The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 34

Author — Sidia

“Are you going to join me, Jason?” Karla said in a soft voice that could barely be heard above the running water. “Or are you just going to stand there and watch me?”

Karla turned away from Jason and faced the tiles of the shower wall. She leant forward while keeping her legs straight; parting them slightly as to show off her charms while at the same time looking back over her shoulder at him. Jason hungrily ran his eyes over her perfect body; from the way she was standing he could see everything.

“I don’t mind you looking.” Karla continued, her voice growing throatier as she allowed arousal to suffuse her face. “But I’m sure you would have more fun if you came in here with me.”

“How could I resist?” Jason said huskily, and covered the distance to the shower in a few long steps—opening the glass door and standing just at the entrance to the shower. He made eye contact with his teacher and was momentarily caught up in how intense it was. Her pale white skin was gaining a pink hue from being under the hot water of the shower and he could trace the muscles in her legs and thighs easily in her current stance. Even with him standing so close to her, Karla stayed in the same open and vulnerable pose; her could tell from her open and panting mouth that she was growing increasingly horny by exposing herself to him.

“Have I told you how perfect your ass is before?” Jason murmured. He reached out and trailed the backs of his fingers over the curves of her buttocks and hips—watching her shiver under his touch.

“You’ve mentioned it.” Karla gasped. She arched her back and clenched her ass-cheeks in response to him teasing her skin. “Something about all the students at school liking to watch me.”

“No one would ever believe me if I told them about this.” Jason smiled. He extended his index finger and ran it down between her buttocks—pausing on her anus and gently rubbing back and forth over the puckered ring of muscle. “That I’ve been in here.”

Karla gasped and shuddered again. Jason moved his finger further down and delicately stroked the silken folds of her pussy. Even under the running water he could tell just how wet she was. Wet for him.

“And in here.” Jason continued. He found her moist opening and inserted his finger smoothly up to the knuckle inside of her. “All the way in here.”

“Jason.” Karla whispered beseechingly. “Please …”

“What do you want, Karla?” Jason asked playfully. He wasn’t surprised that he was rock hard again—even so soon after cumming in her mouth. He started to slowly thrust his finger in and out of her pussy.

“Wouldn’t—ah!—you rather use something else other than your finger?”

“Like what?” Jason teased, enjoying playing with her. He added a second finger and started pumping them both in and out of her with an increased pace.

“You’re cock.” Karla said, making an effort and giving him their special half-smile even while her face was flushed red and twisted with arousal. “Wouldn’t you rather be inside me, Jason?”

Karla suddenly tensed her body and flexed the walls of her vagina—noticeably clamping herself around Jason’s invading fingers. It was Jason’s turn to get a little red in the face—he couldn’t help but imagine how it would feel to have her squeeze like that while his dick was in her.

“If you keep doing that, I will.” Jason said hoarsely.

“Oh is that right?” Karla said huskily. Her face went a darker shade of red with effort as she started to rhythmically clench herself around his fingers.

“Fuck.” Jason said softly.

“Yes.” Karla gasped out in between squeezes. “Please fuck me, Jason!”

Jason quickly pulled his fingers out of his teacher’s pussy and moved closer behind her. He closed the glass door of the shower behind him so that they were both enclosed within the confines of the small cubicle. He placed his hands on Karla’s rump before sliding them up over her hips to grip her by her narrow waist. Then, bending his knees slightly to get the right angle, he placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy and started to push in.

“Yesssss …” Karla hissed as she felt him start to fill her up. She placed both hands up against the tiles of the wall and hung her head while pushing back with her haunches. “Fuck, yes stretch me out!”

“Jesus.” Jason cursed happily as he fed her more of his shaft. When he bottomed out in her and the soft globes of her ass was pressed onto his thighs they both sighed in pleasure. Then he started to fuck her in long smooth strokes.

Karla initially gasped and moaned as he worked his cock in and out of her depths, but soon there was a note of frustration that began to creep in. She groaned out encouragement and tried to thrust backwards to meet him in an attempt to make him fuck her faster, but she was stopped by the cramped confines of the shower. Jason for his part was happy to languidly fuck his teacher—enjoying her growing frustration and need.

“Jason” Karla whimpered. “Harder—fuck me harder!”

Jason didn’t increase his pace in the slightest—instead raising a hand and bring it down with a ringing slap on her right buttock.

Karla yelped and then shuddered at the unexpected strike. She turned around and gave him a look that was so full of heat and promise that it felt like it seared him. She then hung her head down again and futilely tried to fuck back onto his shaft.

“Please!” Karla begged. “Fuck me harder, Jason!”

Jason didn’t answer but instead gave her another slap—this time on the other buttock. His teacher shuddered and moaned again—something she repeated every time he struck her. Jason kept it up—when Karla asked him to fuck her harder he spanked her—and soon both of her cheeks were bright red with the marks from his hand.

He was beginning to feel the need to really give it to her, but he held off; a combination of enjoying this light power play between them and having a plan in mind. He quickly raised his finger to his mouth and covered it in saliva and then carefully placed it over Karla’s puckered anus. His teacher gasped at feeling him touch her there, and then gave a guttural groan when he started to push the digit inside of her ass.

It was a little tricky—keeping up the pace of fucking her pussy while fingering her ass—but Jason managed it. When he started to finger her rear in time with the thrusting of his cock, Karla’s moans got exponentially louder and longer.

“Do you like that?” Jason whispered hoarsely. He was getting a little out of breath.

“Yes!” Karla hissed.

“Are you mine?” Jason pressed her. He curled his finger while it was buried in her ass and she jumped.

“Yes yes yes!”

“Tell me then!” Jason groaned. He needed her to say it. It was time to make her his permanently.

“Yes, Jason I’m yours!” Karla cried out. Her fingers curled as she clutched at the wall of the shower. “Forever yours!”

All of a sudden—just as it had with his mother and aunt—Karla began to spasm wildly as she came—completely overcome and overwhelmed by the process of what was happening to her. She sagged on her feet but Jason was ready; reaching beneath her and locking his arms under her waist. She flopped forward and the only thing holding her upright was Jason’s grip around her middle. Her head fell down between her knees until she was literally folded over double. Jason grunted with the effort of holding her weight but kept on fucking her—her pussy was clamping down and rippling deliciously around his cock. She was like an insensible fuck-doll.

Jason fucked her as well as he could for a while—Karla was still out of it but she was beginning to make small little whimpering moans in response to his thrusts. Deciding to change things up a bit—as well thinking a little evilly that it would bring her back round—Jason pulled his cock out of her pussy and awkwardly manhandled his teacher’s limp body until her got in the right position. Holding her up with one arm for the moment, he lined up his dick and placed the swollen head at her puckered anus.

He knew that she wasn’t lubed up for him, but at the same time his cock was slick with her juices. And she was his—she had just made it so.

Jason grunted as he forced his thick cock into her tight rear opening. It was a little harder than it had been previously, but soon enough he was buried all the way inside her rectum. He shuffled them both forward until Karla’s back was pressed right up against the tiles of the shower—she was now sandwiched between the wall and Jason while still being folded over double and Karla couldn’t have got up now even if she wanted to. With the wall to brace her still limp body against, Jason could get more power into his thrusts—something he took advantage of with relish. He didn’t give her any warning—instead he started to hammer his cock in and out of Karla’s ass—gasping with the effort and pleasure of it all.

Down around his knees, he could hear his teacher start to give out small whimpering grunts—coupled with coughing and spluttering as the shower water was running in contant streams over her upside-down face. Her distress made it all the hotter for Jason—helped along by how much she was obviously starting to enjoy it as well. It was a good thing that Karla was getting pleasure out of this rough anal-fucking, because it was going to be something she had to endure for quite some time. Since Jason had cum not that long before, his stamina was far greater than what it usually was. He pounded his teacher into the shower wall—holding her body trapped and immobile as he stared down at the sight of his thick cock ravaging Karla’s ass.

“So—ah!—good.” Jason gasped as he fucked her. “You feel so good around me, Karla!”

“Fuck me, Jason.” Karla mumbled as she started to come round, then yelped at a particularly hard thrust from her student. Her next words came out in a wail. “Never stop fucking me—please!”

“I won’t.” Jason promised, his voice thick with lust. Karla had regained enough awareness that she was able to support herself on her feet now. She was holding onto her own ankles as she took everything that he gave her. Hearing her say that she wanted him when he was pretty much just using her was incredibly arousing and his breathing was starting to grow ragged. “You’re mine!”

“Yes, I’m yours!” Karla whimpered, gasping as Jason started to fuck her even harder while digging his fingers into her buttocks with bruising force. “Use me, master!”

“Oh, fuck!” Jason cried out. He slammed his cock as deep as he could inside of Karla’s bowels and held himself there as he shot his first spurt of cum into her ass. He pulled out a little and then rammed himself back inside—repeating this with every shot until he found himself leaning forward with his forehead resting against the tiles; his teacher still trapped and unable to move with his softening cock still inside her ass.

When Jason had recovered enough from one of the more intense climaxes he’d had, he pulled out and moved aside to free his teacher from her confinement. Karla straightened herself with a groan and leant backwards with her hands at the small of her back in a long stretch.

“You okay?” Jason asked. He was a little concerned now that he was no longer driven by lust that he had hurt her.

Karla dismissed his concerns immediately. She gave him a slow smile and slid her arms up around his neck—acting almost kittenish as she clung to him. She murmured her thanks for making her cum so hard while pressing her lips to his chest and neck in soft wet kisses. Jason wrapped his arms around her waist in a tight embrace—holding her to him as the water tumbled over them both; content to just stand there with her in his arms as he savoured the after-glow of one of the better fucks he could think of. Jason held his hand up behind her head so he could check the Ring he wore—sure enough his teacher’s stones were the same as his mother’s and aunt’s now. She was his.

Eventually though the hot water began to run out and they had to leave the shower. They dried off and then moved back into the living room without bothering to get dressed. Still naked, Jason sat down on the sofa and then pulled Karla down into his lap. She sat across his lap and put one arm around his neck and then began to cuddle companionably. Jason realised there was a soft breast right in front of his face and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to lean forward and capture the pink nipple in his mouth. He suckled and playfully chewed her teat as Karla gasped softly—cradling his head to her chest.

After a while though Jason began to get hungry—he checked the time and was surprised to find that it was later than he thought; they must have been in the shower longer than he realised. Instead of bothering to make anything, they both decided to order some food to be delivered. While Karla ordered dinner, Jason decided he better let his mother and aunt know he wouldn’t be home tonight. Since he was skipping school the next day it didn’t matter that he stayed the night at Karla’s apartment. He found his phone in his discarded pants and dialled his mother’s phone.

“Jason? I was wondering where you were! When will you be home sweetie?” His mother asked when she picked up the phone—her words quickly tumbling out. “I do hope you enjoyed the present I left for you this morning. And you’ll be happy to know that I got a selection of toys today that I’m sure you’re going to love. I can’t wait to show you, baby.”

“That’s great, mom.” Jason said, smiling to himself a little at how absurdly wonderful his life was now. “And don’t worry—I really enjoyed myself this morning.”

Even though she was on the phone in the middle of ordering dinner, Karla glanced around at hearing herself referenced obliquely; giving Jason a sexy little half-smile and slapping her bare ass lightly at him.

“It was great.” Jason continued, raising his eyebrow playfully at his teacher’s antics. “But you’ll have to show me another time I’m sorry—I’m staying over at Karla’s tonight.”

“Oh.” His mother said, her voice falling in disappointment. “That’s a shame—I really wanted to show you what I bought, sweetie.”

“You can show me later.” Jason promised. “Just not tonight.”

“Oh well.” Helen sighed. Then she perked up and her voice took on a teasing tone. “That gives me a bit more time I suppose—maybe I’ll even go and pick up some more goodies. There was a few other tempting item’s that I saw.”

“You do that.” Jason laughed. He was about to say his goodbyes when he hesitated, a thought striking him. “Can you put Sarah on the phone?”

“Sarah?” His mother asked, her surprise evident. “Sure, let me go get her.”

Jason heard some footsteps then muffled conversation before his mother handed the phone over to his aunt.

“Jason?” Sarah said, her voice unsure.

“Hey.” Jason said, not sure how to proceed from here. He realised to some surprise that he couldn’t remember the last time he had spoken to his aunt on the phone. How things had changed. “How—um, I mean—how are you going?”

“Jason.” Sarah said, her voice growing more confident and with what Jason thought was a note of amusement creeping in. “Are you checking up on me to see if I’m alright?”

“I guess.” Jason laughed, relaxing. “So—are you?”

“Am I what?” Sarah teased.

“Alright.” Jason said, grinning to himself. He put on a faux-threatening voice. “Don’t make me come over there.”

“But I’d like that.” Sarah whispered, her voice sounding like her lips were brushing against the microphone.

“Oh.” Jason swallowed, a light swell of arousal running through him—an impressive feat considering how he had thought himself utterly spent. “Me too actually. But not tonight—I’m staying over at Karla’s. I just wanted to let you know.”

“Thank you, Jason.” Sarah said. “I’m glad you let me know.”

“Um, right.” Jason said awkwardly. “Anyway I want you to take it easy from now on, remember.”

“What if I don’t want to?” Sarah said softly.

“What?” Jason asked. “What do you mean?”

“Take it easy. I really want you to … use me. Especially after —” Sarah said, the faintest edge of a tremble entering her voice. “Well, you’ll get the idea when you see what my sister bought.”

“You want to use those …?” Jason asked slightly incredulously. He didn’t know what his mother bought but considering they were supposedly going to be more extreme versions of what they already had, he couldn’t imagine them being tame by any definition. “I thought —”

“I told you.” Sarah interrupted, her voice getting a little husky and her breathing started to come quicker. “I want those things when it’s you.”

“Oh.” Jason said, his mind whirling. He realised he still hadn’t fully wrapped his head around the fact that he could treat his women better while still enjoying the more extreme versions of fun they had been having lately. “Good.”

“Good.” Sarah whispered. “I’ll look forward to it, Jason.”

“Me —” Jason swallowed a sudden lump in his throat. “Me too.”

He said goodbye and then stared at his phone screen for a few moments. Hearing his newly pregnant aunt say that she wanted him to use whatever perverted toys his mother had purchased was … he couldn’t even put words around it. He couldn’t wait.

Jason shook his head briskly to get this distracting thought out of his mind. There would be time enough for that—more than enough time. For now it was time he turn his full attention back to the lovely naked woman he was currently with.

There was no need to be greedy.