The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter Four

Author — Sidia

Jason paused at the entrance to his aunts bedroom; nerves finally stalling his approach. He had his hand on the doorknob, ready to turn it and enter—but a small voice inside him was clamouring to be heard.

What was he doing?

He had been making out with his aunt Sarah only moments earlier—a fact that seemed surreal even now. And here he was outside her bedroom to do … what exactly? Jason felt like he was a maelstrom of confusion. He wanted to go in, but he also knew that he shouldn’t.

Before he could talk himself out of it—filled with a sinking apprehension, excitement, and a touch of self-loathing—Jason turned the doorknob and quickly stepped inside, closing the door behind him.

He was in her bedroom.

It distantly registered to him that he had never been in her bedroom before. The room was dimly lit, and his aunt was standing in the centre of her room; her body language very different from how she normally stood. She seemed unsure, even deferential, as she stood there quietly in the shadowed room. Her shoulders were rounded, and it was as though she was trying to make herself smaller. Sarah normally seemed to take up most of the space of whatever room she was in, confident in how she stood; knowing she was the centre of attention.

She hadn’t moved since he entered, and Jason wondered if she had been in the same position waiting for him the entire time. He intuitively knew that this was the case, and he clenched his fist—feeling the heavy pewter band on his finger. It was incredible; a little scary. And also pretty hot.

Jason took a step towards her, only to see her flinch. He supposed it was a holdover from the last interaction he had with her—pushing her roughly and ordering her up the stairs. She didn’t move from where she stood though, and Jason could see the arousal that was stamped on her face regardless of how she acted.

He was suddenly angry at her. It wasn’t overly rational, but the resentment of how mixed up and confused he felt—coupled with his usual intense dislike of his aunt—all seemed to focus on this moment. She just had to take the ring didn’t she. She had messed up his life yet again! It was her fault that they were in this situation now—not his. He didn’t make her wear the ring, he would never have intended this to happen! Yet here he was—horny and frustrated—and the blame was all on her.

“Strip.” Jason said, hoarsely whispering his command, conscious that his mother was only downstairs. His voice came out low and harsh, his tone causing Sarah to tremble with anticipation and fright.

Jason watched as his aunt slowly shed her clothes, his rigid cock pressing uncomfortably against the front of his pants. Sarah removed her clothes without artifice, simply shrugging them off and letting them fall to the floor around her feet. She stood there, nude and lovely. She wasn’t posing as she had that morning when she was taunting him—before the effects of the ring took hold of her. Instead she was subdued, her hands clasped together nervously in front of her crotch, her eyes downcast. Sarah was taking his commands without question, and Jason found he was deeply aroused at the power he wielded over her.

“Turn around.” He said in the same voice as before, enjoying the flush that crept onto her cheeks as she willingly took directions from her nephew.

Sarah slowly turned on the spot, coming to a stop facing away from him. Jason gazed at her body in deep appreciation. Now that he wasn’t looking at her face, it was easier to admire her form. Her narrow waist was enticing as it moved down to the flare of her hips, the shadows in the room seemed to enhance all of her curves. She had dimples at the base of her spine, just above the swell of her buttocks. In fact, in the dim light, she kind of looked like …

Jason swallowed, sick excitement filling him. It could be his mother standing there naked, willing and waiting for him.

They looked very alike, even though Sarah wasn’t quite as curvy as her older sister. But here in the dark, her face hidden, it didn’t take a stretch of the imagination to see his mother—and not his aunt in the nude woman before him.

Heart thumping, he padded forward with soft footsteps, his gaze fixed on her rear; filled with thoughts of his mother. He had been unable to stop himself from looking at her with lust for ages now, his gaze always drawn inexorably to her lycra covered ass as she left for work in the mornings. Jason felt like he was in a trance as he neared her.

He reached out and placed a trembling hand on her waist, just above the swell of her buttocks. He was so lost in the fantasy of finally touching his mother, that when Sarah gave a squeak of surprise at his touch he was momentarily confused.

He stood there, his hand full of silky skin, awash with desire—feeling sick with guilt. It was bad enough that he was her with his aunt, did he really have to drag his mother into it? Was Sarah right when she taunted him this morning—was he really some sort of pervert?

Jason spun Sarah roughly around again to face him—a feeling of relief coming over him when he saw her face. It was Sarah here, not his mother. It was as though making the distinction that it wasn’t his mother was enough to assuage the sense of guilt he was feeling. And with the guilt gone, there was only desire left. It was only his aunt here- and he had never liked her anyway.

Jason pulled Sarah into him, feeling her full breasts crush against his chest. He could feel that her entire body was trembling, and she was looking up at him with wide eyes. He leaned down and pressed his mouth to hers in a bruising kiss, drinking her in.

He wanted more.

Her cupped her bare ass, pulling her even tighter to him, his cock hard against her belly. Jason groped and fondled his aunts rear, revelling in the sensation and the taboo nature of what he was doing. He knew he was getting lost in the moment, but he didn’t care anymore.

He still wanted more.

Jason broke the kiss, breathing heavily with desire and excitement. Their faces were close together and he could feel his breath mingling with hers, hot against his face. He reached down between their bodies, fumbling with his pants; eagerness making him clumsy. He finally freed his hard cock from the confines of his pants, the relief immediate.

He grabbed his aunts hand, and in his haste he could feel the small bones shift under his tight grip. Jason pulled her hand down to his cock, and wrapped her slender fingers around his girth. He looked down into her flushed face so close to his own, and pumped his cock a few times, using her hand to do it. He let go, and sure enough she continued—biting her bottom lip as she ran her hand up and down his length, jacking him off in a smooth rhythm; her fingers cool as they encircled him.

Holy crap, this feels amazing he thought. She was working him expertly, her hand milking him. Jason could feel his knees going weak at the sensations she was giving him.

He leant forward, burying his face into her neck, her soft hair tickling his nose. He pressed his lips into the hollow of her collarbone, breathing hard. Sarah’s other arm had encircled his torso—she was holding him close to her as she continued to jack him off, never breaking her motions.

She smelt good, and her naked body seemed like it was moulded to him. Jason wrapped his arms around her waist, and gripped her ass again—hard. He dug his fingers in with as much strength as he could as he felt himself nearing his climax. At this rough treatment, his aunt broke her silence with a sharp gasp of surprise, followed by a long and drawn out guttural moan.

It was this, her cry of arousal so close to his ear, that did it. With a moan of his own, Jason started ejaculating; spraying cum all over his aunts taut belly. Sarah kept up her pace, never slowing down as she jacked him off to completion; a blissful sensation that soon became sweet agony once he had finished cumming and he became too sensitive for it to continue.

“Stop” He croaked out, spent and exhausted after his orgasm.

They both stood there for a moment in silence, each breathing heavily. Jason from his climax, Sarah from whatever emotions she was feeling engendered by the silver band she wore.

Eventually, he broke away from her. Now that he had cum, he was starting to think clearly again. Jason looked down at the ring on his finger; the stones representing his aunt were noticeably brighter. So much for letting them fade—he hadn’t managed to keep that resolution for even one night!

However, looking back at her standing there—nude and splattered with his seed—Jason no longer felt any regret at his actions. He had crossed a line, one that he hadn’t known was there. It wasn’t as if he had any feelings or love for her anyway—what did it matter if he used her for his own needs? It was far better than what he usually had to go through with her!

Jason felt himself start to stiffen again at the thoughts running through his head. He could make her act more respectful, make her help out his mother more. And, as a bonus, he could use her. He could … he didn’t know if he could fuck her. Using her to get off seemed like a fitting punishment for how she had treated him over the years. But to lose his virginity to her? Being that close to her, having her linked in his mind with his first time seemed repugnant. Now his dick was no longer doing all the thinking, he felt a little sick at himself for how he had embraced her, clinging to his aunt as he came. It had been way too intimate. He had even been making out with her like she was his lover! He wanted to do that with someone special. Thoughts of his mother sprung into his thoughts, but before he could feel guilty once more, he quickly replaced them with thoughts of Emma.

Wasn’t she the one he liked? She should be the one he was focused on. Of course, he could never give her a ring, or treat her like he had Sarah—he could never do that to Emma.

Jason resolved to never be that intimate with his aunt again. He could use her like he had tonight—but he would keep his distance. Be done, and then leave. That would probably help the conditions of the ring anyway—he didn’t want a close relationship with Sarah.

Lust and Fear. That was what he had inadvertently activated within her. But the more he thought about it, the better it sounded.

She could want him, need him. But she could also be afraid of him.

Yes. That could work.

Jason looked at her once more, running his eyes over her nude curves. His dick gave another lurch. Whatever his hangups, she was fucking hot.

He wanted to do more; he was almost ready to go again—but he didn’t know how long he had been here in his aunts room. It was stupid and risky to stay when he didn’t know when his mother would finish watching tv and come upstairs. He turned to leave, and Sarah spoke for the first time since he had entered her room.

“You’re going?” She said in a small voice, that got stronger and closer to her usual tone as she continued. “What about me? You’re not going to —”

Jason thought he really needed to study the box containing the rings further. These flashes of old personality that his aunt kept displaying seemed at odds with the majority of her behaviour. Perhaps it just meant that the chosen attributes had not been fully locked in yet. Either way, he no longer had to put up with any shit from her, no matter how mild.

“Going to what?” Jason spoke, his voice ringing with finality. He took a step back towards her and gripped her chin, tilting her head up so he could look down onto her face. Sarah gulped, her throat working as she swallowed nervously—intimidated by his actions. “You thought this was an equal deal?”

Sarah jerked her head in agreement, her movements restricted by his grip.

“Wrong.” Jason said. He turned her head forcibly—slowly making her shake her head in the negative. “There—thats better. Glad you understand.”

He pushed her away from him. Only lightly—he didn’t want to hurt her whatever the reason—but from his gentle push she took a series of stumbling steps back, ending up with her back to the wall, hunched over in a half crouch. Her eyes were wide and staring, her mouth open and gaping. She was trembling from head to toe, her legs pressed tightly together, with one hand buried between her thighs, the other clutching one of her breasts. She was a vision of wanton desire and fear—and Jason was suddenly reminded of the picture that was on the card that described the effects he had activated for her. It was titled ‘The Broken’, a label that had filled him with misgivings as soon as he had read it.

But then she looked at him, and he caught a flash of resentment in her gaze. Oddly, that made him breath a sigh of relief. He must have been imagining it—she was worked up, filled with desire and intimidated by him—that was all. Sarah was acting according to the attributes that were being enhanced by the ring; she wasn’t being turned into a mindless doll. She was still in there, however she was acting.

Jason saw the muscles in her arms flexing, and realised she was busy between her legs; the fingers of one hand working at her crotch in time with the other that was squeezing her breast. She must have hit a point of no return, the lust aspect overriding the fear.

He stared at the sight of his aunt—naked and masturbating right in front of him—transfixed by the perverse insanity of it all. She was glaring up at him all the while, but she couldn’t seem to stop herself or say anything further. Jason looked at her and knew he could walk over and do whatever he wanted to her in that moment. And she would love it.

But he turned and left—wanting to stay, wanting to explore the possibilities more despite his better judgement; but not daring to tempt fate any further. The soft sounds of his aunts rising cries of pleasure followed him out the door.