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Blizzard — Chapter 22 by Redsliver

* * *

Winter was too high-class for this neighborhood. I had learnt that so was I. Still, I didn’t own a sofa with gold inlay. The tiny one-bedroom was decorated in antiques. The beautiful Persian rug spread over the shitty and uneven hardwood floor was beautiful.

Winter smiled graciously and stepped back from the door. She closed it behind me.

“I’m going to put on something a bit more appropriate for guests,” she announced and strode into the bedroom. I shook my head, walked over to the couch, and sat down by the left armrest. No TV. There was a bookshelf, decorated with silver and full of thick leatherback tomes. There was a silver tray out with a steaming pot of tea and a plate of cookies. Smelled good, but I had overeaten with Alex so I ignored them. I tapped my foot. The girls would be ready quickly. As quickly as girls got ready, at least. I looked at the bedroom door.

“Where’d you go?” Alex texted.

“To get answers. Be back as soon as I can.”

“Don’t let her make us play Ascension again!” Sam made me smile.

“As soon as I can.” I texted back.

“If it’s more than half an hour, I’ll come find you. Max has laid out your clothes. Do you smell OK?” Sam fired off in three successive texts before I could even type “Soon.” back at her.

“You took a seat?” Winter noted disagreeably. She stepped out of her bedroom while I had my collar pulled forward and was sniffing my raised armpit. I failed to look reasonable as I lowered my arms and effected a politic smile. “No tea?”

“I’ve had my fill,” I said. “Look, you need to stop. Whatever game you and Faye have started, you’re done.”

“I’m done?” She raised an eyebrow and swept out her long translucent white skirt from her butt as she sat down. She had put on a light brown sweater.

My girls were gorgeous, sexy. Winter was more delicate and elegant. She was thinner. Her features were more angular. I had her pegged for her late twenties. The way her nipples tented her sweater, and advertised how high her unsupported breasts stood, suggested younger. Her face was timeless, I couldn’t find age in it. Yet despite the skinniness and her height, she didn’t look coltish or girlish, but womanly. I met her ice-blue eyes.

“Done. You said it yourself, she fucked up,” I said. “My life isn’t your problem. Your managerial skills are.”

“You’re brave enough to place this on my shoulders?” The lower unit didn’t shake like my second-story apartment. The girls upstairs were being rattled.

“I don’t need bravery to deal with you. I need from you what I aim to give you,” I said.

“An even trade?” She frowned. “You have no idea how much you have already cost me. Very well, make your case. What do you have that is what I want that is what I have that is what you want?”

I took a moment to parse her sentence. I smiled. “Neglect.”


“That’s all. Leave us well enough alone,” I said.

“And you’ll leave me alone?” She crossed her legs. I realized how close she was sitting in the middle of the sofa. I moved my calf out of the path of her bare foot. “You might not believe this, but I might desire your company.”

“It’s too pricey for you,” I declared. Her gaze turned flat. I was sure she hadn’t been wearing makeup but her eyes looked darkly shadowed now. The wind started up again.

“I don’t think you understand what happened.” She smiled. “Consider an allegory. Imagine you checked your bank account and discovered there was a million dollars more than was supposed to be there.

“Elation, you can’t believe it. You immediately go out and have a nice dinner before you even think about it. But as you’re eating, you’re not too stupid to realize that you are spending someone else’s money. That those resources are not yours.

“You immediately Google the bank’s number so you can point out the error. You’re a good guy, you would do that. But you haven’t hit ‘call’ yet. It’s a lot of money. Someone could lose their job over this, maybe even their family and freedom.

“Should altruism prove not be enough of a motivator for you, there’s always risk. If you keep it, if you spend it, you’re a thief. Someone else’s money and work that you didn’t do. Plus, it is a lot of money: you return it, you can imagine that the relief you facilitate will be worth a not-insubstantial reward. By doing what’s right, you’re richer for it, and no one’s fucked over.”

She paused.

“You’ve been drawing on other people’s good fortune. You are smart enough to know that those three girls belong in three happy families. Let yours be one of them. I chose Samantha for you. Perhaps you’d prefer Maxine or Alexa?”

“Yeah, no, I play board games.” I smiled.

Winter’s face twisted. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“Bank error in your favor, collect $200.” I smiled harder.

“The metaphor—”

“No.” By interrupting her, I pissed her off. Smirking made it worse. “Your insult of those girls will not be taken idly. My girls, my risks, my life going forward. You were a Community Chest card and now you’re in the discard pile. The game goes on.”

I don’t think I’d seen a woman that angry since my brother and I played near a surging river. Mom is a woman who could scream. Winter had that quality. She froze, her shoulders perfect and square. Her eyes looked down at me. That she kept her cool was a miracle.

“OK, a better allegory,” she said. “Imagine you’re sitting at a table. Other players come to this table and start dealing out the cards. A pile of chips is donated to you by your neighbor. You pick up the cards, you play. You are in the game.”

“I was in the last hand,” I said. “I’ll cash out and leave you to it.”

“Then you must be willing to fold what you have in the pot,” Winter sneered.

“Metaphors may not be your thing. Perhaps I can explain it for the room.”

She reclined, her legs reaching out and her breasts rising. She revealed a dark and dangerous smile.

I stood up.

“Fuck off. Fuck this. Fuck you.” I showed her my teeth. “I have no interest in some petty tax collector.”

“Wow, now there’s a metaphor!” She grinned. “Politics! You can have no interest in us, while we have a deadly interest in you.”

“Winter doesn’t last forever.” I shrugged. I was heading for the door.

“And it comes around again. Every year.”

“Then, I guess my next purchase is a gas-guzzling hummer.” I met her eyes. “Choke on global warming, cunt.”

I pulled the door open and stepped into the deathly still night. I looked back. She was approaching me. I almost didn’t register the clicking beep beep of a car door remote-locking.

“What?” I asked harshly.

“I’ve never loved a man like you,” she hissed breathily. I sneered at her but she stroked my cheek. My instinct was to slap her hand away. The same lifelong chivalry that had stopped me from slamming the door in Winter’s face,now blocked my attempts to lay a hand on her. I tried to back away but the porch railing bumped my spine. She rose on her tiptoes and kissed my lips with a loud,needy, sensual moan.

I was scowling when she stepped back.

“Enjoy those college girl playthings of yours, love, and tell me all the tales tonight when we’re in bed,” she purred, and retreated behind her closing door.

“Good evening.” A well-dressed balding man nodded at me; I could feel his distaste.

“Evening,” I said. My apartment door flew open carrying a beautiful ecstatic brunette out onto the ice. The neighbor’s cat had been resting on the railing; the sound of Sam clomping down the stairs sent her fleeing. The man and I both stepped forward to take one of Sam’s hands. I smiled. “Careful now.”

“Daddy!” Sam slammed a hug into the balding man. I lost my glee. “This is Gene!”

I had thought Winter looked furious. The balding man withdrew his hand sharply. Sam was oblivious.

“Run up and grab a clean shirt and a proper coat. You’ll freeze to death.” She slapped my chest. “Daddy, I know I said it’d be me, Max, and the boyfriend. Do you think it’d be terribly difficult to change the reservations? Our friend Alex—”

“Sam, let me have a word with Gene. Here are the keys.” He pressed the Mercedes keys into his daughter’s hand. I think Sam wanted to kiss me and run to the car, but she only smiled. She was too skittish to act affectionate under the eyes of her father.

“Gene,” Sam’s father said. “You’re a little too busy tonight. You’re a little too busy for the rest of your life.” He patted my shoulder. The wind kicked enough to slice right down to the bone. “If you had any decency in you, you’d send Max down too.”

He turned on me before I could say a word, and marched down to his warming car. I didn’t speak the words I thought. My teeth chattered. I was about to head inside. I heard the vehicle pull away. I rushed to the railing instead, watching Sam’s silhouette drive off through the frosted side window.

I shivered, numb from more than the cold. After a minute, my phone buzzed. Sam’s texts were begging for forgiveness for her fucked-up Dad. No, her dad wasn’t fucked up. Lots of shit was fucked up, but her dad was trying to do good by his daughter.

I turned around, stepped over Mrs Rabinovich’s cat, and stormed up my apartment stairs. I skidded to a halt as Alex and Max looked up at me. I was about to rant and—Winter had kissed me! How did I explain that to the girls?

“Come back to us.” I texted her. I hoped that was enough. It was all I had at hand.

“Gene?” Alex looked up from her phone. “Sam’s dad just took off with her?”

“Yeah,” I nodded. I dropped into my computer chair and nervously swiveled until Max caught my legs. Alex leaned over my shoulder to hug me. “Look, I’m going to tell you everything I think I know.” I frowned. “You girls are smarter than me. Maybe you can find a way through.”

Max nodded. Alex slipped down into my armchair while Max sat sidesaddle across Alex’s lap. I took a deep breath and I told them everything: the red-haired girl in the green dress, the other red-haired women, and all the rest.

“She knew Sam’s dad was there so she made up some shit about how I was taking advantage of you girls, and how we were gonna laugh about it later. Then she kissed me in front of him. Sam was out the door and introducing me to her dad a couple of heartbeats later.”

“Dude!” Alex slapped Max’s ass. “We’re princesses in a real-life fairy tale!”

Max shook her head. “It isn’t the same girl, though, at the coffee shop and the breakfast place. And you can’t magic the weather! Water’s gotta evaporate, roll up into big clouds, until they’re fat enough to break, and snow. And wind’s all pressure differentials and currents. You can make a wind tunnel but you can’t control the wind.”

“Yeah, but it’s magic. The boots do fix our feelings.” Alex poked Max. “Aren’t feelings actually a bunch of brain chemicals and meat lightning?”

“Yeah, they are.” Max got up and paced as well as she could in the tiny apartment. She was beating a rhythm on the sides of her hips. She looked up at me. “You believe it?”

“It took me a while. Sometimes you believed too? When I gave you bits and pieces? Didn’t you?” I asked. We’d had discussions and conversations over the last week. Holy shit. We were throwing all in on this foursome after knowing each other for only a week…

“Calm down.” Alex grabbed my thighs and looked up into my eyes. “Take a deep breath. In and out. Innnn and out.”

I smiled as I relaxed

“I want Sam back,” I said. Max nodded.

“I want my boyfriend to have the whole Team Girlfriend,” Max said. “I used to think a guy who could fuck two girls was the worst of the worst.”

“Do you think they rewired our brains for that?” Alex turned and smiled over her shoulder to Max. I was petting the theatre student like a Bond villain with his cat.

“Mine, yeah, mine definitely. Yours… dunno. And Sam’s?” Max said, tilting her head and shrugging.

“Well, yeah, Sam. Obviously,” Alex nodded. “And I dunno about me either. But you don’t seem different. How’re you different?”

“Stand up a moment.”

Alex hopped to her feet as requested. Max lunged forward; Alex’s eyes went wide. Max grinned, and grabbed fistfuls of blond hair. She kissed her best friend aggressively. Alex melted, folding over backwards, as Max dipped her. Alex’s hands slid up Max’s side as they made out. I watched with a blissful smile. Alex’s hands closed on Max’s tits. Max began to rub Alex’s pussy with one hand. Abruptly, Max stopped, let go, and stood up. Alex blinked several times and flailed to catch the edge of the bed. She struggled to stand straight again.

“Thank you?” Alex bubbled with energy.

“I can stand up for a moment, too?” I grinned

Max walked over, rose up on her tiptoes and kissed me lightly. “Nice try.”

“What do you need me to do?” I asked.

“Just listen,” she said. “I need you to know who I was, who I am, and who I’m gonna be.”

“You’re a stunning, brilliant woman,” I said. “You’re my Max. Our Max.”

“But I wasn’t always like this.”

“Stunning and brilliant?” Alex said. “You totally were.”

“I’m ecstatic that I get to love you, Gene, and Sam. Something I don’t think I was capable of in high school, or even two weeks ago,” Max said, and picked up Alex’s hands. “You were asking how I’m different now, remember?”

“Nope, I must have amnesia! Kiss me again to restore my memory!”

Max bit her lip. “Yes, but afterward, OK? We gotta talk this out.”

Alex grinned. “I’ll hold you to that. Anyway, yeah, you’re being more aggressive than you used to, but I don’t think you need your brain rewired for that. Being with Gene helped us come out of our shells, right?”

“You remember kissing practice in grade 9?”

“Mmm, yeah.”

“You chased me for twenty minutes, trying to convince me to let you try.”

“And we only tried for like three minutes, because your parents were coming home.”

“Not for another hour they weren’t. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. You were acting like kissing me was the best idea you ever had, but I wasn’t so much up for that.”

“OK, so you weren’t ready in grade 9, but look at us now. You changed your mind.”

“No, that’s my point. Changing my mind is the rewiring. Lemme show you an example. Who’s someone hot?“

“Gene,” Alex said immediately. I flexed; Alex laughed out loud. I whimpered like a puppy, and she ran over to hug me.

“OK, yeah, Gene. But I meant girls. Girls who’re hot?”

“Sam,” Alex said immediately.

“No!” Max said.

“Yes she is,” Alex retorted, and stuck out her tongue.

“Of course she is,” Max growled. “I want to fuck her so much I could scream. I want to fuck her so much she screams! I want to fuck her so much she can’t scream any more!“

Max was breathing heavily. I didn’t know what to say, or if I should say anything at all. For a long moment, nobody moved. Then Alex screamed, I jumped out of my skin, and we all burst out laughing.

“Please, work with me here,” Max said with a shoulder slump and a defeated smile.

“I’m sorry.” Alex brushed Max’s bangs from her eyes. “I’ll stop teasing. Gene, you apologize too.”

“Sorry,” I smiled.

“What for? He didn’t do anything,” Max said. She went rigid as Alex snapped forward and kissed her. Alex stepped back and gestured me to take a turn. I did, and kissed Max sweetly. “Oh, OK. You’re forgiven, Gene.”

Alex smirked for clearly not being forgiven. They faced off again. Alex’s shoulders hopped as she thought. “I guess... I mean obviously, Leyla and Stephanie.”

“Yeah, they’re good-looking,” Max agreed. “But I don’t know if they can be hot.”

“Yeah they can,” Alex said. “We can always ask Gene. I probably have some pictures?” She nodded at me and pulled out her phone.

“No need for that. What I mean is… If I want Sam, shouldn’t I want hot girls? Tell me something dirty about Leyla or Stephanie.”

“Like muffin crumbs all through Stephanie’s hair?” Alex asked, and tossed her phone onto the table.

“No, that’s why they hate each other,” Max shook her head.

“And two girls who hate each other going at it, wouldn’t be hot?” Alex looked to me. I nodded. “I thought so. So that muffin that should’ve hit you in the head was all Leyla and Steph needed. Then they throw down ready to tear each other’s clothes off and—

“Me? What do I have to do with Leyla hitting Stephanie in the eye?”

“Because Leyla has no aim!” Alex laughed. “She was trying to hit your head. She just throws like a girl.”

“What? Why?” Max said, shocked.

“I dunno, maybe because she had on that low-cut top, but all the boys were focusing on you instead,” Alex said.

“What? What boys? When?” Max said.

Alex snorted at me. “You’re hot, all of them, and always. Visualize this.”

Max closed her eyes obediently. “Go ahead.”

“Stephanie and Leyla. They’re making out on the couch in your floor’s public space. Topless. Stephanie reaches for Leyla’s tits, and Leyla is rubbing Stephanie’s—”

“Nah,” Max interjected. “Don’t care. Going back to my room. I wouldn’t interrupt, and I don’t find them hot. Now try something with Sam.”

“Alright,” Alex said, and closed her own eyes. I watched their serene faces as Alex hummed, preparing her next story. “OK, I got it. Sam is out on that big bench swing in your mom’s garden. I come out, tease her hair aside, revealing her soft neck.”

“Yeah...” Max said in a dazed voice. Her jaw hung open, her breaths grew ragged.

“I lean in low and kiss her throat. Her pulse vibrates under my tongue. She reaches for me, her fingers right before my lips. I suck on the tips, one, then two, now three.”

Max moaned, and ran her fingertips around her own lips.

“I tiptoe my fingers down her spine, reaching for the tie of her little summer dress…”

Max undid her zipper. Alex’s fingers twitched over her own jeans. Her lip shook. She opened her eyes and saw my broad grin.

“I, uh, can keep going. But, uh, I never did spoken porn before,” Alex said, chewing the corner of her lip. She raised her shoulders and summoned all of her confidence. “If you got kinks, I take directions.”

“No, I think we can stop,” Max’s eyes fluttered open. “I think you get it now.”

“So you like some girls now?” Alex asked. “What about me? I think I feel the same as before.“

“I think so. Mostly. You’ve always wanted me involved,” Max considered. “Remember when David Peng asked you out in grade eight? You wanted me to come with you and you broke his heart?” Max laughed. “Me, you, and Sam having Gene together? This is perfect for you.”

“Yeah,” Alex stood taller. “This is what I want. I didn’t even know I wanted it, but it really is.”

“Yeah?” I asked. I looked to Max. “And what is it you want?“

“I want Sam back. She belongs with us,” Max said. “I want to hold her, to fuck her, to make her feel welcome and loved. I want to do the same for Alex and you. I want you to push me to be the woman who can do that.”

“I’ll do my best,” I promised.

“Good, because I’ll never be who I’m supposed to be without all of us,” she sighed. “But we can’t do much tonight.”

“What? Why not?”

“Are you going to murder Winter?” Max asked.

“Oh my god!” Alex’s eyes went wide. She looked up to me. “No! No murder!”

“Of course not,” I said. “I sometimes just have bad fantasies.”

She poked me in the rib. “You don’t need to fantasize. Max and me’ll do whatever it takes to be your fantasies.”

“Besides, if we’re going to kill her we should take weeks to prepare the ambush and body disposal,” Max said. “You don’t even have any power tools.”

I nodded. “Yeah, and the last thing you want to do in the days before a grisly murder is rack up a bunch of murder paraphernalia receipts.”

“No murder!” Alex poked me again. She was laughing along with us now, but also looked mildly scared of us. Max sank down and hugged her friend from behind.

“Well, what’s your solution?” I asked.

“Torture!” Alex threw up her hands. “Whatever she’s done and doing is broken. She can’t fix it if she’s on the bottom of the harbor!”

I needed that laugh. Alex can’t do Heartless Gangster yet. Something for her to focus on in theatre class. I lifted her up and I hugged her. Max rushed over and squeezed the hell out of us too.

“She’s with her dad,” Max said, reaching into my pants pocket and taking my phone. “Don’t text her until she’s in class next. You’ll make things worse for her.”

“And the restaurant’s wait staff!” Alex grinned. “I bet that girl is throwing such a fit that her father’s trying to figure out a way to drag her back to the car without getting the police involved.”

“Yeah, I’m glad to be out of the way of Sam tonight,” Max sighed. “Damn, I should’ve worn a dress like hers.” Her smile matched her unfocused eyes. “She was so pretty.”

“Is that the shirt for me?” I looked over and saw my thick black button-up.

“Not tonight.” Max shook her head. Our threesome hug broke into a classic twosome. She grabbed the shirt and flung it back to the closet. She giggled. “Sorry! Sorry! I’ll hang it up.”

“If we’re not going out?” Alex asked from the center of my arms. “Do you have any good three-player games?”

Alex’s left arm and head dangled off the bed. She and Max held right hands in a deathgrip. The redhead had mounted the blonde’s thigh. The bed jumped and kicked with Max’s grinding. Alex was doing her best to squeeze her thighs and contribute.

They looked amazing naked. Max had perfect breasts. They bounced as she rode her best friend. Her voice was adorable squeaking and pleading sexual.

Alex sounded like a snarling beast. It was hard for her to make sweet moans with my cock in the back of her throat. I held Alex’s neck with my left hand, and Max’s fingers with my right hand. Alex was red-faced and her tongue stuck out past her lip as she ran her nose to my balls.

“Holy crap!” I was panting too. We had been fucking for two hours. I was bleary-eyed and my hair was sticky with sweat. I grunted. “Girls! Goddammit!”

Alex gave a wet gurgling shriek as I came. She and Max’s cunts roughed each other with my cum leaking from both of their sexes. I pulled Max, she leaned forward. We kissed and balance was lost.

They fell off the bed. I had to weave to the left and rotate with Alex’s head to get my cock out of her mouth. She erupted in a ball of spit and the kind of scream you expected to see in a water park. She hit the floor with the breadth of her shoulders before rolling her neck out and resting her undamaged skull on the hardwood.

Max, I had caught. She managed to disentangle her hand from Alex’s as I squatted and rolled the redhead’s body up and held her trunk tightly to my abdomen. She looked up.

“My hero!” She reached up. She was knee-walking her legs off the bed. The edge dipped, and Max nearly fell straight onto Alex’s throat. I caught Max. “Thank you!”

She looked down. Alex waved and smiled.

“Careful,” I said, “You break her, you buy her.”

Alex’s eyes lit up. She raised a finger.

“I can’t afford to buy Sam, even broken,” I said, with a shake of my head.

“Too bad!” Alex giggled, and changed tack. “Your dick looks good from underneath!”

“Thank you,” I said with a smile. I looked to Max. “You grab her left hand.”

“Her other left.” Max shook her head and grabbed a hand. Alex’s ankles were still on the bed. We had to spaghetti-noodle her feet to the floor as we pulled her spine vertical.

“Sex is awesome!” Alex cheered. She was startled, knocked out of her brain-addled euphoria, when Max lifted her head up by the chin and kissed her sweetly on the lips. Max skipped over and kissed me too, then ran into the bathroom for a quick shower.

“I’m gonna go back to the dorm and see Sam,” Max said as she emerged wrapped in a towel. She earned herself a grab and a dipping kiss. Alex cheered again. I pulled away the towel. She crookedly smiled and said, “We’ll save the girl.”

“Yeah, save a piece of that pie for later!” Alex said in a Greasy Frat Bro voice. Max and I looked at her. Alex leered at Max’s tits. “Now wrap that sweetness up before I lick the filling out of you.”

“Wow.” Max shook her head. “Seriously, fuck the stupid out of her. You have all night.”

“I’ll need the whole team for that.” I slapped Max’s ass and pushed her to her clothes discarded on the coffee table.

“I’ll make sure Sam knows you love her,” Max said, and kissed me at the bottom of the stairs.

“Give me a sec and I’ll walk you home,” I said.

She sniffed my neck. “You and Alex need a shower. Do I have to wait?”

“No, it’s fine. I don’t want to cheat Alex out of a shower,” I said, and smiled. She kissed my cheek and waved goodbye. A chilly wind blew in the door; I grabbed Max’s glove and climbed the stairs with her in tow.


“I’m walking you home,” I said.

“Thank you,” Max said. “But I’d like to go soon, you two smell, and I know what showering with you is like.”

We reached the top of the stairs. Alex was swaying and dancing and full of energy. I sniffed her hair.

“Smells like me,” I said.

“Ook! Cavegirl stinked by caveman!” She leaned in and kissed me. “Wanna get stinkier?”

“We gotta make sure the girl gets home safe,” I told Alex. “Like proper gentlemen.”

“OK, but dibs on prima nocta.”

“What?” Max asks. “Isn’t that where the king fucks the bride on her wedding night?”

“You know it, princess.” Alex grinned and slapped Max’s ass. I pulled on a pair of jeans.

“Alex, c’mon, let’s get Max home. Your tits’ll freeze off in the wind.”

“Oh! Shit! Don’t want that to happen while the girls are still defying gravity!” She chuckled and scanned the room for her clothes.

“I really love her,” Max told me.

“You’ve got good taste.” I hugged her hips and kissed her hair.

“Jesus you need a shower!” she laughed, pushing me off.

“Well, you gotta smell me for a few minutes yet. Alex and me’ll get clean afterwards.”

“Yeah,” Max said flatly. “Clean.”

I kissed her hair and finished dressing. No wind followed us up the hill and towards the dorms. I had done this walk dozens of times in school. I needed refueling. I directed the girls where I always used to go.

We grabbed slices of pizza at Alexandria’s on Queen Street. When I had lived in the dorm that Max and Sam did I had been eating here once a week. God, I had been fat in college. I was doing better now but I wanted the snow gone so I could get running everyday. I had no doubt that Alex and Max would be running beside me in outfits I’d love peeling off of them.

“What are you thinking about?” Alex asked as she bit into pineapple and ham.

“Your ass in running shorts,” I said.

“Yum,” Max laughed. They had ordered green peppers on the pizza, and I was hungry enough to remind myself that I hated them. I sipped my diet Pepsi. “You know, I’d be home by now if you had let me walk by myself.”

“And you wouldn’t be keeping me company.” I leaned on her shoulder. I stretched. “But let’s get you home.”

We were across the street from the dorms. Sam’s father’s car was parked in the fifteen-minute drop-off spot. Max had recognized it and grabbed my stomach and walked me back from the crosswalk. It started to snow. I looked around, but if it was important snow there was no way to prove it.

“He knows what Gene and I look like. You’re on point, Alex.” Max pushed the blonde forward, and then twisted and jumped to wrap her legs around me and kiss me hard. At least my slice of pizza didn’t have that much garlic and onions on it.

“What are you doing?”

“Hiding his face and protecting his identity.” Max broke the kiss and looked over her shoulder at Alex, who rolled her eyes. Max saw movement, and flashed her face back to kiss me more.

“You’re a real hero, Maxie,” Alex snarked. She stuck out her tongue. She smacked Max’s ass a few tongue strokes later. “Killjoy went down Barrington Street.”

“C’mon!” Max hopped down and grabbed my hand. I pulled her back to wait for the light. She gave me a flat look: there were no cars on the street. The curse of the red hand became the blessing of the white knight. Max strutted ahead of Alex and me with her redheaded, blue-capped, nose in the air.

“You should hold her back a little more often. She doesn’t usually swing her butt like that,” Alex declared; I nodded.

Max let us in. The RA at the desk gave me an envious look. Alex grabbed my hand and squeezed tightly as we got on the elevator and off at Sam and Max’s room. The room was empty.

“Huh?” Max frowned.

“What happened?” I asked. “She’s not here.”

“No,” Max pointed to the dresser and desk the school had provided for them. “And neither is her laptop or suitcase.”

“Fucking fuck fucker fuck.”

“Damn,” Alex frowned. “She’s still gotta be taking classes, though, right?”

“I can’t imagine a dad pulling his daughter out of school. That makes no sense,” I agreed.

“Cool!” Alex said. “I’ll ambush her in the morning. Wanna fuck Max in her bed?”

“Yeah, that’ll be fun, but we’ll have to be quick,” Max agreed, pulling back her covers.

“No,” Alex said, and shook her head. “I meant in Sam’s bed.”

“What? My bed’s right here,” Max frowned at Alex.

“But that’s not as hot as using Sam’s!” Alex said.

Max shook her head. “She didn’t say we could, though.”

“When Sam gets back and smells the fucking, she’ll come for us, and we’ll have a great story for her!” Alex said, and broke out into a bright grin. “When I smell Gene and you, I can’t wait to find out what happened!”

“But—Sam’s not here…” Max said and looked around her room. She purposely didn’t look at Alex, who was running a hand over Sam’s bed. “Can, uh, I sleep at your place tonight? I don’t like having a room to myself, and that RA’s not going to like it if I keep someone Gene’s age in the dorms too long.”

“Of course you can,” I smiled, and hugged her. “Tonight we take care of each other. Tomorrow we bring home Sam.”