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Synopsis: Cameron, a university student who is accustomed to getting what she wants, breaks into a Professor’s office to steal answers for an upcoming test. Little does she know the insidious traps the Professor has left that will turn this sharp University student into a blank, submissive toy.

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Booby Trapped

“This is bullshit.”

Cameron folded her arms and fumed as the rest of the students in the auditorium got up and headed for the exit. Her friend Valarie stopped halfway to her feet and smirked.

“You really going to hold a temper tantrum on the first day of University?” Valarie asked, gathering her textbooks.

The petite blonde stuck out her bottom lip. “It’s the first week of University, he should not be giving us a test.”

“It’s University, this is the sort of shit we have to get used to.”

Cameron whipped her long blonde hair behind her and stood. Her petite frame only showcased her large breasts, barely contained in a tight sweater. Her accompanying red shirt and knee high black socks only brought more attention to her. Like the way she wanted it.

“Well I want to party this week and meet my future ex’s. I do not want to study for some stupid first year psychology test.”

Valarie shrugged. “You do what you have to do. But I hear the Professor’s tests are extra hard. He has a reputation of fucking with student’s minds. You ask me? I’m going home to start studying.”

Cameron raised an eyebrow to Valarie. “What happened to my right handed woman? The woman who helped me get a Principal fired. The woman who snuck into countless bars before we were legal. The woman who—“

Valarie laughed. “What, you want me to break into the Professor’s office and steal his notes?”

Cameron smiled, a wide, thin smile that looked more predatory than genuine. Valarie’s eyes rolled to the back of her head. “No Cameron. No. We don’t do that anymore.”

“We did that last month.”

“That was a farewell to our ‘bad girls’ stage. Now, we have to be adults.”

“Come on. Please? We do this and we’re on the ticket to an easy week.”

Valarie tapped her foot. “Even if you got in, you know his shit is going to be password protected.”

Cameron whipped out a USB stick. “Remember that love-sick nerd from computer programming?”

“The one that you left blindfolded and in his underwear in a movie theater toilet?”

Cameron stifled a laugh. “Yeah. Well after he gave me this. Cracks almost everything.”


“Well I’m not going to stick it into some government computer or something no. But some doughy middle aged Professor’s computer? Fuck yeah. His password is probably his cat or favorite wine or something.”

“I don’t know, the Professor looks good for his age.”


“Well why do you need me then?”

“Because I need a lookout. And no one breaks into places better than you.”

Valarie bit her lip, tapping her foot at the same time. She looked towards the exit the Professor disappeared into, then back at Cameron. Her eyes fell. “Sorry Cam. Just not right.”

Cameron rolled her eyes and grabbed her textbook, stamping down the stairs. “Fine. Fuck you I’ll do it myself. But you ain’t getting shit from me.”

Valarie called after Cameron, but Cameron did not turn back and only responded with a middle finger.

* * *

Cameron tip-toed down the empty, darkened hallway. She looked down both sides of the hall, satisfying her paranoia for the fourth time since she started. No one would be in the halls. University closed hours ago. The fat security guard would never catch her. And the University could not afford security camera’s all over the place.

She knelt down in front of the Professor’s door. She checked under the door, seeing no lights on inside the room. She produced her lock pick and went to work. The lock did not last long, a fitting metaphor for most men in her life. She opened the door, squinting to peek inside the room.


An empty room with a computer sitting on a modest desk with a modest chair tucked into the desk. Other than that, she saw nothing else. Smiling, she crept inside. She closed the door behind her and produced a small flashlight. She shone it in the direction of the computer and settled into the chair.

Her ears picked up a hum. Barely noticeable, yet unmistakable. She looked around the dark room, shining the light. She found no source to the hum. Ignoring it, she flicked on the computer.

And waited.

She sighed, realizing the University could not afford fast computers. She shifted in her seat, feeling the vibration from the hum go right through the cheap leather chair. She wiped away a small bead of sweat. Her heart was racing. She tried to calm herself, reminding herself that she had done this a million times. That she was Cameron, a woman who used her body and her cunning mind to get her way. This would be no different.

The computer hummed to life. As Valarie had predicted, it was password protected. She took out the USB stick and stuck it into the computer. In less than a minute, the desktop appeared.

Cameron cracked a smile when she saw a folder labeled “semester notes and tests”. She decided to help herself to the whole folder. Hell, if the old fucker was going to give her a test in the first week, she deserved to take the rest of the semester off.

She started to copy the folder to her USB stick. She sat back in the chair, spreading her legs just a bit. The hum in the air felt good. Cameron could not place it but she started to like it. It must be some sort of zen psychology thing he forgot to turn off on his way out for the night. Whatever it was, she rubbed her thighs. Cameron bit her lip.

The copy command crawled along. Cameron twisted her mouth in displeasure. Damn slow computers. She settled into the chair, staring at the screen.

After a minute, the screen saver kicked in. Cameron moved to the mouse to get rid of it, when her eyes filled with brilliant colors. Flashes of all sorts of colors from all different sides. Her eyes tried to catch every flash, but it took too much to concentrate. Her hand froze, midway to the mouse. Her eyes opened wider, trying to see the screen saver all at once.

“What…” her voice felt soft, flat. The colors intensified in appearance and volume. Her ears picked up, noticing the hum get louder. Her body felt good. Better than good. She wasn’t anxious, or scared.

She was aroused.

She felt her nipples start to harden, rubbing against the thick sweater material. Her hips involuntarily started to grind downwards into the leather chair. Meanwhile her mind felt overwhelmed, assaulted by the flashing colors. Her vision started to blur, the colors melding together. Flashing into her eyes. Dulling her mind.

She sat back in the chair, dazed. She blinked, but the lights followed her. The lights melted her eyelids and found their way into her brain. Not too long after that discovery, she stopped fighting it. In the back of her head she wondered if her files were copied yet.

“Hello there.”

Her mouth fell open. That was the sound of her Professor.

“If you are listening to this, you have tried to hack into my computer. You probably mistook me for some mild mannered Professor who doesn’t know how to email his grandchildren.”

Cameron felt herself nodding, agreeing with the voice.

“But if you only knew,” the Professors voice said, dipping into a lower octave. His words grew sinister, powerful. “If you only knew my real life. The scandals. The changed identities. All because I have something wrong with me. All because I happen to take great satisfaction is fucking with people’s minds.”

Cameron felt fear building in her stomach, but her thinking seemed to be at least a minute behind her actions.

“But you didn’t know, and you tried to get into my files. Instead you have activated a booby trap the second you walked into here. My specially concocted binaural beats have left you aroused and susceptible. My specially created pattern of flashing lights have destroyed your minds defenses. Now there you sit, a helpless little creature. You can’t run. You can’t scream. You can’t do anything now but sit there and let me fuck with your mind.”

Cameron was holding her breath, trying to run and finding she had no power over her body.

“And I’m going to fuck with your mind. When I am done with you, you are going to be my helpless little puppet, begging me to do unspeakable things to you. In a way, I’m glad you did this. I always love breaking someone new.”

Cameron used the last bit of her strength to turn her head from the flashing lights. Even staring into the darkness, she still saw patterns burnt into her eyes flashing at her. Still, step one completed. She could make it.

“Now I want you to listen. I want you to listen to my every word. My opening act has worn down your defenses to the point where this should be easy. I’m going to mess with your mind now and you are going to let me. You are going to let me by first remembering a very hot sexual encounter with someone. Go on, think about it now. Remember it in vivid detail.”

Cameron tried to shut him out of her head. To think of anything else. Ducks. Cotton Candy.


She remembered Derek. In that ski lodge. Sweat from their bodies landing on the other. The roar of the fire lighting their bodies as they heaved, grinded and..

She closed her eyes. No. She would think of something else.

“Remember the passion. Remember how good it felt. Just replay this in your mind, again and again.”

The hum got louder. Cameron groaned, her pussy growing wetter with every filthy thought. She remembered how excited she was when she saw Derek’s thick, young and eager cock swell as she stripped. The power she held over his excitement. How he kissed her neck. His hands grabbing her breasts. His cock stuffing her..

“Yes, that’s right. Good. Remember. Look at the lights. Stare deeply into them now as they reprogram your mind. Stare now, lost in the memory of sexual bliss.”

Cameron felt her head roll back to the screen against her will. She was still lost in the delicious thought of Derek’s cock slamming into her wild with passion. The lights filled her thoughts again. She felt light headed, unable to think. Drool fell from her lips onto her chest. She did not care.

“Stare deeper now, deeper into the lights. Let the lights meld with your sexual fantasy. Until those very lights give you the same feeling the fantasy did. Let the fantasy melt away, leaving only the lights. The lights arouse you. Excite you. Even as you know they are reprogramming you, changing your mind. Stripping you of control, of will. Leaving you a blank, helpless vessel. Look deeper and give yourself to the lights. Give yourself to me.”

Cameron grunted once in protest. But that was all the strength she had. The small nineteen-year old settled into the chair, the lights growing in power. Derek melted into brilliant purple, orange, yellow and blue lights. The patterns started to strobe, faster and faster. She held her breath, unsure if she could take this visual assault.

“Your brain is now overloading. In a few seconds it is going to shut down. In a few seconds, your life as a functioning, thinking adult will be over. Do you know how many men and women I’ve done this to in my lifetime? I’ve left a trail of broken men and women, thoughtless and obedient. You are about to join them. You are about to become my next slave. Isn’t that exciting? No, it probably isn’t. I’m not a very giving lover. I like control. I like humiliation and control. No, you’re not going to enjoy this at all. But what you want went out the second you tried to fuck with me. Now it’s about what I want. And what I want..what I want is you to try to resist. Just once. Try to escape, right now. Because in three seconds my light patterns are going to shut you down. And you will never get back up again.”

Cameron grunted, her mind reeling.


She moved her right arm. It flopped over to her left side. She turned towards the door.


She grunted, her version of screaming. Tears welled up in her eyes.


Her eyes started to drag off the computer screen.

“Good night.”

Intense, fast flashes of light sealed her fate. Cameron’s body convulsed, shook in place as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She lay there, silent and unmoving.

The colors disappeared from the screen, revealing a video that autoplayed when she started to copy the files. A new screen popped up as the video continued, sending an automated email to the Professor’s phone.

“Good. You can hear me, but not on a conscious level. No, that part has been taken from you. Years of study have given me the perfect set of patterns to overload your brain. Now you are in a susceptible frame of mind, you are going to listen and obey. Your mind is clear and empty. Ready to be filled with my commands. You cannot say no, you cannot resist. You will only listen, and obey. You have noticed the binaural beats increase in frequency. By now you are so aroused that you are ready to touch yourself. But you will not. You will never touch yourself again until I command it. Until you hear me give you permission you will not touch yourself. But here is the thing. This level of arousal? This is the level of arousal you will always be at. When you go to bed. When you wake up. When you try to study, when you eat, when you talk on the phone to your dear old grandma. You are going to be so wound up, so wanting for any sort of release you will do anything.”

A pause filled the air as his words sank into Cameron’s brain like thick syrup.

“And I give you permission for that. In fact I command that you engage in some form of sexual act twice a day. One can be masturbation, but the other must be with someone else. Man, woman, I don’t care. But you will do it. And when you do, both times for every single day under my power, you will never orgasm. Oh, you will get close. But you will never orgasm. You will never orgasm unless I tell you to. You will not know this limitation but you will obey it.”

He laughed.

“And another thing. Because of past incidents, you will not harm yourself when the frustration grows unbearable. You will never harm yourself. In fact you will take care of yourself. You will eat right, you will exercise daily and you will make yourself look the best you can each and every single day. You will want to turn heads. You will want to make it so simple to get that second sexual act every day. So in a way, I’m taking care of you.”

Cameron felt her body slipping from the chair, unable to stop herself. She fell to the floor with a thud, rolling her head on the carpet. She couldn’t’ feel a thing except arousal eating at her stomach.

“Now then, let’s talk about when I am with you. I demand complete submission. You will never question my commands, you will never disobey me. My word is your gospel. You will agree to it without hesitation no matter how much you don’t want to do it. I am your Master, your God. Until the day I may let you go from my power, I own your mind. I own your body. I own your soul.”

Cameron felt a small pool of drool forming at the side of her face.

“Now, I have sent a message to myself that someone has broken in. I will be along shortly to amuse myself with your body. Until then, start chanting the mantra that you will fall asleep to every night from now on. Repeat ‘I am a good for nothing slut. I am a plaything for my master.’ Start now.”

“I am a good for nothing slut,” Cameron said, her voice far away and soft, slurred. “I am a plaything for my Master.”

She repeated her mantra into the darkness until the door creaked open. The lights turned on. She heard a small whistle as the door closed and locked behind the person.

“Now this is a nice surprise,” the Professor said. “Awaken and kneel before me.”

Cameron rolled her head to the side, her eyes opening. Blurry, out of focus she still laid her center on his frame. And she knew. She knew who owned her. She rose to her knees, not completely in control of her motions.

“Take off your shirt.”

She struggled, her hands feeling asleep. She tugged on her sweater, bringing it over her head. Her ample breasts teased him in her bra.

“No more bra’s, that’s for sure. Take that fucking thing off. If I’m awoken from bed I demand you be ready.”

“Yes Master,” she whispered, her voice soft and lyrical. She removed her bra, her head lolling side to side.

“What was your name again?”


“Right, Cameron. Jesus those are nice tits. Squeeze them together and beg me to fuck you with your eyes. Want it more than anything in life right now.”

Cameron felt a very real, very desperate need take over her senses. She needed her Master to fuck her. Her pussy pulsated. Her body sweated. She brought her big, natural breasts together and squeezed them. She looked him directly in the eyes and gave him every ounce of need in one look.

“Nice. You are a suggestible slut. Fuck I bet if I stripped back the conditioning and programming you probably still would beg for someone to take you. Well you interrupted a session I had with a tight bodybuilder and his girlfriend. So I am ready to fuck something stupid. And you look stupid. Get up on my desk and spread your legs. Keep the skirt, ditch anything that is going to keep my cock from fucking your pussy.”

She complied without a thought. She scampered to the desk, her breath thick with lust. She raised her legs, tearing at her panties until she tore them in half and let them slide to the floor. He laughed and picked them up. They were soaking wet. He stuffed them into her mouth.

“Taste yourself bitch,” he grunted, unzipping his pants. “Revel in what complete submission tastes like.”

Cameron did, finding the aroma gratifying. She felt something hard and thick ram into her sopping wet pussy.

“Uhnng, well for looking like a fucking tart you are tight,” he grunted, shoving his cock into her body, “Going to have to loosen you up. Can’t imagine shoving my cock into your ass if your pussy is this tight.”

He rammed her hard and wild like a toy. She sat there, taking it with a growing eagerness. Her orgasm built up in her stomach but refused to budge. She grew desperate for it to come. For her to cum.

“Heh,” he said, sweat dripping from his forehead, “Fucking slut is already to gush is she? Well not tonight. Consider it punishment for breaking into my goddamn computer thinking you’re so goddamn smart. You thought you were the first to try and take my stuff? The submissive, the fucking dregs of society always try and outsmart me. And they all end up like this. Mindless and obedient. Getting fucked by their Master.”

His words had a powerful effect on him, watching the young woman stare at him in complete submission. The knowledge he had broken her mind and will brought his body to edge of an orgasm. He pulled out of her pussy.

“Open your mouth and take every last drop,” he commanded, shoving his cock into her mouth. She opened, happy to accept his gift. He grunted, closing his eyes and thrusting down her throat. Thick, hot stream of his cum coated her mouth and clogged her throat. She gagged but held on until he deposited everything he had into her mouth. She swallowed, ignoring the taste and the thickness.

“Fuck,” he said, stuffing his cock back into his pants, “I just needed to blow my load tonight. You are going to get much worse the next time we meet.”

He gave her a slight smack across the cheek.

“So, my little fucktoy. Here’s how it’s going to be. You are going to leave this office. When you are outside you will regain control of your brain and body. You will forget all of this on a conscious level. My absolute control over you does not end of course. You will use whatever lie you need to use to convince yourself nothing weird happened. You were just unable to get into my office. Tomorrow night though you will try again.”

The Professor leaned in so he Cameron could see nothing but his face.

“And tomorrow night, I will be waiting for you. And then my little Princess, I am going to take you to your breaking point physically, mentally and sexually. And I’m going to do that every single fucking day until I grow bored. At which point, if you are good and lucky, I will release you. But regardless, you have no control over this or anything else again. You, now until I decide otherwise, are mine.”

He gave her a cold, wet kiss on the forehead. “Now get your clothes on and get the hell out of my office.”

She stood and reached for her bra. He grabbed her panties from her mouth and took a nice long sniff of them. She slipped on her sweater and without looking back, without a word, left his office. She marched down the hallway, a blank look in her eyes and face.

When she reached the outside door, she felt her mind starting to drip through his control. When the evening air touched her body, she sighed. Blinked. She was confused. She felt wet, and she hurt between her legs. Her throat felt funny. She tried to think of what happened.

She tried to pick the lock on the door. She was not successful. A guard came by. She ran off, tearing her panties on something. She forgot what. She hid until it was safe to leave.

She smiled. Yes, that is what happened. She yawned. She felt sleepy. And horny.

* * *

Cameron bit her lip, rubbing her legs together during class. She had masturbated for an hour today with no success. She felt so goddamn horny that Valarie was looking like a good outlet.

“You okay?” Valarie whispered, looking at her out of the corner of her eye.

“Yeah, yeah. I just…fuck it. I just need to..” Cameron clutched her head. “I’m fine.”

“Did you break into the Professor’s office last night? I was so worried.”

Cameron thought back to last night. A tingle went up her spine to her brain, popping like a bubble and making her light headed. She returned the question with a sloppy smile. “Naw, I didn’t. Things happened.”

Valarie nodded, returning to her notes.

“But I think I’m going to try again tonight.”

Cameron’s voice brightened as she said that. She caught the Professor’s eye, feeling something sinister and powerful under that scholarly gaze. She shivered.