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Blizzard — Chapter 12 by Redsliver

* * *

“I hate this game. I don’t understand how you’re having fun,” Sam announced after Alex had won their first game of Ascension.

“I hope the grocery store is open tomorrow,” Max said as she dragged a couple of cans of Richardson’s store-brand chicken noodle soup from my cupboards. “You can’t feed us for another day.”

“We’ll play something else now, Sam,” Alex climbed up to her feet. “What do you like?”

“Don’t you three have meal plans?” I asked. “I’m not used to buying food for four.”

“I don’t know what any of these are except for Sorry,” Sam grumbled. “I always hated Sorry.”

“Well yeah, but the power’s still not on uptown, so where would Alex eat?” Max answered me. I switched over to Sam and Alex turned to Max.

“I don’t think we have enough liquor for Sorry. We’d have to use half-shots,” I pointed out.

“They cook everything with propane anyways. Besides, I can eat at you guys’s meal hall too. It’s closer, and the roads are bigger and they’re more likely to be ploughed,” Alex said. “The trick’ll be smuggling out food for Gene.”

“Shots? Sorry’s a drinking game?” Sam raised her nose in confusion. She had been energetic all day. She had been tramping around in the boots and my bathrobe. Bathrobes had become the uniform of sorts.

“We’ll just take Gene out for food,” Max said. “Least we could do, right?”

“It isn’t tonight. You girls have class tomorrow,” I pointed out.

“You think anything’ll be open?” Alex asked. She pulled out Master Labyrinth and grabbed Sam’s attention. “C’mon, girl. No more math.”

“You’re just saying that to get me naked,” Sam accused.

“I like math,” Max said as she came over. “But I do too much of it at school. I want to relax with friends and no math.” She poked me. “You don’t have crackers or bread.”

“No, I probably don’t.” I looked up. “Is there enough soup for everyone?”

“There is, but I think you’ll want something more.”

“I usually fry up some meat and dump it in along with some frozen vegetables when I cook a can of soup.” She didn’t like that idea, but she reached for the freezer anyways. I changed tack and stopped her. “There’s some potatoes. Do you girls like mashed potatoes? I do good mashed potatoes.”

“Really?” Sam lit up.

“Sure,” I said. I climbed up and lifted Max out of my way as I walked over to the little kitchenette. It was small for me. It wasn’t big enough to prepare a meal with someone. That was always something I liked to do. Hadn’t done it in a while.

“Do you need me to peel?” Max asked. She had asserted herself on my kitchen and apartment all day. The bed was made with fresh sheets. The garbage was packed up. She had volunteered to shovel. She would’ve scrubbed down the walls, floors, and bathroom if I hadn’t got embarrassed and stopped her. That probably would’ve just been a delay but I had cleaned the washroom as she stripped and remade the bed.

“So you’re a wizard,” Alex was saying, “You’re going to make a secret magic spell but we all have to raid this moving labyrinth for ingredients.” That was a good game. Simple. Not entirely math-free though: you had to take into account the topology of rearranging the map and predicting the paths you needed to get the bits you wanted. And once all the playing was done, you had to count up to see who won. Sam would accuse Alex of hiding math on her by the time we were finished.

“I’m going to give mom a call while you guys do dinner.” Sam got up and went to the washroom again. She was smiling this time. I was glad she had perked herself up after this morning. Alex flounced over and hugged me.

“How do you make mashed potatoes?” she asked me.

“You boil them and then you hit them,” I said, surprised the concept needed to be explained.

“Oh la la!” Alex squeezed me and hammed up her praise. “Such a knowledgeable and skilled chef!”

“Yes, it’s an ancient family recipe from just before man tamed the dinosaurs,” I said with a smile. I kissed her. Grabbed her around the waist and pulled her in.

I looked over at Max, who was expertly peeling a potato with my paring knife. I usually just used the peeler and wasted way more. She smiled down at her hands. “Humans weren’t around to tame dinosaurs.”

“What about chickens?” I asked. Had I thought twice, I might have come up with another plan. I shushed the giggling Alexa and stalked the intent Maxine.

“I suppose birds are dino—Christ!” Max squealed as I grabbed her waist and laughed warmly. I nosed aside her red hair and sloppily kissed her neck. “Ow! Crap!”

“Oh my god!” I reached across her and turned on the faucet. She put the knife down and was holding her left hand where she had cut into her index finger. I hoped I had band-aids. I kissed her ear. “Sorry!”

“It’s only a little cut,” she said, rinsing it. Alex stepped up with a sponge to wash off the knife. Max shook her head. “I’ll get that.”

“Health first. It doesn’t look deep. I’ll get you a band-aid.” I hoped I was not going to be having her hold a couple folds of toilet paper over the cut. I was certain I didn’t have Kleenex.

“It’s like I can’t even look at him without feeling happier than I’ve ever felt in my life,” I heard Sam saying to her mom. “How do I get him to tell me he loves me?”

I tried to ignore that as I rapped on the door. She jumped and squealed.

“Sam, uh, Samantha, uh, lovely, uh,” I was brainfarting.

“What is it, Gene?” she asked.

“Max cut herself—Max has a cut on her hand. Can you pass me a band-aid from behind the mirror?” I hoped.

“Sure, yeah, of course.” She quickly opened the door and handed me a box of Ninja Turtles Band-Aids. It was unopened. I frowned. Maybe I had just assumed—for more than a year—that I didn’t have any. “It’s not bad, is it?”

“Just a little cut on her finger.”

She smiled at me. “Here you are, nurse.”

“Why, thank you, doctor!” I said back. She closed the door, but kept her smile through the crack until we couldn’t have eye contact anymore.

“Yes, Mom. Max. My roommate Max. What other Maxes are in Halifax? Whatever. Max also likes him! We’re all going to try to make it work! I do too like him! We’re going to try! The three of us. No, the three of us and Gene. Max, Al—”

I hurried away as Sam’s voice got more accusatory and combative. I rushed over to Max.

“It’s really not that bad,” Max told me as she watched Alex finish up her job for her. “I’ll be alright.”

“Let me see,” I demanded and picked up her wrist and turned over her hand. It was a long cut, from below her finger up to the first knuckle, but it was shallow and it was only welling a blood drop at the end of the cut. “Prognosis isn’t good. You’re going to lose the hand and the arm. Probably the whole left side of your body.”

“She did tell you she’d be all right,” Alex chuckled, taking the offered punchline. She opened the box.

“This is important, Max.” I looked up at her huge eyes. She had the softest features, but she didn’t smile as often as the adorable Alex. Sam had more of a classic beauty to her. All three girls were stunning. I realized I had taken an extra moment or two. “Which turtle are you?”

“Oh, um,” She looked over. “Raphael?”

“She’s a Donatello,” Alex said.

“He has the nunchucks?” Max asked. Alex and I gasped in momentary horror. We both started laughing.

“He does machines,” I explained.

“I didn’t even open the packaging!” Max burned red. I had taken the Donatello-faced band-aid and stuck it tightly around her finger. I reached up and kissed her.

“He’s the nerdy one,” Alex said. “With the stick and purple mask.”

“I love purple,” Max nodded. She leaned forward and kissed me back. I smiled, lifted her hand, kissed her band-aid, and danced her away from the kitchen space. Alex stowed the box in a cupboard, and picked up and rinsed the next potato. “I really want to help with dinner.”

Max wouldn’t let me sit her in my chair so I sat her on the foot of my bed. I kissed her nose. “No.”

“What do you mean, no?” she huffed.

“I mean, you need to heal and get better,” I smiled. “We get to dote on you and make you feel awesome.”

“OK,” she pouted. “But only because I really like you.”

“I really like you too,” I said. I could go with ‘really like’ for months. Let the first impressions and bubbling new relationship energy burn off before I took the words further. I realized I’d have to be the one saying the words first. These girls, they were unprepared. They were about to have their feelings hit them harder than they could imagine. I was not prepared either. Not for three girls at the same time. I was more excited for the challenge than I was worried about the outcome. I swung back to the stove and pulled out a pot for the potatoes. I went back down and grabbed the other for the soup.

“Hey everyone,” Sam came back into the room. “Dinner ready? Are you OK, Max?”

“I kinda wish I wasn’t being treated like an invalid.” She waved her Donatello band-aid at Sam.

“Oh, perfect choice for her!” Sam grinned and rushed over to hug me from behind.

“Hey, squeezy,” I said to her. “Feeling good?”

“I’m feeling like this is the best feeling anyone’s ever had,” she said. I stopped myself from saying, “I really like you, Samantha.” That wasn’t what she hoped to hear, and a half-measure would be a knife in her guts. I looked over at everyone. Alex grinned as she handed me the pot full of water and potatoes.

“OK,” I said, putting them on the burner. “Let’s get ready to eat.”

Max bristled at not being able to help, but we all made her stay put. That was half of the fun. Sam avoided work, and was opening Sorry and marvelling at the four colors of tacky bikini shotglasses I had inserted into the game.

I did as I promised. Boiled and hit potatoes. I smuggled in some butter but they didn’t need to know that. Plus, they were all watching me. Alex scooped out the potatoes and used the spoon to shape them into volcano bowls, and I poured the soup into those. It was cute. I didn’t have a real table.

“I’m going to have to get a new place,” I said, and had reason to believe myself this time.

“Right away?” Max worried as she tried to eat the soup without breaking down the potato walls and overflowing her plate like Sam, Alex, and I had already done.

“What do you mean?”

“We have to move out of the dorms in May,” Alex said. “We should all get one big place together.”

“Yeah! A huge one-bedroom apartment! It’ll be great!” Sam agreed.

“We’ll need more than one bedroom.”

“Not if the bed is big enough,” Sam countered.

“I wouldn’t mind sleeping in the next room,” Max said shyly.

“Why would—” Alex began.

“If I get too tired in the master bedroom.”

“We’d all want our own space,” I pointed out. I shook my head. “No, I’m going to look for a decent-sized place for me. You guys should do the same.”

“I think Dad and Mom want me to head back to the island over the summer,” Sam fretted. “But if we have a place, then I’ll have a reason to stay.”

“And how will you be paying for your rent and everything?” I pointed out. “We don’t even know how much you girls can afford. If you’ll have to get a job—”

“Daddy promised me rent if I stay on the Dean’s list,” Alex said.

“I have to do my best, but my parents gave me a similar deal,” Max said.

“I’d rather get a job and make my own way,” Sam said. The other girls clamored that they would do that after they graduated. I looked at Sam. She crossed her legs; the leather of the borrowed boot really accented her calf. I looked up to her eyes. “For now, Dad will help.”

“Yeah…” I had a bit of help myself when I was in school. Until I switched majors for the fourth time. I could see Alex’s dad making an ultimatum that could cut into our plans for rent. “It’s not a ‘today’ thing.”

I tried to pass it off. We finished off our food and played a round of Master Labyrinth. I got them to talk about school. We did pets, movies, things that scare us, things we shouldn’t laugh at but do, and all the various other bits of first-date chatter I had prepared.

“I really don’t think it’s a bad thing to laugh at octopi,” I said to Alex.

“‘Octopuses’,” corrected Sam. “Also ‘octopodes’, but ‘octopuses’ is fine.”

“Maybe not to you, but how do you think the octopus feels?” Alex contested.

“Well, I know how it feels to see you smiling and laughing,” I pointed out. “So, if they get you to smile, then I will do everything in my power to protect the world’s octopuses.”

“Thank you,” Sam triumphed at my proper word usage.

“That there are always octopuses in the world is a better way to make a pretty girl smile than to make dead-baby jokes.”

“Hey, I mean, they’re just so far in the wrong they come out the other side,” Max said defensively.

“You’re a monster,” Sam smiled.

“A tickle monster!” Alex reached over and went for Max’s belly. She giggled, thrashed, and escaped behind me.

“Protect me!” Max pleaded.

“No, I’d like to see where this goes,” I laughed. She lost her frown, and pouted.

“I guess I have to.” And she trudged back around me to Alex.

“You OK, Max?” Alex asked.

“I think she found a way to turn off your attack,” I grinned. I reached over and rubbed Max’s arm. “Well done.”

“Thank you?” She looked confused.

By now it was nighttime, and the streetlight outside my window was lighting up the snow behind my curtain. I frowned. “Alex, is power back on at your dorm?”

“I don’t know.” She shrugged. Her eyes went wide. “Oh wait, I can check on my phone.”

I smiled. I reached over and ran my fingers through Sam’s hair. She was snuggled up against my left leg.

“Uh, yeah, looks like power’s back on most everywhere,” she said. “Oh… You want to walk us home.”

“If only so everyone’ll get fed in the morning.” I grinned. “OK, Sam. You gotta leave the boots behind.”

“Ah... “ She pouted but started to unzip them. I had a flash up the skirt of her robe. I smiled as I remembered last night.

“Hey, can I wear them?” Alex smiled bright. “You’re going to drop me off last, yeah? You can take them back with you.”

“They’re still not my boots,” I pointed out, although I was beginning to doubt that I didn’t have maritime salvage rights to them by now. “Is it really right to be tracking them through the snow and slush?”

“Those heels aren’t great for ice,” Max added. “You could slip.”

“Hey Max, you wanna wear them?” Alex said with more than a bit of an accusatory tone.

Max shook her head. “I wore them this morning. It’s your turn next.”

Sam tossed them over the arm of my chair. She stretched, untied the belt of my robe, and let it puddle around her ankles.

“Whatever we decide,” she said, beaming as I took in her entire figure, “we have to get dressed first.”

“Good point,” Alex hurried to follow suit. Max looked back and forth between her friends and blushed as she shed the robe.

I had seen glimpses up Max’s thighs all night, despite her underwear. Now, she had shed her skimpy blue cotton panties and was trying on confidence. She lasted a moment, then demurely crossed her hands and covered her crotch. I smiled and looked up to her uncertain eyes.

It was an army of loveliness. They were more different naked than when they were clothed. Besides Max’s visibly larger breasts, they were all of similar shape. They were the same height. They all had long legs with thickish thighs and curves to their hips. Yet different. There was character to their navels, their skin, their curves that was unique to each of them. Sam’s nipples were longer; Alex’s areolae were wider; Max’s tan lines were fainter. I had all of this to look at and adore. They started getting dressed. I realized I should do the same.

We hit the front step; no more snow had fallen all day, but the driveway was still packed. I hoped our landlord would move on that early tomorrow. I didn’t want to get asked to help shovel out a neighbor when I knew I would say yes.

“Oh are you done babysitting for the day?” We were leaving as she returned. Winter gave us a cryptic smile as she drank something steaming between her mitts and headed indoors.

“I don’t like her,” Max declared.

“She’s pretty,” Sam added.

“All the more reason to hate her!” Alex beamed.

“How would you like it if your upstairs neighbor brought home three loving sexual partners?” I asked.

“I’d be terrified—I’m surprised her bed and the floor can handle that land whale as it is,” Sam sniped. Max and Alex shared looks.

“No need to be bitchy,” I said, not comfortable with jumping in on teenaged girl sniping.

“Oh, yeah, sorry.” Sam shook her head. The snow on the sidewalk crunched under our boots as we headed uphill to Sam and Max’s dorms. “Sometimes I like to let it out.”

“Better than keeping it bottled up, I suppose,” I agreed.

“Yeah.” She grabbed around my arm and snuggled in. It was nice but I only have two arms. I didn’t want any bitchiness being let out to grab my other side.

Alex offered Max a spot. “I’m getting the rest of the walk.”

Max shook her head. “It’s fine, go on.” I frowned. Alex didn’t hesitate. It was probably for the best. There was ice up the hill on Queen Street, and she had on the mysterious zippered boots. Max carried Alex’s original fur-lined boots.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Sam declared. She reached up, rubbed my cheek, and didn’t kiss me. I grabbed her hand and pulled her in. She was warm and hesitant. She smiled when I let her go.

“You’re not getting away either,” I snatched Max in and kissed her. She was warm and compliant. I patted her ass.

“Did your phone dry out, or should we just show up tomorrow?” Max asked.

“I don’t know.” I realized I hadn’t looked.

“I’ll be there with dinner. When do you get off work?” she asked.

“Five thirty to six. Home before six thirty most days,” I said.

“Alright, good night, Gene. Night Alex.”

“Good night.” I took Alex’s boots from Max and gave her a hug. Sam had to get one as well. They waved from the door to their dorms before Alex and I turned up the hill.

“If I can convince Sam, will you take good care of Max tomorrow?” Alex asked. I had steadied her for the second time as we tromped through chunks of unshoveled sidewalk.

“You mean it’s not going to be a Team Girlfriend night?” I asked. That term made me incredibly happy and equally nervous.

“I think she needs to know she’s safe and important in your eyes,” Alex said. “Otherwise, I don’t know if she’ll ever open up enough.”

“If it’s not working for her, it might be best if—”

“If you break up with her, I’ll never talk to you again,” she interrupted.

“Lose one, lose you all?” I worried.

“No, I’m not going anywhere, but you’d have to get used to pantomime or screaming.” Alex grinned. She then warmly pantomimed herself tightly around my trunk. I hugged her back. We arrived at her dorms. “Now c’mon up. Hopefully my roommate’s gone.”

I had to sign in at her front desk, because I didn’t have a student ID. The nerdy guy at the desk eyed me with some mixture of apathy and resentment. Alex just smiled, dissolving much of the immediate hate from the desk jockey’s face. I knew what that was like. I had been the awkward college kid pining after the campus goddesses in my own college career.

“Visitors have to be out by nine,” he grumbled, and buzzed us through. Alex already had the door open and was bouncing as she waited on me.

“I thought you lived in an all-girls dorm?” I asked.

“All-girls floor.” She shook her head. “There are no all-girls dorms anymore. Sweet! She’s out!”

“Alex, I don’t think—” I didn’t get to talk her down as she crossed a big thick X on the whiteboard on her door. She let the marker fall dangling and dragged me in. Her roommate had left a desk lamp on, and neither of us hit the lightswitch. I dropped her boots by the edge of the door. She collapsed on the edge of her bed.

“I think you were going to take these home.” She leaned back on her hands with her knees spread. The fire burning under her face and her cheeks was matched by the desire boiling out of her smirk and posture. Every instinct was to take her. I couldn’t shut them all up.

I grabbed Alex and kissed her as we fell back onto her bed. She had her palms on my chest but she wasn’t pushing. She kissed me back and hard. She brought her knees up, around my hips, her thighs were squeezing tight. The leather of the heeled boots was cold from the winter and it startled me into pause. I broke the kiss, laying over her.

“I don’t want to hurt the other girls. Should this be a Team Girlfriend thing? Will they feel betrayed?” I worried.

“Oh my god!” she squealed. Now her hands pushed and I lifted off. Her desk was at the foot of her bed and she twisted her laptop as she hammered out keystrokes. I saw her open Skype. She looked over her shoulder. “You better turn the lights on or they won’t see anything.”

“See anything?” I asked as the call connected... and Max was front and center, with Sam leaning over the back of the chair. The picture was really clear and not in their line of sight.

“Your camera sucks.”

“Gene, turn the lights up!” Sam added. I hit the switch by the door.

“Your camera still sucks,” Max added. “But now we can see you!”

“Hello beautifuls,” I grinned, taking a position behind Alex and looking into the screen. She snuggled back when I had my hands on her hips. I nibbled at her ear. She giggled as I got my “Hi handsome!” and “Hi sexy!” from Max and Sam.

“Team Girlfriend time. Do you guys wanna watch?”

“I do.” Max looked over her shoulder when Sam didn’t answer right away. Sam’s face had gone red and her eyes turned away.

“I will too.”

“Great! This is just streaming, right? It’s not being saved?” Alex worried.

“Do you want us to save it?” Sam raised an eyebrow.

“No!” Alex frowned, then looked up at me. “I mean if you do, I do.”

“You made a decision,” I told her. “I’m going to back it.”

“OK, we won’t save it.” Max said. She leaned back in her chair and Sam rushed off to drag hers over. Max steepled her fingers and smirked. “Now, start by taking off the boots.”

I was a good soldier. I followed orders. I reached up Alex’s thighs. Thighs she opened towards the camera. I grabbed the zipper. I inched it down to her ankle bone. Alex kept her lip between her teeth as she watched wide-eyed.

“God! I can feel the leather coming off. That breath on your skin. I love it!” Sam was talking in low breaths over Max’s shoulder. I dropped the boot on the floor. I grabbed up Alex’s other leg.

“You’re just going to sit there, Alexa?” Max asked.

“What?” She looked over to the camera as I dropped the other boot onto its mate. I grabbed her knees and rose up to kiss her. She grabbed me by the hair and stuffed her tongue down my throat.

Knock! Knock! She jumped in my hands as we both turned to the door. Footsteps walked away.

“We agreed that if there was an X on the door, we’d knock and then come back in a half-hour.” Alex pouted. “I wanted more than a half-hour.”

“How much longer?” I grinned and kissed her lip.

“Got the timer going. We’ll tell you if you have to get cleaned up and go!” Sam declared.

“You’re not just there to be kissed, Alex,” Max warned. I nodded. She grabbed the hem of her shirt with both hands and whipped it away. Her awesome tits bounced free, and I realized her bra was still at my place. I grabbed her waist and rushed forward to suck a nipple into my mouth. She jumped happily. Her hands yanked my coat up my back like a hockey player in a fight.

I unzipped. The girls on the screen cheered as I tossed away my clothes. Alex scrambled out of her jeans and worked her toes in the back of her socks to kick them off. I grabbed her knees and levered her up onto her back.

“Wait!” she pleaded. Sam booed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, rubbing her cheek.

“They’re not going to see anything but your butt,” she said, and wiggled into an oblique angle on the bed.

“I was OK with just his butt,” Sam grinned.

“I wanted to see them together,” Max smiled. “Go! She’s not saying no anymore!”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I ran my hand down Alex’s neck and along her shoulder. I pressed down on her thigh and opened her wide. She wore a manic smile and bright greedy eyes. I ran my hand over her sex. She was wet, flooding. I kissed her breast again and again. I kissed her belly. I kissed her navel. I kissed her hair.

“Christ!” she squealed when I kissed her where it was wet. “Oh god!”

I started on the lips, pressing her open. She wormed and bucked as I teased her with kisses and breath. I brought out my tongue. She reached up and grabbed the headboard behind her. She started cumming there and then.

Hair trigger, I noticed. I kept rubbing with two fingers as I kissed her hair. Kissed her navel. Kissed her ribs. Kissed her breasts. Kissed her throat. Kissed her. She grabbed my hair and nodded her consent hard enough to smack me in the nose. She kissed me again. I brought myself to her sex.

“This is so sweet!” Max was grinning.

“Sweet is nice. Hard is naughty,” Sam pointed out. “She’s a naughty bitch. Break her like you broke me!”

I turned. Alex was kissing and gnawing at my cheek. I realized I hadn’t shaved in two days. I looked at Sam and Max. Max was warm and happy. Something different was in Sam. I had to focus on Alex tonight. I turned back and caught her tongue in my lips. We couldn’t talk for how much she wanted to kiss me. I lined up. Her body’s first time resisted me. I took a deep breath that she matched. I fucked into her as we both breathed out in each other’s face.

“Shit!” She was a little cross-eyed and then she was giggling. I stroked her hair. “Wow, not how I thought it’d feel. I like it.”

“I love it,” I said before my stomach knotted at saying the word ‘love’ to a teenager. Shit! Was she going to overvalue that slip of the tongue? I wanted to be in love but that was a long journey. Right now, I was selfish and horny. She moaned.

“No, we fucking love the shit out of it!” she squealed. “Max! You’re gonna get addicted! She’s kind of hyper-focused like that.”

“Yeah?” I looked over at the screen. It was clear Sam was masturbating and Max was studying us with a frightening intensity. “What are you going to do about it?”

“This!” She bucked her hips at me. She pulled back and slugged our pelvises together once again. “And this! And this! And this!”

“En garde!” I taunted, and we were laughing and smiling and kissing as we thrusted without thought of parrying. She was a steam vent of heat and moisture. I held her shoulders, held her down. She loved having me over her.

One woman? You’ll have to work on your cardio, Gene. Three women? You’re going to need to be able to run marathons. I huffed and puffed. She panted and gasped.

I only cared about us. Alexa and Gene… And Samantha and Maxine. I did feel for them all. I might’ve fantasized about this but I did not think I was capable of it. While I had sex with Alex, all of the fear and uncertainty and worst-case scenarios were long gone from my mind.

She squeaked. It was adorable. Her lungs bleating out light chirps as I went into her. She couldn’t keep her eyes opened or her mouth closed while we fucked.

She had been wide open, sharing everything with the girls behind the camera. Her knees clasped me now, every iota of skin and intimacy we could share, was shared. I brushed her hair from her face. She was tall for a woman, and I made her feel overtaken under me.

To kiss her, I had to thrust my back up high. She’d maul my mouth and then pull me down chest to chest with her. I breathed and huffed.

“Five minutes!” Max warned. I started going faster. Harder.

“Oh my god!” Alex squealed in delight. Her breath came out in rasps. She ground her pelvis up against mine. She spasmed. I spasmed. I had a thought. “What? Come back!”

I had pulled back, pulled out. I splattered my seed over her hair and thighs. I roped her stomach and spotted the bottoms of her breasts. She dragged her fingers up and down my mess and our sweat. She breathed a warm sigh.

“Yeah, maybe you were right about that,” she sighed, then grinned. I pumped my wrist as the last drips leaked over her thighs.

“Three minutes,” Sam called out. I had just been climbing up Alex’s side to cuddle her.

“You’d better go.” Alex stroked my hair. She sat up and rolled me so we were both looking at the camera. “His place tomorrow?”

“Where else would we be?” Max grinned. Sam took a moment to nod.

“Night, girls.” I smiled.

Good nights and blown kisses came back. Alex giggled and pushed me off of the bed. She couldn’t stop giggling as she dinged a Kleenex box off the back of my skull. I kissed her goodbye as she thrust me into the hall.

“Hey,” morosed Alex’s chubby roommate. She shut the door as she told Alex to finish getting dressed.

I rode the elevator down. My visitor’s boots were draped over my right arm. I ran into individuals, couples, and throngs of college kids. So many young people. So many baby faces. The post-sex high had to fight my resurrected conscience. It was a long walk home.