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Blizzard — Chapter 19 by Redsliver

* * *

The time for silliness was past. I was all in on having my women. I encouraged that swell of caveman possession to bring a smile to my lips. I grabbed Alex, who was bent over the table full of sex toys looking for something. I fell back into my armchair and dragged her up on my lap. She squealed.

“Hear ye! Hear ye!” I boomed. I guess I meant silliness outside of sexuality. Max brought over mugs of hot chocolate. Sam poured shooters of rum. “The king demands his concubines entertain him!”

“I can sing a song.” Alex leaned her head back to look at me.

“I can multiply numbers together without a calculator.” Max was laying out the mugs before the rum. She talked over her shoulder. “I mean, I wouldn’t, I’m not a Neanderthal, but I can.”

“I can suck your cock.” Sam grinned her smugness. She clinked the last shotglass to the last mug. “I’m thinking we drink them like bombs and—”

“They’re still hot, we’re not dropping in the shotglasses and slinging back cocoa.”

“Yeah, no burned tongues. They make cunnilingus harder,” I said. “You, redheaded wench, pass me the pink one with the controller.”

Max gave me a twisted, but amused, scowl. She handed over the vibrating egg.

“So, here we go then.” Sam dumped a shot into each mug. Max handed them out. Alex had to make a toast.

“To our hero and our lover.” She wore the sweetest smile and brightest eyes. Sam and Max raised their mugs. I did too and co-opted their reply.

“To Sam!” I agreed. Max giggled. Sam lifted her shoulders and swayed with conceit. Alex looked a little crestfallen I had altered her toast. I kissed the hollow of her ear, the corner of her jaw, the nape of her neck, the dip of her throat. She finally beamed. I put away my mug with little more than a sip taken. Alex and Sam followed suit. Max took another drink.

“The king wished to be amused?” Sam asked.

“Yes, and I believe the lady Max has a show prepared,” I replied haughtily.

“Grab me the batteries for this, Sam.” Alex pointed as she opened the battery bay in the egg’s controller. She leveled on me a patient if frustrated look. “This isn’t what I was thinking of picking.”

“It’s my pick, Alex,” I said. Her face lit up with excitement.

“Um, what show?” Max asked. Her strapped-on vibrator oscillated as she took another sip.

“With our hero and lover Sam.” Alex gestured. She wiggled her butt against me. I nodded.

“Huh? Oh. I guess I did volunteer as tribute, didn’t I?” Sam said. She looked around and sighed. The entire pile of toys clattered across the hardwood as she cleared off the little table, all except for the stuck-on one she had loaded at the kitchen end of the table.

“Don’t do that!” Max made a tired sigh an exclamation. She put her cocoa aside, then rummaged through the pile on the floor and extracted the glass butt plug and a glass dildo. “Oh, thank god, they’re not damaged. I did not want to be looking for broken glass.”

“Good! Now get on the table,” Alex gestured with a wave. I ran my hands over her belly. She turned on the egg. “Shit! Wow.”

I took the slider and moved the power down a few notches. The girls had all been startled by how loud the noise was. This one just took a pair of double As. I really could have scared them, if I had been so inclined: that magic wand plugged into the wall.

“OK. OK.” Sam took a deep breath and started rubbing her pussy. Her shoulders shook. “Give me a minute to get back into this. I swear I was so horny just a second ago.”

“Give your king a kiss,” Alex demanded. Sam lit up and slunk over; Alex grabbed her by the thigh and started rubbing down the crack of the brunette’s ass before Sam could reach my face. Sam’s grin melted into fear, but a single peck on her lips from me and she looked giddy. I took her head in my hands and we made out. “The peasant Samantha is prepared for you, Lady Maxine,” Alex declared loudly.

“Peasant? Hey!” Sam broke the kiss and grumbled.

“Don’t harass my court jester.” I pulled Sam’s face back to mine. She kissed me again until I let go. She slunk back and rose up. Max sat down on the table. She was wildly digging her hand into her harness. Her vibrator started up. The power wasn’t set to high when she turned hers on. I quite enjoyed seeing her jump.

“How do we start?” Max took a deep breath and stroked back her bangs. She looked at Sam. “Can I kiss you and stuff or is it just going to be a fucking?”

Sam stopped. She turned to me. She turned back to Max. “Y’know... I thought watching you kiss Alex was hot.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t leave her as a frog forever,” Max replied, obliviously. I got the impression that Sam was tiptoeing around something; Max wore her heart on her sleeve and didn’t know how to play that game.

“I recommend something like this!” I said as I lifted Alex and set her tight to my chest. I brought my hands to her breasts and our lips together. She turned so we started in a deep French kiss.

“Oh!” Sam shouted as Max rushed to Sam’s back.

“It’s like follow the leader,” Max told Sam. They kissed. I smiled as Alex and I had to break our kiss to watch them. Max had Sam’s tits in her hands.They kissed over the brunette’s shoulder. Max was beaming whenever she had her lips to herself; Sam was wincing, but refused to miss out on a moment of the kiss. Max’s hands tightened with eagerness. The attention from Alex and me helped. Sam moaned and sucked on Max’s lip.

“I think her neck hurts,” Alex said, and tilted her head with a frown. I let go of Alex’s right breast.

Max pulled her head back from Sam. “Are you OK? Does it hurt?” she asked.

“Kiss me!” Sam pleaded.

“Straighten your neck,” Max said. Sam reached for another kiss. “Sam... sweetheart...”

Sam obeyed. She gasped in relief as her head rolled forward. Max inched in closer and swept away Sam’s brown hair. She kissed and suckled on Sam’s neck, and Sam gasped in much more than relief as she shuddered in a small orgasm.

“Is that better? Sam?” Alex asked.

“It’s buzzing right up against my butt!” Sam panted. Her cheeks had flushed red. Max kneaded Sam’s tits, hard. Max’s eyes flicked to me. She moved her left hand down Sam’s stomach. Follow the leader.

“Oh my God!” Alex said as I slipped through her hair and teased her lips. Sam echoed her.

“You are absolutely a flooded mess down here,” I whispered into Alex’s ear. She shook and smiled.

“You need a bit more work if you’re gonna catch up with Alex, then.” Max didn’t bother pretending to whisper. “Tell me if this feels good.”

“It’s good!” yelped Sam. She reached back and had her fingers digging into Max’s thighs.

“Wow. Um, Max,” Alex said as I rubbed her. I pulled her back on my lap. “They don’t have a chair.”

Max frowned. “I—I guess I can’t just do what he does.” She tried kissing Sam again. Sam spun, knocking aside Max’s hands, then grabbed Max’s breasts and kissed her hard. Alex wiggled her butt; she could tell I liked the show. I notched the egg up to its next power tier. Alex squealed.

“How do you like it?” Sam demanded as she broke the kiss with Max.

“It’s… It’s… It’s amazing.” She looked at me. “It is right? You’re happy?”

“I want it only as much as you want it,” I said. “And from the smile on your face, I really, really want it.”

Max responded eagerly to that. She kissed Sam and dragged the brunette down onto the table. Sam squealed; Max grabbed her hips and corkscrewed her.

“What?” Sam found herself face to face with Alex. I ran the egg up and down Alex’s sex. She wasn’t speaking because her jaw was clenched. She was bouncing in my lap. Max grabbed Sam’s thighs and spread them apart.

“Follow the leader,” the engineering student demanded of me. She reached for her strapped-on cock and lifted a squealing Sam’s ass up enough to start aiming the vibrator.

“Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy crap!” Sam declared. I saw the entire whites of her eyes. I tried to lift Alex. Alex snapped at my touch of her ass. She let out a moan and dug her fingers into the arms of my chair. I couldn’t follow. I caught Max’s eyes.

“I’ll try my best to keep up.”

“Yeah you will.” The redhead grinned, and bit at Sam’s shoulder.


“I need help,” Max demanded. “Aim me.” Sam’s hand shook when she reached down below her waist.

“This is hot. This is fun. This is hot. This is fun. This is hot. This is fun.” Sam had her mantra going, but squealed when the vibrating tip of Max’s toy slipped into her. “Oh Christ!”

“Wow!” Max’s face was vicious with her smile. “Having fun?”

“You have to fuck me!” Sam said, panting. She was rubbing her butt up and down. Max looked uncertain and grabbed Sam’s hips. Sam paled and shot me a stark look. “We’re not cheating on you.”

“Of course you’re not,” I said. I had my hands full as Alex flinched and settled down from her cum. I smiled at Sam. “I want this.”

I must’ve flipped some switch inside Sam’s mind to ‘ON’. For the first time since Max had grabbed and kissed her, Sam couldn’t help but smile. She leaned forward and steadied herself on Max’s knees. I watched in awe. Max wanted to fuck Sam to the moon. Sam tried to set a steady pace. I don’t think Sam was even considering her actions as a performance art.

“Watch,” I whispered under sweaty blond hair. I slipped the egg out from Alex’s thighs and leaned her back against me.

“C’mon! C’mon!” Max hammered.

“Oh!” Sam shouted out dozens of uncompletable thoughts. I grinned.

“They’re not working together,” Alex said out of a haze. Sam was unreachable, but Alex’s comment straightened Max’s spine. She looked through her bangs at me. I nodded, and she kissed Sam’s shoulder.

“OK! OK… OK?” She tried to match her hips to Sam’s. The feedback was nonsensical and physical and emotional. Wordless. Sam’s deathgrip on Max’s knees became a power grip on the meat of Max’s thighs. Sam was bleating and her hair had fallen as a curtain over her face. It looked like her neck had gone loose.

“Want me to—” I put a finger over Alex’s lips as she reached back for my cock.

“Watch,” I said again. “You have to trade with Max in a second.”

Sam must’ve heard me. Her lungs pounded out moans. Max kept blinking. When their hips came together the base of her vibrator skated and bumped her clit. Her breasts heaved. Her lower lip was white between the tightness of her teeth. Sam shrieked.

“Holy crap it doesn’t stop inside of me.” She finally spoke a sentence. The rest of us had to smile. “It’s not beating like your heart does inside me.” She was talking at me, unable to lift her shaking shoulders or downcast eyes while her body was still wracked by aftershocks. “I—Max! Crap…”

Alex had cum like a spastic in an electric chair. Sam tightened and pushed hard back on Max. Sam tried to keep the vibrator buried. Max seemed compelled to keep pumping in and out. Max kissed Sam’s shoulder once again.

“You better grab her belly so she doesn’t fall,” I warned. Max’s immediate response was to pull back, look me in the eye.

“What?” the redhead asked. The brunette slipped forward off the vibrator and down onto her knees.

“Wow! Holy… Wow…” Sam looked up and smiled. I pushed up Alex’s hips.

“What?” The theatre major turned and looked. She was confused and then she smiled.

“Keep her warm for me,” I smirked. “Max, unhitch that and get over here.”

“I—” Max ran her hands through Sam’s hair. The brunette turned and looked up. She was almost shocked when Max kissed her. “He wants Alex to have you next.”

“I’m going to be a boneless fish when it’s his turn,” Sam worried.

“That’s OK,” Alex grinned. “Gene has all the bone you need.”

“That pun makes you a terrible person.” Max clobbered Alex in a hug as they rotated around each other to get to their current targets. I took the redhead’s hand and she smiled at me. She wiped a hand down her tits and smiled. “You going to leave me as sweaty as Alex?”

“It’s not going to take much work,” I said as I grabbed her harness and pulled free the straps. I was watching Sam wobble and Alex squat down over the toy pile. Max grabbed my head and forced me to look up at her.

“Let Alex pick out her own toy,” Max told me. “She won’t disappoint you.”

“No she won’t,” I agreed. I kissed Max. I rolled her hips and she did her best not to break our kiss, but soon her torso had to follow her hips and her neck had to follow her torso. I picked up my toy and inched Max backwards until I was resting in the cleavage of her ass. She looked back. She smiled.

“It was on the floor, I’m gonna rinse it off in the sink,” Alex announced, recovering Blondebeard’s sword. Sam nodded, and collapsed like a limp rag on the coffee table. I prodded her thigh with my toe. She looked over.

“Not dead?” I asked.

“This is awesome. I get you next, right?” she panted. Her eyes, half hidden beneath the lids, evoked a nice twitch that got Max rubbing her ass backwards to reignite.

“She does,” I told Max. I swiped red hair back from her shoulders and neck. I inched up the egg’s switch. It was in my hand when I grabbed Max’s breasts. The engineering student squealed, panted, and melted.

“Here we go!” Alex triumphed by, swinging her double dong overhead. The scattered water droplets struck me in the nose. Alex hit herself in the hip as she surveyed Sam. She reached down and rubbed Sam’s sex with a left hand. “Hmm?”

“Yeah.” Sam tried to look up. She saw the double dong and her jaw slid aside as her lips frowned in trepidation.

“I’m going to put this in you and climb on the other side,” Alex said. She reached herself. Her head tilted as she thought. “If I’m good, you’re good.”

“I’ll try not to thrash about?” Sam frowned. Alex grabbed her by the sex again. The blonde rubbed, split, and fingered the brunette. Alex’s little inquisitive sounds were adorable. Sam grabbed the table and spun herself enough that her head was lagging over the edge. She smacked her ear against the dildo she had mounted on a suction cup. It stayed on pretty well. I dragged the egg down Max’s belly.

Alex jumped at Max’s noise. The theatre major had the most sheepish grin when she looked over at us. I nodded. She beamed. She squatted down and aimed her toy into Sam.

“Tell me if I do this wrong,” Alex worried. She lined it up and steadily pushed in the toy. Sam kicked the table with her heel. Alex didn’t stop. Sam tried to sit up using only the muscles above her ribs. Alex didn’t stop. There was a bump, Sam skittered back and shouldered the dildo by her ear. Alex didn’t stop.

“You have to tell her. Actually say ‘when’,” I told Sam. My hand was riding up and down the meat of Max’s thighs. The buzzing under hand traveled down the redhead’s legs. She was on her tiptoes, her knees bouncing madly. She had her fingers in the back of my hand, pushing me in but I wasn’t going.

“When!” Max and Sam said at once. Alex flinched. I slid the egg against Max’s sex.

“I thought more’d go in,” Alex frowned. She looked at me. “There’s a lot left.”

“You can leave some of it out!” Sam shouted.

“Oh!” Alex chirped as if that hadn’t been an option. She smiled. “OK! Try not to throw me off, OK?”

“OK.” Sam nodded. She inched herself up on her elbows. She watched, we all did, Max struggled, as Alex bent the fake dick upwards and walked her right foot over my table. She licked her lips and shut her eyes.

“Try not to get it in your butt,” I suggested helpfully. Perhaps making her laugh that hard was not the best move but I loved it. Max was rolling her hips and I was basically titty-fucking her buttcheeks. She grabbed my wrist with both hands. Her red hair flew as she bucked.

Alex watched her out of one eye. “It doesn’t have to be follow-the-leader,” she said to herself. She closed her eyes again. She pressed the tip to her opening. Sam wiggled. Alex clenched her teeth and sank down the dick.

“Wow! It’s not as warm as you!” Alex was shaking her head wildly. “It’s not as nice as you.”

“Oh fuck off!” Sam grunted and whipped her hips up. The whole toy snaked inside the two of them. Alex almost jumped off the table, but she couldn’t fling her hips as easily as she could’ve without five inches of rubber and plastic inside her. Her tits heaved as she buckled and breathed. I grinned. Max squealed.

“Are you cumming?” I asked the redhead. Her fingers got tighter.

“I think I gotta do the outside bits too,” Alex answered as if I was talking to her. She sounded so professorial. Her sweat-matted brow didn’t match her curious eyes. She leaned forward, bending the length that wasn’t engulfed. She grabbed the table with her left hand and Sam’s bicep with her right. “How do you feel?”

“Just fuck me,” Sam said. Her tone was harsh, but it was demanding and it was invested. Alex smiled. She looked over at me and saw Max wiggling and not breathing. A bullet of a gasp of breath kicked from Max’s lungs and the girl screamed. I felt invincible. I was breathing hard and had to inch Max forward but she wasn’t having it. I leaned in and kissed her ear.

“I promised to focus on Sam.”

“I like you. You keep your promises,” Max said over the course of thirty or so breaths. She slipped left across my thigh. I slid the soaked egg up to her bellybutton, which turned out to be ticklish.

Sam kicked her hips. Alex leaned forward and rotated hers in short circles. The vibrant rubber wiggle between them stuck out against their skin. Alex looked diligent, determined, scientific. Sam looked agonized, hurried, wild. I ran my hand up Max’s spine. She turned and looked to me. I slid the egg across her breast and down her wrist. She clasped her hand around it.

“Think you can help those two out?” I smirked.

“Yeah.” She leaned down and kissed me. “Just watch me.”

I took a long and needed breath when Max stood up. I was a wreck. I hadn’t noticed how needful and close I had been. I pulled myself up; I had melted into the chair.

“What are you doing here?” Alex twisted when Max’s hand settled on her best friend’s shoulder blade. Max just smiled.

“Christ! I wasn’t ready! Shit-Shi-ye-eaah…” Sam bounced off the table as her elbows lost their stiffness. She shook. Her breaths were ragged and her smile was goofy. Max turned her wrist.

Alex had been maintaining a control she had little experience in managing. When Max pressed the egg to Alex’s clit, Alex’s grip on Sam’s arm threatened to amputate. Alex’s jaw clenched tight, her neck bent back, her heel kicked twice, and her eyes rolled back. It was a beautiful messy, wet tableau. I forced myself to my feet. She was still in the throes when I grabbed her jaw and kissed down onto her.

“My blu-jedja…” She tried to tell me something but all she did was dangle her tongue and fall forward onto Sam. I squatted down and stroked Alex’s hair from Sam’s face.

“Two down,” I threatened her.

“Help…” She had to smile. I leaned in and kissed her. Alex attacked my ear with an excited nibble.

“Shit! I lost the egg in there.” Max yanked her empty hand out from between her friends. I was occupied and couldn’t comment. Max was trying to lift Alex’s thighs and ass. We all heard the wet pop. I managed to get my ear and my lip out of Sam and Alex’s teeth.

“I… Ugh…” Sam grinned. Alex kissed her. She swung her hips back before she rose up on her knees. She was grinning like she had won a gold medal. I stepped over and, with my hand on her belly, directed her off the table and Sam.

Max uncorked Sam with a yank. The gulching sound of dildo freedom overcame the rattle of the apartment in the wind.

“God, she must’ve lost five kilos of…” Max lifted her hand from the double dong and showed threads of stickiness webbing her fingers together. I smiled. I squatted down and looked at Sam.

“What can you take?” I asked her. I think I planned to lift her, carry her to the bed, and leave the toys behind. She swung her hand and grabbed the dick on the end of the table.

“I can take you both.” She projected her confidence through her powerful grin. I wasn’t going to say no to that. I took her hands and helped her to her feet. Max grabbed a tube of lube from the pile of toys and held it out to me. I shook my head and put out my open palm. She grinned, and squeezed a big dollop. I slapped Sam in the asshole before I started rubbing. Her shoulders shook. Her eyes looked to me.

“You know you’re safe?” I asked her, and she nodded. “Then I’m going all out.”

Those words set off shivers in her knees. I grabbed her leg and made her kneel over the rising dildo. She took long breaths. Max hovered nearby as I started working lubricated fingertips into Sam. Alex watched from the kitchenette.

“You should—”

“Do this—”

“Maybe go here—”

The two friends were pests at that moment. I felt Sam relax and then squeeze as Alex tried to play director. Sam would relax and then Max uncupped the dildo and moved it to what she saw as a more logical position. Sam relaxed and Alex skipped by us to her backpack.

“What is she doing!” Sam watched Alex dig one-handed through her bag while balancing a drink in her left hand.

“She’s being Alex,” I said, and kissed Sam’s hip. “Relax. Relax. Push out to open up.”

Sam took long hard breaths. She eased her butt and I extracted my imprisoned finger. I squeezed another dollop of lubricant onto my fingertips.

“How is she?” Alex squatted down next to me.

“I’m... I’m... “ Sam babbled and mumbled.

“She’s not in any position to answer questions,” I said. I grabbed Alex’s elbow and pushed her away.

“Your hand’s all slippery,” the theatre major said.

“I got this,” I told her.

“Yeah, and—” Alex squealed and smiled as I marched her backwards. She tried to sidestep when her calves hit my armchair but I had my hand on her elbows and my knee in the way. I forced her down onto the cushion. Her drink splashed a little, wetting her thigh.

“Ummm…” She put on a frown I’d never seen before. “Sorry?”

“It’s fine. Max, go to Alex,” I said, and pointed. I picked up the egg—it was still on—and handed it to Max, who was scratching her head and looking confused. When I smiled at her, she skipped by and kissed me, then threw herself crossways towards Alex’s lap. “Good.”

“Whoa, let me up. I gotta do something,” Alex squealed and kissed Max’s cheek. Max obediently got up. Alex inched around Sam.

“Wow… Um…” Sam was poking fingers into her butt as she hovered over the dildo. I took her hips. She snatched all of her hair and cleared aside access to her neck and right ear. I ran my hands over her ass.

“How is it?” Alex asked Sam.

“Scary,” Sam said. “Exciting.”

“Drink this,” Alex lifted the glass to Sam’s lips.

“What is it?”

“Rum and co—Rum and store-brand cola,” Alex said.


“A little drink, a little courage,” Alex said.

I kissed Sam’s shoulder. She nodded and asked me, “Is it OK?”

“One drink, if you feel like it’ll help,” I said.

Sam snatched the glass out of Alex’s hand. I had to grab Sam’s hips to keep her from falling forward onto the table. Alex wiped away Sam’s bangs and smiled. Alex’s left hand was tucked behind her back.

“That was a little strong,” Sam said, with a gasp, and put the glass down.

“You OK?” I asked.

“I’m ready,” she said. Her face solidified into a look of determination. I kissed her shoulder and she turned her head to look forward right into Alex’s smiling face.

“She’s almost ready,” Alex said.

“Why do you have fake eyelashes!” Sam flinched back.

“You asked for it,” Alex said sweetly.

“When?” Sam demanded.

“Rum,” Alex reached down and spun the glass on her finger. She nodded to me, “Sodomy.” And lifted her tweezers, eyelashes, and tubes. I assume some sort of adhesive and color or something. “And—”

“Next time just get a whip and lash me!”

“Promise? I saw a few we could order,” Alex said, with an evil smile. Sam erupted with laughter. Her spine jumped as she fell onto Alex, grabbing her by the shoulder.

“Alright, enough sidetracking,” I said. I grabbed Sam’s hips and oriented her.

“I’m going to grab a better seat,” Alex kissed Sam’s nose. She walked around and kissed my shoulder. “She needed the laugh to relax.”

“Thank you,” I said, and kissed Alex. She tossed her makeup stuff towards her bag and collapsed onto the armchair. Max sat down on the blonde’s lap.

“Alright, Sam,” I said. She hovered above the suction-cupped dildo. Her asshole gleamed with generous lubricant. My cock was as slippery. I was going to fuck her ass.

Her ass, their asses, were amazing. I was about to do something I had never done to an ass half this pretty. I almost pushed her down on the dildo. She looked back at me and shook her head. “You’re first.”

“Damned right, I am!” My boasting helped her loosen up more. I grinned. It was a push, her grip on me was erratic but tough. I couldn’t help myself as I inched into her and aimed her sex onto the dildo. I grabbed her shoulder. I was right against her back. She was breathing hard and fast. I sunk my knees and both of us sunk down.

“What does that feel like?” Alex begged. She was rubbing Max, and I was thrusting into an already tight hole. I could feel the fake dick millimeters from my own, there was so little of Sam between us. She screamed. It was a mix of a happy scream and a hurt scream. That next scream had more happy. Alex asked again, “What does it feel like?”

“Love!” Sam shrieked. The house rocked like the wind was trying to drown her out. I smiled. I bit into her neck. She flopped, nearly pitching me out of her. I fought my way back in. She shook and I pumped. Max and Alex watched on wordlessly.

I rolled up to speed. I had entered her teased, overwhelmed, and ready. Sam had been battered and set off the whole night. She was collapsed in my arms. The noises she was making were more sedate. I could feel echoes of muscle spasms running under her skin.

I bit inside my cheek. I lifted her jaw. “I’m going to cum inside you.”

I set off another shock to her spine. She panted, her tongue hanging out. Her eyes gently closed. I emptied a need inside of her. I kept on hugging her. I heard the suction cup pop off the table as I ended up laying down onto her back.

“C’mon.” I guess I had dozed a moment. Max had fetched towels, and was rubbing me and Sam down. I blinked; the wind was dead. Alex smiled and took Sam’s hand. Max kissed my nose. “Let’s get into bed.”

That was the best idea I had ever heard. I slipped my very tired cock out of Sam’s very tired body. Luckily, Max was ready with the towel.