The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Public Service Statement

The following story contains a ‘scene’ with a lactating woman.

This is at least in part because of the number of responses I received from a number of readers who caught the mild hint in an earlier entry of The Book series. Apparently many people share this particular fetish, although it is not a simple task to attain the experience. In part, this is because women who are nursing may or may not let the kid’s father nurse, but a woman would need a very special relationship to nurse another woman. Them’s da breaks.

A few items of interest on nursing mothers...

A MOTHER NURSING HER BABY IS NOT EVEN REMOTELY SEXY If she is nursing her baby, she is feeding the child, not posing for someone’s fantasy. It is hard enough to nurse an infant, don’t make it harder on any woman you happen to see in the middle of the act. Ignore it, look the other way, or even better, treat it as a natural act- the same as walking or talking. Do not annoy someone trying to raise their baby properly.

More mothers are nursing children on the recommendation of doctors for a simple reason. It’s healthier for the baby to nurse. Doctors in the US will acknowledge the child’s first 3-6 months should be nourished by nursing.

There are a reasons it is healthier for the baby, including the biological-chemical signals from the mother’s immune system to the baby delivered via the milk.

It’s also healthy for the mother; a significant percentage reduction in the risk of breast cancer results from nursing for a reasonable duration (I forget the actual statistic, does it matter?).

Lastly, it is probably the most important part of emotional bonding between the mother and the infant. In their entire lives, there is no more intimate act the two will perform together. This assertion TM by a variety of child care pundits.

If you are interesting in Breast Feeding your child (not the adult infant you keep as a pet), I strongly recommend you contact, in the US anyway, the La Leche League (I’ve been known to call them ‘the leaky league’). They have active chapters in most communities. Although I personally feel they have an anti-male bias, frequently ignoring an important support element of the mother’s family—the father; I assure you they are a good organization, helping mothers learn to nurse their children in the face of social stigma and ignorance.

Interesting points...

  1. a woman need not go through child birth to begin lactation,
  2. lactating doesn’t protect against pregnancy (contrary to popular myth),
  3. Men can lactate, but the conditions permitting this biological oddity are brutally unhealthy.

End of religious diatribe.


There is enormous sensual pleasure suckling at a lactating woman’s breast. The act is more giving and emotional on both parties part in addition to the simple sensualistic performance. This can lead to several fun scenes, which may be explored in the story line following. Wanna lay odds on that?

* * *

Book, What Book?

Bob looked at the clock. It was a little after noon.

The tall woman in the gray suit now sat in his arm chair, drinking a cup of caf. Bob had a plastic cup filled with soda. She said her name was Kim, and that was all she’d offered so far.

Betty had gotten the woman her hot drink. Kim had snorted at her and dismissing her as unimportant, at least for now. Betty hovered in the kitchen, spying whenever possible on this unusual visitor.

“How did you discover you’ve got the ‘ability’?” asked Kim.

“I read a book.”

“A what!?!”

“A book. I found a book filled with interesting notes. Before I knew it, I could read mind and influence people. Honest.”

“Oh, such as your friend?” she waved her head in the direction of the kitchen, where Betty was noisily putting the breakfast dishes away. “I never had it so good, I didn’t get any lectures or notes. So what have you done with the little tart so far?”

His ears burned red with embarrassment, “Never mind her. Where did you learn how to, um, well, you know...”

At this she snaked out a telepathic probe towards Betty. Quickly, Bob intercepted it and slapped it aside. Startled, she sent a probe towards him. It slithered around, confused in the phony personality he’d created for telepaths to see. He just sat back, pleased with her confusion, feeling his safety was assured.

“Oh, my... protective too,” she said, eyeing him closely. The look in her eyes akin to fear.

“Stick with the subject at hand. Where did you learn to use your, ‘ability’ did you call it?”

“Ability, yes, ability... well,” she became reflective, “for me, you see, before life turned upside down I was a Buyer, for Cheney’s. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? The department store chain?”

He nodded an affirmative, but didn’t speak, encouraging her dialogue.

“I never would have developed my ‘ability’ if it weren’t for Harry... I was just briefly in town for a new line of merchandise, never mind what, it no longer matters. That’s when I saw Harry for the first time. The real problem wasn’t me seeing him; it was unquestionably an issue of him seeing me...”

* * *

She entered the store in her favorite silk pattern blouse, and a knee length skirt when he spotted her. Her hair was in a mane like perm, down to her shoulder blades and dyed blonde in an almost undetectable way, except her complexion was a little dark to make a good fit.

She had soft brown eyes he could see from the corner of the room. Her lips formed a lush cupid’s bow, and her nose was perfectly framed in the center of the other lovely features of her face. Her expression, a seductive perpetual pout with her eyelids lightly drooped, was unintentional.

She was tall to begin with and wore 3 inch heel shoes in an 1940’s style he could only remember seeing before in old movies. Her shape through the hips was only slightly curved, but her chest, well her chest stood out indescribably far.

He had been using his power for a day when he’d seen her, but he knew immediately he had to have her. His approach was simple and direct, he ordered her to turn about immediately and go to his home.

He picked up the packages he’d ‘purchased’ so far, making the sales girl believe he was entitled to such gifts.

Of course, the other gifts he accepted from her before he left included squeezing her tits, groping her cunt, and that great blow job. He made sure to get her phone number, ordering her to forget the encounter. She even told him how wonderful it was to serve him, with a godalmighty radiant smile. He’d told her to, after all.

The power made him giddy. Harry, oh you know, he was the kind of guy who now believed he was God. He’d always knew he was entitled to anything he wanted, no matter how he got it, and now, well, now he got it.

* * *

She was waiting, somewhat glossy eyed at the door to his apartment when he arrived. His command of the talent was a little odd. He seemed to think it was hypnosis, and his orders tended put his chosen ones into trances.

“I’m going to take some of my orders off you. When I do, you will be unable to leave, but able to speak your on your own. You understand?”

She didn’t respond. It took him a moment to figure he hadn’t let go enough to let her do so. This was new for him too. Up until now, all he did was force girls he’d taken to perform sex with him. This was making him happy so far. But he was gonna step up. She was gonna talk to him too.

“What have you done to me?” she demanded. She would have stamped a foot, but didn’t seem able to move it.

“Taken control. You will do anything I say, and at least act like you like it too.” he answered.

“You disgusting brute. There are names for creatures like you, but I won’t insult the others by associating you with them!”

“Step inside please,” he said opening the door.

“Not on your fucking life!, I’m going to scream!” She began to do so, but, Harry’s seen that before. He smiled.

“Every time you scream for help, instead you will beg for me to hit you. If you try to call or ask for help when other folks are around, you will have an urge to nibble sexily on my ear.”

“Please hit me,” came from her mouth, much to her surprise. “oh, no.” she clasped her hands over her disobedient lips.

He waved her inside. Kim found her feet and legs were answering to another set of commands than her own. She walked inside.

The apartment was a dump. No one had cleaned inside for at least a week. The art on the walls was mostly pin-ups from pornographic magazines, or tasteless posters for violent horror movies.

“You don’t really expect me to stay, do you?” she tried again to turn and leave, “I simply won’t put up with this!”

“Oh, you have no choice. If I want, you’ll crawl to me on your belly and beg me to keep you in a kennel. Good thing for you all I want is a good fuck. You’ll like it.”

“That’s it!” and she walked, no she didn’t! so she said “hit me, I beg you, hit me.” Tears ran down her cheeks.

He was giggling, in a sneering sort of way. Harry thought this was more fun than just turning the other girls into pliant blow-up dolls.

She stood, stunned at her inability to control her own body.

“Get undressed in the bedroom. I’m gonna get a beer, and I’ll be in in a moment.” He sneered a little. She realized his sneer could get worse.

Her volition missing, she went to the bedroom. This proved to be a room strewn with clothing, probably the pile against the corner were the clean ones. A mattress lay on the floor. The sheet was loosely tucked under it in a few places.

Her beautiful silk blouse she folded up next to her shoes. The skirt was placed upon the blouse. Her high heels were put along to one side. She was unsnapping the bra when Harry came in.

“WOW.” he exclaimed. “Those are the largest fucking bazooms I’ve ever seen on a broad.” He took the immediate liberty of wrapping both hands around one breast and squeezing.

His expectation of her response didn’t mesh with her actual response. He wanted a moan or a sigh, and when this didn’t come he frowned. He added a new command.

“You’ll get hot every time I touch you. This will make you get horny and want to come. But you can’t come ‘til I say so.” and then he used the power to make her do as he said.

Harry was very sexy. She could now see how handsome he was. He had her nipples between his fingers and was twisting them, very hard. This had an effect of drawing sexual heat through her chest. Her knees wanted to buckle, but she had to get to the bed.

She was kissing Harry. She just wrapped her arms around his neck and dove into his lips. He was great! There wasn’t enough to him to get her desires fulfilled. She didn’t know how she had missed it before!

She rubbed her breasts on either side of his lust covered face. Her feminine hands felt for Harry’s prick in his crotch.

Since his pants were in the way, she began to strip them off him. She couldn’t move far without rubbing her crotch against some part of Harry’s body. The more she touched him or the more he touched her, the farther she went down the path of desire. Yet it was a yearning for an orgasm that wasn’t coming.

“Okay slut. You’re so fucking hot. You gotta get me hot. Start suckin’ my wang.” he pushed her head down to his crotch.

She’d actually never performed oral sex before. As she placed the male organ in her mouth, she began to suck it like a straw. This made her hot too, since just touching Harry was enough to make her lust for orgasm, and desparate for more. Unsastified by her clumsy efforts, he fucked her wet mouth with force, plunging against the teeth at the back, unconcerned how it worked out.

“Suck it, cunt. Yeah suck it.” He continued to pump, thrilled about the incredible woman wringing his juices out of his cock. “oooohh, yeaa.. fukit fukit... uhhh.”

A surge of come entered her mouth, she choked, not thinking to swallow. The come dribbled out the sides of her mouth and down her chin to drip on Harry’s legs.

“You fukin’ bitch! Don’t you know enough to swallow it?” He shouted, his displeasure overriding his enjoyment. Somehow, he overlooked his explicit control of her behavior.

She shook her head, upset that she’d failed to please Harry. She swallowed what was left, and began to clean him off with her tongue and lips.

“Yeah, use your tongue bitch! Clean it all off.” She did as told, aroused again by the contact. Her body was humping at the hips madly. Her legs were squeezing together in sheer lust. She began to feel her own cunt and clit, trying to get off without success.

She was licking the come off his balls and cock. Soon it began to stiffen up again. She was pleased. Now he could get her off. She wanted his cock inside her. She didn’t care how brutal he acted as long as she got to have him.

“All right!” He slammed her onto her back. She anxiously, with excitement, pulled her legs apart so he could gain easy access. He couldn’t get in her womanly box fast enough for her.

He pinned each of her wrists above her head, allowing himself a better view of the helpless woman. She could sense that bruises would grace both arms and wrists afterwards. Fighting through the haze of orgasmic lust, she hoped for the release to come. Hoping the frustrating wait for orgasm would reward her with the energy it was promising.

He pushed his prick between her cunt lips, thrusting his entry once the head was in. The heat surged upwards from her groin, not yet breaching her chest and throat. She pulsed against his cock, hoping for each pistoned join to throw her over, glad of the chance to take such pleasure with Harry.

Harry, lost in her cunt, was in heaven. Such a righteous chick to take. The strongest aphrodesiac ever, this power to force her. She was all his, she couldn’t leave. He would even give her a name, one he liked, and she would like it too.

His body pressed against hers, he could feel her nipples. She felt the shock of electric excitement spin through her boobs. She needed this fuck so badly. Harry was the best.

Suddenly, he grunted. “ungh, ungh aaaaaaaa FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK” and he sent a warm liquid rush into her cunt. She could feel it flood through her vagina, escaping around the edges of his cock. The dripping overflow tickled the backs of her thighs and slipped over her ass.

Harry rolled aside. Kim kept trying to hump against his legs. Her fevered pitch was becoming higher and more frantic. She had to come, only he could make her. As if she were a dog in heat, she kept trying to get his attention.

She held his leg against her crotch, with her head performing whiplash twists as she moaned, “Please, ooooo, pleeaase, unnng, ooohhh, aaannngg, gggg, ggg ggg, nnnnghh. Oh fuck me, pllllleeeaaaaa, aah aaah ahhh, ssssss”

Almost as if he didn’t really want to acknowledge her, he said, “You slut, heh, can I call you slut now?”

“Yess, fuck me, fuck me, call me, uh, anything you want, slut is fine, please, just please, fuck me.” Then Harry took one nipple in his mouth and bit down, hard. This sent a jolt of sexual pleasure through her body.

“You’re my fuckin’ bitch now. Say it. Say you belong to me.”

“God, yes. please fuck me, unnh, I, unnn”

“Not until you say it bitch. Say you are mine, all mine.”

“GGGnnn! I’m your slut, your bitch, aaaa, gawdamn, fuck me please fuck me.”

He grinned with superiority. “Come when I stick my finger up your ass...,” he commanded.

“Oh god, unnnhhh, please... fuck...” she moaned deeply. She’d never liked anything in her ass before, but she’d do anything for the final jolt of orgasm that was building. “GOD!, please take my ass soon. aaaah”

He lost his face in her large tits again. She was desparate to come, unwilling to irritate him, her greatest desire was to please him, to convince him to make her come. She begged, she pleaded for his finger, for any touch of that finger, in her ass right away.

He moved a hand onto her ass. The cheek was firm and muscular. She lurched in both arousal and anticipation. Both cheeks were pinching in and out to excite her pussy. With a suddenness, borne of taunting, he plunged a finger up her ass. This too gave her unexpected pleasure, but most importantly, the release she was waiting for...


And began to collapse, limp as a dish rag.

* * *

He took her again. Each time in a way she’d heard of but never dreamed she’d find enjoyable. His turn-on seemed to be anything he could force on her, and she would like it. He was always in charge, always calling the shots, always overriding her initial feelings. She was expected to remember what he liked, and do it for him without being told.

He called her Bambi. He said it suited her. She felt particularly humiliated by this, she’d known a woman named Bambi who was a prostitute. When he learned this he was particularly proud of himself. She was only to answer to Bambi whenever anyone addressed her.

He programmed her to come whenever he held her wrist and squeezed her elbow. She had some lurching, far less than secret orgasms on public buses, in the bank, outside a high school window. The little boys were lewdly staring through the windows. She could imagine their wet little dongs, dripping in their pants. He made her come twice that time.

Once, it was a crowded elevator. He told her to expose her boobs to the guys on the elevator. Everyone was allowed a feel, he insisted. He allowed her to accept money from one of the men, embarrassing her even more.

The humiliation excited her almost as much as his touch. He made her come for every man on that elevator at least once, and blow the last guy on the top floor. She wasn’t allowed to swallow the semen until they got back downstairs.

He got other women, when she got a little boring. Then she did things like video-tape him when he was screwing. But he was too thrilled with her huge tits to let her go...

She lived with him for almost a year this way. She prayed he would never throw him out. She needed him so badly, needed the humiliation, the public shame. He was her dream man. The man she knew she always needed. She came to feel this was certain. She’d never known a better lover.

He decided he needed a new apartment. Since there was no reason to pay for anything he could get free, it was a large apartment. And he got a maid to come clean it up. She also did his prick once in awhile.

Bambi didn’t mind. It was important for her to see him using other women too. She wanted him to have some variety. He kept her though, so she must be better, she felt.

He collected a few nice cars for himself. And a good stereo, some furniture that wasn’t shabby at all, thank you. Nor were the two legged furniture he collected shabby either.

And eventually, he collected some new friends, unexpected friends.

* * *

They came while he was out. Several large men with hypodermics. They’d given her a shot, not at all concerned that she was naked in high heels when she answered the door. A few minutes later, she slept.

When she awoke she was in a bedroom, an entire wall was mirror. She screamed for Harry for a while. She thought he must have come up with a new way to embarrass her, maybe selling her into a brothel.

A man came in from time to time to ask her questions; who was she? (Bambi), where did she live? (with Harry), what did she do? (fuck mostly)...

At one point a different man came in and tried to fuck her. What he really did was try to seduce her in a very before-she-met-Harry manner. The idea someone was watching from behind the mirror was exciting, but not enough to get her engines going.

The man was disappointed, but didn’t seem upset with her.

Later, a woman tried the same thing. Bambi, wasn’t interested, thank you. Harry said such things were disgusting, she thought it was pretty vile too.

It was after she got frustrated about not getting laid, she had no idea why, the change came.

The next time a man came to ask her questions. He had no idea what he was in for...

* * *

She reached out with her mind and made him slap her. Her loins rose, entirely aflame. She did something to him, making him use his strength to force himself on her.

In moments, he’d torn off the clothes she’d been given, thin hospital like things. He twisted her nipples as hard as he could, sitting on her to keep her from fighting back. She would have scores of new bruises afterwards. She loved it.

She was hot and ready. Her cunt was drenched. He wrenched her arms behind her back, pushing her on her back to hold them there. Then he used his knees to separate her legs and opened his pants up one handed.

While her head was thrashing left to right, emitting gasps and the beginnings of a panting rhythm, he pressed his cock into her. She’d done something to hold him back for a time, she wasn’t sure what.

He pounded away at her, giving her biting kisses that bruised her lips in ways she found tantalizing. From time to time he slapped her breasts open handed. Almost invariably, somewhere she wanted it.

“aaaannnNNNNGGGGGGOOOOOOODAMMMMMM!” she screamed, releasing an orgasm to rival the one she’d first had with Harry. The man began to fill her with his come, squeezed almost dry by the combination of her muscled cunt and his intensity. He collapsed immediately, completely spent.

While she lay there, panting with only reminiscences of the release, several men rushed in the room. The needles stabbed her before she’d known what hit her. The pain was a pleasant aftershock.

How did they know she was responsible for the whole thing...?

* * *

“Eventually, I woke up in a lab. These guys had something that stops you from controlling them. They shaved my head to attach some kind of monitoring equipment. I think it was a couple of weeks before I got away though, it might have been longer.”

“How’d you do that?” Bob asked.

“Some people never remember to check batteries.” So, he thought, a carelessness they may never repeat, “One day, one of the guys forgot it for his whiz box. I got control and he helped me escape. Not before I got to see how telepaths are treated, though. Harry, well, Harry is as good as dead.”

“And they’ve hunted you ever since.”

“Well, I set myself up for a while, even had a bunch of toy men to serve me. Like you have that little twat on a leash.” she grinned a weak grin, “its nice to have 3 men at once, at my beck and call. Especially since they did exactly what I wanted. But somehow the Institute found my hideout.”

“They’ve got a radar like gimmick they use to search out telepaths.”

“I may have gotten careless. I went to visit Harry’s old place. Friday at the mall I was trying to shake the ones watching for me to come back. You bailed me out by distracting them. I got your address from, um, well, you know.”

“I think so. Well, there’s at least one more telepath out there we should help stay away from these goons. But you should relax first. Where have you been staying?”

“In one of the department stores. No one sees me unless I want them to.”

“I see. I don’t want you here though, you know.”

“Um, well yeah, think I might interfere with your little trollop, eh?’

His ears burned again. Betty was making too much noise to hear anything though.

“Oh, the possibility had occurred to me. But it also occurs to me, both of us are threatened as long as the ‘Institute’ is hunting for anyone with, er, ‘ability’. And you might draw them to me and the other way around too.”

“Look, I’ll promise to leave your ‘toys’ be, I’ll even join in if you want. I get awfully horny, and Harry isn’t around anymore. I don’t even know what of me was his instructions and how much was me before Harry.” she made a sincere plea.

“Yeah, I’ll think on it. The idea of another telepath in the house just is a little hard to accept. It may be a little complicated.”

Reluctantly, she left an address with him. But not before giving Betty a withering look of disapproval. Betty didn’t notice.

Bob did.

* * *

Bob was in an apartment building near the mall. It was Thursday. His excitement had returned, the ‘hunters’ a distant threat. He hadn’t yet decided what to do about Bambi nee Kim. But he felt a need to practise his talent.

Since Betty had started to take over the household chores, little things he had lost had been turning up. Organization had come to his home. Betty didn’t like sharing him with Randi, and strongly disliked being left alone with “the pushy dyke”.

She hadn’t completely given up hope of being dominant in some manner over the household. Mostly, she and Randi had begun to compete for his attention by any means possible. So she strove to please him in ways other than sexual too.

He’d found a slip of paper on his dresser. One of them had found it in his papers and left it where he’d find it. This had the name and address of a young woman on it. It took him a few minutes to recall where this had come from.

She’d never met him, but he remembered her from the mall. She was lusting after new mothers walking throughout the mall. Suddenly he was enticed to seek her out.

He found the address easily. He resisted the temptation to use his talent right away, so he rang the bell, but no one answered. He found the superintendent. Soon he was in Mary McKinnon’s apartment, and no one would remember seeing him enter.

Somehow, to Bob, pawing about in Mary’s apartment was as exciting as intruding into her mind. He had found another means of violating her, without her having any ability to resist. The mundane nature of intrusion was unimportant. He was having his way with her more simply than his present norm, a pleasurable working of his will on hers.

Hell, he hadn’t even met her yet. The excitement was growing in him.

Looking through her things, he was able to learn where she’d gone to school. He found her check stubs and learned about things she bought. Her closet was filled with pants suits, mostly. There were a very few dresses, and nothing he construed as sexy. Everything he found he restored to its original location.

In her desk, he found a pile of letters from her brother, dated over 5 years ago. And a few letters from other friends.

He heard keys being juggled at the lock. Turning out the lights, he watched the door open as she stepped inside. She closed the door again, and turned about, placing her purse on a narrow table she kept by the door. She turned on the lights, and stepped into the kitchen.

He was intrigued by this enigma. He hadn’t probed her since the mall. She made noise in the kitchen for a while, and he simply waited. When she finally came into the living room, she jumped with a terror brought of confronting an intruder.

“Hello Mary.” he uttered in a low voice.

“Who the hell are you and how the fuck did you get in here?!?” she demanded scrambling towards the phone.

“I came with a proposition to make.” She stood, receiver in hand, much reassured by the dial tone. “I could have cut the phone cord if I wanted to, before you got here.”

“I guess so,” she paused, “Make it quick though, my patience is thin for this kind of crap. You broke into my home buster, and I’m gonna see you pay.” She was shaking.

“Actually, the police can’t arrest me. But as to you and me, I have a proposition. You may want to hear it.” Wow!, all he’d had to do so far was talk, she’d gone from kill first to talking.

“Get to it then, then get the hell out.”

“You like women.”

“I like men.”

“You might, but you also want a woman, specifically, you want one giving milk. You’ve been having this fantasy for a while.” she shook, as with a chill.

“yes,” she whispered, the fear rising just the least amount, “I do. But nobody knows that. Nobody. I haven’t told a soul.”

“Well I can arrange it for you.”

“How the fuck would you do a thing like that,” she banged the phone on the switch hook. “’Excuse me Mrs., I just happen to know a girl who wants to suck milk from your tits, would you mind coming to her apartment tonight?’, give me a break!”

He smiled. The smile shook her.

“Something a lot like that, really.”

“Oh great!, sure. And what, pray tell, is in it for you!?” she exclaimed.

“You wouldn’t believe me entirely. Let us say, I want to share the carnal experience.” he thought about vampires now, sucking the sexual energy from victims in the act. Silly thought, more reasonable to assert he was sucking the fantasy from his victim’s act tonight. “I have a talent. It’s a powerful skill allowing me a certain persuasive ability. I’m trying real hard not to use it on you.”

“Why not, you’d get exactly what you want, if you really have the unique skill you claim.”

“Oh, it’s real enough. You want a demonstration?”

“Why? you can’t give milk... men can’t give milk. So who would you persuade into giving her milk to me?”

“Men can sometimes give milk, irrelevant though. Is one of the mothers you’ve leered after in the building?”

She sat down. The phone, still in her hand began to ring. She jumped. He didn’t. She answered and shooed the caller away.

“There’s Patty, on the first floor. I see her when I do laundry sometimes.” Mary was showing signs of the dreamy fantasy intruding on the conversation. “God, she’s cute. Her boobs sometimes drip the milk after she’s nursed little Anna. They’re almost twice as big as they were before she got preggers. She doesn’t show any sign of having gained weight from the pregnancy.”

“Can you call her? Its only about 8:30, ask her to come up here.”

Reluctantly, she dialed the number.

* * *

She had him answer the door. She wasn’t leaving the phone. Bob didn’t mind. He wouldn’t let her dial more than two digits anyway.

The woman at the door was carrying a baby carrier. She also bore a large bag, easily identified as a diaper bag. This woman evidently was using disposable diapers. Bob refrained from his environmentalist reaction to the disposables.

The child, sound asleep, bore the same striking resemblance of all babies to cherubs. Finally unencumbered, Patty was able to stand straight and Bob took in the assets she displayed.

Her dark hair was cut short, to her ears. Bob reflected this was wise considering the disgusting things long hair could get into around babies. She was without makeup, but still had an unblemished face, with round soft lips. Her shoulders were wide, but the breasts were showing themselves larger than he’d expect with her frame, probably hadn’t nursed the baby recently. Her hips were a little padded, but her waist was slender and flat.

“Patty, this is, um, Bob. He’s visiting for a few minutes.”

He reached out and took some control over Patty. Then he, dramatically for the impression Mary would get, walked to her and held her eyes locked onto his for a moment.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Mary said.

“You want to suck milk from her tits?”

“Well, yeah, but I don’t want you to hurt her either.”

Bob shrugged and smiled at Mary.

“Patty,” he gave verbal instructions, “Mary is more than your friend. She is your second baby. You need to nurse your second baby. She’s been crying and you know she’s hungry.”

Patty smiled at Mary, took her by the hand. She led the other woman to her couch. Sitting down so Mary could lay her head on her lap, she lifted the t-shirt she wore and opened a flap on her nursing bra. A moment later she lifted Mary’s head and lips to her nipple and cradled her head in her arm.

“There, there, sweetheart. Its all right. Mommy loves you, time for a bit of nursing.” Her face peered down adoringly at Mary, one hand stroking the gentle features of Mary’s face.

Mary was sucking, having forgotten Bob entirely for the moment. He could see her cheeks pull in with the suction, as at the same time she began to wiggle at the hips. Mary’s hand slid down to her crotch and began rubbing through the fabric of her jeans.

“Unbutton them.” he said. Remembering he was there, she glared, but obeyed.

Patty’s free hand moved to the supine woman’s open pants. The fingers worked their way under the panties. Seconds later the hand was making humping motions in Mary’s crotch.

Patty, oblivious to the sexual antics of her neighbor, and her own hand, looked briefly to see her first baby was doing well.

“unnhh,” Mary was starting to fade into deep excitement. Her suckling theft of milk was only part of her activities. Her hips were beginning to roll and gyrate under the administration of Patty’s fingers.

Bob, excited a little himself, could see the dripping nipple from time to time. He realized the nursing woman was starting to soak through her t-shirt at the other breast. Kneeling over Mary’s chest he lifted the t-shirt to expose the other breast, harnessed in a bra cup with a snap clasp front. He opened this, unwrapping the last vestige of protection for the wet nipple.

Patty’s breast was extremely firm from the engorgement of milk, this tit was full. Watching the nipple he could see the milk spraying, in several directions at once. The suckling at the other nipple got this one started as well. Placing his lips around the puffy nipple he found it was spurting milk in tiny thin streams of fluid.

The milk was sweet, he found, very sweet, and very thin. It was almost like skim milk someone had added a bit of sugar to. He sucked until he got a mouthful of the thin sugary liquid, then swallowed.

He swallowed as much as he could get. He was becoming very horny, but he was unwilling to stop nursing while a drop remained. He knew she’d produce more for the baby. The breast slowly began to sag as he emptied the precious nectar from her. His thirst for the rare ambrosia was unquenchable, he felt frustrated at the slow rate the milk flowed from the woman’s breast.

Meantime, Mary reached a state where she could no longer suck. The moans were spectacular. “Oh god. What, oh, fuck, make me come baby. make me come.” she was a step a way and Patty kept fingering her while Bob sucked the teat. “Oh! oh! oh! oh, YESSSSSSSS!” and Mary clenched with spasms from coming. She lay panting, beneath him, trying to recover from her orgasm.

Patty, under Bob’s direct control, caressed his hair as he enjoyed the stolen nourishment. It thrilled him to have Mary trapped beneath him while he fulfilled her fantasy for himself. He got up after another moment. Then he took off his pants.

“What are you doing!?” Mary asked, it seemed she was not expecting him to actually join in.

“You got off, I want to get off.” He moved Patty to the floor, drawing her jeans off her legs. He pulled off her panties and spread her legs.

“You’re disgusting. Her baby is right there.”

“The child is asleep. You should talk about disgusting. You wanted to suckle at a new mother’s breast. Well, I gave you your fantasy. I’m also enjoying her pussy.” He plunged his prick into the mesmorized mother’s cunt. He pumped his cock in a few times to work the moisture into flowing.

Mary, intrigued by her friend’s complacency at being fucked by a total stranger, knelt down beside the two of them. She seemed a little disturbed by something.

“Um, I know it may be too late to offer,” she began.

“Yeah, what is it,” he tickled the woman on the floor with his power to help excite her sexual interest.

“You can fuck me instead.”

He laughed as he thrust again, this time receiving a resounding moan of pleasure from Patty.

“I can do you too, if I want.” He carried on the conversation without slowing the rate of his strokes.

“You can do me too. No argument. You lived up to your promise. I, I, wow, she’s fantastic to watch in sex. Are all women this neat to watch? Do I look like this when I...?” She stared at the writhing woman beneath Bob. “Oh, yeah. Fuck her good!” She got intensely fascinated by the present view. Her chin wobbled and lurched right along with the other woman’s motions, her lips forming similar expressions.

“Uhnnn, yeah, even you. unnn, you really have, ohhh yeah, developed a streak, oh shit yeah, of lesbianism.” grunt.

“fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, don’t, oh don’t” mumbled the mother. Mary leant down and sucked at Patty’s breasts, licking and nibbling at the whole tit, not just the nipple. “OOOOOHHHH YESSS” came from the mother, excited by the contact. The lust filled attack brought more milk from the undulating breast.

“My, you really are getting into this.” Bob spoke mostly to himself. With a grin, he remembered, Mary was in no way under his direct control. It made a difference in his excitement.

The pressure grew in his groin. With a burst of humping, he loosed his seed within the woman pinned below. He pushed the cock into her a few more times, allowing the surge to ride along.

Patty in due turn let out a screeching orgasm of her own. Mary, twisting her friend’s nipples, milk dribbling between her fingers, could scarcely hold on. The thrusting hips were in motion still as Patty began to come down again, glowing from having been sexed.

Bob stood and walked out to the kitchen. Coming back with a glass of water, he sat, still half dressed, on the couch.

Mary was stroking her friend’s breasts, her legs, her stomach. Patty didn’t seem to notice at the moment. Bob took the mesmerization instructions away a little at a time, leaving a strong desire for secret liaison with Mary.

“Patty will come to believe you two have been secret lovers for some time. It will be a secret, her husband won’t know, she won’t let him know. Not even by accident, because she’ll forget whenever she’s not with you or talking to you on the phone.” He told Mary.

“How did you do that?” she asked. He smiled, self satisfaction over his control of these women was rising. Power was itself arousing.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s done.”

“What is your price for this, this, this, I don’t know what to call it.” she looked fearful, she hadn’t been since before Patty had offered her tit to her. “What is it you want, really?”

“Well, for now,” he leered a bit, “tonight you will do everything to satisfy me, complete sexual slavery, without me having to use my talent on you.” he paused, “I suppose in the future you’ll allow me free use of you any time I want, of course, I can set you up with a few more playthings. I guess I want your total trust and loyalty in exchange for the gifts I’ll be giving you. But it doesn’t matter, since I can force it on you if you misbehave. I’d just rather you did it of your own free will.”

She bit her lower lip. She fondled Patty, and Patty, somewhat conscious, began to fondle Mary’s breasts. Clumsily, she felt for Mary’s nipples, smiling up with an intense expression of love and lust.

She gulped.

“Okay, I’d sell my soul for this,” she muttered. “Can I, I mean, do you mind if I...?”

“Oh, by all means let her take you for another ride, but I’m going to take you next.” He sat back to watch.

The two women began to neck. The frantic kisses were briefly interrupted by the baby, who chose that moment to wake up crying.

Bob frowned, little brat, how dare it interfere. He stepped over to the small cradle like carrier. Unsnapping the little safety belt he picked the little creature up under its arms. He began carefully, as if playing with eggs, tucked its head onto his shoulder and began to pat the back. Hey, this was pretty cool, the little, eh... girl, was cooing in his ear. Well, let’s see, he thought. Wet?, he tried to figure out whether the diaper was too far gone.

The two nearly naked women were staring at him, Mary’s jaw hanging loosely.

“What’s your problem,” he snapped. “Never saw a guy snuggle a baby before?”

“Well, yesss,” she answered, “But Anna doesn’t even let her father hold her.”

The kid started to burble. Bob was enjoying the tiny innocent he held. The little ball of flesh was actually grinning at him. It took a little time, but the fuzz topped bundle did fall back to sleep.

Mary plunged herself back into Patty’s eager embrace. This woman was determined to make the most of this particular opportunity.

They necked for a time. Trading tiny little lip nibbles on each other’s face and neck, they slowly aroused their urges until they began petting the exposed breasts and cunts. Ultimately they ground their cunts together, Mary on top, while totally wrapped up in their kissing.

The moans and groans lasted some time before the two spasmotically unleashed their orgasms. Mary’s hair had become scraggly strands covered with sweat, Patty was covered with her own dripping fluids of all kinds.

Patty took the kid down to her apartment, leaving him with Mary.

* * *

It was completely different giving verbal instructions, rather than manipulating her.

Mary was anxious to please him though. She went down on him right away, no arguments. Her pink-red tongue lashed the length of his cock with her saliva. He could tell she had little experience at blowing guys, but she made up for the lack with enthusiasm. He told her verbally to cushion her teeth with her lips and tongue, and how to warn him if she was gagging.

She spread her legs at his command once he got hard again, and did everything she could to excite him. She pleaded in his ear for his cock. She fingered his balls gently. She kissed him as passionately as she had kissed Patty. Her breasts pressed excitedly against his chest.

She wasn’t as responsive to his touch as she was to Patty’s though, and this excited him too. The idea she would literally do anything for him, made her more his property in some ways than Fran was. This held more power than the talent alone delivered. Fran was totally remade for his use, a whole new person underneath. Mary had voluntarily given her body in payment. She probably would worship him publicly if he so much as suggested it.

His cock entered the self acclaimed toy he now owned by purchase, rather than simple seizure. She was moist, having aroused herself, if by no other means, by the memory of Patty’s dripping nipples.

Bob held off on purpose. He waiting for her breath to pick up. He wanted to hear her pant.

After a few minutes she started to writhe with lust. The passion she used throwing herself into the act with him raised fires within. Her hips rose and fell with each thrust of his cock. Her teeth clenched shut, pressuring herself, trying to bring herself off. Her body developed a glossy sheen from the sweat she devoted to the act.

“Unnnngh,” moaned from her throat, “aaah, please, oh god, please.”

Suddenly her eyes clenched tightly, like her teeth. A stuttering orgasm worked her muscles and breath.

Bob let his orgasm loose, spurting a burst of cum into Mary. He drooped over to her side.

She panted, but turned to him immediately. She planted lust filled kisses anywhere he didn’t seem to be moving. Determined she would fill her part of their bargain, doing her best to convince him of her pleasure in doing so. Energetically, her movements became fluid and sensual, almost romantic in devotion.

They screwed again before he left, satisfied she belonged to him as surely as Fran, Randi, and Betty.

He gave her his phone number and address. She clenched tightly to the slip of paper as though a life-line, a tight hold on her deepest desires.

* * *

Friday, he went in to work and resigned. The talent would provide income if he had enough seed money.

He took the money he had, a tidy, not overwhelming sum, and invested it. A few calls here and there, some light snooping into the minds behind the companies, and by next week the initial investment would double. All he’d have to do was pay taxes, and try real hard not to look too omniscient.

He was pleased again, the plans he had would make him very comfortable, but not look as if he were just snapping up other people’s property.

This could work. He didn’t want to get caught like Harry. He didn’t know what Harry’s ultimate fate was, but he’d avoid finding out first hand.

* * *

Janet came by Saturday. Ben was probably at work. When Bob answered the door, Janet stood there, simply smiling radiantly at him.

“Hi.” she said.

“Oh hello.”

“Mind if I come in?”

He waved her in. It was early afternoon, Betty would be home soon, and Randi shortly after. They’d gone shopping, and he’d arranged for Fran to come by with her maid uniform that night. He was going to have all three decked out as servants tonight. And play, of course.

“What can I do for you.”

She slid her entire body against him, reaching up with her chin, planting a lusty open mouthed smooch on his lips. Instinctively his arms encircled the woman. He pulled her closer, if possible, and delved his tongue past hers.

The woman began to writhe against him. He reached down her back to the waist band of her skirt and slid his hands inside the skirt, then the panties. Her fleshy bottom was smooth and warm to his touch. A touch she seemed to welcome. Well, she was making a gift of herself to him, he wasn’t going to let her completely run the show.

“I see,” He pulled his head back, but he slid his finger up her ass. The immediate result was a yelp of surprise. He was also rewarded with a slight sigh of joy.

“If you want to start there, then by all means, feel free.” she mumbled into his chest, going limp. He could sense her choose to submit to his passions.

“I like using this part of you like a harness.” he explained, turning her around to force her to the bedroom. “You’ll find I’ll put up with a lot, but I’m the one in charge. We do what I want, when I want.”

“I, uh, won’t argue,” she purred with the delight of someone getting their own way, by subterfuge. She obediently turned with his hand and finger.

He fucked her butt with his finger all the way to the bedroom. She was sweating from the strain of trying to keep the stimulus hot the way she wanted. He simply grinned from her slight discomfort over his controlling the situation.

To her shock, in the bedroom he simply ripped the panties off. Janet wasn’t quite sure whether he did it for shock value, or for expediency. She didn’t say anything, allowing him to control her movement as he wished.

Bob had her stand at the foot of the bed, pushed her shoulders down against the mattress, and made her stick her ass in the air.

He flipped the skirt she wore up onto her back, leaving a lovely bottom exposed to his view. Her heels helped raise her derriere to allow splendid exposure, although her balance was a touch off in this position. Her lower cunt lips were clearly visible, and the dark little pucker of her anus was showing well.

He dropped his pants and rubbed his semi-hard penis against her butt.

He slowly went to the bathroom to get the KY. She remained poised as he’d left her when he came back. Warming the KY in his hands, he rubbed it on his now stiff member.

She’d obviously done this before, she reached back and pulled her cheeks apart, trying to get an opening of her sphincter for him. His cock in hand he pressed in the first inch.

She barked out a complaint against the intrusion, but confessed it always hurt her during the initial entry. “Don’t stop now, you’ll fit just fine.”

He worked the hole open a little further with his fingers. She suppressed pain and sought the pleasure as her anus became interested in the invader. Then as he got another inch in, she moaned with the sensation, actively pressing her ass at his prick.

He was in all the way. He could feel the bones of her hips against his hips. She was skinnier than he’d thought if those bones poked. Her clothing still on, the high heels helped raise her butt up against him.

“Oh god!, I want you so bad!” she exclaimed. She tried to rock into him from the awkward position.

He started to work his cock in and out of the tight passage. She tried to match rhythm with him, moaning at his stimulation of her asshole.

“Uhhh, arrrrr, more, harder, oh, please, oh,” she muttered pleading.

Bob reached for her chest and began to play with her tits through her clothing. “YES!!!” She responded well to this manipulation as well. Within a few minutes she had a first, low intensity orgasm. The sounds were slightly muffled as she pressed her face into the bed.

He pounded away, allowing his flood to spill into her ass. She groaned through a second, more staggering orgasm a moment later. He pulled out, shoving her completely onto the bed forcefully.

“oh god that was good.” she mumbled into the blankets. She clutch them in her fists.

Grinning like a Cheshire cat, Bob went to the bathroom again. This time to wash the remnants of the KY off. When he came back, Janet had an idiotic grin on her face, a look of surprised happiness.

“Let’s fuck.” she said, trying to evoke vulgar humor and lust.

“Not tonight dear, I’ve a headache” he joked. She frowned.

“Surely you jest!” she announced. And pounced on him, planting a kiss firmly on his mouth. “We can cure that!” She strove to drive her tongue all the way to his throat.

“I have plans for tonight already.” he pulled away a little.

“You do? I’ll match your plans against mine. I’m gonna eat you right up.”

“Not likely. It will have to wait. My girlfriends will take care of me tonight.” He worked a hand past her blouse, reaching her breast.

“Girlfriends? More than one?”

“Yes, Betty and Randi are now living with me, and I’ve got another woman joining us as well.” He began to rub the nipple.

Janet took this in, looking thoughtful for a few minutes.

“How about if I call Ben? He can help out.”

“Unlike Ben, I’m somewhat possessive about my sex partners.”

“Okay, how about if I stay and help them out with you?”

“Not tonight Janet. Some other time perhaps. But this afternoon we can do it at least once more.” he conceded.

“Yess!” enthusiastically, as if cheering for a successful athletic event.

He gently lay her back down on the bed and spread her legs. His, once again erect, penis entered the front door this time. Her box was wet still, and as he pushed in, “aaaaaahh!” rewarded his entrance.

He reached forward, raising her blouse above her lovely chest, and began to rub her nipples and the flesh surrounding. The nipples snapped to attention quickly and he began to pinch and pull them lightly.

Bob reached out, manipulating her nervous system to create a high intensity sexual heat. He brought the tingling sensation up from her clit, throughout her groin, and only stopped when he realized she was going to come, far to quickly for him.

“Oh my god!” whispered desperately from her lips. “oh yes, oh yes.”

She lashed from side to side, with only her blouse lifted to ruffle her clothing. The two shapely legs wrapped around his rib cage in a tight clutch. Her bucking only increased as he plunged his prick to his balls inside. Her feet prodded his thighs gently with the heels of her shoes. Her hands clutched with abandon at the cheeks of his ass.

He built up the tension of lust within her while plunging her cunt again and again. He blocked her orgasm, hoping to come at the same time. He could sense her enjoyment.

His breath was coming in quick, sharp, gasps. Hers in gulping, frantic, hot panting.

“Goddddaammm. gnnnn. aahh aahh,” she barked out with her warm, moist breath. “oooooohhhh, fuck, fuck. FUCK!”

He let her release her orgasm as he felt the expanding thrust of come burst from within himself. He pressed home the deposit at the rear of her deep caverns.

She simply screamed “FUCK!” at the top of her lungs.