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Blizzard — Chapter 16 by Redsliver

* * *

I would’ve tested my limits and made passionate love to both girls until the break of dawn. Max needed something different, though. I big-spooned her as she snuggled back, snoring gently. Sam took the ladle position.

I had had issues sleeping with others in my bed before. Girlfriends who had kicked, rolled, talked, or wrong-cuddled all night long. This was right-cuddling. The difference was warmer, tighter, with significantly fewer fingernails in my neck meat. I breathed in the smell of exertion and Max from her hair. I had been lights out when Sam had pulled the blankets up beyond my shoulder.

My phone screeching was my most hated alarm of my adult life. Worse, it was way out from my tight cocoon of beautiful women, in my hated pants, beyond my ugly armchair. I had to get up to shut it off.

“Mornin’ Ralph.” Sam nuzzled the back of my neck.

“Mornin’ Sam,” I replied with a grin.

“Oh my god!” Max rocketed out of my arms, wobbling naked as she found herself on her feet. She spun, her hands flailing, eyes wide, and smile manic. Her tits jiggled and she bounced. She grabbed two fistfuls of hair and covered her face and bowed her head. Sam pushed my shoulder down and we watched her together. If only my stupid phone wasn’t the soundtrack. “Oh my god!”

“Are you OK? Is—”

“Nope, don’t need the boots yet. Still butterflies... Still happy. Still naked! Oh my god!” She dashed to the washroom.

“Go turn your phone off.” Sam kissed me. We both smiled contritely, worrying about our breath. She tasted good. I slipped out from the covers and picked my phone off the floor.

“Oh thank god!” Sam flumpfed back onto my bed the moment the noise started. “I—Shit. I have a morning class. What time is it?”

“Quarter to seven,” I said. I was technically more of an eight-to-six kinda guy than a nine-to-fiver. I opened Peter’s secretary’s email. Oh god, that was a hell of an offer. Only two hundred kilometers out of the city—and, purely by coincidence, away from his daughter. I smirked. I looked at the bathroom door. My morning urinary alert system was pointing all the way up. I had it in my mind to spook Max.

“Oh, shit. The door locks,” I learned of my bathroom. I had long-term bachelor habits. Hell, I think the visits from the three of them were the only times I had ever bothered to close the door.

“Peeing! Out in a sec!” Max chirped.

“No hurry,” I said. I turned back to put on the kettle. I normally did little beyond throwing toast in the toaster and then remembering that I hadn’t bought jam, peanut butter, or anything spreadable for some time. I had gotten a bagel and a large coffee for breakfast almost every day I had lived here. Now, I could have bacon, eggs, waffles, strawberries, and a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. Seriously, with fresh milk, not just filling the bowl with tap water.

I had had milk when Faye had busted in that stormy evening. That had been lucky. I wasn’t going to be able to proceed on luck alone anymore. I tried not to wonder when I had let my life degrade to sleepwalking in so many areas.

“Morning,” Max had ninja’d up behind me, and was hugging me. She reached down to my cock. “And morning to you too, Gene.”

“You just want me for my body.”

“Yes please!” she laughed. She squeezed my butt cheeks. I tried to turn around but she told me to grab the box of Rice Krispies. I tried to turn around. Butt squeeze. Milk. Try to turn. Butt squeeze. Bowl. Turn squeeze spoon.

“Thank you very much!” She kissed me when I finally turned. She had her lip between her teeth, and enough kinetic energy springing out of her muscles to sink Halifax into the harbor.

“Go pee, shower, everything.” She stepped out of the way and pointed. “I’ll make breakfast.”

“Nooo…” Zombie Sam refused. She staggered out of bed. “Need peeing. Need cook breakfast. Max terrible.”

“What? Why would I be terrible? I’ve never cooked for you! How would you know!”

“Max cooks? Not for Sam. Max terrible friend,” Zombie Sam moaned, then burst into giggles when I made eye contact. She wasn’t naked, as she had retrieved her bra and panties from the floor.

“I’ll make you breakfast too, jerkface,” Max laughed. I saw Max grabbing bacon from the fridge. I grabbed a big sweater off the hanger and dropped it on her head.

“What?” She looked at it. It was going to be huge on her.

“No burning your skin,” I told her.

“Oh, an apron would be fine,” she said, and then realized I didn’t own one. Sam shut the bathroom door and locked it.

“Sit down. If you are needed, you’ll be mounted,” Max told me, and walked me back to my chair. I collapsed, smiling. I guess I must’ve been Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King Junior in my previous life. I looked at the boots. I had seen the waitress switch off so I couldn’t ask her. Winter lived directly below me, but I’d be an idiot to ask her. Maybe I shouldn’t go around looking a gift horse in the mouth. Max frowned at me.

“What’re you thinking about?” She tilted her head.

“Horses,” I said. She gave me an amused silly look. She waited. I didn’t explain it. She turned back.

“How much time before you have to go to work?” she asked.

“If I eat here, forty-five, fifty minutes,” I guessed without checking the exact time.

“Oh,” she frowned. “You might as well get a shower with Sam then.”

“You want to join us,” I said. Wait! Shit—my voice didn’t go up at the end. That wasn’t a question, it was a statement. Would she agree to anything I said like that? Was that how this worked? I took a breath. Don’t fuck up. When you ask the girls something, don’t rig the outcome, fuckwit.

“I do,” she nodded. “But I also want to be this too.”

She gestured with the bacon she was tossing on the cookie sheet. Bacon in the oven? Dad would not allow that in his kitchen. I wasn’t about to tell her how to do it, though. I would use my powers for good. The bathroom door opened.

“Goddammit, good morning!” Sam cheerfully strode out naked.

“Don’t take too long with Gene in the shower,” Max directed. “Food’ll be ready when you are.”

“I—What? I—” Sam murmured. She met my eyes. She grinned. She dashed back in the washroom. I heard the shower start up.

“Can you close the door?” Max requested. “If I can hear you guys, then I won’t be able to pay attention to the stove, and I don’t want to burn anything.” She gave me a pathetic duck smile. I grabbed her neck and kissed her lips.

“No, your butt is worth losing the bacon,” I told her.

“My butt’ll never cost you the bacon,” she affirmed. I kissed her again. I strode to join Sam.

Sam was a silhouette through the dollar-store shower curtain. I threw a towel on the floor to act as our bathmat and climbed in. She squealed and rushed me. Her leg went up, her butt went down.

“Fuck!” she screamed. I don’t know how I did it, sliding out on one knee and catching Sam’s slick naked body. Her hip collided with the rim of the tub but most of her body fell across my chest.

“Fuck! Fuck! Ow!” she whimpered.

“I’ve got you.” I brushed the hair from her eyes. The shower flowed the brown back over her gray irises immediately.

“Yeah. Again,” she said with a heart-melting smile. Then, she squeezed her eyes shut. A second later she groaned, unable to suffer silently.

“Where?” I asked.

“It hit me right below the pelvis.” She pointed to her butt where she had clipped the edge of the tub. I rubbed her skin as Max stuck her head in the open door.

“Damn!” Max said. “Are you OK?”

“I’m… Ow… I’ll be OK,” Sam answered.

“Next time, hit your head,” Max recommended. “Your body has uses.”

“Slowly. Let’s get you on your feet.” I took Sam’s hands as Max pulled the door mostly shut. I smirked. Sam slipped her knees under herself and rose up. Her hair, darkened by the shower, framed her smirk beautifully.

“This is as high as I need to go,” she said. I was up and ready to go, but because I needed to pee. I dashed out of the shower. “What? Why not—Oh, thank you!”

She was grateful the second she heard my morning relief. I dripped and shook thoroughly. Sam was up on her feet. She came out of the shower and looked to see her back in the mirror. “There’s going to be a bruise…”

“You have gorgeous skin,” I grinned. It was a sincere compliment, but I worried it sounded serial-killery. It was weird talking about someone’s skin. She lit up like fireworks. I shook, caught her eye, and grabbed her elbow.

“Ew, wash your hands first,” she said, as I was flushing with the other hand.

“That’s what the shower’s for,” I pointed out with a tilt of my head.

“I thought it was for sex,” she pouted. “But OK... We’ll get clean.”

Those weren’t the words I wanted to hear when going into the shower with my brunette bombshell. I pouted this time. and she gave me the finger as we climbed in. Alex and her dad had stocked this room too. There were plastic shelves running up at the foot and head of the tub. I had had an unopened bottle of Old Spice bodywash and conditioner, a mostly empty one, and the one before that I had never had the wherewithal to throw away.

There were six bottles on every shelf now. Four different puffs hung from suction cups with hooks. I tossed Sam the pink one. I grabbed the blue. That left white, I figured Alex, and yellow, for Max. Sam looked unhappy with the color.


“I never liked pink,” she said. I shrugged and swapped mine with hers.

“Grab whatever goes on your skin, because I want to make you shine.” I grinned with the pink one in hand.

“Oh! But can you use a different color?”

I chuckled in her face. She laughed back, but she clearly wasn’t thrilled I had kept the pink puff. I kissed her nose, pitched the pink, and grabbed Alex’s white. She smiled but the colors were long forgotten once I had my hands on her.

Sam is a beautiful creature. Tallish, they’re all chin height, they’re all busty, they’re all hippy. Sam was special in her own way. Her nipples the longest. Her skin the darkest. Her abs the most defined. Her thighs the thickest. She squealed and cheered as I spun her around and put myself against her back as I took my time up from her knees to her throat.

The spray of the shower pummeled my back. Her whole body was sheathed in thick bubbles. We rinsed those away. I kissed the back of her neck and slid my hands down to her breasts. She cooed.

“Oh, that’s tender,” she murmured. I had my right arm under hers and I had squeezed the side of her that had collided with the lip of the tub.

“Here?” I kissed her shoulder.

“No, I meant—”

“Here?” I kissed a little lower.

“Keep going…” she panted. I kissed her skin. Asking again. Asking again. She trembled as I kissed her lowest rib. I was down on my knees. The water ran down off of her shoulders. I barely avoided the stream of soapy wash. Her skin was amazing.

“Right there,” she whimpered as I teased below the line of her rib.

“Lower?” I asked. I kissed, moving across and down to the base of her spine. I took handfuls of her ass. She was muscled. I needed to get into better shape. I wondered what they did to stay in shape, and knew they would do it with me. I needed to be certain she’d love hitting the showers after. I pushed her forward until I heard her hands slap onto the wall of the shower.

I opened her cheeks as she gasped. Her mouth noises were muffled as she chewed her lip to keep from saying whatever was running through her head. Her ass looked back at me. I was so glad her legs were long enough to get under and not have to sink into the floor.

“Holy shit!” she gasped. I sought her sex like a starving man given food. Her lips and redness jerked and shivered to take my tongue. I wasn’t careful, I wasn’t focused, I just made sure she knew I had what I wanted and I was taking it. “Oh my God! Christ! Wow! This is crazy! Wow!”

She motormouthed until she bit her lip once more. The harder I tasted her, the harder she pushed her butt into my face. The more I pushed, licked, and invaded her, the more she wobbled, groaned, and succumbed to me.

“Don’t fall again,” I said strongly. That caused her whole body to seize. I dove back in and she shook with pleasure. Her scent was hard, sour, and sweet. I couldn’t see what I was doing with the flesh of her ass pressed into my eyes. The tip of my nose was on a teeter-totter—any misbalance and it pushed into her sex or her ass. She wobbled and wiggled, my lower teeth threatened her clit. I could tell the rush over my jaw wasn’t from the shower.

I helped her down to her knees. She fell back against my chest. I pulled her sodden bangs from her eyes. She was loose when I kissed her. Her hand stroked my cheek. She rolled herself over, kissing me as soon as we were face to face.

“I’m going to suck your penis.”

“You’re going to suck my cock.”

“Hell yeah, I am!” she grinned. Her lips pulled apart and her teeth chattered as she regulated her breathing back down to normal. I grabbed her chin. I held the side of the tub. I stood up over her. She looked up with her pale eyes and licked around her lips. My cock wobbled in front of her face and she snapped her head forward to take me.

She literally sucked. She tightened her lips against my skin and I heard the slurp as the shower water sputtered into her imperfect seal. She snorted coughing a second later. I grinned.

“Maybe start with licking and using one of your hands?” I suggested. She grabbed me with two hands. She looked pleased with herself. Her tongue dangled over her lip and she flailed her face at my cock as she pumped with both hands. I slipped my fingers into her hair. Control was right there. I held her forward but I didn’t drag her onto me.

I was sparked and excited and disbelieving. Her eyes were so goddamned big. I blocked the shower, mostly, she kept them open and locked on mine as best she could. I could see confusion, hopefulness, but mostly questions burning from her face. I just nodded.

Her hands were doing the work. Her tongue licked and rolled around the head of my cock. She sometimes took the end into her mouth but mostly I was outside on her chin and around her lips.

I was motivated like she had been as I had eaten her. The connection and the eagerness overtook the technique. I was in awe of her sucking my dick, and that fueled the pleasure and the need. I breathed. I pressed my palm into the wall. The hot water was turning my back red. I clenched everything. I loved the view of her down on her knees. I loved the nervous smile as she slurped and licked. I loved forcing the eye contact. Sometimes her shoulders shuddered, sometimes her breath hitched, sometimes her grip twitched. I tightened my hand in her brown hair.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I warned her out of politeness.

“What do I do?” She set me on her chin and jacked harder. I was not lasting long now.

“Do you want it on your face? Do you want to swallow it?” I panted.

“I want to—” she worried. She lowered herself. Her eyes fluttered closed and her lips shut tight. I moved her head so I was aimed right for her nose. I grabbed her hands on my cock. I forced the rhythm faster.

I’m sure I made a proper booming caveman bellow. In the kitchen, Max was laughing at something totally different. Sam was red all over her face. I huffed and I puffed and I glued her eyelashes shut. Her hands kept going. I soon had to peel them off. She kept her eyes closed as I helped her to her feet.

“The water’s going to hit you now,” I warned her as we turned ninety degrees. She got under the spray, her skin less accustomed to the hot water. She flinched. She wiped her face clear.

“Hey you two! You gotta hurry up if Gene’s going to get to work!” Max said with a light rap, rap, rap, on the door. “I’m plating breakfast now!”

I chuckled.

“What are you laughing at?”

“I haven’t used soap or shampoo at all,” I laughed. “You’re hardly a time-saver.”

“Shut up, you.” She grabbed the puff and shoved the shampoo into my hand. “You go high and I’ll go low.”

We scrubbed and tossed each other’s hair. I made her skin red. She made me smell better. We fought each other with towels. If only I could be late today.

We exited the bathroom smiling. We had not worn the towels out. I kissed her still-wet hair. The smell of bacon in my nose. The smile of Max in my eyes. The swell of love in my heart. There was no escaping it. I had fallen tits over teakettle. I kept the words to myself but I think my smile said all by how bright Max looked.

“I laid out work clothes on the bed. C’mon! Eat! Eat!”

“You better eat,” Sam warned me. “I’ve only seen her go this manic once before, when I stole her favorite socks.”

“You fucking did!” Max lit up. She started giggling. “Oh my god. I am still pissed over that.”

“They’re amazing socks,” Sam said.

“I’ve never been a socks kind of guy,” I admitted. There was a mountain of food on the plate in front of my armchair. I dug in. The tea was warm. Max laid my phone next to my plate. Damn. I had to vacuum up that big-ass meal. “Looks like you girls want me to be fat.”

“I’m pretty sure you burned more calories eating that fast,” Max frowned.

“That’s how fast my brothers always eat. Didn’t stop them from chubbing up.” Sam shrugged. “Shouldn’t you be getting ready for class? Mine don’t start until ten thirty. Why am I even awake?”

“Shower sex,” I reminded her.

“Ri-ight. FYI: in the future, you don’t have to wake me up to fuck me.”

“Ew.” Max frowned. “You have to wake me up!”

“That’s ’cause you’re always hot,” Sam countered. “Some of us need beauty sleep. We’re called sleeping beauties. There’s a movie about me. I’m sure Alex can sing you every song from it.”

“Of course she can,” Max agreed. “But, Sleeping Beauty got woken up by true love’s kiss. So he’ll wake you up anyway.”

“Ah, yes, the magic power of true love’s dick.” Sam grinned. Max blushed. “It’s pretty great, huh?”

“Ofcourseitis,” Max muttered, in a single breath. I shoveled in the last forkful of sausage. I tried not to belch. If I hadn’t spent so much time in the shower, the tea would’ve burnt the shit out of my tongue. Though, if I’d gotten out when it was still hot, I wouldn’t have been downing it in a rush.

“So, class? I’d walk you but your school is in the exact opposite—”

“No, I’m waiting to see how long these work for.” She lifted the boots off the floor. “It’s not going to help if I’m stuck in the middle of a physics lecture.”

“You sure, I don’t—”

“She’s top of her class. Hasn’t missed a lecture or been less than two weeks early on an assignment.” Sam said. “I think she needs the day away, honestly.”

“How often do you miss class?” I asked.

“No more than a couple times a week. And never the same class twice.” She shrugged.

“I’m not the top of my class. There’s at least 4 people doing better,” Max mumbled.

“Out of a couple hundred,” Sam countered. “She’ll be fine.”

“If you’re not, I’m always a phone call away.” I got up. I kissed Max. “Thanks for breakfast.”

“Thanks for last night.” She grinned. I kissed her again. I was out the door dressed for work after two prolonged hugs with them on the way out. Alex texted me a selfie from her bed. She had her makeup done and looked incredible. She had a handle on all of the ins and outs of lighting and presentation. I loved it, and wondered what a more candid look would look like. I nearly walked into Winter.

“Morning!” I grinned.

“Yeah, hey.” She frowned. “How are you doing it?”

“Spectacularly!” I spun around her, weaved about an incoming Purolator guy, and hurried off to work.

“Do you even know what I’m asking?” she shouted. The “Of course you don’t” wasn’t but I heard it nonetheless.

“You are asking about my girls. Like you have any reason to have a say in how they… How we feel.” I’m sure my response was not audible. The weather turned cold for a moment, a blast of wind in my face, but it was sunny and calm a second later. I moved faster.

Turns out I hurry faster when I have an enemy. I arrived at work about five minutes early, when I had worried I was going to be late. I rushed up to the boss’s office. Nope, he didn’t have to be on time. He just had to be here when his bosses peeked in. Yeah, I had hours. The seconds ticked by like needles in my spine.

I knocked on his door just after eleven. He’d been in for an hour, but this was the first moment I could corner him. “Hey, Steve. A word?”

“Yeah, how’s the waterfront project coming?” Five bucks said he couldn’t name the client without looking it up.

“I’m crushing it. Way ahead, actually.”

He raised an eyebrow. “You say that like you’re looking for more work.”

“More responsibility. More money.”

“I don’t think a raise is on the table yet and—”

“And I’ve got one hell of an offer, check it out.” I slid my phone across to him so he could see the email. “Thing is, I’m proud of the waterfront project. I want that feather in my cap. It’s kinda hard to stay in Halifax playing fifth banana when—”

“There’s no way I can match this.” He looked white. “This is what he thinks you’re worth?”

“It’s what I think I’m worth. I think he was relieved I undersold myself.”

“OK, but—” he said as my phone buzzed. He had mastered the cadence of a properly spat-out “Motherfucker!” The perfect timing couldn’t be better.

Peter Stint was calling me.