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Author’s Note: To get background on the characters, please read the previous chapters. Thanks to everyone for all the kind comments I’ve received so far. I lot the feedback. Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, or if it is offensive to you. All characters are fictitious. All events are fictional. Any similarities in this story to real events or people are unintentional.

Tom arrived at the restaurant before Jodi and picked a secluded booth in the back.

It was a light lunch-time crowd, so he saw her as soon as she walked in. The waitress led her over to his table.

“Hi, Tom,” she said nervously as he pulled out her chair for her.

“It’s great to see you,” Tom replied with his most confident smile and slid into his seat. “I know you don’t have long for lunch, so I took the liberty of ordering for you. The seafood salad here is great. I hope you won’t get in too much trouble, but I ordered us some wine.”

He handed her a glass and picked up his own.

“A toast,” he said. “To our first date.”

She gave a small smile, touched glasses with him and drank.

“This is good,” she said.

“Their best,” he said. “I’ve just got a big raise.”

“Yeah,” she said suspiciously. “We should talk about that.”

“Well, I can’t say that your little potion didn’t help, but I did deserve the raise,” he said.

“I’m sure you did,” she said. “But what else have you done with Suzanne? George said she made a fool of herself at the board meeting. She was distracted the whole time, then was grinding her butt into her chair like she was ...”

Tom let a smile creep across his face.

“Guilty,” he said, holding up his hands. “I gave her something else to think about at the board meeting.”

“Tom,” she said sternly. “I never intended for the formula to be used in a ... sexual way.”

“Jodi, just relax, finish your wine and let me explain,” he said taking a big sip. She did the same. “You have to admit that Suzanne needed to be taken down a few pegs. If you didn’t agree with me on that, you never would have given me the potion. Yes, I embarrassed her a little bit, but I did no physical harm to her.”

“But this just isn’t right,” she said. “You’re going to have to stop. I can’t let this go on.”

“It’s too late to stop,” he said.

“No it’s not,” she said. “If you don’t, I’ll ... have to turn you in.”

“No you won’t,” he said, noticing her glass was empty. “I have to admit something to you. I slipped some of the potion into your wine today.”

She stared at the empty glass.

“You did what!,” she exclaimed.

“Keep your voice down,” he said.

“How could you do that to me?” she said, noticing that without intending to she had dropped her voice to a hushed tone.

Both were silent for a moment, lost in their thoughts.

“So, what happens now?” she said. “Are you going to start ordering me around like you did Ms. Stevens?”

“No, Jodi, I would never do that to you,” he said. “I have too much respect for you to do that. The only reason I did it with Suzanne was that she was such a bitch. You’ve always been sweet to me. The only reason I slipped you the potion was to protect myself. I only have one order for you: Don’t tell anyone about the formula or what I’ve done to Suzanne.”

Just then the waitress came with their food. They suspended their conversation until she left.

“I care about you,” he continued. “I could never do anything like that to you.”

“So you’re not going to turn me into some kind of sex slave?” she said.

“No, never,” he said.

“Oh,” she said, absent-mindedly moving her food around her plate with a fork.

They were silent for a long time.

Finally, Tom said, “What’s the matter?”

Both of them had forgotten she had the potion flowing threw her veins. Her mind took his question as an order to respond.

“I’m a little disappointed,” she said, then quickly covered her mouth in shock.

Tom sat there staring at her in astonishment.

She started to flee the table.

“Wait,” he said. “Sit down.”

Immediately she compiled.

“Tell me what’s on your mind,” he said. “And be honest.”

“Well,” she said, blushing. “I actually was hoping that you would take advantage of me. I guess I’ve always had a submissive side. I thought that you might use the potion on me, that’s why I didn’t protest about the wine. Normally, I never drink at lunch. But deep down I was kind of hoping that you would put me under your control.”

Tom was in shock.

“Jodi, I would have never guessed this about you,” he said.

“Well,” she said. “now you know my deepest, darkest secret. What do you plan to do about it?”

“Do you really want this,” he asked.

“Yes, I do,” she said. “I’ve always dreamed of being with a big, strong man like you who would take charge of everything. The idea of being forced to embarrass or humiliate myself turns me on. You can do whatever you like to me.”

“You’re sure?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, bowing her head.

“Okay,” he said. “Give me your panties.”

“Right here?” she asked.

“Yes,” he answered.

It was quite in ordeal in the cramped booth, but she managed to reach under her skirt and wiggle out of her panties. She handed them to him under the table.

Tom pulled her underwear up to his face and inspected them. The crotch was soaking wet. She certainly was telling the truth. She was turned on by the idea of humiliating herself.

This was too good to be true.

First, he put Suzanne under his control, now he had Jodi as a willing servant.

“Okay,” he said. “Now I need the bra.”

Jodi looked quickly around the restaurant, then reached under her blouse and started working on her bra.

Tom loved watching her squirm around to get the bra off without exposing herself.

She pulled it out and handed it to him.

Jodi felt strange. She never went out without undergarments.

Tom could see her discomfort.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said quietly. “I’m terribly embarrassed, but I’m excited.”

“Good,” Tom said. “Let’s continue the show. Let’s see your tits.”

Jodi looked scared.

“Right here in the restaurant?” she said.

“Yes, it can just be a quick flash for now,” he said.

Jodi took another glance around. Luckily the restaurant was dark and not many people were around.

She casually unbuttoned three buttons, then, after looking around again, pulled open her blouse and exposed her breasts.

Tom was impressed.

Her boobs weren’t as big as Suzanne’s, but she had the advantage of youth. Her tits were well-shaped and perky.

“Nice,” Tom said.

Jodi closed her blouse and redid the buttons.

Tom handed her a bread stick.

“These bread sticks are really dry,” he said, looking at it thoughtfully. “Maybe you could soften it up. Take this and stick it in your pussy.”

Jodi stared at the bread stick for a moment or two, then took it from him and reached under her skirt. The sesame seeds on the outside felt funny as he shoved the bread stick into her cunt.

“Leave it there for a little while,” Tom said. “How does it feel to know you’re sitting in the middle of a restaurant with no underwear and a bread stick in your pussy?”

“It’s embarrassing me, but it’s making me horny,” she admitted.

“Good,” he said. “Now take the bread stick out and eat it.”

This was the most bizarre thing he had ordered her to do. There was no way she could eat that thing after it had been inside her.

But her hands paid no attention to her mind.

She pulled the bread stick out, brought it to her mouth and took a big bite.

“How does it taste?” he asked.

“Very strange,” she said.

“Finish it up,” he said.

She did, then said, “Can’t we get out of here. I’m so hot I can’t stand it.”

“Okay,” he said, starting to get up. “Oh, I forgot. I have to leave a tip. Do you have a pen?”

Jodi fished around in her purse and found a pen. She started to hand it to him.

“No,” he said, handing her panties back to her. “You keep it. Write your name and phone number on these. That will be the tip.”

Jodi flushed.

“I couldn’t,” she said. “What if she calls me?”

“We’ll handle that when it happens,” he said. “Now start writing.”

It wasn’t easy to write on the silky panties, but Jodi eventually got her name and phone number down. Tom checked to make sure she wrote the correct number, then headed for the door.

“Let’s go,” he said.

Jodi followed closely behind, her pussy pulsing. She could hardly wait to see what else was in store.

Tom took her to his car and they got inside.

“You sure you want this?” he asked.

She didn’t answer, just nodded yes.

“Okay,” he said, pulling out onto the street. “Let’s show the world what you’ve got. Open up your blouse and let your tits hang out. I’m sure other guys will enjoy the show.”

Jodi turned crimson as she did what he asked. She felt so exposed, yet so exhilarated.

She thought she would die of shame when a trucker went past and honked his horn.

“Honk your horns back,” Tom said.

Jodi reached up and squeezed her breasts.

When they reached Tom’s apartment building, he let her close the blouse, but not button it. She had to be careful how she moved so she wouldn’t expose herself.

Finally they were safely inside.

“Did that make you hot?” he asked.

She bit her bottom lip and vigorously nodded her head.

“Well, let’s do something about that,” he said.

“Tom,” she said. “I’m not very experienced.”

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll teach you.”

It was exciting for Tom to be in control, but this was totally different from Suzanne. He wanted to make sure this girl had a good time.

“Take off your clothes,” he said.

Jodi wasted no time stripping off her blouse and skirt. She stood there naked in front of him.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” he said.

He walked behind her enjoying how her tight little butt rolled as she walked.

When she reached the bedroom, Jodi turned and looked at him expectantly.

Tom picked her up and laid her on the bed. He could feel her heart beating violently as he started kissing her and caressing her breasts and ass.

She responded passionately, tugging off his clothes.

“Let’s see if there are any sesame seeds left,” he said as he slipped down her body.

He kissed her inner thighs then blew softly on his pussy. Then licked up and down her pussy lips before finding her clit and going to work on it.

She grabbed the back of his head and held it close to her sex.

Tom moved his hand to her cunt and slid a finger inside her. She was sopping wet. Soon he added another finger, then a third.

She was grinding her crotch on his hand.

Her heard a soft moan of disappointment when he withdrew the fingers. But he then started rubbing his lubricated finger at the bud of her anus.

Her eyes flew open wide as he shoved it inside.

She had never had anything inside of her ass.

Jodi didn’t like it at first, but he started moving the finger in rhythm with his sucking. It started to feel fantastic.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she moaned. “Don’t stop. I’m so close.”

Finally, she couldn’t take it any more. She pushed his head even farther into her clit, then came with incredible force.

“That was incredible,” she said, regaining her breath. Then she looked up at him expectantly. “But it was too nice. Order me around. Make be do obscene things.”

Tom had never seen a girl so turned on.

“Alright,” he said. “Go get your video camera.”

She ran out of the bedroom and returned with the camera. He took it and focused on this naked beauty.

“Jodi, the entire world is watching,” he said. “Your parents might even see this some day. Maybe I’ll take it to work and show it in the lunchroom. Put on a good show. I want to see your sexiest dance.”

It was obvious that she didn’t have much experience at this kind of stuff, but she started gyrating around the room.

“Now,” he said. “Look at the camera and tell me what just happened to you.”

“Tom brought me to his apartment, told to undress, then ...” she hesitated.

“No time to be shy now,” he said. “Tell the story and use the dirtiest words you know.”

“He told me to undress, then laid me on the bed and sucked my pussy until I came all over his face. And while he was doing it, he shoved a finger up my ass. I loved it.”

Even after his wild escapades with Suzanne the last few days, Tom knew he couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Tell the world what you want now,” he said.

Jodi looked directly into the camera and said, “I want to get fucked! I want Tom to ram his cock inside me and fuck my brains out!”

“Well, who am I to disappoint a lady,” Tom said.

He put the camera down, but kept the film running.

“Get on your hands and knees and present that pussy to me,” Tom said.

Jodi scrambled to the floor and shoved her ass in the air, rotating it in enticing circles. Then she reached behind her and held her crack open wide.

By the time Tom got behind her, Jodi was beside herself.

“Do you really want it?” he asked.

“Hell, yes!,” she shouted. “Slam it in me. Treat me like a bitch in heat. I need your cock!”

Tom didn’t need to hear any more.

He quickly mounted her then grabbed her hips and started fucking for all he was worth.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” she shouted. “Give it to me you big stud. Fuck your little whore. I need it so bad.”

With a groan, Tom slammed his entire length inside her and exploded.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she cried. “That’s what I want. Fill me up with your cum.”

“Jodi, cum now,” he ordered.

Suddenly, he felt her tighten, then she shrieked.


The both collapsed in bliss.

Tom finally rolled off her and sat back on the bed.

“I’m a mess,” he said. “You’d better clean me up.”

Jodi hesitated for only a moment, then crawled between his legs and sucked his deflating cock into her mouth. It was humiliating to taste her own juices, but she loved it. She lovingly sucked it clean, then licked his balls and all around his crotch.

Tom knew if he let her go much longer, he would be ready for another round. But he wanted to save some strength for Suzanne tonight.

He told her to stop, then pulled her up into his embrace.

“You are amazing,” he said.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she said. “You don’t have to use the potion on me any more. Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it. Don’t worry about me. I can take whatever you dish out. The dirtier the better. I love every second of it.”