The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 31

Author — Sidia

Jason lay on his bed without looking up at the door. He could hear the furtive sounds of his aunt creeping into his room—edging closer to him. He smiled to himself at her cautious approach; he did so enjoy how she acted around him.

Jason wasn’t sure how he was feeling right at that moment. He had been fucking Karla in the ass—an incredible experience that he didn’t think he had given as much emphasis to as he should have. On top of that, he had began to take his mother in her rear as well. A small shiver ran through him as he remembered what she had looked like on all fours—bent over and ready for him as he had started to force his cock past the tight ring of muscle.

But then Emma had called.

He was actually amazed at how quickly he had turned his attention from sodomising his mother to talking to his girlfriend. It really said a lot about how he felt about her that she could pull his focus like that so quickly. He gave a crooked smile at the thought of trying to explain to Emma that he liked her so much that simply talking to her made him forget about fucking his mother in the ass.

That would be one hell of an interesting conversation.

He sensed a presence standing by his bed and turned his head to look. Sarah was standing next to him; lovely and subdued—the barest hint of a tremble in her limbs. She was naked—that was pretty standard these days in this house—and she had her arms crossed in front of her belly.

Jason eyed his aunt speculatively. He had asked his mother to send Sarah into his room on a whim—he hadn’t actually planned anything. Still—she did look lovely standing there in the dim light of his room.

“Come here.” Jason said easily, moving towards the other side of the bed so that there was room for his aunt to join him. He was suddenly feeling very tired—there were worse things he could be doing than holding a sexy woman in his arms while drifting off to sleep.

Sarah nodded once to her nephew without speaking. She gracefully slid herself onto the bed; turning to face away from Jason before shifting herself backwards until he was spooning her. Jason placed an arm around her waist—resting his hand on her smooth belly. He took a deep breath into her hair and playfully pressed his hips into her rounded buttocks.

He felt her tense and smiled to himself—her reactions always made him feel so … powerful. Jason wasn’t fully hard anymore, but he was sure his aunt could still feel his cock pressing between her ass-cheeks.

“How are you, Sarah?” Jason murmured softy. He moved his hand idly around—trailing his fingertips over the soft and vulnerable skin of her stomach.

“Fine.” Sarah replied in a small and tight voice. Even though her voice remained tense, Jason could feel her body began to relax as he caressed her gently. “I thought you’d be busy all night.”

“Why’s that?” Jason asked curiously. He was now dragging his fingertips from her hips up to just under her breasts.

“I could hear you.” Sarah said, her voice going a little breathless as her nephew ran his hand over her torso. “It sounded like you were in for a long night.”

“Did you want to join in?” Jason teased her gently. This was such a big change from how he used to to interact with her. He still found it arousing to abuse and torment her in some ways—but he truly didn’t feel any antagonism towards his aunt anymore.

“No!” Sarah said explosively, shuddering slightly.

“You say that, but you forget how I’ve seen you.” Jason said playfully. “I’ve seen how hard you cum when you’re subjected to —”

Jason slipped his hand higher up to cup one of her breasts. He squeezed it firmly—just on the verge of being painful.

“— some more extreme fun.” He finished. He heard his aunt gasp and moan—whether at his words or his manhandling of her breasts he didn’t know. He relaxed his grip on her tit and started to fondle it more gently. “I know how much you like it.”

“It’s not that I like it.” Sarah mumbled. She placed her hand over his and gripped his fingers tightly as he groped her breast.

“Really?” Jason asked, surprised. He knew from experience how hard his aunt came when he was being rough with her—hell, even from when his mother was being rough with her. He looked at the Ring on his finger; ever since he had claimed his aunt permanently as his, the colour of her gems hadn’t altered in the slightest. She couldn’t lie to him. “What do you mean?”

“I like being with you.” Sarah said in a breathless and tiny voice. “That’s all.”

“I see.” Jason said distantly. Such a turn around. He kissed Sarah absently on the back of the neck—feeling the shiver than ran through her body against his own. He thought that perhaps he hadn’t been entirely correct in his assumptions on how all these different bindings worked. He had assumed that the various attributes that were chosen were how the woman liked to be treated—that it was how they wanted to be treated. But maybe that wasn’t quite right. It was how they responded to him, sure. But could it be that they wanted to be with him because he was the one who had bound them? That while they responded to Jason that way—particularly when he increased the strength of a various attribute—that wasn’t all there was to it? “I see.”

Jason rolled onto his back, taking his hands off his aunt’s body. It made sense actually. Complete sense. Couldn’t he laugh and talk with Karla almost like normal one minute—even get relationship advice from her—and then use her like a submissive toy the next? That their were two sides to how they acted meant that he had been the one projecting and forcing his mother and aunt to act a certain way.

When he had first bound Sarah, he had used and ordered his aunt around like she truly was some timid and broken sex-crazed slut. He should have realised that that wasn’t the case from moments like the time she had snuck into his room uninvited. Sarah definitely responded strongly to stimuli that stoked her fear—but there had been moments of almost tenderness between them that belied that.

As for his mother—had he shown any interest at all in her since he had accepted the fact that he had bound her besides sex? Was it any wonder that she was focused so strongly on providing increasingly depraved carnal experiences for her son when that was all he had ever shown interest in?

Jason remembered the stumbling first steps he had taken with his mother—the excitement of their ‘dates’ on the couch and the building anticipation between them—and contrasted that memory to how he had acted with her ever since. He had been viewing his mother’s behaviour as first a problem and then as an exciting kink for so long that he had missed the point entirely—her behaviour was his fault.

He felt the harsh prickle of unshed tears in his eyes as he realised the closest he had been to being tender with his mother had been tonight when he had started to sodomise her. He had been so focused on the increasing perversity of his mother that he had completely missed the fact that it was him. It was all on him.

His mother, aunt, and teacher were bound to him—not the other way around.

“Jason?” Sarah asked hesitantly. She turned around and propped herself up on one elbow so she could look down at him. “Are you alright?”

“Shit.” Jason said, giving out a long shuddering sigh. “I’m really sorry, Sarah.”

“What?” His aunt said, surprise evident.

Jason slipped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her into his side. She tensed initially at this unexpected movement but relaxed far quicker than she usually did. He could feel her breasts press into his chest, and she draped an arm across his torso—nestle her head in under his arm.

“I’ve treated you pretty badly—haven’t I?” Jason said softly, his lips nestling against the hair on the top of her head.

“Um. Not really.” Sarah said in a strange voice. She flexed her fingers—pressing them lightly into his chest. “Um. What’s wrong?”

“I have.” Jason insisted. It was all so obvious to him now. “I’ve been cruel—only thinking about myself. I haven’t been … gentle with you—have I?”

“Oh.” Sarah said softly. Her soft lips were resting on his chest and they tickled him as she spoke. “It’s been … good as well though.”

“Really?” Jason said, somewhat incredulously. He raised his head so he could see her better. From his angle he couldn’t see all of her face but from what he could see he could tell she was blushing slightly.

“Yeah.” Sarah said. “What Helen—when I was with your mother, when you gave me to her for the night, I didn’t like what she was doing to me. At all.”

“Oh. I thought you liked it.” Jason said quietly. “I’m really sorry—I’ll make sure you don’t have to go through anything like that again.”

Sarah gave an exasperated sigh and propped herself up again so she could look her nephew in the face.

“Look, I don’t want to go on about it.” She said awkwardly. Her face was bright red and she caught her bottom lip in her teeth. “I don’t know how to say it. But all that stuff. Everything that’s been done to me —”

She leant done suddenly and kissed him hard. Jason was stunned as his aunt’s soft lips enveloped his own.

“— and I mean everything.” She continued firmly. “If it’s you. I like it.”

Finished with her speech, Sarah buried her head against his chest once more to hide her flaming red face.

“Everything …” Jason said softly, mostly to himself. Even though he hadn’t been directing his words towards her, he felt his aunt mutely nod her head in agreement. “Still, I’m sorry for not realising. I’ll do better. With all of you.”

Jason found that he meant it. And it didn’t necessarily mean he would have to suddenly start being all virtuous; just that he had to be more aware of his impact on the women. He figured that Karla hadn’t had a ring long enough for him to do any great damage to her—even though he suddenly realised to his discomfort that she was currently enjoying his mother’s tender mercies right at this moment. All things considered, it was amazing that he hadn’t permanently screwed his aunt up with how he had treated her. That she was currently laying pressed up against him in his bed and they were having a normal (for them anyway) conversation was nothing short of miraculous.

No, the real problem he had caused was how his mother viewed Jason and his sex life.

Jason felt a bit overwhelmed at everything he was going to have to deal with—it wasn’t just the problems he had caused with the Rings, it was his upcoming plans with Emma—how was he going to reconcile his girlfriend in with his lifestyle? But then again, if he started treating his women properly—and not just using them like they were one-dimensional sex objects—maybe it would be okay. In retrospect Jason now realised he had gone a bit sex-mad with all the possibilities at his disposal. Hopefully it wasn’t too late too start acting responsibly and to put things right.

“I’m going to do better.” He said again. He raised his hand and gently stroked his aunt’s hair. Starting now, he was going to put things right. “I promise.”

He had just pressed his lips to Sarah’s hair to give her a soft kiss when she interrupted him with words that shocked him to his core.

“Jason. I think I’m pregnant.”

Sarah’s quiet words made him freeze instantly and he went absolutely rigid. All the fantasising they had done—all the times his mother had stoked his arousal at the taboo thought of knocking up his aunt—and he was completely unprepared for the reality of it. It had always seemed like it was just a hot idea to think about—and nothing more.

“… Jason? Are you alright?” Sarah’s concerned voice eventually reached him.

“Uh, sorry.” He said numbly. “I think I blanked out there for a second. Uh—are you sure?”

“Pretty sure.” His aunt said. He couldn’t’ tell what she was feeling from her voice. It sounded too conflicted for him to pick out. “I’m well past being late.”

“I see.” Jason said. While he truthfully had no idea what to think about this development, his body clearly had other ideas.

He had a raging erection ever since Sarah had said she was pregnant.

It was a fact that hadn’t escaped his aunt either. Jason jumped when he felt her slender hand wrap around his shaft. Neither of them said a word as she very gently gripped him and then jacked him up and down just once.

Without even realising it Jason rolled over and moved on top of Sarah—hovering his body over her far smaller one. His aunt had squeaked in surprise at his sudden move, and while her eyes were wide with apprehension, she reached out and trailed her fingernails down along the muscles of his chest.

Jason panted as he stared down at the lovely woman below him. He was struck anew at how she wasn’t all the much older than him—only a handful of years difference between them. Looking at her tight and fit body—not quite as curved as her older sister but still mouthwateringly sexy—and he could barely image what she would look like pregnant. Another thought stuck him that he had been poised above Emma like this just this morning. A brief fancy of getting his slender girlfriend pregnant made him shiver.

He stared fixedly at Sarah’s taut stomach—tracing the abdominal muscles he could see with his eyes—and tried to picture what it would look like when she started swelling; getting larger and larger as her pregnancy advanced.

When he imagined having sex with her—his sexy aunt riding his cock with a large and pronounced swollen belly—it was too much. The thought was making him ache.

“Put me in.” Jason whispered hoarsely. “Put me inside you now.”

“Yes!” Sarah hissed, her eyes closed to almost slits.

She reached down between them and gripped his cock once more in her small hand. His aunt lifted her knees and tilted her pelvis to give him the best angle, before moving his shaft to the right spot. She had barely got him in place when Jason thrust forward and buried himself within her molten depths.

“Oh, fuck.” Sarah whimpered at how her nephew had so quickly stretched out her pussy. “So big. So good.”

She wrapped her legs around his waist tightly—trying to pull him in even deeper inside of her. She reached upwards and linked her arms around his neck—hanging on for dear life. Jason was reminded of the first time he had actually fucked his aunt—in many ways it was quite similar except that he wasn’t trying scare her with how rough he was being.

That didn’t mean that he couldn’t spice things up for her by fucking her hard however. His new realisations coupled with the absurd thrill of finding out she was pregnant meant that when Jason readied himself to thrust back into her he did it hard enough to make her breathless.

“Oh, fuck!” Sarah wailed this time as her nephew thrust into her hard enough to make her body shake.

“How—long.” Jason gasped as he rutted away into Sarah’s pussy. He felt closer too her than he ever had. The tips of her hard nipples were rubbing against his chest with every thrust and her body felt delicious beneath his own.

“For what?” Sarah gasped as well. She leaned upwards and pressed her face into the crook of his neck—scraping her teeth lightly along his collarbone.

“Until—until you start showing.” Jason groaned, closing his eyes.

“Not for a few months yet.” Sarah murmured.

Jason opened his eyes wide—his aunt’s tone had been light and … amused. He hadn’t heard her sound like that in forever. When he looked down into her face though there was no trace of laughter in her expression. Her face was flushed with need and her mouth was open slightly as she panted.

He leant down and pressed his lips to his aunt’s kissing her with far more passion than he ever had before. Their tongues entwined and wrestled with each other as he continued to thrust into her.

A strange thing happened though the longer they kissed. Jason found he was subconsciously slowing his pace—fucking into his aunt with gentler motions. Sarah, for her part, had started to gently twine her fingers into his hair as she rocked her hips in time with her nephews thrusts.

They continued kissing as they fucked into each other, and even though he had cum so many times that day already and by rights should have lasted for a long time, Jason began to feel the rising swell of his climax beginning deep inside him.

“I’m going to cum soon.” He whispered hoarsely, breaking their kiss. He felt his aunt tighten her thighs around his waist at his words.

“Me too.” She whispered, moaning softly.

“I guess it doesn’t matter if I cum inside you now.” Jason quirked his mouth into a half-smile.

“No, it doesn’t.” Sarah said softly.

To Jason’s surprise her mouth also quirked upwards into a smile—it was so at odds at how he had ever seen her. His impending orgasm made him speed up his thrusts again but this time he wasn’t trying to be hard out of some desire to stimulate her bindings. He was simply incredibly turned on and desperately needed to cum.

“Fill me, Jason.” Sarah whispered. She leant up and kissed him softly under the jaw. “I want your cum inside me.”

“Oh, fuck.” Jason panted as he thrust into her rapidly. He could feel the sweat pouring off his brow. “So close …”

“Oh, yes!” Sarah hissed. She shuddered and then went rigid—clamping her grip around her nephew with crushing force. “Cumming, Jason!”

“So—ah! Good!” Jason groaned before he shuddered and started to cum inside her.

Jason panted as he rutted the final few times into Sarah—pumping all his cum deep inside her pussy. When done he fell forward onto her before rolling to one side—completely exhausted and overwhelmed.

The last thing he was aware of before he fell asleep was Sarah pressing her body against him and softly stroking his forehead.