The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Black Swan

Chapter 10: Consolidation

Karen West disconnected the call on her cell phone. She’d been making calls for days. She’d been discussing plans and details with secretary Sandra Ogilvy. Slave Sandra, now.

Early on, Mistress had told slave Karen how few of her contacts would be concerned about the state of the division. It had made her very happy when she found out. It had made her even happier when the remaining contacts were visited by syndicate agents, one by one.

There had been seven agents remaining under her command in various, after they had enslaved Kimball and Johnson.

She’d made sure they’d all been enslaved. She’d been allowed to be present for five of them and she cherished the memory.

It had turned out that the rule about only enslaving women had been a misdirection.

It had been true at first, Mistress had told her. The technology for male enslavement had come later. Different anatomy, hormones, brain chemisty. Less demand for male sex slaves. Market forces. She didn’t get the technicalities and didn’t need to.

Mistress had realized that they had established a pattern and had decided to exploit it, keeping up the appearances, letting her competitors handle the male market in abroad, pretending to suppress it state-side. Establish the facade of a modus operandi. Keep it tight and lean. Only key players. Senators. Congressmen. Governors. CEOs. Move slowly, carefully. Meanwhile, make noise somewhere else. Always make a point to take only the women alive. Non-essentials like Agent Bower weren’t enslaved and had to be eliminated to keep up the charade.

Slave Karen felt a small pang of regret. He’d been smart. He would have been a valuable asset. Slave Sophie had obeyed beautifully. Her regret was replaced by the pleasure of the memory.

Like slave Sophie, she herself had been given so many wonderful opportunities to obey and be part of the process in the last weeks. With a pleasant tingle between her legs, she remembered the wonderful sex she’d had with senator Henry Jefferson after enslaving him in a private meeting. He’d been the first of her senate contacts to become Mistress’s tool. The rest were yet to come.

She’d given him an injector for his wife, a district attorney, and he’d sent her a video of the moment she woke up as a slave, naked, in their bed. He was stupid like that. She’d had to put in an automated metadata deletion request with the NSA, which had been a hassle. She had kept the video.

She had a meeting scheduled with Penelope Tangiers of the NSA. Several other NSA officers had similar meetings with certain congressmen, senators, military officials. Soon, she wouldn’t even have to delete that kind of data.

It had been miracle the division had lasted as long as it did. But Mistress had simply taken her time to make sure all pieces were in place before she’d struck. And when she had, the division had crashed into the steep end of the exponential curve.

In her mind, slave Karen surveyed the ruins of what had been her division. Agents captured, killed, enslaved. The Director, enslaved. The Syndicate, unstoppably infiltrating and saturating every safeguard, every government body that would have been able to stop it.

She stood up and left her room, to look for slave Sophie. Thinking of her had made her want to feel her between her legs, and slave Sophie was always eager to please. Her bare feet made soft noises on the clean wood floors. She was already naked of course. When she was in Mistress’s domain, she didn’t need clothes. She walked down the spacious hallways on the first floor of the mansion Mistress kept them in.

She passed the foyer. It was the largest space in the building, and slaves Sarah and Kate had repurposed it into a gym. Some slaves were sparring on a large array crash mats, wearing sports bras and kneepads for utility and nothing else. She recognized slave Alice and slave Rebecca, both of them partnering with slaves she didn’t know. They might have been part of the commando that had ambushed them in San Antonio. Slaves Sarah and Lilly were there, too, wrestling in a manner that didn’t require any clothes.

“Have you seen slave Sophie?” she shouted down the stairs.

One of the slaves she didn’t know—Latina, round face, big eyes—answered, wiping sweat of her forehead as she spoke. “She’s with slave Kate in the blue room attending Mistress. They won’t mind your company. Give her a kiss from me when you see her.”

This worked out well. She thanked the slave and went down the east hallway, where the blue room was. It was where Mistress Moreau had her personal chambers.

Moans came from the inside. She carefully opened the door and entered.

She found Mistress laying on the corner of her bed, her legs spread wide, feet planted on the floor. Between them, she saw the back of slave Sophie where she knelt on the floor, servicing her. She looked down between slave Sophie’s legs, the barest glimpse of her pussy visible between her cheeks.

Lying next to Mistress, one hand caressing her, one hand between her own legs, was the tall, tone form of slave Kate.

Slave Karen softly closed the door behind her with a pleasant click. She knew they had heard her enter. She saw slave Kate look at her with a smile, then whispering into Mistress’s ear. In between moans, Mistress said something in.

“We won’t be long”, said slave Kate. “Have a seat. Enjoy the view.”

She opened her legs wider to give slave Karen a better view, her freshly-shaved pussy slick and pink beneath her probing fingers.

Slave Karen walked forward and sat herself into one of the several wide and luxuriously upholstered armchairs that stood in rough semicircle around the center of the room. She felt the soft fabric against her skin and inhaled the scent of perfume and sex that pervaded the room, mixed with the smell of grass and tress coming in from the open window. She licked her fingers, then languidly drew them down her bosom, her abdomen, stroking her inner thighs, spreading her legs, reaching in between them. Listening to the moans of Florence Moreau, she touched herself.

As she played with her clit, she thought of how deeply enslaved she was to do this. It was the thing that set her off best, besides obeying Mistress. She imagined being between her legs instead of slave Sophie, giving Mistress pleasure like she’d done so many times now, either with her body or by being an obedient tool. Making the woman that owned her cum.

Mistress’s moans grew louder and faster. Slave Karen loved the fact that she recognized the sound. She leaned deeper into the armchair. She had fallen into a fast rhythm, riding the waves up pleasure, inexorably building up with every stroke, with every moan. It was hard now to keep her eyes open, but she wanted to see. See slave Sophie, slave Kate, Mistress, as they came. Any moment now.

When Moreau finally came—buckling, arching her back with a scream of release—the slaves around climaxed. Seeing their Mistress orgasm was pure joy, and as aroused as they already were the pleasure of it easily pushed them over the edge. Three slaves cried a chorus of ecstasy as they came, having served and obeyed.

“Slave Karen”, Moreau said when they had come down. Slave Sophie had joined slave Kate and her on the bed, and the three of them were leaning against the backrest cuddling.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Frankly, I was looking for slave Sophie”, she said uneasily, “But I also have some minor reports to make.” Lying to Mistress would be disobedience and was unimaginable.

“So you didn’t come here to beg me to fuck me?”

“I always crave you, Mistress”, she said defensively. “But no.”

“Relax, Karen. I was joking. If all my slaves came constantly begging to serve me, I’d get no work done at all.” She stroked slave Kate’s hair as she spoke. The slave was resting her head on her shoulder, gently smiling.

“You can have slave Sophie in a moment”, she continued. Slave Sophie winked at her, spreading her legs invitingly before Mistress continued. “I’ll hear your reports later today. I imagine it’s about the legislation slave Sandra is motioning, yes?”

Slave Karen nodded.

“Bon. But, speaking of work…”, she said and disentangled herself from slave Sophie and slave Kate with two soft kisses. She got out of bed and walked over to the side table near the window. The sunlight hit her moist skin in the most magnificent way. She picked up an injector. It had a ribbon of what looked like red electrical tape around it.

“There’s something I’ve been working on, and I’d like you to be there when I test it.

I was going to do it maybe tomorrow, but now you’re here anyway. Now that I think about it, why don’t all of you come? You all knew Lilly before I enslaved her.”

* * *

Slave Sarah lay in slave Lilly’s arms. They occupied a spacious bedroom in the east wing of someone’s mansion. The king-sized bed was covered in silky smooth cotton bed sheets. A cool breeze played around their naked bodies, and it made the air somewhat bearable for a moment.

“You know…?” said slave Sarah sleepily. Her fingers slowly brushed through slave Lilly’s hair.

“Huh?” murmured slave Lilly. Her eyes were closed, but a thin smile played across her face, like she’d just been gently roused from sleep.

“All things considered… like, even with old Sarah in mind... This turned out pretty good.”

“You think Sarah would have wanted this?”

“Maybe not exactly. But if I’d known how I would end up…” she paused.

“Like, if I could have looked into the future and seen this moment?”


“I think I would have been okay with it. Because I’m with you.”

Slave Lilly looked at her, her face as pretty as ever, and the beautiful woman behind it. It was the same as it had been. Only now, they shared one more thing that they both loved about themselves and each other.

She shifted, moving closer, until slave Lilly’s face was too close for her eyes to focus on. She touched her forehead against slave Lilly’s so they were as close as they could be. Somewhere out of her sight, she found slave Lilly’s hand, taking it, weaving her fingers though hers.

“Because I love you,” whispered slave Sarah.

“I love you, too,” whispered slave Lilly, and kissed her.

With a soft mechanical noise the door opened. It was nothing unusual. When you fucked everyone around the house, privacy was something of a non-issue. If they hadn’t wanted anyone to join them, they would have locked the door. Slave Sarah was still glad they’d had that moment among themselves. She turned to look who had joined them.

When she saw her Mistress, she tensed in excitement, sitting up urgently. Besides her, she felt slave Lilly come to attention the same we she had. When she saw the other slaves that accompanied her, she grew curious.

“Mistress”, they both said at a slightly offset moment, Lilly trailing behind. Sarah had to stifle a giggle. She felt Lilly squeeze her hand, twisting slightly, and she squeezed back.

“Slaves”, said their owner with an acknowledging smile that made slave Sarah’s insides melt.

“Lilly”, Mistress said.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Do you remember how you were enslaved?”

“Of course, Mistress! It was the best day of my life.”

“Do you remember how you were enslaved?”, Mistress asked, giving her a small nod. Slave Lilly looked confused for a moment as she tried to understand the question.

“Do you mean by which method? The same as the others. I was strapped into a chair. You injected me and I passed out. It did something to my brain, and I woke up enslaved and obedient.”

“Oui. You were the first person I enslaved using the active neurosynthetic compound. You were magnificent. You still are.”

“Thank you, Mistress!”, slave Lilly said. Slave Sarah could feel her softly tremble next to her. Mistress raised an injector, marked with red tape.

“I have a gift for you. Don’t worry. I have done many in-vitro trials. It is quite safe at this point, but I’d like to test it on you.”

“I don’t care if it’s safe, Mistress. I’m yours to use.” Slave Sarah’s pussy tingled when she heard slave Lilly say that, as she knew slave Lilly’s did as well.

“I know,” Mistress smiled said with the barest trace of a sigh.

“What does it do, Mistress?”

“It removes all effects of the compounds in your brain that make you a slave.”

Before slave Sarah could even begin to react, slave Lilly had already let go off her hand and recoiled away. She was shaking her head, brows deeply furrowed, trying to understand. Not being a slave was literally unimaginable.

“No… I…”, she said, her voice panicked and full of pain and confusion.

“Quiet. Listen.”

Slave Lilly stopped and obeyed.

“Everything will be fine. I apologize. I should have started differently. You’ll still be a slave.”

Slave Sarah saw slave Lilly relax. She did, too.

Mistress produced another injector, this one unmarked. She stepped forward and gave both of the injectors to slave Sarah.

With a hot surge of pleasure welling up inside her, Sarah realized what was about to happen.

“Really, it’s a gift for all of us. It’s pure indulgement.”, Mistress said. “I get to see how my invention works”, she said looking at slave Lilly. “You experience one—how do you say it?—wild ride”, and looking at Sarah. “And you get to enslave your girlfriend.”

Slave Lilly was back at slave Sarah’s side, and they looked at each other. Slave Sarah saw the excitement in her eyes and knew how hot this must make her. She remembered the moment before their first kiss. The electricity in the air as they both knew they wanted it, waiting for the other to make the move, before finally Lilly leaned in and their lips met.

That woman that had took her in, had been there for her when she’d needed her, even when she hadn’t deserved it. Beautiful, headstrong Lilly.

She’d be back. Her head swam with the reality of the opportunity she’d been given. It made shiver.

“Tell me when you’re ready”, she said.

“I’m still thinking this through. Will I—“, she turned to Mistress, “Will I remember.”

“Oui. Everything.”

Slave Lilly nodded to herself, in thought. After a moment, she looked at slave Sarah again.

“Okay. So I’ll probably remember how good it feels to be a slave. I was trying to give you a heads-up about how I’d probably react, but I can’t really imagine anything but wanting to be enslaved to have it back. You’ll have to see. Don’t let me punch you. No, wait! Now that I’ve said that I won’t punch you but do something else!”

She smiled, some thought crossing her mind.

“You know what? Let’s be safe. Why don’t you all come here and pin me down before we do this?”

As her fellow slaves gathered around the bed, slave Sarah felt the excitement in the room build. Slave Lilly said and let herself be pinned to the bed by the slaves around her. Slave Sarah climbed on top of her injector in hand, and they locked eyes.

She kissed slave Lilly, not deeply, but tenderly.

“See you on the other side”, she said.

“Give her hell”, slave Lilly said with a wink.

Slave Sarah looked down at slave Lilly’s neck, where the faintest of scars still remained where she’d been injected weeks ago. She carefully pushed the injector against her skin, again looking into slave Lilly’s eyes. She saw her gasp in the brief moment of pain before her eyes closed.

* * *

Lilly woke with a gasp.

“Fuck!”, she yelled, trying to yank free.

“Hello Lilly,” slave Sarah said.

“Yeah, yeah! Fuck this”, she spat as she arched her back, trying to gain leverage. “And fuck you!”

She managed to pull slave Sophie off-balance, but only for a moment.

”I just had to be fucking smart about this, didn’t I?! Fucking! Let! Go! You fucking mindless cunts!”

She stopped, groaning in frustration. She gave slave Sarah a look of sad contempt.

“Well this is as fucking bad as I imagined it would be. Slave Lilly would be fucking overjoyed! Aren’t you all fucking happy little cunts.”


“Don’t ‘Lilly’ me, Sarah! I know how you feel! You’re getting off right now. I get it! I fucking get it! And it’s fucking disgusting! Just do it! Just fucking do it!”

She raised her head, looking down the bed to where Moreau stood.

“Moreau!”, she shrieked “Fuck you! You’re ugly and worthless and this is the only way you get anyone to love you!”

“Lilly!”, Sarah shouted.

“Goddamnit, what?!”, Lilly snapped.

“I love you.”, she said, then punched slave Kate in the face, and in the same motion sprang from the bed, knocking slave Sophie to the side. The second injector was still in her hand as she sprinted towards Florence Moreau.

* * *

In an instant, Lilly broke free, kicking and twisting. In her periphery, she saw slave Sarah run towards Moreau. What was happening? This couldn’t be. Slave Sophie tried to grab her by the shoulder, and she elbowed her in the face. Kate and Director West were running after Sarah.

“Slave. Stop!”, Moreau yelled in sudden panic, but Sarah was already on her. It was all happening so fast. Lilly saw Sarah grab her, swat away her arms, and push the small metal cylinder into her neck before she was tackled by slave Kate.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Sarah cried as Moreau gasped in pain, dropping to her knees.

“I had to! I want to obey, but I want Lilly more!”

Moreau collapsed, and the slaves screamed in distress, rushing in a panic towards her unconscious body. Lilly had gotten off the bed and stood next to the door leading outside to the terrace. Sarah stood up, with Kate now kneeling over Mistress in a confused huddle with the others.

Lilly’s thoughts raced in confusion and surprise, trying to make sense of it. How could Sarah…

She looked at her, and her face was a mess of tears and pain. She looked like she might jump off a bridge. She was looking down at her hands. She still held the spent injector.

Lilly looked at the door behind her. She should already be out of here. Run. Leave her. Instead she kept looking at slave Sarah. Sarah. This wasn’t possible. Except it had just happened. She felt like she was in a dream. Her mind swirled with exhaustion, trying to decide what to do. There was no time. She had to act, now.

”Come with me”, she said over the cries and wild babble of the slave, just loud enough for Sarah to hear her. She couldn’t believe she was saying it, but there it was.

Sarah looked at her, then at the slaves and her Mistress. Then back at her. She took a step towards her, then another. She blinked rapidly, her face twitching with what must have been her world tipping itself over. She looked back one more time, then broke into a quick stride toward Lilly, looking scared. She looked very scared.

“Help me, Lilly!” she said, and Lilly held out her hand without thinking. Something inside her made her. She couldn’t leave her. In that moment, she didn’t know what they would do, what she would do, how she could trust her, but she held out her hand towards Sarah, because that was what she had to do.

Sarah took it in stride and Lilly and her ran out to the open porch into the—

She felt the sting in her neck, the terrible familiar pain. No! Oh God, no! This wasn’t happening! She’d been free! She could have run! She could have—

She passed out.

* * *

Slave Sarah caught her before she hit the hard stone porch. Slave Kate was quickly there to take her, allowing Sarah to come. She carried her back inside, where Moreau and the other slaves waited. Moreau picked up the empty injector off the floor where Sarah had fallen under Kate. They had removed the red tape while Lilly had been unconscious.

Slave Sarah knelt on the porch, convulsing in orgasm. It had been even better than she’d imagined. She’d seen Lilly’s confusion, her hope. She had believed it, in that moment, before Sarah had taken it all away. Lilly, the woman she had loved, had been free and full of desperate hope. She’d been nothing but a plaything, brought back to be toyed with, to give them something to cum over when she was violently enslaved again. Slave Sarah felt the thoughts like a hot current in her wet snatch, and she almost came again.

She returned to the bedroom, where the slaves had gathered around the unconscious form of the woman that again would soon no longer be Lilly. She saw them tense in expectation, hands between their legs. Their pussies probably as wet as her own. She wanted them all to come really hard when slave Lilly woke. They’d laid her in the center of the bed, and mistress lay next to her, indicating with her outstretched hand the empty spot to the other side before again using it to gently stroke Lilly’s curves.

Slave Sarah laid down next to them. She was already hot again. She barely had time to wonder how long she’d been on the porch climaxing, when slave Lilly woke.

* * *

As she opened her eyes, some last remaining remnants of confusion and fear evaporated like tiny droplets against the fire of the truth that burned in her, and she knew that all was right again. She felt the glorious need to obey pulsing between her legs like a second heartbeat, like she should. She was a slave.

She was nude, as she had been, and back in bed. Next to slave Sarah, next to Mistress, where she belonged. She knew what she had to say. She knew what she had to do, because she was a good slave and knew what it meant to obey. Mistress had already taught her.

“I am a slave,” she said, for her pleasure as well as the pleasure of those around her. “I obey.” It felt good to say and know it was true. She caressed the words like they were her own pussy lips, and it felt just as good as if she were touching herself. She touched herself. “Mistress. I am your obedient slut”, she continued, stroking herself with each word. “Use me for whatever you wish. I will obey. I am a slave.”

As she masturbated to the pleasure of being a slave, she remembered. It had worked so well. She’d been free. The way she’d been before she’d been enslaved. The hate and disgust in her had burned like acid. It had been sickening to remember everything, to immediately realize that she was trapped in that situation with no way out. That she herself had looked forward to it. Slave Lilly remembered the anger, the sheer exasperation at the unfairness of it all.

“I am a slave”, she said, stroking her clit.

And then, suddenly, there had been hope. Sudden, surreal hope, as Sarah turned on her fellow slaves. As Lilly stood be the door, she had realized that she knew all the exit routes, all guard posts. She’d known how to escape, and all of it had suddenly become more than a cruel farce. A real chance to stay herself. To fight back. And then, she’d made the mistake of trusting Sarah. She’d been such a good slave.

“I am a slave”, she said, and her voice was unsteady with pleasure. She moaned as shivers went through her. She felt her pussy beneath her fingers, swollen and wet. She was close.

Slave Sarah had deceived her, made her think she would be more than a temporary experiment. But that was all she had been—nothing more than some angry little bitch who was only good for being enslaved, living just long enough to resent the fact. She was a slave now, and it made her want to come.

”I am… ooh… a slave.”

Slave Lilly looked at her Mistress with an expression of deep need. She needed to come for her, to be the slave she’d been afraid of becoming again. She was stroking herself furiously now, and she was so close to the edge.

“I… ooh… am a slave. I’m your obedient… ahh… slave.”

Sarah spoke softly into her ear.

“You are a hot, obedient slave.”

“Yes!” she mewled. She was a hot, obedient slave.

“You are nothing but a horny, wet slut that loves to obey.”

“Yes!” She was so horny and wet. She loved to obey.

“Remember Lilly and know what she’s become.”


“You’ll betray her, over and over, every time you obey.”


“Every time you come.”


”Come for your Mistress, slave!”

And along with the slaves around her, and Mistress, she did. Climax shook her and she twitched and screamed as she came, pure hot pleasure enveloping her. Her moans were high-pitched and uncontrolled as it kept going, and she put her hand on her pussy when a second wave of ecstasy hit her and she thought she might lose control of her body. She was lost in glorious orgasm and in the back of her mind, the truth remained, forever at her core. The truth of who she was, whom she served. She was a slave, and it was all she’d ever want. She’d been the first, and the last.

As she slowly came down, regaining her senses, she felt a deep, content joy settle inside of her. As she enjoyed the soft touch of her enslaved girlfriend Sarah and the breath and warmth of the woman that owned her, she once again repeated the perfect truth at the center of her being.

“I obey.”