The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 37

Author — Sidia

Jason walked up the stairs behind his girlfriend—his eyes glued to the role of her swaying ass-cheeks. He felt like he was in a daze; Emma had floored him when she had stripped naked and told him she wanted to go up to his room. He truly hadn’t expected her to be this bold and had actually felt a little intimidated for a few seconds—was it only he who had been over-thinking their first time together?

It was only when he caught a glimpse of her face—Emma had snuck a quick glance back over her shoulder at him—that he saw how pink her cheeks were. She was eager but still nervous. Realising this calmed Jason’s nerves immeasurably; if she could act this way without really any prior experience, surely he could handle himself considering just how much sex he had been having over the last few weeks.

This was going to be Jason’s first time with Emma, but it was Emma’s first time ever. He owed it to his girlfriend to make it as memorable as he could—and thanks to all his experience he could actually do that for her.

When Emma reached his bedroom door she paused—hesitating at this final threshold. Jason kept walking and smoothly wrapped an arm around her narrow waist—hugging her from behind and gently kissing her on the back of the neck.

“You are so perfect.” Jason said softly and intimately. He kissed her neck again and Emma tilted her head to one side—sighing happily.

“Jason ...” Emma whispered. She turned around in the circle of his arms; locking eyes with him. “I want ...”

Emma’s lips were parted and she was looking up at him with an expression that he recognised. Even though there was no question of Bindings or control, Jason knew the look of pure need when he saw it.

“Me too.” He whispered back before lowering his head and kissing her soft lips.

Jason didn’t even remember moving into his room, getting undressed, or even putting a condom on; he was so focused on having his girlfriend’s small and naked form in his arms that the next thing he knew they were both on the bed with him hovering above her.

Emma looked up at him with heavily lidded eyes; her head was rolled slightly to one side and her breathing was shallow but steady. Both of her arms were laying lazily on the bed above her head and her shockingly vibrant hair spilled out on the pillow like a curtain of flame. As Jason suspended himself over her, Emma slowly parted her thighs—spreading her legs and giving him a space to lower himself down onto her.

Jason’s heart was pounding in his chest as he settled down between Emma’s legs. She raised her knees as he did so; the smooth skin of her thighs sliding up on either side of his flank. She looked fey and lovely below him as he looked into her face; trying to burn this moment forever into his memory.

When he entered her it was both momentous and the most natural thing in the world all at once; they seemed perfectly in sync as Jason shifted his body upwards to place his shaft in the correct position. Emma tilted her hips at the same time and the head of his cock caught at her entrance like it was just meant to be. Emma—her face now nestled against his chest—pressed her lips to his skin and whimpered soft words of encouragement to him. There was a sharp inhalation of breath when he first pushed in past her maidenhead, but that was the only sign of discomfort that she gave. As Jason slowly and carefully pushed his shaft into his girlfriends virginal channel, Emma let out a soft and continuous moan. When their bodies met and Jason was buried all the way inside of her, he pressed his lips into the mass of scarlet hair and kissed the top of her head.

“Are you okay?” He asked quietly, his voice sounding like a low rumble even to his ears.

“Yes.” Emma gasped softly into his chest. Her hands—still above her head—twitched slightly. “Just—just stay still for a minute.”

“Alright, Em.” Jason said. It was hard though—so hard. Emma felt so tight and warm around his cock that all he wanted to do was move within her. Only his feelings for his girlfriend allowed him to resist—he doubted he would have been able to hold back for anyone else. He kissed the top of her head again, and suppressed a moan of his own when he felt her insides twitch around him.

“Okay.” Emma whispered.


“... move, Jason.” Emma said, and even though Jason couldn’t see her face he could tell she was blushing furiously. “Not too fast though—you feel so big inside me.”

Jason licked his lips and began the seemingly arduous journey of withdrawing his cock from Emma. It felt like she was gripping him firmly—not wanting to let him go. The sensation she gave him was so exquisite that he groaned in pleasure—a counterpoint to Emma’s quiet whimpering moans. When he began the thrust back into her though, she let out a short and high-pitched cry of pleasure.

“Sorry.” Emma mumbled, pressing her face tightly against his chest. The movement of her lips on his skin tickled him.

“Never say sorry.” Jason whispered to her. The sound she had made had bother been sexy as hell and very cute. “It feels way too good to be inside you. Don’t ever feel like you need to hold back.”

“Okay.” Emma said in a small voice, but Jason could feel her lips curving in a small smile.

Jason began a slow pace with Emma—thrusting himself in and out of his girlfriend with a smooth and steady motion. At no point did he feel any need to speed up or to go any harder with her; the sex was slow and tender and possibly the most intense thing he had ever experienced. Emma’s soft pants puffed warm air onto his chest and every time he pushed into her she gave out a gently cry of pleasure. He was so glad at this moment that he’d had so much experience with sex; he instinctively knew that without it he wouldn’t have last long at all.

In fact, even with the experience Jason was sure that the only reason he hadn’t cum already was because he’d fucked his mother earlier that morning. That fleeting thought was almost enough to cause him to break his pace; when he had been fucking his mother in her ass this morning he had been thinking of Emma—now he was in the middle of taking his girlfriends virginity and he thought of his mother. That was a thought that not many people could say they’d had.

Regardless of the reason, Jason’s stamina meant he could control and hold back his climax long enough that Emma could build to her own orgasm. He could tell she was getting close because he could see her fingers twitching and clenching rhythmically every time he bottomed out in her. Her breathing began to grow more laboured, and her thighs were clenching sporadically about his waist. When he felt his girlfriend’s slight body go rigid beneath him in the beginnings of her orgasm, the thrill of knowing she was cumming around his thrusting cock was enough to propel him to his own climax.

Jason gasped as he felt himself begin to cum—shuddering wildly as he filled the condom on his dick. After initially seizing up, Emma started to move frantically beneath him—arching her back and thrusting her hips up to meet him as she keened out her pleasure in short little moans and cries. She twitched and gyrated below him—grinding her body against his in an incredibly intimate dance. When they were done they both lay still—panting and recovering from the intensity of their orgasms.

“That was worth the wait.” Emma said quietly into the hushed room some time later. She was laying on her side and smiling as she looked into Jason’s face.

“I won’t argue with that.” Jason said, smiling crookedly. He reached out and gently trailed the back of his fingers over the side of her face.

“What’s that for?” Emma asked him.

“Sorry, you just look so beautiful.” Jason murmured. “I don’t I ever want you to leave my bed.”

“That might make a few things difficult.” Emma retorted gently, but her cheeks blushed in pleasure at his words.

“I mean it.” Jason insisted, grinning. “Let’s just stay like this forever.”

He ran his eyes along Emma’s body with pleasure—she looked perfect to his eyes. Her body was so different from the women he had been with so far; she didn’t have the impressive curves of his mother for example but that didn’t matter at all to him. Her breasts were modestly small, and he traced the line of her slender waist to the gentle swell of her hips with great appreciation. Naked and laying in his bed she looked like a work of art.

“Like what you see?” Emma asked him wryly but she sounded pleased.

“Very much.” Jason laughed. “Sorry, you’re a bit distracting.”

“So are you.” Emma murmured, half-closing her eyes as she flicked her eyes of his chest. “It kind of makes me wonder how long until we can do that again.”

“Oh does it?” Jason said archly, raising his eyebrow playfully. “I knew I liked you for some reason.”

“Idiot.” Emma giggled, making as if she was going to hit him on the upper arm but changing it at the last second to a gentle caress. “Um, so ... ?”

“So what?”

“How long until we can f-fuck again?” Emma asked, stumbling over the word for a split second but sounding defiantly stubborn.

“Keep that up and not long at all.” Jason promised in a husky voice. He then cleared his throat. “But not for a bit longer at any rate. You took a lot out of me.”

“Damn.” Emma teased. “What am I going to do to entertain myself while I wait?”

She squealed playfully when Jason suddenly rolled them both over so that he was pinning her arms above her head with him holding himself above her. He leant down and kissed her thoroughly.

“Well, even if I’m not ready yet I’m fairly sure I can do something to entertain you.” He whispered in a low voice.

“Jason —” Emma began before she cut her off with a gasp when he began to move down her body. She squeaked and blushed furiously—holding him off with one hand placed on his head to prevent him from going further down. “Just—hold one one second!”

Emma scrambled out of the bed and swiftly ran out of his room—her hair trailing behind her in a wave of scarlet. Jason looked after her dumbfounded—but it wasn’t too long at all before she reappeared; walking back up to stand beside his bed far more demurely than she had left.

“Sorry.” Emma mumbled, blushing a pretty shade of pink. She had her arms loosely folded across her stomach and it made her pert breasts push together in a very eye-catching way. “I just wanted to wash first because—you know …”

“Don’t worry about it.” Jason smiled at her. He sat up quickly and wrapped an arm around her middle—she giggled uncontrollably as he tossed her into back into the bed. He rolled half on top of her and kissed her quickly on her mouth. “Now—where were we?”

Starting where he left off, Jason trailed kisses down his girlfriend’s neck and shoulders—eliciting sounds of pleasure from her as he went. He spent some time at her chest—sucking her pink little nipples into his mouth and gently chewing on them. Emma arched her back—eagerly encouraging him to pay more attention to her breasts. He then continued his way down along her stomach to her hips—dipping briefly to her inner thighs—before stopping over her pussy.

Jason could hear Emma’s breath coming out in rapid pants further up on the bed. He blew a puff of air over the moistened lips of her pussy, causing her to moan and reach down to twine her fingers in his hair. When he pressed his mouth to her and began to run his tongue along her soft folds, Emma gave a full body shiver.

“Jason ...” Emma breathed out, tightening her grip on his hair.

Jason went down on his girlfriend with a will—feeling great sense of satisfaction every time he managed to elicit yet another noise of pleasure from her lips. He soon found a combination of what she liked, and in short order had her moaning almost non-stop. She tasted sweet to him, and he loved the way he could feel her clench down on his fingers when he started to slide them in and out of her.

Jason lost himself in the task at hand, concentrating hard on what he was doing and disregarding all else. It was because of this reason that he made a mistake and acted without thinking.

Using his free hand, while running his tongue over her clit and fingering her pussy, Jason took a finger and ran it softly over Emma’s puckered rosebud. She jumped when he did this and tensed up but when he didn’t go any further than this she started to relax again.

Misinterpreting his girlfriends reaction as favorable—she had gone back to gasping and moaning pretty quickly after all—Jason stealthily coated his finger with spittle to make it slick and placed it back over the tight opening; this time pushing it past the ring of muscle and causing the tip of his finger to enter her.

“What the fuck!” Emma yelped, jolting away from him on the bed and then sitting up. She looked down at him with an incredulous and angry expression. “What the hell are you doing, Jason?”

“Em?” Jason asked, momentarily confused at her reaction. He licked his lips, tasting her on them.

Emma—seeing his face coated with her juices—stared and then blushed—looking away for a moment before turning back to face him seriously.

“You can’t just ... go there.” She muttered, giving him a dirty look. “That’s not okay, Jason.”

“Um—sorry, Em.” Jason mumbled, sitting up as well. His initial surprise and worn off and he was feeling a bit stupid. He had been beginning to think that all women liked anal sex—or at least enjoyed it even if they didn’t like the idea of it. Of course, it probably wasn’t a good idea to base that theory on women that he could control and influence. He knew he hadn’t been too far away from bringing his girlfriend to another orgasm and instead he had ruined it. “I’m—fuck, I’m really sorry.”

“Look—just ask first if you want to try something.” Emma muttered, looking away again. Her annoyance looked to be quickly fading though. “Idiot.”

Jason looked dissected down at the bed, his shoulders slumped. He heard what sounded like a long-suffering sigh before he was surprised by Emma suddenly pushing him backwards onto the bed. Before he knew it, his girlfriend had swung a leg over his hips and straddled his waist. She rested her hands on his chest to support herself and looked down into his face.

“It’s lucky you’re cute.” She said softly, a smile breaking out on her face.

“‘Cute’?” Jason asked tentatively. He was a bit distracted by her firm breasts hanging right in front of his face. He could see the faint red marks around her nipples from his mouth.

“Yep.” Emma said firmly. “Very cute. In fact ...”

It was her turn to lick her lips this time as she shifted her hips—positioning herself over his groin and then grinding and rolling her hips on him with a sinuous fashion that took his breath away. He hardened instantly.

“... why don’t I show you just how cute I think you are.” Emma breathed out.

Her face was flushed pink and Jason resolved that he didn’t think he would ever get sick of the look of embarrassed determination on her face. She reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a condom from the packet—opening it and then rolling it onto his shaft with impressive speed and dexterity. Before Jason fully knew it, Emma had raised herself up and was hovering her hips above him—reaching down between their bodies and gingerly gripping his cock in her small hands. She positioned him carefully underneath herself before taking a deep breath and starting to lower her body down onto his waiting shaft.

“You’re so big.” Emma panted out as she took him inside her.

“God, Emma—you feel incredible!” Jason groaned, reaching out and gripping her firmly around her narrow waist. It was a struggle to not simply pull her down onto him—instead he suffered through the sweet agony of watching her slowly take all of his length.

When her hips met his, Emma shivered—braced herself—and then began to ride him.

Jason watched wide-eyed and breathless as his girlfriend skilfully rolled her hips as she worked his shaft in and out of her. She seemed to enjoy a long and grinding movement—trying to place pressure upon her clit. She was panting with exertion before too long—swaying her head back and forth as she got caught up with the sensations running rampant through her body. When Jason reached up and cupped her breasts—thumbing and pinching her sensitive nipples—Emma gave a gentle shudder and started her second orgasm of the evening.

Whether it was because the buildup had been interrupted from his earlier gaffe, or she was just getting tired, Emma’s orgasm was far milder than her first one. She shivered and moaned through her climax before she fell forward onto his chest. Still hard and buried inside her, Jason hugged Emma tightly to him and kissed her forehead. Emma gave a happy little sigh before rolling off of him onto her side on the bed facing away from him.

Jason got to his knees and crouched over his girlfriend. Emma lay almost in the fetal position with her knees drawn upwards towards her chest. He could see her pussy between her thighs and he inched forward—his cock hard and threatening at her small entrance.

“Emma.” Jason said softly, remembering her words from earlier. “Can I?”

Emma nodded her head weakly; giving him a swift smile but seemingly lacking the energy to do anything else for the moment.

Jason rested one hand on top of her hip and moved forward until the head of his cock was touching the lips of her pussy. From this position with her thighs pressed together her opening looked impossibly small. When he started to push his way back into her, Jason groaned at how much tighter she felt. The moment he felt himself press into her soft buttocks he groaned in pleasure. He wasn’t as deep inside of her in this position, but the added friction more than made up for it.

He started to slide himself in and out of her—thrusting into her faster than they had before. His thighs made light slapping noises as they met her ass-cheeks, and soon small little squeaks escaped Emma’s mouth in time with his thrusts. From his vantage point above her he could see her breasts shaking wildly with the force he was exerting.

“Can you —“ Jason panted. “Take more, Em?”

Emma didn’t answer him but nodded her head jerkily; closing her eyes tightly shut as her body shook from his motions.

Jason picked up the pace—nowhere near as hard as he usually fucked his women, but hard enough for him to be able to say that he was properly fucking Emma now. Her ass was rippling every time he pounded into her slender body, and he found the constant whimpering and moaning she was making unbearably sexy. He lost himself in the act of penetrating his girlfriend—fucking her long enough that he got to hear her cry out in yet another orgasm before he reached his own climax.

Jason blinked groggily as he woke up to a darkened room. He squinted as he peered about; giving a start when he saw that Emma was sitting upright on the bed watching him. She had her knees drawn up to her chest with her arms wrapped around them. Her face was wreathed in shadow and he couldn’t see what her expression was .

“Hey.” Emma said softly, seeing that he had woken.

“Hi.” Jason said, rubbing his eyes. “Can’t you sleep?”

“No, I’m feeling pretty wired to be honest.” Emma replied. A touch of amusement entered her voice. “Even though you dropped off almost instantly.”

“Sue me.” Jason laughed softly. “What time is it?”

“A little after 1am.” Emma said.

“Jesus.” Jason muttered. They had spent all afternoon and evening in bed together—they hadn’t even bothered to have dinner. The last thing Jason remembered was falling asleep while cuddling Emma. “How long have you been up for?”

“A while.” Emma said. Jason could just make out the outline of her shoulders lifting in a shrug.

“Obviously I didn’t tire you out enough.” Jason teased. “I’ll try harder next time.”

“I’d be up for that.” Emma said coyly. “Anytime you want.”

A warm and happy feeling of contentment suffused Jason. This kind of relaxed bantering with someone he cared about was what he had been missing—and hadn’t even known it. Sex with Emma had been … exhilarating. There was no way he could overlook an open-ended invitation like the one she had just given him.

Jason reached out and pulled Emma to him, loving the way she gave a surprised laugh before snuggling up against him. He ran his fingers along the length of her spine, stopping at the dimples on her back; grinning into the dark and feeling her shiver under his touch. He was about to do more when his stomach gurgled loudly.

“Maybe we should get some food into you first.” Emma giggled, kissing him affectionately on the shoulder. “Man need food?”

“Man need you.” Jason said, attempting a rough caveman voice.

“You idiot.” Emma laughed again. “I’m actually pretty hungry too. Even if you didn’t ‘wear me out’ we certainly worked up and appetite.”

“Are you sure …” Jason complained, reaching down and fondling her soft ass.

Emma raised herself so that her face was above his—close enough that he could make out her grin.

“After. I promise.” She said firmly. “Since we skipped dinner, why don’t we go downstairs and cook up some sort of midnight feast. And then after that …”

“Sounds good.” Jason grinned back at her, kissing her swiftly on the lips. “You win.”

“Excellent!” Emma said, kissing him back.

She quickly and gracefully rolled out of bed and turned on the bedside lamp. Blinking at the sudden influx of light, Jason eyed his girlfriends nude body. Even after all they had done together it still gave him a thrill of excitement. She grabbed her panties off the floor and shimmied them up her legs. After a brief moment of searching she grabbed one of his t-shirts and threw it on. It was far too big on her but Jason found the idea of her wearing his clothes very cute.

“Aww …” Jason sighed, pretending to be disheartened. “Do you really have to wear clothes.

“I’m not walking around your house in the nude.” Emma teased. “Speaking of which, aren’t you going to get changed?”

“Why?” Jason said, laying back and putting his hands behind his head while grinning at her. “I’m not planning on needing clothes pretty soon. Getting dressed will just waste time.”

“So confident.” Emma said, blushing faintly. Then she grinned back at him. “Well—are you going to get out of bed naked boy?”

“Hang on.” Jason laughed. “I just want to go to the bathroom first. I’ll meet you down there.”

“Alright, don’t be too long.” Emma said before leaving the room and heading downstairs.

Once she had left, Jason rolled out of bed and stretched. His entire body felt tired, but it was the good kind of fatigue—the sort that left him feeling languid and content. Jason spotted his pants on the floor and idly picked them up and rummaged through the pockets—looking for his phone. When he woke the screen up he was startled to see there was a multitude of notifications of text messages and one missed phone call—all from Karla.

Jason frowned at his phone, wondering what had happened to make his teacher try and contact him so many times—she knew that he was spending the night with Emma. He opened up the messages and saw that they all consisted of a single word—his name. He furrowed his brow as he tried to think of what it meant—if it was only his name it can’t be anything too serious. He thought perhaps his mother had overstepped her boundaries with Karla even though he had specifically told her that she was to be a guest in his teacher’s apartment. That said, his mother’s idea of what was acceptable or not might not exactly be the same as his.

Shrugging, Jason carried his phone into the bathroom and shut the door. He should probably check that nothing serious had gone wrong, but he didn’t want to risk calling Karla where Emma might see. He dialled his teacher’s mobile and blinked in surprise when she picked up on the first ring.

“Karla?” Jason said in a hushed voice. “What are you doing, you know I’m not really free to talk tonight.”

“Jason!” Karla babbled, her words tripping over themselves. “I tried to call you but she said that I couldn’t. That I couldn’t talk to you. I could only manage to text your name—I couldn’t get anything else out!”

“Karla —” Jason blinked. He had never heard her sound so panicked before. That his mother had ordered her not to talk to him … he guessed that she must have been indulging herself and didn’t want him to find out. Still, his teacher should know that it wasn’t really appropriate for her to seek his protection on tonight of all nights. But then if his mother was overstepping her boundaries, why did Karla have access to her phone? The first time she had tried to call him had been over an hour ago going by the missed call. “Is everything okay? Did my mother make you do —”

“Jason, shut-up!” Karla yelled into the phone.

“Wha —”

“It’s your mother.” Karla said, cutting him off again. She was breathing hard like it was difficult to get the words out. “She’s on her way there!”

Jason froze.

“She can’t.” He said hesitantly. “I told her she couldn’t come back until morning.”

“As soon as the clock hit 12:01am, Helen took a shower and got dressed.” Karla said, panting. “It’s technically the morning then, isn’t it?”

“Fuck.” Jason said numbly. He shook his head to clear it. It wasn’t the end of the world—nothing he couldn’t handle. He just had to head her off before she arrived and surprised Emma. “How long ago did she leave?”

“Long enough that she must almost be there by now!”

Jason remembered the missed call and all of the text messages—Karla’s desperate attempts to get in contact with him and warn him.

“Karla—thanks. I owe you big time for this!” Jason said hurriedly. “It would have been a disaster if she had come home without me knowing …”

As if he had just conjured up a prophetic vision, Jason’s stomach dropped when he faintly heard the sound of his front door opening.

“Fuck!” Jason said, hanging up on Karla’s worried questioning. He looked around the bathroom wildly. He was still naked. “Fuck!”

Jason flung the door to the bathroom open and scrambled back to his bedroom. He swiped his pants off the floor and jumped around the room trying to tug them up his legs. In his haste he accidentally put his leg down the wrong hole, and wasted valuable time cursing and rectifying his mistake.

Finally getting them on, Jason took the stairs two at a time, bursting into the kitchen while trying to think of how he was going to smooth over having his mother suddenly appearing with Emma. When he saw the tableau that was before him however he froze and stared in absolute shock.

Instead of the scene he had expected—Emma blushing and trying to explain to his mother why she was standing in the kitchen while half dressed—he saw something far, far worse. Something that made his heart sink so far down in his chest that he felt physically ill.

His mother was standing right in front of his girlfriend—a look of ugly satisfaction on her otherwise lovely face while she held out her hand palm-up before Emma. Emma was staring so intently down at what was on his mother’s hand that she didn’t even seem to notice that Jason had joined them.

She was looking at the last and final Silver Ring.