The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 25

Author — Sidia

“M-mom?” Jason stuttered as he stared at his mother holding the box containing the last Silver Ring in shock. His stomach felt like it was free-falling and he instantly started to panic. “What are you doing?”

“Morning, Jason.” Helen said, giving her son a brief smile. She turned over the box she was holding and Jason saw that it was open as well—the card depicting the combinations of the different bindings was out and resting on surface of the box. “You were fast asleep so I didn’t want to wake you.”

“Why are you in my room!” Jason said as he ran over and snatched the box from her. He was relieved to see that the last ring was still there.

“I thought I might do a bit of cleaning for you, that’s all.” Helen said, quirking an eyebrow in puzzlement.

Jason was confused—had she actually read what the box said? Maybe he had stopped her just in time.

“You don’t need to do that.” Jason said, quickly stowing the card and then closing the box. “I don’t want you going through my things. Understand?”

“Of course, Jason.” Helen said calmly. “If that’s what you want.”

“Good.” Jason said, sighing in relief.

His mother reached out and cupped his cheek tenderly, directly a loving smile his way.

“Although you shouldn’t keep something something so important in your cupboard.” She said, ignoring her son’s suddenly pale face. “You don’t want anything to happen to it do you? I just want what’s best for you.”

“Did—did you read it?” Jason asked her, flummoxed.

“Hmm?” Helen murmured, giving him a playful wink and then avoiding the question. “I liked how you took charge last night, honey.”

“What?” Jason asked, completely off balance.

“You were so commanding.” His mother said, stroking his face softly. “And thank you so much for my present as well.”

Jason so distracted he didn’t know what she was talking about for a second but then remembered she was talking about him ‘giving’ Karla to her the night before.

“I didn’t mean for that to be —” He began before his mother spoke over the top of him.

“I’ve been thinking hard about what you want.” Helen said in a sultry voice. “About what you need. And I think I know now.”

“Umm …” Jason trailed off. The look his mother was giving him was so intense and sexy that it was derailing his train of thought. He hadn’t ever intended to give his mother control over Karla—he didn’t even really want to do that with Sarah; regardless of how hot he found their interactions to be.

“I’ve had some ideas about what to do with our girls sleeping in the other room.” Helen purred. She shifted and her robe opened slightly, exposing the soft curves of her bare breasts. “Something that I know you’ll enjoy.”

“What ideas?” Jason breathed out, getting distracted despite himself from the fact that he had walked in on his mother holding the box.

“I want to surprise you, baby.” Helen said, leaning forward and placing a wet kiss on his chest. “Will you let me do that for you?”

Jason thought hard—he didn’t know if he should encourage this behavior, but on the other hand … watching his mother treat Karla like an object last night—even striking her—had been intensely arousing. He didn’t want to think too hard about what that said about himself—but it didn’t have to be that way all the time did it? If he let his mother have her way he could just enjoy the benefits. He could always put a stop to things if they got too out of control.

“Yeah, okay.” Jason said, swallowing hard.

“Thank you, sweetie. You won’t regret it—I promise.” Helen said warmly, pressing the curves of her body against him. She looked down at the prominent bulge showing through his pants and grinned happily. “It looks like you really like the idea—I’m so glad.”

She reached behind him and deftly snagged the box out of his hands before he realised what she was doing. She walked over to his cupboard, leaving Jason clutching after her with his mouth agape, and carefully slipped it back into the hiding place where he kept it.

“You should find a better place to hide this, Jason.” She said without looking at him. “It’s too important to your future—to your happiness—to keep it somewhere so obvious.”

“Mom, do you know what it is?” Jason managed eventually. He had gone from anxiety to arousal and then to shock so quickly that he felt completely out of his depth.

“It’s yours, lover.” Helen whispered. “Like we are all yours. I’d do anything for you, baby.”

She walked over to his bed and turned around, putting a hand on her hip. She pulled the sash holding her robe together, making it fall open. Jason saw that she was naked under the thin silken robe, and licked his lips at seeing his mother display herself to him like this. Despite everything he had experienced, she was just so damn perfect.

“Now, is there anything I can do to help you with that?” Helen said huskily, nodding her head towards his bulging cock.

Jason pulled his pants down as he walked towards his mother; she shrugged her robe off at the same time, letting it fall to the floor. She opened her arms to her son as he reached her, tumbling backwards with a happy laugh as he pushed her onto his bed. Her thighs slid up over his hips and she let out a small grunt as he rammed the entire length of his cock into her with one thrust.

Jason panted as he slammed himself in and out his mother with hard and brutal strokes—driven by his need to be inside of her. Helen cooed happily, stroking his back and head as her body shook from the force of their fucking. She whispered encouragement, driving him to new heights of passion, promising him that anything he wanted—anything at all—she would do it for him.

Not much else happened the rest of the day—Jason was just whiling away the time until his next date with Emma. The last few hours before he left he spent lounging around on his bed with Karla pressed into his side. He had sent his mother and Sarah away so he could spend some more time with his new acquisition; he had been concerned that Karla would take what had happened last night amiss and he would have to issue some follow-up commands, but it seemed as though she was fine with it all.

Although that wasn’t exactly right—anything Jason had done to her was completely fine, but he could tell she had some reservations about how his mother had acted around her. Still, she didn’t complain or try anything to make sure it didn’t happen again; it was something that he wanted, so she would do it. It was as simple as that. Jason hadn’t made it so she liked it—and he had decided that he wouldn’t; he enjoyed the genuine reactions on her lovely face too much. Still, he wondered at the fact that she could be so easy-going with all that he had put her through while still retaining her personality.

While laying in bed with her and talking, Jason discovered that he was truly enjoying her company. She didn’t seem to really want anything from him, instead just being content to be around him. So far the combination of Obedience and Lust looked to be the best one he had used yet.

Added to that, he was also very fortunate with her personal circumstances; she was an only child and had moved away from her home state after college for work. She lived alone in a small apartment and didn’t really associate with many people outside of her workplace. Jason couldn’t have described a more perfect candidate to introduce into his household if he tried.

When it was time for him to get ready, Karla helped him pick out what to wear, and when she said she hoped he had a good time on his date with Emma he felt like she really meant it.

Jason and Emma had decided to just go out to dinner for their date tonight. Neither of them mentioned what had happened between them on their trip out to the lake yesterday—for his part Jason didn’t want to push things, and from the way Emma flushed pink while sporting a shy smile she was a little embarrassed.

Dinner turned out to be a really fun evening; Jason felt himself relaxing and unwinding the longer they sat and talked. Emma was wearing another dress—his friend dressed in willowy dresses was rapidly becoming a favourite thing of his—and she was drawing the eye of every guy at the restaurant.

Conversation was light-hearted and fun—speckled with flirtatious banter. They were both discovering a new dynamic to their relationship—breaking down the barriers of their long term friendship and becoming comfortable with teasing each other in a more intimate fashion.

After Jason paid for dinner—Emma fake-gushed like she was very impressed with him, before grinning impishly and slipping some notes into his pocket—they returned to the car and started the drive back to Emma’s house. It wasn’t that late yet, but they hadn’t made any plans to do something afterwards. Jason didn’t want the night to end just yet, but he couldn’t think of something to say that didn’t sound too suggestive. He thought about proposing the lake again but wasn’t sure that was a good idea all things considered. Before he knew it, they pulled into Emma’s street and he still hadn’t decided on what to do—Jason had just about resigned himself to the fact that the date over.

“Park over there.” Emma said quietly, pointing ahead to the shadow caused by a large overhanging tree a ways past her house.

“Uh, okay.” Jason said, parking where she had directed.

“I don’t want to go home just yet.” Emma said softly without looking at him. “Do you?”

“Me either.” Jason said, his spirits lifting.

“You could have said something then.” Emma said, looking up at him from the corner of her eye, her lips quirking up in a smile. “I was waiting for you to.”

“I didn’t know if you wanted to.” Jason said apologetically.

“You should have asked then.” Emma said, reaching over and tapping him lightly on the leg.

“Sorry.” Jason breathed, catching her hand before she could pull it away and holding it tightly. “So … what do you want to do?”

“Well …” Emma said carefully. “Could we go to your place?”

“Uh, might not be a good idea.” Jason said, mentally kicking himself. If he had thought ahead he could have arranged the house to be empty—or have it seem to be empty—and then made up a story to tell Emma. He might be able to do it if he sent a text message first, but he didn’t trust his mother to behave herself where Emma was concerned without first dealing with her to her face. “I think there are a few people over tonight.”

“Damn.” Emma muttered. She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed. Then her face took on a determined look—one Jason recognized well. It meant that she had decided something and would not be dissuaded. It had gotten them into a lot of trouble when they had been younger. “Do you want to try my house?”

“Really?” Jason said carefully. “Are your parents home?”

“They are.” Emma said. “But it shouldn’t matter if we’re quiet.”

“Emma, are you going to sneak me into your room?” Jason asked, half incredulous and half amused.

“Yeah.” Emma said firmly while blushing prettily. “Do you have a problem with that?”

“Not at all.” Jason grinned. “Why—should I?”

“Idiot.” Emma shot back, smiling as she punched him in the shoulder.

“Ouch.” Jason pretended. “Maybe I shouldn’t come if you’re going to be so violent.”

“Come on.” Emma laughed, hitting him again. “We can sneak in through the back.”

Jason followed Emma as she crept down the side of her house and through the gate leading into the backyard. She carefully opened the back door and then ushered him inside her house. Jason could hear her parents watching tv in the living room as they silently padded up the stairs to Emma’s bedroom—slinking inside and then closing the door behind them with a shared air of giddy excitement.

They stood in front of each other in the dim light of Emma’s room, grinning to each other at their audacity. Jason hadn’t been in his friend’s room for a while—it was light, airy, and carried the faint and flowery scent of Emma.

Jason held out his hand and Emma put her small one in his. He then pulled her gently to him, enfolding her in his arms, and leant down to press his mouth to hers.

They kissed slowly and tenderly—savouring the experience. Jason still hadn’t got used to the thrill of kissing Emma—he didn’t think he would ever get tired of holding this small girl in his arms while their tongues darted and danced together.

Jason put his hand at the small of Emma’s back and pulled her into him harder; Emma made a small audible noise of pleasure and clutched at his shoulders tighter. He started to walk them carefully towards her bed—they shuffled in small little steps until their legs touched the side of her mattress. He felt Emma’s lips against his own curve upwards in a small smile before she purposefully overbalanced them so they fell down on a heap on her bed.

The old bedsprings squeaked at the impact, and they shared a laugh before getting back to the important job of kissing some more. Jason had just started to move himself over on top of her when someone called out from downstairs.

“Emma?” A woman said loudly, followed by the sound of footsteps on the stairs. “Is that you?”

“Shit, that’s my Mom.” Emma hissed. She looked wildly around the room as if in search of salvation. “I’m going to be so dead!”

“Should I hide?” Jason whispered hoarsely. He looked around but there wasn’t really anywhere to go apart from under the bed, but he would be in full view from the doorway if he hid there.

“Quiet!” Emma whispered back, holding him in place with a hand on his chest.

“Emma?” Her mother called from right outside her room. The door began to rattle.

“Yeah, it’s me!” Emma called out. Her voice cracked slightly and she swallowed. “I’m just getting changed.”

“Oh. I didn’t hear you get home.” Her mother said. She sounded more relaxed now. “Are you okay? How did your did your date go?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Emma said. “And the date was great, I’m just a bit tired.”

“Do you need anything?”

“No, I’m good.” Emma said, some tension leaving her shoulders. “I think I might have an early night.”

“Okay honey—let me know if you change your mind.” Her mother said, before leaving and heading back downstairs.

Jason and Emma sighed in relief and fell backwards on the bed. They turned to face one another and shared a grin, laughing at the fact that they had almost been caught. Then, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, they pulled their legs up onto the bed and snuggled into each other. Emma rolled onto her side, and Jason moved behind her so that they were spooning. He put his arm around her shoulders and held her too him lightly. Her soft red hair was pressed up against his face and her sweet scent filled his nose.

They lay there together like that for a while in silence—happy and content. Jason wouldn’t have thought he would be so satisfied to just lay in bed with a woman—not after all he had experienced carnally so far—but it was true. This was a perfect moment.

Which wasn’t to say that it couldn’t get better of course. Jason carefully moved his hand so that his palm was now resting over Emma’s belly. He didn’t want to rush her and ruin this moment. When he felt Emma place her hand on top of his—holding his hand in place on her stomach—he smiled into her hair.

“This is nice.” Emma said softly.

“Yeah.” Jason whispered. He tensed his fingers, pressing them softly into firm flesh of her belly. “It is.”

Emma sighed happily, and wriggled against him; Jason wasn’t sure if she meant to or if it was inadvertent, but her movement meant that she was now pressing her backside into his crotch. He could feel the heat from her rear emanating though the thin fabric of her dress, and his hardening cock was now poking against her soft buttocks.

“Settle down, big boy.” Emma giggled.

“Make me.” Jason teased her. He slipped his hand slightly lower on her stomach until it was resting just above the line of her panties.

Emma let out another sigh, and then wriggled herself back into him again. This time Jason knew that she was doing it on purpose so he felt comfortable to press himself into her at the same time—pushing his bulging erection between her asscheeks.

Jason slipped his hand lower down her abdomen yet again—this time coming to a stop over her crotch. Her hand was still on top of his, and she was squeezing him tightly. Jason’s heart was thumping loudly in his chest; just this slight movement, these almost innocent touches, was so damn exciting. He curled his fingers, lightly dragging them over the front of her panties, exploring the outline of them through her dress.

Emma shifted again, and parted legs slightly—lifting one knee and granting him greater access to her. He could feel her body trembling.

“Em?” Jason whispered.

“Yeah?” She said softly.

“Can I—I mean, are you okay if I go further?” Jason fumbled. He didn’t know why he was so nervous all of a sudden.

Emma didn’t answer him, but instead parted her legs wider while at the same time pulling his hand down until it reached the bottom of her dress.

Jason swallowed as he continued on, slipping his hand under the bottom of her dress, and then resting his palm on the bare skin of her inner thigh.

Emma moaned quietly and turned her head to the side as he started to caress her leg. Her skin was so soft and silky—utterly flawless under his touch. He continued his hand upwards until he reached her crotch—this time only her panties were between him and her bare sex.

Jason could feel that the front of her underwear was damp with arousal, and he cupped her crotch for a moment before carefully slipping his fingertips under the side of her panties—finally getting his hands on her pussy at last.

Emma’s breathing began to pick up as he delicately ran his fingers over her bare pussy. She was smooth and shaved, and so wet that when he lightly pressed a finger at her entrance it felt like she sucked him in.

They were silent apart from the sounds of their panting breath as Jason began to carefully finger her—sliding at first one and then two of his fingers into her arousal-slick pussy. She was tight—far tighter than any of the women he had been with yet, and he didn’t get too far inside her until he felt the barrier of her hymen blocking his way. He was absurdly excited to be intimately touching her like this—he was the first person to be with her this way and he couldn’t help but spare of moment of regret that they weren’t both experiencing this for the first time together.

Jason pumped his fingers carefully in and out of Emma—avoiding going to deep and hitting her hymen. Emma let out small moans and gasps as he played with her—trying to be quiet so as not to alert her unknowing parents—and clutched his free hand to her chest like it was a life-line; squirming and rocking her hips back against the bulge in his pants.

Jason kissed the side of her neck as he held her too him—recognising the rising sounds of arousal as she approached her climax. When she came, Emma’s pussy clamped down tightly on his fingers—almost holding him in place. He couldn’t imagine what that would feel like if it was his cock moving within her. Emma twitched and shuddered through her orgasm, muffling her cries by pressing her face into her bed.

“Oh, wow.” Emma breathed after she had recovered enough to speak.

“Are you okay?” Jason asked her, feeling very pleased with himself.

“Better than okay.” Emma said, pulling his arm up to her face and kissing his hand. “That was incredible.”

“My pleasure.” Jason whispered, and meaning it.

Emma let out a satisfied sigh, and wriggled around—getting comfortable. In doing so, she once again pressed her buttocks into the front of his pants. The bottom of her dress had bunched up high around her hips, and now the only thing covering the rounded globes of her ass was the thin fabric of her panties. Jason felt her stiffen as she felt his erection pressing into her ass.

“Umm …” Emma said quietly, trailing off.


She turned her head around so that she could look him in the eye. Her face was flushed bright pink from the remnants of her arousal as well as embarrassment, and her expression was once again one of stubborn determination.

“Do you want me to help you with that?”