The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter Six

Author — Sidia

Jason sprung away form his aunt—guilt, panic, and urgency all vying for control.

“Quick!” He hissed to Sarah urgently. “Get upstairs and hide—make sure you act normally if you come down!”

Sarah looked like she was going to say something or other—the urgency of the situation didn’t seem to concern her—but Jason got her up and moving, almost shoving her up the start of the stairs until she got the hint and went of her own accord. That, coupled with the exertions and excitement of what he had been doing beforehand, meant he was red-faced and breathing heavily when his mother came in through the door.

“Jason.” Helen said, surprise and a touch of concern filling her voice. “What’s the matter?”

“N-nothing!” Jason said, his voice going higher than normal. His eyes darted around the room, looking for a way out. If he hadn’t heard her car, what would she have walked in on?

“It doesn’t look like nothing.” His mother said, coaxingly. “What’s wrong?”

Jason just mutely shook his head. He knew he looked guilty and flushed, but didn’t know what to do.

“Is it—is it Sarah?” Helen asked hesitantly. “Did something happen?”

“No, seriously it’s nothing.” Jason blurted out. “Sorry, I have something to do—I’ll be back later!”

At that, he almost ran past her in his haste to get out the door, just wanting to escape her concerned questions.

Jason walked aimlessly, thinking furiously. That was so stupid—what was he thinking doing something like that downstairs; did he want to get caught? He had to face the reality; he wasn’t skilled enough at subterfuge to expect to hide something as momentous as a secret affair with his aunt—his mother was too perceptive to not notice. He honestly thought that the only reason she hadn’t twigged what was going on between them was that it was so outlandish it would never occur to anyone. But with enough close calls and odd behaviour … she would start adding up all the strange circumstances, and want to know what was happening in her house.

He knew that the answer to his problems was right in front of him; he could give his mother a ring.

But he could never …

Jason shuddered at the thought of controlling his lovely, perfect mother. Fantasies were all well and good, especially in the heat of the moment, but taking away her free will like he had done to Sarah … the thought of her beautiful face twisted up in fear …

But maybe … there seemed to be a certain element in play with the rings; masking the wearer from noticing the effects of the ring. At least Sarah didn’t seem to remember putting it on; as far as he could tell she didn’t seem to be aware that she was even wearing it. And she certainly didn’t seem to notice anything strange or different in what was happening between them. She was acting in response to programmed stimuli—even when the effects had lessened; as they had when he got home this afternoon, she didn’t seem to find anything odd with the memory of jacking off her nephew the night before. If this effect worked for the rings in general … perhaps this would work across all the wearers of the silver bands?

He could be careful. Sarah was scared and aroused by him, but he had already seen that her old personality was still in there; the same person she had always been. It was more that she had been triggered to react around him a certain way. He would never use the same attributes for his mother; no matter how the thought of making her lust after him filled him with a twinge of excitement and arousal.

He knew his mother loved him—that went without saying. If he activated the Love attribute … that wouldn’t change anything surely? Particularly if he didn’t go too far. All he would have to do was give her a ring, and then he would be out of this mess.

But one attribute wasn’t enough, he would have to choose a second one. Otherwise he ran the risk of accidentally activating one. He remembered how quick and easily he had chosen the modifiers for his aunt and shuddered. He would have to be really careful.

The only one left was Obedience.

That made him feel uncomfortable in different ways from the concept of making his mother lust after him, but Obedience seemed a more active choice than a passive attribute like Lust. Regardless of what he did, his aunt would find him arousing—unless he purposely let it lapse of course—and that affected her behaviour. But obedience … it wasn’t like he went around ordering his mother to do things! In fact …

He could tell her to not be concerned with whatever was going on between her sister and her son! Jason started to feel excited as he thought about the possibilities. The more he considered it, the more it seemed to fix all his problems. He could use the ring to to cover up what he was doing to his aunt, and apart from that one element of control, his mother would be unchanged from how she was normally.

This could work.

Now he had a plan of action, Jason headed back to his house, feeling much more relaxed and confident. He had started to come to terms with the power he now had with the rings—using another to fix the problems caused by the first didn’t seem to be a bad idea at all to him. The only stipulation he had was that he would examine the information in the box to make sure it would all go according to plan.

He walked in the door to find his mother pacing worryingly in the from room. She looked up in relief to see her son home. Jason steeled himself internally while plastering an easygoing smile on his face—this first part required a bit of acting.

“Honey?” Helen asked hesitantly.

“Yeah mom?” Jason said as though nothing was wrong and had ever been.

“Are you okay?” His mother looked nonplussed, this not being the scene she had been imagining.

“I’m fine!” Jason said, his control cracking for a moment and his voice cracking slightly. Wild inspiration struck him, and he started inventing madly. “I mean, I’m good. I just had a surprising text. I um, maybe took your advice with Emma.”

“Oh!” Helen looked surprised, but happy. “That’s great!”


“Oh.” Helen said again, remembering that her son had looked very out of sorts when she got home. She continued, worry creeping back in. “Did everything go alright?”

“I’m not sure.” Jason shrugged back. He was amazed at his own brilliance in coming up with this.

“Well, I’m sure it will be all fine.” Helen said firmly.

“Then why do you look worried?” Jason teased her. He couldn’t believe he had deflected this all so well!

Helen laughed at her son’s joke, weak though it was. It was clear that she was just relieved that nothing serious was the matter. Her laugh rolled out in a gently cascade of mirth, filling the space between them intimately.

“I will always worry about you honey.” She said. “But I know you’ll always be fine. And if you aren’t, I’ll always be there for you as well.”

She walked forward and enfolded him in a soft embrace. Jason hugged her back, enjoying the close moment with his mother—one that he had been avoiding for far too long; ever since he had started being so acutely aware of how beautiful and sexy she was. It was ironic that having so much crazy stuff on his mind—the rings, his aunt, and what he could now do—made him able to enjoy the hug with his mother without obsessing with how nice her soft curves felt pressed against him.

After this, Jason didn’t have any difficulty in excusing himself and heading upstairs. He had plans to make. Before he went into his room, he glanced down towards his aunt’s room—the door was closed. He hesitated, glancing back down the stairs; he could hear his mother in the kitchen. He had defused the situation he had found himself in, but he had left Sarah in quite a state when his mother arrived home. He had better check that she was okay in case his mother wanted to talk to her or something.

Jason made his way to his aunts door as quietly as he could and let himself in. As soon as he took in the scene he knew he was right to be concerned.

Sarah was in much the same state that she had been in when he had left her. Worse.

She was laying on her bed—nude—and was gently writhing in a languid and sensuous manner. She was masturbating, her mouth open as she silently panted. The entire room stuck of arousal and sex.

Sarah glanced over and saw that her nephew was standing in her bedroom. Her eyes widened in recognition, and she stretched out an arm towards him, reaching. She spread her legs to him, parting her thighs wide; a welcoming invitation. She was covered in a light sheen of sweat, and her smooth rounded limbs glistened. Even though he was concerned at the situation, Jason went rock hard at the sight.

He hurried over, batting away her reaching arm impatiently, avoiding her attempt to snag him between her legs. She gave a soft cry of disappointment at his rejection, coupled with an undertone of fright at his casual striking of her.

“Jason …” She said. It was a way she has never said his name before. It was full of longing—not affection. But it was softer, and kinder than she had ever spoken his name before. This—along with Jason having exorcised much of his anger and frustration at his aunt earlier—made him feel uneasy. It was an intimate moment that he never thought he would ever have with her.

He quickly put his hand over her mouth, in a rush and with no time to explore this new feelings He could feel her mouth working under his palm; she was still trying to speak. Muffled noises escaped from under his hand. Other than that, she was unmoving except for a beguiling tremble to her limbs. Whether that was caused by fear or anticipation he didn’t know. He felt her tongue touch his hand tentatively; and then she moved it back and forth slowly. Running her soft tongue over his palm, licking him like a dog.

“Stop that” Jason said sharply. It was hard enough to control himself as it was, he didn’t need her actively trying to distract him.

She immediately ceased, and looked up at him with heavily lidded eyes and an expression he couldn’t decipher. She lay there, her legs still spread and not trying to hide her naked body from him in any way. Jason got an arousing thrill from looking down into her face as his hand covered her mouth—he hadn’t been aware that he found submission so exciting before.

“You need to clean yourself up. Understand?” He punctuated his words by shaking her slightly by his grip across her mouth.

He felt the sharp inhale she took through her nose—her breath tickling his hand. She nodded after a long pause.

“Take a shower, get changed.” Jason continued. Having thought out how handy the Obedience attribute was, he kind of wished he had used that one on his aunt. Then he wouldn’t need to give instructions in a threatening manner. He shook her again, noticing the looks of fear in her gaze with satisfaction. “Then you need to go out tonight. Just don’t come back until later.”

He took his hand away from her mouth; he wanted to make sure she understood him.

“But —” She began, confusion in her tone. “What should I do?”

“I don’t care.” He said harshly. “See a movie or something. Just get cleaned up, say your going out—act normal when you do! And don’t come back until late.”

His aunt looked at him, eyes unblinking; her body still trembling. Finally she nodded and spoke.

“I understand.” She said in a subdued and thick voice. “I just thought that …”

She looked down at his crotch, at the obvious erection straining against the front of his pants, and he knew what she was talking about without her having to articulate it.

“Later.” Jason said. He looked down at the supple and curved body laying on the bed, shadows accentuating every rounded and delicious part of her. And he knew he wasn’t putting her off. He meant it. “Soon.”

Sarah gave him a hesitant and tremulous smile, so unlike any expression she had ever directed his way, that it unnerved him. He didn’t want that. Lust and fear was alright on her face. But not that. It didn’t matter that he felt as though he had worked out a lot of his anger on her, he wasn’t interested in intimacy with her.

Jason gripped Sarah by the hair and pulled her upright into a seating position so their faces were close. She gasped out loud at his rough treatment.

“Hurry up and do what I told you.” He said in a low voice. He let go and she fell backwards, her head landing onto the bed heavily, bouncing a few times. It sent a ripple through her body, making her breasts shake. He quickly left her room before he was tempted to stay; he didn’t have time for this.

Not yet.

He went into his room and took the box down from his hiding place. He took the card out and read through it again. Nothing new jumped out at him, so it was as he thought; he hadn’t missed any pieces of information. So instead, he studied the pictures depicting the different combinations of the gems. So … the one he was looking for was the red gem for Love and the blue gem for Obedience.

Jason looked at the combination that he was planning to use. The title for this one was called The Dutiful. The picture for this choice was … almost wholesome. It showed a woman—finely dressed and elegant—standing behind the seated form of a shadowy figure, hands resting on the back of the chair, directing a loving and demure smile down at the figure.

That seemed perfect, Jason thought. If that was the worst—the full extent of the effects of that particular combination—then a gradual use, just to get the start of the benefits, didn’t seem so bad at all! Especially when he considered what the picture was for what he had bound his aunt to.

Quickly, before he changed his mind, Jason took out the second silver band out of the box. He held it in his hand, studying it. It seemed so small and delicate for the power that it promised. He took a deep breath, and put the box back into it’s hiding spot.

He told himself that he was doing the right thing. Especially after having seen his aunt in the state she was in after their session today! He just couldn’t leave it to chance that his mother would never notice anything untoward. This afternoon with Sarah had been spontaneous and unplanned—more intense than anything than he had done before—and having to stop abruptly had certainly contributed to how worked up she had been. But there was no guarantee that something like it wouldn’t happen again. He had to do this.

Jason waited in his room until he heard his aunt go downstairs. Her footsteps sounded stilted and ungraceful, and he worried she wouldn’t be able to exit the house without his mother wondering what was wrong with her younger sister. He could just barely make out their brief exchange of dialogue, and sure enough Sarah was not being very forthcoming on where she was headed. Luckily it didn’t sound all too different from her usual rude self though, and his mother seemed to accept it as such.

After another short wait, Jason went downstairs to his mother, the silver band held tightly in his fist. Helen was just finishing making dinner, and as he came into the kitchen she smiled a greeting.

“Good timing! I’m just about to dish out.”

“Looks good.” Jason said, without actually noticing what was on the menu. His attention was completely locked onto his mother. He was nervous and unsure about binding his mother, and yet he was convinced it was his only option.

Helen started plating up the dinner, and Jason knew he should do it now before he lost his nerve. He had half formed and intricate plans on how to go about giving his mother the ring, but in the end he just blurted it out. After all, if it worked the same as it had with his aunt, it didn’t necessarily matter how he went about it.

“Um, mom? I found this before—is it yours?” Jason proffered up the ring for his mothers inspection on his open palm. His heart was hammering in his chest.

He shouldn’t have worried—his mother smiled quizzically at him, before looking into his hand to see what he was talking about. As soon as she saw the ring, it was as though he entire attention was focused upon it. Just as it was with her younger sister, Helen appeared mesmerised by the unassuming silver band. She reached out unhesitatingly, as plucked the band out his hand. Then, after a brief moment where she held it before her eyes, she slipped it onto her finger.

Jason watched his mothers expression go blank, his heart in his mouth. Then, just like Sarah, she appeared to forget what had just happened, and directed a curious expression towards her son.

“Sorry, honey—what did you say again?”

“Uh—nothing.” Jason said, triumph filling him.

She had put it on! It had worked. Of course, now he had to bind the attributes he wanted—and quickly before any accidents happened. He had given it some thought while he had been in his room waiting for his aunt to leave. Words would work to bind things at the start—there was no need to act anything out. It would be best to keep things simple.

So, before she turned back to kitchen table, Jason took a step towards her, standing right in front of his mother. She paused, and looked at him quizzically.

“I love you.” Jason said simply. It wasn’t much different from what he had said to her hundreds of time during his life. But this time it seemed full of meaning and portent.

And intent.

Helen blinked at her son, her eyes glazing and going unfocused for a moment, before it faded. Then a warm, and soft smile blossomed on her face, making her appear even lovelier than normal.

“Oh Jason, that’s so sweet.” She said, her voice low, seeming to purr her happiness. “I love you too honey. So much.”

She took a step towards him, and enfolded him in a hug. Jason hugged her back, dizzy with relief and excitement. He pressed the side of his face against his mothers soft hair, breathing in her scent deeply. He held up the hand wearing the heavy control band behind her head so he could examine it without her seeing. He felt a grin spread over his face. It had worked! There was a new color on a different set of gems. There was the gems representing his aunt, and there was the new gem—glowing a gentle and muted red. Love.

Having accomplished half his goal, Jason was anxious to get to the next step. He moved to pull away from his mothers embrace, ready to get to the next attribute before anything unexpected happened. But Helen didn’t let go of her son immediately. In fact, as he tried to end the hug, she squeezed him a little harder before letting him go.

They both moved to collect their dinner, and they both sat down at the table across from one another. They made brief small talk, and began to eat their meal. Jason was thrilled and relieved at the mundanity of it all—his mother didn’t appear to be any different; she was acting the same. So far, it looked as though his assumptions had been correct.

He knew he had to activate the second attribute before too much time passed though. If she caught him checking her out for instance … would that be enough to bind the Lust gem by accident? The simplest way to get the one he wanted would be to try and give her an order—even though he felt uneasy even at the concept of speaking that way to his perfect mother. But it was probably the safest way.

Jason quickly drained the glass of water in front of him. He took a deep breath, and spoke as confidently as he could manage.

“Mom, can you get me another glass of water.” He almost said ‘please’ at the end of the sentence, choking it off at the last moment. It was pretty mild order all things considered, but he was counting on the context of the situation. He was closer to the sink than she was, and on top of that it was an unreasonable request. He had never spoken to his mother like that before; expecting her to do what he wanted without question.

Helen blinked at her son, looking confused again—for a moment it had almost looked like she was going to rebuke him, and he worried he had misjudged it. But after a long pause the now familiar blank expression came over her face.

It passed, and then she smiled at him lovingly.

“Of course Jason.”

And then she got up, walked past him, and got him a glass of water—putting it down in front of him. While standing behind him, she then put both hands on either side of his head, her soft palms against his cheeks. Helen pulled her son to her in another quick embrace—holding his head against her flat belly.

It was gentle and intimate. There was nothing sexual about it, but it was certainly something she had never done to him before. It was Jason’s turn to be confused, and he didn’t say anything as she released him and moved back to her chair. That was strange, he thought.

But all seemed well. Jason snuck another look down at his ring, and sure enough it had worked again! The faint colour was there—blue this time. Obedience was now locked in; he had successfully bound his mother. Before he got too happy with himself though, he decided to test it.

“Do you think aunt Sarah has been acting a bit different lately?” Jason said, knowing that she had noticed something was up.

“What do you mean honey?” She asked, directing another loving smile his way.

“I mean between her and me.” This looked promising! She didn’t even seem to know what he was talking about.

“Her and I, dear.” His mother corrected him absently, before giving him a curious look. “No… What do you mean? Did she say something to you?”

“Umm, no. Never mind.” At his dismissal, she paused once more—her face losing expression for a moment—then she nodded her acceptance and continued eating.

Wow, Jason thought. He had been right! The wearers of the rings didn’t seem to notice anything strange going on, and it appeared to be retroactive! Or at least, to not attribute it to anything other than their own behaviour. He was in the clear!

“Don’t worry about anything between aunt Sarah and I.” Jason said firmly to his mother. It was best to be safe, and this way he wouldn’t have to wonder. “We are just working through some stuff.”

“Okay.” She said to him formally, blank and staring—a demeanour he found very unsettling, and he was relieved when it faded. “I wont worry.”

After they had finished eating dinner, Helen sat there in her chair looking at her son expectantly. Jason felt a bit disconcerted. This wasn’t meant to happen—Lust was the passive attribute; Obedience should only be if he directly engaged it, shouldn’t it? They both stared at each other, his mother patient; Jason nonplussed. Eventually, Helen spoke up.

‘Would you like me to clean up dear?” She asked him deferentially. Jason felt a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach—that was too much—what had he done?

“Yes.” He croaked out, not knowing what else to say. She nodded at him pleasantly, and got up and started cleaning up.

Jason turned in his chair and watched her as she washed the dishes. He found he was staring at her ass as she worked. It felt liberating to have his mother bound, even though he wasn’t intending on betraying her trust—whether she knew it or not. He could look at her all he wanted now, not having to worry about her catching him. He ran his eyes over her curves, imagining her without the tight pants she wore. Maybe it wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t like he was ordering her around … she was just looking to him before she acted. Maybe it was just a question of setting some boundaries?

“You don’t have to ask me before cleaning up.” He said abruptly.

He saw his mother pause, her back stiffening slightly before relaxing. She turned and nodded at him, wearing the blankest expression he had ever seen directed at him. Jason felt cold and shivered with a touch of fear. It wasn’t that it was a vapid stare; rather that every time Helen usually looked at her son it was always with an expression that was warm and caring. To have it lessened by any degree frightened him.

“Of course Jason.” She said neutrally. “I wont ask before I clean up again.”

After that though, her normal self came back and Jason heaved a sigh of relief. Jason looked once more at his ring. It was noticeably brighter. In fact, it was growing brighter far quicker than his aunts had. It appeared as though Obedience was quick to develop. Or maybe it was the scope of what he had been doing—giving far reaching commands? He would have to be careful. He looked at the far fainter gem denoting love, and felt lost. A desire to be with his mother grew in him strongly, and suddenly he wanted to spend time with her—like he had before he started avoiding her.

He got up quickly, and moved behind her. He hugged her gently, only dimly aware of her body on his—something he wouldn’t have thought possible.


“I love you mom.” He said quietly. This time, it wasn’t planned—he meant it genuinely, without artifice. But regardless of his intentions, his mother stiffened his his arms for a moment, the binding of the attributes he had chosen taking precedence.

“I love you too!” Helen laughed lightly. “What’s brought all this on?”

“I don’t know.” He lied, still holding her tight. “Do you want to watch something tonight?”

“Oh!” Helen said, pleasure and surprise in her voice. “It’s been ages since we did that.”

She turned in his embrace, and for the first time since he had hugged her, his awareness of her body came back in full force. He breasts rubbed against him beguilingly as she shifted position. She hugged him with gusto, and then leaned her head back so she could look up at her son.

“What do you want to watch honey?”

“You choose.” Jason said, smiling down at her. He pulled back from her slightly so she wouldn’t feel his growing erection. He felt less guilty at his reaction than he ever had before. He was holding the most beautiful woman he knew in his arms after all—how could he not react as he was?

“Okay. I’ll pick something.” Her slightly absent voice was back, and Jason was angry at himself. She had taken what he had said as an order! He had to be careful how he spoke to her!

He squeezed her gently once more in a hug before letting go. She smiled at him, and moved into the living room; Jason trailing along behind her.

Jason looked at his ring as he went. The red gem for Love was definitely brighter. Obedience was shining more brightly still however—he was really going to have to pay attention to what he said! Although, considering how Sarah’s behaviour had seemed to lessen as time passed, he may have to continue giving his mother directions to not worry about anything between her son and sister. Just to be safe. It was a narrow path to walk, and Jason knew he couldn’t relax about it.

Jason sat on the couch as his mother went to the cabinet by the tv; going through their movie collection. She seemed to have taken his direction to choose literally; going through all the movies they had. Jason’s natural inclination to put a stop to his unintended order was distracted though, as she sank down onto her haunches; balancing on the balls of her feet as she looked through the bottom drawers. Her posture in her work gear was almost obscene—the globes of her ass were perfectly accentuated, her yoga pants leaving nothing to the imagination. His aunt was a sexy woman with a fabulous body—but even though she was almost ten years younger than her, his mother’s body put her to shame.

Jason felt his cock lurching to life once more as he took in the vision that was his mother. This time though, he regarded it as an inconvenience. He truly wanted to spend some quality time with his mother, but there was no way he could focus with her in her work clothes. They were too often the focus of his lust.

“Would you like to just watch whatever is on tv?” Jason said, taking care to not phrase it as a direction.

“Yes, I guess we can just do that.” Helen laughed, giving up on her search. She seemed inordinately happy at the prospect of spending time with him as well, and he felt guilty at her reaction. Had he really been making her so unhappy with his avoidance of her? Well, he could make up for it now. His fixation on her body was his problem—not hers.

That said, her workout gear was too exciting for him to deal with.

“I’ll make some hot chocolate for us like we used to have if you like.” Jason said, smiling as her face lit up at the suggestion. Then he took a breath. Maybe just a small order. “Get changed out of your work gear into something more comfortable, and we’ll watch some tv.”

His mother gave the now familiar slight pause, and then nodded.

“Yes, I’ll get changed into something more comfortable.” Then, she continued more naturally. “That’s a good idea about the hot chocolate! I’ll be down in a minute, I just want to get out of my work gear.”

Jason made the drinks, and sat down on the couch waiting for her. She didn’t take long, and after only a few minutes had passed, she came down the stairs, almost rushing in her eagerness. She was in a long robe that technically covered her, but the material was satiny and clung to her body, pulling tight over her every impressive curve. It was a soft pink in color, and Jason had to admit it looked very appealing on her, even though it didn’t solve the issue of why he had made her get changed in the first place. He supposed it was comfortable though, and he didn’t want to push things further by giving her another order.

So, muttering that she looked nice—which got him a radiant look—Jason handed her a hot chocolate, and they both sat down on the couch to watch tv.

They sat mostly in silence, occasionally making small talk, and soon Jason relaxed. He forgot about everything that had happened over the last few days. He forgot that he had been avoiding his mother because of his desires. Instead, he just enjoyed her company like he had done all his life.

In fact he was so relaxed that it came as a surprise to him when he realised just how close she was sitting to him. They had watched a few episodes of a show, and it was growing late. She had started out on the other end of the couch, but she had been slowly and gradually moving closer to him until she was sitting right beside him. The soft skin of her hip was touching his leg, and he could feel the heat of her body.

Helen eventually leaned into her son like it was the most natural thing in the world to do, sighing happily. Jason sat frozen, not sure exactly what to do.

“Jason.” Helen teased her son softly. “I wont break, put your arm around me—it’s cold.”

With no idea what else to do—and choosing to not bring up that it was probably because she wasn’t wearing anything particularly warm—he gingerly put his arm around her shoulder in a somewhat awkward embrace.

She snuggled into him, burying herself under his arm, and seeming to try and get as close to him as she could.

“That’s better.” She sighed contentedly. “I miss being around you, you know. I know you’re older and don’t want to spend time with me like you used to, but…”

“That’s not true.” Jason blurted out. Her sad tone of voice distracted him from the situation he unexpectedly found himself in. “I miss spending time with you too! It’s just —”

He trailed off.

“Oh honey.” She said softly. She slipped an around around his back so that they now both had an arm around the other. Her head was on his chest, resting under his chin. She shifted, getting even closer to him if that was possible. It was like she was fitting her body perfectly against his own.

He could see his ring on the hand that was on her shoulder—the love gem was so bright it was almost glowing. Their close proximity to each other, coupled with the tender confessions, must have amplified it.

Well there is nothing wrong with that, Jason thought slightly wild. We already love each other, it’s natural for it to …

Helen put her other hand casually on her sons thigh, resting her palm gently midway between his knee and crotch.

“Uh.” Jason squeaked in surprise.

“Mmmm?” His mother murmured in reply. It was a relaxed sound; sensuous. She tensed her hand, pressing her fingertips lightly and playfully into his leg, then relaxing.

They sat there silently for a moment, staring at the tv without watching it. Locked in an intimate setting that Jason never dreamed of, or expected.

His hand slid off her shoulder to her arm without him meaning to; the fabric of her robe slippery under his grip. Suddenly it was if he was actively pulling his mother into him—taking the initiative, even if he hadn’t meant to.

Helen shifted once more, turning to face slightly away from him, so that the hand that had been resting on her arm was now resting over her breast. His mother gave another contented sigh, and snuggled against him again.

Jason’s mind was going a mile a minute. He was holding his mother boob. His hand was on her tit. What the fuck. What the actual fuck!

He didn’t understand the rings at all. He had no idea what he was playing with. This shouldn’t have happened, he had made sure to not activate Lust, resolving to not use his mother like he had his aunt …

Realisation dawned.

His mother was acting lovingly towards him, true. But that it would be a continuation of what they already had was his assumption. Nowhere had it said it was platonic. And now that he thought about it, the picture depicting the combination of Love and Obedience had elements in it that wasn’t so innocent. The woman had been standing behind the figure of the seated man, sure—but she in hindsight now seemed like a trophy; a complicit fixture in an ideal setting.

There wasn’t any overt flirtation or lust in what Helen was doing to her son. Rather, it was as though she was acting out a natural impulse to be close and intimate together.

Jason felt sweat begin to run down his face. He wanted. Oh, how he wanted to take up the implied liberties that his mother was offering him.

He squeezed his mother breast through her robe, his heart hammering in his chest so loudly that she would have to hear it. It was soft and firm, larger than he could fit his hand around, and he felt his fingers sink into the pliant flesh deliciously.

Helen made a soft noise, and shifted her hand back and forth on his leg, caressing him. She finished up resting her hand slightly higher on his leg than she had been before, but she didn’t say anything one way or the other.

It was the hardest choice of Jason’s life. He hadn’t meant for this to happen, yet it was all beyond his wildest dreams. He knew that she was acting under the influence of something—her will was being altered—but it all felt so natural; nothing overt and forced like it was with Sarah. It was as though she was a willing participant in her own seduction.

He squeezed her breast again, softly. Helen shifted her body against her son’s, murmuring a pleased noise. Her head was tilted down, and Jason realised with mingled horror and excitement, that she was staring straight down into his lap. There was no way she could miss the hardening length of his dick straining against the front of his pants.

His mother was staring at his hard cock.

He had his hand on her breast, groping her.

He felt dizzy.

“Jason, are you alright love?” Helen asked her son softly, as though nothing strange was happening between them. She was lightly dragging the tips of her fingers in small light circles on his thigh. He shivered at her touch. His whole body trembling in anticipation, he began to move his body for the first time, shifting so that he could do more …

The sound of a closing car door broke the spell, and Jason jumped in his seat, startled. Forgetting that it would just be his aunt, forgetting that they both wore rings; forgetting everything—Jason scrambled out of his mothers warm embrace, almost tipping her to the floor as he did so.

“Jason.” Helen laughed in surprise before standing up as well. They both stood there, facing each other. Helen with a secret smile on her lips, her gorgeous face fixed rigidly upon his own. Her robe and slipped off of one shoulder, but she seemed in no hurry to adjust herself. Jason was acutely aware of the bulge in his pants pointing straight at his mother. He saw her flick her gaze down to his crotch, and her smile widened.

Sarah opened the front door, and entered the house. As she passed the living room, she paused at the frozen tableau of her nephew and sister standing in front of each other, illuminated by the flickering glow of the television. Jason and Helen both gave her a quick glance, but turned away almost instantly, their attention obviously focused elsewhere.

“I’m —” Sarah began, before cutting herself off. “I’m going to bed.”

At that stilted announcement, she headed up the stairs to her room.

Before his mother could say anything, Jason jumped in hurriedly. He knew he could probably do what he wanted, and that it didn’t matter that his aunt was upstairs—she would do as he wanted. And so, he realised with a gulp, would his mother. Everything had happened so fast that he honestly didn’t know what to think though. He needed time. Time to figure out what had gone wrong. Or what had gone right.

“I better go to bed too.” He said. “I’m pretty tired.”

“I guess it is pretty late.” Helen said softly. “We stayed up later than I thought we would.”

She looked expectedly at her son, but Jason didn’t offer up anything in reply. Just like her sister, she didn’t seem fazed at all by what had happened. She had taken their intimate cuddle on the couch in stride, and seemed to to find nothing wrong with her son groping her breast.

“Well, goodnight honey.” She said eventually, when it was obvious Jason wasn’t going to talk.

She held out her arms, and a hug goodnight seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Jason gave up and stepped into her arms, hugging his mother, feeling her curved and toned body melt against his own once more. It was gentle. It seemed innocent.

It was full of unspoken promise.

Helen pulled back slightly, reaching up with both hands and placed them on Jason’s head, cupping the sides of his face. She pulled him down for a kiss, but instead of her usual kiss on the cheek, she softly and slowly, pressed her lips to his own.

It was a simple and chaste kiss. Unremarkable, apart from the solemn air that she treated did it with.

She pulled back, and looked up into Jason’s wide eyed face with a searching expression.

“I enjoyed tonight honey.” She said softly. “I’ve missed spending time with you.”

She pulled him back down and kissed him again. This time, her lips moved—so infinitesimally that he felt like he could have imagined it—but her lips parted, suddenly they were enveloping his own. A serious kiss.

Jason pulled away from his mother, breathing raggedly with desire. She looked at him, acceptance and love in her eyes.

“You should go to bed.” He croaked out, using up all his willpower. He had promised himself that he wouldn’t do this to his mother! His cock ached.

The distant expression came over Helen’s face once more. Then she smiled, and said goodnight; turning and making her way up the stairs with no more hesitation.

She was halfway up the stairs before Jason impulsively called out once more.

“Mom. Sleep well. Don’t worry about any noises you hear downstairs tonight. I’m going to stay up a bit.”

Helen took her son’s contradiction that he was going to stay up, even though he had pleased tiredness just before in her stride. She nodded distantly to him, and then continued up the stairs to do what he had ordered her to do. He stood there waiting, until he heard her bedroom door close.

He sat back down on the couch with his head in his hands. He hadn’t meant for that to happen! It was just meant to be a to ensure she wouldn’t notice anything between her son and her sister. He hadn’t set out to bind anyone to be his sexual plaything, yet now he apparently had two?!

Jason wanted to think things through, to try and think of a way to fix what he had done. But he couldn’t. His mother cuddled into him, her soft body, the way she had kissed him … that was all he could think of. He was so hard it was uncomfortable.

He waited for a long moment, staring into nothing, before standing up. He made up his mind, and started up the staircase.