The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter Five

Author — Sidia

Morning arrived, and Jason lay in bed a moment; memories of all that had occurred the day before flooding into his mind. He couldn’t believe what he had done with his aunt the night before …

He grinned to himself. It still seemed so wrong to him in a lot of ways, but he no longer felt so conflicted about it. It was amazing how having a hot piece of ass like his bitch of an aunt jack him off changed his perspective. He wouldn’t have to take her shit anymore. She would do what he said, anything at all …

Jason mused that having anyone else be afraid of him like she was now conditioned to be—flinching and cowering if he but raised his voice—would make him feel pretty awful. But since it was Sarah he didn’t mind much at all. She had earned it a hundred times over.

He swung his legs off the bed and got up. He sighed at the thought of going to school; after last night it seemed so mundane. Jason held up his hand and looked at the ring on his finger. The coloured gems representing his aunt were a bit dimmer than they were when he had gone to bed—he would have to further ingrain the aspects for Sarah; he was no longer interested in letting them lapse and fade! He looked at the three other sets of clear gems thoughtfully. Three other rings …

He would have to think about it all carefully.

It was a completely different matter to purposefully control someone, than for it to happen by accident after all.

It was still early morning, and he could hear his mother downstairs; she hadn’t left yet. As he exited his room he couldn’t help but glance down the hall towards his aunts closed bedroom door. He was tempted to go and see if she was awake yet, but decided against it in the end. That was something that could get out of hand quickly he thought ruefully.

“Morning sweetie!” His mother greeted him with a smile as he came down the stairs.

“Morning.” Jason said in return as he joined her in the kitchen. She had on the same outfit as usual; skin tight and form-fitting workout clothes. He returned her smile, and when she had turned away—cleaning up the remainder of her breakfast—he allowed his gaze to caress her body, lingering on her curves. He never got tired of looking at her. His thoughts strayed to last night, when he had imagined it was his mother and not his aunt, standing naked in the dark. Waiting for him.

Jason felt a flush rise in his cheeks and he quickly turned away. He didn’t feel his usual stab of guilt though, which was a welcome change. Perhaps the incestuous acts he had enjoyed with his aunt had dulled the taboo at lusting after his mother. He snuck another glance at her, particularly at her well rounded behind, and felt his cock lurch in appreciation. What he wouldn’t give to have his mother lusting after him instead of Sarah!

He pictured his mother, pressed up against him—panting in need and desire. Pictured her with her fingers wrapped around his cock, instead of his aunt. He could make that happen!

Jason feverishly thought about it. He could give in—indulge in all the half-formed fantasies he had been trying to suppress for so long! He thought of her moaning his name, pleading with him to take her—and it was almost enough to make him sprint up the stairs and get one of the silver bands.

But then he pictured her with the same look of fear on her face that Sarah had displayed … and felt sick. He couldn’t do that to her. Not that he would ever consider using the fear aspect for his mother! But still—he loved her too much to change her.

Besides, he had only just had his first sexual experience last night. And it wasn’t like that was a one time thing. In fact …

“What time are you home tonight?” Jason asked his mother, as casually as he could.

“Oh, about the same time as last night I think.” Helen replied to her son. She continued in a teasing tone of voice. “Why, what do you have planned?”

If only she knew Jason thought. She wouldn’t be looking at him with such a fond expression if she knew what he was going to do with her younger sister.

“Nothing really.” He said nonchalantly. “Just curious.”

“Hmm.” She said. “Well, you should do something after school. It’s not good to just sit at home. Why don’t you invite Emma over for dinner? You haven’t brought her over in ages.”

It was true that Emma had been a regular visitor at their house when Jason had been younger. But as they got older the visits had tapered off, coinciding with the increasing unwelcome atmosphere that grew as his aunt had become more and more unpleasant. It wasn’t that Jason didn’t want to have Emma round, but it had been long enough that he felt like inviting her would be a ‘big deal’. Anyway, it would interfere with what he wanted to do this evening.

“I don’t know if she would want to—” Jason began but he was immediately interrupted.

“Nonsense!” Helen said. “She practically lived her at one point. I always thought you two would start dating at some point.”

Jason flushed with embarrassment.

“You should ask her out.” Helen said, half teasing, half serious.

“We’re just friends.” Jason mumbled.

“Then you should ask your ‘just friend’ over for dinner sometime.” His mother said smiling, as if it was all settled.

“Maybe.” Jason said. What a time for her to take an interest in his love life—right after what had happened the night before!

Jason was so lost in thought over this that he barely noticed his mother saying goodbye and leaving for the day. This was a big deviation from his usual routine of checking her out as she left.

He left for school soon after, his mind all jumbled up. His mother bringing up Emma had him daydreaming of the possibilities and what he could do. Would it really be so bad if he used another ring? Apart from Fear, the rest didn’t sound too bad. Love and Lust especially. Jason grew aroused as he imagined Emma, looking up at him with desire, wanting him. Needing him.

And if that was the case, he could give his mother one as well—couldn’t he?

The temptation was strong, andJason shook his head feverishly, trying to dispel these thoughts. He would have to study the card in the box before he did anything else. His thoughts turned dark when he considered he had been intending to take the free will away from the two most important people in his world.

Sarah was one thing. They were another.

Lost in thought, the walk to his school passed so swiftly that he was surprised when he realised he had already arrived. Emma was waiting for him out the front once more as was her habit. She bounced over to him, a smile lighting up her face, her long red hair flowing behind her.

“Morning!” Emma said as she reached him.

Jason suddenly felt better, a tension that had filled him since the day before without him really noticing—leaving him all at once. Emma had been his confidant for so long that he almost told her what had happened to him, everything on the verge of all spilling out. Instead, without really thinking about it, he pulled her too him and enfolded her in a hug.

Emma tensed initially in surprise, before relaxing and returning his embrace. She was small and soft in his arms, the flowery scent of her hair filling his nose. He abruptly realised what he was doing and, panicking, pulled away from her.

“Nice to see you too.” Emma grinned up at him, quirking an eyebrow in question.

“Sorry.” Jason muttered, embarrassed but also pleased at her reaction. She had hugged him back! Maybe he had been overthinking everything with Emma. “Rough morning. It was just nice to see a friendly face.”

“Anytime.” Emma punched him lightly on the shoulder. “Anything you want to talk about?”

“Maybe later?” Jason smiled weakly.

Whatever his first impulse, this was not something he could ever tell her. Luckily, she took his behaviour as being from yet another run in with Sarah. Which was true, but definitely not in the way she was thinking!

The rest of the day passed in a blur of normalcy. In light of the power he had discovered the day before, everything seemed mundane and unimportant. The only thing that captured his attention and distracted him from his musings was Emma.

He found himself looking at her speculatively every time they were together. If his aunt hadn’t taken the ring off him, would he have given one to Emma all unknowing? His first experience with its power could have been with her. He would never have yelled or scared at his best friend like he had with Sarah, so Fear would not have tainted the experience. What would he have unlocked, all unwitting, as the attributes?

The day came to an end uneventfully, and Jason said goodbye to Emma with regret. He had been working himself up with fantasising what it would have been like if he had bound Emma with the ring, and he felt overcome with desire. He looked down at the band on his finger, at the lights representing his aunts ring, and felt a flush of anger. Why did it have to be her that he had bound by accident!

When Jason arrived at his house he was actually glad that Sarah was home—the first time he had ever felt that way. His mind had been inevitably straying to what he had done with her the night before, and in the midst of his arousal he wanted more. His conflicting emotions over if it was right or not seemed far away

Sarah was sitting on a chair in the lounge room, her feet drawn up underneath herself, curled up in a languid manner. She was leafing through a magazine—and apart from glancing up at him when he entered the room, she didn’t react to his arrival.

While she didn’t react as he expected—considering the state she had been in when he had last seen her—she was still dressed in a way that was outside the norm. Sarah had always liked dressing in a revealing way; showing a lot of skin. She had never been concerned with Jason seeing her when she was dressing like a slut, but regardless of how much of her body she was showing off, she still was always ‘fully’ dressed.

His aunt was only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of panties.

The t-shirt was large and baggy—probably one she slept in—and while it covered a lot of her torso, the way it hung revealed in no uncertain fashion that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Her full breasts sat proudly and unrestrained beneath it; mouthwatering curves that captured Jason’s attention immediately.

“Hey.” Jason said eventually as it didn’t seem as though she was going to react to his presence. He was nonplussed—the gems were dimmer in the close to 24 hours since he had last seen her, sure—but he didn’t think she would be ignoring him.

“‘Hey’.” Sarah copied him in a mocking tone. “What do you want?”

She sounded almost back to her old self, and Jason was suddenly lost his confidence. He had been expecting to arrive home and have her all over him like last night. Not this.

“Nothing.” He said shortly. Jason hovered in the room for a moment, unsure of what to do. In the end he sat down on the chair across from her; he wanted to see what she would do. Sarah wasn’t back to normal, but he couldn’t account for all of her behaviour—she certainly didn’t appear to be acting as though last night had happened. She was different, but not how she should be after masturbating her nephew! Jason intuitively guessed it must be part of the magic of the rings—that along with the attribute altering powers, it suppressed the importance of the actions taken under its influence. How else would it work? Otherwise the subjects would surely try and get away before they were completely under its control.

“Isn’t there somewhere else you could be?” His aunt said, her tone annoyed. She seemed to be growing in confidence in response to his passive attitude.

Jason didn’t say anything right away; he was considering what best to do. He could try yelling at her again, but he wasn’t a naturally combative person, and outside of the heat of the moment he felt awkward to pretend to be angry.

“God.” His aunt said disgustedly. “You going to just sit there and stare at me? Do you have to perve on me as well as your mom?”

“Don’t put that on me!” Jason fired back, niggled to annoyance. “What, did you forget to dress yourself all the way today?”

Sarah’s face grew flushed; whether with anger or the influence of the ring—Jason didn’t know. She swung her legs off the chair, and flounced her way out of the room. She seemed unsteady on her feet, and her uncertain steps made her panty covered ass ripple invitingly.

“I can wear what I want.” She said, giving a parting shot over her shoulder. She lightly slapped her ass as she went. “Enjoy the view pervert!”

Was she taunting him, or inviting him? Either way, Jason’s arousal was back in full, accompanied by anger at her behaviour. He got up and quickly crossed the distance between them, grabbing her by the arm and stopping her in her tracks.

“Is this what you wanted?” He hissed at her, shaking her by the arm. “Huh?”

She looked at him, her face showing the now familiar look of fright. She froze, her mouth agape; unable or unwilling to say anything.

“Well? Is it!”

Sarah stuttered something unintelligible. It only annoyed him more. She had the nerve to taunt him like that after everything that had happened the night before. He was suddenly filled with disgust for her, everything that she had ever done to him all coming to a head. He wanted to get back at her, to strike back. Jason dragged her by the arm back to the living room, his aunt stumbling along behind him.

When he reached the chair she had been sitting in moments earlier, Jason flung her bodily face first over the arm of the chair. She ended up bent over the armrest, legs stretched straight, with her pert ass facing the air—barely covered by the flimsy underwear she had on.

Sarah tried to stand back up, but Jason unceremoniously pushed her back down. He was seeing red and not thinking clearly—he just wanted to hurt her, to pay her back for years of torment.

He swung his arm and, with a loud crack, his hand struck her ass.

His aunt yelped—more in shock than in pain. Although he wasn’t restraining her, she stayed in place; head down and breathing heavily.

Jason struck again—spanking her harder this time and leaving a red mark on the flesh of her ass. Sarah cried out louder this time, but she still didn’t move.

He lost himself in the act of spanking his aunt, letting out pent up frustration and anger that had been building up for years. Soon her rear was bright red, with vivid handprints standing out clear on her skin.

Jason came to a stop, panting with exertion, and distantly realised that his aunt was sobbing quietly. He looked down at her body bent over before him; she was quivering—tensing and un-tensing, over and over. He found to his surprise that he was no longer angry with her. In light of this, he was momentarily concerned over her crying, worried he had gone too far. But then he looked down between her shaking thighs to her panty covered crotch.

She was completely soaked with arousal.

Jason placed a hand to her rear, eliciting another choked off cry from Sarah. This time though, he didn’t do it forcibly; instead caressing the reddened and inflamed skin. His aunt turned her cry into a long moan, and she parted her legs on her own accord to give him more access. She was still nervous and jumpy, but she seemed intent upon turning his attention away from anger.

Jason slipped his hand down between her thighs, and cupped her crotch; his fingers gently exploring a woman’s pussy for the first time. He slid his fingers beneath her panties, and ran his fingers over her moistened slit.

His aunt hissed her approval, and thrust backwards against his hand, which caused the tip of his index finger to slip between the folds of her pussy. With his eyes fixed on her crotch, Jason watched as his finger disappeared into the depths of her vagina. The knuckles of his hand came into contact with her arousal laden skin, his finger buried in the heated depths of her pussy. Her insides twitched and clenched his digit, accompanied by her long drawn out moans.

Jason began fingering his aunt, watching mesmerised as he did it—her spread legs and firm ass shaking in time with his motions. Sarah was giving unintelligible gasping cries as he did this, urging him on without words.

It was a complete reversal of what they had done last night, but instead of being disappointed at not being on the receiving end, Jason was captivated by the sheer erotic nature of what he was doing. She was spread and open, willing to let him do what he wanted to her. His cock was achingly hard, and he shivered as he imagined what it would feel like to penetrate her molten depths with his dick instead of his finger.

Before he could act on this though, Sarah clenched her ass hard, buried her face into the cushion of the chair, and gave a muffled scream as she came spectacularly. Her legs shivered and shook, and she hunched her back, pulling away from him in her orgasm. Jason watched, looking down at her, as she slid off the chair into a heap on the ground, utterly spent.

His aunt looked up at him; her eyes blank, and without a trace of rational thought in them. She reached out and clutched at his legs, running her hands up and down as high as she could reach, mewling happy little noises.

Jason reached down and gripped her by the arms, pulling her to her feet in front of him. It seemed like the most natural and reasonable thing in the world to lean down and kiss her, regardless of what he had thought about it the night before. It wasn’t tender though; it was savage and harsh. Claiming her mouth and body for his own.

The kiss was one sided initially, but Jason didn’t mind. He plundered his aunts mouth as he crushed her body to his own, grinding his erect cock against her. After a few moments Sarah started returning the kiss, flicking her tongue in welcome against his own.

Jason broke the kiss and looked down into her face. She had come back to herself somewhat, but gone was any sign of resentment or anger. His aunts expression was full of lust and desire, seeming to convey complete acceptance and submission to his will.

She reached down and rubbed his erection through his pants, biting her bottom lip and giving him a look as if she was asking for his permission to continue.

He was about to give it, to take her right there—when he heard a car arrive in the driveway.