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Author’s Note: I just realized that there was another chapter to this story that was posted on another site, but never made it to mcstories. Sorry for the omission. As always, please give me your comments, that’s what keeps me going. Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, or if it is offensive to you. All characters are fictitious. All events are fictional. Any similarities in this story to real events or people are unintentional.

Jennifer woke early the next morning.

She slipped quietly out of bed and started dressing.

Suzanne felt her stirring in the room and woke up.

“What are you doing?” she whispered sleepily.

“I’m getting away from this monster, and if you have any sense you will, too,” Jennifer said.

“But I can’t,” Suzanne replied. “He has ordered me never to run away from him. Besides, even if I did, he would just call my on that damn cell phone that I have to answer and order me back.”

“Well, he must have slipped up this time because he never gave me that order,” said Jennifer. “I’ll run away and come back with help. We’re ending this nightmare now.”

Suzanne sat silently for a moment.

It could work, she thought.

Finally she whispered, “Good luck.”

With that, Jennifer finished dressing and quietly slipped out the bedroom door and closed it. She carried her shoes so she could move silently. There would be time enough to put them on once she was out of the house.

She crept down the stairs and looked around.

Tom was nowhere to be found.

She was free!

She ran as quickly as she could without making noise.

She was almost to the door when it swung open.

Tom was standing there holding some packages. He had a surprised look on his face.

Jennifer turned in the opposite direction and started to run.

“Stop,” he said quietly.

Jennifer froze in her tracks.

“Damn!” she thought.

Tom walked over slowly with an amused look on his face.

“Where do you think you’re going,” he said.

“I...I...,” Jennifer stammered.

“Tell the truth,” Tom said.

“I was trying to run away from you, you bastard,” she spat.

Tom shook his head.

“That temper will get you in trouble,” he said.

“I’m going to get you in a lot of trouble when I get out of here,” she snarled. “I have a whole list of charges that I’m going to bring against you. I’m going to...”

“Silence,” Tom said.

Jennifer’s mouth snapped shut in mid-sentence.

Suzanne had heard the commotion and came down the steps. She knew immediately that any hope of escape was gone.

“Ah, Suzanne, I’m glad you’re here,” Tom said as he noticed her. “Did you have anything to do with this escape plan.”

“No, it was Jennifer’s idea,” she said honestly.

“That’s what I thought,” he replied. “She is a very naughty little girl. We must do something about that.”

He motioned Suzanne to come to him. She immediately did so.

Tom handed his bag to her.

“Here is your outfit for today,” he said. “Go put it on. And fix your hair. I think you will know what hairstyle goes with the outfit. And take Jennifer with you. Her outfit is in the other bag.”

He turned to Jennifer.

“Go with your sister and dress in the outfit in the bag. The two of you can pick an appropriate hairstyle to go with it. And, Jennifer, I’m glad this happened today because it reminds me of another order I have for you. You will never try to escape again and you will tell no one other than Suzanne what has happened to you. You will never try to harm me or yourself in any way. Do you understand?”

Jennifer nodded her head in resignation.

She knew there was no way she could disobey this order.

“Off you go now, you two,” Tom said. “Jennifer you can speak now, but no more cursing or threatening me.”

Jennifer followed Suzanne to the bedroom where Suzanne opened her bag.

It was a little girl’s party dress – all pink and frilly. Made of satin and lace, the skirt was layered and puffy over petticoats. The sleeves were a transparent lace that ended at the elbow, cinched with a ribbon.

The bodice was a lattice design made of ribbons with a modest square neckline.

It buttoned high in the back and was topped off with a huge bow in back that circled around the waist.

It came complete with little white gloves, lacy white anklets and sparkly pink shoes. Two pink hair ribbons were also in the bag.

Jennifer’s bag was nowhere near as full.

All that was in it was a large diaper with pink rubber pants to go over it and a pink hair ribbon.

“There’s no way I’m putting that on,” Jennifer said.

Suzanne hugged her.

“We have no choice,” she said.

And it was true.

On their own volition, Jennifer’s hands started moving, stripping off all her clothes.

She gasped when her hands started to move she was so startled.

Jennifer did the same.

Soon they were both naked.

Suzanne helped her younger sister pin on the diaper and pull up the rubber pants.

Then she slipped into the party dress.

It fit pretty well except that it was way to short, barely covering her ass.

She dug deeper in the bag and found a pair of little-girl panties with frills on the rear end.

Suzanne pulled them on, then put on the anklets and shoes. She was about to put on the gloves when she remembered they had to do their hair. The gloves would have to wait.

Suzanne put her arm around Jennifer and they walked to the mirror.

A tear rolled down Jennifer’s face as she saw her adult body dressed like a baby.

Her big tits where hanging free with the pink rubber pants the only visible item of clothing.

Suzanne was almost more obscene in her party dress.

Jennifer sat down and Suzanne started doing her hair like she did when they were little girls.

Without knowing why, Suzanne collected all of her sister’s hair and bunched it up on top like a cupie doll and wrapped the pink ribbon around it. Somehow they both knew this was right.

Then Suzanne sat.

Both girls knew the hairstyle that was required.

Jennifer quickly pulled her sister’s hair into two pony tails and attached the ribbons.

They took one last look at each other and headed down the stairs.

Tom was sitting in the living room watching TV.

He had set up the video equipment again and also put up a large playpen in the middle of the room.

The girls looked at the playpen in horror.

“Come in girls,” he said.

Even though they both wanted to run, they walked into the living room.

Tom got up and turned on the video camera.

“Sit down Suzanne,” he said, motioning to the couch.

When she had complied, he turned his attention to Jennifer.

“I want you to go sit on her lap,” he said.

Jennifer walked over timidly and sat on her sister’s lap.

Tom left for a moment and returned from the kitchen carrying a baby bottle filled with apple juice.

“Until I say otherwise, Jennifer, you will now act like a baby,” he said. “You are able to crawl, but not walk. You can only speak in baby gibberish. Although in your mind you will know exactly what is going on. Each new humiliation will get you more sexually excited.”

Jennifer’s body transformed immediately.

She had been sitting stiffly before. Now she started squirming like a baby. Her upper body flopped down until Suzanne supported her sister’s head with her arm.

“You bastard,” she wanted to scream, but all that came out was “baa baa.”

Tom laughed. He could see the hate in her eyes.

Tom handed the bottle to Suzanne.

“You are the big sister,” he said. “You have to take care of her. You can start by feeding the baby.”

Suzanne raised the bottle to Jennifer’s mouth.

Jennifer quickly turned her head away. There was no way she was going through with this charade.

“Oh, Jenni, you are a very hungry baby,” Tom said. “You want that bottle”

Suddenly, Jennifer was famished. She had to have something to eat. Her eyes focused on that bottle in front of her face.

She had to have it.

She opened her mouth.

Suzanne shoved the nipple into her mouth.

Jennifer started sucking greedily.

Tom laughed to himself as he watched the scene.

Then something happened to Jennifer. She felt her pussy start to get wet.

“This can’t be happening,” her mind screamed. “I’m not enjoying this.”

But she could not deny that this humiliation was turning her on.

Soon the bottle was empty.

“She still looks hungry,” Tom said, handing Suzanne another bottle.

Jennifer sucked it down quickly.

“Well, that’s enough for now,” Tom said, walking over to the couch.

He scooped Jennifer up off Suzanne’s lap and put her in the playpen.

Jennifer tried to get up and walk out of that playpen, but the farthest she could get was up on her hands and knees.

“That bastard,” Jennifer thought as she crawled around the playpen.

Her pussy twitched again.

Tom laughed at her.

“Look at the ball-busting lawyer crawling around in the playpen,” he said. “Wait until they see this video in the courtroom. It will be damaging evidence against you, counselor.”

Jennifer wanted to get up and scratch his eyes out, but his humiliating words only send a more powerful spasm through her pussy.

“Wahhhhh,” was all that would come out of her mouth.

Tom was still chuckling at the humiliated lawyer when he turned back to Suzanne.

“I have some toys for you, too, Suzi,” he said.

He took her by the hand and led her over to the side of the playpen where he had left some Barbie dolls along with coloring books and crayons.

Suddenly, Suzanne wanted to play with them more than anything.

She ran over and started combing the hair of one of the Barbies.

Tom settled in to watch TV and let the girls play.

After about an hour passed, Jennifer felt something else in her pussy.

She had to pee. Badly.

She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of peeing in the diaper. She could hold it.

But as time passed, the urge got stronger and stronger.

Finally, she looked up at Tom.

She would plead with him to let her at least use the bathroom.

But as she opened her mouth to speak, all that game out was “Gaga, goba.”

Tom laughed.

The further humiliation gave her pussy another spasm.

And that loosed her bladder.

Before she could stop it, she was filling the diaper with pee.

“Wah,” she said, then suddenly felt something else.

This humiliation made her cum.

“Weeeeeeee,” she said in shock and rolled on the floor, her big boobs flopping around.

Tom stated laughing, knowing exactly what had happened.

Suzanne looked up from her coloring book curiously.

“It looks like baby Jenni had an accident,” Tom said.

His humiliating words sent her into another orgasm.

She was still rolling on the floor when Tom said: “Suzi would you like to change your sister’s diaper?”

“Oh, goodie,” Suzanne said, hurrying over.

Tom lifted her out of the playpen and set her down in the center of the floor.

Jennifer lay on her back with her pussy twitching.

Tom left and returned with another diaper, some wet wipes and some baby powder.

He slid a rubber sheet under Jennifer’s bottom.

“Okay, Suzi, you can take her diaper off now,” Tom said.

Suzanne pulled the rubber pants down, then carefully took off the diaper making sure not to touch the wet parts. Tom held up a plastic bag and she deposited the diaper in it.

Then he handed Suzanne a wet wipe.

She used it to gently scrub her sister’s crotch, lingering around her pussy.

Jennifer shuttered with another orgasm.

Then came the baby powder. Suzanne sprinkled it on her sister’s privates, then smoothed it around with her fingers.

Jennifer came again.

“All nice and fresh,” Tom said, handing Suzanne a new diaper.

Suzanne pinned it on and pulled the rubber pants up over it.

When the diaper was in place, Tom slid down his pants and dropped to his knees so his cock was in front of Jennifer’s face.

“I have a new bottle for you,” he said. “Suck it.”

Jennifer wanted to resist this sick bastard, but she could not. She took his prick in her mouth and started sucking on it like the bottle.

Her pussy was on fire again. She was cuming almost constantly.

Tom looked over at Suzanne.

“You may play with your little pussy through your cute little panties,” he said.

Suzanne’s gloved hand immediately went to her clit and started rubbing. Somehow it felt better through the little-girl panties.

Tom threw his head back in delight.

“Ah, that’s a good baby,” he said. “Drink that bottle.”

Jennifer was sucking hard now, desperate to get her drink.

Tom rocked his hips back and forth, savoring the pleasure.

Suzanne’s hand was a blur.

She was an erotic sight with the party dress pulled up to her waist and her legs spread wide.

Finally, Tom could hold off no longer.

He stiffened and exploded into Jennifer’s mouth.

Jennifer eagerly slurped up every drop.

Seeing him cum, set Suzanne off as well.

“Yeeeeeee,” she screamed as an orgasm wracked her body.

Tom finally had to push Jennifer’s head away to get away from her eager sucking.

“That’s enough, Baby Jenni,” he said.

Tom picked Jennifer up and held her on his lap facing the camera.

“How do you like being a baby, Jenni,” he asked.

Jennifer tried to spit out a nasty retort, but “doode gaba” was all that came out.

Tom laughed.

“Oh, I forgot,” Tom chuckled. “Jennifer you may not speak normally. Answer the question.”

“I hated it,” she said immediately. “It was so humiliating.”

“It looked to me like you liked it,” Tom said. “How many times did you cum?”

Jennifer hesitated.

“Answer honestly,” Tom proded.

Jennifer hung her head in shame.

“Six, seven, eight...oh I lost count,” she said quietly.

Tom laughed again.

“You are a sexy little baby,” he said. “But that’s enough of this game for now. You may return to your normal self now. You and Suzanne go upstairs and take a nap. You need to get rested up. There is someone I want you to meet later.”