The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 17

Author — Sidia

After Jason had spent a pleasant afternoon fucking Sarah, it was time to sort out what he had planned for the rest of the evening. It was still early and there were hours until his mother would arrive home—more than enough time to arrange matters. He had been mulling over the possibilities ever since he had seen his mother and aunt interacting together. Sarah’s hesitant and almost cringing reaction to everything was something that he really wanted to explore further.

So, in the midst of fucking her, he had given her a shopping list.

He knew he was on the right track when she flinched at every item he said. He wanted to torment her and—after seeing her react to the threat of unprotected sex—he had come to the realisation that he didn’t have to be physically threatening to do it.

Jason had barely given her time to clean up before he shoved her out the door. He wanted her to face the fear of the unknown, so he had told her to head down to the nearest sex shop and to purchase a blindfold, ear-plugs, handcuffs, a gag, and—remembering the thrill of the time he had spanked her—a switch. In addition, he had also told her to have a look around and to buy something that she’d be too scared to try. He was interested to see what that little addition would bring.

Home alone and relaxed after sex, Jason took a shower and then got some study out of the way while he waited. He was looking forward to seeing how his two lovely women would interact together tonight and how they would handle what he had planned.

When his aunt got back, she had been successful in purchasing all of the items he wanted. She stood before him, shrinking away from his presence, as she handed him a black nondescript bag. Jason pulled out everything curiously—he hid his smile at seeing a small shiver run through Sarah as he held up and examined every item. The blindfold, ear-plugs, and handcuffs weren’t anything special, but he was interested to see that his aunt had purchased a ball-gag. The switch was actually a riding crop with a small tassel at the end. When he voiced his approval of her choice, Sarah flushed a bright red.

When Jason pulled out the final item, he gave a low whistle of surprise. His aunt had chosen a rather intimidating anal toy. It was like a single piece dildo, but instead of a smooth shaft it had a series of round balls moulded onto it. On the box it said ‘motorised anal beads’. He would never have thought to use something like that on his own. And she had even bought a bottle of lube to go with it.

“Interesting choice.” He said to his aunt, keeping his voice even.

She gave him a noncommittal shrug in reply, still blushing.

“I didn’t know you were into that sort of thing.” Jason said, smirking at his aunt’s discomfit. “Do you want me to use that on you?”

“No!” Sarah blurted out, looking mortified.

“But you bought it.”

“You told me to—” His aunt began, her tone despairing.

“Technically I didn’t tell you to buy this. You could have bought anything,” Jason said. “But you came back with this little toy. And you got some lube as well! So you must want me to use this on you.”

“No. I don’t—I mean, in case you do I didn’t want to not have —” Sarah said, in a very small voice. She looked up at him beseechingly. “Please don’t.”

“Okay.” Jason said, smiling reassuringly at his aunt. “I promise I won’t use this on you.”

Sarah relaxed a little at this, but as she looked at the collection of other items her face remained tense and worried.

When his mother arrived home that evening, Jason greeted her at the door. He pulled her soft body into his and kissed her deeply. He could feel her mouth try to curl up in a smile as they made out.

“That’s a nice way to say hello.” Helen said, pulling her head back from her son and placing a hand lingeringly on his chest.

“How could I resist when you look so lovely?” Jason said, running his hands down her sides until resting them on her hips. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve arranged for a little fun tonight.”

“Is that right?” His mother said, smiling gently at him. “What exactly do you have in mind?”

“That would be telling.” Jason grinned. “Just follow my lead, okay?”

“Of course, sweetie.” Helen said easily.

“Great! I’ve almost got dinner ready if you want to get changed first.”

“If you say so, Jason.” His mother said. She hesitated for an instant. “Is Sarah joining us?”

“For dinner or for after dinner?” Jason teased.

“Well, both I suppose.” Helen said.

She had a strange look on her face that passed so quickly that Jason couldn’t decipher all of it. There had been excitement, a little discomfit, and a touch of embarrassment.

“Both it is.” He said to her evenly without giving anything away. “It’s going to be like last night.”

Helen blushed at his words and Jason watched with interest as she unconsciously licked her lips—the same as she had done the last time.

“Okay, well I better go get ready for dinner then.” She said unsteadily, and she turned to go upstairs to her room.

As she reached the stairs, Jason called out to her.

“It’s not formal wear tonight, mom. Just underwear will be fine.”

Helen turned to look back at her son and nodded—and he could see the stirrings of arousal on her face.

While his mother was getting ready, Jason went into the kitchen to see how dinner was coming along. He paused at the entryway and nodded to himself in admiration. Sarah was standing at the stove finishing up with the cooking, and she was completely nude except for an apron. The black bag full of toys was sitting on the floor of the kitchen—and his aunt kept glancing over at it and shivering. Jason traced the curves of her body with his eyes appreciatively—she really was a gorgeous woman.

Jason walked up behind his aunt and casually slapped a hand on her bare ass, gripping the flesh of her buttocks possessively. She yelped lightly in surprise, and turned her head around to look at her nephew with wide eyes.

“Almost done?” Jason asked her, digging his fingers hard into her ass-cheek.

“Y-yes.” Sarah stuttered. She gave a low moan in response to him being so rough with her. “I was just about to plate up if my sister is ready.”

“She’ll be down in a few minutes so get everything ready.” Jason said. He looked back over at the table and saw that she had set out three places. “You’ve made a mistake though—there’s only two places at the table tonight.”

“Two?” Sarah said, her voice filled with uncertainty. “Do you want me to leave you alone tonight?”

“No, you’re staying. You’re just not eating at the table with us.”

“What do you want me to do?” She said, turning to face him. She scrunched her hands into balls in front of her.

“What I tell you to.” Jason said firmly. He reached out and slipped his hand through the side of her apron. He cupped a breast before gripping her nipple between his thumb and finger—pinching it hard. Sarah gasped and her knees buckled. “Understand?”

Sarah jerkily nodded her head at him, unable to speak for the moment.

“First thing first—dish out the food for the two plates.”

Jason watched as his aunt did as she was told before coming back to stand before him—her body language showing just how off-balance she was. He didn’t bother saying anything further to her just yet—instead he reached behind her neck and undid the string holding the apron up. It fell down; and as her chest was exposed to her nephew’s hungry gaze, Sarah’s breathing sped up. He gripped her shoulders and then spun her around bodily until she was facing away from him.

“It’s about time to get you all ready for tonight.” He said quietly, slowly undoing the remaining apron string around her waist. The apron slid to the floor of the kitchen and then his aunt was standing naked and vulnerable in front of him. Her arms were held stiffly by her side, and her shoulders were tight with tension. “Go and get the bag for me.”

Sarah took a deep breath and then walked stiff-legged over and picked up the bag. She carried it though it was dangerous; holding it gingerly out away from her as she brought it back to him. As Jason took it out of her hands, his aunt took a small step backwards as if trying to get away from it. She looked apprehensive and fearful about what was going to happen to her, but there was also the beginning stir of arousal to her face. Her eyes flicked from Jason down to the bag in his hands rapidly.

“In case you haven’t put it together yet,” Jason said, reaching in and pulling out the blindfold. “The point of all this is to make sure you won’t see what’s coming. You’re going to have to take your every cue for what to do completely blind.”

Jason placed the blindfold gently over his aunt’s eyes and was rewarded by a soft gasp and moan as he took away her sight. He reached behind her head and tied it on tightly—then waved his hand in front of her face to make sure she couldn’t see anything. He then leant forward and kissed his aunt without any warning; Sarah initially recoiling as she was caught off-guard, but then she surprised Jason by just how passionately she kissed him back.

Jason broke the kiss and then got the handcuffs out of the bag. At the clink of the metal cuffs Sarah flinched and moved her head around wildly; trying in vain to see. He took hold of his aunt and turned her around bodily once more until she was facing away from him. He reached out to her sides and took hold of her arms—her wrists small and delicate in his grip. With insistent pressure he pulled her arms up and behind her back before fastening the cuffs on her—holding her arms immobile and stationary, her wrists crossed at the small of her back.

“This one is to drive home how helpless you are.” Jason said softly, speaking right by her ear. “You can’t get away and have to do anything I want you to do.”

Sarah’s breath was coming out in rapid little puffs now—she seemed to almost be on the verge of hyperventilating. She pulled her arms apart—testing the give of the handcuffs; squirming and shifting around on the spot. Jason put his arms around his aunt and cupped her breasts in his hands—hefting and kneading her heavy orbs and lightly pinching her very erect nipples. Sarah pushed her rear backwards into her nephew, moaning when she felt the hard bulge of his cock through his pants.

Reluctantly, Jason let go of her luscious breasts to retrieve the earplugs and the riding crop. He held the crop in his hand and swished it through the air a few times to get the feel for it. Sarah visibly shivered at the sound it made as he swung it. Very lightly, he swatted his aunt on her rounded ass—surprised at the loud snap it made as it impacted her buttocks. Sarah gave a strangled little cry and arched her back while standing up on her toes—trying to get away but not daring to move from her place while she was blindfolded.

“That was a little taste.” Jason said, trying to sound sure of himself. He moved back close behind her, grinding his crotch into her ass. “I’m not going to gag you—but whether you remain that way is up to you.”

“What do you mean?” Sarah gasped, her voice low and husky.

“From this point on if you say anything without being asked a direct question—I’m gagging you.” Jason whispered into her ear. “Understand?”

“Yesss …” She hissed through her teeth before closing her mouth tightly shut.

“And for the last thing …” Jason said as he carefully placed an earplug into the her left ear. “This is to really make sure you have no idea what’s about to happen to you.”

Sarah whimpered, fear beginning to really take hold of her as half of her hearing was cut off.

“This is the last thing you’re going to hear for a while.” Jason said quietly as he placed the second earplug by her right ear. “I want you to know that I’m going to enjoy tonight.”

At that enigmatic statement, Jason carefully placed the second earplug in and then took a step back to admire what he had done.

Sarah was standing in place with her legs partly crouched as if she was trying to anticipate what was going to happen next. She was trembling all over and she was swinging her head blindly from side to side. Her hands cuffed behind her back were balled so tightly into fists that her knuckles were white. He reached out and snapped his fingers on one side of her head and then the other, but it didn’t seem as though she could hear him.

“Sarah, I’m going to whip your ass with the crop now.” Jason said slightly louder than normal as he hefted the crop. She didn’t react as though she was aware in any way of what he had said.

Jason swung the crop a bit harder than he had before, striking her left buttock with a loud crack and leaving a faint red mark. Sarah cried out wordlessly, turning it into a guttural moan at the end, but she still didn’t move. He grinned to himself and rubbed the front of his pants to relieve the ache from his hard cock; this was even hotter than he had thought it would be.

Jason placed the crop on the table between the two plates of food and then went back and took hold of his aunt’s arm. He pulled her along with him towards the table—Sarah whimpering and panting as she stumbled along after him. He placed her between the two chairs just as his mother arrived—Helen blinking in shock at seeing her younger sister trussed up and naked at the dinner table.

Jason looked over at his mother and sighed lustily. Helen had taken her son’s direction to heart and was only wearing a lacy matching set of bra and panties. They were dark blue and showed off her body amazingly—accentuating every curve that she had. Her breasts were pulled high—creating a deep valley of soft flesh—and for a moment all Jason could think of doing was burying his face between them. Her angelic face was set into a blank expression with two high points of colour in her cheeks. She was looking straight at her son, but Jason noted that her eyes kept flicking over to look at her sister.

“Good timing.” Jason said, arousal at what he had accomplished making him bold. “I’ve arranged everything for dinner.”

“So I see.” Helen said, her voice a pitch higher than usual. She gave her son a loving smile that had a touch of uncertainty to it. “Is this—is this what you want then?”

“Yes.” Jason said simply.

“Well, that’s okay then.” His mother said. As soon as she got the clarification she wanted, the uncertainty left her voice completely. She walked around to stand next to her son and then looked at him expectantly, waiting to see what he wanted from her.

Jason pulled out the chair gallantly for his mother to sit on, and Helen gave him a small smile tinged with mirth at his antics. She seemed to be completely fine with her naked little sister standing right beside her. As she turned to sit down, Jason saw for the first time that her panties were actually a thong. As her bare buttocks touched down on the chair he gave a strangled groan of lust. Helen wore a satisfied smile on her face at the effect that she had on her son.

Once she was seated, Jason leant around over her shoulder—taking her chin in his hand and gently turning her head around to him. He kissed his mother deeply, pushing his tongue into her mouth to be welcomed by her own. They made out passionately at the table while Sarah stood nude and shivering right next to them.

Jason broke the kiss and then moved around to his own chair. As he passed his aunt he slapped her hard on her ass making her jump in shock. He sat down and then smiled over at his mother as they both began to eat.

They ate dinner in silence for a time—his mother passively accepting this strange and perverted set up, and Jason momentarily overcome as to what to do. He alternated his gaze from his mother in her underwear at the dinner table—something he had never seen before and immediately realised he would have to make it a regular occurrence—and over at the trembling Sarah in her bound and blinded form.

“Has Sarah eaten anything, dear?” His mother asked him eventually.

“Not yet.” Jason said. “Do you think she’s hungry?”

“Well you’ve ensured that we can’t ask her, haven’t you?” Helen said lightly.

“I guess I did.” Jason grinned. “Why don’t you feed her something mom?”

“Feed her?” Helen looked surprised.

“Yeah.” Jason said, shifting on his seat.

Helen took her fork and speared a small piece of meat; making as if to lift it up to her sister’s mouth.

“No—use your fingers.” Jason breathed out.

Helen looked at her son and then slowly put her fork down. She delicately took the meat off her fork and held it in her fingers. Then she carefully raised it—placing it at her sister’s lips. Sarah pulled her head back in surprise and then licked her lips—tasting the residue of the meat.

“Push it in. Feed her.” Jason said intently.

Helen nodded obediently and pushed the meat through Sarah’s parted lips. Her sister opened her mouth to receive the food, letting Jason’s mother’s fingers in as well. He saw the moment that Sarah realised it was Helen feeding her and not him—she tensed her shoulders and a deep blush welled in her cheeks. She accepted it though—gently sucking her sister’s fingers as she withdrew them from her mouth.

“Fuck.” Jason said reverently. “Keep feeding her.”

Helen smiled at her son, her face flushed and arousal obviously growing within her in response to Jason’s reaction. As she had the night before, Helen was taking her cues from her son’s desires and acting accordingly—playing her part in a role for his pleasure. If he wanted her to treat her trussed up little sister as a pet, she was fine with that.

As his mother continued to gently hand feed his aunt, Jason reach out and grabbed Sarah’s ass. He squeezed and groped her buttocks before slipping his hand down between her thighs. She immediately parted her legs for him to give him greater access to her. As soon as he reached her crotch, he realised just how aroused she was—she was absolutely soaked. He slipped a finger between the folds of her pussy—almost making Sarah choke as she gasped in pleasure at the same time Helen was feeding her another piece of food.

Jason stood up abruptly, knocking his chair over in his haste; the remains of his dinner completely forgotten. Helen jumped at the unexpected crash but Sarah of course didn’t register that anything had happened at all. When Jason pushed her forward so that she fell face first onto the table though, she gave a strangled cry—pushing her cheek flat onto the wooden surface. He stood directly behind his prone aunt—staring at her rounded buttocks, loving how exposed and vulnerable she was to him. She lay there whimpering softly; standing on her toes to push her ass higher into the air—needing him to take advantage of her.

“Are you going to fuck her, baby?” Helen asked conversationally. She had turned on her chair and was looking over her sister’s bare back at him with an interested expression.

Jason reached out and placed both hand’s on Sarah’s ass, spreading her cheeks and breathing heavily. He took a step backwards and shook his head to clear it.

“No.” He said roughly. “At least not yet anyway.”

Helen stood up as well and walked behind Jason—embracing him and resting her head on his shoulder.

“What do you want to do then, baby?”

“Go and get what’s in that bag over there.” Jason said shortly. He had never wanted to fuck something more than he did right at this moment.

Helen walked over to the bag her son had indicated and retrieved it’s contents. Her face went white in shock at what she discovered—turning the box over in her hands as if she couldn’t quite believe what she was holding. She walked back slowly to her son and looked down at her prone and vulnerable sister with something approaching worry on her face.

“Jason.” She asked haltingly. “Are you going to use this on her?”

Jason reached over to the table and picked up the crop. He was aware of his mother’s intent gaze on him as he trailed the tip of the crop over his aunt’s exposed skin. Helen didn’t say anything as he tormented Sarah; making his aunt gasp, moan, and shiver as he dragged the rough tip over her soft skin. Instead, she seemed to be looking at him consideringly—taking it all in and learning.

“I promised her that I wouldn’t.” Jason said, as he brought the crop down without warning on Sarah’s rear. She cried out in fear and pleasure; pushing her crotch into the table in a grinding fashion as if trying to get some sort of relief.

“Oh.” Helen said, a faint hint of relief in her voice. Then, curious. “Why did you ask me to get it?”

“Do you think she could take it?” Jason asked as he struck his quivering aunt once more.

“I guess.” Helen said dubiously. She opened the box and took the toy out. She ran her fingertip over it’s length—measuring the rounded curve of each ball.

“Good.” Jason said, giving his mother a heated look. “You’re going to use it on her.”

“Me?” Helen asked, genuinely shocked.

“I promised her I wouldn’t.” Jason smirked. “And you don’t want me to break a promise do you?”

“But.” Helen said, confused. She looked down at her sister’s writhing body. “I mean, I don’t really want to.”

In the grip of his intense arousal Jason didn’t really care about what he was doing. So, he gave his mother a direct command.

“Mom. I want to watch you use that on Sarah.” He said firmly.

Helen blinked at her son and then gave him a genuine smile.

“Of course, sweetie. If that’s what you want.”

Jason took a step back and Helen took his place behind her bent-over sister. She took the lube and squirted a blob onto her hands. She rubbed her hands together briskly, warming the liquid. Jason was struck at how she was acting—he wasn’t sure what he was expecting, but Helen had a determined and loving expression on her face. Her actions weren’t driven by lust—she was going to do as he had commanded her, but she was going to do it her way.

His mother knelt behind his aunt’s spread legs and carefully slid her hand between her exposed ass-cheeks. She gingerly placed her fingertips at Sarah’s puckered asshole and then rubbed her slick digits over it. Sarah had tensed when she felt someone touching her there, and Jason saw that the muscles on her back had gone tight. She clamped her mouth tightly shut and was breathing rapidly and loudly through her nose.

“Shhh now.” Helen said soothingly, no matter that Sarah couldn’t hear her. “It’s okay, just relax.”

She pressed her mouth to her sister’s buttock, placing soft kisses on her trembling skin as she continued to massage her rear opening. Jason found it perversely arousing that his mother was treating the task her had given her with such tenderness. Her manner was at complete odds to the job at hand. Helen squirted more lube onto her hands, before putting the tip of her index finger at her younger sister’s rosebud and then slipping it in.

Sarah’s breath exploded out from between her clenched teeth as her sister gently probed her ass with her finger. As Helen began to push her index finger in and out in shallow thrusts, Jason’s aunt began a rhythmic moaning. Jason crouched behind his mother so that he could see her fingering Sarah up close.

“Fuck that’s hot.” He breathed out.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it, baby.” Helen murmured happily. “Could you do me a favour and get that scary little toy all lubed up for me?”

Jason did as she asked, not caring that she had taken the lead from him. He got it nice and slick, almost dropping it to the floor when he saw his mother slip a second finger into his aunt’s asshole.

“Jesus.” He said in awe as he watched as his mother began to piston two fingers into Sarah’s ass. It looked incredible, but when he took note of the girth of the beads on the toy he was suddenly a bit doubtful himself; his mother’s fingers were quite small and delicate in comparison.

Before he could say anything though, his mother took the lubed up toy out of his hands. She gave him a little smile before she took her fingers out of Sarah—lining up the intimidating looking dildo, and placing the tip at the entrance to her sister’s asshole.

As soon as Sarah felt the toy poised at her rear entrance, she flung her head upwards in panic.

“No! You promised you wouldn’t!” She wailed, her voice rough. However, as if to belie her own words, she actually pressed herself backwards—pushing her ass up against the toy.

Jason grinned to himself at her lapse—standing up and retrieving the ball-gag. He walked back over to this aunt, leaning down by her face and putting a hand on the back of her head. He carefully pulled one earplug out and then placed his lips right by her ear.

“I said I would gag you if you spoke out of turn. Remember?”

“I know!” His aunt cried, hunching her back and pushing her ass towards the still poised toy. “But you said you wouldn’t —”

“I said I wouldn’t” Jason whispered. “Your sister is going to put it in you.”

At that, he replaced the earplug. He then put the gag before her mouth—watching in surprise and pleasure as she actually opened her mouth wide to receive it. As he tied it in place behind her head, she began to groan loudly—getting more insistent as she pushed herself backwards.

“Do it.” Jason said hoarsely to his mother.

Helen smiled easily at her son, before returning her attention to the task at hand. She began to apply insistent pressure with the dildo—Jason watching with a dry mouth as it began to enter Sarah’s ass.

His aunt began to toss her head from side to side; making little grunts and moans as the first of the balls on the dildo began to stretch her asshole. His mother was gently caressing her sister’s buttocks with one hand as she pressed onwards with the dildo.

“Almost there, honey.” She murmured softly to her unaware sister. “Almost—there! Well done.”

She cooed her praise to Sarah as the first curve slipped inside and then vanished into her sister’s ass. Sarah had given a long and muffled groan as it had entered her, and she was now mewling through her gag in pleasure. Helen didn’t wait too long though before she began to push it further inside—the beginnings of the second and slightly larger ball starting to stretch her sister’s ass open.

Jason watched his mother feed the dildo deep into his aunt’s ass until finally only the flared end was left. Sarah was trembling and covered in sweat—moaning softly through her gag. Helen placed her finger on the switch at the base of the dildo—looking up at her son with a questioning look on her face. When Jason nodded, she flicked the switch to on.

Jason could hear the sudden vibration start even though it was muffled from being inside his aunt. Sarah raised her head off the table in shock, before putting her forehead back to the wooden surface. She hunched her shoulders and started grunting, shivers making little shockwaves along her skin.

He couldn’t take it any longer.

Jason stripped his clothes off as quick as he could until he stood naked—breathing heavily as he stared transfixed at the sight before him. As soon as Helen saw her son undressing, she gracefully got to her feet and moved to one side of her sister—smiling encouragingly as he walked stiff-legged to take his place behind Sarah’s prone body.

He gripped his cock in his hand and placed it at his aunt’s arousal-soaked entrance, before shoving his cock inside her with one long thrust.

Sarah groaned in ecstasy as she felt her nephew fill her pussy; clenching her buttocks tightly together and thrusting back to meet him. Jason relished the strange sensation of being inside his aunt’s pussy while her ass was full of vibrating beads. She was tighter than normal and he could feel the vibration from the dildo on his cock.

He started thrusting into her—slowly at first, trying to savour the sensation. Helen stood beside him; leaning her body against his as she watched her son thrust into her younger sister. She kissed his shoulder affectionately.

“I think she’s enjoying that.” Helen said happily. She kissed his cheek. “I think you are too.”

Jason grunted in the affirmative—staring at the end of the dildo sticking out of his aunt’s ass. He hadn’t considered fucking her in the ass before.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” He asked his mother breathlessly.

“No, dear.” His mother said, taken aback at this line of questioning. She placed her hand on her sister’s ass—running her fingers over Sarah’s skin as it rippled from Jason’s thrusts.

“Why not?”

“It’s never really appealed to me, sweetie.” Helen said. Jason saw that her eyes darted down to the dildo sticking out of Sarah’s ass before she shivered. She took her hand off her sister and then hugged herself; standing quietly—watching Jason pound into his aunt.

“Would you let me fuck you in the ass?” Jason growled, filled with images of him taking his mother, using her as perversely as he was his aunt.

His mother didn’t answer for a few moments. Jason saw that she was transfixed at the sight of his cock pistoning in and out of Sarah’s pussy. She seemed to be thinking hard.

“Do you want to fuck me in my ass, Jason?” She asked him eventually.

He found this very interesting—even in the midst of what he was doing. His mother clearly didn’t relish the idea—but she wasn’t saying no either. He hadn’t commanded her to do it; rather the only thing working on her now was a loving desire to please him. She wanted to make him happy—but this was the first time he had seen her baulk at anything.

“Yeah.” He said simply.

His mother was silent again. She was still looking down at his cock thrusting into her sister’s pussy.

“Are you going to cum inside her, baby?” She asked him abruptly.

Jason was surprised to the point that he lost his rhythm. She had changed the subject!


“Your aunt. Are you going to fill her pussy with cum again?” His mother asked him with a slight smile on her face.

He stared at her. Her voice was dripping with seduction and she seemed intent on distracting him.

“You seemed to find it exciting last night.” His mother said softly, leaning back into him. “You haven’t let her get any birth control. And here you are fucking her little pussy again. Do you want to get her pregnant, baby?”

Jason didn’t speak, but he began to thrust back into Sarah again—harder than he had before. His mother put her hand back on her sister’s ass and started to caress her once more. She put her other arm around Jason, resting her hand on his lower back before slipping it down to rest on his ass. She pushed in time with his thrusts; aiding him while he fucked his aunt.

“Can I tell her you’re going to cum in her?” She whispered to him, her voice husky.

Jason nodded, transfixed by what was happening.

Helen moved forward by Sarah’s head, carefully taking an earplug out. Sarah’s head tilted to one side at the sudden inrush of sound, but she didn’t cease her constant moaning through the ball-gag.

“My son is going to cum soon.” Helen said softly into her sister’s ear. “He’s going to fill you with his seed.”

Sarah flinched, and Jason felt her pussy clench down on his thrusting cock.

“How many times has he cum in you now?” Helen mused. “You might already be pregnant. Would you like me to get you a test, dear?”

Muffled whimpers erupted from Sarah. She shook her head back and forth.

“I’ll ask him if he want’s to pull out before he cums—but he looks like he’s enjoying himself too much.” Helen whispered, her lips brushing on Sarah’s ear. She gently sucked her sister’s earlobe before carefully replacing the earplug.

She walked back to Jason, standing just behind him and to the side. She rested her head at his shoulder, kissing his skin as she peered over him at her twitching and shivering sister. She put her hand back down on his ass, but this time going further until she was cupping his balls as he fucked his aunt.

“Are you going to pull out?” She breathed by his ear.

“No.” Jason said shortly. “She feels too good.”

“I didn’t think so.” Helen said, biting his shoulder. She squeezed his balls carefully. “Knock her up, baby. I know you want to.”

Jason gave a strangled yell as he began to cum, shooting thick ropes of semen inside the helpless body of his aunt. As soon as she felt his seed hit her insides, Sarah began to tremble wildly—shaking on the table as she joined him in climaxing.

In the midst of his orgasm, the only thing Jason could focus on was the sound of his mother whispering encouragement as he filled his aunt’s pussy with cum.