The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 22

Author — Sidia

Jason got home full of anticipation and excitement—he couldn’t wait for Karla to arrive.

Sarah was once again sitting on the couch with her knees drawn up to her chest—waiting patiently for him to get home—and once again Jason ignored her. He bounded up the stairs and quickly dumped his stuff in his room. He wanted to know about what combination he had inadvertently picked for his teacher before she got here, so he dug out the box containing the remaining silver Ring to do some research.

Jason frowned at seeing the title for the combination of Obedience and Lust; The Submissive. At first he wasn’t entirely sure he liked that—he had been fixated on turning Karla into The Lover—but as he looked at the picture he found that the idea started to grow on him. The image depicted a gorgeous woman, her face flushed with obvious desire, sprawled decadently upon the ground. Her knees were tucked up underneath herself, and her face was titled upwards in expectation. Every line of her screamed a desire to please and obey.

Jason pictured Karla in that way and swallowed hard. Part of the reason for wanting to Bind his teacher to the Lover was because he didn’t want to change her as much as he had with his mother and aunt. But now that he thought about it, maybe he didn’t have to worry too much. The defining attributes that had changed Helen and Sarah had been Love and Fear. Helen viewed everything through the lens wanting to make him happy; the Obedience attribute hadn’t caused any issues at all. Fear had made Sarah view everything that happened to her with trepidation and wariness; Lust simply smoothed out the Fear and made everything bearable.

Using both Lust and Obedience though … maybe that could work out. If Jason was right then maybe he had finally lucked into a binding that wouldn’t have any ramifications.

Mind set, Jason put the remaining Ring back into his hiding place and then set about tidying his room. It was the first time he was bringing a woman home and for some strange reason he felt like he shouldn’t have his room messy.

Once done, he went and had a shower, and then put on his good jeans and a nice shirt. He felt a little embarrassed at the effort he was going to, but it seemed like a good idea nonetheless. After that he ran out things to do and aimlessly sat around in his room before getting frustrated. It was late afternoon by now and he realised a bit too late that he hadn’t actually given Karla a time to come over. He had no idea what time she would get here.

He stumped downstairs and took his pacing to the living room—walking back and forth in front of Sarah’s carefully watching gaze. Time ticked by, and Jason started to get annoyed and frustrated. He suddenly found that his aunt’s silent regard was vastly irritating.

“Stop looking at me like that!” He demanded harshly, making his aunt flinch at his tone. “Go upstairs or something if you don’t have anything to do.”

He felt a bit remorseful as she skulked past him with her head bowed—but at the same time it alleviated his frustration some. Now alone, Jason continued his pacing back and forth, cursing himself for being so stupid that he hadn’t thought to get his teacher’s phone number at the very least.

When he heard a sound at the front door, Jason looked up in relief and excitement before his face fell to see that it was only his mother arriving home.

“That’s not the expression I was hoping to see.” Helen said, frowning gently. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Jason said shortly.

Helen stepped lithely in front of her son and slipped her hands around his waist. She leant in close and pressed her body against his—tilting her head upwards and giving him a warm smile.

“It doesn’t look like nothing, dear.” His mother said softly. She flexed her fingers gently along his back. “Tell me what’s wrong—you’re so tense.”

“It’s nothing—really.” Jason said. Despite himself, he felt himself start to relax at feeling his mother’s soft curves pressed into him. “I’m expecting someone and they’re late.”

“Who?” Helen asked, stiffening within her son’s arms. Her voice sounded guarded.

“Someone from school.” Jason hedged, running his hand up and down her back before resting it on one soft hip. He didn’t feel like dealing with his mother’s misplaced jealousy right now.

“Emma?” Helen demanded, leaning back so that she could look Jason in the face. Her brows were furrowed and she looked both disappointed and worried.

“Does it matter?” Jason said, annoyed. He pushed his mother away from him and she stumbled back a step. “Don’t worry about who it is—it’s got nothing to do with you.”

Helen blinked a few times and then nodded her begrudging acceptance. She had listened to him and it didn’t look like she was going to bring it up any further—but it was obvious to Jason that she didn’t like it.

Disgusted with it all, and irritated that he was having to wait for Karla to arrive—Jason walked into the kitchen and leant on the counter facing away from his mother. It shouldn’t have to be this hard. And he couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought far enough ahead to get his teacher’s mobile number. Was there a reason why she wasn’t here yet? He didn’t know much about her life, he realised to some chagrin. Had something happened to her?

Jason checked the time—it was well and truly evening by now—hours since he had last seen Karla at school. Was it just because the Binding was so new? It was a big order to swallow now that he thought about it. He had told her to come to the house of a student that she had rebuffed only days before—maybe it was simply a case that the attribute of Obedience hadn’t been reinforced enough. She had certainly resisted his advances in the classroom. Jason had overlooked it because it had made sense once she got through to him—it wouldn’t have been a good idea to fuck his teacher at school, but maybe he should have paid more attention to her willpower.

He sighed, his shoulders slumping. Jason had to admit the truth to himself; she wasn’t coming. He would have to try again tomorrow—maybe sneak in a number of small little orders until the binding become stronger.

Jason looked down at the Ring on his finger—the gems representing Karla were dim little points of colour. Certainly nothing that would signify that he had any sort of control over his teacher yet. He sighed again—disappointed that he wasn’t going to get to enjoy Karla tonight.

He stiffened in surprise when he felt his mother slip her arms around his waist and press her body companionably into his from behind. Her hands spread out across his lower belly and her heavy breasts felt soft and warm on his back.

“You look so tense, love.” Helen whispered as she held him. “Why don’t you let me relax you, hmm?”

Jason didn’t say anything but some of the tension did leave his shoulders—he heard his mother murmur in approval when she felt his muscles loosen. Her hands slipped lower until she was just shy of grazing his growing bulge, and despite himself a low noise of pleasure escaped him.

“Why don’t we have a nice night in, Jason.” Helen said softly, her words trickling out seductively as she caressed him. “How does a cozy night on the couch sound? Just like old times. We’ll put something on tv and just … cuddle. I’m sure you like the sound of that. Having both your aunt and I wrapped around you … we can do whatever you want. Whatever will make you happy.”

She stood on her toes and stretched up so that she could softly kiss the back of his neck. He shivered.

“I’m wearing something new under my clothes, Jason.” Helen breathed. Her hand traced the outline of his erection feather-light. “I bought it specially for you. Do you want to see what I’ve got for you?”

“Yes.” Jason said, his voice gruff.

“Why don’t you go and find your aunt and bring her down, baby.” Helen whispered. She gripped his shaft though his pants and then squeezed him enticingly. “I’ll slip out of these unnecessary clothes and when you come down I’ll be waiting for you.”

Jason turned within his mother’s arms and looked down into her lovely face. She was smiling up at him, her eyebrow quirked upwards—half challenging, half playful. He gave a short helpless laugh and then bent his head to kiss her—pressing his lips to hers almost bruisingly hard. Helen yielded to him, slipping her tongue into his mouth and teasing his own.

“Or if you prefer,” Helen gasped, coming up for air. “You could fuck me right here in the kitchen. I promise I wont mind.”

“No, I like your idea.” Jason said, smiling wryly down at her. He slapped his mother on her ass and walked past her towards the stairs to corral Sarah. “I’m looking forward to seeing what you bought.”

Jason took the stairs two at a time, energy resurfacing along with his good mood. A night on the couch with two lovely women did sound pretty good to him.

He went into Sarah’s room without knocking and found her sitting on her bed in almost the same position she had been in downstairs. Her legs were drawn tightly up to her chest and she was resting her head upon her knees. She stared at her nephew, her face carefully blank and considering—waiting patiently until he revealed what he wanted of her.

“We’re going to have some fun downstairs.” Jason said bluntly.

“What kind of fun?” Sarah asked him, her breath catching in her throat for an instant before answering. Her face immediately began to grow flushed—whether from the memory of what she had gone through over the last few days in the name of ‘fun’ or simple anticipation—Jason couldn’t say.

“Just a nice evening in front of the tv.” He said to her. Jason was interested to see that she almost looked disappointed.

“Oh.” Sarah said in a small voice. She got languidly to her feet and gestured to what she was wearing. “Is this alright?”

Jason eyed her little shorts and tight t-shirt—even in something so simple she looked amazing.

“No, that won’t do at all.”

“Wh-what should I wear?” His aunt asked him hesitantly. Her voice caught and she swallowed. Sarah walked a few steps towards her chest of drawers and then looked up at him for guidance.

“Nothing.” Jason said, grinning at her. “Your best outfit is nothing at all.”

Sarah blushed bright red and looked down at the ground, glancing back up at him from under a curtain of her hair. She crossed her ankles and gripped the bottom of her shorts, standing coyly. She looked oddly pleased at the back-handed compliment.

“So, should I …” His aunt trailed off, shooting him a look at dragging her teeth over her bottom lip.

“Strip.” Jason ordered her.

A hint of a smile flashed over Sarah’s face before she began to do what he wanted. Her hands trembled slightly as she pulled her t-shirt up and over her head—her breasts lifted upwards before bouncing down heavily as they escaped the confines of her top. Jason watched hungrily as his aunt then took hold of the waistband of her shorts and gracefully slid them down her legs. She kept her legs straight—bending over at a right-angle which caused her large breasts to hang down deliciously.

“Come here.” Jason ordered. Sarah took small little steps towards him—a beguiling tremble running through her. He reached out and placed a hand on her right breast—hefting and squeezing the orb. Jason gripped her nipple between his thumb and finger and then squeezed it viciously hard—making her gasp and then moan. “Perfect.”

Sarah gave him a small and tremulous smile—her eyes wide and watchful. She stepped in closer to him but stopped when he shook his head.

“Go downstairs.” He said, standing to one side and pointing his aunt towards the door. “I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

Sarah hesitated for a moment—surprised at being dismissed—and then ducked her head and lithely walked past him towards the door. She jumped when Jason slapped her on her rounded ass—hard enough to leave a reddened handprint on her buttock—but didn’t look back.

Once she had gone downstairs, Jason walked into his room to get changed. He was overdressed if the night was going to be relaxed, so he decided to just put on a pair of sweatpants before joining his aunt and mother.

Jason had just stripped off and was standing naked in his room, when he faintly heard the sound of the front door opening. He stood wide-eyed in his room for a few seconds—surprised at the unexpected noise. His aunt was naked and who knows what his mother was wearing—surely they hadn’t let someone in! Unless …. he had told his mother to not worry about who he was expecting over.

Consequences ran riot through his mind. If Karla really had come over—would she care about the state of his mother and aunt? Had she been Bound enough already? Or maybe his mother had opened the door for another reason.

When he heard muffled voices coming from the living room, Jason sprung into action. Even though it was faint, he could recognise the sound of his teacher’s voice. He stumbled about, trying to put his sweat-pants on—hopping on one leg and almost falling over in his haste. He ran out of his room and took the entire flight of stairs in just a handful of strides.

When he got into the living room, panting heavily, he was greeted with a strange tableau.

Karla was standing in the living room facing his mother and aunt, and it was obvious that she didn’t know what to think. She was wearing much the same as what she had at school—but she had lost the shapeless jumper and had put some makeup on. From the looks of it she had gone home first and gotten ready before coming over—that was why she had taken so long in arriving. Her arms were folded protectively across her chest and her eyes—while wide—didn’t contain the expected level of shock at encountering the family of one of her students while they were in varying stages of undress.

Sarah was still naked—she was standing with her hands clasped in front of her crotch, her head counted slightly down, and her face flushed a bright red. Apparently being caught out naked and vulnerable by a strange woman was enough to simulate both Lust and Fear within her.

Helen was standing confidently—almost flaunting her body. She was wearing a skimpy set of bra and panties—the kind that were obviously made to be taken off in haste rather than to wear casually all day. She had a welcoming smile on her face, and appeared completely unconcerned with what the situation looked like—taking her son’s order to not worry about who was coming over to heart.

“Jason, you didn’t tell me the person from school you were expecting was your teacher.” Helen said when she saw her son come down the stairs. Her voice held a warm and teasing tone that was completely at odds to situation.

“Uh, sorry?” Jason managed to say in a slightly strangled voice. He was immediately struck that it wasn’t just his mother—Sarah wasn’t exactly freaking out about what was happening. She was reacting, sure—but she didn’t appear to be worried. Karla was wearing a Ring as well, but wasn’t remotely as relaxed as the other two women. He didn’t know if it was because he had completely bound his mother and aunt to him or if it was because he hadn’t had enough time to work on his teacher.

“Jason … ?” Karla said, a slight element of panic entering her voice. She kept glancing at the other two women and blushing.

“I, um, didn’t think you were coming.” Jason said, trying to manage a confident smile.

“I said I would.” Karla said, and then paused. She looked confused.

“Well I’m glad you did.” Jason said, taking a few steps towards her. He frowned when he saw Karla take a hesitant step away—looking like she was on the verge of fleeing out the front door.

“I’m glad you came as well.” Helen said smoothly, her voice a velvet caress. She stepped adroitly around Karla—standing between her and the door. She placed her hand there and causally leaned on it; blocking the exit. She gave her son a warm smile. “Jason was obviously looking forward to you coming.”

“Oh. Is that right?” Karla managed to say. She took a step away from the older woman so that she could keep everyone in view.

“It is.” Helen purred. She gave Karla a conspiratorial wink. “We have to make sure he’s happy, don’t we?”

“Um, Jason?” Karla said. She was looking a little wild-eyed. “Maybe I should come back some other time … ?”

“No.” Jason said. He found that he rather enjoyed watching the uncertainty on his teacher’s face. “You’re staying here.”

Karla blinked and her eyes glazed for moment. Then she slowly nodded.

“Excellent.” Helen said happily. She looked at her son approvingly. “The more on the couch the merrier.”

“No.” Jason said again. He couldn’t take his eyes off of his teacher. “We’re going upstairs.”

“That’s fine, baby.” His mother said, licking her lips. “I’m sure my bed’s big enough to —”

“Just Karla and I.” Jason said shortly.

“Are you sure, Jason?” Helen said, clearly taken aback. “I’m sure you would enjoy it more if —”

“Shut-up.” Jason said to his mother, annoyed. Her mouth clicked shut immediately and she looked surprised. He turned to face his teacher and spoke in a gentler tone. “Karla go upstairs to my room and wait for me. It’s the first on the right.”

His eyes followed his sexy teacher go upstairs, anticipation building. Jason followed every sway of her hips in her skirt and couldn’t wait to get his hands on her again. Once she was out of sight, he turned to his mother—determined to finally do something about her behaviour. Jason walked over to her and put his hand around the back of her neck, holding her tightly.

“I’ve had it.” Jason hissed softly. “You don’t get to decide everything for me.”

“I only wanted —” His mother began, but he cut her off.

“I’m not happy with you.” He continued, his voice tight. “So your punishment is this. You are going to take your sister into bed and you’re going to devote the entire night to pleasuring her. You’re only goal is to give her as much pleasure as you possibly can. It’s not for your enjoyment—I want you to completely wear her out.”

He heard Sarah give out a sharp exhale in shock at his words but he ignored her. Helen closed her eyes and he watched as her eyelids fluttered as she observed his order.

“If you want me to.” His mother said softly.

“I do.” Jason said. “You will try your absolute best to make your sister cum as many times as you can.”

He turned to Sarah who was looking at him with worry written large all over her face. If her cheeks weren’t flushed with arousal at the same time it was possible that he might have felt a bit bad. He walked over and cupped her chin, tilting her face upwards. He kissed her deeply—Sarah desperately returning the kiss.

“You will let your sister do whatever she wants to you tonight.” Jason growled. He shook her head slightly with his grip on her jaw. “Understand?”

“….yes.” Sarah said in a tiny voice. She swallowed and then nodded.

“Good girl.” Jason whispered. He swiftly kissed her once more before stepping back, and addressing them both. “Now go.”

His mother and aunt trooped past him, following Karla’s path upstairs. Jason almost wished that he could see what was going to follow between them—if he didn’t have someone else waiting for him in his room.

Jason opened his bedroom door, his mouth dry with anticipation, just in time to see Karla spin around to stare at the door—clutching a hand to her chest.

“Jason, what the hell is going on?” She said in hushed voice. She was standing in the middle of the room, as far from all four walls as she could get.

“I thought we could continue what we started earlier.” He said with a smile. He walked into his room, and slowly circled her. Karla turned on the spot to keep him in view. “I mean, you did come to my house after all.”

“I did. I did.” Karla muttered, furrowing her brow. “Why did I —? This isn’t the smart thing to do. Not even close.”

“Why? Because you wanted to come to me.” Jason said, closing the distance between them. Karla eyed him warily, but also blushed.

“Never mind that.” She said, shaking her head as if to clear it. “What exactly was going on downstairs? Was that your mother?”

“Don’t worry about what you saw.” Jason said, his voice soft, but firm and commanding. “Everything is fine and normal in this house.”

Karla blinked and her eyes hazed again.

“… yes. Fine.” She repeated slowly. “All normal.”

“Come to me.” Jason said, his voice hushed and intent. “Come here.”

Karla swayed on the spot before beginning to walk over to him. She came to a stop; standing so close that he could feel the heat from her body. Jason reached out and put his hands on her shoulders, holding her tightly. He could smell the sweet scent of her, and he licked his lips. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest.

“You are so fucking sexy.” Jason said hoarsely. Karla flushed a deeper shade of pink, gasping quietly as he stoked the Lust attribute. “Do you even know what you do to all of us at school?”

“Yes …” Karla said throatily. She swallowed and reached out with trembling arms—slipping them around his waist.

“You see their eyes on you?” Jason said, leaning his face in closer. Karla tilted her face up to his invitingly and he felt like he was in danger of being lost in her eyes. “You know what they all want to do to you?”

“Jesus.” Karla whispered. She ran her tongue over her lips to wet them. “Yes, I know.”

“Do you know what I’m going to do to you?” Jason said equally as quietly, their faces so close together now that he could feel her rapid puffs of breath on his cheeks. “What I’m going to make —”

Jason was suddenly cut off by Karla closing the final gap between them and pressing her mouth hard to his own. He mumbled a surprised laugh at first, but then he had no time to think of anything other than the woman in his arms.

Karla was practically savage in her attack on him—she removed one of the arms around his waist and slipped it around his neck; hauling herself upwards while at the same time hooking a leg around him. She kissed him passionately—trying to press herself as tightly into him as she could.

Jason ran his hands all over her strong and slender body with abandon—groping and fondling every inch of her that he could. He roughly hiked her skirt up and around her hips—sinking his fingers deep in to the taut flesh of her buttocks. Karla mewled into his mouth—panting and moaning with lust as he felt her up.

Jason started to fumble with the buttons on her shirt—wanting to get her finally and deliciously naked—but they were both moving around so much that he wasn’t getting very far. Karla started to help him—deftly undoing her shirt and then shrugging it off of her slender shoulders—and then quickly unclasping her bra and flinging it to the ground behind her.

Karla then slipped her fingers under the waistband to his sweatpants, tugging them insistently down his legs. At the same time, Jason found the zip on her skirt and swiftly removed it, before yanking her panties down over her hips as his own pants hit the ground.

Now when he kissed her he could feel her naked body pressed into his own. Her breasts—smaller than his mother’s and aunt’s—still felt soft and firm against his chest; her nipples hard little points that he could easily feel. He ran his hands up and down her back, dragging his fingers roughly along her silken skin, before coming to a rest on her ass.

Jason walked Karla backwards until her legs hit the edge of his bed—a bit more pressure, and she tumbled onto her back; her arms flung upwards around her head and her thighs spread wide in an invitation. She looked at him with a lust-clouded gaze—her mouth open and panting. Jason swallowed himself—her body was so pale she looked like she was made of ivory; he couldn’t see a single imperfection on her body. She was firmly muscled—not overdone, but he could trace the outline of her abdominals on her tight belly.

“Jason.” Karla breathed out. “Please …”

There was no time for tenderness, no reason to hold back. Jason stepped between his teacher’s thighs, putting his hands on her knees and opening her legs even further. Her pussy was wet and ready—and Karla made little thrusting motions upwards with her hips; almost sobbing with need.

When Jason placed the tip of his cock at her entrance, Karla started to breath so rapidly that it seemed like she might hyperventilate. He was so excited that he wasn’t that much behind her. Lost in his own lust and need, Jason thrust forward; splitting his teacher open and burying his cock deep inside her pussy.

Karla arched her back violently, giving out a strangled cry of pleasure as she pushed her chest upwards. Her head rolled back, and she started to thrash around on his bed as he started to thrust his cock within her. She was tight—tighter than he had expected—and Jason began to pant himself as he quickly built to a fast and rough pace.

Jason slammed himself into her as hard as he could again and again. He was taking out all the pent up emotions of the last few days on Karla—her naked body shook and rippled with every thrust, and her eyes rolled back in head while her tongue protruded from her gasping mouth. Her pussy was spasming and clamping down on his cock almost non-stop—Karla was so overcome with what she was experiencing that multiple orgasms were ripping through her.

“Fuck yes!” Jason yelled in pleasure, completely lost in fucking his teacher. All too soon, he felt his own climax building. He didn’t fight it though—instead he embraced it; cursing happily as he shuddered—unloading thick ropes of cum inside of Karla’s rippling pussy.

“Oh god—yes!” Karla screeched, going rigid before shudders tore through her body at feeling her student cum inside her.

Their bodies slammed together a few more times—riding out the last throes of their orgasms—before Jason collapsed on top of his teacher. They were both covered in sweat and panting harshly—completely spent.

After a few moments he had caught his breath, and Jason rolled off of her and to one side—hauling himself up into the bed properly. He reached out and pulled his teacher hard into him—sighing happily to feel her nude body pressed against his own. Karla buried her face into his chest while slipping her arms around him; she was making happy little sounds and lightly kissing his neck.

Jason sighed in contentment. That had been incredible; well worth the wait. And it was still only early in the evening.

Jason tightened his grip, pulling Karla closer to him.