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(nc, mf, humil)

Author’s Note: To get background on the characters, please read the previous chapters. Thanks to everyone for all the kind comments I’ve received so far. Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, or if it is offensive to you. All characters are fictitious. All events are fictional. Any similarities in this story to real events or people are unintentional.

The next morning Suzanne dressed in a conservative business suit and returned to the office as ordered. But she didn’t know how she would get any work done.

It was impossible to concentrate. Her mind was filled with thoughts of her humiliation the night before. She was appalled at the memory of how she had danced so wantonly, then fingered herself like a cheap slut until she was begging him to take her.

And to make it worse, the bastard had it all on tape.

She had to find a way out of this nightmare.

Suddenly the private phone on her desk rang.

She collected herself and answered it. A chill went down her spine when she heard the voice on the other end of the line.

“Good morning, Suzanne,” Tom said.

Suzanne sat in shocked silence.

“Now don’t just sit there,” Tom said. “Talk to me.”

“What do you want?” she spat. “If I ever find out how you are doing this to me I’ll...”

“Now, that’s not the attitude I want,” Tom cut her off. “You’ll have to pay for that tonight, but I don’t want us to get testy now. I was just calling to see how you enjoyed our evening together.”

“I hated every minute of it,” she said.

“Suzanne, let’s be honest,” Tom said. “You must have enjoyed it a little. I could have sworn I felt you cum.”

“That’s only because you made me,” she said.

“You can believe what you want for now, but we have some other business this morning,” he said.

“I thought you weren’t coming over until tonight,” she stammered.

“I’m not, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun,” he said. “I stopped in last night and left my video equipment under my desk. Go out into the main office, pick it up and bring it back to your office. Then, set up the tripod and position the camera so it is facing your desk. I’ll give you some time to set up, then I’ll call back.”

Click. The line went dead.

Suzanne wanted to run out of the office and get away from this madman, but she felt herself moving towards his desk.

She was sure every eye in the office was on her as she reached under the desk and pulled out the video equipment. She carried it back to her private office and closed the door.

Like a prisoner preparing her own execution, she set up the video equipment as ordered. Then she sat back down at her desk and waited in misery. Her eyes kept being drawn to the camera as she contemplated what new horrors lie ahead.

Back at his apartment, Tom knew that waiting would be agony for Suzanne, so he went out for breakfast. He returned home an hour later and placed a call to Suzanne’s private line.

Suzanne willed herself not to answer, but could not prevent her hands from picking up the phone.

“Hello,” she said tentatively.

“Is everything set up the way I asked?” Tom inquired, knowing that it would be.

“Yes,” she said quietly.

“Good,” he said. “Now, go switch on the camera and put this call on the speaker phone.”

“No, not the speaker phone,” Suzanne said. “What if someone hears?”

“What do I care about that?” he said. “Now, do what I asked.”

Without another word, Suzanne walked over and turned on the camera then hit the speaker button on there telephone.”

“Ready, Suzanne?” Tom said cheerfully.

“Yes,” she said quietly.

“Good,” he said. “I felt bad thinking about you waiting all day to cum again, so I’ve decided to help you out. I want you to start rubbing your big tits through your clothes.”

“At least let me lock the door,” she pleaded.

“No,” he answered. “The fear of being caught will add to your excitement.”

Her pliant mind took that statement as a command and she felt a tingle in her crotch as she started rubbing her breasts.

“Now, reach your hands inside your blouse and bra and play with your nipples,” Tom said.

She closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to look at the camera recording her every move and started toying with her nipples.

“Take those big jugs out so you can do a better job of teasing the nipples,” he said

Tom heard the rustle of clothes, then her breathing started to get heavier.

“How does that feel?” he said.

“Good,” she had to admit.

“Well, let’s move on to other things then. Hike up your skirt around your waist and start rubbing your clit through your underwear.”

She had no choice but to do what he asked. Like the night before, she soon felt her heat building.

“Don’t cum yet,” Tom commanded. “Take off your panties and spread your legs so the camera has a good view of your cunt.”

She hated herself for doing it, but soon she was showing herself off for the camera.

“Wouldn’t it be awful if someone walked through your door right now?” Tom said with a low chuckle.

Suzanne’s eyes flew to the door in horror, but due to his earlier command, she felt herself getting even more excited.

“I bet you’d like to get back to your clit,” Tom said. “But let’s do something else. Take one of those big markers you keep on your desk and suck on it gently like it was your lover’s cock.”

She did as he asked, even though she knew how obscene this must look on the camera.

“Now, take that marker and shove it in your pussy,” Tom said. “Start fucking yourself with it.”

She pushed the marker in and out of her exposed cunt until he told her to stop.

“After you had me inside you last night, that’s probably too small,” he said. “Take that marker and stick it in your ass.”

“What?” she said in shock.

“You heard me. I want that marker in your ass,” he said.

“But I’ve never had anything up there,” she protested.

“Quit questioning me and do it,” he commanded.

Quickly her hands moved on their own and stuck the marker in her anus.

“Is it in?” he asked.

“Yes, she said with a small cry.

“Good,” he said. “Now take a rubber band and tie three other markers together. Then start fucking yourself with them.”

Completely humiliated, she did as he asked.

“Suzanne, I want you to start giving my play-by-play on what you are doing. Use the dirtiest words you know. As you do this, you will find yourself getting more and more excited,” Tom said. “But don’t cum until I tell you. Begin now.”

Words that she would never admit she knew started tumbling out of her mouth.

“I have one marker in my ... ass ... and three more in my ... pussy. I’m using my right hand to slide the one in my ass back and forth and my left hand to fuck myself with the other three. In and out, in and out they go. It’s starting to feel good. I’m fucking myself faster and faster. It feels better and better. My knees are starting to get weak. I can’t stand any more. I’m lowering myself to my knees in front of my desk and fucking myself harder. I need to cum so bad. I’m burning up. Please...”

“Are you asking something, Suzanne?” Tom said.

“Yes,” she said urgently. “Please let me cum.”

“Well, since you’re being so nice. How can I resist? Suzanne, cum!” he said.

With that magic word, her world exploded into bliss. She couldn’t speak for several minutes. Finally, Tom heard her heavy breathing subside.

“It sound like you had fun,” Tom said. “Here’s our plan for the rest of the day. Get yourself cleaned up and resume your work. Later in the afternoon. I want you to watch the tape you just made and finger yourself to orgasm again. Then, don’t forget to stop at the lingerie shop on the way home and get ready for our evening. I’ll see you at 6.”

Tom enjoyed this encounter, but was a little concerned that the drug was wearing off. She had started to question some of his commands. He would have to get her another dose tonight. He had the perfect plan for that.

When Tom arrived at Suzanne’s house at six, he was greeted by his boss wearing a blue baby doll nightie. He got hard just by looking at her. She quickly hustled him in the door.

“Glad to see me, baby?” he said.

“I just don’t want my neighbors to see me in this outfit,” she said.

Tom walked to the kitchen and saw that she had prepared dinner as ordered. He sat down at the table and said, “You made feed me now.”

She prepared a plate and set it in front of him.

“That’s not feeding me,” he said. “You don’t expect me to use my hands, do you? Feed me my dinner.”

Tom sat back and relaxed as his boss cut bites of meat for him and spooned the other food into his mouth.

“That was good,” Tom said as she wiped his face with a napkin. “I’m ready for some more fun. As much as I like the outfit you picked out, it’s time for you to change. Go and get the bag I brought in.”

Suzanne obediently went to get the bag, dreading what might be inside.

“You weren’t very nice at first when I called this morning,” he said. “As a matter of fact, you haven’t been very nice to me ever since I joined the company. Some might say you treated me like a dog. So, I intend to treat you like a dog. Take off your nightie.”

There was fear in her eyes, but she quickly stripped off the lingerie.

Tom pulled a dog collar out of the bag.

“Put this on,” he said.

With a feeling of dread, Suzanne put the dog collar around her neck.

“Your outfit isn’t quite complete,” he said, reaching into the bag and pulling out a stick that had a furry tail attached to the end. “Stick this in your ass.”

Her eyes went wide, but she stuck the stick in her anus. She felt like crying as she stood there with the tail hanging behind her.

“That’s good, but dogs don’t stand,” he said. “Get down on all fours.”

She knelt down on her hands and knees and looked up at him.

Tom couldn’t resist a chuckle as he saw his haughty boss at his feet.

“I like this,” he said. “For the rest of the evening, you will act like a dog. In your brain you will be able to comprehend what is happening to you, but your body will only do what dogs do.”

With that, he clipped a leash to her collar and headed towards the back door.

“It’s time to go for a walk,” he said.

Suzanne was mortified. The houses in this neighborhood were not that far apart. What if one of her neighbors saw what was happening.

But she couldn’t help herself. Tom led her out the door and took her for a few laps around the back yard.

“Should we walk down to the corner?” he asked as he rubbed her head.

Suzanne wanted to scream, “No!” but all she could do was whimper and woof pitifully.

“We’ll, maybe some other time,” Tom said as he led her back inside. “Let’s play another game. He pulled a ball out of the bag and threw it across her big living room.

“Fetch,” he ordered.

Tom loved watching her perfectly shaped ass with the tail in her asshole bouncing as she scampered across the room, picked the ball up with her teeth and returned to him. It was so much fun that he had to repeat the process several times.

“Good, girl,” he said and rubbed her back.

In spite of herself, Suzanne felt herself warm to the praise.

This was a lot of fun, but Tom was getting too hot to wait any longer. She told Suzanne to stay, then moved behind her and shed his clothes. He flipped her tail up and took her from behind in true doggy style.

When he was finished, he pulled out and returned to his bag.

“You’ve been such a good girl,” he said. “You deserve a treat. He opened a bag of dog treats and tossed one to Suzanne.”

Before she knew what she was doing, Suzanne caught it in her mouth and eagerly chewed it up. Her mind was revolted, but her dog body loved the treat.

“Nice catch,” he said.

He tossed her another treat. Again she snatched it out of the air.

“Those dry treats must make you thirsty. Here, I have something for you to drink,” he said.

Tom pulled a dog dish out of his bag and filled it with what looked like milk.

“Drink up,” he ordered.

Suzanne crawled over and started lapping up the milk with her tongue. It wasn’t easy, but she soon became pretty good at it.

When she was about half done, Tom leaned over and said.

“Mixed in with that milk is the drug that makes you obey my commands,” he said. “You are literally lapping up more of my commands. Finish that up and when you’re done, you will stop being a dog. Then you can go and clean up and go to bed. I’ll see you at work in the morning. Have a good night.”

Suzanne watched him get dressed and leave, all the while lapping at her bowl even though she knew it was giving him more control over her. When she finished she collapsed to the floor and sobbed.