The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 32

Author — Sidia

Jason blinked blearily around his room as he slowly came awake.

All things considered it had been one hell of a weekend and he wasn’t surprised at all to find that he hadn’t stirred even once during the night. Sarah lay cuddled up to his side breathing steadily as she slept on, covered only by a thin sheet. Jason looked down along his aunt’s body at the rise and fall of her curves draped by the bedsheets in a most pleasing manner. He was feeling a strong swell of tenderness towards Sarah at the moment that was a bit of a new sensation for him.

Over all the weeks since he had first bound his aunt with a Ring, his attitude towards her had changed a great deal. Jason still remembered the almost visceral sense of disgust with himself he’d had during the first steps he’d taken sexually with her. He’d almost been unable to stand the thought of kissing her! In the end though, her insanely sexy body had won out and Jason’s aunt had been his ‘first’ for many things.

Jason had been an inexperienced virgin before his time with Sarah; the fact that she would always be important to him for that reason was something that had never fully occurred to him before. The reason was that it had taken Jason quite a while to get over his intense dislike of his mother’s younger sister. For example he actually felt little bad now at remembering how hard he had spanked her at the start of his journey. Remembering all the subsequent depravity that had been inflicted on her didn’t actually bother him nearly as much—probably because there hadn’t been that sense of anger involved afterwards.

Jason’s revelations last night meant he had to change a lot about how he had been acting with the women he had bound to him. He was genuinely surprised with himself that he had let everything escalate to the point that it had. His only excuse was that he had allowed himself to be completely caught up in all the heady sexual possibilities; becoming almost like a passenger instead of the one holding the reins. Jason had spent so long lamenting the fact that his mother had been trying to take control of his life and his women that he had been blinded to the obvious; Helen wasn’t a one-dimensional character.

None of them were.

Jason affectionately stroked his aunt’s soft hair, reminded of the fact that she had been the one to make him understand this. The women to whom he had given a Silver Ring were inextricably bound and drawn to him—that was patently obvious. Jason’s mistake had been to treat them as though they were nothing more than expressions of the attributes that were chosen … when in truth that was only the barest part of it.

In retrospect his mother’s behaviour should have given him a clue to that fact. As she was now, Helen was hardly the epitome of Love and Obedience; she had learnt how to act from him. Her recent actions diverged so far from the loving and affectionate woman she had been when he had first given her the Ring that it actually made him feel sick in the pit of his stomach. His first time with his mother had been almost magical in how perfectly sexy it had been … but ever since that first time he had barely shown her any affection; first simply using her and fucking her every moment he had, and then only showing interest in her when she devised increasingly depraved acts for him to ‘enjoy’.

What he had come to realise last night was very true—it was all on him.

As Jason continued to stroke his aunt’s hair and she began to slowly awake, he again marvelled that he had managed to do so little damage to her psyche. He wondered if it was in part because it had been her older sister who had done most of extreme things to her—and Sarah was unable to be influenced behaviour-wise by Helen; only obeying her because her nephew had told her to. Even the biggest and most life-altering change that had occurred to her had been mostly at Helen’s instigation; Jason had finally managed to impregnate his aunt.

Jason let his hand slip under the sheet and he lightly stroked and played with the silken skin on her belly. He found that he couldn’t wait for his aunt to start swelling with child. His child.

Although that didn’t sound quite right to him somehow. His new feelings of tenderness towards his aunt notwithstanding, he just couldn’t picture himself being the father of her baby. The baby seemed like it was more a part of her—not of him. Jason wondered if he felt this way because he had never really considered having children before, or if it was something to do with the control he had over Sarah. Whatever it was, to Jason it seemed more important and relevant that his aunt was pregnant rather than the fact that he was going to be a father.

“I told you I won’t show for a while.” Sarah mumbled sleepily, raising her head and looking up at her nephew with eyes that were closed to almost slits. The note of happiness and contentment in her voice was still new and surprising.

“I know you did.” Jason murmured, leaning down and pressing his lips to the crown of her head affectionately.

He let his hand wander further down until he reached the junction of her legs. Sarah obligingly parted her soft thighs slightly to give her nephew access and Jason contented on until his fingers were gently stroking the smooth slit of her sex. He smiled to himself in satisfaction when he heard her almost purr in response to his touch. Jason was viewing her in a completely different light now—she was no longer just a plaything that only had value in acting out new perversions. She was so much more than that, and it was now patently obvious to him that she could react to him in so many ways other than simply being afraid of him.

The strange part was that while he was now aware of this, he still had no moral qualms or compunctions about treating her that way in the future. Simply by being aware that she was more than just a fearful little slut seemed to be enough. As long as he didn’t lose sight again about who she was, there wasn’t any problem with indulging.

“That feels nice.” Sarah said, panting a little as Jason slid his finger between the sensitive lips of her pussy.

“It certainly does.” Jason smiled as he dipped his finger a little deeper inside of her. He glanced over at his phone to check the time and saw that there was still a few hours left before he had to go to school. Even though who would have liked nothing more than to lay in bed with Sarah—among other things—he felt he should be responsible and go and check on his mother and Karla. Especially after everything he had realised last night. “I’m going to go check on the other’s before I get ready for school. Do you want to stay here?”

“Mmmhmm.” Sarah murmured as she stretched out luxuriously. “If I can I might stay here a little longer if I can. Then I’ll go take a shower.”

“Of course you can stay here.” Jason said, leaning down and pressing her mouth to hers in a quick kiss. “I might join you in the shower afterwards.”

Pausing long enough to pull a pair of track pants on, Jason opened his bedroom door and stepped out into the hall. He originally intended to head down towards his mother’s room but he paused at hearing the sounds of movement downstairs. Turning around instead to the stairs, Jason walked down to find whoever it was who was making the noise.

It was Helen who was up—she was busying herself in the kitchen and Jason paused for a moment in nostalgia to see his mother dressed in her tight workout clothes. He hadn’t actually been in anything remotely resembling a normal routine for weeks now and it was almost jarring to see his mother getting ready to head to the class she was running.

Remembering all that he had been doing wrong with his mother lately, Jason walked up to the unaware Helen and gently hugged her from behind. He felt his mother tense for a moment in surprise before she relaxed against him. He pressed his face into her hair and took a deep breath of the flowery shampoo she used.

“Good morning, lover.” Helen said, surprised pleasure in her voice at the unexpected embrace.

“Morning.” Jason said softly, tightening his arm around her waist slightly. He felt his mother lean forward and press her toned rear backwards into his crotch, and he shivered pleasurably at the sensation of her lycra-covered ass pushing into him.

This was nice, Jason thought. It was a shadow of what they once had, but if he could still resurrect a relationship with Sarah after all that had happened, he should surely be able to fix what he had turned his mother into. He just had to be light on emphasising the Bindings—instead he would show her that he could still interact with her in ways that weren’t just perversely sexual.

“I didn’t want to wake you, Jason.” His mother said softly, wriggling her buttocks against his crotch. Jason could hear the smile in her voice when she felt his cock begin to harden between her cheeks. “I’ve been up for a while. I’m glad I got to see you before I had to leave though.”

“Me too.” Jason said, his voice a little strangled at what she was doing. He shifted his arm arms around her waist upwards a little so that his forearm was pressing up against the underside of her breasts. “We don’t spend much time together lately.”

“What are you talking about, sweetie.” Helen asked her son in an amused tone. “We’ve been having a lot of fun together lately remember.”

“Yeah.” Jason said uncomfortably. “I meant just us though.”

“I suppose you’re right, sweetie.” Helen said. “But I am happy if you’re happy.”

She turned around in his embrace and snaked her arms up around his neck; standing on her toes so that she could press her soft lips against his mouth in a lingering kiss.

“I thought we might have a night on the couch.” Jason said, breaking the delicious kiss after a moment. “You know, like we used to.”

“Oh.” Helen blinked for a moment up at her son. Then her face softened into a pleased and genuine smile—the kind that Jason hadn’t seen for too long. “I—I’d like that, Jason.”

“Good.” Jason said, his heart feeling lighter than it had for a long time. He leant down and kissed his mother back, placing his hands on her rump and sinking his fingers into her buttocks as he felt her tongue swipe teasingly along his own.

“… should we have the girls down with us as well?” Helen said a little breathlessly as she broke the kiss. She gave Jason a wicked little smirk. “That could be fun.”

“Wouldn’t you prefer just the too of us?” Jason asked a little desperately. He know he could simply order her to do what he wanted, but the way she had picked up on his subconscious desires seemed to have had a more lasting effect. If possible he would like to change her back using the same method.

“Of course!” His mother said, reaching up and patting him affectionately on the cheek. “But it doesn’t matter what I want, does it? I was actually thinking that Sarah is probably too used to that little toy we have—what do you think of the idea of me stopping on the way home and getting an upgrade for her? We could watch some tv together as a family before introducing her to her new ‘little’ friend.”

“What—no!” Jason said, ignoring the rise of excitement he felt at what his mother was suggesting. It really drove home to him that he was the driving force in what had been happening in his home. Still, he felt a bit uncomfortable at how attractive he found her proposal. He took a deep breath and decided to just take the plunge with his news; maybe it would take some of the pressure off his aunt. “Look, I mean—maybe some other time. It would be best if Sarah took it easy from now on. She—well, she think’s she pregnant.”

Helen stared up her son with her mouth slightly ajar for a few seconds—her expression unreadable. Jason’s heart was in his mouth as he tried to work out what his mother was thinking—what her reaction would be to the news that he had impregnated his aunt.

“Oh, that’s fantastic news!” She burst out all of a sudden, hugging him fiercely. “Congratulations on getting the little slut pregnant! I knew you could do it, baby!”

“Um.” Jason said dumbly.

“I can’t wait to see the look on her face.” Helen snickered, smirking to herself. “She looked down on me for years for having you—now she can deal with it. Oh, her life is going to be such a mess being your little breeding toy. Do you think she would like a cake? Something like ‘congratulations for being such a whore’ would suit I think.”

“No!” Jason said taking an explosive breath and stepping back from his mother. This wasn’t what he wanted at all—now that it had happened he no longer wanted to make Sarah scared of getting pregnant. He hadn’t wanted to use a direct order with his mother—he had intended to gradually undo as much as the damage that he could by showing her other ways to ‘please’ him—but he didn’t want her abusing her little sister either. Still, perhaps it was a good sign in a weird way; from part of what his mother had said it wasn’t all just about doing what her son wanted—it sounded like there had been some deeply buried feelings there about how Sarah had acted and treated his mother since he had been born. “Just—look, leave Sarah alone unless I say otherwise. Okay?”

“Oh.” Helen said, deflating a little and blinking as he gave her a direct command. “Of course, Jason. If that’s what you want.”

“Good.” Jason took a deep breath.

“Can I still buy some toys though?” Helen asked. She held up her hands at the look on his face. “We don’t have to use them unless you want to! I’d just like to have them though. It’s better to have them and not need them instead of wishing they were available isn’t it?”

“I guess …” Jason said slowly. He didn’t exactly want to encourage her, but more toys wouldn’t be a bad thing would it?

“I could even get a selection, baby.” Helen purred, more confident now that he seemed to be coming around. “Think about it—we could have them all arranged by size and type … go in and select one and then decide who we can use it on.”

She reached down between them and gently cupped his hardening cock through his track pants—skilfully massaging the outline of his shaft.

“You can decide when we use them.” She whispered in a sultry voice. “Who gets to ‘take’ them.”

“… alright.” Jason said hoarsely. He was really horny now and angry with himself at the same time. Did he really have no self control at all?

“I knew you would like the idea, baby.” His mother purred. She squeezed him a little harder, smiling in satisfaction at the strange groan that escaped him.

Jason reached for his mother and crushed her to his chest—breathing hard. He took two handfuls of her lycra-covered ass; groping and moving the firm buttocks around in his grip. He dug his fingers under the top of her pants and started to peel them down over the curves of her hips.

“I wish I had time, lover.” Helen said, her voice a little higher than before with the obvious sound of arousal in her voice. “But I have to leave to get to my classes.”

“What?” Jason asked incredulously.

“Don’t worry, baby—I’m still going to look after you.” Helen promised, gasping softly as her son manhandled her ass. “I was going to wake you up and tell you before I left, but this is better. I’ve got a present waiting for you in my room.”

“A present?” Jason asked, nonplussed.

“Yes.” Helen winked. “In fact you might want to go check on it soon—or she’ll be late for work.”

“What —” Jason began before realising his mother was talking about his teacher. He had told her that she could have Karla last night—something he probably shouldn’t have done. Luckily though, if what Sarah had experienced had been the norm, whatever his mother did to the younger women wouldn’t adversely affect her; it only counted if he was the one doing it. Which wasn’t to say that he trusted his mother to not overly abuse his teacher. “What did you do?”

“Oh, we had so much fun last night.” Helen smirked. She gently extracted herself from her son’s arms before kissing him wetly on the neck. “I really have to run, but go and check on her soon will you? I’m positive you’re going to enjoy yourself! And dont worry—I’ll make sure to pick us up some good toys today!”

With one last kiss, Helen adjusted her tights back to being respectable and gathered her things; smiling at Jason as she left him alone in the kitchen.

Jason stared after his mother, not knowing what to think. He had thought things were going well and to plan! That there was some progress being made … but it looked like it would take longer than he thought. He couldn’t realistically expect to undo weeks worth of damage all at once. He rubbed at his uncomfortably hard cock and shifted his gaze upwards to where his teacher waited in his mother’s bedroom.

He wrestled with himself for a moment about what to do; he was pretty horny and really wanted to fuck before he had to go to school—but he was unsure about whether he should take his mother up on … whatever it was that she had done to his teacher.

In the end he decided he should do the right thing and tell Karla that she could leave. It wasn’t too late yet, but he figured his teacher might need to go home first before she went to the school; he didn’t want to make her late.

Sighing in annoyance—thinking that he might go and join Sarah in the shower for some fun before he left—Jason headed up the stairs towards his mother’s bedroom.

When Jason opened the door and stepped inside he just stared.

The curtains were pulled back and the morning light illuminated the room in a cheerful manner. The bed was freshly made and the room itself looked absolutely spotless. However, there was one aspect that was so out of place it was jarring.

Karla was in the middle of the room—posed in a way that caused maximum impact. She was on the floor on her knees with her face pressed into the floorboards. Her arms were bound together and stretched underneath her so that her hands reached down past her knees. The bindings on her wrists were also attached to restraints that were on her legs so that she was completely unable to right herself; locked into a position of being completely and utterly available. Her thighs were posed widely apart and she was stark naked. She was also gagged and there was what looked like a small vibratoer inserted into her pussy. Karla’s eyes were scrunched tightly closed and muffled grunts emanated from her throat as she clenched and tensed the muscles of her thighs and buttocks.

Jason could see that his teacher’s porcelain skin was marred with even more marks and lightly raised red welts—so it was obvious that his mother had taken some time to slap and whip her at some point during the night. He didn’t see it at first, but there was also globs of some shiny and viscous fluid around Karla’s anus and Jason swallowed when he realised that his mother had lubed up the younger woman’s asshole—preparing her for him.

Jason stared for a long moment at his oblivious teacher—his heart rate rising the longer he took in the depraved spectacle. His confliction rapidly fading, Jason hurriedly stepped out of his track pants and gripped his rock-hard shaft in his fist—pumping it a few times as he stared at his teacher’s vulnerable rear.

He walked forward as if in a daze and got down on his knees between Karla’s parted legs. Now he was closer he could hear the incessant buzzing noise of the vibrator going to work in her pussy. Shifting forward on his knees, his heart hammering in excitement, Jason lined up his cock and placed the head against the lubed-up ring of muscle; getting ready to mount his teacher.

Karla twitched wildly at the unexpected touch and rolled her head to the side as much as she could to see who it was. She made some muffled attempts at words through her gag, but Jason ignored her. With one long and ruthless push, Jason buried the entire length of his shaft inside of Karla’s ass. The tight ring tried to keep him out, but with all the lubrication his mother had provided for him, it was no match for his invading cock.

Jason groaned in pleasure at the sensation of the tight ring sliding along his shaft—not stopping until he felt his teacher’s soft buttocks pressed against his thighs. Then he began to fuck her.

It was rough and animalistic sex; Jason gave out loud and ragged gasps as he mercilessly sodomised Karla. Her whole body shook wildly with the force of his thrusting and he could hear her frantic breathing as she tried to get enough air through her nose.

Jason barely noted it when Karla tensed and her skin along her back flushed a bright red as she climaxed from what he was doing—he was too intent upon his own pleasure. He was staring down intently at the sight of his shaft rapidly sliding in and out of her ass—watching the hypnotic sight of her buttocks rippling with the force he was using to slam into her. When he came it was with a loud and gasping grunt—digging his fingers with bruising force into her ass-cheeks as he held himself as deep as he could inside her; spewing his seed into her bowels.

Jason fell backwards away from his gently twitching and spasming teacher—trying to catch his breath. Whatever he intended to do about his mother, if he was honest with himself he didn’t want to stop this sort of thing from happening.

After taking a few minutes to recover, Jason hauled himself to his feet and went about untying and freeing his teacher.