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Blizzard — Chapter 11 by Redsliver

* * *

Max tore off her winter coat. She tossed it on the stairs as she pitched her gloves and toque on top of it. Her hair was mostly free of snow, but I ran my fingers through the red and tossed the soon-to-be melt onto my doormat. She gathered up her winter bundle and was about to head upstairs.

“Not taking the boots off?” I asked. She had started up the stairs, giving me enough room to kneel down and untie my own boots.

“The closet’s upstairs,” she explained, and wiggled her ass as she walked up. I would’ve swatted that wish-granter but she moved at a clip.

“That’s stupid, Sam,” I heard Alex saying. “You’ll feel better when your emotions catch up with your brain. Maybe you just weren’t ready to go first? But no. You had to be the adventurous one.”

“It wasn’t going to be Max!” Sam sounded tired. I could hear the change in her voice when Max turned the corner around the rail. “He let you wear them?”

“Why not?” Max asked. I picked up my boots. The closet was upstairs. I stopped on the first stair. I wasn’t going to carry in that snow, and left them on the second bottom step.

“Just, he said they’re not... I wish I could sleep this worry off in my own bed,” she muttered. I had a soft frown as I crested the stairs.

“They plowed the streets. I bet the sidewalks suck, but I could walk you home if you want,” I offered. Sam was sitting on my bed with her ankles tucked against the left side of her butt. She had perfect posture. So did Alex on my coffee table. She was rotating my laptop so I couldn’t see the screen. She was looking over her shoulder.

“Could I wear the boots?” Sam hoped.

“Is that what it’ll take to get you to stay?” Max asked.

“I think she meant for the walk home.”

“That’s what it’ll take,” Sam nodded.

“You’re not wearing anything else if you wear those boots,” Alex challenged. Sam paled.

“That’s not how this works, Alex.” I hung my coat up next to Max’s. I yanked off my toque and threw it onto the closet shelf where Max had perfectly aligned her winter gear. I grabbed Max’s hand. I walked her backwards, I started to kneel down as soon as she bumped into the armchair.

“I’m not sitting there, that’s your chair,” she declared when I urged her with another push. I looked at it in the light and frowned. It was pretty ratty and cheap. I had picked it up off the streetside a couple of years ago. It was amazing these girls put up with any of this. I’d have to do better.

“I was going to sit you down and unzip the boots and take them off of you,” I explained. She lit up. Alex was grinning too. Sam looked on with a nervous nibble of her lower lip. I had never believed that the naive worrisome lip chew was anything but a planned girl tactic to look more vulnerable. Sam sold its authenticity. I smiled at her. I hadn’t seen the engineering student slip around me. Max put two hands on my chest and shoved me. I fell into the chair. She hopped on my lap and kicked her far leg up so I could reach inside her thigh for the zipper.

“Alright.” I agreed with her grin. She was wearing jeans. The same clothes as the day before. I felt her thigh through the denim and loved it. They all had long legs. Sam was a bit more toned than the other girls. Max’s breasts a bit fuller. Alex was a hint more slender in every way. The roar of the zipper cut the silence as the girls watched me. Max was giggling and covering her smile and self-destruct-button-red embarrassed cheeks. I laid the boot out on the table. Alex aligned it over her own lap. I grabbed Max’s other leg.

I wanted the world to collapse down until it was just the two of us. That wasn’t in the cards. Alex watched with glee. Sam was flooded with nervous energy.

I wanted to focus in on Max. This was a warm, intimate, and silly thing I was doing.

I yanked down the zipper without taking the slow pace I had with her other leg. I rubbed her ankle as I slipped the boot off. “Off you go, Max. Sam, I’m going to put the boots on you and, if you want, I’ll walk you home.”

“That’s the catch?” she asked with a smile. “I gotta play dress-up with you?”

“And, once you’ve had the day to think, you gotta walk back here and return the boots,” I explained. She nodded and took a deep breath.

“I should probably put my jeans on then,” she said as she climbed off my bed. I saw the flash of her underwear under my robe as she settled onto her feet. She looked at me. Max stood up in her sock feet. She kissed the top of my head and ran over to the robe she had hung up like a coat. Sam wouldn’t meet my eyes.

She let the robe fall. We had had candlelight and shadow when the girls had undressed the night before. We had darkness and a flashlight app in the washroom. Her sext a few days before had been fuzzy from the angle she had held the camera—a disruption increased by some nervousness shaking her hand.

“You don’t have to put on a show,” I told her as she dropped the untied ends of the robe’s belt. The garment opened. She wore a pair of pale pink panties, but her round perky breasts were thrust out. She aimed her shoulder at me. She looked straight ahead to save herself from looking me in the eyes. She shrugged her shoulders, kinked her wrists, and let the robe pool at her ankles.

“I’ll just pick that up,” Max said helpfully. She was darting the long way around Alex. “Oh my God, Alex! What the hell! Those are dildos!”

Sam and I turned our heads to Alex. Sam had already seen the screen; it had been pointed at her.

“Right…” she mumbled. I smiled up at her. She covered her breasts with one hand.

“Don’t be nervous,” I said soothingly. “But I’ll give you some space and harass the blonde. So, Alexa… What are you up to?”

“I was ordering some supplies. Do you mind if they come here? I’d get all embarrassed if I had to pick them up at the dorm?” she asked. Her eyes were alight, her smile was grand, and her excitement was infectious. Max had her hands on Alex’s shoulders and was reading everything like she was looking at a new miracle.

“What’s that one for?” Max murmured.

“Your butt, sweetie,” Alex laughed as she reached up and petted her friend’s face.

“So what kind of ‘supplies’ do you think we need?” I asked. I felt a hand over my shoulder. I looked up. Sam had put on her bra and jeans.

“Can I sit down to put my socks on?” she asked. I patted my lap. She took a long deep breath after she sat down. I rubbed between her shoulder blades.

“I’m sorry Alex, I didn’t listen to a word you said,” I told her.

“That’s OK. I just saw last night, that we really only had the one penis for the three of us.” She giggled. Sam put her first sock down on the floor and lifted her other foot for the second tiny pink thing.

“It’s the only penis I need,” Max huffed at her friend. But she was reaching over Alex’s shoulder to scroll down a little further. “Oh, that’s the kind you have, Sam!”

“What?” Sam froze solid on my lap. I nudged her shoulder with my forehead. She grabbed my face and swore a grand oath. “It’s still in the package!”

“It really is,” Max agreed. “One of her classmates gives them out to all her friends on birthdays. According to this, Nancy’s real cheap.”

“OK, good, I don’t—”

I stopped Sam with a hug around the waist. I looked her in the eye. “I masturbate all the time.”

“What?” Alex popped up her head. “Really? How often is ‘all the time’? Once a day?”

“I try.” I shrugged. “Ten a week? That sounds about right.”

“Wow!” Alex scrolled down. “That sounds like a lot.”

“Well, I’m not your age anymore.” I gave a crooked frown and Alex’s eyes went wide. She was giggling. Max put the first boot in my hand.

“It’s wet,” Sam complained.

“I just wore it shoveling snow.” Max shook her head. “Here, let me go towel it off. Alex, stop embarrassing everyone.”

“I thought I was only embarrassing myself,” Alex murmured. “You never said if I could have them sent here.”

“I really don’t think I’m capable of stopping you,” I joked. Alex cocked her head and pursed her lips.

“No, you really aren’t,” she said. “What’s the postal—I’ll just check Google.” She slapped herself lightly in the forehead. “You don’t need to ask a question that Google can answer. Dad always says that.”

“He seems like he likes taking care of himself.” I nodded. I was going to need to call him, to talk to him. I had changed my plans. I should own up to it. I—How do you say “Your daughter and her two best friends overwhelmed me into sex?” I’m sure I could find a card.

“Dry and still shiny.” Max reached over Sam’s shoulders and leaned in to hug her friend from behind. The boots were laid across Sam’s lap. Her knee reverberated against my own. I rubbed small circles on her back again. She smiled. The blush suffused through her tan that she had gotten while wearing something much more conservative than her little lace bra. The skin of her chest was bright red. “C’mon, Gene. Put them on her.”

“I can dress myself.” Sam’s defiance was only momentary. She turned to me with a smile I hadn’t seen since the night before. “But I’d love for you to help me.”

“Of course, milady.” I picked up the boot and lined it up with her foot.

“It’s like if Cinderella had the same size feet as her wicked stepsisters,” Alex grinned as I fitted the boot around Sam’s foot. She pulled the leather up to her knee and I tugged the zipper all the way up. Whatever had been nagging her, was wisping off her shoulders.

“I’m not wicked.” Max scooted around Alex for some more window-shopping.

“You’re wicked awesome, Max,” I added and threw up the horns. Sam grinned and nipped at my jaw. She had her arm around my shoulder now as we inched the second zipper up her leg.

“Thank you!” she grinned, and kissed me. I kissed her back.

“Feeling better already?” I asked.

“You sure he’d like that?” Max frowned and tilted her head.

“Dude,” Alex laughed, “he’ll love it.”

“Well, you better be the one to do it. I don’t think I could wear something like that,” Max murmured. Sam and I gave each other knowing smiles and looked over at the other girls in time to hear Max lament, “How would you even do it? In his butt, right?”

“Should I be afraid?”

“No, Max is being weird,” Alex laughed.

“I’m not weird, what are you talking about? It’s a dick. A dick you wear. It’s not like he’s going to wear it and fuck two of us at once. That strap would squeeze his balls and besides, we wouldn’t fit.” She looked around as Alex and I laughed. She blushed, shrunk down her shoulders. “What?”

“How about I wear it, fuck you, and you can suck his cock at the same time?” Alex smiled. “Or Sam could wear it and fuck my butt while Gene fucks me from the front.”

“Well, you’re seeming pretty brave today,” I grinned. Sam agreed. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra.

“You sure? You’re not—”

“I’d take my pants and panties off like Alex said, but I like the boots.” She grinned, slinging her shoulders forward and letting the cups fall from her tits. They were amazing. Jesus. They were far better than the nineteen-year-old tits I saw at nineteen. Or maybe I just didn’t appreciate them the way I ought to back then. No way. I was nowhere near girls of this calibre at nineteen.

“I’ll take your drool as a compliment,” she said and chuckled. She leaned forward and kissed my lips. I grabbed her hair and kissed her with as much power as I had ever kissed a woman. She vibrated and hummed.

“Maybe we should wait on this stuff, Alex.” Max took a deep breath.

“Of course we will. It’ll take days to arrive.” She shrugged.

“What if you clicked ‘overnight’?” Max tapped her fingernail on my screen.

“There you go!” Alex looked up with a bright smile. “We keep her around to do all the manly reading and lifting of things.”

“I opened a pickle jar once. All by myself,” Max bragged. She rubbed Alex’s shoulders and stood up. Max looked at Sam’s breasts.

“Mine can’t be bigger than those,” she murmured.

“Whose bra leaves red marks when she takes it off?” Alex snarked. “Oh shit! Back! Back! Back! OK, good. Maxie, can you go grab my bag?”

“What?” I said to the universe as Max tossed her t-shirt onto my computer chair. “What did you do, Alex?”

“That’s not nice, Gene,” Sam said and scratched my chin. “You should look a girl in her own titties when you talk to her.”

There was much laughing. I just smiled. I looked over to Alex as Max zipped back to the closet. “What did you do?”

“Oh, your credit card data was filled out already. I almost charged it to you.”

“That’s not the worst thing, how much were you going to spend?”

“About eleven hundred bucks.” She shrugged.

“Jesus! What are you ordering, solid gold strap-ons?” I looked at her wide-eyed.

“They’re only gold-plated,” she promised. I realized she was joking. “We’re going to need to clear some stuff out of here.”

“Or I could get a bigger place.” Provided I had that eleven hundred bucks to put down as my own damage deposit.

“If you wait ’til the end of the semester we can just get one big place together,” Max said, returning. She had tossed her bra away. She did indeed have red lines where the tops of her cups had rested. She stuck out her tongue at me. “Get your shirt off, Gene. It’s topless Tuesday.”

“It’s Monday,” Sam pointed out.

“Then it’s tits out for forty-eight hours!” Alex pumped. She tossed away the robe’s belt. It naturally still covered her nipples as it fell open. That was somehow more distracting than Sam on my lap. Though, I had to crook my head funny and twist my torso to look around Sam’s brown hair and down to her body. She felt me shifting and fingered the button of my shirt.

“Let’s just make it Tits Out Tebruary and take the rest of the month off.” She leaned out so she could look me in the eye. She pushed my forehead down so I checked out her breasts. I rubbed her hair as she let me up.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better,” I said. “There’s more to all of this than—”

Alex’s phone started to ring. She growled the most impatient sigh ever. “Why does he have to have that alert on for everything!”

I looked to Max as Alex answered. “Yes Daddy.” Daddy had extra syllables.

“It shouldn’t be that much, I definitely bought enough for free shipping,” Alex huffed. Max poked her in the shoulder and mouthed “Overnight.”

I sighed and slumped.

“With Max, Sam, and Gene.” Alex missed her friend’s cue. “We were here when the storm hit and spent the night.”

She covered the speaker and made a show of rolling her eyes at me.

“It’s still a mess out. He’ll walk me home when it’s safe.” She rolled her eyes. “Just stuff, Daddy. It’s important.”

I looked to Sam.

“My dad’d get my mom to call if I just spent a thousand bucks on his credit card,” she explained. Oh great. I hung my head forward.

Alex was going red. She frowned and her nose turned up. I caught her after, “Maybe, I don’t think you should talk to him!” All of those pronouns were swung like haymaker punches. I grinned.

“Alex, if he needs to talk to me, I need to talk to him.” I took a long deep breath. She slumped her shoulders as she laid her phone into my hand. I froze. “Mr Whatever” wasn’t going to cut it. I put the phone to my ear. “Peter, this is Gene. We’re about to have an important conversation.”

“What did you do to my daughter?” he said with his anger loaded on a pushbacked string.

“I took her to a sports bar with great milkshakes and attempted to break up with her,” I said first. “She is not a listener.”

“Hey!” Alex pouted.

“None of you are.” Max stuck out her tongue. Sam rubbed my belly. I lifted the English Literature student from my lap and walked around the back of my chair. My shirt may be open an extra button or two, but I was dressed. It’s hard to talk to a special someone’s Dad when you’re naked.

“None of them? All three girls are there?”

“Yes. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and not one listened to me that I was too old for them.”

“That’s ’cause you’re not!” Max shouted. I turned and glared at her. She quieted down. I gave her an apologetic smile. I didn’t want to be correcting her.

“You are, though,” Peter agreed. “Sometimes you just have to pull off the band-aid and be done with it.”

“Like, say, by storming out of a restaurant when she gets too familiar and stomping home in last night’s weather?”

“That’s not what happened. My daughter’s right there; you’re on her phone.”

“It’s exactly what happened. They grabbed a cab and were waiting for me here.”

“Goddammit! I’d believe that out of Alex.” He took a long breath. “So now what? Are you as snowed in as bad as it is here? Worse. Dammit. Most of Halifax is still blacked out,”

“Really? We got the power on here,” I said, and looked to the light, daring it to blink out.

“Then you’re one of the few places,” Peter declared. “So what’s your next step?”

“Breaking up with them didn’t work. Walking away from them doesn’t work. I’ve never had this attention from beautiful and vibrant girls before. I’m going to give it a shot,” I said. I felt incredible. Standing up and declaring that yeah, what I want, I’m going to go for it. I smirked. He shut me down with a hard word.

“ ‘Them’ ?”

I took a deep breath. “They’re like the Three Musketeers. All for one, one for all. They don’t even fight amongst each other. They might not be human.” I realized I was grinning again.

“I’m human,” Alex worried.

“I don’t believe it,” Peter said. “Max and Alex love each other but they’ll burn the city down over what movie they want to watch on a night in.”

“Neither do I,” I shrugged. “I’m expecting chaos and fire. I just can’t stop them from throwing themselves at me. I might as well play catch and do my best to not let them get hurt.”

“You’re not going to let us do anything,” Sam growled. I smiled at her, and nodded. Peter was scoffing.

“My daughter doesn’t throw herself at a guy,” he asserted.

“It’s really more of a collisionary hug with a long running start,” I corrected.

“Damn,” he laughed, “she does do that.” His voice became serious again. “But now she’s spending my money. What’s going on?”

“I think she’s too excited to spread her wings a bit. She went overboard while I was out shoveling the step this morning.” I looked over and now all of the girls were on the bed. Sam had her feet crossed on the table. Max sat on her ankles. Alex leaned forward with her hands on her knees. She bit her lip when she caught me looking. It was really adorable, even coming from an actress.

“Oh?” he growled. “I’m cancelling the order. If she wants it to go through, three hundred dollars or less.”

“I can just give her back the phone and you can sort it out with her.” I looked over at Alex. She gave a worried squeezed-lip smile.

Peter ignored my suggestion. “I’ll be in Halifax in a few days. You will answer for however she’s feeling.”

“Damned right I will,” I said, but he had hung up by ‘damned’. I made sure the phone was disconnected and handed it back to Alex.

“What?” she worried.

“I have to keep you happy for a few days,” I said with a tilted grin. “And you have to go back and shrink that order to three hundred bucks.”

“That won’t make me happy,” she declared. She slapped a hand on each of her friends’ knees. “But I know just the thing that will.”