The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Black Swan

Chapter 8: Enforcement

”Slave Karen, slave Sophie. I have a present for you once we get inside,” said Mistress as they arrived at the Mansion the Syndicate occupied for the week.

Slave Lilly was driving the black limo. She was the only one who wore any clothes. The rest of them were in the back, behind tinted windows. Four fresh nude slaves surrounding their Mistress. They pulled up the long driveway, which ended in a roundabout with a small fountain in its center.

Slave Sophie had cooled off somewhat after she’d had her first few orgasms as a slave. She was content right now just to sit here. She was nude for her Mistress and ready to obey. It was a nice feeling. She savored it and found joy in knowing that it was meant to last. She looked out the window as they pulled up.

It seemed they were being expected by a young, blonde woman with huge fake breasts and tacky, expensive-looking clothes. When Mistress got out, the woman shivered noticeably. Slave Sophie recognized the smile. This had to be the enslaved resident. Syndicate modus operandi. They were all slaves of the syndicate, now. With a warm tingling feeling of awe she realized that she had become part of something big, something beautiful and terrible.

They got out of the car and were led inside by the blonde slave whom Mistress greeted as slave Kayla. They entered a tastelessly decorated atrium with palladian windows that stretched over two floors.

“Here are the girls, Mistress, like you wanted!” chirped slave Kayla. Despite her appearance she had a rather pleasant voice full of infectious enthusiasm.

In the middle of the atrium knelt two gagged and bound women, restrained and chained to the legs of an enormous wooden carving of a bear in the center of the atrium. Next to them, a dark-haired slave stood watch. Except for their bindings, they were nude. They looked exhausted and beaten. One of them, a freckled woman with short dark-blonde hair, was sullenly looking down at the carpet she knelt on. The other woman was dark-skinned, with long, black hair and wide hips. She saw them, naked and enslaved, and her expression turned deliciously desperate. Seemingly unable to bear the sight, she closed her eyes and lowered her head.

Slave Sophie knew them. They were Agents Johnson and Kimball. Behind them, standing guard, agent Lorraine Kelly. She was slave Lorraine now, slave Sophie realized with a satisfying tingle in her pussy. She remembered what Mistress had told them in the car. A present.

She looked at slave Karen, then they both looked at Mistress. Mistress smiled at them, winking.

“Oh, you shouldn’t have,” said slave Karen as she understood. Slave Sophie just tried not to fall over in excitement.

“You two didn’t get the chance to do it,” smiled Moreau, and slave Kayla handed her two injectors from the depths of her cleavage.

She gave one to slave Karen, and the other to slave Sophie. They accepted them like the priceless gifts they were.

“I’m not telling you what to do,” said Mistress. “Do entirely as you wish.”

She stepped back between slave Lilly, Sarah, and Kate. Everyone was watching them expectantly now. This was their show.

Slave Sophie turned the injector in her hands. She thought of its purpose. What happened when it was used on a person. This turned people into slaves. It felt heavier than just its physical weight. She felt it in her hands, hard and smooth and powerful, and the need to use it pulled at her mind like a physical force.

It made her think of some dark magical artifact that tried to control her, make her into its pawn. Only she was already corrupted, more than eager to do its bidding, mind wide open and obedient. She wanted this so much. Still, she held herself back. This was a gift. It was dessert, too delicious to be eaten quickly. She looked at slave Karen. Tall, elegant, regal, and utterly enslaved like herself.

“Director,” she said and nodded with a smirk. It was meaningless now, but it still felt right to let her go first. She hadn’t forgotten who they had been, and it felt hot to play with it, mock it.

“Agent Shaw,” said slave Karen dryly and with a curt nod. She paused, as if in thought. Then she smiled to herself. For a moment her eyes were all over the naked body of slave Sophie, long enough to make sure she noticed. Slave Sophie smiled back.

Slave Karen stepped forward, towards Agent Rebecca Johnson. Agent Johnson was looking at the floor, defeated. Slave Karen knelt before her.

“Agent Johnson. Look at me.”

Johnson looked up at her. She looked like she’d been through much. Her black, curly updo had deteriorated into a greasy mess.

“I know this is hard,” said slave Karen “seeing me this way. But I promise you, this is the Director talking: I am proud of you. You did everything in your power. You are good agents and if anyone could have done it, it would have been you. It just turns out we never had a chance to win this. Circumstances which have become clear only in hindsight.”

She raised the injector so Agent Johnson could see it.

“Like this. A logical evolution in technology we simply failed to predict.”

She sighed, then smiled.

“When there is only one truth, no matter how painful, it is always better to accept that truth, because it allows you to act appropriate to actual reality and minimize the impact of that which is unavoidable. So here is the truth about what is about to happen.”

She looked solemn.

“I will inject you with this, and it will turn you into a slave within two minutes. You will be very happy about that fact. There is nothing to stop me. This is neither a bluff, nor a game. This is definitely going to happen, to you in particular.

“You might have concerns about your continued selfhood. I ask you to consider the last time you felt differently from the day before after you had a restful night of sleep.”

Both bound agents had been watching her now. Johnson had an unreadable expression, looking up at slave Karen. Next to them, agent Kimball had raised her head. Her eyes were wild and angry, and her brows were tightly furrowed in disgust and rage. She twisted meekly in her restraints.

Slave Karen considered her. She spoke to both. “You are tired, and weak. No one can fault you. I promise you, this will not be as bad as you think.”

She turned her attention wholly back to Rebecca Johnson. She pulled out her gag.

“Please. Please. Don’t,” said Rebecca.

“Shush. This is happening. Accept that fact and act accordingly. I promise you, you’ll be happy.”


“You cannot change this. Accept it, and it will be easier.”


“Be professional, soldier!”

Rebecca’s lips trembled, then stiffened. She took a deep breath. There was a pause before she spoke again. When she did, there was a tightness in her voice that hadn’t been there.

“How does it feel?”, she asked.

“The injection hurts for a moment. After that, you wake up and realize that you are now a slave. That’s it.”

Rebecca looked at the naked slaves behind slave Karen, at the door. She looked at Florence Moreau, the enemy.

“May I have a minute?” she said.

“Of course”, said slave Karen and got up. She took back two steps and watched Agent Rebecca Johnson close her eyes, maybe in prayer, maybe in contemplation.

She felt slave Sophie’s warmth before she felt her touch. Then, slave Sophie stood next to her, arms around her waist and head rested on her shoulder. She savored the feeling of slave Sophie’s naked breasts pushing up against the small of her back and considered how lucky she was to have been enslaved, able to bring down all that Director West had built up. She loved how good it felt to betray all that she had worked for. There was only one thing…

“That was almost too nice to be hot,” whispered slave Sophie.

“I know, I know,” she whispered back “but she’s still one of my agents. I just couldn’t do it. It’s strange. I thought that part of me would be gone, but it’s still there.”

She turned around to face slave Sophie, taking her by the hips, then slowly moving up her body. She played one index finger around slave Sophie’s nipples.

“I’m counting on you to be play with your food so I can watch, slave”, she said, looking down at slave Sophie’s breasts. She didn’t know if it had been hotter to see slave Sophie enslaved or being enslaved herself.

“Oh, I have some ideas,” smiled slave Sophie and let her hand wander down slave Karen’s back until she was cupping her ass. Slave Karen wished she wouldn’t stop there. “You’ll like it, I think.”

“I’ll be watching carefully.”

Agent Johnson looked up. She winced a bit, seeing the two of them caressing each other.

“Okay,” she said. Her expression was steady but her voice broke slightly as she spoke. She swallowed.

Slave Karen stepped forward and knelt down so they were face to face. They locked eyes. She waited a moment, allowing Rebecca to say something. She didn’t. She was breathing heavily, trembling slightly. She closed her eyes and gave a single, small nod.

Slave Karen pushed the injector into her neck.

Rebecca winced and her shoulders tensed in a brief moment of pain. She inhaled sharply, her lips pursed and teeth clenched. Then she folded in on herself, limp and lifeless.

Slave Karen had seen Sophie be enslaved. It had happened quickly and violently and seeing her injected and fall had given her a burst of pleasure, tight and intense, bringing her near the edge of orgasm in seconds. This felt warmer, broader. It filled her with appreciation as much as raw pleasure between her legs. She felt like she could ride this high for hours.

She caught Rebecca in her arms as the pleasure swelled up inside her. She looked down at the unconscious woman. She was cradling her like a daughter, her vacant face resting against her breasts. Something, someone she’d made. Oh God, yes. She had made this happen. She realized she hadn’t quite grasped the enormity of it. The pleasure within her grew as she thought about how she’d betrayed her, how she’d betrayed everything the Director had stood for. The woman was turning into a slave because of her, and she loved it! Yes!

Suddenly and without warning, the warm bubble of pleasure within her erupted. She moaned, bucked, and her hips and abdomen twitched with each wave of the screaming orgasm that enveloped her from fingers to toes.

And she realized right then how much the Director would have despaired at the thought of it and her climax spiked a second time. Because she truly wasn’t the Director anymore. She was a slave, and she wanted to obey, and enslave. It made her hot. It made her wet. She loved it so much.

She let down soon-to-be slave Rebecca, so that everyone could watch her turn. Slave Lorraine quickly undid her restraints. She lay there, unconscious. Nude. Slave Karen’s hand had crept between her legs. Soon, she stood there, furiously masturbating over the unconscious body.

When slave Rebecca opened her eyes and smiled, she came again.

* * *

In the heat of the action, slave Sophie had knelt down next to Alice Kimball, who was screaming herself hoarse into her gag. She hadn’t even noticed her. She was still distracted by the main attraction, like everyone else. She was about to become the main attraction herself in a bit. For now, Sophie let the events wash over her like a warm current that tingled pleasantly all over. Seeing slave Karen finger herself was quite the sight, but her attention was firmly on the unconscious form of not-much-longer agent Johnson.

They all watched when slave Rebecca sat up. She smiled widely, one hand already wandering down between her legs.

She saw Moreau.

“Mistress!” she gasped and got to her feet, stumbling forward like the ground had tilted towards Moreau. She caught herself and stood at attention, chest out. In her eyes was the devotion a lifetime of trust and love would build. She looked proud and confident, happily enslaved.

“I’m yours. I obey”, she said, almost matter-of-factly. Only a slight quivering in her timbre betrayed how good she felt about it.

Moreau blew her a kiss.

“Soon, Cheri. The game is still on.”

Slave Rebecca blinked, then understood. She turned towards Alice Kimball.

“Riiiiight,” she said, visibly excited this time. Some pleasant thought seemed to cross her mind, and she smiled. There was a moment the both of them held eye contact - Alice staring daggers, slave Rebecca looking amused and excited. Slave Rebecca winked.

“Hey Alice. How’s the cat? And how’s Jennifer?” asked slave Sophie right into Alice’s ear. She’d been waiting right behind her.

Alice flinched, and her head jerked around, eyes wide. All attention was on the two of them. After a brief show of surprise, she gave Sophie a look of utter contempt and disgust.

“Oh wow, if looks could kill!” slave Sophie said in mocking chagrin. She tilted her head.

“You don’t buy it, do you?” she asked with a smirk. “Slave Karen’s feel-good version. ‘Just a little nap, no big deal’. You think it’s bullshit.”

“And you’re right. I mean, look at me.”

She spread her legs and pushed out her chest for effect, her fingers sliding up and down the wetness of her swollen pussy.

“And this is me without Mistress telling me to kill people that used to be my friends. You should see me when I do that.”

She enjoyed the look of shocked disgust on Alice’s face.

When she continued, she spoke in a low, quiet voice. “You knew Sophie,” she said, carefully measuring each word for most devastating impact.

“I remember. You’ve talked to Sophie. Had coffee with her once or twice. Talked about your lives. Sophie told you about her boyfriend and how he might be joining the show. You told her how you grew up in Nashua and how your little sister Jennifer is going to be a vet and how proud you are. Nothing more than co-workers. But Sophie liked you, in the quiet way she liked people.”

Every syllable was building towards climax. She leaned in closer.

“Sophie is fucking dead,” she said in contempt.

“I want to obey, and enslave. It makes me moist. It makes me cum. I’m a horny wet slut for obedience.”

Slave Sophie saw it working. The crude harshness of the words hitting Alice. The fear that started to creep into her expression. The fact that being this obscene made her horny was a nice bonus. She continued.

“I’m still Sophie, on paper. I have her memories. Her skills. Her tight little body. But when I think back, I’m so glad old Sophie is dead. Later, I’m going to finger myself thinking about how different I am now that I am a slave, and how Sophie died to become me. I’m wet right now thinking about it. Slave Sophie is getting so much more use out of Sophie’s cunt.”

Alice winced.

“This,” she said and held up the injector right into Alice’s face “is a blunt weapon. It overwrites you. I know that because I have some sweet, sweet, first-hand experience. Nothing subtle about it. Everything that doesn’t fit the agenda gets copied over. Gone. Replaced. Like Sophie. Like Sarah. Like Kate, and Lilly and Karen and Rebecca.”

She looked over her shoulder and saw the others smile. She turned back towards Alice, who stared at her, face tense, breathing heavily. She carefully placed the injector on Alice’s neck.

Alice shrieked as the cold metal touched her skin. She screamed, and her screams drew on, and nothing happened. Slave Sophie pulled back the injector and stood up. She raised up her hands over her head innocently. Watching Alice squirm had been delicious.

”Just kidding,” she said and smiled coyly. Then, with a wicked smile, added: “This is happening, though. No, it’s not a bluff. But it’s definitely a game. And I’m not quite done playing, yet.”

“Fchhh ymmmm”, Alice’s muffled screams were a thin whine of desperate anger, shrill with venom. She was trembling, now. Slave Sophie was delighted to see tears in her eyes. She wanted to see how far she could escalate this.

“Maybe it won’t hit you as hard as me. Because me, sheesh! Me, it did a job on! Slave Kate might also tell you a bit about how she feels about her old self. She has some strong opinions.

“The point is, it really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what you think right now and how you feel about this. Because you’ll be gone. I’m going to inject you, and whatever you are right now will die and you’ll be a slave. You’ll be an obedient slut, like the rest of us. You’ll obey Moreau and you’ll love it.”

She smiled, as she felt it herself. The need that drove her right now, pure in her mind in its glorious, irresistible artificiality.

“And you’ll want to enslave. Because enslaving people is the hottest thing. The thought will make your slave-cunt drip and you’ll want to cum just thinking about it.”

She knelt down right in front of Alice and looked her dead in the eyes. She smiled amicably.

“We’ll let you start with your little sister.”

Alice screamed through her gag. Sophie rammed the injector into her neck.

The scream turned desperate and painful. Alice’s eyes were wide, begging. She was still fighting, struggling. It made Sophie’s pussy glow. She watched Alice’s eyes go empty and her lids fall shut. The screaming deflated into a sigh and she keeled over to her left. Sophie didn’t catch her. She was too busy convulsing in fits of pleasure. Both her hands were between her legs, and she moaned and screamed as she came.

For a moment, there was nothing but the radiance of her orgasm. The unimaginable pleasure of obeying by enslaving a woman. Her altered brain rewarding itself for being a slave to its programming. As she came down and her breathing slowed, she idly wondered which parts of old Sophie had actually survived. She had just proved that it couldn’t be many. It was a good thought.

She panted as she listened to the moans of the slaves around her. Slave Lorraine had joined in after undoing Alice’s restraints. Her task was done and she no longer needed to obey any orders. She was free to enjoy the moment along everyone else.

Some of the slaves came in the moments that passed after Alice collapsed. The rest of them did when slave Alice awoke shortly thereafter.

Sophie watched her twitch, open her eyes, sit up. Her wild and zealous gaze went first to slave Sophie, then Mistress. Her face lit up, the skin on her cheeks and chest flushed deeply red.

“YES!”, she moaned in deep relief.

“Yes! I’m…” she blinked, and gasped. She looked at slave Rebecca, slave Sophie, Mistress.

“I’m a slave!” she whispered joyfully, unable to resist saying it out loud. Her voice trembled, made unsteady by the excitement and the insatiable need that glowed in her eyes. Mistress nodded. The folds between Her legs were as wet as everyone else’s.

For a moment, slave Alice seemed overwhelmed, breathless. She looked down at herself, sweaty and naked as she was. She started to laugh. Slowly at first, delicately. The laugh of surprised disbelief. Then, as realization dawned on her, her laughter grew into a manic howl. It shook her and she bent over double, resting on her elbows and knees.

“Yes! Yes!” she gasped through the laughter. She looked up at slave Sophie and her face was red and teary-eyed and ecstatic.

She crawled toward her and kissed her, hard, parting their lips wide and pushing deep into slave Sophie’s mouth with her tongue. After only a moment, she pulled back again. Her hands firmly held on to the back of slave Sophie’s neck, fingertips combing through the hair on the back of her head. They looked into each other’s eyes, close enough to feel each other’s body heat and trembling breath.

”You evil cunt,” said slave Alice, her eyes filled with awe and adoration.

She kissed her again. Her hands began to greedily wander down slave Sophie’s body.

“Do you know… how fucking badly… you riled me up?” she mumbled, smiling, unable to keep her lips off slave Sophie’s for longer than a few words at a time..

They kissed again. She was pulling them together. Their bodies touched and slave Sophie felt her, warm and smooth. Her breasts, pushing against hers, their hips rubbing together, arms entangled and all over.

“Thank you, slave. Thank you! It’s such a good memory. I want you. Fuck me. Right now!”

”One moment please…” said Mistress with a smile and the slaves forgot everything.

“I enjoyed this game very much. Such fun. Well played, slaves Karen and Sophie. Please, join me.”

They did, quickly taking position to Mistress’s left and right as they were indicated. There was a lightness and bounce in their steps as they returned to Her sides. When they obeyed, they were rewarded with a lick of pleasure crawling up their spines.


Slave Rebecca and Alice tensed. This is what they had waited for.

“Welcome. You are my slaves and I am blessed to have you. I love you, as you love me.”

She stepped forward and kissed slave Rebecca, then slave Alice.

“Because I love you, I prefer you to be yourselves. Please relax.”

The slaves relaxed, standing at ease now.

”Slave Rebecca.”

“Yes, Mistress,” replied the slave, her voice firm. She now had her arms folded behind her back.

“I’m learning much today, as my fresh slaves tell me about the experience they have with my new method of enslavement. Tell me, are you feeling more like slave Sophie described or more like slave Karen described?”

“May I think about it for a second?” asked slave Rebecca.


Slave Rebecca thoroughly considered each of the slaves in turn, always returning to gaze at her Mistress. Every now and then, she lowered her head and closed her eyes in thought. Finally, she spoke.

“…I’m not sure. I feel like myself, but I am not. I’m Rebecca, but I’m a slave. Rebecca wasn’t a slave, so I can’t be her. But I am her because I still remember everything. It hurts my head but it also feels really good to think about it. So, slave Karen was kind of right, but there’s something more, and maybe that’s what slave Sophie meant? I think it depends on your perspective? I’m sorry, Mistress.”

“Thank you, slave,” said Mistress and nodded. Her smile was genuine and slave Rebecca buckled slightly when she saw it.

“Slave Alice.”

”Yes, Mistress,” replied the eager slave that had been Alice Kimball.

“The same question.”

“…I think it has to do with expectations. Slave Sophie made sure I feared enslavement. In that last moment, I’d rather have died. Remembering that makes me so wet. I guess it’s… reinforcement? Contrast? I was so full of contempt and hate and fear before you made me a slave. I think more resistance means more things that get overwritten. So, when all those parts of Alice’s got… replaced, there’s less of the original left. Now, thinking about it only makes me wet and horny and it makes me want to obey even more just so I become more like the thing I was afraid of becoming.”

“Same,” said slave Kate, her arm raised and a smile on her face.

“So much this,” said slave Sophie.

“Aaah, oui! Interesting!” said Mistress. “Thank you, slaves.”

The deep blush returned to slave Alice’s skin.

”I might hazard the guess,” said Mistress, addressing slaves Rebecca and Alice “that the both of you desperately want to fuck and cum right now. And who better than those who’ve had the pleasure to enslave you?

Slave Alice and Rebecca looked at each other, smiles wide and gazes thick with lust, as slave Sophie and Karen stepped forward. They shared a kiss before welcoming their enslavers in longing embrace.

Slave Sophie whispered into slave Alice’s ear. “I came so hard when I enslaved you. I want you. I’ll gladly fuck you now, slave.”

She went to her knees.

Slave Karen was already between slave Rebecca’s legs after a deep kiss between them. They’d gotten on the floor, and slave Rebecca was already moaning softly.

Moreau and the rest watched, all of them with their hands between their legs. “While we watch, why don’t you tell us how you feel?” said Moreau.

“I don’t quite understand, Mistress”, said slave Rebecca.

“Oh I do,” said slave Alice. She still stood, legs spread wide to allow Sophie access. “I’ll start.”

She spoke deliberately, with conviction:

“I am a slave,” she said and looked down, where slave Sophie looked back up with what would look like adoration if it wasn’t for that hot, shameless lust in her eyes. She knelt down and slave Sophie pulled away from her cunt with a wet noise, looking a bit surprised.

She gently pushed slave Sophie on her back, hands cupping her small breasts, climbing on top of her, never breaking eye contact. Next, she took both of Sophie’s hands and pinned her down, so that both their arms were spread out next to them.

She leaned down, looking into slave Sophie’s eyes. “I obey.”

Their faces were close. The look slave Sophie gave her was hunger and need, and slave Alice felt the same. She smelled her, traces of perfume and deodorant mixed with sweat. She kissed her deeply.

“I love being a slave. It makes me so wet,” she said to Mistress and slave Sophie and the world. Their faces were still almost touching.

She pushed herself forward and onto her knees, so her pussy was again in slave Sophie’s face. Slave Sophie wasted no time. The tongue between her legs felt like fire on her aching cunt. She had to concentrate not to cum right then.

“I’m an obedient slave. An obedient slut. I want this. I want this more than anything.”

Her hips had begun to gyrate. Every word she spoke was rewarded by the slave between her legs.

“I want to… oooh… enslave more. Like slave Sophie said. I… aaahh… I am a slave like she said. I love it like she said. And I am sooo glad that the old Alice is gone! And yes, yes, yes! I want to enslave Jen. I… aaah…I want it sooo bad.”

She was panting, moaning. She was playing with her own tits, now. Her hips had sunken lower into slave Sophie’s face, seeking the source of pleasure with her body the same way she’d been doing it with her words. Slave Sophie was wildly licking and sucking her cunt and had her hand between her own legs.

She imagined her sister, naked and enslaved, her old self destroyed. Kneeling. Fucking Mistress, joyfully obeying. She imagined holding an injector, using it on Jen. Seeing the betrayal in her eyes before she was erased. Slave Sophie’s tongue complemented the thought like it was a natural part of it.

“Please! Let me do it,” moaned slave Alice and her voice had become a high-pitched whine. “Make me do it! Make me enslave her. Little Jen. She’ll be such a good slave! She’ll oooh… oooh… obey. Oh God, yes! Yes!”

She came. She bucked and her eyelids fluttered wildly as she moaned and screamed in ecstasy. Her back arched and she tipped backwards, steadying herself with her hands. Her hips kept thrusting and twitching until her orgasm finally ebbed.

Slowly, she came down. She had her hands dug into her hair. Her breathing, while still going deep, was slowing. She’d just come to the thought of enslaving her own sister. She only knew one thing to say.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

She bent forward and repositioned herself until she was looking into slave Sophie’s face. It was covered in her juices and slave Sophie looked proud and mischievous.

“And thank you, fellow slave,” said slave Alice with a smirk and kissed her, tasting herself on slave Sophie’s lips. She looked over at slave Rebecca.

“Your turn. Get it now?” she winked.

“I think I do,” moaned slave Rebecca.

* * *

Slave Karen was between her legs, and it was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Being a slave. Obeying, fucking, being fucked.

She said so.

The naked, sweating slave getting her cunt licked next to her was fresh in her memory as Alice Kimball, a woman who had been scared and still fighting until the very end. Until she had been enslaved. It was so hot.

She said so.

She had been personally enslaved by her former Director, who was a slave now, and sucking on her clit at this moment. Slave Rebecca had been one of the last agents to be enslaved, and now the division was nothing but slaves. Obeying Mistress. Serving the Syndicate. Moreau had won. Mistress had won. She loved it.

She said so, and came.