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It was another day of hell at work for Suzanne.

She arrived on time as Tom had ordered, even though it was the last place she wanted to be.

She could feel every eye on her as she walked through the building. She was sure that by now everyone had heard about her performance at the board meeting and were whispering about the bizarre behavior of their boss.

If she had any close friends at work, perhaps someone would have asked her if she was okay.

But after years of abusing her employees, she had no friends here.

All she got were stares and giggles as she passed. If they had known how she had begged Tom to have sex with her later in the day and turned herself into his sexual pet, they would have laughed even more.

Suzanne finally made it to her office and hid behind the door. She left orders that she was not to be disturbed.

Thankfully, Tom had been away from his desk when she came in.

She couldn’t bear to face him again.

She had to find a way out of this trap.

She had shocked herself with her behavior. Sex had never been a priority or even much of an interest to her before, now thoughts of cocks and sex filled her mind constantly. And even the memory of how she had totally humiliated herself was starting to turn her on.

“No!” she thought to herself.

She had to stop thinking about these things.

She had a business to run and she had to find a way to escape Tom’s control.

Suzanne tried to concentrate on her work, but it did no good. Her mind kept drifting.

Why hadn’t Tom called her this morning?

She had seen his car in the parking lot.

It was strange that he hadn’t made any contact with her today.

Finally, curiosity got the best of her and she buzzed her secretary.

“Rachel,” she said. “Is Tom in today?”

“Yes, he was,” her secretary answered. “But he left. He said he had an early business lunch and wouldn’t be back this afternoon.”

Wow, Suzanne thought, she had an afternoon of freedom.

She dove back into her work and actually made some progress.

It was nearly two o’clock when the phone rang.

She hesitated for a moment, fearing it was Tom, but he would call on the cell phone he had given her. This was her private line.

She picked it up.

“Hello,” she said tentatively.

“Hi, sis,” came the response from her younger sister.

“Jennifer, it’s good to hear from you,” Suzanne said honestly.

“Well, it had been a while since I called, so I thought I should see you you’re doing,” Jennifer said. “What’s new?”

Suzanne wanted to pour out the whole story and appeal to her little sister for help. But she couldn’t. Tom had given her that damned command not to tell anyone.

Here was a golden chance to escape.

Jennifer was a hot-shot lawyer in a nearby city. She advertised herself as the “Alimony Avenger” for her take-no-prisoners approach to divorce cases. Suzanne had heard several other less-flattering nicknames applied to her sister—mainly from men who had lost divorce cases against her.

Divorce cases is where she had made a ton of money, but Jennifer learned the ropes through the criminal court system. Suzanne had met plenty of Jennifer’s police and judge friends at parties.

Jennifer would know how to put Tom behind bars, but Suzanne could not say a word.

Suddenly, an idea popped into her head.

“Jennifer,” she said. “It’s been too long since we’ve seen each other. Why don’t you come over tonight and spend the weekend?”

“That’s a great idea,” Jennifer replied. “Luckily, I don’t have anything going on and I was going to take half-a-day off today, anyway. I’ll be there around five.”

“Great,” Suzanne said, hanging up the phone.

This is perfect, Suzanne thought.

Tom wouldn’t dare try anything with Jennifer around, and if he did, she would know how to handle him.

Maybe there was a way out after all.

Tom rolled out of bed and glanced at the clock.

It was nearly five o’clock. He had really dozed off.

Jodi had sapped his strength, but he wasn’t going to give up his weekend with Suzanne. He was just starting to get her trained.

When Tom returned from the shower, Jodi saw him getting dressed and whimpered her disappointment.

“I’ve got some plans for the weekend, but we’ll get together again Monday,” he said. “I’ll drive you back to your car.”

Jodi wasn’t happy, but she wasn’t the one giving the orders in this relationship.

After he dropped Jodi off at her car, Tom checked to make sure that his package of goodies for this weekend was still in the backseat.

It was there along with a bag of clothes he had packed for himself.

He drove to Suzanne’s house whistling a tune. This was going to be a fun weekend.

When he arrived at the door at a little past six, Suzanne let him in. Tom was surprised that she wasn’t dressed in lingerie. She had changed after work, but was wearing a sweater and slacks.

He was about to say something about it when he heard a voice from the living room.

“Hurry back, Suzanne, you’ve got to see this. Judge Judy is really giving it to some idiot guy.”

Tom grabbed Suzanne’s arm.

“Who is that?” he whispered.

“It’s my sister,” Suzanne said with a smug look on her face. “She’s staying for the weekend. I guess that ruins your little plans.”

“We’ll see about that,” he said. “Have you told her anything about us?”

“No,” Suzanne couldn’t lie. “You told me I couldn’t.”

“Good,” Tom said, thinking for a moment. “Here’s what you’re going to do. Tell, her that I’m a friend from work who had to drop off some papers and you invited me in for a drink.”

Suzanne looked at him curiously, but led him into the living room and followed his instructions.

Tom was pleasantly surprised when he saw Jennifer.

She was even more striking than Suzanne.

She had the same movie-star face and athletic build, but her tits were a little larger than Suzanne’s and she was several years younger. Plus, she was a blonde while her sister was a brunette.

“This is going to be fun,” Tom thought.

Jennifer looked puzzled when Suzanne introduced Tom. Her sister hadn’t mentioned any friends from work, especially male friends. She would have to grill her after Tom left.

There was a brief awkward moment, then Tom said:

“Suzanne, let’s go to the kitchen, I’ll help you get the drinks. Jennifer, what would you like? I make a great daiquiri.”

“That sounds great,” Jennifer said and settled back down to watch her TV show.

Tom led Suzanne to the kitchen and started mixing the drinks.

His silence scared Suzanne, but she said nothing until he finished preparing three drinks then reached into his coat pocket and pulled out two vials.

“Now, for the special ingredient,” he said, emptying vials into two of the glasses.

Suzanne’s eyes went wide.

“Yes, you’re right, Suzanne,” Tom said. “This is the mind-control drug. You’re going to serve it to your sister.”

“No!,” Suzanne squealed.

“Keep your voice down,” Tom said. “You will do nothing to alert your sis ter. You will give her this drink, then take the other one for yourself. You will act completely normal until Jennifer finishes her drink. Now, lets serve our drinks.”

Tom took the unspiked drink for himself and let Suzanne carry the other two in.

She wanted to scream out a warning to her sister, but was powerless to do anything.

Suzanne handed the dreaded drink to her little sister, then Tom held up his glass and said, “Cheers.”

They all took a big gulp.

“You’re right, Tom,” Jennifer said. “You do make a great daiquiri. I think this is the best I’ve ever tasted.”

“Don’t worry, there’s more back in the kitchen,” he said. “Drink up.”

And Jennifer took another big swallow.

Suzanne wanted to cry as she watched her little sister falling into the same trap that had ensnared her, but she couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t even stop drinking her drug-laced drink.

When the drinks were almost finished, Tom said, “Oh, Suzanne, I al most forgot. I brought you something. I left it in the hall. Go get it and try it on, then come back and show us. I’ll entertain your sister while you’re gone.”

With an overwhelming feeling of dread, Suzanne got up and left the room.

Jennifer thought it was strange that a friend from work had brought her sister something to wear, but before she could say anything, Tom said, “Finish your drink.”

Jennifer quickly drained the glass.

“That was odd,” she thought. “I don’t usually gulp a drink like that.”

Tom had seen her quick response to his simple command. It had worked. Now he had two beauties under his control.

Meanwhile, Suzanne nearly passed out when she got to her bedroom and opened Tom’s gift. It was a low-cut French maid’s uniform complete with a hat and fishnet stockings.

She couldn’t put this on and go back down and face her sister, but that is what Tom had ordered.

A tear escaped from the corner of her eye as she grab bed the obscene outfit and started dressing.

When she got it on, it was even worse.

She had to force her breasts into the tight top and the skirt barely covered her butt. If she bent over at all, the frilly white panties that came with it would show.

Suzanne looked in the mirror and saw what looked like an extra in a porno movie staring back at her.

Unable to control her actions, she started walking down the stairs to her doom.

It hadn’t taken Tom long to realize that Jennifer was an even bigger bitch than her sister. All she wanted to talk about was how much fun it was to fleece men in divorce cases.

Her attitude would be changing soon.

The conversation stopped when Suzanne walked into the room.

Jennifer was shocked.

“Suzanne,” she yelled. “What the hell is going on?”

Tom just smiled and said, “Turn around. Model the outfit for us.”

Jennifer stood in stunned silence as her sister did what Tom had asked, pirouetting around to show off her skimpy costume.

Jennifer reddened and turned on Tom.

“Are you behind this?” she demanded.

“Yes, I am,” Tom answered calmly. “Suzanne, tell your sister the truth about what has happened.”

Earlier, Suzanne had wanted to pour out the whole story for Jennifer. Now, standing there in this embarrassing maid’s costume, it would be humiliating to tell her tale.

But she was powerless to resist Tom.

“Tom drugged me one day at work. I can’t resist any of his commands. He has turned me into his sex toy.”

Jennifer was livid.

“How dare you?” she spat at Tom. “Your little game ends here. I’m calling the police right now and have you arrested for rape. And when they’re done with you, I’m going to sue your ass for everything you own.”

Tom took it all with a smile on his face and didn’t say anything until Suzanne started to reach for her cell phone.

“Stop,” he said quietly.

Jennifer froze. She wanted to dial 911, but her fingers wouldn’t work.

She looked at Tom in outrage.

“What’s going on here?” she said. “What have you done, you bastard?”

Tom smiled.

“Jennifer, the drink you just finished contained the same potion I gave your sister. You are now under my control as well.”

“The hell I am,” she said and started to stomp off.

“Stop,” he said. “Come back here and sit down.”

Suzanne and Jennifer both found themselves sitting down on the sofa. It was nothing new for Suzanne to be unable to control her actions, but Jennifer was astonished. How could her body be betraying her? This was not possible.

When they were all seated, Tom laid out the ground rules.

“Jennifer,” he said. “Suzanne already knows these rules, but this is how it is going to work. I’m not going to turn you into some mindless sex zombie. Your mind will continue to work normally, but you will obey all of my commands without question. You will do nothing to harm me or yourself and you won’t tell anyone about our arrangement.”

Jennifer couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“You son of a bitch,” she said. “If you think I’m going to be controlled by you, you’ve got another thing coming.”

“Silence,” Tom said and her mouth snapped shut. “That’s enough of that. I think we all need to relax and enjoy some movies. Suzanne, go get some of the tapes in my bag and play them for your sister. I think she’d like to know what we’ve been doing the last few days.”

Suzanne couldn’t believe this new humiliation that was being piled on her.

Jennifer was going to see her degradation.

But she couldn’t help herself. She went and got the tapes and pushed one into the VCR. She gave Tom a pleading look, but he simply hit the play button.

“Go sit with your sister while we enjoy the movie,” Tom said and Suzanne obeyed.

Suzanne watched in horror as her embarrassment of past few days flashe d across the screen. She saw herself masturbating in the office, crawling across the floor with a tail in her ass and begging for Tom’s cock.

Finally, Tom turned to the girls.

“Jennifer, keep your voice down, but you may speak now,” he said. “What did you think of the movies.”

To Tom’s surprise, she didn’t lash out at him. She turned to her sister.

“How could you?” she said. “I thought you were stronger.”

Suzanne started crying.

“That was a little hard on your sister,” Tom said. “We’re going to have to do something to make her feel better. Jennifer, stand up.”

She sprang to her feet.

“I know Suzanne enjoys dancing,” Tom said. “Dance for us.”

Jennifer glared at Tom, but her body started swaying to an imaginary beat.

She tried to stop, but she just kept dancing.

“Good,” Tom said. “Now, let’s spice it up. You are now a stripper. Tease us a little bit, but get all of your clothes off.”

“I won’t do that,” Jennifer said, but her hands moved to the buttons on her blouse.

“You talk too much for a stripper,” Tom said. “No more protesting.”

Jennifer couldn’t stop herself. She was moving in ways she that she couldn’t believe.

She completely unbuttoned the blouse, then flashed it open for a second to show her black bra before turning away from Tom and Suzanne and looking over her shoulder as she peeled the blouse off.

Jennifer slid the bra straps down off her shoulders and undid the clasp, then slip it completely off.

She crossed her arms in front of her before turning back to her sister and Tom, dancing seductively all the time.

“She has a little more experience than Suzanne,” Tom thought appreciatively.

Finally, Jennifer dropped her arms to reveal her big beautiful tits.

Suzanne tried to look away, but Tom commanded her to watch.

Jennifer’s mind was in torment. She couldn’t believe her body was betraying her like this and she c ouldn’t believe her sister was watching her strip. There was a six-year age difference between them and they had separate rooms at home. They had never seen each other naked.

But even as those thoughts were running through her head, Jennifer was peeling off her skirt.

It fell to the floor with the rest of her clothes and soon she was reaching for the waistband of her panties.

Tom whistled and clapped, making her feel even cheaper, but Jennifer turned away coquettishly and rolled the panties down her long, tanned legs.

“Turn around,” Tom ordered.

Jennifer obeyed reluctantly and stood naked in front of them.

“Very nice,” he said. “But the thing I like most about strip clubs is lap dancing. I’d love a lap dance from you, but since you’ve been so mean to your sister I think she deserves the first one.”

Jennifer’s eyes went wide, but she could say nothing since Tom had ordered her not to speak.

But Suzanne said, “No, please.”

“Oh, you deserve it,” Tom said. “Now, sit back and enjoy it. Jennifer, get to work.”

Jennifer had never seen a lap dance, but had endured enough bawdy talk from the cops she had been around to know what they were.

She straddled her older sister and began grinding her hips against Suzanne’s leg.

Then, she leaned forward and thrust her tits into Suzanne’s face.

Suzanne tried to turn away, but couldn’t. Then, to her surprise, she felt that familiar tingle in her pussy.

She couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t a lesbian and certainly didn’t have any feelings for her sister, but there was no denying that she was getting wet.

Then, it came to her. Tom had ordered her to enjoy the lap dance. Her body was responding to his command.

Tom noticed that Suzanne was getting worked up.

“Jennifer,” he said. “Since, we’re not in a strip club, we don’t have to obey all the rules. Reach down and feel your sister’s pussy.”

Jennifer wanted to scream out in protest, but couldn’t. Instead, her hand went down and cupped Suzanne’s crotch through the sheer material of her panties.

Despite herself, Suzanne moaned.

“I think you can do better than that,” Tom said. “Get a finger inside and really check her out.”

Jennifer slipped a finger inside her sister’s panties and plunged it in her cunt.

Suzanne sharply drew in a breath.

“You may speak now, Jennifer, what’s it like?” Tom asked.

“It’s all wet,” Jennifer said quietly.

“That mean’s she’s excited,” Tom said. “I think she like to have her tits sucked. Why don’t you do that now.”

Jennifer could not stop herself from pulling down the front of the French maid’s outfit.

She stared for the first time at her sister’s breasts, then she felt her head moving down to nuzzle them. Jennifer licked softly around each of the nipples, then sucked each bud one at a time into her mouth.

Suzanne could not believe how good it felt.

The few times she had been with men, then had been so rough, always clawing and groping. The tenderness of her little sister was getting her worked up.

“Suzanne, you seem to be getting very excited,” Tom said. “Maybe, if you asked her, Jennifer would lick your pussy.”

“No, please don’t ask me to do that,” Suzanne stammered. “I don’t want to be a lesbian.”

“You don’t have to worry about that with me around,” Tom chuckled. “Tell me the truth, Suzanne, would you like to have your pussy licked?”

Suzanne fought with herself, but could not deny the truth. She was too worked up.

“Yes,” she finally cried.

“Then ask her,” Tom said.

Suzanne hesitated for a moment, then looked her frightened sister in the eyes.

“Jennifer,” she said. “Please lick my pussy.”

Jennifer started to back away.

“No, no, no,” she said. “I can’t do that.”

Tom just shook his head.

“Jennifer,” he said. “Obey your sister.”

Jennifer stood still for a moment before Tom told Suzanne to ask again.

Suzanne stood and hugged her little sister. Tom liked the way that caused their tits to rub together.

“There’s nothing we can do about this, Jennifer,” Suzanne said. “Please, lick my pussy.”

Then, Suzanne broke free from her sister’s embrace, slid off her panties and laid on the floor.

Jennifer choked back a small cry, but sank to her knees and lowered her head to her sister’s sex.

She tentatively started licking around the outer regions, then brushed her lips around Suzanne’s pussy lips.

“Omigosh,” Suzanne whispered. “That feels so good.”

The encouragement seemed to inspire Jennifer.

She worked her way to Suzanne’s clit and licked it softly.

“Ahhhh,” Suzanne squealed. “Do that again, please.”

Jennifer began concentrating on the clit, alternating between licking and sucking it into her mouth.

Suzanne was going cr azy. She had never experienced anything like this.

“Stick your finger in me, please,” she panted.

Jennifer shoved a finger in her sister’s snatch, then added another. All the while she lavished Suzanne’s clit with her tongue. Suzanne was squirming all over the floor, writhing in ecstasy.

“Oh, suck me, suck me, suck me,” she screamed. “I’m going to cum. Give it to me, little sister.”

With that, she grabbed the back of Jennifer’s head and shoved it into her crotch.

Jennifer was having trouble breathing, but kept on sucking.

Finally, Suzanne tensed and let loose with a long, violent orgasm.

The girls came out of their reverie when they heard Tom clapping.

“Very nice show, girls,” he said. “But it’s time I got some attention. Jennifer, you may have the honor of undressing me.”

Jennifer lifted herself off her sister’s spent body and walked over to Tom.

She couldn’t believe it, but she found herself undressing this monster.

As she slipped off his pants she could see his cock straining to get loose. She hesitated a moment before slipping off his underwear.

She could not help herself.

She stared at his prick.

She had been with a few men before, but had never seen one this large.

Tom noticed her interest and chuckled.

“Well, if you’re so impressed, maybe you’d better give it a kiss,” he said.

She started to shake her head no, but Tom ordered, “kiss it.”

She placed a peck on the tip of his prick, then leaned back.

“I know you can do better than that,” Tom said. “After all, I just saw you licking your sister’s pussy.”

Jennifer reddened with shame.

“Now, suck my dick,” Tom said.

Jennifer leaned down and took the tip in her mouth. Tom was too worked up to put up with her timidity. He grabbed her head and drove his dick into her mouth.

Jennifer gagged for a moment, then recovered and was doing a pretty good job of cocksucking when Tom pulled out.

“You can help me fuck your sister,” he said to Jennifer, then ordered Suzanne to her hands and knees. “As you know from the movies, she likes doggy-style best.”

Tom slid in behind Suzanne and told Jennifer to guide his cock into her pussy.

Jennifer did as ordered.

Both Tom and Suzanne sighed.

“Jennifer,” Tom said. “Get your head down there and lick my balls while I’m fucking your sister.”

This might have been the most degrading thing for her yet. Jennifer crawled under her sister and got in position to lick Tom’s hairy balls.

It was hard for her to keep up as Tom kept increasing the intensity of his fucking.

“Ah, that feels good,” Tom moaned.

Suzanne was losing control again. She started bucking her pussy back into Tom, willing him to fuck her harder.

“Slam it to me,” she screamed. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Finally, Tom could not hold back any longer.

His cock exploded, filling Suzanne’s cunt with cum. Some of the hot goo dripped out and plopped on Jennifer’s face.

She started to reach up to clean it off when she heard Tom said, “Stop!.”

She looked up to him for a reason why, but he scampered out of the room and returned with the video camera.

He captured the whole scene, zooming in for a close up of Suzanne’s pussy hovering over Jennifer’s cum-drenched face.

“Suzanne,” Tom said. “Your little sister has been so nice to you. Why don’t you pay her back by cleaning her face.”

Suzanne got up to get a wash cloth, but Tom stopped her.

“With your tongue,” he said.

The ecstasy she had enjoyed just a moment ago faded away in a new chapter of humiliation.

But she was unable to resist.

Suzanne knelt down and gently licked all of Tom’s jism off her sister’s face.

“That was a memorable evening,” Tom said. “You girls can go clean up now and get to bed. You’re going to need your rest. We have a wild weekend ahead.”