The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 33

Author — Sidia

“Are you alright?” Jason asked Karla. He had finally managed to undo the knot that bound her wrists down to her ankles. He wasn’t sure if his mother had purposely tied it so tight or (and this was far more likely) if it was the result of the rough and brutal pounding he had just given his teacher.

“Better than alright.” Karla said as she rolled onto her back and pulled the gag out of her mouth. She looked up at Jason and gave him a weary but pleased smile. “I’m sore—but in a very good way.”

“Glad to hear it.” Jason smiled down at her. He held his hand out. “Do you think you can stand?”

“I’m not that fragile.” Karla said, giving him a half-smile and taking his hand. That said, when Jason pulled her to her feet she stumbled and might have fallen if he hadn’t caught her. “Sorry.”

“Don’t mention it.” Jason said. He pressed his lips to her forehead affectionately. “How long were you like that?”

“Long enough that it was getting old.” Karla said flatly, pursing her lips. Then her smile returned and she tilted her head to kiss the side of his jaw. “But it was worth it in the end, Jason.”

“I’m glad.” Jason said. He looked down into his teacher’s lovely face and thought back upon all the revelations he’d had with his aunt. The spark and life in Karla’s eyes were impossible to miss and Jason wondered again if his predilection towards seeing his women as simple facets of desire had been entirely in his head. “Still, I won’t do that to you again.”

“Why not?” Karla asked, sounding a little shocked.

“Huh?” Jason said, confused.

“Didn’t you like taking me like that?” Karla continued, sounding a little hesitant. She gave him a crooked smile. “I would have sworn that you did.”

“Oh—of course I did!” Jason laughed before getting serious. “I meant I wouldn’t give you to my mother like that again. The rest …”

Jason put his hand on the small of his teacher’s back and let it wander down until he was cupping one of her pert ass-cheeks. He squeezed it firmly, sinking his fingers deep into her buttock until Karla gave a short gasp.

“… let’s just say that if we had more time I would show you just how much I liked it.”

“Good. I’ll hold you to that, Jason.” Karla smiled, wriggling her body in pleasure against his. She then gave him a serious look. “And as for the other … considering where it finished up I’m not going to complain too much.”

“I see.” Jason said, giving her a somewhat weak smile. He studied her face but couldn’t work out if she truly meant that or not. He covertly held up his hand behind her head and studied his ring; the gem for Lust was shining brightly—not really a surprise all things considered—but the gem for Obedience wasn’t anywhere near as bright. Jason supposed that he hadn’t been giving her too many orders so it made sense. Still, it was more than past the point that he should take the next step and claim her as his. “I’m glad you feel that way—I really am. And I’m not changing the subject, but we should really get you ready and out the door.”

“Is that right?” Karla said, grinning impishly at him. “Careful or I might get offended …”

Karla happened to glance past Jason to where a clock hung on the wall and her face went white when she saw what it said.

“Is that the time!” Karla yelped, turning and looking wildly around the room. “Shit, I’m going to be so late! I still have to pick my lesson plans up from my apartment before class starts. Do you know where my —”

“Your clothes are in my room I think.” Jason said, taking her by the shoulders to quieten her. “It’s not too late yet. Do you want to take a shower here or back at yours?”

“Mine I think.” Karla said, biting her bottom lip. “I wish I had time for a shower here though. With you of course.”

“Me too.” Jason said, leaning down and kissing her briefly. “But we can after school.”

“I know.” Karla said. “I wouldn’t mind some time for just the two of us though.”

“That’s what I meant.” Jason smiled. “Why don’t I come over to your place after school today?”

“My place?” Karla said, surprised.

“Why not?” Jason asked. “You can show me around. And I would like to spend some time alone with you as well.”

“Oh, Jason.” Karla said softly. She snaked her arms around his neck and pulled herself up so that she could kiss him thoroughly, her bare breasts flattening against his chest. “That would be really nice.”

“I hope so.” Jason said softly. He trailed his fingers down along the curve of her spine. “Give me the address and I’ll come by an hour or so after school finishes.”

“Jason!” Emma yelled out playfully as she threw herself into his arms. She had been waiting for him halfway on his walk to school.

“Hey Em.” Jason murmured, unable to stop the grin from his face as she rained kisses down on him. “It’s nice to see you too.”

“Only nice?” Emma said archly. She looked around to check no one was watching before reaching down between them and pressing her palm onto the bulge at the front of his pants. “Oh good. This tells me you think it’s more than just nice.”

“Shit, Emma.” Jason muttered, unable to stop a small groan at the sensation of her small hand exploring the outline of his dick. “This isn’t exactly private.”

“Why don’t you take me somewhere private then?” She giggled, taking a dancing step away from him and twitching the bottom of her skirt coyly.

“See, you really are a bad influence.” Jason grinned. “That’s tomorrow—remember.”

“Tomorrow.” Emma sighed theatrically. “That’s ages away.”

“Tell me about it.” Jason agreed, unable to keep the happy grin off his face at the fact that his girlfriend seemed to want their first time together to happen as much as he did. “Still want to skip the whole school day?”

“Yes.” Emma grinned. “But I’ll find out today if I can.”

“Fingers crossed.” Jason grinned back.

“Dirty boy.” Emma laughed. “You just want to have your way with me.”

“I won’t deny that.” Jason smirked. “But if we are talking dirty, who was just groping who?”

“A gentleman wouldn’t point that out.” Emma said primly.

“Tell me if you spot one.” Jason laughed.

“Yeah yeah—you’ve said that before.” Emma teased. “Come on, we better get a move on.”

They walked in silence for a while, but not the uncomfortable kind. Their swinging hands naturally found one another and their fingers entwined. They exchanged small smiles at each other as they neared the school.

“Hey Jason.” Emma said all at once. “You know when school ends …?”

“When we finally escape from here?” Jason said, even though he didn’t exactly feel that way anymore. His desire to get out of town and start somewhere new had originally been stoked by his miserable home life and his guilty feelings of attraction towards his mother—neither of which really applied anymore. “What about it?”

“Well …” Emma hedged, looking shy for once. “You know how we talked about going to the same college …?”

“More than talked about.” Jason said easily. “We applied remember.”

“Yeah.” Emma laughed. “You know what I mean. We talked about going to the same place before we—well, before we started seeing each other.”

Jason thought about teasing her, but then he noted the serious expression on her face.

“It doesn’t change anything.” Jason said. “Does it?”

“Not in a bad way!” Emma said. “Shit, sorry I’m probably getting ahead of myself. Forget I mentioned it.”

“Oh.” Jason said. He thought about it for a few moments. “Are you talking about living together?”

Emma gaped at him for a moment and slowly turned bright red—a startling change considering her already flaming hair colour. Seeing his girlfriend’s reaction convinced Jason he had hit the nail on the head.

“I don’t think they have co-ed dorms.” He joked gently. He squeezed her hand a little tighter. “But it will be nice to be able to see you without having to sneak around your parents.”

“Or yours.” Emma smiled—even though she couldn’t have known that Jason’s home life was far from an issue discretion-wise. “But I think we might not have as much freedom as you think in being able to spend time together.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Jason said. “It should be a little better than what it’s like now though, don’t you think?”

“I know.” Emma said. “It’s just that I already hate how little time we get together. I can’t imagine that I’ll start feeling any differently after tomorrow. In fact I’m expecting it to get worse.”

“Why, what’s happening tomorrow?”

“You ass.” Emma snorted, taking her hand from his and punching him lightly in the shoulder.

“Watch it!” Jason grinned. “I know what you mean though. It would be nice if I could get a place where we could be together next year. But it would be kind of expensive.”

“If only you had access to all that money in your trust already.” Emma joked off-handedly.

“Yeah.” Jason said wryly. “That would make it a lot easier …”

He trailed off as a thought struck him. Why did he have to wait? His grandparents had set it up so that he would have access to their estate quite a few years in the future—but there was a clause that said his mother could release it to him early. He had brought it up with her once before but she had been firm in respecting her parents wishes, and as she herself had been left more than enough to look after the both of them he hadn’t seen any point in pushing the issue.

But everything had changed now.

He had been so caught up in the immediate details of having sex with his family and then eventually his teacher that he hadn’t even considered the big picture. Well actually he had, but only as far as how being intimate with his mother and aunt would affect his outside relationships. The fact that he could get access to an impressive amount of money had never occurred to Jason. In his defence, he wasn’t thinking of splurging or being stupid with it—he had been counting on setting up his life when he got his inheritance for a long time now—for as long as he had been old enough to be aware of it. But he could certainly speed up things now.

Jason wasn’t sure how he would handle his growing harem of women if he moved away—or even if he could—but this certainly gave him a lot more options. If he could actually get his own place, then he and Emma could have an amazing time together when they moved out to college. And was there really anything tying his mother and aunt to this town? Surely it was only that he was going to school here.

What else could he do? In addition to sorting out the unexpected kinks he had created with the Rings, maybe he should have a sit down with his family and sort out exactly what was possible with their financial situations. Jason had been so fixated on having all these women at his beck and call that he had been oblivious to all that was possible.

“… are you alright there?” Emma asked, as if from a distance away. Her brow was furrowed quizzically at him in response to his long silence while he pondered all the new paths open to him. “Jason?”

“Sorry.” Jason managed eventually. He gave Emma an ironic smile and made an effort to smooth his silence over. “I see how it is now—you’re just into me for my money.”

“Hah!” Emma giggled again. “You tumbled to my master plan. All these years of pretending to be your friend … and I was so close too!”

“And you would have gotten away with it too!” Jason teased, relaxing as he put on a silly voice. He put his arm around Emma and pulling her into him affectionately as they began to walk the remaining distance to the school. “But you’re right Em—it would make things a lot easier …”

That day at school passed very quickly for Jason. He was lost in thought—considering his life and what was possible from entirely different angles. When he wasn’t brooding, he was entirely swept along with Emma’s bubbly enthusiasm that surrounded her every moment that they had together. Unfortunately that was only during meal breaks, but as he was practically in a daze whilst in class, it was a bit of a moot point.

Jason had surreptitiously spotted Karla early on in the day—it looked like she had made it into work on time even if she did look a little more harried than usual. He wondered how much she’d had to rush to make it in, and resolved to make it up to her later that evening.

He was almost surprised when the school day ended—it had seemed to go far too quickly. There was some good news though—it turned out that the quiz that had worried Emma would be finished in the morning tomorrow so she was planning on ditching school at the first break. Jason had already decided he wasn’t going to go in at all, and he and Emma had exchanged somewhat giddy smiles at what the next day would bring.

There would be no more interruptions for the two of them.

Jason kissed Emma goodbye at the junction where she had to turn to go home, and then continued on to his place. He planned on having a shower and then borrow Sarah’s car to get to Karla’s apartment. There was no point in rushing as she had to finish up at work before she could head home herself. Jason was very much looking forward to permanently claiming his teacher as one of his women, even though he found it slightly ironic that he could be so wholesomely excited about Emma while at the same time planning on enjoying the charms of another women.

Karla lived in a single bedroom apartment on the top floor in a small complex on the other side of town from where Jason lived. It wasn’t exactly run down, but it was a far cry from the nicer suburbs that he was used to. As he parked the car and made his way to the stairwell—the lift wasn’t working—Jason found he was starting to get excited. It wasn’t just the normal anticipation of sex with his teacher either; what he was doing felt very clandestine and secretive—heading to the home of an older woman for an illicit affair.

It wasn’t too far away from the truth either—apart from a few jealous congratulations from guys at school, Jason knew that pretty much everyone would frown upon a relationship with his teacher. What they would think if they knew just how much power and control he had over the sexy women Jason couldn’t even begin to contemplate.

So it was that when Jason knocked on Karla’s front door, his mind was awhirl with everything he had done with the woman over the past weekend—and everything that he had seen inflicted upon her. And now he was here intending to permanently make her a part of his life. Jason adjusted his pants—he was rather obviously erect.

“Jason?” Karla asked hesitantly as she opened the door a crack. Her face relaxed into a genuine smile of welcome and she opened it fully once she saw that it was him. “You’re earlier than I thought —”

Her voice was cut off in a surprised puff of air as Jason stepped forcibly inside her apartment, pushing her back past the threshold. He kicked the door closed behind them and reached out for his teacher—crushing her to his chest and passionately kissing her.

“… mmph!” Karla managed. When Jason started kiss her neck, she was able to speak in a breathless voice. “I got held up at work—I only got home a few minutes ago. I wanted to have a shower before you got here —”

“Get down on your knees.” Jason growled, interrupting her. He was horny to the point where he knew he wouldn’t be able to think straight without some relief first. “Blow me.”

“Fuck, yes.” Karla breathed out, her eyes glittering and unfocused as a swell of lust hit her. She immediately sunk down to the ground and started to undo his pants. She deftly slid her hand inside and fished out his engorged and swollen dick. “Thank you, Jason. Thank you!”

With that, she parted her lips and slid her mouth wetly over the head of his cock—barely pausing before moving her head forward and accepting more of his shaft. Whether it was because she remembered how much he had enjoyed the rough face-fuck they’d had last night or if it was that she somehow sensed his mood, Jason didn’t know—but the end result was that Karla was almost roughly forcing his cock into her mouth until the head was nudging at the entrance to her throat.

Jason rested his hands on her pale blonde hair while staring down at the sight of his teacher desperately sucking his dick. She wasn’t lying—she was still in the clothing he had seen her in during the day, and it made it all the hotter for him knowing that while all the guys at his school had been staring at and lusting after Karla, it was him that she was on her knees for right at this moment. Wearing the same outfit that everyone had been ogling her in all day.

Karla gagged and coughed a few times during the blowjob but barely slowed in her pace at all. Jason wasn’t go to last long, and when he felt the rising sensation of his impending orgasm he embraced it; not giving Karla any warning before he started to unload his cum into her sucking mouth. His knees went weak and he sagged a little before he caught himself, grunting in pleasure as he came.

Jason had given any direction to Karla apart from to give him a blowjob, and when he first started spurting into her mouth it caught her entirely by surprise. In instinct she tried to pull away from him and it made Jason take an active roll for the first time. He gripped her head tightly in his hands and pulled her face back towards his crotch. He wasn’t exactly fucking her like he had before, but he intended to keep his cock buried as far as he could in her mouth. Karla coughed and spluttered around his shaft as Jason closed his eyes and relished the sensation of filling her mouth with his seed.

“Thanks.” Jason smiled contentedly once he had finished, looking down into his teacher’s lovely face. Karla’s eyes were red and watery, and her lips were still stretched wide around his shaft. “I needed that.”

“… anytime.” Karla said once Jason had relinquished the hold he had on her head enough so that she could take her mouth off of his cock. Her voice was only a little raspy. “I love having you inside me, Jason. In any way.”

“It’s good we are on the same wavelength.” Jason joked, reaching out and helping her to her feet. “Care to show me around?”

“There’s not much to see.” Karla said wryly as she straightened her clothes a bit. She led Jason into the living room and kitchen and gestured expansively. “There’s this, the bathroom, and my bedroom.”

“It’s, uh, nice.” Jason said lamely.

“It’s pretty crap.” Karla corrected him, but there was good humour in her expression. “It’s cheap so that’s the main thing. There weren’t many places that I could afford where I could have my own space like this.”

“So you aren’t just into spartan living?”

“Hardly!” Karla laughed. “I haven’t been here too long but I guess it isn’t that bad really.”

“So you aren’t too attached to the area?” Jason asked, sitting down on the small couch. Karla joined him and pulled her knees up to her chest. “I know you said you only moved to this town for work.”

“Not really.” Karla said, her tone inquisitive. “Although I met you so that is a big plus in my book. Why are you asking?”

“I’ve been doing some thinking today that’s all.” Jason said, suddenly pensive. It was always easy to talk to Karla.


“Yeah, about next year.” Jason said. “When I head off to college.”

“Ah.” Karla said, her expression growing downcast. “That … would be difficult.”

“Yeah.” Jason sighed. “I mean, it’s not that far away and all. But I wouldn’t get back to visit all that often.”

“No, I imagine not.”

“Karla.” Jason said turning to look at his teacher with an intent expression. She straightened up and gave him her full attention—something in his tone telling her that he wanted to ask her something seriously. “Do you want to be with me?”

“What?” Karla said dumbly, her expression reading as completely surprised. “Of course.”

“I mean it.” Jason said, a little frustrated. “Not just here, like before. But when we were first getting to know one another …”

Jason trailed off and sighed. He didn’t even know if it was possible for her to understand what he meant.

“I mean it.” Karla said. She reached out and took his hand gently. “There was always something about you Jason that drew me to you. Even at the start when things were … more complicated. It’s a lot stronger now, but being with you is just …”

Karla paused as if trying to find the right word.

“… right.” She said firmly. “Things just seem right when I am with you.”

“Oh?” Jason smiled hesitantly.

“Besides.” Karla continued, her tone taking on a teasing bent. “You are my master after all.”

“Careful.” Jason warned playfully. It seemed impossible but hearing Kara call him her master sent a surge of blood down too his groin. “You’re going to distract me otherwise.”

“Oh no, wouldn’t that be terrible.” Karla laughed, giving him a little half-smile. “Before that happens I think I might go take a shower if that’s alright with you. I’ve been in these clothes all day.”

“Of course.” Jason smiled.

Karla smiled back and gracefully unfolded herself up off the couch. Jason was expecting her to go to the bathroom and was caught off guard when she pulled her shirt out from where it was tucked into her skirt and started to unbutton it. She didn’t make a show out of it; simply stripping down to her underwear while standing in front of him. Jason watched as his teacher got nude with mounting excitement—he was discovering that watching a woman undress was powerfully erotic.

Karla let her panties fall to her ankles and lithely stepped out from them. She turned and took a few steps towards to bathroom before looking back over her shoulder at him and giving him another half-smile.

“If you feel like joining me, you’re very welcome.” Karla said softly. “It’s not a large shower but I’m sure I can … fit you in.”

With that enigmatic choice of words she proceeded to sashay to the bathroom.

Jason stared as his teacher’s porcelain ass rolled as she walked away from him and realised to his pleasure that she was seducing him. This was another welcome discovery—treat his women like they were people and they actually took the initiative. But there was no time to dwell on that—not when the gorgeous woman in question was waiting for him to join her.

Jason sprung to his feet and quickly started shedding his clothes as he headed towards the door that Karla had vanished through. He stumbled in his haste and his shoulder hit the wall as he struggled to get his pants off. Jason heard faint and muffled laughter coming from the bathroom at the noises he was making and he grinned.

The water was running when Jason arrived and Karla was already in the shower. She had her head tilted back as she wet her hair—the water making her white-blonde hair beguilingly darker. She turned as he stood in the doorway, giving him a welcoming smile full of promise.