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A Black Hole in Sunnydale—An Arresting Development

The following story is a work of fiction containing graphic sexual material. No one under 18 admitted (go read a good book). Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental or the workings of a twisted and evil subconscious. Thanks to A_Nony_Mouse for permission to continue his “Black Hole” story. Copyright © 2002—WyldLyfe

Dave Chambers sighed, rubbed his tired green eyes and began reading through the loose pages in the file folder. Again. For the third time that evening. He had a sinking feeling that he wouldn’t turn over anything new this time either, but something had to be there. Nothing else made any sense.

The stencil on the door to his office read “David C. Chambers, Chief of Police, Sunnydale Police Department”. The file he was leafing through was labeled “BEASTCO”. The title had four times more letters than his PD had officers, and the file contained only four pages, but Sunnydale was his town and his responsibility, and he took both very seriously. Recent events had him at least concerned and at most downright suspicious of the huge waste management company’s practices and tactics since proposing their mammoth treatment plant six months ago.

Meeting at first with monumental resistance, the company had recently enjoyed greater and greater support from previously resisting sections of the community. Such a quick turnaround spoke to Dave of some kind of influence peddling or coercion. Knowing the town fathers as well as he did after eight years at his post, he doubted anyone had been bought off. That left only blackmail or extortion. The thought of his town being bulldozed in such a way got Dave’s Irish blood boiling, and he vowed it would only be a matter of time before he brought the company’s strong-arm tactics to light and put paid to their efforts in Sunnydale.

He had reached the bottom of the second page, frowning and trying to concentrate through a growing headache, when the phone trilled and caused him to jump in his chair. Suppressing a growl, the burly police chief snatched the handset off its cradle. Running a hand through his service-short dark-blond hair, he bit out a terse “Yeah?".

“Daddy? It’s Eliza.” “—And Anna.” The voices chirping out of the handset wiped the scowl from his broad handsome face and put in its place a wide-toothy grin that erased years from his features. Dan’s fifteen-year-old twin daughters Eliza Anne and Anna Elise were the center of his existence, and the greater reason for his fierceness in defending his town and its citizens. He glanced at the framed photos on his desk of wife Sharon flanked by Eliza on the left and Anna on the right, all three blonde, leggy and beautiful. He could picture the two of them on their individual phones, as they often were when chatting endlessly with their wide circle of friends. “Hey, E and A, waddup?”

Eliza’s tone was exasperated; Anna was silent. “Daaddeee, pleeeasse. You are soooo not-hip and not-cool when you do that.” She sounded genuinely cross, and his grin faded. He loved teasing the girls with his ‘mid-life’ crisis bit, and they normally went along pretty readily, but Eliza sounded ...abstracted... somehow. His policeman’s instincts kicked into overdrive, sharpened by strictly personal concern for his family.

“Okay, ladies, something’s wrong. What’s the matter?” Even as he spoke he was charting which of his three units he would call for backup before he dashed from the office and bolted for home.

“Umm, it might be nothing, but Anna and I are getting a little nervous...” He was silent, waiting for them to tell it in their own words so that he could get an impression of their true emotional state. “It’s like this—Somebody from that company showed up at Uncle Bob and Aunt Gloria’s house about two hours ago, around 6:30—quarter to seven.” Anna spoke up. “We know it’s somebody from them ‘cause it’s one of those SUVs with that weird logo on the door.” Her sister continued seamlessly. “Anyway, Dr. Fleet drove up around 7:30 and went in, and he’s still here. Mom got all curious and was like ‘I’m going over to chat with Aunt Gloria’, and me and Anna were like ‘Sure, Mom, you’re not going to snoop or eavesdrop or anything’, and she just laughed and went ‘Now girls, you know your mom better than that’, then she went.” She paused, and Dave felt a twist of—fear?—in his gut, certain of the next words. When Anna spoke, it was in an anxious whisper. “Daddy, Mom hasn’t come back yet. She said she’d only be a few minutes and she’d come back in time to watch ‘Survivor’ with us.” Eliza: “We’ve got a funny feeling, and Anna said we should call, so we did.” Anna: “Can you come home, Daddy? We’re probably just freaking over nothing, but —”

Dan cut her off, years of authority in his voice now. “No, girls, you did exactly the right thing. It may not be anything, but we all know what I think of that company, so any chance I get to get to know them better is a good thing.”

When they spoke again, he couldn’t be sure which girl it was. “Daddy, can it be just you? We’d die of embarrassment if you came flying in here with all your guys and, like, did a whole SWAT/’Third Watch’ thing here and it turned out to be something stupid or lame.” She—Eliza?—sounded timid, but almost insistent, and despite his jangling nerves he smiled and thought no one is more image-conscious than a teenager. “All right, I promise no lights and no sirens on this one. You’re right, it is probably something stupid or lame, but what the heck, I’m not getting anything constructive done here right now, anyway.”

Both girls said “Oh, good. Thanks, Daddy!” simultaneously. The relief was plain in their voices, along with a note he couldn’t quite identify, but that sounded like anticipation. He told them he’d be home in ten minutes and not to let anyone in before he got home. They agreed readily and said they loved him. He was headed for the door before the handset had settled completely into its cradle.

* * *

Dan killed the lights of his car four houses down from his home, feeling at once foolish and vulnerable to observation. He steered his modest Dodge Dakota into his driveway and cut the engine, then sat a few moments to survey the situation.

His own home was lit normally and seemed quiet. He detected some movement of the curtains in the living room and imagined that the girls had spotted him. Silently he applauded their restraint in not rushing out to the car and felt a brief surge of pride and affection for his daughters. They had picked up a lot from him during his years as both a big-city cop and small-town Chief of Police and knew when to keep a low profile.

Bob and Gloria Galloway’s home looked like the site of a dinner party. In addition to the family station wagon and sedan there was, as the girls had mentioned, a BEASTCO SUV and Jim Fleet’s incongruously dilapidated Nissan pulled into the driveway of his in-laws’ place. Lights were on in the living room and one of the upstairs rooms—his niece Carol’s, he thought—but all the curtains were drawn and he couldn’t make out any movement inside.

He had been sitting watching for about five minutes, trying to discern any activity in the Galloway home, when his cell-phone chimed the ‘1812 Overture’ insistently at him. He yanked it out of its holster on his belt and snapped a harsh “What?” into it.

Sharon Chambers’ rich, warm voice spoke into his ear. “Dave, is that you?” A wash of relief flowed through him and a tension he hadn’t noticed drained from his shoulders.

“Shar, where are you? Are you still at your sister’s?” His voice was tight but anxious, and he tried to keep it from sounding like he was hysterical. He felt he mostly succeeded.

“Yes, David, I’m still at Gloria and Bob’s.” Her tone was patient, long-suffering. “I called the girls a few minutes ago to see how they were doing and apologize for taking so long over here and they told me they’d called you.” Sternness crept into her voice. “Apparently I didn’t rush home quickly enough, so they decided to get panicky and weird and imagine all kinds of conspiracies. Let’s just say I’m not real pleased with them right now.” Her voice softened and she asked, “So, where are you, my big studly law enforcer?”

He grinned. “Hey, watch it, or your sister’s husband will write a sermon about licentiousness among modern housewives.” Dave and his brother-in-law had never been the best of friends, but the recent contest against BEASTCO had brought the two together at first in an uneasy alliance which had developed into mutual respect and then a guarded, cautious friendship. “I’m actually out in the driveway, casing the joint and trying to figure out why the girls called me, other than the fact that someone from that company is over there at Bob and Gloria’s.” A slight frown creased his forehead. “Hmm. They aren’t usually the hysterical types. I guess I better start leaving work at work and stop bitching so much about them.”

Sharon chuckled deep in her throat, and he could imagine her brown eyes twinkling above that beautiful nose of hers. “I guess you better. This woman Tsai Tsang isn’t as much of an ogress as you’ve been led to believe, my sweet. I think you’ her, in your own special way.” Dave had little opportunity to be taken aback by his wife’s unexpected endorsement of anyone or anything from the waste management giant, or the decidedly ‘bedroom’ undertone in her voice, because she continued speaking, now brisk and matter-of-fact. “Look, sweetie, why don’t you just dodge into the house and let the girls know everything is really okay, chase them off to bed, then come over and join us for a drink. I know you’re technically on-shift, but this is Sunnydale, not Chicago, and Cliff can take over the fort for the rest of the evening.”

Dave’s first impulse was to reject the idea without thought, but his wife’s warm tone and comfortable common sense swayed him. “Yeah, okay, why not. I’ll call Cliff and let him know he’s got it for the rest of the night and be over in ten or fifteen minutes. Have Bob pop me a brew, okay?”

“You bet, my hot little Hutch.” She disconnected before he could react. He shook his head. She had obviously had one or two herself before he called, to be talking like that from the home of her brother-in-law the pastor’s place.

He was still frowning slightly as he got out of his truck, made his way up the sidewalk to his door and let himself in. In the foyer he took off his uniform zip-up jacket and hung it on the coat rack in a pensive and distracted manner. He was still looking at the floor, deep in thought, when he turned the corner into his living room and a sultry voice stopped him short and caused him to glance up.

“Hello, Daddy.”

* * *

He couldn’t speak, couldn’t move, could only stare. The tableau before him was so outside his experience, so alien to what he had expected to find in his own home that several moments passed in silence as the image burned into his brain merely as raw data, pixels to be stored for later analysis and interpretation.

His large and cozy recliner had been pulled to the center of the tastefully appointed room. Someone was stretched languorously on its comfortable seat, but he only noted the presence in passing for his attention was drawn immediately away. Standing on either side of it were Eliza Anne and Anna Elise, but he almost didn’t recognize them. He had never expected to find them this way.

They were both dressed in outfits of white. One wore her hair up in an elaborate coiffure resembling a Greek slave, piled high with curling tendrils around her ears, framing her heart-shaped face with its high cheekbones. The other wore her hair down, in a long blonde ponytail pulled over her right shoulder.

Part of his numb mind recognized the girl with her hair up as Eliza, because of the triple piercing of her left ear. A wide band of tight white fabric wrapped around her chest, a sort of mini-bustier, the ends situated between her full breasts. It was secured in place with crisscrossed laces tied at the bottom, high above her flat belly and perfectly formed navel. Her nipples were very prominent, as were the puffy brown circles of her aureolae around them.

Why was he noticing his daughter in that way?

Around her hips she wore a hyper-brief pair of shorts, also white, called ‘boy briefs’ in his wife’s Victoria’s Secret catalogs. They appeared painted on, accentuating the firm roundness of her young ass and the extraordinary length of her legs. He could plainly see the cleft of her pussy between her legs. Her feet were encased in tight vinyl or leather knee-high go-go boots of the same brilliant white as her the rest of her outfit.

On the other side of his chair, Anna, was similarly attired, except that hers was all white latex or leather, and her top was a seamless shiny-smooth expanse of that material that showed the substantial curves of her beautiful breasts and nipples. Her dainty feet were clad in roman-style sandals with thick soles, a two inch heel and wide white straps that twined up her perfectly shaped and toned calves to her smooth knees.

Their faces were angelic, smiling in greeting, but even in his haze he could see something... their eyes. Through his shock he realized that his cock was suddenly straining against his uniform trousers, but it was a different part of his mind noting it, the part that whispered with a leer, Damn, when did his daughters get so fucking sexy!?

Anna licked the shining redness of her full lips and said softly, “We’re so glad you’re home, Daddy. Now we can be made whole.” Her eyes were shining.

Eliza’s voice was whispery, dripping with—lust? “Yes, Daddy, Mistress Tsai Tsang said we must wait for you before we could be everything we should be, and want to be. Mistress said you’ll help us Daddy. We can’t wait.”

David’s mind was reeling. He could feel a gray wave sweeping over him and the professional segment of his brain recognized the symptoms of shock, but he was powerless at this completely unexpected and unwelcome sight. His daughters—dressed like hookers? Then a thought surged to the top of his boiling brain. “Where’s your mother?” His voice was a harsh croak through a dry throat. Sharon could tell him what the hell was going on...couldn’t she?

The figure in the recliner chuckled throatily and spoke for the first time. “Don’t worry, David, your wife is being well taken care of next door.” Her voice was the very essence of sensuality and raw lust, and burned through his addled wits straight to his most fevered and horny imaginings. His attention was drawn to her by that voice—and arrested.

The woman was tall and long of leg, her hips wide and voluptuous, accentuated by the black front-tied corset she wore that constricted her already-narrow waist. Her breasts were pushed together and up until the nipples were visible above the fabric, pink, engorged and ooohh, so inviting. Her belly was taut and tanned, the muscles well-defined and mouth-watering above a leather high-cut thong that barely covered her crotch and concealed nothing. The cock-stiffening impact of the hypnotic Asian was made complete by the pair of long, high-heeled boots that went all the way up to her thighs and clung like a second, beautiful, shiny-black skin. Her hair, long and black, hung loosely, framing an exotically beautiful oval-shaped face, with full-lips and striking, high cheekbones. Her almond shaped eyes were dark...

Her eyes.

Those eyes were...there were no words to adequately describe those eyes, though Dave found himself desperately wanting to. Riveting, compelling, spellbinding...mesmerizing.

They were mesmerizing. He could feel himself spinning into those dark depths, losing himself in them, giving himself to them. The shock and outrage that had been brewing in his head were melting away, draining into the vast unknowable darkness of those eyes.

Without any awareness, the Sunnydale Chief of Police began rubbing and stroking his painfully engorged cock through his trousers. His daughters followed the motion of his right hand with avid, greedy eyes.

She continued speaking in that voice like liquid sex, “In fact, I believe my dear pet Sharon is being vigorously fucked by my dear pet Jim, and eating out her sister Gloria’s dripping pussy.” She waved elegant, tapered fingers dismissively, perfect red-lacquered fingernails glinting in the light. “At least, that’s what she was doing when I came over here to meet your lovely and willing daughters. Sharon was an easy conquest, David. It seems your wife may have been repressing a certain...wild side she didn’t want to know about.” Her smile was like a flash of lightning across the feverish landscape of his brain. He suddenly had a vivid vision of the town psychiatrist with his cock crammed into his gorgeous wife’s dripping snatch from behind, while she munched enthusiastically on her older sister’s similarly soaked cunt. His mind’s eye expanded, to take in his teen-age niece Carole riding her father—the preacher’s—cock madly, screaming as she came.

“Yes, you can see, can’t you David,” She cooed indulgently. “I allowed my pets to...entertain themselves until I return and require their services further.” Her voice dropped to an insistent, seductive and penetrating tone. “You know, David, that there is no use in resisting me, or in resisting my power. All those closest to you have already given themselves to me, become my slaves forever. They surrendered to me, David, as you will, as you have already begun to. Your daughters surrendered, and your wife, and you know and recognize this, and you know that my voice and my eyes will draw you in, captivate you, enslave you. There is no going back for any of you, but you don’t want to go back, do you, David?” Her voice was a rich dark torrent pouring into his brain through his ears, the sight of her and of his angel/slut daughters a continuous electric current into his brain through his eyes. The shrinking part of him that remained sane and whole knew the truth of Tsai Tsang’s words, and despair began to grow into surrender. His right hand, acting independently of any control from his shattering mind, unzipped his blue trousers and pulled out his cock, purple and rigid. The two teenagers flanking Tsai Tsang moaned and writhed at the sight of their father’s 8-inch tool, but stayed in their positions at their Goddess’s side.

“My, David, you are excited, aren’t you! Your family has given themselves to me, and there is nothing you can do about that, my pet, and that excites you. The idea of surrendering yourself to my lovely voice and deep, deeep eyes excites you as well, doesn’t it? As you listen to me David you will become more and more excited with that idea, that thought of surrender. You want to, don’t you David, you want to give yourself, your self, to me. You want me, David, I see that...I see you wanting me...desiring me...needing me. Just keep listening to my voice, David, and gazing deep, deep into my eyes... Good, David, look deeper, deeper. Your wife, did, David; Sharon looked into these eyes and found the beauty and glory of perfect slavery to Me. Don’t look away, David, you can’t look away...deeper into my eyes...You’re helpless to resist my voice as Eliza and Anna were helpless, David, giving their bodies and their souls to me forever. They were powerless before me. Deeper, deeper until you feel as if you are falling into the depths of my dark, hypnotic eyes...Sharon and Eliza and Anna, and everyone else you love, has surrendered to Me, David, surrendered forever. You want to join them, don’t you, David, my pet, you want to be with them, to join them, to surrender to me, forever.”

Her voice was husky, with a vibrant note in it that seemed to make the very air drip with lust, with sex. David, his hand now stroking regularly up and down his cock, murmured mindlessly, “Surrender ...forever...” His daughters’ shining eyes never left the motion of his hand on his dick.

Tsai’s chuckle was throaty, exulting...cruel. “David, I want you to show me how you’ve surrendered to me.” She slid a elegant hand down the creamy flesh of her flawless hip and released the snap that held her thong panties together. Pulling the thong aside, she revealed a gloriously lush pussy, dripping and eager for his attention. “Drop to your knees, David, drop to your knees, come and worship my beautiful cunt. Surrender to My eyes, obey My voice, and worship Me like your wife and daughters did.”

Without any thought—he had no thought anymore—David dropped to his knees, his erection forgotten as he scooted forward on his knees and buried his face in the nectar-coated quim of his new Goddess.

She moaned luxuriously as his tongue touched her hot cuntlips. She enjoyed his attentions for several minutes, murmuring her approval, then abruptly pushed his head away.

“David, you have not given yourself to me fully, yet. You want to, don’t you, you want to surrender to me fully.” He nodded numbly, glassy eyes staring straight ahead. “Then close your eyes, David,” His eyes dropped shut. After a moment, her rich, lust-filled voice spoke again, a note of gloating and triumph present. “Now, David, My new slave, my new toy, open your eyes.”

There before the policeman’s stupefied gaze, where there had previously been a rich and juicy cunt, now waved a hugely erect cock, arrogant and bobbing slightly with its owner’s pulse, thick and purple-veined.

Tsai—Mistress Tsai—stroked her red, red fingernails down over David’s short hair and cooed again, with a malicious note of glee in her voice. “Take it in your mouth, David, my new slave. Take my cock in your mouth and fuck it with your face. Show me how much you want to be My slave. Eliza had her lips on this cock, David, and so did Anna and Sharon. Just picture them giving into Me, surrendering to Me, sucking my beautiful cock...You want to David, don’t you, you want to feel how this beautiful thing will feel in your mouth, your throat...Do it, David now, and accept your slavery forever.”

“Forever...” he whispered and slid his lips, slowly at first and then with growing eagerness, over the thick pole of his Mistress’s scorchingly hot member. She was right—Mistress was always right—it did feel good, feel perfect in his mouth, in his throat. He slid up and down slowly a few more times, then accelerated his pace as the last vestiges of his old persona began to tatter for the final time and blow away in the hot wind of his newfound lust for servitude.

“Mmmm, yes, yessss, my new pet, my new toy, suck that dick, suck my huge fucking cock. You are good at that David my slave, good at taking a tool into the back of your throat.” She shuddered and closed her eyes as the perfection of the moment swept over her like a miniature orgasm. Then She once more abruptly pushed the once-proud policeman’s head away from her crotch, grinning evilly down at him.

“Normally, My new plaything, I would cement your obedience to Me by shooting a load of my cum down your waiting throat, but this is a special occasion. My two new angels are virgins, my pet, and want to become whole in order to serve me in every way. I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be special if they were both desecrated to Me at the same time?’” Her grin would have chilled him if he hadn’t been in total thrall to Her at that point. “And then I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be even more special if someone they once loved helped me in their final transformation into succubae, into angelsluts eager and willing to do my bidding in bringing this pathetic town under my heel?’ That’s when I came up with this delightful idea.” Her dark, dark eyes burned into the slack face of Sunnydale’s senior law enforcement official as he knelt between her firm, smooth thighs and her grin widened, revealed teeth of dazzling white that were oh, so sharp. “They’re going to be my special slaves, David. You should be proud. Your little girls will be my perfect instruments in bringing about the complete subjugation of your town. Only one final act remains.” Her chuckle was more a feline purr of decadent satisfaction.

She put long slim fingers on the arms of the girls at her sides. “Eliza, Anna, go over in front of the couch.” The nubile white-clad teenagers moved quickly to obey their Mistress. Tsai rose languidly from her impromptu throne. Standing over David like some demonic idol, her huge cock bobbing against his upturned cheek as she peered down at him over the lush swell of her breasts. Without taking her eyes off her newest prize, she spoke again to her virgin sluts.

“Now, Eliza and Anna, you will go down to your hands and knees, facing each other. You are now burning with desire for one another. You want to feel the lips and tongue of your sisterslut on yours. The sensation is making you hotter, hotter, hornier. Your pussies are getting wetter and wetter, but you will not cum until you receive permission from me.” The girls complied with each command as they heard it and their tongues were soon entwined as they gasped and moaned in feverish lust. Each had a hand snaked down inside the tight fabric of her panties, fingers working furiously inside her burning pussy, eagerly complying with the Goddess’s commands.

Mistress Tsai placed her carmine fingertips under David’s chin and raised his vacant eyes to hers. “Come with me David. No, Stay on your knees, like a good slave should. Crawl over behind darling Anna, David.” He complied wordlessly—no words were necessary unless Mistress commanded it. As he situated himself behind the writhing, perfect round ass of the angelslut Anna, the tiny shred that remained of his free will was shrieking no, NO! That’s your Daughter! That tiny voice was lost though, drowned out by the perfect voice of his Goddess.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she David? Look at the the curve of her ass in that tight white latex, how her ass moves as she tongue fucks her sister’s face.” Tsai stood for a moment behind her other angelslut Eliza, Then she knelt slowly—almost ceremoniously—and rested her immense erection on the equally perfect, equally mobile ass that mirrored the one before the mesmerized lawman. “Touch it, David, put your hands on that ass, on those perfect cheeks, and know how hot, how horny, the feel of them is making you.” Her voice was a molten whisper, her eyes, her dark and burning eyes, watching avidly as he followed her direction. She licked her lips and watched as his once-flagging erection sprang back to full, turgid life at her command, until it was sliding across the plastic fabric covering perfect girlflesh. Her own hands, long, slim and greedy, copied his movements, grasping the hips of the girl before her tightly.

“David, my new, powerless slave, I want you to slide your hand down that perfect, smooth, shiny ass until you find the snap, then undo it.” He complied, that tiny remnant of David Chambers begging to be released, to be allowed to stop this. That little voice was unheeded as he heard the small noise of the snap being undone. “Ooh,” his Goddess cooed, causing his dick to jump spasmodically with pleasure at having pleased Her. “Now David, take that fucking cock of yours and slide it into the steaming cunt of your daughter, my angelslut.” David did as he was told and felt the tight hot wet hole clamp on him. He began pumping in and out, feeling the lust boil over in his brain until all that was left was raw need to be sated and to please his Goddess. She continued, her voice a hot whisper. “Anna, it feels goooood, doesn’t it pet? It’s what you’ve always wanted, to be deflowered before your Goddess, your Mistress, to lose your cherry to a special cock, to surrender all that you have to My power, that I might grant you power.” Anna gasped around Eliza’s red mouth and tongue, “OH, fuck yes, my Mistress, I surrender, I surr-eeaahhhh!” She shrilled in pleasure as her father’s thick tool found her hymen and tore through it with one quick surge of his hips.

As she spoke, Mistress Tsai was undoing the snap under Eliza’s crotch, and then slowly, slooooowwly, sliding her tremendous cock into the eager young cunt before her. She was soon matching David’s rhythm, her eyes never leaving his face, even as waves of dark pleasure pulsed through her. David’s eyes were filled with the sight of her perfect full tits bouncing rhythmically as she pounded into Eliza’s cunt. “Eliza...Anna...Look up, look into our faces.” The girls complied and David was suddenly looking into the greedy, lust-filled eyes of his beautiful blonde daughter, her elaborate hairdo now a shamble of curls and tendrils dancing about her flushed face in time to her Goddess’s increasingly violent thrusts. Her face was shiny and slick from her sister’s attention, red lipstick smeared around a mouth that was open and gasping, lush red lips forming a perfect “O”. He also saw the back of Anna’s pony-tailed blonde head as she lifted her adoring eyes to the face of her—of their—Mistress as she humped backward into his thrusting cock.

“Girls, look into our faces. Watch when we cum, and we will cum soon. When we come, my pets, you will become perfect instruments of my will, more than mere slaves but still servants of Tsai Tsang.” Her words kept time with the savage thrusting of her hips. “David, you will watch as your daughters become my daughters. You are pleased, even overjoyed to give them to Me, aren’t you, David.” Her eyes bore into his as they became his entire universe along with the searing pleasure encasing his cock. “Pleased,” he grunted, and continued to fuck angelslut Anna’s juicy cunt with abandon.

“Now, my pets, my we will CUMMMMM!!!!”

The slave david heaved forward, thrusting deep and leaning over the smooth latex clad back and ass of the angelslut Anna, hands clutching those slick hips, and shot a tremendous load of hot cum in a mind-shattering orgasm deep into the pussy of his daughter-turned-demon-princess. She and Eliza and the Beautiful and Perfect Goddess Tsai Tsang all shrieked in unearthly pleasure, bodies spasming with the intensity of their sensations as they came with unnatural force. Their shrieks of pleasure soared into howls of triumph, mixing with the voice of their Mistress and, as their bodies quaked with pleasure, the eyes of the teens seemed to spark and glow an intense red, and they bared their perfectly white, oh so sharp teeth.

In the explosion of release and surrender, that last tiny bit of ‘David C. Chambers, Chief of Police, Sunnydale Police Department’ seemed to sigh with relief as it melted away in the furnace blast of his pleasure. In its place was slave david’s sure and certain knowledge that he was, now and forever, property of his Goddess, the Beautiful and Perfect Demoness Tsai Tsang.