The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 26

Author — Sidia

“Do you want me to help you with that?”

“What do you mean?” Jason asked. His voice cracked on the last word and he swallowed hastily. He hoped he knew what she meant but he was honestly surprised by how bold she was being.

Emma let out a nervous giggle at hearing his voice waver and wiggled her rear playfully against the bulge in his pants. Her dress was still hiked up high around her waist, and only the thin fabric of her panties stood between Jason and the bare flesh of her buttocks. He could feel the raw heat emanating from her ass and he stifled a quiet groan.

“Damn Em, are you trying to kill me?” Jason whispered hoarsely.

“I don’t know what you mean.” Emma whispered back playfully.

She wriggled against him again and Jason wished that he could see the expression on her face. She was was clutching the arm he had wrapped around her chest with both hands and he could feel her warm breath on his forearm.

“Please.” Jason said half-joking. “There’s only so much sexiness I can take.”

“You think I’m sexy?” Emma asked, and Jason could almost hear the smile in her voice.

“Sexy doesn’t even come close.” Jason muttered. He leant down and pressed his lips to the side of her neck.

“Good answer.” Emma said softly. She tensed her fingers resting on his arm. “So … would you like me to …?”

Jason propped himself up on one elbow and leant over Emma so he could see her face. Her face was flushed bright red—whether from the after-effects of her orgasm or from her boldness he didn’t know—but she still looked stubbornly determined. Also—Jason was sure of it—there was a touch of eagerness there as well.

“Only if you want to.” Jason said gently. All he wanted to do was roll himself over further until he was above her, to feel her smooth thighs around his waist—to experience that moment just before he pushed himself inside of her … but he held off with what seemed like a supreme effort of will.

“Another good answer.” Emma said, soft and serious.

She turned around within his arms to face him—their eyes barely an inch apart. She gave him a sweet and tender little smile—sharing this moment with him.

“Hi.” Emma said quietly.

“Hi.” Jason answered back, losing himself in her eyes. He didn’t think he had ever met someone’s gaze so intimately before.

Jason moved forward towards Emma and they met in a kiss. It was slow and languid—not passionless by any means—but without haste. Their lips enveloped and yielded together in an endless dance, their tongues teasing and exploring. Jason was so caught up that he had practically forgotten what Emma had offered until he felt her small hands at the front of his pants.

She fumbled with his belt, inexperience making her clumsy—her fingers insistently working to open the front of his trousers. Jason opened his eyes while continuing their kiss. Emma’s eyes were still tightly closed, her brow furrowed slightly in concentration as she blindly worked her hands. He wondered what was going through her head. Jason studied her lovely face that was so close to his own. He could feel a small and detached part of him considering and taking in what was happening; it was almost clinical. This was all so different from being with Sarah, his mother, or even Karla. He was thrilled and excited with being here with Emma, but at the same time it just felt so natural and right.

There was nothing taboo with what they were doing—nothing to add spice to being together with her. He realised he didn’t just want to have sex with Emma—regardless of how much he desired her—he wanted to be with her. Jason wondered if this was what people meant when they said they loved someone—if what he felt for Emma was love.

He studied his friend as she finally got the front of her pants open, thinking back to all the sexual experiences he’d had since he had found the Rings. He had discovered parts of himself that he’d never thought existed—kinks and a predisposition to enjoying dominance and play that he hadn’t suspected. But at the same time being here now—laying in Emma’s bed and trying to be quiet so that her parents didn’t hear them—was more fulfilling somehow.

He loved his mother deeply—but had no real qualms about using her as means to an end. The interaction that had sprung up between her and Sarah had been unexpected but deeply arousing. The excitement was mostly centered around the perverseness of interacting sexually with his aunt and mother.

Karla had been an unlooked for experience. He genuinely enjoyed her company and talking to her—and he held a lot of affectionate feelings towards his teacher. That said, his first interest in her had been purely carnal and that tinged a lot of their following interaction. Regardless of how fond he was of Karla, watching his mother abuse her as a spectacle for his benefit and been darkly exciting.

Jason couldn’t imagine treating Emma in that way.

His train of thought was interrupted when he felt her small hand slip inside of his pants and lightly touch his cock through his underwear. Jason could feel Emma’s lips curl up in small smile as his body tensed and his breathing caught in his throat. He stifled a groan as her slender fingers wrapped around him—squeezing and roaming his shaft lightly as if measuring his length. Even with her eyes still closed, Jason saw Emma’s eyebrows rise in surprise—surprise that grew when she slid her hand beneath his underwear to grip his bare cock. Her fingers felt cool on his shaft, and having his gorgeous best friend fondling his dick like this was almost too much to take.

Emma was a slender girl and—even though Jason didn’t think about it much—quite short. Her personality always made her appear larger than she actually was, but now that they were pressed so tightly against one another, Jason was struck by just how diminutive she really was. While their faces were together kissing, Emma could barely reach down to grip his cock. When she started to inexpertly jack him off in what he assumed was her first time ever giving a hand-job—amazing thought it felt—her reach meant that she couldn’t get a very good rhythm going at all.

A little frustrated, Emma opened her eyes for the first time in a while—blushing when she saw Jason was looking at her. She gently broke their kiss, pulling her head back from his and licked her lips.

“Um, sorry.” She murmured, sounding half-amused, half-embarrassed. “I can’t reach.”

“Why are you apologising?” Jason asked her softly. He was acutely aware of her small hand still gripping his shaft.

“If I’m not doing it right.” Emma said, looking away. “If it doesn’t feel good.”

“Em.” Jason said seriously, placing a hand under her chin and tilting her head back up to look at him. “It feels amazing. You are amazing.”

Emma looked at him intently for a moment then gave him a shy and happy smile. She lightly kissed him on the lips before starting to wriggle her way down his body so that she could reach better. As good as that sounded, Jason didn’t want to just be staring at the top of Emma’s head as she played with his cock—he wanted to watch her do it.

So as she was still changing position, Jason took the opportunity to half sit up. Emma paused for a moment when he moved, but then sat up as well. When he sat upright fully, she bit her bottom lip for a moment, and then took the natural progression to getting down onto her knees on the floor. She looked surprised and a little discomforted for a second to find herself kneeling down in front of him, but then that same look of stubborn determination crossed her face. She sat back onto her heels to get comfortable, folding her dress gracefully around herself, and reached out towards his cock again but found his bunched up pants in the way.

“Um, can you lift for a second Jason?” Emma said in a little voice. She swallowed. “ I think you need to—uh, take off your pants.”

Jason lifted his hips while looking down into Emma’s face. Her eyes were wide and he saw her tongue flick out to wet her bottom lip. She looked momentarily nonplussed when he didn’t take his pants down. When he didn’t make any effort to do it himself, she reached out with slightly trembling hands to grip the waistband of his trousers. Jason began to breathe a little faster as Emma pulled his pants down his legs; he felt the tips of her fingernails drag down along the skin of his hips.

Now that she was face to face with his erection, Emma couldn’t seem to take her eyes off it. Jason watched his friend as she reached out again and delicately curled her fingers around his shaft. When he groaned at the sensation she glanced up at him and caught her bottom lip in her teeth. Then her gaze inexorably drifted back downwards, and she started to slowly slide her small hand up and down his cock.

“Try both hands Em.” Jason said breathlessly as he stared down at her.

Emma glanced up at him again before giving a small nod—raising herself into a more upright kneeling position. She reached out with her other hand and gripped him. Then, with a two handed grip on his cock, she started to pump him in a smooth motion.

Her face was a lot closer to his dick now, and as Jason watched her mouth parted slightly as she began to breath a little heavier from the unaccustomed exertion. Her lips were pink and wet, and he couldn’t help but imagine sliding his cock between them—the thought making him groan audibly. Emma looked up again to see him staring intently down at her and blushed prettily—but didn’t pause in her efforts.

At hearing him make the sound of pleasure, Emma seemed to gain a little more confidence. She started to move her hands faster up and down his shaft—and a little too hard.

“Not—not so hard Em.” Jason whispered, hiding a small wince.

“Sorry!” Emma said, looking mortified. She glanced away from him entirely and her grip on his cock loosened.

Jason reached out and did something he had been wanting to ever since she had knelt down between his legs. He placed his hands on top of her head and gently caressed her soft hair—entwining his fingers into the fiery locks. He kept his grip light—even though he was finding it hard not to take advantage like he would if he was at home with one of his lovers . He shivered and repressed it.

“It’s okay.” He said soothingly, stroking her head carefully. “That feel’s so good Emma.”

“Okay.” Emma mumbled, but she gave him a small smile as well.

She started focusing hard; wanting to do it right. With her two handed grip, her entire body was moving slightly in response to her motions, which meant that her face was bobbing up and down in front of his crotch. Her mouth opened wider as she started breathing heavier, and Jason could feel the warm puffs of her breath on the head of his cock. He twined his fingers tighter into her hair, subconsciously holding her closer to him—he was starting to get lost in the feelings she was giving him.

When Emma’s tongue darted out to wet her lips again, Jason was taken almost violently by the image of pulling her into him and of sinking his cock into her mouth. She was so perfect, so gorgeous, and was giving herself to him willingly. When Jason wondered how much of his shaft she could take down her slender throat, he lost it. It was too much.

“Em—I’m going to cum.” He grunted quietly. In an oddly naive way, Jason gave no thought at all about his impending orgasm. It had never been an issue before on account of all his sexual partners being Bound to him.

Emma looked up at him with a panicked and surprised expression. She had clearly not given any thought to it either, but in her case it was due to inexperience. She glanced around the room somewhat wildly but her hands still moved on his shaft as if on autopilot.

“… close.” Jason gasped and tightened his grip on her hair—preventing her from pulling away.

Emma glanced up at Jason and then back down to his erection with wide eyes. Then she leant forward and put her mouth over the head of his cock.

The instant her soft pink lips enveloped the tip of his dick, Jason started to cum—too overcome by the sight of Emma with his cock in her mouth. When the first shot of his semen hit the back of her throat, he felt Emma jerk slightly—she screwed her eyes tightly shut and jerked every time his cum shot into her mouth.

Even though he didn’t mean to, Jason actually pulled her head closer into him which resulted in another inch of his cock sliding between her lips. Watching her take more of his shaft was so damn hot—and since she didn’t make any sign of protest—Jason slid a little more of his length into her mouth. He finished off the rest of his orgasm with almost half of his dick in Emma’s mouth, shuddering through one of the more intense climaxes of his life.

When he was finished, Jason was panting hard. Emma was stock still—kneeling with his softening cock still between her lips. She was breathing rapidly through her nose, and her cheeks were bulging. Jason started transfixed as Emma opened her eyes—her mouth full of his cock and cum—and looked up at him. She blushed furiously and slowly moved her head back.

She kept her lips a tight seal around his shaft so as not to spill anything—a side effect of the pressure meaning that it caused Jason to groan in pleasure at the sensation of her sliding her lips off of him. When her mouth slid fully off the head of his cock she almost lost the load of cum she was holding—placing one hand up to her lips so as to catch any if it spilt out. Emma looked up at him and blushed again, before taking a long breath through her nose and then swallowing his cum.

It was one of the hottest things he had ever seen. The corners of Emma’s mouth twisted up slightly as if she couldn’t believe she had just done that, and she looked slightly mortified. At the same time though she looked slightly proud as well.

Jason pulled her up off her knees and held her to him in a tight hug. Emma buried her face in the hallow of his neck and he could feel her heart thumping wildly in her chest.

“That was incredible.” Jason whispered softly into her hair. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Emma murmured as she slipped her arms around his waist. “Turn about is fair play after all.”

“If that’s true I fairly sure I owe you one then.” Jason laughed quietly. He had heard the smile in her voice and was relieved that she was okay with how it had ended.

“That’s good to know.” Emma giggled. “Don’t think I’ll forget either.”

“Even if you do, I won’t.” Jason said, kissing the top of her head.

They fell backwards together onto Emma’s bed and snuggled close together. Jason held her to him tenderly while Emma slipped a leg over his hips. They cuddled each other—both content and happy.

“So this date was better than the last one.” Emma said, her voice slightly muffled as she spoke into his chest.

“No arguments there.” Jason said as he gently stroked his hand along her spine.

“Mmmm. That feels nice.” Emma purred, and nuzzled her face against him.

“You feel nice.” Jason said softly. He could feel his eyes threatening to close.

“We should probably think about sneaking you back out.” Emma said sleepily.

“You’re probably right.”

“… so?”

“Mhhm. So.”

That was the last thing Jason remembered before he fell asleep—holding Emma’s soft body in his arms, her sweet scent enveloping his senses.

“Jason!” Emma hissed from what seemed like far away. “Wake up!”

“Wassit?” Jason mumbled as he rubbed at his eyes. He looked up and saw Emma kneeling on the bed looking down at him. She was still in her dress from last night and even with her hair all mussed up from sleep she still looked gorgeous. He smiled at her appreciatively. “You look amazing.”

“We fell asleep!” Emma moaned, clutching at the dress over her thighs and ignoring his words.

“Yeah, we did.” Jason said, confused. He looked around and saw the light coming in from behind the shade that was drawn over the window. He frowned and then sat bolt upright as realisation hit him. “Shit! We fell asleep!”

“Tell me something I don’t know!” Emma moaned. “I’m going to be so dead. You as well. We are so screwed.”

“Uh, do your parents know?”

“Jason, if my parents knew trust me—you’d know about it.” Emma said, hitting her palm into her head in despair. “Look—just stay here and let me go see how bad it is.”

“Okay, Em.” Jason said.

He spotted his pants on the ground next to the bed and quickly started putting them on. The only thing worse than being caught would be being caught without his pants. Emma moved over to her closed door, took a deep fortifying breath and tried to futilely smooth out the slept-in creases of her dress, and then slipped out into the hallway. Now alone in Emma’s bedroom Jason tried to think what he was going to do or say if she came back with an angry parent.

It was only a few minutes before she arrived back. She opened the door wide and stepped back into her bedroom—a pleasantly surprised expression on her face.

“They aren’t home.” She said wonderingly. “I—I don’t think they knew you were here.”

“What, really?” Jason asked incredulously. Surely they couldn’t have got that lucky. “Where are they?”

“Church.” Emma said, shaking her head in disbelief at their escape. “And afterwards they are heading over to a neighbours for a bbq. They left a note saying that I can come and join them if I want to.”

“Oh yeah, It’s Sunday.” Jason muttered. “So that means …”

“We’re fine!” Emma said, giving him a bright smile of elation. “They didn’t know you were here and better yet—they should be gone all day!”

“Unless you want to go to the bbq that is.” Jason joked. “Am I invited too?”

“No-one likes a smart-ass.” Emma said primly, but her eyes sparkled with mirth.

“You like me though, don’t you?” Jason asked her, walking over and putting her arms around her waist.

“Maybe a little.” Emma smiled. When he leant down to give her a kiss, she shrank away from him—holding her hands up in apology. “Um, I might go grab a shower okay? Maybe clean my teeth.”

“I don’t mind.”

“I do.” Emma said, smiling to take the sting out of her words. She looked a little awkward all of a sudden.

“Yeah, I guess I could do with a shower as well.”

“Do you want to—I mean …” Emma broke off, blushing prettily. She looked down and seemed to think better of what she’d meant to say—mumbling the rest. “Look, I’ll go have a shower first. You can have the next one.”

She backed away from him a couple of steps before turning and practically running out the door. Jason wondered what had occurred to her to make her so embarrassed all of a sudden. He heard the door to her bathroom close and dug out his phone to check his messages. He was somewhat surprised to see that there was none—he hadn’t said he was going to be out all night after all. Jason guessed it was a hereto unknown side effect of the Bindings—his mother wasn’t going to chasing after his whereabouts out of concern like a normal mother would.

Thinking of the Rings made him remember he had considered Binding Emma at one point. He shook his head at the thought. There would have been no sweet explorations, no shared first times, if he had Bound her like he had intended. And perhaps the worst part would have been that he never would have known what he had missed out on. The thrill of Emma deciding to slide her mouth over his cock was so much better than compelling her to obey his desires.

While he waited for Emma to get out of the shower, Jason wandered around her room. He felt a little voyeuristic exploring her possessions, and he made sure to keep on ear on the sound of running water in the shower. He opened the door to her closet—smiling to himself at seeing all of her short little skirts hanging neatly up on hangers. How many times had he glimpsed the smooth skin of her thighs under the dancing fabric of her skirts?

He closed the closet and walked over to her set of drawers. He glanced over at the doorway but was reassured by the fact the shower was still running. He carefully opened the top drawer and was confronted with what seemed like a sea of soft fabric and lace. Jason didn’t think he would ever quite get over just how skimpy women’s underwear actually was; he held and examined a pale blue pair of panties and didn’t think he would be able to even fit his thigh through the waistband. Grinning to himself at the thought, he put them back—pausing when he felt something under all the underwear.

Jason parted the small piles of fabric—his eyes widening when a compact little vibrator was revealed. He was shocked, but was unsure as to why exactly he was. He had never considered Emma masturbating before, but suddenly the image of her holding this toy between her legs—her face scrunched up in pleasure—floored him.

The sudden absence of sound as the shower stopped broke Jason out of his reverie. He hurriedly put everything back the way he’d found it and closed the drawer. He sat down on Emma’s bed and tried to look like he’d been doing nothing but dutifully waiting for her to return. When he heard the sound of soft footsteps approaching, he looked up at the doorway with a smile—his eyes widening when Emma actually appeared.

Emma paused in the doorway, looking sheepishly at him from under her lashes. She was dressed only in a towel—she’d wrapped it around her torso tightly, and although it covered her from chest to mid-thigh, it seemed unaccountably sexy.

“Wow.” Jason said reverently.

“Don’t get the wrong idea.” Emma muttered, but she appeared to by hiding a smile by ducking her head. “I just forgot to bring a change of clothes.”

“Hey, I’m not complaining.” Jason said, enthusiastically.


“I mean it!” Jason said. “You look—I mean, wow.”

“Thanks.” Emma smiled. “I guess. Um, anyway you can have a shower now if you still want. I got you a spare towel.”

Jason got up and stepped closer towards her. There was still a light sheen of moisture on her pale skin and her hair was slightly damp.

“I didn’t bring a change of clothes either.” He teased. “Will the towel fit me as well as you?”

“Well—kind of.” Emma said, her eyes dancing. “But you might end up giving me a show.”

“Would you like that?”

“Jason!” Emma laughed, taking a few steps closer to him herself and punching him lightly on the shoulder.

“Because I can if you want me to.”

Emma hit him again and giggled some more. Jason caught her hand before she could pull away and held it tightly, her fingers wrapping around his. He pulled her gently into him before leaning down and kissing her soft lips. Emma practically melted against him.

“So when exactly do you parents get home again?” Jason asked her quietly. He slipped at arm around her narrow waist—acutely aware that the towel was the only thing between him and her deliciously naked body.

“Not until the afternoon.” Emma murmured happily. She pressed her lips to his in a swift kiss “At the least.”

“Do you need me to go?” Jason asked her. “I can if you want me to.”

“No.” Emma said softly. “Stay here with me.”

“Okay.” Jason said, just as softly. He tightened his arm around her waist. “Do you want to go out and get breakfast or something?”

“I can make us something to eat instead of going out if you want.” Emma said contentedly, snuggling closer into his chest.

“Wow, really?” Jason teased her again. “You can cook as well? Aren’t you the complete package.”

“Don’t be a pig!” Emma laughed. She pressed her lips into the hallow of his throat in a soft kiss—making Jason shiver. His nose was resting in her damp hair.

“I’m only kidding.”

“I know.” Emma said softly. She nuzzled her face into his neck affectionately. “Are you still going to have a shower?”


“Because I need to get dressed.” Emma mumbled, kissing his neck again.

“Do you have to?” Jason asked softly. He rubbed her gently on her lower back, making the towel shift over her skin.

“I bet I know what’s going through your mind.” Emma snorted, cocking her head to one side so she could see his face.

“It’s what’s always on my mind around you Em.” Jason said, his voice a little rough.

“Mmmm.” Emma kissed his cheek. “Go have a shower. I’ll make us some breakfast.”

“Okay.” Jason said, smiling down at her and kissing her lightly on her nose. “After breakfast what do you want to do?”

“Ummm …” Emma clutched at his shirt and looked at his chest. “Do you want to maybe …”

She trailed off and looked embarrassed.

“Emma?” Jason curled his fingers slightly, playing with the towel just above the curve of her buttocks.

“Do you —” Emma took a deep breath. “Want to spend the day in here? With me?”

Jason turned his head to one side—suddenly Emma’s bed was the most important thing in his field of his vision. Did she mean …? Excitement was suddenly pounding through him and he could feel his heart thumping wildly in his chest.

“That sounds nice.” Jason said intently.

He placed his hand under her chin and tilted her head up so he could look into her eyes. Emma bit her bottom lip and looked nervously excited.

“Yeah?” Emma asked, her voice soft and full of anticipation.

“Yeah.” Jason said, leaning down and kissing her.