The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 36

Author — Sidia

“Oh fuck!” Helen gasped as she tossed her head from side to side. She reached down the length of her body to grasp ineffectually at her son’s legs as he pounded himself into her ass. “Jason—my god!”

“Fuck yeah.” Jason grunted as he hammered into her. “You feel so good!”

His mother’s breasts were shaking wildly from the force of his thrusts and he was leaning forward while placing more of his weight on her legs; with her ankles over his shoulders she was on the verge of being bent completely double. It was fortunate that her frequent yoga and mediation classes had kept her very flexible because Jason was almost at the point where he didn’t care.

Jason knew he was being rough with rough with her but he couldn’t seem to stop himself. He thought that he was perhaps using her as a way to relieve the tension he was feeling about what was going to happen later on today—either that or she had just driven him crazy with sexy maid outfit she’d worn for him. Whatever the reason, he was revelling in the sensation of fucking his gorgeous mother in the ass.

She felt tighter than Sarah or even Karla and—from the look of discomfit on her face and occasional winces that escaped her lips in between gasps and moans—Jason wondered if she was unintentional clenching down on him. He had speculated before that since she wasn’t bound by Lust she wasn’t getting the same amount of pleasure out of it that the other two women did—a fact that he actually found perversely arousing.

Jason knew that this wasn’t really helping him towards his goal of rehabilitating his mother’s personality as best he could—but he just couldn’t help it. She had grown far too deft in pushing his buttons and encouraging him towards what he would otherwise consider more extreme acts. This new tact was a little different though—she had previously kept her machinations directed at Sarah and later Karla—but now she had seemed to be intent on offering herself up for her son’s pleasures. He wondered if it was because of what he had said to her the other day—that he wanted to spend more time with her and just her. She was fixated on ‘what was best’ after all.

“Oh, god!” Helen whimpered. She threw her head back and ached her back—thrusting her heavy breasts up into the air. She reached down along her body and gripped her ass from either side—pulling her buttocks further apart. Whatever she intended, this gave her son greater access and Jason was able to noticeably increase how deeply he could fuck into her. “I love you so much, baby!”

“Love you too, mom.” Jason panted in between thrusts. When he had made the resolution to spend more time with his mother he hadn’t exactly pictured something like this. “You feel so damn good!”

“I’m here for you, Jason.” Helen whispered hoarsely, grunting with discomfort at a particularly hard thrust. “Always—I’ll always look out for you. Give you—ah!—what you need.”

“Fuck yeah.” Jason groaned. With her grip on her ass-cheeks holding them apart, he almost couldn’t believe how deep he was getting inside her.

“Will you cum for me, love?” His mother asked softly. She locked eyes with him and they burned with intensity.

“Yeah.” Jason grunted. He could feel his orgasm rising—spurred on by his mother’s actions.

“Will you cum in me?” Helen said, licking her lips as she stressed the last words.

“Yeah.” Jason said hoarsely. He was so close.

“Jason.” Helen whispered. Her eyes were half-closed and her mouth was partly open. “Cum inside your mother’s ass, baby.”

“Fuck!” Jason cried out. He shuddered and he felt his knees go weak as he shot the first spurt of his cum deep inside her rectum. He pulled out and then quickly slammed back in as hard as he could—groaning and repeating the action each time he shot his load. He felt like he wanted to drive himself all the way into her. “Fuck!”

Helen cooed and whispered encouragement as her son filled her rear with his seed. When he had finished—and was leaning over her panting while his softening cock was still buried all the way inside her—she released the grip she had on her buttocks and reached out and gently stroked his chest.

“That was amazing, Jason.” Helen said once he had recovered.

“Was it?” Jason asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You didn’t enjoy it?” His mother asked, clearly taken aback.

“Oh no—I definitely enjoyed it.” Jason smiled. He pulled out of his mother and took a few steps back—letting her ankles fall off his shoulders. She lowered her legs slowly and kept her thighs spread widely apart—laying back on his bed while showing him everything. That, coupled with her bared breasts and dishevelled clothing, spoke of nothing more than a woman that had just been fucked. “I meant that I didn’t really make sure that you did.”

“What are you talking about?” His mother asked, her tone quizzical. She rolled over to her side and drew her legs up. “Anything that you need is good for me. I’m here for you Jason—for however and whatever you want.”

“Of course.” Jason murmured wryly. “Sorry—don’t know what I was thinking.”

Jason looked down at his mother on his bed—it was just so ... wrong in so many ways. But it was also so damn hot. He knew now that there was no way he could ever give this up—even though he also knew he had to change how he acted with his women. Why was it so easy and natural with Sarah and Karla and yet he continually allowed himself to be tempted with his mother? She had quickly claimed the place of being something akin to his partner in crime in regards to his sexual escapades; he couldn’t picture his aunt or teacher being in her role. Jason wondered if he had subconsciously let it happen—that because she was his mother he had let her remain in a twisted version of an authority figure. It would explain a lot.

Even though it seemed bad timing all things considered, he resolved all the same to try and talk to her as normal as he could—to try and recapture some form of normalcy. It had worked with Sarah and Karla after-all. Instead of dancing around issues or avoiding them entirely he was going to start simply talking to her.

“We kind of made a mess again—didn’t we?” Jason said after a pause, looking around his room. It really wasn’t all that bad—apart from the room reeking like sex and the bed being all mussed.

“That’s the danger with living with a man like you, sweetie.” Helen said softly, smiling up at her son. “It’s nothing that can’t be sorted out quickly. It doesn’t take long to make the bed.”

“Thanks.” Jason smiled back. A man like him? That was new. “Could you air out the room and get everything neat again while I take a shower?”

“Of course.” Helen said warmly. Then she hesitated and a small furrow appeared on her brow. “Jason—why the interest in keeping your room clean?”

“Oh. Well it’s just —” Jason took a deep breath. “Emma is coming over after lunch.”

Helen looked at her son for a long few seconds—her face carefully blank. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and sat up to face him. Then she reached for the front of her outfit and tucked her breasts back inside her top.

“I see.” She said neutrally. His direction to her days ago that she had to stop acting up about Emma was still in effect as she didn’t say anything else—even though Jason could see a muscle in her cheek twitching. “No wonder you want you room cleaned then.”

“Yeah.” Jason said lamely. He suddenly felt very awkward. Even though it was in a stupidly sexy outfit, his mother was clothed while he was standing with his softening cock dangling before her face. “Yeah, exactly.”

“Well.” His mother said. She squared her shoulders and flashed him a swift smile. “I better hurry up if she’s coming over so soon.”

“Thanks.” Jason said, giving her a relieved smile in return.

“Would you like me to make you some lunch as well?” Helen said, looking away to one side.

“Uh—no.” Jason said haltingly. “Actually I’d like to have some privacy with her.”

“I see.” His mother said again. She gave him a somewhat brittle smile. “I can do that—how long would you like?”

“Thanks.” Jason said. He gave it some thought—he didn’t actually know how long Emma could stay over but he didn’t exactly want their time together to be cut short. He had told Emma that he had the house to himself for the whole night so he might as well arrange for that to happen. If she had to leave earlier than he hoped, he could deal with it when the time came. “I want you and Sarah to go to Karla’s apartment and stay there tonight. Don’t come back until the morning. I’ll get in touch if anything changes.”

“We can do that.” Helen said neutrally. “Just give me her details and I’ll arrange it.”

“Uh, mom?” Jason said as a thought struck him. “It’s Karla’s apartment and you’ll be a guest. So don’t be too rough or anything—alright?”

He should probably just tell her to leave Karla alone—particularly considering how he wanted to change how things had progressed between himself and the three women—but a niggling part inside wouldn’t let him get the words out.

“I suppose I can behave.” Helen said, sighing theatrically. She tilted her head to one side and ran her fingers through her hair while looking up at her son with lazy, half-closed, eyes. “Although that won’t be much fun. I thought I could perhaps take some of the new toys I bought and try them out.”

“New toys …” Jason said slowly. “I’d forgotten.”

“How could you forget, baby?” His mother pouted. “I got them so you can enjoy using them.”

“Sorry.” He grinned back, and then spoke challengingly. “What if I want to use them on you?”

Helen paused for a second but then a little glint came into her eye.

“I would love that of course.” She purred. Her tongue darted out to wet her lips. “But I’m sure I could put on a better show for you if I was the one using them.”

“Is that right?” Jason asked, interested despite himself. “What exactly are we talking about here?”

“I’ll tell you if you want of course.” Helen said softly, looking coy. “But wouldn’t you rather a surprise?”

She crossed her legs and gently rubbed the smooth skin of her thighs, causing the hem of the skimpy outfit to ride dangerously high up along her leg. She seemed very aware that Jason’s eyes were fixated on the bare expanse of her thighs; she shifted so that she was on the verge of flashing him before readjusting herself—smiling when her son made a subdued noise of frustration.

“I suppose I better wait then.” Jason said, trying to keep his voice even. He was acutely aware that he was standing pants-less right in front of her. “If you think it would be worth it.”

“Oh, I do.” His mother said smokily. She reached out and trailed the backs of her fingers lightly on the outside of his thigh. His stomach muscles tensed in response and his cock jerked. “Still want more, baby? I thought I’d worn you out?”

“I don’t have time for ‘more’.” Jason growled. “I have to go take a shower and get cleaned up.”

“That’s a shame.” Helen whispered, dragging her fingers a little harder along his thighs. “That you need to go get cleaned up I mean.”

Jason shivered—his mother could always get him going. He wasn’t exactly hard—it would take him a while to recover from what they had just done and besides; he needed to be fresh for when Emma came over. But he was darkly excited nonetheless.

“Maybe you can help me after all.” Jason said intently. He took a half-step closer towards his mother.

“I knew I could. I always have exactly what you need, Jason.” Helen said archly. She gently and carefully cupped his balls—squeezing softly. “I can take care of you so much better than anyone else can. How do you want me?”

“I want you to clean me.” Jason said softly. He inched a little closer. His heart was pounding with the perversity of what he was about to do. He had been having anal sex with her only a few minutes earlier.

“Clean you?” His mother said hesitantly. She looked a little confused. “Jason —”

“Suck my dick mom.” Jason stated firmly and far calmer than he actually felt. “Clean me. Now.”

Helen blinked a little as his direct order hit her and then immediately leaned her head forward; capturing his half-erect cock in her mouth and beginning to suckle and lick his shaft. Jason watched as his mother obeyed his order—feeling a vague sense of shame at taking advantage of her like this, but mostly finding the entire experience very pleasing.

A knock at the door had Jason springing to his feet from the couch and at the entrance to his house in seconds.

He had been waiting on tenterhooks for what seemed like forever; he hadn’t spent too much time playing with his mother—he’d stopped before getting too carried away and had gone and taken a shower. His mother had been right in it not taking very long at all to finish cleaning his room as well. She’d been in a slightly strange mood, but had collected Sarah and vacated the house willingly enough. Jason had sent Karla a message about them staying with her that night and all had been arranged without issue. And then he had found himself with nothing to do but wait until his girlfriend arrived.

He kept telling himself that it was stupid to be nervous about the prospect of having sex with her—hadn’t they been on the verge of doing it only a few days ago? But whatever he thought, he couldn’t seem to calm himself down. When Emma had messaged him to say that she was on her way over from her house he had done a mad dash through the house—making sure everything was in place and that there was no evidence in his room that anything was amiss. The last thing he wanted was for Emma to find a pair of women’s underwear in his room—and what with his mother, aunt, and teacher, the risk wasn’t that out there.

But now she was here. He opened the door—a little too fast—and revealed his girlfriend standing outside. Emma looked a bit startled at how quickly he had arrived at the door, but her expression quickly changed into one of slightly embarrassed amusement.

“Someone’s eager.” She joked, standing with one hand on her hip.

Emma was wearing a slinky looking black dress—something that looked really out of place in the middle of the day. She had tried to dress it down a little by wearing a denim jacket over the top, but it was still a little jarring. That wasn’t to say that it didn’t look incredible on her though; from what Jason could see it clung to her slender curves and hung flat and tight over her belly. Her hair was hanging loose but she had done something to it to make it seem more elegant than usual. In short, she looked beautiful.

“Cat got your tongue?” She teased, colour rising in her cheeks. She waved her hand playfully across his face. “Hello—earth to Jason?”

Jason caught her hand and held it tightly. He still felt incredibly nervous but now he was also filled with white-hot anticipation. Emma instinctively tried to pull back but she couldn’t budge an inch from his grip. Jason then turned her hand and slowly kissed her palm.

“Can you blame me for being eager?” He asked softly into Emma’s suddenly flaming red face.

“N—no.” Emma stuttered. She took a fortifying breath and grinned at him—regaining some of her swagger. “When did you get that smooth?”

“Who said I was smooth?” Jason grinned back at her. He moved away from he doorway and held out his arm—ushering her inside. “I just wanted to see what you tasted like.”

“Well that kind of ruins the mystique.” Emma complained, walking past him. “That’s not a very romantic thing to say.”

“What if,” Jason said, standing very close while leaning down to speak right by her ear. “I wanted to taste you someplace else? Would that make it better?”

“Um.” Emma murmured, blushing anew. She placed her palms lightly against his chest. “It would certainly help.”

“That’s good then.” Jason whispered before turning his head and pressing his lips to hers.

They stood there just inside the front door, making out while pressing their bodies tightly together. Jason was roaming his hands over her body with abandon—the fabric of her dress was slick and satiny; it moved over skin in a delicious fashion. Emma was wasn’t being left behind either—she had her arms locked under his and was clutching and dragging her fingers along his upper back.

“I can’t believe you’re actually here.” Jason said eventually, breaking their kiss.

“What, you didn’t think I was going to show?” Emma said, a little breathlessly.

“You know what I mean.”

“Yeah.” Emma said softly. Then she brightened and a bright spark came into her eyes. “And that’s not all—I have even better news!”


“I don’t have to go home tonight!” Emma said triumphantly. She took a step back form him and spun around; the bottom of her dress flared out as she punched at the air.

“What do you mean you don’t have to go home?” Jason asked, excited. “What about your parents?”

“I lied to them—does it matter?” Emma said, grinning at him. “We’ll have the whole night together as well!”

“What, the whole night?” Jason said, hiding his elation and putting a put-upon expression on his face.

“Jason, wha —” Emma started to say, her enthusiasm fading for a second. Then she shoved him in the chest while pouting. “You’re a jerk sometimes, you know that? Way to ruin the mood.”

Her words were spoilt by the laughter bubbling just under the surface of her voice.

“Sorry.” Jason teased. “I’ll make it up to you, I swear.”

“I know you will.” Emma said. She shrugged her jacket from her shoulders and placed it down on the nearby sofa. She turned to look at him with a challenging expression, her arms folded across her chest. She finished her sentence in a soft and sultry voice. “You don’t have a choice in the matter.”

“F—fine with me.” Jason said, his voice catching for a second. He could see why Emma had been wearing a jacket over her dress; by itself the dress was out of place in anything other than a ritzy party, but that fact that the fabric was so thin and that Emma was very clearly not wearing a bra with it made it positively indecent. Her nipples were sticking out prominently and the dress was low-cut enough that he could see the swell of her breasts. “Emma—I mean. Wow.”

“Thanks.” She said, blushing again but looking very pleased.

“So, um.” Jason said lamely, cleaning his throat. “Do you want a drink or something?”

“A drink?” Emma asked, raising her eyebrow at him.

“Yeah—or anything else. Have you had lunch?”

“No, I haven’t had lunch.” She replied slowly. There was the beginnings of an incredulous look on her face.

“Good.” Jason said. “Well, not good—obviously. But do you want anything?”

Emma looked at him for a long moment before turning away and walking towards the staircase. Jason watched on dumbstruck as she put her fingers under the shoulder straps of her dress and flicked them off. A brief wriggle of her hips and the slinky black dress slid off her body to pool around her feet on the floor. Dressed now only in a pair of panties, Emma looked back over her shoulder at Jason.

“The only thing I want,” She said softly while locking eyes with him. “Is for you to take me upstairs.”

She then hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and pulled them down over her hips.