The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 28

Author — Sidia

Emma pushed Jason off of her and sat up—her eyes wide and fearful. Jason tumbled backwards—his cock falling out of her and he only just stopped himself from falling off of the bed entirely. He opened his mouth to say something, but Emma put her finger to her lips; shaking her head wildly to warn him to keep quiet. She eyes darted around the room in a panic; trying to find a way to escape but being unable to.

Seeing that Emma was in no state to deal with their current crisis, Jason took it upon himself to take charge. He sprung off the bed and gathered the small pile of discarded clothing that he had stripped off of Emma; throwing it onto her lap and running silently over to her door.

“Get dressed quickly.” Jason hissed to Emma as he put his ear to her bedroom door. Although the voices downstairs were muffled, it didn’t sound like they were getting closer. There was no guarantee that that was going to always be the case but at least they had time.

“Oh shit, oh shit.” Emma mumbled to herself. “What are they doing home—they were supposed to be gone all day.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Jason said. He reached down to grab his pants off the floor—hurriedly pulling them on. “We need to figure out what to do.”

“Well we can’t sneak out if they are just downstairs.” Emma said, pulling her underwear up her legs and then throwing a T-shirt over her head. “I can’t believe they ruined this. Right when we were about to …”

“I know—it fucking sucks.” Never a truer word was spoken Jason thought. Watching Emma get dressed—covering up her nude body—seemed like a crime against decency! Especially right when he was finally about to have sex with her. He had been so close—poised right at the verge of taking her virginity. The fact that they were interrupted right at that point seemed obscene. “But we can’t focus on that right now.”

Emma finished getting dressed and hurried over to join Jason at her bedroom door. She ducked under his arm and pressed her ear to the wood, her small body pressing up against his. Jason could feel the heat emanating from her and even in the midst of their current crisis he could feel his cock lurch in appreciation.

“It’s just your parents, right?” Jason whispered above Emma’s head. “It’s not anyone else?”

“No—I think it’s just them.” Emma whispered back. “But that doesn’t exactly fill me with a sense of relief.”

“I’m just saying, it could be worse.” Jason said.

“Well I’m glad your ‘Mr Sunshine’ today.” Emma said sarcastically, but a slight smile on her face showed that she didn’t really mean it. “We have to get you out of here—they could come up here at any moment and then we would be royally fucked.”

“Yeah—and that wouldn’t exactly make up for what we were doing when they interrupted.” Jason joked, trying to lighten the tension.

“Jason!” Emma hissed, her shoulders shaking as she tried to suppress a nervous giggle. “Get your mind out of the gutter.”

“I can’t help it.” Jason murmured. He placed his hand on Emma’s back; running it down along her spine and coming to stop just above the top of her thong. Even with the danger of being caught, Jason was still pretty turned on—the memory of Emma laying beneath him—coupled with the thrill of their current situation—meant that the front of his pants was bulging noticeably. Emma leant against him further, and from the way she tilted her head so that she could see his crotch he could tell that she was aware of it. “For some reason all can think of is you.”

“I know what you mean,” Emma whispered softly. She shivered against him. “I hate this—but you can’t stay here.”

“Do you have a plan?”

“I’ll have to go down and distract them.” Emma said. “Once I have their attention you sneak out the backdoor.”

“Okay.” Jason said. He turned and pulled Emma against his chest—wrapping his arms around her waist and hugging her to him tightly. He tilted her head up to face his and he kissed her hard.”Em, I know this sucks, but I just want you to know how amazing you are.”

“Right back at you.” Emma said, kissing him back just as hard. “Okay—give me a few minutes before trying to come down.”

Stopping only long enough to put on a pair of pants, Emma opened her bedroom door and walked downstairs to run interference with her parents. Jason listened carefully from his vantage point at her doorway until he heard Emma engage them in conversation. Then, inwardly wincing at every creak he made on his way down the stairs, Jason made his way down.

Emma had done well—her parents were facing away from him as he crept past towards the back door. He exited the house without issue, and hurried around to the front of the house and to wear he had parked his aunt’s car. Then he drove home.

Jason sighed as he parked the car and got out. On some level he knew he shouldn’t feel too disappointed—all in all his date with Emma had gone amazingly well. He had enjoyed her company immensely and had even got further with her sexually than he had expected to. The only crux of the matter was that right at the crescendo—when he was about to lay claim to her—they had been interrupted yet again.

It was his own fault in some ways—he hadn’t planned for them to go as far as they had. Jason wasn’t bound by the same kind of restrictions as anyone else his age; his control over the women in his house was something that he could barely believe. If he had in any kind of forethought, he would have arranged for his house to be empty last night. Even if his mother and Sarah were hiding in their rooms Emma wouldn’t have known. If he had done that, he would probably still be having sex with Emma right now—it was truly galling.

And it was Sunday now, so he might have to wait an entire week for another opportunity. He was going to have to give it some thought.

Thoughts of how he had missed his perfect chance with Emma had made Jason quite melancholy and frustrated by the time he reached his front door. He realised he didn’t really feel like seeing anyone—not for a bit anyway. Dealing with his mother and aunt seemed exhausting right at that moment; he just wanted to go up to his room and have some time to himself to think things over.

Jason unlocked the door quietly and slipped inside. He could hear some noises coming from the kitchen but luckily there was no one in sight. He carefully shut the door behind him and headed up the stairs to his room; he knew he could have ordered anyone who saw him to leave him alone, but he just didn’t feel like interacting with anyone. Not counting his frustration, he wanted to try and remember what Emma had looked like as she lay beneath him—willing and ready.

He made it to his room uninterrupted and heaved a sigh as he let himself in and closed the door. The curtains were drawn and the room was quite dark. He turned to face his bed and gave a startled jump when he realised he wasn’t alone; Karla was laying on his bed.

At hearing him arrive, Karla sat up and drew her knees up to her chest; cocking her head and directing an easy smile in his direction. Even in the dim light, Jason could see that she was completely naked, and he ran his eye over her shadowed curves appreciatively.

“I didn’t expect anyone to be up here.” Jason said neutrally, stepping closer to her.

“I hope you don’t mind—I just needed a safe space for a bit.” Karla said somewhat cryptically. Then her tone lightened as she continued. “If you’re only just getting in you must have had a good time last night.”

“Good enough.” Jason said, frowning. He hadn’t missed what she had said—had she been hiding? He had told his mother to make her welcome.

“Care to share?” Karla said, her tone light and teasing.

“Um, I guess. But there’s not much to tell.” Jason said, sitting down on the bed next to her and pulling off his shoes. He couldn’t help but notice small lines of tension around the corners of her eyes. “Is everything all right?”

“Why wouldn’t it be?” Karla said, giving him a little half-smile. She shifted on the bed so that her bare thigh was touching him.

“You said you needed a safe space.”

“Oh!” Karla said, forcing a laugh. “I wasn’t being serious. I’m happy with going along with what you want after all.”

“Meaning?” Jason asked. Now that he was close to her, he could see some faint pink marks that were marring her normally flawless pale skin.

“Jason, it’s fine. I don’t really want to say —”

“What?” Jason asked, surprised. He didn’t think she could withhold something from him, even if he wasn’t explicitly telling her.

“It’s not really anything you need to be concerned with —”

“Tell me.” Jason said firmly, activating the Binding of Obedience. He saw Karla’s eyes flutter as his order hit her and she drew in a deep breath. He would have normally just spoken to her normally but he was feeling tired and in no mood for games.

“Your mother.” Karla said in a monotone. She swallowed and her voice returned to normal. “She was … well, she was training me. That’s what she called it anyway.”

“Training you.” Jason said quietly. “Elaborate.”

“Well, she said that I needed to shown how to properly please you. And that she knew what you liked …” Karla said quietly.

Karla started to list what Helen had subjected her to the night before. Despite himself, even though he was somewhat concerned, Jason started to get seriously aroused by what he was hearing. He realised he had never actually rescinded his order to Karla that his mother was dominant to her, and Helen had taken full advantage of that fact. It was reminiscent of what she had been doing with Sarah—and she seemed to have taken to heart the fact that he enjoyed watching his mother dominate and abuse the other women in the house.

It was another aspect of her belief that she knew what was best for him—and if he had to be honest she kind of had a point. He had encouraged his mother by merit of not stopping her—of joining in and participating in her increasingly extreme sexual games. He still felt guilty remembering how his mother had slapped Karla across the face—guilty because of how hard it made him. Listening to his teacher tell him what she had endured was just more of the same. He wasn’t surprised she had decided to seek refuge in his room.

“ … and yeah.” Karla finished. “Then I came up here.”

“I see.” Jason said in a rough voice. He cleared his throat. “And you didn’t want to tell me because …?”

“Your mother told me to not tell you.” Karla said, looking uncomfortable. “It was going to be a surprise.”

“I see.” Jason said finally. Apparently his direction to his teacher was strong enough that his mother was able to give her lasting orders. That was interesting. It made him slightly uncomfortable but he wasn’t entirely sure he should stop it. Maybe he could just curtail it in some way—his mother wasn’t completely to blame in this—he had told her that he was giving Karla to her.

“I’m sorry, Jason.” Karla said in a quiet voice. She hunched her shoulders and seemed to be trying to look small. It wasn’t the same way that Sarah tried to look—more like she was worried that she had displeased him in some way.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about.” Jason said. He reached out and put an arm around her shoulders—pulling her body into him. Her bare skin felt cool to the touch, and he ran his hand down her back—pausing when he felt faint, raised welts on her skin. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Karla sighed and moved so that she could snuggle against him affectionately. Jason felt her breasts push up against his arm and he tightened his grip around her waist.

“So.” Karla said, her voice faintly muffled as her face was pressed up against his shirt. All the tension as gone out of her voice now that she knew that she hadn’t displeased him. “How did you date go?”

“Pretty great if I’m being honest.” Jason said, falling back on the bed and pulling his teacher along with him. She curled her body pleasantly around his. “Just not as well as it could have been.”

“So your little girlfriend isn’t as innocent as she looks?” Karla asked, amused.

“No.” Jason laughed, pleasantly remembering. “Not at all.”

“‘Elaborate’ then.” Karla teased, poking him in the side gently. “So you at least kissed her?”

“Yep.” Jason said, relaxing and grinning up at the ceiling. Even as turned as as he was, he found he liked spending time with Karla like this. He slid his hand down and cupped her ass; softly fondling his teacher’s firm buttocks.

“That was too easy I suppose.” Karla purred, tensing her ass-cheeks in his hands. “Did you get your hands on her little tits?”

“That too.” Jason smirked. He turned his face and kissed Karla affectionately on the crown of her head. “It will take a while if you go that slow.”

“Did the little minx suck your cock?” Karla asked, her tone faux-scandalised.

“She did.” Jason growled happily. He grabbed one of Karla’s hands and placed it over the bulge in his pants. She started to rhythmically squeeze him through the fabric.

“I hoped you returned the favour.” Karla said in a smokey voice. She dragged her fingernails lightly over the length of his cock. “How did she taste, Jason?”

“Incredible.” Jason gasped as he felt his teacher deftly undo the front of his pants. She slipped her hand inside and grasped his shaft firmly.

“I bet she did.” Karla whispered. “Jason—did you fuck her?”

“No.” Jason said gruffly, his mood darkening. Even though she wasn’t to know, he was still annoyed. “We were about to—our first time. I was ready and just about to go all the way … and then her parents got home.”

“Oh, no.” Karla said, her voice small and mortified. “I didn’t know—I didn’t mean to remind you —”

“And I had to sneak out.” Jason breathed out heavily, ignoring her. “And then I came home.”

“Oh, you poor thing.” Karla whispered. She gripped his cock tighter—propping herself up so she could look down into his face. “You must be so frustrated.”

“A little.” Jason said thickly, looking away from her concerned face. “It’s okay I guess.”

“No it isn’t.” Karla said firmly. She jacked her hand up and down his shaft a few times for emphasis. She leant down and kissed him lightly on the lips, whispering gently. “Jason, can I make you feel better?”

“Yes.” Jason growled, need filling him. Just talking about what had happened with Emma had reignited is feelings of frustration. That, coupled with the fact that this gorgeous and naked woman was in his bed, made his cock ache.

Karla kissed him lingeringly on the lips once more before sliding lithely down his body. She trailed kisses along his neck, sliding her hands up under his shirt to dig her nails lightly into his chest. She slid down off his bed until she was kneeling on the floor before him. Even though she couldn’t have known, he was reminded of Emma the night before. Karla hooked her fingers in the waistband of his pants and carefully pulled them down his legs. She undressed him tenderly—pressing her lips to the skin she uncovered—before taking her place between his thighs.

Karla wrapped both hands around his shaft, slowly pumping them up and down, before leaning forward and pressing her lips to the tip of his cock. She slowly let her lips part over the head of his dick—taking him into her warm mouth while her light blue eyes were fixed on his. When Jason groaned at the sensation, he felt her lips tighten in a pleased smile around his shaft.

“That feels so good.” Jason said hoarsely. He reached down and placed his hands on top of her head, taking hold firmly. Without really thinking he pulled Karla’s face towards his crotch—forcing more of his length into her mouth.

Karla readily allowed him to direct her—submissively letting her student slide more of his cock between her soft lips. She took his hands off his shaft and placed them lightly on the top of his thighs—passively letting him do whatever he wanted to her. Jason groaned again when he realised just how much control he had over his teacher in that moment.

He moved Karlas head up and down his cock—using the grip he had on her head to forcibly use her for his own pleasure. His teacher was still sucking his dick even though he was practically fucking her face—lathing her tongue over his shaft with desperate abandon all the while. Jason pulled her into him a little harder and he shuddered with lust when he felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat.

“Can I go deeper?” He asked hoarsely. He knew he could order her to and she would have no choice—but he wanted her to want it even more.

Karla couldn’t speak with her lips wrapped around his dick, but she fixed her piercing eyes on his. Her felt her mouth tighten in what could have been a smile, and she raised one hand off his thigh to give him the thumbs up—signalling that she was fine with whatever he wanted.

Jason cursed happily and pulled her face even harder into his crotch—thrusting upwards with his hips for the first time as well. There was a momentary feeling of pressure before he felt the tip of his cock find its way down his teacher’s throat. He held himself there for a moment—shivering with excitement—twining his fingers in Karla’s fine hair so as to get a better grip—before looking his teacher in the eyes and forcing his entire shaft into her throat.

“Fuck.” Jason breathed as he felt Karla’s lips around the base of his cock.

Karla’s eyes were wide and she was blinking water out of her eyes, but she stayed passively in place. He held himself in her throat for a few seconds before pulling her head up off his shaft. Karla took a deep breath and coughed a few times before looking questioningly up at him.

“Why’d you stop?” She asked him, her voice slightly rough.

“Are you okay?” Jason asked, concerned enough to check that it was alright to keep going. He was fairly sure he was on the verge of losing control of himself.

“Better than okay.” Karla said, her voice thick with lust. A shiver ran through her body. “You can do whatever you want to me, Jason.”

Submissive indeed, Jason thought—not for the first time.

He didn’t check or ask any more—he simply pulled Karla’s lovely face back into his crotch; his teacher parting her lips obediently and allowing his thick shaft to once again invade her slender throat.

Jason didn’t have any compunctions about what he was doing—now that he had allowed himself free rein, he simply used Karla’s throat as a tool to get off; thrusting his hips in time with pulling her down onto him in an almost savage fucking motion. He closed his eyes—thinking back on Emma and how she had looked when he was about to take her virginity. He thought about what Karla had endured at the hands of his mother the night before. He let all of his pent up emotions out—pounding his cock in and out of his young teacher’s throat.

When he looked back down at Karla, he saw that he face was beet red and her eyes were fluttering weakly. She looked like she was approaching the point of passing out, and yet she still allowed him to treat her this way.

Jason wasn’t proud of it, but the sight of his teacher in this condition actually aroused him more. If anything, he started fucking her face even harder—grunting with pleasure as his climax approached.

When he came, he did so with a loud yell—releasing all of this frustration at once. He held Karlas head tightly into him—his cock pulsing as she shot ropes of cum straight down her throat. When he finished, Jason pulled Karla off him quickly—letting her fall backwards onto her ass in front him; coughing and choking as she regained her breath.

Jason watched his teacher recover with slitted eyes—if anything, looking over her with fond eyes. The fact that he could do this with her—and she wasn’t scared of it like Sarah—was incredible. He didn’t regret giving her a Ring in the slightest, and thought it was well past time that he should permanently Bind her to him in the same way that he had his mother and aunt.

Jason’s attention was pulled from teacher when he head a light knock on his bedroom door. Before he could call out, it opened to reveal his mother—hovering just outside of his door, still unable to enter after he had told her not to enter his room.

Helen was wearing a robe so sheer that it was obvious that she was naked underneath it. Her face—initially questioning—relaxed into a welcoming smile when she saw her son looking at her. She frowned slightly when she took in the red-faced and coughing form of Karla on the floor between them.

“Jason.” Helen said lovingly. “I didn’t hear you get home, baby. I heard someone cry out from in your room and thought I better check. Can I come in?”

“I wanted some time alone.” Jason said, ignoring her question for the moment. He eyes his lovely and refined mother—picturing her doing the depraved acts that Karla had told him that she had done. Even so soon after fucking Karla’s throat, it still excited him.

“Of course, Jason.” Helen smiled, before frowning once more at the prone woman on the ground. “Did she interrupt you? I should have told her to leave you alone—I wanted to surprise you.”

“Surprise me?” Jason asked innocently.

“Yes, baby.” Helen said, licking her lips.

“Surprise me how?”

“I don’t want to ruin —” Helen began.

“Tell me.” Jason said firmly, echoing his words to Karla.

“Well, honey,” Helen said, an unconscious shiver of pleasure running through her. “I was showing the little slut her place last night—the best way to please you. I wanted to give you a show when you came home. She’s not perfect yet, but she has some promise.”

“Oh really?” Jason said, staring down at Karla. He felt ashamed when he saw her start to tremble at his mother’s words, but it didn’t stop his excitement from growing. It was his turn to lick his lips.

“I can show you if you like.” His mother said hesitantly. She had picked up on his obvious interest in her words. “You can just lay there and watch to start with, love. You can join in whenever you want.”

Jason saw that his mother was starting to breathe heavily. He had noticed this before when she had interacted with her sister—she hadn’t been this way a the start, but she was starting to show clear signs of arousal at the prospect of controlling and demeaning the other women in the house. He looked back to his teacher and saw that she was looking up at him with a pleading expression. It cut through him, and he would have almost been tempted to call the whole thing off until he noticed that she was starting to pant—her eyes glazing over as lust started to take hold.

“You can come in.” Jason said, his voice grating and rough. “Show me.”