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Blizzard — Chapter 26 by Redsliver

* * *

When we decided to stay over at my brother’s place that night, the four of us on the one queen-sized bed in the spare room, Kent got huffy and sour, and his bad mood spread like an oil spill. On his way back from the bathroom, he made eye contact with Sam. A mischievous smile bloomed across his face, and she looked away. He gazed down at Max, who was laughing with Doug, then leaned down and whispered in her ear. Even though Max had rebooted herself less than 10 minutes ago, her face went vicious. She rose, turned, and slapped Kent hard. Kent staggered back. With all of his alcohol and her fire, it was amazing he wasn’t flat on his ass.

“Oh my god!” Alex’s eyes went wide.

“What did he say?” Sam asked.

“You don’t want to know,” Max said, scowling. I stopped myself from repeating Sam’s question.


“No, you really don’t.”

“Nothing that deserved that,” Kent muttered as he stood up and rubbed his cheek. All three of my girls turned their backs on him. Doug and I shared a look.

“Alright,” I declared, getting up across the table. “Maybe we’ll go.”

“You don’t have to,” my brother said. “It’s my place; I decide who sleeps here tonight.”

I looked to my girls; they all shook their heads. I nodded at them: we were all on the same page. Doug versus Kent was going to be a fight. We thanked Doug and started to collect our winter coats.

“Gene!” Doug pulled me aside. “Thank Max for me? Now I have an excuse to dump Kent.”

“If you were looking for an excuse, you’d have found one tonight even without us,” I pointed out.

“Say something nice to her for me anyway. They’re really special girls, man,” and he punched my shoulder. “They could do better.”

“No we couldn’t,” Max said. She kissed Doug on the cheek. “Thank you for being lovely.”

“Lovely,” Alex echoed, and hugged Doug from behind. Sam piled on as well. Doug put his arms around them.

“Any chance I could keep one of you?” Doug laughed.

“No,” Sam said, and kissed his other cheek. “Good night, Doug. Good luck.”

“Oh, sweetheart, this is old hat.”

Our goodbyes were finally final. We stepped out into the cold Halifax winter night. I worried about Sam. I worried about her legs. I stared at her legs.

“It’s beautiful!” Alex said with spinning arms out on the sidewalk. Snow walls separated sidewalks from the street. The stars were out, as much as you could see them in the city, and the girls were warmly dressed. The fortification by white wine and black rum encouraged Alex. “Can we walk?”

I closed the taxi app and put away my phone. Sam snuggled up on my left, Max on my right, Alex hopped on my back, and I stumbled forward, faceplanting into the nearest snowbank.

“Oh my god!” Sam said. She couldn’t stop drunk-laughing.

I dropped Alex to the sidewalk. Max helped me up. We turned and grabbed Alex by both hands and levered her to her feet. Sam rushed in and licked some snow off my cheek.

“It wasn’t yellow, was it?” I worried.

“Yuck!” Sam squealed and spat out the snow.

I grabbed her and kissed her. She laughed, and pushed me off.

“Well, if you don’t want it,” Max snickered, then grabbed my collar and pulled me in for a kiss.

“What about me?” Alex said.

“Sam’s free,” Max said, tilting her head in a ‘go on, then’ gesture. She kissed me again; Alex grabbed Sam and kissed her too.

We all held the kisses for a long moment. I had to breathe, so I broke contact with her lips, and smiled at the woman I still held deeply dipped in my arms.

“I love you,” I said. Her blue eyes widened half as fast as her smile.

“I love you too,” Max whispered, then the wind carved through us. I set Max upright and let go.

“It’s a long walk home,” I said.

“Not with you, it’s not,” Alex said, and rushed over and grabbed my glove in her mitts. Max did the other side. Sam hopped on my back. This time, I was better braced.

Alex frowned at Sam, who said “What?” innocently. In my peripheral vision, I could see her sticking her tongue out at Alex. “It’s a long walk. I don’t want to slip and hurt my ankle.”

“Why not?” Max asked. “It’s how you got Gene to take your virginity.”

I blushed. I was so in love, I was forgetting how new this all was. Sam’s arms were hooked tight around my collar and her ankles crossed in front of my cock.

“Yeah, but I’m out of virginities,” Sam replied.

“Damn!” Alex giggled. “I guess that means you’ll have to marry him or something, then.”

“Don’t give her ideas,” I warned. “I like a girl who can run enough to be caught.”

They smirked, but shook their heads.

“Oh, don’t look like that,” Alex said, and kissed my frown. “Comedy can be hard. And it was almost funny!”

“I’m glad you don’t actually want me to run, ” Max commented. “The sidewalk’s too icy.”

“Yeah, and I don’t want you breaking that gold medal ass of yours,” I said.

“Wait? Does that mean Alex has a silver medal ass?” Sam gripped my shoulders a bit too hard to ask that.

“God no! Yours should be gold medal,” and Alex shook her head. “Max is silver.”

“Hey!” the redhead growled.

“Great asses are a team sport. Go Team Girlfriend!” I shouted.

“Better.” Sam kissed my cheek. We crossed the street under the light. The drivers watching us pass were surely jealous of me. I was king of the world.

“So, OK, but if it’s not a team sport?” Alex eventually asked.

“Nope,” I said. “I’ve had enough landmines and potential fights tonight. Team Girlfriend is super hot, super pretty, and super—”

“Fuckable!” Sam shouted into the night. “I’m so horny!”

I laughed nervously as she fired her booming voice across the Halifax Commons. It was the middle of the night, in the winter, and the city was dead, but I’m sure someone still heard her.

“Slow down, Gene.” Alex squeezed in. “You fall over and you break two of my favorite asses.”

Alex slapped Sam’s and mine.

“I like yours, Alex,” Max said. “I want to watch Gene fuck it.”

“Yeah,” Alex rubbed her backside. “I mean, it was a big mess when Sam did it. Should we stop by the pharmacy and get some stuff like we looked up?”

“Maybe tomorrow,” I said. “Sam’s horny. We don’t have time to stop!”

“I’m horny too,” Max frowned.

“Yeah, now there’s no way we’re stopping, Max,” Alex laughed.

We were about ten minutes from Alex’s dorm, forty minutes from my apartment. The wind started blowing in our faces. Our banter was dying as our bodies grew cold and we tilted our faces down from the flurries and cold. I had to let go of the girls’ hands to hold Sam’s thighs. She covered my cheeks with her gloves.

“We could go up—” Alex stopped and pointed, but I was too much of a robot and kept plodding on. “OK. Do you still have some clothes for me to borrow at Gene’s?”

“I have my change for tomorrow,” Max said.

“Sam?” Alex asked.

“It’s bad enough you want to—” Sam shook her head. “Yeah, a sweater and a pair of jeans. You’ll wear your bra again.”

“How tight’s the sweater? Maybe she doesn’t?” I smirked.

“Not show-off tight,” Sam said apologetically.

The wind kicked again. Max’s coat was rippling. There was practically a gale fighting us home. Every step made me more concerned for my girls. When they did get to speak, Sam sniped Alex, or Max attacked Sam, or Alex pleaded for peace while Max yes-girl’ed her best friend.

“I don’t think I get my happy ending,” I murmured. I was about to say: “without slaying the Ice Queen.”

“The fuck you don’t!” Sam shouted over the wind, and waved a gloved fist. “Whatever your happy ending is, as long as I’m part of it, you’ll get it.”

“And if Alex and Max’re part of it too?” I grumbled.

“Then I’ll not say the mean shit I want to, and I’ll love them no matter what else I feel,” Sam said. “No one is taking you from me! Any of you...”

“I love you so much!” Alex shouted, and tackled me and Sam into a hug—but with the wind, I lost my feet, and faceplanted into my second fucking snowbank of the evening. “Oh my god!”

Sam slid off my back to her feet. Three giggling girls pulled me out of the snow. The wind picked up and we all shivered. I brushed the snow from my face.

“It’s right there,” Alex was pointing to her dorm, one block away.

“We wouldn’t really have the room, and your roommate’s definitely there,” Max said. “We should walk you home, though. It’s a mess out, and it’s a long ways back to our dorms or Gene’s.”

“What? That’s not fair!” Alex was shouting more for the wind. I turned and scowled in the general direction of home.

I pulled in Alex and kissed her hard. “I want you safe and warm. I’m taking you to your room.”

“Really?” Sam lit up. The smile fell off her face in a moment of realization. Her shoulders slumped. “I’m sorry,” she said, and kissed Alex.

Alex kissed her back, harder. “It’s OK,” she said, and squeezed Sam tight. “I’m OK with you loving Gene. Love him. Really. Hard.”

“Try to stop me,” Sam said.

“Let’s go,” I said. We trudged up to her dorm. The wind had to turn a hundred and eighty degrees to get into our faces. It did. My teeth were clenched too tight to be chattering. Goddammit! It was already March! We were hours into the month. Come on, summer!

We all fought the weather and I kissed Alex at her door. I sent her in with a pat on her ass. She grabbed at my crotch with her mitt.

“I’ll be by first thing in the morning.”

“I’ll be dead to the world,” I smiled.

“Then I’ll Prince Charming your ass, Sleeping Beauty,” she said. “Oh wait. Prince Charming your ass, Snow White.”

“Get inside,” I said, and we waved as Alex closed the door behind her.

“Cab?” I said turning to face my remaining two girls. They looked at each other. Max leaned in and kissed a surprised Sam.

“I’m actually still OK,” Max said.

“I’m not really off on Max so much as Alex,” Sam frowned. “Let’s go. I want to get to bed, and running will keep us warmer.”

It was a good premise: running probably would have kept us warm. Too bad we were already cold. We should’ve called a cab and huddled up in the nearby bus stop. The wind was poking at us. Bursts of air that slammed us whenever we took a corner. At least the streets were empty. No one but us was out in this stupidity.

“Christ!” Max squealed as she slipped along some ice, but kept herself from falling by hip-checking the snowbank. I rushed over to grab her waist. She took a deep breath.

“Don’t break your legs. He likes those,” Sam suggested.

“You’re one to talk,” Max snapped. She covered her mouth with her glove. “Oh, sorry.”

“You used to last the whole night. It’s barely been two hours!” We were close now, though: three more blocks to my place, or two to their dorm.

“It’s not that! I’m still in love, but it’s fucking miserable out! It should have only taken us forty-five minutes, but it’s been almost two hours!” Max said, hugging her own shivering shoulders.

“Do you want another charge once we get home?”

“Even if she does, they’re in Alex’s bag,” Sam said. “It’s OK. We’ll fight it for a few more hours if we have to.”

“No,” Max said. “I’ll wait for Alex at Gene’s. You go to our room.”

“I’m OK with fighting it and being with you tonight.”

“We’ll just make it worse if we have to feel like this,” Max said. “I don’t want you with Gene, it’s like cheating on Alex.”

“And same for you,” Sam said. “We don’t have to have sex, if it matters that much.”

“We do have to get warm, though,” I said. “Both of you, come.”

I ducked my head and walked Max off the patch of ice. I reached back for Sam’s hand and helped her past. The little stretch of sidewalk was poorly cleared, but it was safer a few houses down. I just wanted to plow on home.

“We could both go to the dorm,” Max suggested. “And that way—”

“That way Gene walks us home like a gentleman and has to loop back to his place by himself.” Sam ground her teeth. “Keep walking, Max.”

“It’s fine,” I said. “I’ll make it fine.”

“Don’t!” Sam turned on me and pointed her finger. “It sped everything up when you put me in the chair. I want the Max who desperately loves… loves us all. Don’t… Not yet.”

“That’s not what I meant,” I said.

“You want to deal with that girl wizard chick,” Max nodded. “We’ll come with you.”

“Yeah,” I said. “After Alex brings you the boots in the morning.”

We shivered and stomped and kept our heads down. We didn’t wait for the last traffic light to change, we were too close. There was a loud honking as one of the only cars out in Halifax that night missed me by inches.

“Oh my god!” Sam shrieked.

“Are you hurt!” Max worried.

“Home,” I grumped, and pounded my feet down the sidewalk. The girls kept up. I was so close to home. I just wanted the wind to harmlessly rock us to sleep in my bed. “Shit!”

“It’s OK, I have a key,” Max said as I frustratedly slapped my doorknob.

“It’s alright,” Sam said, rubbing my back. We went inside after Max’s gold-medal butt. I shut the door behind me and locked it.

“Your face is so red!” Sam said. The girls had worn scarves—I’d pulled them down from time to time for kisses—but I was less prepared for the weather myself.

“It really hurts.” I flinched as the apartment heat gradually restored some feeling to my nose. I was surprised icicles weren’t falling from the tip.

“Cold water!” Max said. “You might have frostbite. We need to warm it up slowly.”

“I didn’t know that,” I mumbled. They rushed me up to my washroom. Facecloths and cool water. I didn’t have frostbite, but stupidity will catch up with me at some point.

The apartment rocked. The girls bickered. I just said “Ow…” now and again to steal their attention and calm the ship. My head swam with too much alcohol.

“You can’t sleep in your parkas,” I said. I was down to my jeans; they had taken off gloves and scarves but were otherwise still bundled up. They looked at each other, daring the other to remove her earmuffs or her toque. I noticed their legs. The dresses. The skirts.

“Holy shit! Are you girls OK?” I reached down and grabbed calves. Both girls were shivering, but Sam’s legs had been open to the elements. “What the hell did you agree to walk with me for?”

“It was beautiful when we left Doug’s,” Max said. “How were we supposed to know what was coming?”

My apartment rumbled in the wind.

“We could’ve checked our phones,” Sam snarked. “You know, common sense solutions.”

I laughed. Max looked worried at me.

“Engineering joke. You can do all the crazy high-level math but you can’t figure out what a five-year-old sees right off the bat.”

“What?” she frowned.

“It’s a joke. Engineers overthink. Or at least, we lowly draftsmen notice they do.”

“You’re not lowly,” Sam countered. “You’re our Gene and you’re amazing.”

“Whatever, your legs are freezing.” I got them naked, and with lots of rubbing and running water that we slowly got warmer and warmer, I had them both in the shower.

I sat in the tub, Max leaned back on my chest, and Sam leaned back on Max’s. I had my arms around Max’s midriff, and she had her arms around Sam’s. I was so tired, so drunk, so at home, that I was drifting off even in the steaming shower.

“I wish I wanted this the way I did that first night,” Sam said. They were talking. I just relaxed.

“I know I was straight a couple of weeks ago,” Max said.

“You’re soaping my boobs pretty thoroughly for a straight girl.”

“Yeah, but it’s not... I’m still me, but I want to be part of Team Girlfriend. I want so much from you. And Alex. And Gene. So much more than I ever thought I would.”

“He’s right there. If you ask him, he won’t make you do anything.”

“I’m sorry about tonight.” Max sounded like she was holding together a sob. “I was so mean.”

“You knew?”

“Well, yeah. You were always looking at me, and touching me, and complimenting me, and trying to get me to hang out with you… and then you started ditching all of your other friends to join me and Alex.”

“You guys are awesome friends,” Sam said.

“So are you,” Max said.

“He won’t make you, if you’re straight. Ask him.”

“He’s sleeping. I know how he breathes,” Max whispered. I didn’t have the energy to correct her.

“Yeah, his metronome’s making me feel sleepy and at home too,” Sam yawned.

“Besides, I like being told to do things and be sexy. I like making you and Alex feel sexy.”

“Alex loves it when we heap attention on her,” Sam said, and I could hear her smiling. “Especially when Gene’s watching.”

“She likes boys,” Max pointed out.

“She likes a man.”

“So do I. So do you. And that skank downstairs is fucking with our heads,” Max worried.

“Whatever happens, she can’t take away how I feel about you,” Sam said.

“I’m sorry I called you a skank.”

“Did you?”

“I tried.” There was a frown in Max’s voice. “I wouldn’t have meant it! I was just—I wanted to be mean. If I was honest, the worst I would have called you is gorgeous.”

“That’s your worst? We have different definitions of ‘worst’, Maxie.”

“Worst doesn’t mean bad,” I mumbled. Or did I? I couldn’t hear Sam’s laugh or smile in response.

“Before you two and Gene, I never really believed anyone who said I was pretty,” Max kept going. I drifted a little deeper.

“Not me. I’ve always been pretty and known it. Fuck, I was so certain I was going to be the hot one when I came to Halifax,” Sam laughed. “Then they say, congratulations, your roommate is Maxine Drop Dead Gorgeous Carlsen. It was not easy.”

“I want it to be easy. And it’s Sophia.”


“You don’t sound like you when you aren’t making sure everyone has the right words. My middle name’s not ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’, it’s Sophia.”

“Heh,” Sam weak-laughed. “Thank you for looking out for me.”

I heard them kiss.

The conversation dwindled away into the drone of the shower on our skin. I don’t think I could’ve been awake for the hours that passed. I was floating on my dream to the girls’ soft breathing when one sighed.

“We really should’ve taken the boots from Alex.”

“Or maybe we should have—”

* * *

“Gene!” I was awakened by light slapping on my cheek. “Ge-ene!”

“Oh!” I started to shiver as Sam turned off the water. Max tapped me again. She held a big towel in her other hand. “You don’t want to be in here if the hot water runs out.”

I nearly slipped and fell getting out of the tub. I was red-faced and embarrassed as the girls fussed over me, patting and drying me with fluffy towels. My erection was obvious. A little cuddling, more attention, and a happy dream I’d never remember. I grabbed Team Girlfriend’s asses and pushed them to my bed.

“Can we wait until Alex gets here?” Max worried. “I don’t want Sam trying so hard when everyone isn’t appreciating it. I feel off without the boots.”

“Sex is plenty appreciation for me,” Sam beamed. We both kissed her lightly.

We settled down sitting in a line on the edge of my bed. I saw the trepidation in Max’s eyes. I saw the lip in Sam’s teeth. She reached for my cock. I slipped back into bed. Max folded herself against my left side. Sam on my right. They pulled the blanket over the three of us. Sam and Max circled their fingers on my chest. I kept rolling my head. Kissing one, smiling, turning, kissing the other, smiling, turning…

Sam’s fingers moved lower when she wasn’t being kissed. I had my arms under each of their hips. I held them close as light fingernails ran softly along the skin of my cock. The softness of Sam’s fingertips rolled around my balls.

“You girls OK?” I asked Sam. She kissed my lips and pushed me back.

“Just let us focus on who we know we love right now,” Max said. Her lips pressed into mine as Sam’s fingers encircled my cock.

Since about grade 8, I had wanted handjobs. Tragically, I knew I could do them better myself. I had cracked the code. How to make them work. I hadn’t tried adding another girl, folded in tight, all of the emotion and intimacy you could handle as they worked in concert. Sam took long leisurely strokes of my cock. Max fingered and shuffled my balls.

We kept the puff puff pass of our kissing going. I was lost in a warm, protected, happy place. I was feeling more cared for and more attractive than I ever could without my girls. I didn’t say a word. I was thinking about Alex, and I didn’t want to risk her name to the other girls.

Our eyes, adjusted to the dark of my apartment, stared into each other’s before and after each kiss. I could tell they were thinking of Alex too.

We could hardly hear the wind outside. The apartment stopped rocking. I was left to indulge in this happiness. I broke my kiss with Max, I leaned my head back into the pillow. Max nibbled my ear. Sam licked my throat. Her fist closed on the head of my cock and made circles not tugs. Max’s reached up, grabbing the bottom of my dick. Her hand flew and rushed. I moaned wordless happiness. I filled Sam’s fingers with warmth.

“Good night, Gene,” Sam said as my breathing calmed. I kissed her.

“Good night, Sam,” I said quietly. I turned to kiss Max, but she was greedily suckling Sam’s sticky fingers. Blocked from a kiss, her mouth contorted in apology. I laughed, kissed the tip of her nose, and smiled. “Good night, Max.”

She nodded, then mumbled a garbled “I hope so”. Sam pulled her fingers out of Max’s mouth and got a “Good night, Sam” in response.

“Good night, Max,” Sam said. I had to grin as her warm wet fingers flattened on my pectoral. Max’s hand rubbed circles on my belly.

One burst of wind. A rock of the apartment. I refused to say, “Good night, Winter.”