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Blizzard — Chapter 7 by Redsliver

* * *

“Wow. Wow wow wow!” Max cheered as I let her go. Alex charged my face, displacing Max and grabbing my skull. Her kiss was sloppy, random, and awesome. I moved my hands to her waist.

“Hey there,” Sam purred, and squeezed my cock through my jeans. Her breasts were pressed into the back of my ribs.

Alex broke the kiss in a rush backwards. She was red, flushed, giggling. She grinned broadly. She was almost apologetic in saying: “Sam’s knuckles were tickling me.”

I reached down, intent on inhibiting Sam’s forward charge to slow down, but Max jumped in front of me again: she tried to go for the greedy kiss that Alex had made, but was nervous. She wasn’t willing to be as random or at all sloppy. She came on sweet.

“Don’t just hold my wrist and her hip,” Sam whispered to me, so close that her lips pressed against my ear. “Take hold of her titties.”

Alex helped. Sam reversed her arm to take a grip of my wrist. Alex slapped my hand right on Max’s breast. She wasn’t gentle. The impact of my hand on Max’s flesh was a thunderclap. Our kiss broke as the engineering student moaned.

“And gotcha!” Sam rushed my right hand onto Max’s left boob. I started weighing them, caressing them, discovering her. Her lips shook. Her eyes widened. Her nipples could not get harder.

“Wow,” Max mumbled. She smiled when she could.

“Now that I see them, you were right, Sam,” Alex leered. “Max does need bigger bras.”

“I wear a 36 double D!” Max grew paler. “I don’t know if I want them bigger!”

“They are, though,” Alex countered. “Aren’t you supposed to be the science and evidence girl?”

“A little harder!” Sam interrupted the old friends’ teasing. She grabbed my fingers to give me a big honk of Max’s breast.

“Shit! Sorry!” Max exclaimed. Her skin was flushed and her breathing had been heating up. Alex was laughing.

“You’ve got two hands, why’re you only working on one girl?” Sam teased as she pulled my hand back from Max’s boob. I realized I needed to take control. She dragged me onto her own tit. Alex grabbed my other hand and slapped it on her own breast.

“But what about me?” Max looked down. There were red finger marks, light but visible, on her squeezed breast. I gave her a smile. I honked Alex and Sam as hard as Sam had forced me to honk Max.

“Shit!” Sam started laughing.

“Ooh!” Alex beamed warmly.

I looked Max right in her big deer-in-the-headlights eyes. She smiled. Her hands journeyed behind her butt. Her smile was never big enough to show her teeth. I stuck out my tongue. She snorted and rushed me.

I was posed strangely. My arms were out and hooked like I was trying to embrace Max without touching her. At the end of each arm was a warm breast of teenaged gi—woman. My head was dragged down; at least they were taller than most. Max sucked my tongue into her lips before I could pull it back in and quip at her.

“Really?” Sam questioned. “Max, we’re on boobs now. He’s supposed to be licking and sucking on your nipple.”

“What?” Max wouldn’t let go of my head as she broke the kiss and looked over her shoulder at Sam. I started on the side of her neck. She shuddered and moaned.

Alex made me honk her boob once more before she lifted my hand off and set it on Max’s ass. The theatre student rushed to my side. She grabbed my legs.

“Trust me,” she whispered excitedly in my ear. She forced me to kneel before Max by dragging me down one knee at a time. Sam wouldn’t give up my hand. She held my fingers with both of her hands, making sure I wandered and felt everything Max’s mountains had to offer. I scaled down Max’s skin as I was lowered. She blushed through her neck and across and over the slopes of her tits. She guided her own nipple into my lips.

“Boys really like tits,” she analysed.

“That’s her really hard science classes teaching her that,” Alex teased.

“I dunno, I think everyone likes tits,” Sam said, and blushed.

“She’s got two,” Alex teased Sam and pointed to Max. “And there’s plenty of room next to Gene.”

Max looked surprised. I watched her with my eyes rolled up. She reached out for Sam and nodded. A shy smile bloomed on Max’s face. I nipped a little and her gasp broke that smile.

Sam’s eyes widened. Her lips pulled back: half smiling girl, half hungry wolf. “You… you want me to?!” Max nodded again. Sam practically glowed with excitement as she latched herself to Max. I grinned, and stroked her hair.

“Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable,” I said. Max jumped as I squeezed her butt through her jeans. “Do everything that doesn’t.”

“Yes!” Sam said on a raspy crackle. She cleared her throat and apologized under her breath. She led my hand down to Max’s ass. The redhead was stiff yet melty. I squeezed and took her other nipple into my mouth. Alex pulled away from me. Sam knelt down at my elbow.

“Really?” Alex beamed. Max quaked as me and her roommate kissed her nipples. Sam looked at me, not to be certain I was excited but to follow my example. I could start taking control.

I took Max’s breast in one hand and laid my other hand on her stomach. Sam squeezed, popping out Max’s nipple, and laid her hand atop of mine. I started with a long lick, from the underside up and around the outside of Max’s breast. Max made a warm purring sound. Sam licked, with a smaller, less full-on tongue along the inverse slope. Max shivered, and suppressed a tickled laugh. I dragged my lips downward, kissing up the hill to the perky peak. Sam made wetter louder kisses, and started over at the bottom when she got to the top.

“This is hot,” Alex grinned. “How does it feel?”

“Go-ood,” Max warbled as I first claimed her nipple with my teeth and then closed my lips down around its pale pinkness. She shrieked when Sam tried. “He didn’t bite me! Just, a little with your teeth. Better.”

Her breathing slowed down. Her hands, which she had been holding away from her like she had no idea how they worked, landed on my shoulder and Sam’s. She gripped tighter when I sucked harder. I began leading Sam’s hand down Max’s belly.

“Slow, please… like maybe keep it outside my panties?” I took Max’s question as an enforcement of her boundaries. She wouldn’t have stopped me. If I couldn’t tell from her voice, I could tell from the grip of her fingers, or the urge of her hips. Her fingers trembling, Sam unbuttoned Max’s jeans. I dragged Sam’s hand lower.

Sam lifted her head from Max’s nipple. She looked like she’d gone beyond euphoric and into delirious. “W-you gotta make her cum!” Sam stuttered excitedly. I sucked harder. Max shook hotly. “Oh, he’s on it.”

“He really is!” Alex cheered. She was watching from nearly two paces back. Her hands were closed with her fingers laced through each other in front of her tits. She kept licking and biting her bottom lip. She watched, not joining in.

“Thank you,” Max squeaked as I put Sam’s and my hands below her crotch, though between her thighs. Her knees were bent crooked to bring her tits better closer to our mouths but she dropped a little lower to touch herself to our hands. I looked up. She had her eyes shut tight. Her lips moved but she made no supplications or demands. I grabbed the meat of her thigh; Sam did the same with our knuckles rocking against each other’s. Heft the breast. Squeeze the leg. Suck the nipple. Shake the girl.

Her thumb was really starting to hurt me. Her grip on my shoulder had landed so she could stab under my collarbone with her thumb. I’d feel a sharp pain. I’d smack her thumb with my chin. I’d pull her nipple with my teeth. She’d flinch and the pain would jump again. I let go of her nipple with my teeth and lips. Sam followed my example. I took Max’s hand and she slumped forward.

She could’ve put me in a headlock. She was leaning across our shoulders and balancing herself on the arm of my chair. I reached through her legs, grabbed her ass cheek. She was hot and wet through layers of denim and cotton. Sam’s hand had Max’s other cheek.

“No, stay. Hold her up.” I kept Sam on her knees as I climbed to my feet. I straddled Max’s foot. Her bare toes tickled the instep of my sock. I gave her a spank to hold her ass and drag my looped-under hand deeper into the valley of her thighs.

“Look at her go!” Alex exclaimed, watching the whip of Max’s lower spine and the bounce of her butt. Max was humping my palm and Sam’s wrist.

“I can’t help it!” Max moaned over her shoulder to Alex. She had to explain herself, defend something. Her breath was off and ragged. I curled my wrist and pressed the heel of my palm into her sex.

“Then get excited for it!” Alex urged. She had never seen anything like what she was watching, if her mesmerized face and agape smile were any indication. I looked at the way her knuckles were white and her ankles were bouncing. She had all of the energy, and no outlet at hand. I grinned at her. She turned to meet Max’s gaze. “You could tag me in if you want?”

“I—No—Let me—Hah!” Sam’s wrist bone was right at the entrance to Max’s sex, while the force of my hand was running the base of her zipper across the clit. She stomped her foot, slapping mine. Her hair whipped as she thrashed her head.

“Is? Is she cumming?” Sam seemed shocked.

“Yes! Yes!” Max shouted. She was on a hair trigger. I felt omnipotent as I dug my hand in harder and took a tighter grip of her bubbly muscular ass. “Yes!”

“Wow,” Sam said, awestruck. “Okay, if that’s what orgasms are like, then I don’t think I ever had one.”

“You will tonight,” I said. I was committed now. Each girl had to experience and witness the others, and when the high energy and hormones burned off after sleep we could begin our female relationship power games in the morning. “If you do a good job with Max.” Sam’s eyes widened.

“Oh shit! Sorry!” Max swung her hips. It was fun to hold on. Alex squealed and blushed like she hadn’t all night. Her knees were tight together as she watched.

“Shit! Shit! Sorry! Sorry! Wow!”

I had to grin at Max’s exclamations.

“You could pull her jeans down and fuck her right now,” Sam breathed, her voice searing.

“Language, young lady,” I laughed as Max apologized for another ‘shit’.

“What? Really?” Sam flinched.

“Fuck no! Whatever you want to say. Say it, and say it loud.” I slapped Max’s ass. “Like our girl is about to.”

“Fuck! My vulva feels better than it ever fucking has!” Max growled into the arm of my chair. She lifted her face, panting, and muttered another “Sorry.”

Alex was giggling. Sam was laughing. I was soothing Max’s ass with one hand. Sam’s and my underhands ran down to Max’s thighs as she wobbled and cooled off. I leaned down and kissed her in the small of her back.

“You’re not the only gi—woman here,” I said with my cheek laid against Max’s back.

“Alex next?” Max asked.

“Of course.” I stood up and gazed into Alex’s wide and uncertain eyes. “She can’t hide forever.”

“I’m not hiding.” Alex looked around. She was two long steps away from us. I accepted Sam and Max’s hands and rose to my feet. Alex lunged, grabbed my neck, and kissed me. She jumped, caught her legs around my waist, and crossed her wrists behind my head. “You’re so hard down there.”

“I know!” Sam grinned. “He was excited at the bar too.”

“You could take it out and we could—” She was cut off as I threw her back down on my bed. She shrieked and giggled.

I grabbed her wrists as I climbed on top of her. I held her down with her hands over her head. She was eager to strip, but I didn’t want to go off with Sam still unmolested. Dark word, warm thoughts.

Alex wiggled and squirmed until her knee popped up between my legs. I was kissing her, she was rushing my mouth madly back. Her thighs snapped closed around mine. She was grinding her crotch hard against me.

“She’s turning so red!” Max sat down at my hip and rubbed my shoulder as I tussled with her friend. Sam climbed right over me. Her knee slammed down on my ass. I ground my cock all along Alex’s leg.

“Oh! Oh!” Alex hit high octaves as her sighs broke our kiss. I nudged her head aside with my cheek and scraped my tongue along her ear. She humped harder as I kissed her jaw. She spasmed when I nibbled.

“Is this OK?” Sam kneed her leg in between mine and Alex’s. She was on my left, Alex was under my right. I felt Sam’s warm body fit to my side. Max’s fingernail spelled her name across my shoulder blade.

My bedsprings were louder than I had realized. The creaking favored Sam’s energetic tempo over Alex’s slower beat. I focused on Alex. Sam focused on me. Alex lost focus. I took her earlobe between my teeth, and flicked around her diamond studs with my tongue.

“She’s feeling tight. Her muscles aren’t going like she wants them to. It’s hard to breathe and keep up her moaning,” Max explained into my ear. She was encircling her fingernail writings with a big heart. “You want to hear a story? When we were having a sleepover in junior high. She thought I was asleep. She was in a sleeping bag on the floor next to my bed. I could hear her. She sounded just like this.”

“Oh God!” Sam growled. “Even her cums sound pretty!”

“No fair!” Alex moaned. “You weren’t supposed to tell anyone. You promised.”

“You didn’t want Gene to know?” Max teased. She was brushing Alex’s hair. The redhead turned the blonde under me so that our lips could come together. We couldn’t quite kiss. Alex was soaking me through our jeans.

“Oh crap! I’m—” She moaned and bumped. Alex’s wrists wrenched and pulled trying to escape my hands. “I’m—Jesus—” She caught a breath. “I don’t do that all of the time. I’m sorry and—”

“It’s really hot,” Sam hissed. She had contorted herself so she could ride up to my hip and whisper into Alex’s ear.

“It really is,” I agreed.

“Oh! That’s not—You mean it!” I don’t know if Alex needed an answer, but she believed it. She went harder. My cock was pressed right against her. I had to let go of her hands, bite the inside of my cheek, bundle up the bedspread into my fists. I had to last for Sam.

I grunted out a mad bellow.

“Throw Sam down on her back!” Max urged me on with a bright toothy smile.

“Alex?” I asked her.

“Break her!” the theater geek grinned. “Then I’m breaking you.”

“I wanna help,” Max pleaded to Alex.

“Yes! Could you have ever imagined that we’d both get to learn together?” Alex grinned. I grabbed Sam and hefted her off my back as I extricated out of Alex’s noodlefied legs.

“Just a sec,” Sam scurried. I didn’t grab her arms as I took a moment to lay a kiss on both of Alex’s nipples before I crossed over to the brunette. Sam kicked away her jeans. She pulled off her socks with her big toes. I stopped her from ripping down her pale pink panties.

“I’m not in need of a slowdown like Max was and—”

“We’re not going to be done for a little while yet.” I knelt over her. I ran my left hand from her stomach and over the damp crotch of her panties. I ran my right hand from her cheek—she sucked the tip of my thumb—down to her breasts. Max folded herself against my back to watch.

“I’ll be back really fast.” Alex scurried off the bed, leaving her pants and underwear on the floor as she grabbed a towel for slick thighs. The scent of woman was filling the room. I ran my hand down between Sam’s thighs. I took her breast into my hand.

“Reach across,” Max urged, and I moved to Sam’s other breast. Max followed her hand under mine and squeezed Sam’s tits, then looked at me. “I’m not gay for sucking her nipple, right? This is just learning?”


“How much are you willing to learn?” I interrupted Sam. I raised an eyebrow. She had her lip in her teeth as her head bobbed in thought. I turned back to Max.


“Worry about it later!” Sam interrupted Max. Her hips thrust off the bed. “Let his fingers go now,” she burbled semicoherently as I strummed her sex.

“I’m sorry,” Max pulled her hand back from Sam’s tit.

“That’s actually hot, Max!” I turned, and she kissed me. I went harder against Sam, who huffed and puffed.

“So hot…” Sam moaned, “But you’re not gay. Just learning…”

“And there’s plenty to learn,” Max flashed a genuine smile that was mixed with giddy excitement. She reached around me and grabbed Sam’s tit again.

“Where do I get in?” Alex climbed onto the bed naked. She had draped a towel over the back of my computer chair. “Who’s been taking care of you?”

I didn’t get to answer. My fingers, bent through the gusset of Sam’s panties, pressed into the mouth of her pussy. She kicked her heels back, setting her toes down under her butt. She snapped up, she fell down.

“I can feel her heart! It’s crazy!” Max whispered behind me at Alex.

“M-mo-ore… p-puh-please-se…” Sam kept stuttering and gasping. The apartment rocked with her. The snow was piling up on the window and darkening the room. The flickering candlelight was behind our backs.

“I’m not stopping,” I promised her as she thrashed. Her hands gripped Max and my wrists. I could feel her muscles tense as her body rocked.

“None of us came like the ‘oh! Oo-ooh! Oh baby! I’m cumming so hard!’” Alex mimicked the porn mantra with uncomfortable accuracy. I twitched, and smiled at her. Her skin was incandescent in the limited light. “I kinda hoped Max would.”

“You all came beautifully,” I promised. Max grabbed my face and kissed me hard.

“Thank you for keeping your promise. For letting me set the boundary,” she smiled as our kiss broke in diminishing pecks. “I wouldn’t have stopped you if you went for more.”

“He’s still got blue balls, Maxie.” Sam rolled up on her hip. Her thighs were still flexing, wobbling, oscillating. She grinned. “Way to go, Alex.”

Alex started unbuttoning my pants. Max helped by pulling out my belt and hurling it across the room. We heard a clang as the buckle hit something metal. “Oh my god, I’m sorry!”

“Was it a candle? Are we going to burn to death?” I looked. It wasn’t. “Then whatever it was, it’s worth it.”

“All the way naked,” Sam hissed at Alex who was fishing into my pants and boxers. Sam started tugging my jeans off. I nodded. I was ramped up and energized. I needed to release and I had abandoned all of my principles and morals already, right?

I rolled over, leaning across Sam’s stomach as Max and Alex pulled off my pants. I pushed down my boxers. Max and Alex crawled back on the bed. Sam tossed her panties past me.

“Can I leave mine on?” Max worried.

“If you’re going to live up to that handjob you promised him,” Sam teased. Her hand was reaching around me and stroking her soft fingertips over my stomach and chest.

“OK, I guess I—”

“It wasn’t a promise,” I reminded her.

“I want to do it! I really do! Let me?” Anyone who could’ve looked into this girl’s brilliant big eyes and warm smile and said “No” would be so heartless, so brainless, and so cowardly there was no wizard that could ever help them. I nodded. The glee that fireworked out of her body language was humbling. I pulled her in for a kiss as Alex led both of Max’s hands to my cock.

“This is what it’ll be like,” I told the girls. “Sharing, waiting for someone else’s turn. This is what we want.”

“I know!” Alex beamed and snuggled in. She nibbled on my neck and chewed on the skin of my throat. I closed my eyes and succumbed to the surrounding collection of warm affectionate women. Sam was rubbing my chest and my back. Max was teasing my lips and running both hands together up and down the tower of my dick. Alex had thrown her leg over my knee, and was greedily kissing, licking, nibbling, caressing, and exploring me from my ear to my nipples.

“Wow,” Max would look down between kisses. She was startled by the thing in her hands. Her fingers were cool. Her pace was steady. Her determination was steel. “It’s starting to leak onto my fingers.”

He’s starting to leak onto your fingers,” Sam corrected, reaching out and pinching Max’s nipple. The redhead jumped, giggled, and tried to find her lost rhythm again.

“Gene’s feeling you, Max,” Alex teased. “Listen to his breath pick up, feel his body move. Tell us, we’re going to know but we’re impatient.”

“He’s soft but really hard.” Max took a hand off me to tuck back her hair, and left some preparatory release along her hairline. I smiled. Sam reached out and wiped it off. “He’s throbbing. He really gets going when I squeeze as I rub him. It’s amazing!”

“We’re envious as hell!” Alex was talking up Max but I was basking in the rewards. Being the center of their attention was the greatest feeling in the world. My eyes were falling shut. My orgasm was coming on.

“I, uh, something’s changed! Oh my God! What do I do? Is he going—Are you going to—Gene!”

“Max!” I growled back as I soaked my cum onto all ten of her fingers. I heaved and Sam closed her arms tighter around me. I leaned my forehead onto Max’s. She was breathing heavier than I was.

The wind was howling; there must’ve been a gap in one of my windows. The apartment shook. Alex grabbed Max’s hands. Max was laughing in ticklish madness as Alex began sucking my cum off of her friend’s fingers. I wasn’t nineteen like them. I was done. I was—

“He’s getting hard again,” Sam said gleefully as her hand reached my dick and began rubbing around the base.

“I don’t think I could do more…” Max worried.

“That’s OK, girl,” Alex said after making sure I saw her throat bulge with a swallow. “I’ll take it from here.”

I just grinned like an idiot as the snow piled another foot deep outside.