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(nc, mf, humil)

Author’s Note: To get background on the characters, please read the previous chapters. Thanks to everyone for all the kind comments I’ve received so far. Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, or if it is offensive to you. All characters are fictitious. All events are fictional. Any similarities in this story to real events or people are unintentional.

Tom was already at his desk when Suzanne arrived the next morning.

He could tell the difference in her the moment she arrived in the office.

Her cocky “I own the world” stride had been replaced by cautious, almost timid, movements.

And he knew he was the reason why.

She tried not to look at him, but finally could not avoid glancing at his desk.

Tom made eye contact and silently mouthed, “Woof, woof.”

She reddened and quickened the pace to her office.

Once inside, Suzanne shut the door and leaned back against it.

How could she continue working in these conditions?

She had to do something about this guy.

But how could she? She had lapped up more of his damned potion the night before. He was ruining her life and she couldn’t do anything about it.

Well, he wouldn’t ruin this morning and, if she played her cards right, he wouldn’t ruin any more of her days.

The way she had it figured, his control drug must last for about 48 hours.

That’s why he had given her a new dose last night.

If she could stay away from him for the next two days, she would be free.

She began to implement a plan she had hatched last night.

Suzanne went to her desk and punched the intercom for her secretary.

“Rachel,” she said. “Hold all my calls and don’t let anyone in to see me. I don’t want to be disturbed all day.”

No one would get past her secretary.

And she wouldn’t make the mistake of picking up her private line again. She would shut Tom out completely.

She smiled to herself as she sat down at her desk. She had outwitted him this time.

Perhaps she could even get some work done today.

Suzanne started working on some papers and noticed her message light was blinking. Without thinking, she pressed the play button.

The first message was from a client. As she was writing down some notes on the call, the message ended and she heard Tom’s voice. She reached over to hit stop, but it was too late.

“Good morning, Suzanne,” his recorded voice said. “Don’t attempt to stop this message. You will listen to all of my instructions and obey them.”

Suzanne’s heart sank.

“Damn,” she thought miserably. “Why didn’t I expect this!”

“I hope you had fun last night,” Tom was saying on the recording. “I thought you might try to avoid me today, so I called this message in when I got home. We’re going to have more fun today.

“First, I want you to call your secretary and tell her you would like to see me in your office. Cancel all of your other appointments. You can tell her that we have to go over some important business before today’s board meeting.

“Then, I want you to open your shirt and take those big, beautiful tits of yours out of your bra and get down on your knees in front of your desk to wait for me.”

A small cry escaped from her mouth as Suzanne’s mind screamed, “When will this nightmare end!”

But she could not resist his commands.

Suzanne punched the intercom again.

“Rachel,” she said sadly. “Please ask Tom to step into my office.”

“But Ms. Stevens,” her secretary said. “You said you didn’t want to see anyone.”

“I’ve ... changed my mind,” Suzanne said. “We have some important matters to discuss before the board meeting. Please cancel all of my appointments for today.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Rachel replied and the line went dead.

Suzanne cried softly to herself as she started unbuttoning her blouse. When she had it opened, she reached into her bra and pulled her breasts out, then sank to her knees.

Oddly, she almost felt more naked this way than she had when she had been totally nude. It was so demeaning to be kneeling fully clothed in front of her desk with her breasts hanging out.

A few moments later, her intercom rang again.

Suzanne scrambled over on her knees to answer.

“Yes, Rachel,” she said.

“Sorry, Ms. Stevens, but Tom said he is expecting an important call from a client. He said he’d come to your office when he finishes.”

Suzanne closed the intercom without answering.

“That bastard,” she thought. “He just wants to make me wait.”

That’s exactly what Tom had on his mind.

He loved the image of Suzanne kneeling in front of her desk with her tits hanging out just waiting for him, but he could wait.

The longer he left her waiting, the madder she would be.

After about 45 minutes, he decided he had waited long enough.

He got up from his desk and walked to Suzanne’s office. He was immediately allowed to enter by her secretary.

Tom found Suzanne exactly in the position he had ordered.

Some dried tears were on her face and there was a livid look in her eyes.

“You son of a bitch,” she said as soon as the door was closed.

“Now, now, Suzanne,” he said. “Lets be nice or I’ll invite your secretary to come in and see you like this.”

“No, don’t do that,” she cried.

“Well, then you’d better change your attitude. You should be nice, after all. I brought you a present.”

He handed her a cell phone.

“Whenever this phone rings, you will answer it and obey the commands of whoever is on the other end of the line—whether it’s me or someone else.”

Suzanne shuddered when she heard the last part. It was bad enough to be controlled by one maniac. Was he planning to let others humiliate her as well?

Before she could contemplate this new horror for long, she heard Tom talking again.

“I thought we’d start today by watching some movies. Where is that tape you made yesterday?”

She tried to choke back the tears as she pointed to a drawer in her desk.

“Then, why don’t you crawl over and get it,” Tom said.

Sadly, she started crawling over to the desk.

“And Suzanne,” he said. “Get it with your mouth.”

It took Suzanne a while to get the drawer open with her mouth and retrieve the tape. She crawled back to him and presented the tape. It was like playing fetch again.

Tom laughed to himself as he watched his sexy boss crawl over to the desk and back. When he got the tape, he walked over and inserted it in the VCR in her office.

He pulled up a chair and motioned for her to crawl over next to him.

“When I watch football, I like the way the color commentators tell me what’s going through the players’ minds. As we watch this tape, I want you to honestly tell me what was going through your mind at each instant. Feel free to use the dirtiest words you know.

“I expect this to be pretty exciting, so you should probably slip out of those panties and play with your clit while you do your play-by-play.”

Like a robot, her hands moved to the waistband of her panties and pulled them down.

She hesitated just a moment before moving her hand down to her crotch.

“Could you at least lock the door,” she said.

“No,” he answered. “The fear of getting caught gets you more excited, remember?”

“Damn,” she thought. “Why did he have to say that?”

Just like yesterday, the thought of someone bursting in and seeing her playing with herself in her office started a tingle in her pussy.

“One thing I forgot,” Tom said. “As you play with yourself, you will get more and more excited. But each time you get close to orgasm, you will stop for a while. Whatever you do, do NOT cum.”

With that he started the tape and Suzanne began diddling herself and describing what was happening on the screen.

“I hated you for putting me in this position,” Suzanne said at first. “I kept thinking what a bastard you were and that I would kill you if I ever got the chance.”

That’s not exactly what Tom wanted to hear, but he had asked her to be honest.

On the screen, she was shoving the first marker into her pussy.

“I thought this was very degrading,” she said through labored breaths. She was getting close to an orgasm. Just then, her hand stopped.

Frustrated, she concentrated on the screen and saw herself shoving a marker into her ass and three into her pussy.

Her hand started moving again.

“I hated every minute of this, but I was getting so damned excited. My pussy was dripping,” she said. “I wanted to beg you to let me cum.”

She couldn’t believe she said that. She also couldn’t believe that she wanted to do the same thing again. She was so close to a climax.

Her hand stopped moving again. With a groan, she continued to describe the action on the screen.

“Here is when you finally told me I could cum,” she said, beginning to diddle again. “It felt so fucking good, better than anything I had ever felt before.”

Oh, how she wanted to feel that way again. She was getting so close.

“Stop playing with yourself,” Tom said.

“No,” Suzanne’s mind screamed. This was driving her insane.

“I got pretty hot watching that,” Tom said. “Come over her and suck my dick. I’ll even make it easier for you by taking it out. Your mouth will be like a pussy. Everything it feels, you will feel in your crotch, but you’re still not allowed to cum.”

He reached down and unzipped his fly and took out his cock.

Suzanne crawled over and took it in her mouth. She let out a small squeal, it felt just like someone was fucking her. And it felt good.

She took his penis all the way in her throat, then started pushing her head up and down.

Faster and faster she went until she was fucking her face with his cock. She felt him tense. She knew an explosion was near.

“Swallow every drop,” Tom said.

With that he came hard, pumping what seemed like a gallon of semen into her mouth. She gagged, but her greedy mouth managed to suck up every drop.

“You’re getting much better,” Tom said. “You didn’t spill any this time. Good girl.”

Suzanne hung her head in shame and frustration.

“Suzanne, we shouldn’t keep secrets in a relationship like ours,” he said as he zipped up. “What’s on your mind? Tell me honestly.”

She tried to resist him, but her mouth moved on its own.

“I’d ... really need to cum,” she said pathetically.

“Well, I’d like to make you happy, but after the way you tried to avoid me this morning, that will have to wait,” he said.

She groaned.

“Besides,” he continued. “We have to prepare for the board meeting. It’s only an hour away.”

She glanced at the clock and realized he was right. She hurried to her feet and started heading to her bathroom to clean up.

“Not so fast,” he said. “I haven’t dismissed you yet. Come back here.”

She stopped in her tracks and returned to Tom.

“I brought you another present,” he said, reaching into his briefcase to pull out two dildos. “I want you to put this one in your pussy and this one in your ass.”

There was no way to resist.

The first one slipped easily into her sopping cunt, but she struggled with the second.

“You’re having quite a problem,” Tom said. “I’ll help you out. You have already greased up the first one, so you can take it out of your pussy and use that one for your ass. The other one should go into your cunt easily.”

She did as he asked, then Tom fitted her with a belt to hold them in place.

“Now, get dressed,” he said.

Suzanne had just about finished buttoning up her blouse when her pussy and ass exploded in sensation. Tom grinned and showed her a remote, then turned the vibrators off.

“Nice, little toy, huh,” he said. “This button controls the dildo in your ass and this one controls the one in your pussy. I’m telling you this because you get handle the controls during the board meeting.”

A new look of fear spread across her face.

“Whenever anyone in the meeting says ‘sales’ you will turn on the one in your ass and leave it on for at least 30 seconds,” he said as he handed her the remote. “When someone says ‘research’ turn on the one in your pussy and leave it on for at least 30 seconds. Every time this happens you will get hornier and hornier, but you will not cum.”

Suzanne could not believe he was going to humiliate her in public this way. How could she survive this?

He headed for the door, but just before he left he turned back to her.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” he said. “I don’t want you brushing your teeth or rinsing out your mouth in any way. I want the taste of my cum to linger in your mouth. I’ll see you at the meeting. Don’t be late.”

Tom was one of the first ones to arrive at the board meeting.

He took his seat and waited for Suzanne.

The boss entered the room right on time. Everyone rose when she entered. She liked being treated like royalty at the board meetings.

But she didn’t look quite so royal this time. Tom chuckled to himself as she walked gingerly to her seat. Obviously, it was hard to walk while stuffed with two dildos.

Suzanne motioned everyone to sit down, then carefully lowered herself into her chair.

Tom noticed she was sitting on the edge rather than her usual habit of leaning back.

The first few minutes when smoothly, then Suzanne realized the next item of business was a report from George in research.

She refused to say the word that would touch off the dildo, so she simply pointed at George.

He stood up and began, “The research department...”

Suzanne could not prevent herself from hitting one of the buttons on the remote. The dildo in her pussy started grinding.

“What’s the humming noise,” someone said.

Suzanne quickly thought of a way to cover her shame.

“It must be my new laptop,” she said, pointing to her computer.

“Yeah, it’s your lap,” Tom thought.

Finally, 30 seconds passed and Suzanne was able to turn off the damned vibrator.

But her relief didn’t last long.

Next up was a sales report. There way of avoiding this.

In the formal style she demanded in her board meetings, the sales director stood up and began, “In sales this week...”

Suzanne’s finger flew to the other button and her ass began to vibrate.

Tom chuckled to himself as he watched her squirm on her chair.

Thankfully, she was finally able to turn off the vibrator, but it wasn’t long before the damned sales director had to mention his department again.

The vibrator began to hum again. Suzanne was almost beside herself in lust.

By the time she recovered and turned it off, everyone was staring at her.

“Ms. Stevens, are you alright?” the sales director said.

“You don’t look so good,” Tom added with mock concern. “Was there something in the sales or research report that upset you.”

“Damn him,” she thought as she switched on both vibrators.

Even with everyone staring at her, it was impossible to stop writhing from the dual assault.

When it was over, she suddenly had an idea.

“Meeting adjourned,” she said quickly and moved out of the room as fast as her stuffed body would allow.

Tom could barely stifle a laugh as he watched her leave.

The others in the meeting stayed around the table for a long time, discussing the boss’ strange behavior. As soon as they filed out, Tom took out his cell phone and dialed the number for the new phone he had given Suzanne.

“How could you do that to me,” she almost screamed as soon as she picked up.

“Oh, I think you enjoyed my little toys,” he said. “Keep them in for the rest of the day. Turn them on for 10 minutes every half-hour, but do NOT cum. You can take out the dildos and get cleaned up when you get home. I’ll probably be pretty hungry when I get to your house tonight, so have something good ready. See at 6.”

He hung up and returned to his desk.

A little while later his phone rang. It was Jodi.

“What have you done to Ms. Stevens?” she said quickly. “George came back from the board meeting and said she was acting very strangely.”

“Oh, I just modified her behavior a little bit,” Tom said.

“Tom, I’m worried about this,” she said. “Are you doing anything to hurt her?”

“No, no,” he said. “I bet she enjoys most of it. How about I explain it to you over lunch tomorrow.”

“Okay,” she said cautiously. “Let’s meet at Horatio’s.”

“It’s a date,” he said, then hung up.

He would have to handle Jodi carefully, but Tom didn’t want to worry about that tonight. He had other plans for Suzanne first.