The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter Seven

Author — Sidia

Jason slowly made his way up the stairs, his emotions in turmoil. It now seemed as though everything had been out his control ever since he had found the rings. Even when he tried to take the initiative, events still spiralled out in unexpected directions.

He reached the top of the stairs, and paused. His mothers bedroom light was still on. Jason stood unmoving, staring at the thin beam of light he could see under the door—frozen in his indecision. After a long and tension filled moment, the light flicked off and he gave a deep sigh that was a mix of relief and regret. He then padded his way silently down the hall until he came to his aunts room.

Jason opened the door without knocking or announcing his presence; letting himself in and closing the door behind him. His aunt was standing in the centre of her room, and when she heard him enter she spun around in surprise. She had obviously been in the middle of getting ready to turn in herself; she had a pair of cotton shorts on that barely reached down past her crotch, leaving her smooth legs on display. She had combined that with the usual old loose t-shirt that she favoured—it technically covered her, but hung so loosely on her that it actually accentuated the curves of her breasts.

“What —” She began, before Jason silenced her with a curt gesture.

He stood there at the entrance to her bedroom, staring at her for a long moment. She looked unsure and hesitant—an expression that softened the usual hard lines of her face; making her look quite lovely. And of course the rest of her was as hot as always—a fact he could readily admit to himself now in light of everything that had happened between them.

Jason walked forward, ignoring the sudden expression of trepidation mixed with excitement that flashed across Sarah’s face. He reached her bed, and then sat down on it. He then leant forward, and put his head in his hands; staring down at the floor.

He could sense his aunt standing above him, fidgeting. She took a step forward and then back again; clearly uncertain of what to do. Eventually, she sat down on her bed next to him—she remained perched right on the edge though, ready to spring up at a moments notice.

Jason didn’t speak, continuing to sit next to her, while cradling his head. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what he SHOULD be doing. He had made a plan; reconciling the moral grey area of binding his own mother with a ring—justifying it by only intending to use it to fix the situation of the first binding of his aunt; not to take advantage of her! And instead …

He gave another heartfelt sigh. He needed to talk to someone about all this; but who? For starters no one would believe him, and if they did … that could be even worse.

Jason felt a featherlight touch on his shoulder, and jerked his head up in surprise. Startled at his sudden movement, Sarah drew back—although still holding her hand outstretched towards him. The expression on her face was almost concerned, and her features—so reminiscent of her older sisters—burned him.

“What are you doing?” He asked harshly, looking away from her. He sensed her flinch away from him; she seemed so skittish that she gave the impression that she was poised ready to flee. When she didn’t answer, he looked back down at his feet again.

Then he felt the touch on his shoulder once more. It stayed this time, soft and lingering. Caressing.

Jason looked up again, slowly this time. His aunt had a timid look on her face, but it was coupled with a determined set of her jaw. She continued to gently rub his shoulder, and he realised she wasn’t exactly trying to comfort him—rather it seemed like she was trying to placate him.

He studied her curiously, not saying a word.

When he didn’t rebuke her, a look of relief blossomed over her face. She gracefully slid up onto the bed, drawing her legs up beneath her. She moved to Jason’s back so that she was kneeling behind him. Once she was comfortable, she placed both hands on his shoulders, her fingers lightly spread—and began to carefully massage him.

It was such a strange situation to find himself in, but Jason didn’t try and stop her. She was actually pretty skilled, and he could feel himself relaxing; tension that he didn’t know he had was seeping out of his muscles. He was letting her take charge for the first time in their interactions, and it was an odd feeling of surrender.

“What do you want?” He asked suddenly, his voice husky. He was genuinely curious what was going on in her mind at this point.

She paused her ministrations for a moment, her fingers laying still. Then she began once more.

“You were angry. At me, I think.” She said haltingly. There was another pause before she continued. “I want to make you happy.”

This made sense to Jason in light of the binding of the ring she wore, but it was still so out of character from how she used to treat him. She didn’t seem to aware of the incongruence of what she was saying, so he pushed her further.

“Have you always wanted to do that?” He asked, causing another break in her massage.

“What do you mean?” Sarah said.

She sounded confused, so Jason tried a different tact.

“What do you think about me?”

“What’s wrong with you tonight?” There was a change in her tone now, she sounded more like her old self. It seemed as though if he didn’t interact with her in the vein of the two bindings he had chosen, she had more options available for her responses.

“Answer my question.” Jason said, with a harsher tone. He felt her fingers tighten on his shoulders, and she gave a sharp indrawn breath.

“You’re my sisters kid.” His aunt said, initially dismissive. As she went on however, she grew more halting in her words, as though unsure and not being able to quite remember details. “You are … important. To me? And … dangerous? And sexy …”

She trailed off, and her hands grew still. As she had talked, she seemed to be becoming aware of the inconsistencies once he had began challenging her on the details.

Having found out what he wanted, he didn’t want his aunt to explore further. Jason reached behind him, and grasped one of her knees, running his hand over her soft skin—distracting her from her confusion.

“Keep going.” He said softly. “It feels good what you’re doing.”

She started once more; taking her time and being slow and thorough. It seemed like she really knew what she was about, although Jason didn’t have a frame of reference for a beautiful woman giving him a massage. He started to lean back into it, enjoying the sensation. Sarah guided him as he leant, pulling him back gently until his head rested upon her breasts. She moved her hands to his scalp, and began to gently rub in circular motions; playing with his hair.

It was soft and pleasant, and Jason gave a deep exhale of contentment; pillowing his head into her breasts.

“Jason…?” She said softly, questioningly.

It felt amazing what she was doing, but he wasn’t exactly perched comfortably on the bed. He was actually in danger of sliding off the more that he relaxed. He was beginning to reach the point of arousal where he wanted to do more, but he knew he shouldn’t start anything in her upstairs bedroom—after-all he had told his mother to not worry about any noises downstairs; not upstairs.

He got up, and turned to face his aunt. She continued to kneel submissively on her bed; her hands rested upon her lap, and she looked up at him. Waiting expectantly.

He had never seen her looking so demure before.

“Go downstairs and wait for me.” He said, and then left without saying anything further. He went into the the bathroom, and stood at the basin. He splashed some water into his face, and stared at his reflection in the mirror. He didn’t know if he recognised the person he saw; he felt sure the expression his mirrored self was wearing would have disturbed him only a few days before.

Jason left the bathroom and went downstairs, anticipation and excitement rising within him. He’d had so much thrust upon him tonight; so many unexpected twists and turns. Not least of which was that his aunt had actually tried to comfort him—and that it had worked! But now he wanted more.

Sarah was standing in the centre of the living room, waiting for him patiently. Her gaze locked onto him as soon as he had come into view. Jason realised with a start that she was in almost the exact same spot his mother had been in when he had kissed her goodnight only a short while before.

He walked straight up to her, and pulled her to him in a kiss; at first soft and tender. She didn’t react to him for a split second; standing unmoving while he pressed his mouth to hers. Then she started to return the kiss, and it got harsher and more passionate. It was a kiss full of desire, and of lust. There was nothing in it that spoke of tenderness or returned emotions. Jason was beginning to understand—having learnt from his mistake with his mother.

The wearers of the silver bands viewed the one that wore the control ring all roughly the same way, but it was filtered through the attributes that were chosen. Whether it was to Love and Obey, or to be Fearful and Lust-driven—or any of the other combinations—the base desire to be with their controller was always there.

Jason stood there in the dimly lit room, kissing his aunt, completely losing himself in the moment—this time embracing the taboo nature of what he was doing instead of trying to fight it. He ran his hands up and down her slender back, pulling her waist into him. Sarah moaned into his mouth, verbalising her approval of what he was doing. He gripped her by her behind, digging his fingers into the ass-cheeks that were covered by the thin cotton of her shorts. He roughly fondled her, and she reacted by desperately digging her fingers into his shoulders, clinging to him.

Jason hooked his fingers into the waistband of her shorts and pulled them off over her hips, letting them drop to the floor around her ankles; and then continued his rough manhandling of her buttocks, but this time with the delicious sensation of her bare skin.

He wasn’t thinking about what he wanted, or what exactly he wanted to do. Instead, he was acting on pure instinctive need. Sarah in turn began to fumble with the fastenings of his pants, and they soon joined hers upon the ground. She then wrapped the slim fingers of one hand around his erect cock, and started roughly jacking him off. She wasn’t trying to be gentle, and it seemed like she was caught up in what they were doing the same way that he was.

Jason took a step backwards, pulling his aunt with him as he went. They made awkward small steps together, stumbling as he directed them towards the couch. When the back of his legs hit the seat he sat, pulling Sarah down with him. She ended up on his lap, straddling him; her body soft and pliant against his. She looked down at Jason, with her mouth open and her face flushed. Her hot panting breath felt warm upon his face, and he could see her erect nipples through the thin fabric of her shirt.

He gripped her by her hips and pulled her tight into him. Her hands were on his shoulders, and she was digging her fingers into him hard. Jason’s cock was pinned between them, and his aunt’s pussy was pressed into his shaft; everything was wet and slick. He encouraged her with pressure from his hands, and she began to slowly roll her hips, pressing her crotch down into him; grinding her pussy along the length of his dick.

Her motions became stronger and larger, and she was soon lifting herself as well; trying to make sure she was dragging her clit along the entire shaft of his cock. Soon he was covered in her juices, and her arousal lubricated them both to the point that there was no friction at all as she insistently humped into him.

They were both breathing heavily, lost and focused upon the sensation of their hips moving against one another. All at once, Sarah raised herself too high in her enthusiasm, the head of his dick dipping under her—and Jason felt the head of his cock catch on the entrance to her vagina.

They both froze, looking into each other’s eyes. Sarah made a tiny motion downwards, testing Jason’s reaction, looking at him carefully.

Jason couldn’t believe he was at this point; he was inside his aunt! Only barely, but he was. She felt so hot and wet inside. He gripped her tightly by the rear—feeling her muscles in her ass clench in response—and pulled her downwards. Sarah needed no more encouragement, and with a long hissed breath of satisfaction, sunk herself down, impaling herself onto his cock; not stopping until he was buried all the way inside her.

He couldn’t believe it.

He loved it.

He took his hands off her ass, and started pulling up her shirt. He wanted to see her breasts. Sarah helped him, gripping the hem of her shirt and pulling it up and off her torso in a smooth and graceful movement, throwing it to the ground behind her.

Her breasts hung heavy and firm before his face, and Jason leant forward and caught a nipple in his mouth; latching on and sucking. Sarah wrapped both arms around his head, and held him to her chest; gasping every time he ran his tongue over her nipple.

His aunt raised her hips, pulling herself off of his cock, and then sunk back down. She cradled his head to her breasts as she began to ride him in earnest. She was gasping with pleasure with every rolling movement she made, twining her fingers into his hair. Jason, with his face buried into her breasts, was experiencing it all purely by touch; her tight and curved body was moving on him unceasingly, and his hands roamed all over her skin—exploring every part of her that he could reach, all while never stopping his alternative sucking of both of her breasts.

It was the most amazing experience he had ever known, and he immediately knew that there was no way he could ever give this up. Sex was ... incredible. So much better than masturbating that he didn’t think he could even compare the two. The fact that he had a beautiful and sexy woman available for this whenever he wanted was a gift that he now knew he would never regret.

The thought suddenly struck Jason that he didn’t have just one.

The image of his mother; nude and writhing upon his lap—impaling herself over and over on his hard cock—was too much for him to take, and Jason’s orgasm erupted without warning, catching him unawares.

He groaned out loud, and wrapped his arms tightly around his aunt in a bear hug; thrusting his hips up to meet hers with every spurt of cum. When she felt his first ejaculation hit her insides, Sarah went rigid; clenching her pussy tightly around her nephews cock, and keening out her pleasure. They both made sharp, and small movements; grinding both of their bodies together in the after-throes of their orgasms.

They finished, gasping and covered in sweat; holding one another tightly. Sarah was running her fingers through his hair, murmuring happily; shivering every now and then in her post orgasmic glow. Jason was content to sit still for the time being; his hands were on the small of her back, and he was lazily playing with her silky skin. A wide grin was growing across his face, hidden from view as he still had his head buried against Sarah’s breasts.

He couldn’t wait for more.