The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The body stocking;

Clair sat on the edge of her bed staring at the package in front of her. The man on the corner selling them out of a shopping cart told her it would change her life forever. Not sure if she believed him but wanting to help out someone in need she had purchased one and brought it home with her. Now unsure what was in the box, or even if it was something she really wanted she sighed as she pulled open the small package. Inside the package was an envelope with something soft inside it. Opening the envelope Clair reached in and her heart almost stopped as she felt something soft and almost slippery. Pulling the contents out Clair gazed upon a shiny nylon material that appeared to be suntan in color, but contained hues of other colors as the light bounced off it. Exhaling a sigh of disappointment Clair put the nylon down on the bed and cursed herself for spending fifty dollars on a pair of pantyhose.

After checking the box and envelope to make sure she didn’t miss anything else Clair picked up the trash and threw it away. Still disappointed Clair decided to pick up and organize her apartment. Several hours later, Clair fell back on her bed exhausted from her day. Feeling dirty Clair got back up, showered, and and scanned her closet / dresser for something to wear. Spying the hose still laying on the bed Clair picked them up to look them over a bit more. As she un-balled them she noticed that it wasn’t a pair of pantyhose, but in fact a pretty body stocking. Still standing there naked Clair started feeling a desire to try it on. Trying to justify it to herself Clair mumbled about how she had spent a lot of money on it, the least she could do is try it on.

Laying the body stocking down on the bed Clair examined it to figure out the best way to put it on. Noticing that even the toes were sewn into it Clair started to believe that this was in fact an expensive article of clothing. Bunching up the first leg Clair worked it over her foot gently and carefully working the toes into their proper place. Once satisfied Clair slowly pulled the hose up her leg to just above the knee. Gasping she let go of it as sensations of pleasure coursed through her originating from her toes. More than a bit excited now Clair bunched up the other leg and worked her toes into place sliding it up to her other knee as well. Laying back on the bed Clair savored the experience taking in every new sensation it offered sliding her feet back and forth on the floor and rubbing them together.

As Clair became more aroused the urge to quickly pull the body stocking on became more and more tempting. Resisting the urge Clair looked down at her pretty feet covered in hose and thought about how high the quality must be on it when other than the shine she could hardly tell she had it on. Pulling the body stocking up her thighs was another burst of pleasure so strong that Clair had to stop again. Panting heavily she rubbed her hands across the fabric, almost moaning from all the sensations that worked their way to her sex. As Clair’s body grew more used to the sensations Clair reached down and worked it over her sex and around her waist. Letting go of the material Clair felt like a dog in heat, and her hands slowly fell to her sex where she rubbed it gently working it slightly into her moist nether regions. As her hands worked the material harder Clair found herself building into a point of no return and quickly her climax built to a point of her screaming out in ecstasy.

Still quite aroused Clair pulled her fingers out of her sex to continue the task at hand. Gently pulling the stocking again Clair pulled it up over her breasts and worked an arm into it. Almost whimpering now Clair quickly worked her other arm into place and let the stocking rest around her neck. Slowly the sensations that she had felt up her legs coursed across her entire body. Lost in a sea of pleasure Clair fell back on her bed and rubbed every inch of her body. Hose on hose was more than she could take causing her to climax over and over.

After what seemed like an eternity of rubbing, cumming, and sensation Clair rolled to the side of her bed. Getting up she walked to the mirror amazed at how good her body felt, still unsure how this body stocking was going to change her life she still felt energized. Standing in front of the mirror Clair gasped at the sight before her. Her entire body was covered by the body stocking, but what made her gasp was the fact that there was no line at her neck where the stocking ended. Reaching up she tried to claw at the stocking but her hosed finger tips stopped her nails from being able to tear at it. Trying to pinch the fabric to pull it Clair found it was too slippery and couldn’t grab it. Unable to think straight, and on the verge of panic Clair struggled to find a way out. Several hours later, Clair was back on her bed whimpering, still in the body stocking with her fingers stuck in her sex.

The night was a blur to Clair, many times over she had brought herself to a climax, but as the morning came she still had not found an answer to her problem. She felt energized, ready to take on the world, but every time she moved the slightest little bit she could feel the nylon tighten to her skin sending shivers throughout her body. Back up in front of the mirror again Clair couldn’t help but notice how much the body stocking had helped her figure. She had no flaws, and her skin was so slippery soft. Once again Clair’s mind started to fog over as her hosed hands explored and caressed her new body. Moaning in pleasure as her hands found her sex again, louder still became her moans as her hosed fingers slid into her nylon coated sex. So silky and soft it had become that Clair didn’t even notice that the nylon no longer stopped her from entering herself. Stroking gently Clair worked herself into a frenzy again, where she stayed for the better part of the day.

As reality set back in, Clair found that she could deal with the sensations a bit better than she had been. Picking herself back up off the floor, she stood in front of her mirror again examining the prison that held her so tight. There was no seams, no ripples, or loose edges for her to grab or pull on. In fact it appeared that it had firmly attached to her skin at any point that it touched. Twisting, turning, stretching, or any other movement didn’t help. When she reach the end of the fabrics stretching ability, it felt as though it was as far as her skin would stretch. So slippery and soft was the fabric that Clair found it difficult to grab or hold onto anything she touched. Extremely worried, but oh so comfortable Clair didn’t know what to do.

Calling in sick to work, Clair spent the better part of the next few days caressing her own body. As hard as she tried she just couldn’t stay focused on finding a way to remove it. Even worse yet, Clair found herself not really wanting to remove it. The silky prison didn’t hurt, and the only side affect she was experiencing was that she was always extremely horny. By the end of the third day it had almost become a normal thing on her skin. Clair had started getting used to doing all her normal activities while wearing it, and aside from the constant sensations running across her body Clair began to forget she was even wearing it. On the fourth morning when Clair woke, she examined herself in the mirror and smiled at her reflection. The body stocking had completely formed to every inch of her body, in between her boobs, up the crack of her ass, armpits, everywhere, and with the exception of her head, her entire body had a beautiful pantyhose gloss to it. Turning from the mirror Clair decided to get dressed for work, ready to show off her new body.

As Clair walked out of the building her skin looked so shiny and silky. Resisting the urge to start rubbing her legs and body Clair smiled and continued walking. Noticing others as they walked by her Clair felt a tinge of remorse for them as they had no idea how wonderful the body stocking was the she was wearing. In fact Clair knew if other people knew how good it felt everyone would be wearing it, with their own bodies shining in the morning sun. Passing by the guy selling the body stockings Clair smiled and said hello. He smiled back and knowingly winked at her. Still smiling Clair walked on, her heels clicking on the sidewalk, ready for her new life.

Office work is often tedious, and Clair would often find herself bored. But today she worked diligently never breaking stride. Her body felt amazing, and every movement energized her allowing her to push herself harder (with the exception of a few bathroom breaks to take the edge off her sexual needs). Other women in the office began to notice and her friend Jessica finally approached Clair. “You need to slow down, you are making us look bad” said Jessica. “And what is up with the outfit?” she asked looking Clair over from head to toe and staring at her hosed arms and legs. Clair continued to smile “Do you like it? It’s a new body stocking I bought a few days ago. I know it sounds crazy, but this body stocking completely changed my life” Rolling her eye’s Jessica couldn’t understand how any kind of pantyhose could change a persons life unless it was to the negative side. “You know” Started Clair “You really should try one, it costs $50.00, but it was worth every penny, and A LOT more” Jessica shook her head, and walked away. Clair continued to smile, wondering how long it would take before the others decided to join her.

Clair left work still energized and still ready to take on the world. Walking out the door Clair enjoyed the light breeze as it blew across her new skin. “Clair” said a voice across the parking lot. Looking around Clair spotted Jessica waving at her. Walking over to Jessica, Clair couldn’t help but smile when Jessica asked her more about the body stocking she was wearing. “It is hard to explain” began Clair “Since I put it on, it is like I have a never ending amount of energy, and it feels sooooooooooo amazing. I have never been one to enjoy wearing hose of any kind, but this, oh my god, I just can’t take it off” Laughing inside at the wonderful word play she just used, Clair waited for Jessica to make the next move that would seal her fate. And then, there it was “Can I touch it? I mean can I feel the material?” asked Jessica, and broadly grinning from ear to ear Clair said “Of course” as she lifted her arm and let Jessica rub her hands across her new skin. Almost moaning Jessica admitted that it felt amazing, and Clair told her that she really needed to feel it stretched across her body. Still rubbing Clair’s arm Jessica just shook her head, and told Clair she needed to go. Turning around herself Clair gently pulled her arm away from Jessica and started walking back across the parking lot with her heels clicking and body stocking glimmering in the sun. Once she reached the sidewalk she looked back to see Jessica still standing there with a look of longing on her face. Waving Clair turned back around, on walked on not bothering to turn around again.

Sensation is a strange thing, it will change a person and make them believe that the choice they made was the right one, or that things are not what they seem. A drug addict will find a way to justify their next fix because of the way it makes them feel, just as Clair believed now that the choice she made was a good one. Still feeling so amazing Clair walked home. As she passed the corner that she bought her delicious body stocking from she slowed her walk wondering if she should buy more. Pausing to look through her purse she found a hundred dollar bill and approached the man with the cart again. Smiling at Clair, he asked if she was enjoying her new life. Clair shook her head yes and asked for two more. A look of confusion crossed his face as he got two more boxes out of the cart. “You do realize it won’t run right? And you do understand there is no reason to put on another one.” Clair smiled “They are not for me, I have a feeling that a few people from work are going to be needing one soon” Shaking his head the vendor handed Clair her purchases and thanked her for her business.

Arriving home Clair stripped down naked (well as naked as she could) and after a very exciting examination of herself she showered making sure every inch of her body stocking prison was clean. Drying herself off she spent the rest of the evening in nothing but the stocking, savoring every sensation that coursed through her body. Deciding on an early night, Clair crawled under the covers and slept like a baby held in their mothers arms.

When the alarm went off Clair sat up and turned it off. Standing to stretch something felt off, but Clair couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Dismissing it, Clair got ready for work which consisted of a simple summer dress and a pair of short heels. After a quick breakfast of toast and coffee Clair headed off to work and once again savored the wonderful sensations as she walked with her heels clicking down the sidewalk. Passing by the corner where she bought her body stockings Clair found it strange that he wasn’t there. Continuing on Clair arrived at work to find Jessica waiting at her desk, wearing a short skirt and a pair of suntan pantyhose. Approaching her Clair smiled and said hi, Jessica returned the greeting but immediately changed the subject. “Since I touched your body stocking, I can’t think of anything else. I even wore a pair of pantyhose to try and clear my head, which I hardly ever do (wear pantyhose that is) Can you tell me where you got yours from, I want one” Clair smiled and told her she would take her to where she got hers after work. Jessica made a pouty face but agreed that she would wait until after work. Getting to work Clair continued smiling, one down, several more to go......