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A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

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Deep in the Pages

In swarming numbers, the people rushed by, off on their own little errands. Head above the crowds, Bob mused how tall he seemed in Chinatown. Smells of oriental cooking wafted along with the more familiar smells of dense City life.

Tony, the kid’s name, had led him here. The boy would have walked the entire way, but Bob decided a taxi would serve them better. The expatriate Pakistani driver understood just enough English to get them downtown.

The narrow side streets were cluttered with little store displaying signs mostly in the artistic script of China. Because Tony could understand them, Bob had little difficulty reading the signs. They went down an alley with a sign touting printing services.

Like most alleys, this one was narrow, with fire escape ladders on either side. Trash bins were against the walls, some missing their lids entirely. A rotting smell impacted Bob like a brick. He could sense the intelligences behind hidden eyes, watching them pass.

At the end of the alley, they came to a red enamel painted door. Tony looked about furtively, then knocked. Bob reached through the door, and took hold of the guard whose duty it was to screen visitors.

The door opened quickly. Tony led the way in.

He led along a gaudily decorated hallway, something like a bad Chinese restaurant. Tony waved Bob to follow him up some stairs.

Bob locked onto every mind he could find along the way, planting seeds of loyalty to himself. He didn’t want to leave in too much of a hurry.

On the second floor, they passed through a barroom filled with young oriental girls. Most of them in stylized dresses, with carefully prepared makeup, some dressed very skimpily. Bob didn’t need to read their minds to know what they were here for. Thoughts of lust emanated from the small rooms beyond. The girls were mostly bored.

Another set of stairs, Bob knew he’d get winded if they climbed the entire building by stairway. It turned out this was the last flight. They passed through a heavy, possibly metal, doorway at the top.

A very tastefully oriental decor graced the room they entered. An equally tasty looking young lady sat a reception desk before the only other exit. Her pale face was round and smooth, her olive complexion brought out the color in her seemingly slanted eyes. Her jet black hair was pinned in place atop her head with carefully crafted hair sticks.

Tony walked up to the desk.

“I’m here to see Chi.”

“Tony, you know you’re supposed to call first.” Her voice was soft and seductive even with a scolding tone. “Who is this guy?”

“This is Bob...” he stopped as Bob waved him to silence.

“Let me lead you in,” the now completely controlled receptionist said.

She stood gracefully, as though accustomed to being ornamental. Her walk was a gliding motion, feet out of sight in her long dress, a silky white thing with stylized red dragons on it. She opened the door behind the desk and stepped through.

Bob followed, with Tony following respectfully behind.

The door entered into a large office. The decor was similar, a Bonsai at the corner of a great Oak desk. The woman led them to one of three other doors and through to yet another room.

This was a bedroom. A large bed graced the center of the room and on it an older Chinese man was obviously at his pleasure with two very young girls. None of them noticed the intruders immediately.

“Mr. Chi,” spoke the receptionist. Her voice remained enticingly desirable, even with the stress of interrupting her boss. Yet when Chi broke away from intercourse, there was white rage in his eyes. Before he said anything, she gestured to Bob. “This gentleman is here to see you and it was urgent.”

“Cindy, you will suffer for this indignity. You knew I wasn’t to be disturbed!”

“Forgive the girl, Mr. Chi. She had no choice.” Bob interceded without controlling Chi. Yet.

“Just who the hell are you!?”

The two girls had scrambled to the side and were covering themselves with sheets. Bob noticed they were twins. How very interesting. He waved the receptionist and Tony to step out and settled into a chair before answering the Tong equivalent of Godfather.

“I’m the man who can walk through any defense you create without anyone seeing me.”

“Ninja? You can’t be, if I was to die, I’d never know.”

“Ninja!? I thought they were a myth.”

“They are, for the most part. There are killers though, good ones, some who think they are Ninja. It would not surprise you to know I thought you were one such? Do you mind?” He nodded towards his clothes.

“Oh no, by all means. Get dressed. But while you do, I’d like to talk.”

“Okay. You know my guards will tear you apart when they get here?”

“They won’t. But that’s unimportant.” Bob admired the two sisters cowering to the side. He flung out a control probe, making them drop their sheets, and displaying themselves for his scrutiny. “Yesterday, I was in Brooklyn. This wouldn’t be important normally, but it was to investigate why a pair of goons tried to kill me recently. As you might imagine, I was quite upset.”

Chi simply nodded, acknowledging the remark. He’d pulled on his pants, and was working on his shirt. His jacket lay folded in a neat, if bumpy, pile along with his tie.

“After my business dealings on the subject, I found myself wandering one of the local parks. In that same park, the young man who just stepped out found me. He made the second attempt on my life. Oddly enough, he received his instructions from you. Or so he says.”

The man now held a pistol pointed at Bob. Bob took control of the arm and forcing it to the side, making Chi’s thumb reset the safety. Chi looked stunned at the actions of his own body.

“As you now can see, I don’t need your cooperation. It just suits me not to overuse my skills.”

“Seven Hells! How did you do that?”

“Think of me as a Sorcerer. You seem to already have that concept in mind. Yes, I think Sorcerer will explain it best in these digs.”

“What do you want of me?”

“For starters, I think I’ll take the Wu sisters home with me today. You should make a gift of them to me. They look like exquisitely fine fucks.” By now they were poised beside Bob, legs crooked in a model’s stance, chests thrust forward to show their small but firm breasts, and their arms spread palms out in supplication.

The man’s rage reappeared. He didn’t like his ownership of the two little harlots begin dismissed so easily. He had waited for these two to reach sexual maturity for years.

His anger passed quickly, replaced by calculated thinking. He realized the veiled threat implied by Bob’s manipulation of the two girls.

“I’ll tell you anything you want, but my orders came through channels from the Tong’s national leadership. All I was told was to send someone to get you, someone expendable.”

“Yup, that’s Tony. If anyone’s expendable, he is. So how did you know to get me in Brooklyn?”

“I was told you’d be there. Not why.”

“How come you actually talked to Tony yourself, instead of some lesser thug in the Tong?”

“Ha!” The older man laughed for a moment. “I can see you know little. I shall explain. It will amuse me while I contemplate the method of your demise.

“I received orders to see to making the arrangements myself. Tony was chosen because of the combination he had shown of devotion and disposability. I would not violate honor throwing away someone with such loyalty not knowing what had been lost. I see his loyalty was more changeable than I believed. His entire family will be punished. He should have died before yielding up the Tong.”

“You know how little control over his loyalty he had against my talents. Why do you still need to punish him and his family?”

“The cause does not matter, only what his actions matter. Others would sway like so many reeds in the wind if his example became known.”

Bob finally scanned through the man’s mind. Mostly he’d told the truth. Chi cared only for Chi. He knew exactly how to run his organization, and New York was his venue. This thing was an embarrassment because he’d had to dirty his own hands. He didn’t like that much.

A little kernel of omitted fact had remained withheld from Bob. The higher organization had only passed on the contact. A man in a church in Harlem. All the information came from the unusual black man, even where Bob would be, although not why.

Bob ran his hands along the sides of the two girls, one now to either side of his chair. They sighed, letting their heated and lustful desire show. He let them writhe, anxious for his touch.

The Tong boss was irritated by this act. He couldn’t get them to respond so, and if they did it would be a performance, not genuine lust. He controlled himself rather than anger the frightening self styled sorcerer.

It didn’t matter much, Bob would do as he pleased with any man ordering his death. Even if only a middle man in the operation.

Bob adjusted Chi’s memory. This had been a pleasant and profitable meeting, or so he’d remember. As a gift of friendship, he’d given the two girls to Bob. The entire assassination issue never happened. And Tony’s family would be safe too.

Bob didn’t really want the twins. Their little bodies were ravaged by drugs and abuse, and he simply couldn’t bring himself to leave them here. He also wanted to do something decent, to assuage his own sense of virtue. He would do a serious job of reprogramming their lives, as soon as they all left.

For his own pleasure though, he did bring Cindy along. That breathy voice was so hot, he wanted to hear more of it.

Soon he would have to visit 121st Street, reaching into the heart of Harlem. He’d heard so many bad things about the primarily Black neighborhood. It didn’t sound like much fun.

* * *

The offices of Schmitz, Martin & Lear had an unusual aspect to them.

The offices weren’t so much those of a Law Firm, as the placard outside suggested, as that of a private club. It made sense since the club was the Cabal.

Past the receptionist, oddly enough a pert little oriental ethnic lady, were what appeared to be fully functional offices. Anyone walking to the back would come across a bored looking security guard. Ostensively he appeared to be guarding the file vault.

In reality, he was the last check point before entering the expansive suites of bedrooms and entertainment rooms. There was even a substantial dining room complete with serving staff. It was more like a concealed hotel and brothel than anything else.

In fact, there were quite a few staff members. Almost all of them very pretty or handsome, depending on choice of gender. For some members, this was a dumping ground for used toys, former mind slaves who could just be set free. They liked to trade the mutes they’d found though, and kept stock on hand for large parties.

Bob felt he understood Charles disgust with the members at the leadership level. It was simple enough to release these people to live more or less normal lives. It wasn’t as if there was any shortage of mutes around.

One of the servant girls walked up to him. Her blouse was a revealing silk affair that left nothing of her ample breasts to the imagination. She bobbed in front of him, smiling. She struck a pose intended to give maximum access to any part of her body he wanted to touch.

“Master Charles will see you now. Would you like me to lead you to him?”

“Yes,” before she turned he gently caressed her right breast with his left hand. He could feel the soft skin wasn’t restrained by a bra, her nipple hardening immediately. She sighed, contented at any use made of her.

“Oh yes, I do like that,” she breathed out in a sultry tone. She offered, “I’d love to make you happy with me.”

Her eyes locked onto his, pleading to be treated as a toy.

Partly because it was too easy, partly because he wasn’t the one controlling her, he dropped his hand to his side. She shrugged, as if waking from a pleasant dream, and walked off. He followed, admiring the lilt her heart shaped bottom had with her steps.

She opened a door, waving him in. He had no doubt that if he pulled her in with him, she’d gleefully perform any act he wanted. As he looked her in the eye, she winked seductively at him. He stepped into the room.

It appeared to be a sitting room. There were many sitting rooms in these offices. This one had high backed, deep cushioned chairs, upholstered in thick red velvet.

Before him, in one of the chairs, sat the enforcer of the Cabal. The Inquisitor they named him. The man looked like a college professor, in relaxed clothing, a brown sports jacket and gray slacks. He’d added one element to his general appearance since Bob first met him. Charles was affecting a pipe habit.

At the far wall, a TV encased in a cabinet blared. Bob caught a glimpse of someone pounding away at a pulpit with a red covered, gilt edged book. Ah, some Holy Roller, preaching from the boob tube. The TV clicked off as Charles pointed a little black box its general direction. Charles was certainly interested in the God business lately.

“Much as I hate the idea, he may be one of ours. If so, he’s got to be reined in. Too much political involvement.” The voice came from the deep chair. After a moment, Bob realized Charles was talking about the pulpit pounder.

Charles turned and broke into his best ‘for company’ smile. Bob wondered if Jorge would have to do the job, dropping his search for the Institute.

“How do you like the Big Apple?” The remote control box was put to the side.

“I’d like it better if people didn’t keep trying to kill me.”

“Jorge said something had happened. A couple guys at one of the local eateries?”

“And yesterday a kid with a rifle in a park.”

“I didn’t know there was a second attempt. The good Lord must be watching over you.”

“Yeah? More likely I’ve been watching over me.”

“I suppose it’s possible the Institute knows you’re in the City. How is beyond me, though.”

“Could be. You got any further leads on those clowns?”

“No. Jorge thought he had a hot lead in Seattle, but it didn’t pan out. We haven’t uncovered anything at the ‘rehabilitation center’ to chase after either.”

“I see.” Bob slid into one of the seats. There was something to be said for a nice soft chair.

“What has Jorge told you?”

“He just says he’s working on it. Then he tells me to come talk to you if I want any more help. Say, there is something you could tell me...”

“If I can.”

“Tell me the history of the Cabal.”

“The Cabal as we know it got it’s name under the reign of Charles II of England...”

“No, no. Before that, it must be older than that.”

“Well, I’m a little sketchy. There are some official archives. They’re in Scandinavia. But I can tell you a few things.

“No one really knows when it started. The first telepaths to band together in a mutual protection society did so before the dawn of time. At least, before records were kept of it. Keep in mind they lived as parasites on the civilizations going at the time, and as such didn’t bother much with their own records until later than everyone else.

“The earliest records I heard of date to Crete. There were some pretty bizarre happenings, but back then the Voice was just a manifestation of the will of the Gods. Barbarous brutes.

“In Greece and Macedonia, a small group under the control of a man named Aristenes wandered aimlessly for a while. We found some records of them, referred to as the Ghostly Ones. From time to time they’d enter one of the City States and make off with a bunch of women or supplies, leaving as little memory of their visit as possible.

“The Romans were the first to actively persecute telepaths. They were executed as dangerous soothsayers. This was when the first real organization thrived. Back then we were the Senatus Secretus or some such Latin thing, the Secret Senate.

“Over the years, the group operated as puppet masters. They pulled the strings behind the political scenes for some time. Then a few of them fell out amongst themselves. There were some pretty brutal wars fought. You look in the history books and see internal conflict. The period of Caligula was particularly bad. What I see is the manipulation in striving to dominate other telepaths by military force.

“It was quite messy for a while. It wasn’t until the middle ages, oddly enough still from Rome, that the leadership reconciled. They immediately set about trying to create rules to protect themselves against armed conflicts they’d created.

“Not that any of them gave a damn about the mutes. No, it was self preservation they were worried about. When entire civilizations go to war, everybody goes to hell and no one is safe. God bless, it was one thing they did right.

“There were a few rogues back then too though. Various different Kings surged forth with ideas of conquest. Advisors were thick as flies. Often there was someone with a Voice amid the flies.

“So the Senate put together a team of Voices to enforce the unofficial rules. They banded together through whatever was the best communication channel at the time, and tracked any Voice breaking cover.”

Charles banged the pipe he held against his palm.

“Back then it was easier to cover up the damage. It was also much more likely any rogue Voice would be executed rather than persuaded. This century, there have been a few high profile Voices. We’ve done the best we could to control them.”

“Like who?,” Bob broke in.

“Many should be obvious. Adolf Hitler who had a whole set of Voices following him. Josef Stalin, and oh yeah, another World War II name, General MacArthur. Here in the ‘50s, Joe McCarthy. A man named Jim Jones who led a religious cult. There have been a few popular Rock stars you won’t remember because their music was awful, but their concerts were great. Some Country/Western musicians, and not a few movie moguls, even Howard Hughes. Hollywood draws Voices like a magnet, I’ve got three permanent agents there now. How about Nick McFarrin? There’s a name you won’t know.”

“Nick McFarrin?”

“All the nonsense about the conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy had to come from somewhere. Nick did it.”

“Ho ho!” Bob chortled. “All that huzzah, and some guy with Voice was behind the whole thing?”

“Yup. Didn’t like Kennedy’s space program stuff. Real obscure reason, eh?...”

Charles paused, looking up at the ceiling in disbelief for a moment before continuing.

“Anyway, we’ve been running under pretty much the same loose organization since the days of Rome. We just added some rules to protect ourselves. The name change happened because some bright Duke in England proper put two and two together. It added up to the Secret Senate and so he started a Witch hunt. The organization dissolved for a short while, after he’d executed a few of the leadership. Turned out he was immune to control or something.

“It was pretty rough for a time I’m told. But we don’t have an official historian. Just a sparse bunch of old records, carefully kept up by the mutes brought in to do tedious work. They think they’re monks, by the way.

“After that, the name Cabal stuck. Some idiot recently suggested we change it again to something like Illuminati. Read too much popular fiction in my opinion. So the old titles remained even with the name change, Inquisitor was the original title. Originally some kind of sergeant at arms.”

“What are you going to do about these attempts to kill me?”

“Nothing. It’s your problem. I suggest you go borrow a few detectives from the police to investigate for you. It’s what any other Voice would do.”

“You’re joking, right?”

“Nope. I have real problems. The Institute for one. The idiot on the TV when you came in for another.”

“But it is the Institute!”

“When they show up with mind shields, then I’ll believe they represent the Institute. In the meantime, they’re just mysterious goons. Possibly just working for some gangster husband you’ve upset. You can handle that yourself.”

“Umm.” Bob sat and contemplated. They both stared into space a while.

“I have to leave,” Charles finally said. “Have fun while you’re here. Adieu.”

Charles walked out, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Bob felt as though he had peered into the glass bottom of one of those eight ball prediction gimmicks. ‘Answer hazy, try again later’ kept coming up.

A clock ticked mechanically over the fireplace he hadn’t paid any attention to. Since there was no help to be had here, he’d have to back track the would be killers himself. A chill crept down his spine.

“Hello?” came a woman’s voice from the door.


“Oh, I thought there wasn’t anyone here. I was going to clean up. Never mind.” She turned to leave.

“Wait,” called Bob.

She turned back. He looked her over. Shapely, a bit bustier than most women, she wore a simple little maid’s outfit. Her blonde hair was styled into an attractive perm ending at her bare shoulders. The legs she displayed curved eloquently atop 4 inch heels. Her stockings were straight, showing a neat little line up the backs as she turned.

“Step in here.”

She walked forward, her bustline wobbling nicely.

“What’s your name?”


He appraised her carefully. She was in very good physical condition, even if she’d been adjusted by someone else. He probed her gently.

The blundering fool who made her a mind slave wasn’t very subtle. The changes were implanted as though with a lead brick. Bob spent the next few minutes undoing the total suppression of her personality. At least the parts obliterating her ability to show initiative came away without too much trouble.

He was beginning to see why the other members didn’t cut their slaves loose afterwards, they couldn’t. If all the mind slaves were like this, they couldn’t function in normal social lives without going insane. They’d all be entirely imprinted sex toys with limited other skills.

He shook his head with mild disgust. Why throw away other useful skills? Maybe Charles already knew about this incredible waste. He returned to examining the full grown woman, now toy.

He kept her under a mild control yet brought back the Jodi who apparently had worked in the garment district. He reflected on what he learned about her prior life, deciding the new one wasn’t much worse. Her life as no more than sex toy automaton would soon be over, but she’d still serve some time as his personal pet for the evening.

He kept her at his side, setting her to believe she was his girlfriend dating back to high school. She knew for certain they’d done everything together a sex crazed couple could do, and she loved it. She practically clung to him. He’d have to reset that as well.

On the way, he spotted the servant he handled delicately earlier. She smiled as he slipped his hand into her crotch to serve as a come along. He suddenly felt very hedonistic.

* * *

The bedroom sported a king sized bed, a bathroom off the side, enough room for entertaining with furniture to do so. There were a plethora of inanimate sex toys in a rack along the wall as well.

Bob closed the rack of sexual paraphenalia, snapping it shut to avoid looking at some of the more esoteric devices. Implements of torture were definitely not what Bob wanted.

He turned to look at the two women waiting by the couch. Jodi looked confused, as though she’d been absent and only just returned. Her maid’s outfit continued to accent her shapely body. She simply wasn’t as relaxed as before.

The other servant was Naomi. She poised for whatever use he might make of her. Her legs placed perfectly, her breasts straining the silk blouse, she even tilted her head back nicely to display the soft skin of her neck, available for his lips and teeth.

He allowed Naomi to preen for him. He began rooting around in her mind the way he’d explored Jodi. In a matter of moments he’d changed the severe impression forcing her into a robot to something more closely approximating an erotic sex partner. He hoped.

She remained poised as before. The difference was that he was unquestionably her owner. She was no longer a horny free for all nympho, but instead a devoted lover determined to please her man. No matter what he asked of her. He’d done what he could to increase her sexual response, and improved on the sensitivity of her nervous system wherever he could.

“Remain posed for me. Stand so your attractive sex stands out for everyone to see.”

She smiled, showing the slightest hint of her pearly whites behind the moist red lips. She allowed her head slight tilts to either side, eyes fluttering as though in ecstatic leisure.

He enjoyed the little display a few minutes, then turned to look at Jodi. She was prepared to be used as well, although uncertain how she’d gotten where she was. Her memories of the last two years had been completely embedded in the forced automaton mind set. She could recall the trip from the sitting room to here.

Good, he thought. It should get more pleasant now these two are real people again rather than mere puppets. God almighty, what a mess.

“Jodi, why don’t you come over here in front of Naomi. Face her,” he added. “She’d like to see you play with yourself.”

Jodi complied with her instructions. Standing before the lightly swaying Naomi, she lifted her skirt, revealing a patchy covering of hair. She started to rub herself, looking Naomi in the eyes.

“Oh,” Jodi mumbled, “oh my.”

Bob slipped up behind Naomi. He reached around the front of her clasping her breasts lightly with his hands.

“Oh yes!,” the woman reacted by trying to grind her ass back against his groin. His fingers worked her nipples, erect already, causing her to issue animalistic moans.

Jodi’s jaw hung slightly open, her tongue jammed into the corner of her mouth as she strained fingering herself standing up. Her eyes were hazed over with the passion of one striving for orgasm, pushing for it.

Bob brought his right hand behind the woman he was physically using at the moment. She tried to wriggle against him, but he pushed her bottom forward and lifted her skirt. Gently, he slipped his middle finger between the cheeks of her ass, and in her by the back door.

“Yike!” She tried to stand even higher on her toes as she yelped. The heels she wore already giving her odd balance problems, the result was a half stagger step forward. Bob stimulated her with the symbols at her groin and she let out a low hiss of heated lust, staring straight into the eyes of the woman heaving before her.

Jodi was busy rubbing her chest through the fabric of the flimsy blouse the servants had to wear. Since she wore no bra, she had easy access to her nipples without really undressing. Her sweat made all the bumps of her nipples stick out visibly anyway, their stiff shapes jabbing the wet fabric.

“Put your hands on her shoulders,” Bob directed the woman under his hands.

“Oh, uh huh,” With a staggering step, Naomi placed her hands on the other woman’s shoulders, allowing her head to droop as she panted.

Bob stepped back, and peeled off his own clothing. His cock was erect, the two waiting sex toys either gasping or panting out their lust.

The bed was large enough, he decided. Sitting at the edge, he felt the surface of the cover. Finding it was soft and comfortable, he decided not to strip it to the sheets.

The women were still standing together, Jodi frantically fingering herself, Naomi panting with her head down. He reached out some symbols and sent a flood of pleasure through Jodi.

“OH GOD!” squealed the blonde. Shuddering in her standing position, she struggled not to fall. “YESSS, YESSS, YESSS!”

A moment latter, weak kneed and exhausted she whimpered as she continued to try arousing herself with her fingers. He hadn’t told her to stop.

“Okay Jodi, you can stop now,” Bob tried again to change her to allow her more initiative. It was very difficult to fix the damage the other members had done here. “Why don’t the two of you come over here, lick me, and give me a nice display of you at my cock?”

Smiling with a heated inner desire Naomi was the first to reach the side of the bed. She bent, stopping to push her tongue into his mouth in a passionate kiss. Then she knelt, and wrapped her long fingers about his prick.

A pink tongue tip slipped out between her red lips and started to caress the glans. The soft velvet touch left Bob drawing in his own sharp breath.

Jodi was pulling her clothing off as she approached the bed. She took off the skirt and the blouse. Her hair remained bouncy despite the sweat from her earlier exertion. She was naked quickly, and bent before him for a kiss, easily as passionate as Naomi’s, breasts swaying beneath her as she leaned.

Then she too bent to her knees, watching Naomi engulf the head of his manhood in her mouth. Looking for an opening, she stretched her neck forward, allowing her to nip at the shaft of his cock as the other woman pulled back. Jodi tried to work her lips over his cock, pushing Naomi aside with a sisterly kiss on her lips.

They traded turns, each one plunging the length of his prick with their mouth, making tasty slurping sounds as they went. Occasionally they paused to neck for a moment with each other. He placed his hands on the tops of their heads, allowing the mouths to suck him in at will. Neither had trouble with gag reflexes. They had been trained to perform this way before.

He was pleased to watch as they would took breaks to duel with their tongues over the trunk of his prick, both licking at him and each other. It was time to do something else, he decided.

“Naomi, on your back, spread ‘em,” and he took Jodi’s arm in his hand. “Once she’s in place, I want you to start licking her. Make her come for me. But I want your dainty little tush up in the air. I’m going to enter you while you eat.”

“Oh God! I really want you in me.”

“Me too,” added Naomi.

“Oh, I’m sure you would. Play with your lovely tits sweetheart, I want to see erect nipples while you’re being eaten.”

Jodi climbed up on the bed, placing her face in the spread crotch before her. She began to lick and tease the outer lips with her tongue. Naomi started to let her head roll as her pleasure rose. Jodi’s hips remained up, she kept her place on her knees.

Bob saddled up behind her, holding his prick in his hand. He rubbed the swollen member against Jodi’s slit. Finding the opening moist and ready, slid in, enjoying the tightness around him. Once completely in, he took hold of either side of her waist, and started his motion.

His thrusts pushed Jodi forward, pressing harder against Naomi’s cunt.

Naomi sighed lightly. With both of her nipples between her fingers, she looked down at the engorged flesh of her breasts. She was engaged in watching her own arousal, abdomen writhing about with partly involuntary response.

Jodi’s tongue was trying to reach inside Naomi. She thrust it in as far as possible but only got an inch or two past the outer lips. Her round little chin would slip in a little too, bringing a gasp from the woman beneath her face.

Bob watched the woman’s head bobbing forward and back as he pumped into her. Her hair floated along the other woman’s thighs. He could sense the light sensations of pleasure tickling up to Naomi’s hips. It had a soft luscious glow to it as the heat rose within the prone woman.

“Ohnnggha!” Naomi moaned, mouth open, tongue showing behind her teeth and lips. She repeated the moan, “Ohnnggha!”

His penis was as deep as he could plunge inside Jodi when he saw Naomi begin to come. Her head twitched violently from the rising orgasm, hair forming a halo on the bed beneath. Her shoulders arched, flinging her head backwards.

“AYYIEEEE!” she screamed. “YESS!”

Jodi kept lapping away, whenever she could get in position at the screaming woman’s cunt. Bob was pounding into her harder than before, enjoying the soft cushion her ass was providing him.

He could feel pulsing heat throbbing up from his scrotum. His prick was swelling with the plunging semen, rushing to it’s destiny. The seed spilled into Jodi’s burning pussy, heading deeper than his prick could reach.

He used the symbol’s to force an orgasm from Jodi, while he knew he was still coming. He shot the symbols of fast and brutal release through her cunt and abdomen.

Jodi’s head flung back suddenly. She gripped the legs to either side of her tightly in her arms, digging her fingers into the flesh with intensity. Although Bob couldn’t see her face, she was obviously contorted into a mask of total release.

“OHHH. OHHH. OHHH GOD! FUCK ME! PLEASE FUCK! ME! AIEEEEEE!” she let loose a stream of yelling while her head slammed from the right to the left and back again. She struggled to pull away from Bob as she hit what she thought was the peak. He didn’t let her. He forced another spasm through her body with a jolting thrust of his own final orgasm.

“Unnng!” grunted Bob.


“Ahhh,” sighed Bob, coming down again.

Jodi collapsed forward onto Naomi, who pulled her close. They lay there panting, all trying to catch their breath. Their sweat mingled as they all bundled close together.

* * *

After lying there for a while, the women went off to the bathroom. They refreshed their makeup, starting to straighten up the room afterwards.

Bob watched with amusement as they went through the cycle of chores they’d assigned themselves. They were still naked as the day they were born. Yet they tried to make every movement enticing to him, habits of service here at the Cabal’s offices.

Watching Naomi’s buns wag as she bent down to collect her shoes was an exciting turn of events. She didn’t simply bend, she sort of rolled herself at the waist. The hint of curly pussy hair between her thighs was an attractive reminder he hadn’t really entered her yet.

He decided it was time to rectify this little matter.

“Naomi, I want you to bend over the couch so I can look at your lovely little tush,” he commanded.

Naomi shrugged, and set aside the work she was doing. She lay herself across the back of the couch, head in the cushions, ass in the air. Jodi stopped flattening out the bed sheets, curious if her attention would soon be demanded as well.

“Is there any oil in the bathroom?,” he asked her.

“Yes my love, I will get it for you,” Jodi hurried from the room. Soon she returned with a bottle of baby oil.

“Rub it into her cheeks, then into her ass.”

Jodi turned, and poured the oil into her hand. She rubbed her hands together for a few moments, then started to massage the oil over the prostrate woman’s ass. As she worked it into the crack, she started to work a finger into Naomi’s little rosette. She added a touch more oil.

Bob remembered exploring the exposed tush with his own fingers earlier. A smile crossed his face. He picked up the oil and began to massage his presently limp cock. Then he changed his mind.

“Jodi, come get me hard for Naomi.”

Jodi looked back, and smoothly went from feeling the other woman to rubbing the oil along his prick. Her fingers glided along the hardening prick, stiffening from contact with her hand. Bob let out a low groan of his own.

Jodi smiled knowingly at him, pleased with her arousal of his cock. Happy she had in some way pleased her man.

Now stiff, he stepped to Naomi’s bottom. Prying her cheeks apart, he exposed the small hole, her back door. Naomi squirmed enough to move her head, allowing her to see Bob behind her. He gave her his best reassuring smile, and rubbed the head of his prick against the little pucker.

“Yike!,” she squealed as he pushed in the first inch of the head of his cock. She writhed a bit more, either from discomfort or from pleasure, he couldn’t tell without probing her right now. He decided to enjoy her without snooping for a moment. He pressed in further, letting the tight muscles ease back after each inch.

“Oh my god, it’s huge, oooh noo,” the woman groaned.

Bob knew he wasn’t huge, but she obviously felt he was.

“I, uh, I’ve never taken someone like this before,” she told him. He plunged another inch in. “OOOH!”

Her eyes were wide open, surprise showed across her brow. He wondered if it were true. The idea she would be a sex toy here and no one used her this way before surprised him. He didn’t think it mattered too much though.

He plunged into her to the hilt. She gasped again, tears at the corners of her eyes.

Building an in and out motion took a few minutes. She wasn’t accustomed to his prick in her ass. She began to respond however, with some excitement as the activity became more rhythmic.

“oh yes! more,” she mumbled into the couch.

Jodi stepped around to sit on the couch. A moment later she was playing with Naomi’s nipples, pinned against the cushions.

Bob could feel his balls slapping against the outer cunt lips beneath the entry he’d chosen. Each slopping sound elicited another gasp from the woman he was using. She tried to press back against him, but the position she was in left her completely helpless.

He pounded against the helpless and frantic woman. Pistoning into her nether hole, Bob felt her clamping down on him. Her countenance had taken on the glow of someone approaching ecstatic freedom.

“Unngh,” the moan rose from her throat, “oooh yesss.”

Jodi bent to Naomi’s exposed nipple, sucking it into her mouth.

“AAAH YESS,” the pinned woman shuddered violently. Then she pealed out a stronger scream, “AIAIIIIIEEEEEYESSSS!”

Bob found the surge come up within himself as well. The clenching sensations of orgasm brought a tightening pulse, thrusting the seed of his body into her.

Bob grunted out again. Pushing into her again forcefully. Then he stopped, embedded within her ass.

“Now tell me how you feel, Naomi.”

“Weak. Very, very weak,” she muttered sleepily.

Jodi looked pretty satisfied with the whole thing. Pleased at the outcome.

Bob finally withdrew to the sounds of whimpering from Naomi. She hadn’t wanted him to leave her. Bob smiled at her delightful floating afterglow.

“You better get dressed,” he told the girls. Then he wandered to the bathroom to get a shower. Standing under the running water would be very relaxing about now.

* * *

“Excuse me, but I don’t get it.”

“What don’t you get, Jones?”

“Why we stopped the scanning, the electronics work just fine.”

Thadeous put down his pencil, and leaned back at the desk.

“Sit down.”

Jones pulled one of the stiff wooden chairs over from the work table. He brushed the seat. Then he sat down smoothly, facing his boss.

Thadeous leaned forward again to speak.

“We know where the spark is. He’s in New York. We also know he’s virtually undetectable to scanners.”

“Yes, but we can pick up other sparks. All we need to do is pull our staff away from any area he comes near.”

“You miss the point. If he can evade scanners, other sparks can too. We can’t have any of them finding some of our people. No, it’s better to allow financial to hunt. We caught more that way before in any case.”

“Oh.” He pondered a moment. “It’s an awfully low probability event. Isn’t it an acceptable risk?”

“When we still had the facilities of the research center, yes. Now as we scrape for every qualified staffer, no.”

“What about this spark, this Robert Lawrence? Shouldn’t we do something about him?”

“No need. My instructions say he will be taken care of. Don’t sweat it. You worry about getting the staff running. I’ll worry about the loose spark. okay?”

Glumly, Jones nodded.

“We’ve got other work to concentrate on,” Thadeous repeated softly.

* * *

Betty greeted Bob at the door. She looked freshly fucked, having that glow about her of one who has recently come.

Bob grinned. The girls must have been playing. She wore a narrow bathing suit that covered her just enough to be decent if a stranger had been outside the door. He found her sweet ass still enticed him.

“Well. What’s going on?”

“Oh,” she turned red, still little priggish. “We’ve been playing.”

“Tell me who started it.”

She turned her head in embarrassment.

“I was cleaning the room, it wasn’t my fault. Really.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Randi started it,” she pouted. “All I did was walk around her while I was cleaning.”

“So what happened?”

“She tried to grab me. I told her I was busy,” Betty stuck her nose up in the air. “The silly dyke didn’t like my answer.”

Bob looked at her, wondering if the adjustments he’d made were wearing off. Then he realized she’d been teasing Randi on purpose.

“So what did she do?”

“Went to Bambi to complain.” She pouted again.


“Bambi made me eat Randi out, right then and there.” She looked down, grinning, but shuffling her feet. “Then she fucked me twice with those toys you bought us.” Her grin got bigger with this last statement.

“Good. Oughta teach you not to tease if you won’t follow through.”

“But I’d have been happy to make it with Randi,” she protested. “I just wanted a little more, um, playing first.”

“I don’t think Randi sees it as playing, sweetheart. Teasing her only gets her real hot and anxious.”


“Where are Randi and Bambi now?”

“Bambi got excited watch me and Randi. She’s making Randi.”

Bob laughed aloud. Couldn’t leave the girls alone for a minute.

“And Cindy? That tasty little oriental girl I brought home?”

“She’s in the hot tub.” She pouted again. “You said we couldn’t play with her until you took her.”

“Thank you. Why don’t you go clean up. I’d like you in something more concealing for a while. Find some nice way to dress to turn me on.”

Spritely, she turned on her heels. “Yes sir, master sir.”

Grinning Bob walked towards his bedroom. Pounding and thumping, combined with the sounds of two women gasping or moaning with lust reached his ears.

He stepped inside the bedroom.

On the floor, not even in the bed, the large bosomed woman was pinned underneath the brunette. Randi had Bambi pinned at the wrists. The short haired woman was thrashing about as Randi, wearing a strap on dildo, fucking away madly at brown cunt beneath her.

“Oh! God! YES! YES! YESSSS!” came screeching from Bambi. The brunette grunted from the exertion of fucking her. “YESS!”

“oooohhh,” came the sigh from the orgasming woman as she started to wind down from the pounding she’d taken.

Randi looked up and noticed Bob. She grinned proudly, as if to say “look what I did.” She kept Bambi pinned however, dildo pushed deeply in her pussy.

He smiled back.

There just had to be a suitable punishment for this frivolous behavior. He wondered just how many times he could get it up in one night.

* * *

“What do you mean, you met him!?”

Chi was confused by the voice from his phone.

“He came, we chatted about how we all cooperate with each other. I even gave him a gift as honor requires...”

“You fool!” There followed a brief pause, and a sound that could have been a breaking pencil. “You were told to kill off any contact with the assassin. Now he’ll backtrack, you schmuck!”

“I do not understand. I thought he was a member of the organization...,” Chi looked with irritation at the phone, now dead in his hand.

If they didn’t want him to befriend the tall man, why did they give him his address, he thought.