise herself higher than was necessary. She kept her eyes fixed upon her nephew and sister as she shrugged her top off her shoulders and then slid her pants off of her legs. She kept her same position—resting back on her elbows with her spread legs facing Jason and Helen. The candlelight flicking over her nude body looked incredible.

Jason felt his mother shift next to him and he could tell she was mostly looking at him—she only cast occasional glances towards her naked and exposed younger sister. It wasn’t quite right yet, but his mother being actively involved was exciting him no end. He wanted more.

Jason sat up and his mother came with him, sliding her arm around him and hugging herself to him tightly. They sat facing Sarah and none of them spoke for a moment. Only Jason and his aunt were naked; his mother was still dressed in her obscenely sexy lingerie.

Jason looked back and forth between these two gorgeous women and felt his heart hammering in his chest from excitement. Even though he had only just cum he was fully erect once more. He felt like he was on the verge of something incredible—both of the women were focused on him—waiting to follow his lead. Helen trying to anticipate what he wanted, and Sarah submissively pliant.

He waited too long however, and before he could say something Helen took his cock in her hand once again.

“Oh, baby.” She purred while gripping his hard shaft firmly in her soft hands. “I can’t wait, I need you again. Let her watch.”

Jason watched spellbound as Helen gracefully climbed on top of him. She straddled his waist and gripped his shoulders as she lowered herself down; trapping his cock against her thong covered crotch.

His mother pressed her cleavage into his face and he was enveloped by soft skin and her beguiling scent. Jason groaned, gripping her around her corseted waist as she began to deliciously grind and roll her hips onto him.

Jason bit her shoulder as he looked past her to Sarah. His aunt lay in the same position still, but she had crept a hand down between her thighs and was slowly—even hesitantly—beginning to rub and stroke her pussy.

He could hear his mother’s ragged breathing by his ear as he watched his aunt’s chest begin to heave with growing excitement as she masturbated. She was watching her sister dry hump her nephew with her mouth open—panting as Lust began to take her over.

Jason abruptly pushed his mother off of him. She gasped as she tumbled down onto her back before him—landing with her head and torso right between her sister’s spread thighs. Helen craned her neck back and was confronted with the view of her sister’s fingers working furiously on her wet pussy—only inches away from her face. Jason watched as his mother blushed before she looked back at him—gauging his reaction. When she saw his expression, she hesitantly smiled.

Jason looked down at his mother—dressed in her revealing and sexy lingerie and laying between the outstretched legs of his naked aunt—and loved what he saw. His heart was thumping in his chest from excitement as he got to his knees and opened his mother’s legs wide. He moved between her thighs, his rigid cock throbbing. Helen looked down at her son’s erection and licked her lips.

“Go grab some of the pillows.” He ordered his aunt without looking at her, his voice thick with desire.

Sarah scrambled up from her prone position and did what he told her. While she knelt beside him, holding the pillows questioningly, Jason spoke to his mother in a gentler tone.

“Lift your hips up.”

Helen moaned softly and did so. Her hips left the bed, her pelvis thrusting up towards Jason’s lust-filled gaze.

“Put them under her ass.” He said shortly to his aunt.

Sarah awkwardly shuffled over and gingerly slipped the pillows under her sister’s rear—trying to touch her bare cheeks as little as possible. It wasn’t graceful—she avoided looking down at her older sister—but Jason noted that her face was flushed red and not all of it was from embarrassment.

Jason gripped his mother’s ankles and spreads her legs even wider. Helen moaned again; this time in encouragement. He then moved forward until his cock was resting at her crotch—only her arousal-soaked thong standing in the way of him thrusting inside of her.

“I seem to have my hands full.” Jason said, turning to look at his aunt. “Put me inside her.”

Sarah bit her lip, but obeyed him—gripping her nephew’s dick firmly and lining him up to her sister’s slick opening. She gingerly slipped a finger under the front of Helen’s thong and moved it to one side. Sarah was now blushing furiously as she touched her sister so intimately, and Jason noted that his mother was also turning red at the sensation.

Jason watched entranced as his aunt placed his cock carefully against the bare lips of his mother’s pussy, before pulling him forward so that the head slid inside her. He couldn’t wait any further and thrust in hard—sinking the whole length of his shaft in until his hips touched his mother’s.

Helen put her arms above her head and moaned loudly as Jason began to fuck her in earnest. Her narrow waist was further emphasised by the tight corset, and her large breasts threatened to spill out at every thrust he made. She looked sinfully beautiful.

Sarah was still kneeling to one side of her sister; watching Jason fuck his mother with a complicated expression on her face. She gripped one of her bare breasts, squeezing it hard and pinching the nipple roughly. Jason leant towards her slightly and Sarah eagerly met his mouth with hers—kissing him eagerly. Out of the corner of his eye Jason could see his mother watching them make out through slitted eyes.

Jason broke the kiss and then reached out and gripped Sarah by the back of her hair. He pulled Sarah downwards—seeing her eyes widen in shock and surprise. He didn’t stop until her head rested upon his mother’s belly. She lay with one cheek resting on her sister while facing him; still on her knees, with her ass sticking up in the air. He was still fucking his mother, and Sarah’s head rocked gently in time with his thrusts as she stared at the hard cock moving in and out of her sister’s pussy from only inches away.

It didn’t take long for his aunt to slip an arm stealthily downwards until she could once again reach between her thighs. Jason watched as she began to almost desperately masturbate.

“You wish this was you—don’t you?” He said almost conversationally to his aunt as he kept up his steady pace.

She jerked her head in the affirmative.

“You said you would.” She said quietly.

“I would what?” Jason grunted, with a particularly hard thrust that made his mother gasp.

“You said you would fuck me.” She wailed quietly, squeezing her eyes tightly shut in embarrassment. She pressed her thighs firmly together, trapping her hand as she stroked herself.

Helen reached down languidly, her body shaking with the force of the pounding she was receiving; placing her hand upon Sarah’s head who flinched at the unexpected contact. His mother gently caressed her sister’s head, smiling past her to her son. She caught her bottom lip in her teeth, before pushing Sarah’s head down infinitesimally. It could almost have been by chance, but she gave Jason a questioning look—her eyes full of love and a desire to please him.

Jason nodded and grinned happily down at his mother. Sarah had rolled her eyes to the side, futilely trying to see what he was looking at. She looked shocked when she felt her sister push her head down again—this time harder and with purpose.

Sarah’s head slid down closer and closer until his hips were brushing her face every time Jason bottomed out inside of his mother. Her eyes were rolling wildly, but he could see that his aunt’s hands were moving faster between her clenched thighs and that her hips were rolling and twitching.

“I said I might.” He told her callously. “If you were good.”

“I’ve done all you said—all you wanted.” Sarah moaned. Her mouth was open as she panted and she was fixated upon watching her nephew’s cock thrusting in and out of her sister.

“I suppose you have at that.” Jason grunted. “But are you sure? I don’t have a condom or anything.”

Sarah froze in the midst of her masturbation, looking up at him as best she could from her position. She then restarted the movements of her darting fingers—this time even faster. Jason could see that his mother’s eyes had opened fully in surprise at his implied words, and she was looking at them both speculatively.

“If you don’t want to risk it, I understand.” Jason said, drunk on his lust and power.

Sarah said something that he couldn’t quite make out, her voice very small.

“What was that?”

“I want you to fuck me.” She said louder, her body shivering.

“Well you did ask …” Jason said, pulling out of his mother with only a small amount of regret. He pulled Sarah bodily up and kissed her swiftly. “Remember; you wanted this.”

Sarah squeaked in surprise as he manhandled her into the position he wanted. He pushed her down onto her hands and knees so that she was poised above his mother’s prone body. She blushed—positioned like this she was staring straight down into her sister’s face; Helen looked up at her little sister with a curious expression on her features—taking in all that was going on, and noting how much her son was enjoying it.

Jason moved behind his aunt and gripped her taut buttocks, digging his fingers hard into the smooth flesh. To his surprise he watched as his mother wrapped both her arms and then her legs around her younger sister. Helen cradled Sarah’s head into the hallow of her neck, then crossing her ankles at the middle of Sarah’s back. She stroked Sarah’s hair soothingly and cooed wordlessly to her.

“Do you want to fuck her, Jason?” She asked as she looked past his aunt to him. She gave a conspiratorial wink, and he realised to his shock and pleasure that she was happy to play along in his game—anything to make him happy.

Jason slapped Sarah’s ass lightly, making her wriggle her hips.

“Yeah, I do.”

“I see.” Helen said, kissing her sister’s temple gently. “Do you want my son to fuck you, dear?”

Sarah mewled piteously and clenched her buttocks tightly.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Helen kissed her again, twining her fingers into her hair. Taking her cue from the situation she pressed her sister further. “Are you on any birth control?”

Sarah jerkily shook her head—burying her face further into her older sister’s neck.

“And you still want him to have sex with you?” Helen asked her insistently.

“Yes.” Sarah moaned, her voice muffled. Her bare shoulders were tight with tension and Helen stroked her back comfortingly.

Jason watched; enjoying the show put on for his benefit, as his mother looked up and locked eyes with him. Her eyes were glittering with her own arousal.

“Do it, Jason.” She breathed to him as she tightened her thighs around her sister’s waist. “Fuck her, baby. Fuck her hard.”

“Yes, mom.” Jason groaned happily.

He needed no further encouragement, lining up his cock and then sinking it smoothly all the way inside his aunt’s molten depths. Sarah groaned loudly and gyrated her hips—grinding herself against him. Jason pulled out slowly before slamming back in as hard as he could, making her ass ripple and driving a gasping cry out of her.

Jason kept up a demanding rhythm, and soon he was breathing raggedly as sweat dripped off his face and spattered onto his aunt’s back. Sarah was moaning nonstop into her sisters neck, and Helen held onto her tightly as she watched Jason pound his cock into his aunt.

“You must be getting close, baby.” She said to Jason huskily.

He grunted in the affirmative.

“Did you hear that? He’s going to cum soon.” She said softly into Sarah’s ear, making her moan anew.

“Do you want to cum in her?” His mother asked him, her tone curious.

Jason’s lust ramped up a few more notches. There was no judgement in his mother’s words. She was just searching for what he wanted. His mother being party to this seemed crazy to him—her innocent questions were driving him wild.

“Yeah.” He gasped as he fucked his aunt.

“He’s going to cum inside you in a moment.” Helen whispered to Sarah. She kissed her ear and then continued with her voice roughening. “He’s going to fill you up with his cum.”

Sarah moaned and trembled. She made a half-hearted attempt to move away, shifting her hips around from under her nephew’s tight grip. But Helen was holding her firmly immobile, and she had nowhere to go.

“Do you want him to stop then?” Helen asked her. This time she extended her pink tongue and wetly licked Sarah’s ear.

Sarah shook her head in the negative. When she had felt her sister’s tongue she had gasped softly and then buried her face more intimately into Helen’s neck. She slid her arms under her sister and embraced her tightly—holding on to her as her body shook with Jason’s hard thrusts.

“You want my son to cum inside you then?” Helen asked her.

This little charade was perhaps the hottest thing that Jason had ever seen—but he had run out of time to play along. He dug his fingers bruisingly into his aunt’s buttocks, and slammed into her once more time.

“Too late.” He said in a strangled voice, his hips shuddering as he unloaded into Sarah’s vulnerable body.

Helen looked surprised for a moment before smiling to see her son in the throes of his climax. She kissed her sister by the ear once more, before biting down carefully on her earlobe.

“You lucky girl—he’s filling you up.” She breathed enviously.

Sarah had given out a loud cry and hunched her shoulders—her entire body shivering as she started her own orgasm at the sensation of her nephew’s cum hitting her insides.

Jason slammed into her body a few more shuddering times, gasping as he shot ropes of sticky seed into his aunt. Once he was done, he found himself splayed over the bodies of his mother and aunt—breathing heavily as he recovered from one of the most intense orgasms he had ever had.

Jason realised he was face to face with his mother—only the naked body of his aunt between them both. Helen was staring into her son’s face with a hooded expression; lust, desire, and love all mingled with mild shock with what had just happened.

She craned her head forward and brushed his lips softly with her own.

“That was different.” She said, as if surprised at herself. She unconsciously licked her lips before giving Jason a sultry look. “I liked it.”