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A new SF Futureverse for you to ponder the role of beauty in American society, and of course a good bit of EMC. Don’t try this at home, don’t let your kids see this if you own a Time machine and think you can warp into this future world I gaurentee nothing about the accuracy of this ficverse!

The Blonde Diaries



The poster was a harbinger of fear to everyone. But such was cruel reality, horrid fate, and unbearable truth. To the untrained eye it was simply a housewife, but to the American male, it was a godsend.

American beauty is the highest standard we have today. You know the type, you know it when you see it. Blonde hair, blue eyes, soft skin, large supple breasts, long legs, high heels, yes the American woman. We took them for granted in the 20th century. Let them work, let them be free and independent, let them run wild until they were a cartoon of themselves. Ah yes Britney Spears, the death of the American beauty they said. Cohorting with cheap whores until she herself became one. Oh how dreadful was it to be living in the 21st century. A world kept only alive by Internet archives of beauty past. Our women became so ugly we had to take drugs just to achieve arousal, and then only really to reproduce and survive…

But MEN REJOICE for this is the 22nd century and we have new hope. BARBIE IS RISEN! Yes Indeed American beauty has returned and with it the American dream, American ingenuity, American pride and American family. Yes rejoice in the new American Woman! The blonde project is alive and well!

Ah yes the 21st century where everyone would be in flying cars and living in outer space. Instead America fell on its sword just like any other empire that flies too close to the sun. It happened to the Greeks, Romans, British, Hapsburgs, Communists and it was no surprise that in 2050 the American empire fell into a tub of lard, war debt, pop culture and foreign oil.

Nice time for me to be born, huh? My name is Lana, why thank you, I’m glad you think I’m beautiful at 50, I do try but I digress. Do you not notice that I speak English, not Blonde? Do you notice that I indeed one with yellow hair? I understand your confusion. You are so wrapped up in the propaganda you didn’t think such a person could exist. You would be half right and that is why you came to see me in my underground hideout. Yes I am the last living blonde in America. What’s that you say, oh you saw thousands of Blondes in the street. I assure you they do not live. They breathe and eat and drink but they do not live. They cannot think for themselves, they cannot process words, they cannot even speak a proper language. The Blondes are a race of themselves, mindless sexual servants who serve men and reproduce. It HAS been 25 years, I guess you forgot the difference.

Well, since the wars and the fall Americans were a disgusting breed. Human pigs really, able only to eat, sleep and have sex. Even then the problem was pop culture kept all these good looking women out there but none were to be had unless they were kids. Pedophilia was rampant, and men could not become sexually attracted to their wives.

The women on the other hand were more than content in running the country, giving birth to test tube daughters to carry on the flame when they became rich enough to retire at 35. Quite simply the women outclassed men. Men still were given birth to, genetic engineering was illegal just so they wouldn’t end up with self extinction. But now the men wanted control so the deal was signed and the Blonde project was launched. I guess this is where I begin…the tricentennial in 2076, an innocent project to create more natural births and repopulate the nation. Instead a new race was born. These are the files of several stages of the Blonde project from 2076 to today where any woman with golden locks or an hourglass figure lives in fear of their lives. I have compiled these from government sources. I could not have survived this long without them.

Chapter 1: The Rise of the Blondes, 2076.

“Attention: Happy 18th Birthday!!! Julia Clarke SS#: 245-99-5555 this is an official notice. You are hereby ordered to attend your 18th birthday examination for selective service. You will report at the regional selective service examination office at 14:00 hours. Failure to report will condemn you to instant service in foreign combat. If you are not selected for service you will not be called to serve again. If you are selected for service your duty will commence at notice. Congratulations! You are now a Woman”

Julia read the email and sang the song all rebellious teens sang when they turned 18.

“Happy birthday to you, we have the right to kill you, with machine guns and grenades, and a bomb blast or two!” So was the way since 2020 when climate change spawned the great land war when the earth shrank while the population grew.

Women were added to the draft a year later when the men got too fat to be effective in combat and out of gender equity concerns. It was only this year that the rules were changed.

Women would now be confined to “Special domestic tasks” unless they skipped their selective service examination. Anyone who did that was dead and Julia knew it. “Foreign Combat really meant being a human buffer for gunfire in China. Only 1% of people who missed their examination and were criminally compelled to serve lived more than 3 months afterward. Julia thought this was an improvement since few men, if any, passed their physicals.

Julia shrugged and got into her car and went to the examination office at noon. Given that she did not know military time she figured she better not chance it. She was a decent looking woman for that time. Somewhat chubby but not fat like most Americans. Like all Americans her age she wore sneakers, long blue jeans and a large sweater.

Women did not flaunt their figures after all. Even if they had them they had grown to almost dominance. Until Carl Martin was elected in 2074 a woman had been president since Hillary Clinton in 2008. Women ran most businesses and commanded the most respect while men wallowed in their own fatness and gluttony. President Martin was elected almost as a fluke much like Hillary was in 2008. Carole Diaz was accused of giving unfair NAFTA provisions to Mexico and undermining America’s authority while continuing to remain bogged down in China in an ever endless war. President Martin ran on a platform of keeping women in peace and letting men fight the war. No woman could resist that calling and he made good on his promise 2 years later, just in time for America’s 300th Birthday by ending women in combat.

Julia got out of her car now. Her hair was a natural blonde and she let it fall around her as she entered the building.

“You are early. Julia Clarke. Please wait in the lounge until your name is called. Surrender your wallet, ID Card, Driving permit, cell phone, and Keys in case you are drafted and stand in the Height weight recording box.” The clerk said, a 300lb balding male in his 30s. Most men were closer to 350 in their 30s so she thought he was pretty fit, but still male as she stood under the metal detector like device which quickly scanned her body into the computer. 5′11 173lbs, eye color Blue, Apparent Hair Color: Blonde, Natural Hair Color: Blonde.

Thank you, Julia

The clerk looked at his new orders and twice at Julia’s ID card. The new rules were clear, Blondes were automatically drafted unless they were over 250 lbs. It used to be all draft orders were radioed to him, but now he gets some authority as he can preemptively activate the sequence. He smiled as he pressed the intercom button to verify.

“She is blonde” He said nervously, still adjusting himself to the new system, it had only been in place a few months, after all.

“Then she is automatically drafted. You may commence draft protocol, we will indoctrinate her during her exam” The voice on the other end said.

The clerk still felt uneasy. The draft procedure could not be undone and was normally only commenced when the draftee was on the bus to base but he proceeded to scan Julia’s ID card under the red scanner. Then he pressed down on the stamper. In .5 seconds Julia Clarke was no more. Her bank accounts were wired back to her parents, her school records were deleted, her cell phone was deactivated, email and IM accounts erased, Internet activity, web sites and postings deleted, her college application was removed from memory, her car towed to the sale yard, credit card transactions vetoed and cash in her wallet placed into the petty cash bin, everything about her would now just carry the same message.


Julia now was called into the examination room. Her fate was sealed, but she did not know this when the examiner walked in.

“Good Afternoon, Julia” The man said and Julia jumped back in amazement.

“A MALE doctor?! I thought all bodily contact by an official would be done by someone of the same gender. I have a 30th amendment right you know.” Julia said in amazement

“Relax, Julia, I am just phase 1, you will not be touched.” He said to her softly.

“I don’t even have to take my shoes off for you, you know!” Julia said assertively.

“I know. I am only here to administer hypnostesia to induce truthful oral answers to the prescreening and then so you are numb for the blood drawings and to contract your bladder for urine testing.” The examiner assured her.

“You need to spin me, damn! I thought these were painless, I guess I now know why.” Julia said while the examiner got out the familiar looking wheel. Hypnostesia was the common practice for any kind of pain inducing procedure or to calm someone who was injured. It also was used to force bodily functions to prevent fraud during certain examinations and also could be used by police to compel truthful testimonies. By 2050 it had replaced all anesthia drugs as it was healthier and more effective and by 2076 “being spun” as laypeople called it, was a common practice in any hospital.

The wheel spun its web of flashing lights and colors and Julia’s eyes quickly glazed over as her mind shut off and body went limp on the examination table. The examiner smiled and stuck her with a blood needle as promised. Then the pretenses ended.

Hypnostesia was specifically designed to create deep but unsuggestable trances that were designed to block out all pain and relax the muscles. Truthfully nothing more could become of it, it was designed that way to prevent abuse and be more medically effective.

He quickly shut off the Hypnostesia machine and Julia quickly began to come to. The examiner then pulled out a box marked “BLONDE kit” and pulled out a second wheel marked PHASE 1 PREDRAFT and hooked it up to the wall.

“Woah, man, done already? I don’t even have to go, you do that when I was spun as well I take it.” Julia said sleeply.

“Yes All done, I will leave now and the doctor will see you shortly.” the examiner said as he turned to leave.

Julia was left alone when the second wheel started turning and capturing her attention. It spun a pure web of gold that transfixed her to the pattern. She could barely stand but she had to. Something inside her was awakening, a feeling to pleasure men, to want men regardless of how repulsive they look. She began to wish playfully that the male examiner would have her remove her clothes in front of her but all of this was buried in her subconcious for now. In a few minutes the examiner saw how glassy Julia’s eyes were and returned.

“Undress and place your clothes in the box.” The examiner said.

“I guess they are shortstaffed, sorry I snapped at you before.” Julia said as she removed her sweatshirt and plain white Bra and panties, revealing good sized D breasts.

“It’s ok, It’s an important amendment.” The examiner said.

“Well I’m drafted, I don’t have rights anymore.” Julia said sleeply seeing the telltale American flag box which returns all the belongings to her parents. No American in this era hasn’t seen that box at least 5 times during their life.

The phase 1 wheel worked perfectly, all It did was allow Julia to be devoid of any fear or resistance so the indoctrination could take place. She now took her jeans off and stood naked before the examiner.

“Oh my god! I’ve only read about those in History class. What is this? What woman would dare not support her breasts comfortablly?” Julia said with a laugh when she saw the thong panties and tight strapless black minidress come out of the box without any bra to be seen.

“Your special domestic duty. You are the new generation housewife now. You will be assigned a husband and be his keeper, caregiver and sexual companion for the rest of your life.” The examiner said and pushed a button which made the wheel pick up speed and intensity to further trap Julia before she could run.

“What, like hell, I…” Julia’s voice tailed off as she was knocked deeper into trance and stepped into the minidress and then ran the thong panites up her legs onto herself.

“Proceed to Phase 2 Julia.” The examiner said and Julia’s eyes snapped shut and the examiner pulled out a set of needles marked “Physical Modifications”.

The first one was marked “Feet” and he injected her in the Achilles tendon with the drug which shrunk the tendon causing her foot to droop at an angle and her toes to curl. He then fit her with proper size 4 inch black pumps without a single problem. High Heels were the device of mythical torture and domination in this society and to fit someone with them was the ultimate coup for men.

The second one was marked ears and was more of a piercing gun than anything. Women did not wear jewelry for a good 40 years and now she was adorned with beautiful gold hoop earrings.

The next was marked skin and gave Julia a perfect natural looking tan but in turn was actually a 100% UV repellant second skin, needed since UV was out of control causing most Americans to live indoors or wear very heavy sunscreen which made them appear bleach pale.

The last was a fertility booster to make up for the fertility problems caused by the terrible condition of the environment. The examiner then woke Julia up. The guide book said to complete all physical modifications before she went to the reconditioning room so he prepared the tools that were seen as acient torture devices in this society but were standard grooming instruments in the 20th century.

“Oh my god, that is NOT what I think it is? And OW you bound my feet how can I walk in these?” Julia protested.

“You will learn and learn quickly.” Said the examiner as he took out the perm equipment and went to work on Julia’s hair making it a proper permenant wave as Julia could not move with the wheel going at full power.

“What is this country doing?” Julia said, trying to keep all her independence together.

“Creating a proper Nook-a-lar family unit for proper repopulation and health. Women are meant to serve. You voted that way yourself.” The examiner noted.

“You think he’ll stay in office long enough. You can draft every 18 year old girl and you still won’t erode the electorate enough.” Julia said fully fighting even as her limp legs were being shaved by the examiner.

“Oh don’t worry, drafteds will be able to vote. After all you should be happy to be a proud Blonde. Blondes have more fun.” The examiner said and all the messaging that was building up in Julia’s head exploded and her face went blank while the examiner put on makeup.

Julia was then transferred to the reconditioning room.

“Hello there, I baked you the SWEETEST cherry pie for dessert this evening. Did you have a long day at work? Well let me rub your shoulders for you, can I get you your cigarette?” The black and white television character filled Julia’s empty mind now as her mannerisms and thoughts became of this person who was now her.Her world slowly becoming a black and white fantasy world of servitude and order.

“Hello, Honey, how was your day.” Julia began to repeat back at the screen, first monotone then with the inflections of a proper homemaker.

This process was accompanied by the gold wheel, reshaping her brain into a mindless housewife.

“This concludes the domestication chapter of ‘Blondes have more fun’” The announcer said. “Stay tuned for the Sexuality chapter.”

The next chapter came on and Julia quickly shed her dress and spread out on the bed in the room. As this happened scanners reshaped her body into a model like figure, 125lbs with killer legs and small but seductive hips.

Sex was female dominant in 2076 and only done for breeding and only by poor women who couldn’t afford artificial insemination. Now Julia was relearning how to be a woman of the 20th century. The vibrabot mimicked a man’s movements perfectly and she learned to moan and coo along to the sensations. Afterwards she was allowed to sleep and awaken with her programming now intact.

“Good morning, Harriet. How are you this morning.” The examiner said as she was given her new purse with her proper marching orders.

In her purse was a new government ID, $200 grocery money, keys to her husbands house, and other important papers. In the grand government filing system in the blank fields of a drafted citzen the following appeared under Social Security # 245-99-5555.

Harriet Nelson
BLONDE Project Unit #7532

Harriet Nelson boarded the bus to suburbia. She sat next to Donna Reed and chatted the whole time about makeup and hair styles with Laura Petrie. Betty Crocker loaned her some recipies for her husband’s first dinner and she compared shoe styles with June Cleaver and bedroom humor with Lucy MacGullacuddy. This was the first of many shipments to the men of America, 35 hand crafted Blondes. The Military convoy had arrived at the first Suburbia village and the new soldiers were released from the fan. All blondes with features unseen in decades, caring housewives who knew nothing about working, could not even fix a broken toaster and always had a mile wide smile on their face. The men were American men, overweight, many balding even in their 20s, none in any kind of shape. But no one cared, one by one the women sauntered over and claimed their man with a firm, deep wet kiss and a dignified but flirtatious lift of their leg. They were now mindless slave dolls, they went by deminuatives and were programmed to spread the message of female subservience across the country.

Gina was a knockout. Black hair, tight thin body with streamlined curves that could arouse a man even in her plain and unflattering jeans and sweatshirt. She was all woman with Yale and politics in front of her as she walked in the room for her examination. As the female examiner did the normal heart and breathing tests her hot body could be seen by the doctors in the control room. There were only so many natural blondes who could be reshaped and blonde was not always beautiful and so the signal came down to the Clerk.

Gina Lewis: DRAFTED

To Be Continued.