The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Brain reapers

By Droid447

Kate walked into Reilly’s room, at the planetoid’s mining station, and found her friend still in her underwear.

“Are you just getting out of bed? I guess you haven’t heard the news.”

“Hi Kate?” Reilly said with a raspy voice, “I couldn’t sleep very well last night. What is going on?”

“Somebody reported seeing a ‘brain reaper’ inside of the station,” Kate responded, “The xeno-biology team is currently looking for it, but we have to be careful.”

“Brain reaper?! What is that?”

“Don’t you remember them from the hazardous xenos lecture?” Kate said, “They are little nasty creatures that jump on your head and enter your brain. They make you an obedient zombie.”

“Yuck! I guess I missed that class. But don’t worry about me. I am off today and I not planning to go anywhere. Are you flying out?”

“Yeap. I have to make a short trip to Station 7. I should be back before nightfall.”

Kate was a pilot and Reilly worked at the infirmary. They had become best friends after Kate had a minor accident and Reilly took care of her wounds, although Kate was hoping that her friendship could evolve into something more.

* * *

After Kate left, Reilly decided to take a shower. She was a bit nervous about the whole ‘brain reaper’ situation.

Reilly didn’t know how those little monsters looked like and she wished she’d had attended more xeno-biology classes after the federation assigned her to this remote planetoid.

I pity the poor bastard that runs into that critter. It must be awful to have a monster burrowing into your skull and eating your brain.

The young woman was imagining an ugly tentacle creature flying through the air and landing on her head. Then pushing a hollow tube through her skull and sending tentacles all over her brain, taking control of her mind and making her obey every command. She felt a chill running down her spine, yet her pussy twitched slightly.

Reilly surprised herself for reacting this way and tried to think about something else. In any case, that was not happening to her. She wasn’t going out until that creature was eliminated. Reilly believed that she was completely safe inside her apartment… she was wrong.

A small compartment on the wall was opened from the inside. Not enough to be noticed, the split allowed the small monster to crawl into the room. The ‘brain reaper’ was nothing like Reilly had imagined it. Three reddish legs supported a round, translucent body in the shape of a perfect sphere. Its outer membrane was see-through with a greenish hue and it contained a viscous colorless fluid. Floating within the fluid was another smaller organism, very similar to a sea urchin, that appeared to be independent of the main creature.

Reilly was completely unaware of the intruder, letting the refreshing water wash her worries away.

The shapely woman got off the shower and sat naked on her bed. She was still thinking about the creature roaming around the station.

I wonder why these creatures take control of their victims. What nasty things do they make them do?

She couldn’t understand why she felt this strange arousal when she imagined a woman standing like a zombie with a creature attached to her head and obeying every command without question.

Reilly didn’t suspect that one of this terrifying creatures was silently climbing on her bed. Then she heard something scratching the bed sheets and when she turned her head, she screamed her lungs out in utter fear. The monster was right there! Not even one meter away!

The creature didn’t have eyes nor ears, but it sensed that the potential victim had noticed its presence and it reacted quickly.

* * *

The moment Kate reached the main corridor, she realized that the situation all over the station was chaotic. The ‘brain reaper’ discovered earlier was only one of many. In fact, the entire base was under attack and the little monsters were jumping out of every corner and every crevice.

Kate encountered more women on her way to the landing port. One of them was already on the ground with one of the creatures attached to her head. She was staring forward, unblinking, then her eyes rolled back until there were completely white.

Another woman was standing right beside her just as confused as she was. She didn’t know which way to run.

“Watch out! There is another one!” Kate yelled, signaling to a corner in the hallway.

Both women saw the little crawler forcefully spewing some kind of fluid from an orifice below its main body and an instant later, the greenish goop was splattering the woman’s face.

“Aaghh!! It is my mouth!” she said, coughing.

Kate counted three seconds before the woman fell limply to the ground. She watched in shock as the monster walked slowly towards the victim’s inert body. Kate didn’t have to be a xeno-biologist to know that the creature was going to clutch the woman’s head, the same way the other did.

Kate considered helping her but there were too many things about these monsters that she didn’t know and it was too risky. She could also end up unconscious and completely vulnerable. Besides, she knew that Reilly was alone and most likely was unaware of the situation. She had to go back. They could deal with this nightmare together. Luckily Reilly’s apartment was close.

* * *

Kate screamed when she entered Reilly’s bedroom and saw one of the creatures firmly attached to her friend’s head. Reilly was lying completely naked on her bed, with her feet hanging off the side. She was breathing slowly and peacefully, as if she was only taking a nap.

“Reilly!! Noo!!”

Disregarding the danger that the creature might still pose to her, Kate lifted her friend’s upper body and tried to wake her up. It was unnerving to see Reilly’s eyes half-closed and a bit crossed. Under different circumstances, Kate could have sworn that Reilly was on the verge of an orgasm.

“Please wake up, Reilly! Wake up!!”

Unfortunately, the situation was quite the opposite. Reilly could be dying at this very moment. Kate had to do something.

She placed her back on the mattress, walked around the bed and knelt beside Reilly’s head. Fighting her disgust, she carefully grabbed one of the monster’s legs with her bared fingers and pulled. The appendage didn’t budge. The only reaction was that Reilly moaned softly.

“It is too strong. I can’t yank it off.”

Kate was pondering what else she could do when suddenly Reilly lifted her hips off the bed while moaning loudly. Kate looked up and saw a gush of fluid squirting from her friend’s pussy.

The startled woman immediately released the tentacle. At first she didn’t know what was happening but after a moment, Kate realized that Reilly was having an orgasm.

What the hell?!! Is she having an orgasm?!

It was very confusing. Reilly gushed a couple more times while her legs shivered in spasmodic contractions. Kate remained immobile, staring at her friend’s unexpected behavior and felt ashamed when she acknowledged that she was getting aroused by it.

As soon as her orgasm ended, Reilly woke up. She didn’t remember anything that happened after she got out of the shower and was unaware that she had a monster attached to her head.

“What happened? Did I fall asleep?” Reilly said groggily, “Kate, what are you still doing here?”

Kate was happy and frankly a bit surprised that Reilly was still herself. She noticed that Reilly didn’t know that she was carrying an alien creature on her head.

“You… you don’t remember? How are you feeling?” Kate asked with astonishment.

She wished she didn’t have tell Reilly the bad news, but obviously she had no choice. Kate led her friend to the mirror on the bathroom wall.

The confused woman screamed when she saw the monster. How did this happen?! When?! How was it possible that she couldn’t feel it?!

Reilly reached up and touched the greenish sphere to make sure that it was real, then gasped when it felt as if she was touching her own skin.

Reilly couldn’t know that the creature had already punctured a tiny hole on her head and was sending small tendrils with the purpose of manipulating her neuronal connections. The first step was to synchronize its sensorial nerves with the host’s and that was already done.

“Oh my God!! Take it off of me!! Help me take it off!” She pleaded.

“I tried but it is too strong,” Kate said, “We will need to cut it.”

* * *

Ten minutes later Reilly was sitting on a chair and Kate was holding a laser cutter, carefully approaching one of the alien’s legs.

“Are you sure about this?” Kate asked.

“Yes! Cut this thing off. I don’t want to become a mindless zombie under its control.”

When Reilly mentioned becoming a mindless zombie, her pussy twitched again. She couldn’t understand why and she certainly didn’t tell Kate about it.

Kate was thinking about the orgasm that Reilly experienced when she grabbed the creature’s appendage earlier and was scared to know what was going to happen if she torched it. In any case, their only option was to try this drastic action…

Just a couple of seconds after Kate began cutting the appendage, Reilly was begging her to stop.

“Aagghh!! Stop!! Stop!!”

The pain was absolutely unbearable and the brain reaper was making sure of it. Not only it was transmitting its own pain to Reilly’s mind but it was multiplying it. This defense mechanism was infallible.

Kate pulled away immediately. Her worst fear had come true.

“Why did this happen to me?!” Reilly cried in despair. She knew that the creature had already done something to her brain, even though she didn’t feel anything messing with her mind yet. But as long as she was still conscious and was in control of her own body, there was still hope.

“Don’t cry, honey. I promise you will be free of this monster,” Kate said, reassuringly, not really knowing what she was going to do to keep her promise.

Then she saw something even more scary, Oh God! That thing inside of the sphere is growing.

Whatever Kate was going to do, it had to be done quickly. She considered the remaining options they had. It was very risky to leave the apartment at this moment but she was willing to take her chances. The danger was only for her because things couldn’t get any worse for Reilly.

After the terrible pain faded away, Reilly felt the insistent tingling in her pussy coming back. This pleasant and confusing sensation helped stopping her tears.

Kate told Reilly about the state of affairs all over the station. Reilly was astounded and somewhat relief to learn she was not the only one suffering this terrible ordeal. Maybe the doctors were already working on a solution.

“I don’t know how many brain reapers are out there, but I saw at least two of them,” Kate said.

“Do you think we can make it to the infirmary. Maybe Dr. Meyers can remove this creature from my head,” Reilly asked.

“I’m not sure but we have to try. How are you feeling?”

“I feel… I feel…”

Reilly felt the throbbing in her pussy getting stronger until she was not able to follow the conversation. She was too ashamed to tell Kate about it, but soon it would be impossible to pretend in was not happening. She was stared forward saying nothing.

The following seconds Reilly felt her arousal growing exponentially until she was driven to the edge of madness.

Kate saw her friend’s eyes opening wide and then losing focus. Something bad was happening...

Kate gasped loudly when the organism that resembled a sea-urchin floating inside of the sphere submerged into Reilly’s skull, leaving empty fluid behind. The perfectly round ball quickly shriveled into a shapeless sac. At the same time, Reilly’s eyes rolled back until they become white.

Kate knelt helplessly in front of Reilly as she convulsed out of control. Once again, it looked exactly as if she was having a powerful orgasm, including the abundant vaginal fluid gushing from her pussy.


As soon as her orgasm stopped, Reilly’s head tilted backwards and the crawler fell lifelessly to the ground. The purpose of this creature had been fulfilled and now it was dead.

Kate: Reilly! Wake up! Talk to me!

Kate tenderly held Reilly’s head and looked at her friend’s rolled-back eyes. She could easily imagine the other alien parasite, with its dozens of tentacles protruding from a center mass, swimming within her skull, eating some parts of Reilly’s brain and taking control of the rest.

Kate was not giving up on her friend. There had been other encounters with brain reapers in the past decades and maybe the doctors had learned how to take this little monsters out of their victims. Maybe Reilly was right when she said that Dr. Meyers would be able to help her. She had to try!

* * *

As Kate walked hurriedly through the main hallway carrying Reilly to the infirmary, she ran into another woman. She knew her. Her name was Aisha and she was a pilot too. Kate asked her what she was planning to do.

“Aisha! What are you doing? Don’t you know we are under attack?” Kate received no answer. Then she saw the dead creature with a deflated sac lying beside Aisha’s feet.

As she got closer, it became evident that Aisha had a brain reaper inside of her skull too. The woman was standing motionless with her eyes rolled back and thin thread of drool hanging from her lower lip. The fact that she was standing was a clear indication that the parasite was already taking control of her body. Kate walked faster and prayed that Aisha didn’t reach out to grab her.

Shit! They had taken her too. I hope she can’t see me with her eyes rolled-back like that.

Kate arrived at the infirmary without further incidents but when she opened the door, she felt as if the world came crumbing down on her. The first thing she saw was a huge monster, almost as tall as a person, standing in the middle of the ample room. It had three legs, much like its smaller counterparts, but its main body was not a sphere filled with fluid. It was solid, meaty and dark red, like the rest of it. It also had a long protuberance that seemed to be a head with no eyes.

Oh no!!

After she recovered from the initial shock of seeing this new type of creature, Kate realized with dismay that Marjorie, one of the nurses and Reilly’s colleague, was standing naked nearby with her arms hanging limply by her sides and her eyes staring forward into nothing. Another thing that Kate could see was Marjorie’s vaginal fluids gliding down her inner thighs.

There was nothing to do here. Kate decided to go to the hangar. She could use her ship to reach one of the other stations on the planetoid. Hopefully this place was the only one under attack.

However, when Kate turned around to walk out of the infirmary, one of the smaller creatures was right there in front of the door. It was slowly walking from left to right, so it was not an immediate threat, but Kate definitely wasn’t going anywhere.


She couldn’t stay where she was either, specially with Reilly in her arms, so her only option was to find a corner where she could hide.

Kate gently placed Reilly on the floor, behind an operating table, and knelt beside her. She looked at the giant creature again. The monster had moved its body and now the eyeless head was pointing at her! Kate gasped and held her breath.

The scared woman breathe again when she realized that the creature’s attention was focused somewhere else. It was ‘looking’ at Marjorie, who now was keeling in front of it rubbing her pussy with both hands.

“What is she doing?” Kate whispered to herself.

Kate couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The nurse was masturbating in front of the monster. She assumed that Marjorie also had one of the brain reapers inside of her skull but it was a disturbing scene nonetheless. Kate couldn’t help to wonder why the nurse was doing that.

The answer came quickly. A very large and thick appendage descended from the bottom of the monster’s body. It was flexible and well lubricated. Kate looked at it with incredulity, having a pretty good idea of its purpose… But it couldn’t be. The appendage, or phallus, was too big for Marjorie’s slim body.

However, the mind-controlled nurse didn’t recoil. She stared at the monster’s cock with unfocused eyes while she continued masturbating.

Kate heard a low frequency sound that made the whole room vibrate and immediately after, both Reilly and Marjorie moaned. Kate looked quickly at her friend, who remained on the ground, and then turned her attention back to the peculiar scene developing in front of her.

Marjorie was now on her hand and knees, presenting her behind to the alien. It was going to happen! The creature was going to fuck Marjorie with that enormous cock! Was it even possible?

Oh God! It is going to fuck her! This is the reason why the brain reapers take control of the girls! Is for reproduction!

From the place she was hiding, Kate couldn’t see the actual penetration but she heard Marjorie’s soft moan and a loud squishy sound as the big appendage parted her pussy lips and entered her body.

It was a bit reassuring that the nurse’s facial expression showed no pain. In fact, her slack features and blank, unfocused stare showed no emotions, but Kate could almost swear that there was hint of pleasure behind those empty eyes.

A few minutes passed and Kate couldn’t look away from the monster and the mind-controlled nurse. Neither Marjorie or the creature were moving too much. The huge phallus squirmed slightly and pulsated every few seconds but nothing else was happening.

Suddenly, Marjorie arched her back and moaned in bliss. This time her pleasure was more than evident!

She is cumming!

Even though Kate had already seen Reilly climaxing twice, it was still incredible to see the nurse reaching an orgasm while being fucked by an ugly monster.

Kate wondered if there were some remnants of Marjorie’s consciousness inside of her brain. The chances of this were pretty much impossible. There was no way that the nurse would reach an orgasm if she knew what kind of creature was penetrating her pussy.

After her climax ended, Marjorie rested her elbows on the floor and stayed on her knees below the creature, with the huge cock still embedded inside of her.

In reality, the nurse’s consciousness was still there, watching everything from the farthest corner of her brain, yet at this moment she was so overwhelmed by the myriad of confusing sensations that assaulted her mind, that she was incapable of processing anything that was happening around her. However, she certainly could feel everything that was happening inside of her.

Marjorie was able to feel the tip of the phallus bloating and then something coming out of it. The first egg attached firmly to the woman’s womb. The nurse moaned when a second egg was expelled within her loins, immediately taking hold inside of her uterus.

A few meters away, Kate could hear Marjorie’s moans but she had no idea what was happening inside the woman’s body. The lack of motion made her think that maybe the creature considered the human female incompatible and it was useless to continue the ravaging. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Kate’s interpretation changed when the monster retrieved the fat cock from the nurse’s body and a gush of whitish fluid erupted from her pussy, followed by a round egg that fell from the gaping hole.

Is that an egg?!

Kate gasped when she understood why the huge cock had remained inside of Marjorie’s body for such a long time without moving. It had been shoving eggs inside the woman’s womb!

Now that the massive phallus had vacated her body, Marjorie’s brain was allowed to acknowledge her bloating belly, crammed with alien eggs, and she whimpered within the deepest nook of her brain. Even thought there was a small part of her consciousness still active, the brain-reaper was in total control of her body.

Kate was so engrossed with the weird scene developing in the middle of the infirmary that she jumped startled when Reilly started moving beside her.

The nude young woman lifted herself slowly and sat on the ground. Her motions were hesitant, as if she was learning again how to use her arms and legs.

“Reilly! Are you okay…?”

Kate saw her friend’s blank stare and her heart jolted. She realized with sadness that Reilly’s mind had been taken over by the parasite that infiltrated her brain.

Both girls stood up and Kate tried to get her friend’s attention, but Reilly just stared forward, even after Kate waved a hand in front of her face.

She is not responding!

Inside the young woman’s skull, the brain reaper was extending its tentacles in every direction, and each tentacle was projecting millions of tendrils that interrupted and rearranged Reilly’s neuronal connections, mainly the ones related to voluntary motion and perception.

Deep inside of her mind, the old Reilly was still there. She could hear Kate’s voice but she couldn’t do anything to let her friend know that she was listening. Reilly felt like a passenger in her own body.

She was very scared, despite looking perfectly calm and serene on the outside. To make things worse, there was another sensation roaming in her mind that she tried to ignore but it was relentless… she felt aroused.

Kate heard the low tone sound again and it made her entire body vibrate. Upon hearing this, Reilly moan and started walking towards the large creature.

“...mate…” she whispered almost inaudible.

Kate took a step forward and was about to say something to her enthralled friend but then she saw one of the brain-reapers crawling a few meters away. She froze, then moved back very slowly and very quietly.

Oh my God! There is one of the little critters and it is getting closer.

There was no way that she could reach the door unseen, nor she wanted to leave her friend behind. Kate had to think fast. Hiding from the large creature was easy, considering that it had been busy ravaging Marjorie, but hiding from the brain-reaper would be impossible in this wide-open place.

Then Kate had an idea. It was crazy but she couldn’t think of anything else. The scared woman was going to pretend that she was already under control of an alien parasite. She didn’t know if the brain-reapers chose their victims based on their behavior or if they had another way to determine when a woman had been infected. Kate decided to take her chances.

The first step was to undress and she did just that as fast as she could while she hide behind the operating table. The brain-reaper was at the opposite side of the furniture and it wasn’t moving. The small creature just needed to take a few steps forward or backward and Kate would be discovered.

It hasn’t see me yet. I have to do this very quietly.

Kate imagined herself lying on the floor with the paralyzing fluid dripping from her mouth and a monster attaching to her head. She body shivered in disgust and continued removing her clothes as silently and fast as possible.

The brain-reaper moved a little further into the infirmary, searching for potential hosts and Kate took this opportunity to step out of her hiding place and stood nearby like a statue. Completely nude, with her eyes staring forward and her arms hanging by her sides, Kate was trying to control her noticeable fear.

The small creature walked back a moment later, it saw Kate standing motionless and Kate saw it with the corner of her eye. The woman’s heart jolted but she didn’t move a muscle. She wasn’t even blinking.

Crap! It is looking at me!!, she thought, then she added That little fucker is coming this way!

Meanwhile, Reilly was now in front of the large monster. Unlike Marjorie, who waited on her hands and knees for penetration, Reilly was facing up, supporting her weight on her hands and feet while staring at the huge phallus that squirmed in the air between her legs.

Deep inside of her own mind, Reilly was battling with mixed feelings. One part of her was terrified that the monster was going to shove that huge probisis inside of her; another part was burning with desire to fill the void in her pussy. It was all so confusing.

In any case, she could do nothing to prevent the imminent ravaging. Her body was moving on its own and the conscious part of her mind was nothing more than a spectator.

The brain-reaper walked a little closer to Kate, sensing her condition. Kate wasn’t moving but had to fight to urge to run away. The little monster kept ‘analyzing’ her. Suddenly, Reilly moaned loudly and the brain-reaper turned around to face her, losing interest in Kate.

The large monster was shoving its massive phallus into Reilly’s pussy! The woman was recoiling and pushing that monstrous appendage away… but only in her mind. In reality, Reilly was maintaining her position with her legs wide open and her pussy lips stretching to the limit, embracing her mate’s cock as a devoted lover.

Kate saw the brain-reaper slowly walking away. Her plan was working! The little critter thought she was already mind-controlled. Regaining her confidence, Kate dared to move her eyes and checked was going on with Reilly. Kate’s heart jolted when she noticed the big appendage penetrating deeply into her friend’s pussy.

God! It is fucking her!

Reilly was losing herself within her own mind. The myriad of sensation assaulting her consciousness was overwhelming. She expected to feel unbearable pain with such a brutal ravaging but there was none of that. Instead, she felt pleasure. Incredible, mind-bending pleasure like she had never known before. How was it possible?

The apparent lack of motion of the phallus once it reached the bottom of Reilly’s cavity was misleading. The massive cock wasn’t thrusting in and out, but from this new angle, Kate was able to see Reilly’s abdomen bulging at different spots while the flexible appendage trashed inside of her.

Random bumps formed so far inside of Reilly’s body that Kate couldn’t believe that it was possible. Fortunately, it soon became evident that Reilly was not in pain. In fact, it seemed like she was greatly enjoying this otherworldly abuse. Kate was now sure that the brain-reaper was somehow boosting Reilly’s arousal to the limit.

It came as no surprise when Reilly screamed her lungs out and exploded in climax. Her belly was no longer bulging randomly, clear sign that the appendage wasn’t trashing inside of her any more. Instead, Reilly’s abdomen was growing, most likely because the monster was shoving eggs into her womb, the same way it did with Marjorie.

Reilly is cumming again. The monster must be shoving eggs inside of her.

Kate was unwisely showing too much awareness while she looked attentively at Reilly’s orgasmic convulsions. The fat cock plugged in Reilly’s pussy was pulsating and the astounded woman could almost see the eggs gliding inside.

This whole scene was so surreal, that for a moment Kate wondered if she was still on her bed having a nightmare… or a wet dream.

The entire process lasted a few more minutes and when it was done, Reilly collapsed exhausted to the floor. She was breathing heavily and she seemed to be undamaged, not considering her bulging abdomen. The little awareness that Reilly had left was unavoidably slipping away.

Her belly is so bloated. She must by crammed with eggs. I need to find a way to take them out.

Kate was so distracted by this strange alien debauchery, that she moved her head noticeably while looking at Reilly’s crotch, disregarding her own safety. She was expecting to see a couple of eggs popping out while the huge phallus detached from her pussy.

Reilly recovered quickly from the brutal ravaging, then moved to the side of the room, assuming the same position as Marjorie, resting on her knees with her arms hinging limply by her sides and her eyes staring forward into nothing.

So far, Kate’s plan of pretending that she was already enslaved was working well. Taking slow steps, she began walking towards Reilly and Marjorie. She wanted to kneel beside them. This way she could wait for any distraction of the big monster to grab her enthralled friend and run out of this place.

She couldn’t see the brain-reaper any more. The last time she saw it with the corner of her eye, it was moving towards the door. With any luck, it was gone by now.

I am almost there. A couple more steps and I’ll kneel. Then it is just a matter of waiting for the right time.

Just before Kate went down to her knees, the big monster took two steps forward and made the low tone noise again. Kate’s heart jolted while her entire body vibrated along with the floor and the walls of the infirmary. Reilly and Marjorie moaned simultaneously.

Kate remembered that when this happened, both nurses had stepped closer to the monster and offered her bodies. The woman’s heart trembled in fear. This creature was demanding to fuck her!

No!! The monster thinks it is my turn!!

To make things worse, Kate was almost certain that she saw something moving on her left side. The brain-reaper was still in the room! She had to decide what to do and she had to do it fast!

All her options were terrible. She could run, but her chances of escaping were very low, considering that the small monster was going to spray her with its venom, and she also would be leaving Reilly behind. But if she stayed, she would be letting this huge monster fuck her with its enormous cock.

As soon as she thought about this, Kate realized something very upsetting. Her pussy was wet!

What the hell is wrong with me?! I’m getting wet!

Kate blamed her arousal on the fact that she had seen Reilly, a girl she wanted as her girlfriend, reach three orgasm in the last few hours. But she wasn’t so sure that this was the only reason for her unwanted excitement. In any case, the confused woman went down to her knees, mimicking Reilly’s stiff motions.

While the creature walked closer to her, Kate tilted her body backwards and stared at the incredibly large phallus squirming in front of her. That big cock was going to penetrate her pussy right now! It was going to kill her! She had to run away!

It is so big! I won’t be able to take it in!

The monster didn’t waste any time and plunged the tip of its cock into the female host as soon as she was at reach. Kate wasn’t going anywhere.

Knowing that the brain-reaper was still around, Kate did the impossible not to scream out loud and managed to let out only a subdued grunt. Having that massive phallus brutally stretching her pussy lips was not as bad as Kate thought. The skin of the creature’s cock was very well lubricated and it glided inside of her body almost effortlessly. The astounded woman felt pain only for a brief moment, but as soon as the whole girth of the appendage entered her tight hole, she realized how good it felt. And even more so when it went deeper inside of her body.

Kate hated herself for feeling this way. She should be disgusted by allowing this creature to fuck her and yet her pussy was twitching around the large phallus. Suddenly the flexible appendage started wiggling inside of her, forming bumps on he abdomen the same way it did with Reilly, and all these thoughts of self loathing vanished instantly.

At this moment, Kate understood why Reilly had climaxed so many times.

Not even five minutes later, Kate’s eyes rolled back as she reached the most powerful orgasm that she had ever experienced. While this happened, the creature shoved its cock further inside, penetrating into her womb.

Kate couldn’t understand what was happening within her body but the mind-bending pleasure and pain mixing in her mind were more than she could bare. Kate began to lose consciousness.

She regained her senses feeling dizzy and not sure of what had happened after her climax. Kate was still on her knees but her body was bending backwards in such a way that the back of her head was resting on the floor. It took her a couple of seconds to realize that the huge cock was still inside of her, squirming and pulsating.

With a clearer mind, Kate couldn’t believe that she had reached an orgasm while being ravaged by this horrible monster. She felt confused and ashamed.

I can’t believe I climaxed...

She moved a hand to her belly, ignoring the fact that a brain-reaper was right there beside her, and confirmed that the monster was shoving eggs into her womb.

Kate’s plan of pretending that she was mind-controlled was definitely going too far, but at this point it was better to continue the curse of action. Her only concern should be rescuing Reilly from the parasite that now lived in her brain.

I’ll figure out a way the pull the eggs out when I have a chance. Both from my body and Reilly’s.

Kate waited patiently while the monster pushed several eggs inside of her. The sensation was rather pleasant, even though Kate tried to ignore it. Suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, the creature stepped back and forcefully retrieve its phallus from the woman’s pussy.

The sensation of such a massive cock harshly rubbing her inner walls caught Kate by surprise and her body reacted in an even more shocking way… she climaxed again!

Even while she shivered in unwanted bliss, Kate was thinking about her next step. She was still faking being entranced, so she should do what Reilly and Marjorie did before her.

Kate did her best to control her body and crawled next to her friend. The she knelt facing forward with her arms hanging limply by her sides. She felt a chill running down her spine when she saw the brain-reaper getting closer to her again. Maybe her act had been discovered! Maybe she enjoyed the ravaging too much and the critter noticed! Kate didn’t move a muscle. She stared at the front wall, unblinking, while her heart was beating wildly inside of her chest. Then the brain-reaper started moving and Kate followed it with her eyes as it walked away.

Shit! That was close.

* * *

After the incredible sexual ordeal, now it was just a matter of waiting. And luckily not for long. Aisha, the enthralled pilot that Kate had seen in the hallway, walked through the door. She had discarded all her clothes, following the brain-reaper’s commands, and was searching for one of the larger creatures.

It’s Aisha! I guess the brain-reaper is bringing her to get fuck by the big one.

The large monster detected the arriving woman’s presence and made the loud noise that Kate now recognized as a mating call. All the entranced girls moaned simultaneously and Kate did it too an instant later just to keep appearances. Although she couldn’t deny that the vibrations felt good all over her body, particularly between her legs.

Aisha went straight to the monster and knelt in front of it. The large creature devoted its complete attention to the newcomer while its massive cock emerged from its lower body. This was the opportunity that Kate had been waiting for.

Kate looked around to make sure that there were no brain-reaper’s creeping inside the infirmary and then stood up. She grabbed Reilly’s arm and urged her to stand up too. There were so many things that Kate didn’t know about this monsters and a lot could go wrong, but this was the best chance they were going to get and they had to take the risk.

“Come on, Reilly. We have to leave now. Stand up!”

Kate discovered with amazement that Reilly was offering absolutely no resistance. She walked when Kate told her to walk and stopped when instructed to do so. With a bit of luck, they might make it to the hangars and reach Kate’s ship.

* * *

Kate walked slowly with Reilly by her side. They both were looking straight ahead and barely blinking. Kate was faking her entrancement; Reilly wasn’t.

Every time that Kate saw a brain-reaper walking close to them, Kate moved to the side of the hallway, pulling Reilly with her, and stood like a statue. This technique was working well because the dangerous creatures just walked by without paying too much attention to them.

On two occasions the brain-reaper stopped in front of them and stayed there for a moment. Kate could almost see the venom flying through the air and landing on her face, but that didn’t happen. There were so close to the hangar now.

* * *

They did it! The girls successfully reached Kate’s transport and after a few minutes the ship was in the air. Kate tried to contact the other stations but receive no response. Apparently the brain-reaper’s attack had been coordinated throughout the entire planetoid!

Kate had an idea about what to do next but it could be as dangerous as going back to the base. When the human federation arrived to this small planet several months ago, they found a small group of other intelligent beings, the dakarians, who were doing research. Both species came to an agreement that the humans could do their exploration and mining activities on the western hemisphere and the dakarians would remain on the east. Nobody was allowed to invade the other’s side.

The communication between humans and dakarians had been scarce after the first encounter, but the few times that it happened, it had been cordial. The dakarians were evidently non aggressive.

Nobody really knew what they were doing on their side of the planetoid, but at this moment Kate’s only option was to asked them for help, hoping that there were not under attack as well.

“Please, I need your help. All our stations had been compromised. My friend is sick!”

“Permission granted. Proceed to landing port 3,” a voice responded.

* * *

After Kate landed, they were greeted by a tall humanoid with green skin and dog-like legs.

Kate had seen images of the dakarians but this was the first time she was seeing one in person. There was nothing scary about them except for their heads, which was odd and ugly.

“I identify myself as Yaub, what is you ID?” the creature asked.

“You mean my name? I am Kate, and she is Reilly.”

“We have detected several ships invading the facilities of your people,” Yaub said, “They tried to land here too but we destroyed them.”

“I can’t contact anybody. Can you help us? Can you help my friend? She has been infected by a brain-reaper!”

“I don’t know if we can help your friend. I’ll have to do some tests first.”


Both women were led to some sort of laboratory. Kate did her best to hide her fear. It was very clear that both Reilly and her were at the complete mercy of these humanoids. There was indeed a peace agreement but at this moment the humans had no way to enforce it.

The dakarian guided Reilly to a stone slab and made her lie down. Kate followed them close behind wondering what kind of test this humanoid was planning to do. Then she saw the dakarian holding something that writhed on his hands and she gasped. It was a giant, purple slug!

“What is that?!” Kate asked, ready to intervene.

“First we will have to remove the eggs you both are carrying,” Yaub said.

The dakarian placed the wiggling creature on the slab and it quickly started moving between Reilly’s legs. The entranced woman lifted her torso and saw it getting closer but she didn’t reacted in any way, not even when it touched her sensitive pussy lips.

“God! That thing is going to penetrate her pussy?!”

Kate didn’t know what to do. The slug was almost a meter long, as thick as her arm, and it was about to enter Reilly’s body! She had to believe that the dakarian really wanted to help so she restrained herself. She just stood there and watched.

Reilly opened her eyes wide when she felt the slug spreading her pussy lips apart and penetrating into her vaginal cavity. There was something about this ‘cock’ that wasn’t quite right but the alien impulses controlling her mind were telling her to stay put.

When half the slug had squirmed in Reilly’s body, Kate got truly worried. Maybe the creature didn’t need to go all the way in.

“Okay, that’s deep enough. Can this thing pull the eggs out without going further in?” Kate asked.

The dakarian didn’t answered and did nothing to stop the slug. Kate was freaking out when she saw the entire creature disappear within Reilly’s body, making her belly bulged obscenely. Reilly moaned loudly and placed a hand of her abdomen as she felt more the slug desperately twisting inside of her womb.

“Oh God! The slug is completely inside of her! It is too much!” Kate yelled.

“Don’t worry. She will be fine,” Yaub responded with a soothing voice.

The slug could smell the eggs and was indeed twisting urgently within Reilly’s womb, trying to eat them all. It found the first one and sucked it in whole.

Reilly was going insane with pleasure while the flexible creature squirmed and churned frenetically. The enthralled woman didn’t know why they had shoved a slug-like creature inside of her, but she was loving it. She moaned with increasing frequency as she approached her threshold of ecstasy.

A moment later, Reilly’s orgasm exploded at the center of her core! She shivered with spasmodic convulsions while her eyes rolled back and her limbs shuddered out of control.

The dakarian observed the scene in silence, hiding his amazement. He had never seen a subject reach climax so fast while being stimulated by a thovian slug.

At first, Kate got scared. Then she acknowledged that Reilly had reached climax and her own pussy twitched slightly. Kate watched with incredulity as her beloved friend jolted in orgasmic bliss. The last segment of the slug had completely disappeared into Reilly’s body and there was no doubt that the creature was causing havoc inside the woman’s womb just by looking at the violent motions of her belly.

The creature is moving inside of her so violently.

Kate was even more amazed when the head of the slug emerged from Reilly’s pussy. The creature was a lot thicker than before and it stretched the woman’s cavity almost as if she was giving birth to a child. It squirmed out slowly and with great difficulty.

“God! The slug is so fat! It is carrying the eggs out of her, right?”

“Yes. The eggs are now inside of the slug,” Yaub responded.

Reilly’s orgasm lasted all the time it took for the slug to squeeze out of her. When it was over, the exhausted woman laid flat on the slab breathing heavily with her eyes half opened.

“We will hatch the eggs in a controlled environment,” the dakarian said.

“Hatch them?! You have to destroy them! They are dangerous!” Kate exclaimed.

“This facility was created for biological research. We will embrace the opportunity to test the ‘brain-reapers’, as you call them.”

Kate couldn’t take her eyes off the wiggling slug and its over-sized girth. She imagined all the eggs crammed inside, hopefully being crushed to dead.

The dakarian grabbed the slug and walked past Kate to meet another humanoid that was entering the room. To Kate, Yaub and the other humanoid looked exactly the same. The arriving dakarian was carrying a new slug which he gave to his colleague, then grabbed the other one filled with eggs.

Even thought she didn’t want to think about it, Kate knew that his new slug was for her. There were a bunch of eggs inside of her own belly and they needed to be extracted. She definitely didn’t want to do it, but it would be a lot worse having one brain-reaper hatching inside of her, let alone many of them.

Crap! I’ll have to take that huge thing inside of me!

Reilly was still recovering on the stone slab so the dakarian put the slug on the ground in front of Kate. The hesitant woman went down to her knees with her heart beating fast from nervousness. Kate tried to ignore the fact that she was wet again and the blood running wild on her veins was accentuating the subtle tingling in her pussy.

“It is your turn, Kat.”

“Kate. My name is Kate. And I don’t think I can do this...”

“You must,” Kaub said, never losing his soothing tone of voice.

The slug detected the female’s scent and the eggs inside of her. It lifted its head from the ground, trying to reach the enticing objective.

Fighting against her fear, Kate lowered her hips while the slug lifted its body even higher. They met in the middle and when the creature touched her pussy lips, Kate felt a jolt of pleasure that made her moan out loud. She felt embarrassed immediately after, but when the creature penetrated her a few centimeters inside of her, Kate had to admit to herself that despite the weirdness of the situation, she was enjoying the cold slug slipping into her sensitive cavity.

“It is so big! There most be another way to pull the eggs out of… ugghh! It is inside of me!”

One minute later, half of the giant slug had squirmed into Kate’s body and the bewildered woman could feel her belly bloating to accommodate it. Kate opened her eyes wide as her mind was assaulted by a myriad of sensations that included confusion, disbelief, dumbfounding pleasure and a hint of pain.

“Describe your feelings, Kate,” Yaub said.

This was a learning opportunity for the dakarian and he asked Kate to contribute. Unfortunately, Kate was too overwhelmed to acknowledge the question and her only response was a loud moan.

As expected, Kate’s belly was capable of hosting the entire slug and the creature spent the next fifteen minutes squirming inside of the astonished woman, swallowing the brain-reaper eggs. Kate was struggling to make sense of what was currently happening inside of her body, but one thing was certain in her mind… an imminent climax was inevitable.

And it was absolutely true. When Kate’s orgasm ignited within her loins, she started shivering violently and fell backwards into the floor. It was a fantastic sight for the dakarian, who observed Kate’s belly swelling and bulging with the creature trashing inside, and the rest of her body convulsing out of control.

He came to the conclusion that Kate, whose mind was unaltered by the brain-reapers, enjoyed having sex not only with males of her own species but with any phallic creature or appendage that penetrated her body. This was very interesting and he wondered if this characteristic could by applied to all human females. As he thought about this, the dakarian noticed the head of the slug emerging from Kate’s vaginal cavity.

A moment later, Kate was lying slack on the floor while the last segment of the slug vacated her body. She was still jolting sporadically as her orgasm refused to fade away.

“You and Reli no longer have brain-reaper eggs in your wombs. Now I have to make more experiments to fix Reli’s brain,” Yaub said.

“Her name...ughh… is… Reilly,” Kate whispered.

* * *

Kate woke abruptly from her orgasmic reverie when she saw the other dakarian coming back into the room accompanied by a different monster. And it wasn’t another slug! The creature was similar to a giant ant but it supported its body on the legs and was as tall as a man.

“What the hell is that?!” Kate exclaimed.

The dakarian explained the purpose of this experiment. He wanted to know if Reilly’s brain-reaper was forcing her to mate with any creature with a discernible phallus or just a specific species, which would mean that the parasite had a more comprehensive control of her mind.

Kate stopped listening to the alien’s explanation when she noticed the large cock dangling between the monster’s legs.

Reilly stared at the monster with an expressionless face, then whisper a single word… ‘mate’.

When the monster got closer, Kate watched astonished at Reilly going down to her knees and grabbing the monster’s cock as if was completely normal. Kate stood up and stepped back, scared by the large tusks that the creature was waving around as a formidable weapon, even though the monster stopped moving all together when it felt Reilly’s hand touching its phallus.

The dakarian was pleased by Reilly’s reaction. The woman couldn’t make a distinction between one monster or another, which meant that her enthralled mind was responding instinctively, not consciously, to her overstimulated sexual drive.

“Reilly wants to mate with the egwa. This is good news,” Yaub said.

“Is it safe? This monster seems very dangerous.”

“This egwa has been domesticated. It is accustomed to humanoids like you and me.”

The egwa’s cock grew even bigger between Reilly’s hands. The alluring aroma of the cock filled the woman’s nostrils and she couldn’t resist the temptation of licking it. When she did, her pussy twitched hard. She needed that cock inside of her.

Kate watched with apprehension as her friend turned around and offered her behind to the creature. She couldn’t understand why Reilly was doing this. Back in the station it had been obvious that the brain-reaper had forced Reilly to fuck the large monster when it called with the low tone sound. But now there was none of that and still she wanted to fuck this completely different monster. This didn’t make any sense.

Then Kate remembered some of the explanation that Yaub gave. If Reilly was allowing this monster to fuck her, it meant that the brain-reaper was only controlling her most basic instincts. She couldn’t distinguish one monster from the other.

“Did Reilly mate with monsters frequently before the attack?” Yaub asked.

“What?!! Of course not!” Kate responded, almost offended by the question, “She was… she is a very sweet, normal girl.”

“It is interesting to know that your kind disapproves inter-species coupling,” Yaub said with his usual calmed demeanor. Then he added, “The part of her brain that makes conscious decisions is there but it has been suppressed by the brain-reaper. There is a good chance that Reilly’s old personalty is intact, hidden in the farthest corner of her own brain, waiting to be rescued.”

Kate’s eyes lighted up with a hint of hope. Suddenly, she was happy the Reilly wanted to be ravaged by this ugly creature.

Once the egwa had its cock in position, it stepped forward. However, due to the angle of the phallus, it entered Reilly’s ass.

The woman felt both pain and pleasure. Again she sensed that something was wrong, but her overpowered mind couldn’t process what it was. The only thing that really mattered was to mate, so she stayed put, allowing the penetration.

The monster felt the warmth of Reilly’s tight cavity and shoved its cock deeper with ravenous excitement. The entranced woman moaned loudly from the intense sensation. Her blurred conscious mind couldn’t acknowledge that this was the first time she had a cock in her ass… It felt wonderful!

Kate saw that the monster was fucking Reilly in the wrong hole. Upon hearing her loud moans, Kate went down to her knees trying to comfort her friend but she was too scared of the monster to get close enough.

God! It is shoving its huge cock in her ass!

Kate didn’t have to imagine how much of that large cock was being shoved into her friend with each powerful blow. She could clearly see Reilly’s abdomen bulging out every time the phallus pierced forward.

“This is incredible!” Kate said out loud.

Fifteen minutes went by and the egwa was still going strong. Reilly’s frail body swayed back and forth while the huge cock pounded her ass mercilessly. She could barely catch her breath under such a compelling and rough ravaging.

Kate was getting worried. She considered that the dakarian had enough information about Reilly’s sexual behavior and it wasn’t necessary to let this savage monster fuck her defenseless friend any longer,

“Why don’t you stop this brutal ravaging? Obviously she is willingly fucking this monster.”

But the humanoid’s response was unwavering and scary, “It is dangerous to interrupt the egwa’s mating session. It doesn’t matter how domesticated it is.”

In any case, it was evident that Reilly didn’t want this mating session to end. That massive cock pumping in and out of her ass was reaching extremely deep and it felt fantastic. She wished she could have this monster inside of her forever.

But this was an impossible dream because the tightness of her anal cavity was so pleasing that the egwa inevitably reached its peak. The first gush of cum was exceedingly abundant and it filled Reilly’s anal cavity within seconds. Kate gasped when she saw some of the white fluid pouring from her friend’s ass.

“The monster is cumming inside of her!” Kate exclaimed.

The first ejaculation was followed by another one, equally abundant. And another one after that. In less than a minute, Reilly’s belly was noticeably growing to accommodate so much cum.

However, Reilly was unaware of any of this because her own orgasm exploded at the same instant that she felt the hot fluid filling her loins and the little awareness that she had left was reduce to nothing but blinding bliss.

Nor she realized when the monster’s sperm filled her belly completely and it escaped following the path of less resistance. Kate screamed with astonishment when she saw white cum erupting from Reilly’s mouth.

“It is coming out of her mouth!”

* * *

Having emptied its sperm reserves, the egwa stepped back retrieving its big cock from Reilly’s ass and leaving behind a gaping hole that allowed the rest of the sperm to squirt out onto the floor.

Kate watched with disbelief as the white, thick fluid escaped from both ends of her beloved friend. She was too engrossed with the incredible spectacle to realize that her own pussy was dripping wet.

Meanwhile, Reilly was riding her wonderful orgasm while gobs of cum gushed from her mouth and from her ass. If her mind could understand what was happening to her at this very moment, she would be unconscious from the shock and sensory overload.

The egwa moved further back and looked at down at its recent mate. The creature considered that the coupling had been successful since the amount of cum inside of the female’s womb was adequate for impregnation.

With the monster moving away, Kate was finally able to approach Reilly. The overwhelmed woman was now flat on the ground, breathing heavily and still jolting sporadically while her orgasm slowly faded. Some of the sperm was still leaking from Reilly’s mouth.

“Are you okay, honey?”

More calmed now, Kate finally acknowledged the wetness between her legs. She felt angry at herself for reacting this way... but Reilly’s ravaging had been so impressive and exciting.

After waiting patiently for the ravaging to end, Yaub turned his attention to a weird contraption at the far end of the lab. It had a flat upper surface, at the right height for a humanoid to sit on. He spoke a couple of words in his native alien language and a moment later one greenish tentacle emerged from the center of the seat.

Kate also looked at the device and jumped to her feet when she saw the squirming appendage protruding high in the air. It was as thick as her forearm and it moved slowly, as if sensing its surroundings.

Unaware of what was going on behind her, Reilly started to get up. The monster that just fucked her was not around anymore and it made her sad. She was still horny and she wanted to mate again.

“A tentacle? What are you going to do with it?” Kate asked.

“This tentacle will eliminate the parasite that is controlling Reilly’s nervous system,” Yaub said, “Bring her here.”

“This appendage is going to cure her? How?!” Kate asked, but considering the shape and length of the appendage, she already had a pretty good idea.

Yaub provided a brief explanation about how the device worked. The tentacle was an organic tool capable of reaching every crevice in Reilly’s body. Once her DNA gets tagged, the tentacle would divide into thousands of smaller tendrils programmed with the task of destroying alien cells, even inside of her brain.

“Will it hurt her?” Kate asked worriedly.

“At this moment, Reilly’s brain is not capable of feeling pain. All she can feel is pleasure and she would do anything to get it. This is why she didn’t hesitate to fuck the egwa. Her conscious mind is still there, but it is overwhelmed by desire.”

Reilly was now standing beside the device and the tentacle had detected its presence. It bent between her legs, then bent again, aiming upwards at her pussy. Reilly hadn’t seen it yet and she thought that the humanoid was her next sex partner. She was ready.

How can she still be horny after that brutal ravaging? Kate wondered.

Reilly gasped loudly when she felt the fat appendage roughly spreading her pussy lips and entering her tight cavity. Evidently she was not being fucked by the humanoid but she didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was that she had a big cock inside of her.

Kate heard the squishy sound of the tentacle penetrating her friend’s wet pussy and then Reilly’s moan of pleasure. She had to admit that she also felt aroused watching this new, strange ravaging.

“The tentacles will divide and reach every crevice of her body,” Yaub said.

“Tentacles? There is more than one?” Kate asked.

“Yes. A second tentacle will penetrated her anal cavity. The process will go faster if her body is probed in different ways simultaneously.”

Kate’s pussy twitched when she saw the other appendage emerging from the seat and waving upwards, getting closer the Reilly’s ass. She was going to get fucked in both holes at the same time!

Reilly could the feel the hard tentacle squirming violently in her pussy, caressing every centimeter of her sensitive inner walls. Then she felt it going deeper, piercing into her womb, and screamed in absolute bliss.

A moment later, the second tentacle penetrated her ass and Reilly screamed even louder. The sensation was so overwhelming that she almost lost her balance and fell to the ground. Yaub grabbed her arm to keep her from falling and urged her to sit on the device.

“Sit down, Reilly.”

Kate could see the length of the tentacles, projecting from the surface of the seat all the way to Reilly’s trembling body. If Reilly was going to sit on the device, these huge appendages were going to be inside of her friend!

“Wait!” Kate exclaimed, “If she sits, these tentacles are going to penetrate her too deeply. She is going to get hurt!”

“The tentacles will adapt and her body will do the same. She will feel incredible pleasure.”

Yaub knew that the process was going to be too intense to endure it standing up. He pulled Reilly’s arm harder and forced her down.

“Are you sure she is going to be fine? It is too much! Those long tentacles are completely inside of her!” Kate asked.

“This is the only way. The tentacles will spread throughout her entire body and eliminate the parasite that is invading her brain.”

“I can’t tell is she is moaning from pain or… pleasure,” Kate insisted.

“Like I said before, she is feeling nothing but pleasure. The parasite is making sure of it.”

Kate knelt beside Reilly and looked at the two fat tentacles that fucked both her holes, preventing her but-cheeks to touch the seat, even though she was no longer using her legs to support herself.

Then she looked at her friend’s face and it was evident that Reilly was feeling no pain. The girl’s facial expression showed pure, unrestrained bliss. Reilly’s subjugated consciousness was desperately trying to fight the invader in her brain, but any time that she could form a coherent thought, a burst of pleasure pushed it back down and turned it into a sultry moan.

Kate gasped when she saw Reilly’s belly bulging at different places simultaneously and she imagined the slippery tentacles squirming within her womb, dividing and subdividing like Yaub said.

“Wow! I can see the tentacles moving so deep inside of her. How long will it take until she is cured?”

“It will take many hours, maybe even days. In exchange for fixing your friend, I will ask you to do a couple of things for me,” Yaub said.

Yaub moved closer to the slab and looked at Kate’s slim figure. The ravaging session between Reilly and the egwa had been alluring and it had ignited a fire in his loins that needed to be addressed.

“We will let the tentacles do their work. Come here Kate,” Yaub demanded.

Kate turned her head and looked at Yaub’s face, then her eyes were drowned inevitably down to his large, erect cock. She gasped while her heart jolted within her chest. Yaub wanted to fuck her!

“What… what do you want me to do?”

Kate knew that she couldn’t refuse his request, and she wasn’t sure that she wanted to. Her recent experience with the slug had been mind-blowing and she had enjoyed one of the strongest orgasms of her life. However, she still needed more and she couldn’t understand why. Maybe the spectacle of Reilly mating viciously with the monster had excited her more than she thought.

Yaub wasn’t exactly a monster, nonetheless. Except for his ugly head and the lower part of his legs, he looked very much like a human. Apparently he was also very smart. And his cock also looked like a human’s too, not considering that it was green.

“Please be gentle. Your cock is so big,” Kate pleaded.

“You can take it,” Yaub responded coldly.

Kate walked beside the stone table and leaned back when Yaub got closer. This was going to be the second monster fucking her in the last few hours and she was both scared and aroused. Not in million years she’d have thought that the expectancy of being fucked by an alien would make her pussy twitch with anticipation.

Yaub grabbed Kate by the waist, lifted her off the ground and then forcefully pulled her body down onto his cock. The woman’s pussy was widely stretched but it was so well lubricated that the large phallus penetrated effortlessly all the way to the bottom.

“Your reproductive organ is tighter and warmer than expected. It is very pleasing to be inside of you,” Yaub said.

Kate heard Yaub’s words but she was not able to respond. Unlike the slug, which entered her slowly, the humanoid shoved his entire cock with a single, forceful stroke. Kate grunted with astonishment, then moaned loudly.

After a few minutes, Kate’s vaginal cavity adjusted to the size of Yaub’s cock and the odd couple started getting into rhythm. Kate threw her head back and stared at the ceiling wondering why she was enjoying this so much. As a bisexual woman, she had plenty of experience with men and woman alike, but couldn’t recall feeling so much pleasure so quickly.

“I see you are greatly enjoying this. You should consider having interspecies sex more often,” Yaub suggested.

The humanoid placed Kate on her back over the solid slab, then lifted her hips at the right angle and resumed pounding her pussy as hard as he could. Kate closed her eyes and let the humanoid handle her at will. She could feel how powerful he was and being at his mercy made the sexual experience even more arousing. The bewildered woman was learning things about herself that were surprising and exciting.

Kate lost track of time but she knew that her orgasm was getting closer. She could feel Yaub’s cock smashing the bottom of her cavity with every blow, making her body sway back and forth like a rag-doll. He was holding her thighs firmly, making sure she stayed in place while he pumped her with the force of a wild beast.

“I will fuck you faster.”

“Yes… faster...” Kate whispered out of breath.

Yaub was truly enjoying Kate’s warm, adaptable body. The arrival of this human female to his station had been a stroke of luck. He was acquiring valuable information, which was his primary goal, yet he was having a gratifying experience at the same time.

* * *

A couple of meters away, Reilly was sitting on the tentacles with her arms hanging limply by her sides. Her eyes were rolled back as an incredible pleasure assailed her senses. Not even the interaction with the slug or the ravaging by the egwa had felt his good.

At this moment, her conscious self was utterly dominated by pleasure and nothing mattered more than the tendrils that crawled and squirmed throughout her entire body. And they were indeed going everywhere inside of her. Reilly gargled instinctively when she felt something creeping upwards inside of her throat.

Her glossy lips slowly spread apart and a greenish shadow became visible at the back of her throat. A slim tentacle was filling her mouth from within!

The woman’s already mind-blowing pleasure intensified even more when the small tentacle emerged between her lips and waved in the air. After a brief moment, a second tentacle protruded beside the first one.

Reilly reached climax one more time. Her upper body barely moved but her muted moans turned into grunts and then into moans again. Her pussy and ass twitched over and over around the appendages that stretched her to the limit.

A third tentacle reached the roof of her mouth and sent smaller tendrils higher up into her skull. It was only at this moment that the brain-reaper detected the danger and counter attacked by overloading Reilly’s nervous system.

Unfortunately for the parasite, this didn’t make much of a difference because Reilly was already stimulated to the limit. Her mind had completely shut down except for the basic functions of survival and the unyielding craving for bliss.

* * *

On top of the slab, Kate wrapped her legs around Yaub’s body while she reached the verge of climax. The large cock pounded her body increasingly faster until she could barely breathe... Kate felt as if the world stood still for a second while her body tensed and her fingers curled. Then, like the explosion of a super nova, her orgasm ignited at the center of her core.

The woman’s eyes rolled back while her tongue extended out of her mouth and her body shuddered uncontrollably under Yaub’s tight grip. She was experiencing her strongest orgasm so far, even though she couldn’t believe it was possible.

Kate couldn’t tell for how long she jolted in orgasmic spasms but when it was over, she felt weak and pleasantly satisfied. In fact, she even wondered how she was still conscious.

“That was awesome…” she whispered.

“You reached climax very fast,” Yaub said, “turn around and lay on your stomach, Kate. I will fuck your anal cavity.”

When Kate heard Yaub’s request, her pussy twitched hard. Apparently her body didn’t agree with her mind than she had had enough. In any case, Kate acknowledged that she had to comply to his wishes no matter what… her pussy twitched again.

Kate looked at Reilly while she changed positions and her heart almost jumped out of her chest when she saw the small tentacles protruding out of Reilly’s mouth, squirming aimlessly in the air. She wanted to go over and do something about it.

“God! Tentacles are coming out of her mouth!” she exclaimed with astonishment.

“That is normal. Turn around and take my cock.”

Before she knew it, Kate was bending over and offering her ass to her alien lover. At this moment, her urgency to get ravaged was stronger than her need to help Reilly. In any case, Yaub said that it was normal and certainly knew what he was doing.

Kate had to believe this because when she felt the tip of Yaub’s cock touching her anus, her pussy twitched so hard that it gushed to the ground. She wasn’t going anywhere before taking that big cock all the way in.

“Get ready. My cock is going in.”

“Do it! I want you inside of me.”

The penetration was both painful and pleasurable, but Kate was so excited that she urged him to go deeper.

“Your anal cavity is even tighter than your pussy. Your body is incredible, Kate.” Yaub said, then he added excitedly, “your ass is compressing my cock!”

Yaub felt Kate’s ass clenching his cock so hard that he even stopped moving for a moment to enjoy the sensation. But only for a brief moment, because he soon started pumping the woman’s ass with the same stamina that he used to pump her pussy. Kate screamed in bliss with every stroke and quickly felt a new orgasm building within her loins.

Yaub wanted to prolong this exciting sex session for as long as possible, but Kate’s cavity was too stimulating and after only ten minutes, he reached climax. The green humanoid arched his back and stabbed his cock a few centimeters deeper before discharging a huge load of cum.

Kate heard him roaring, then felt his cock pulsating in her ass, followed by a warmth that bathed her insides. That was all she needed to explode in bliss one more time. This was her third orgasm in less than an hour! If it felt this good for her, she could only imagine how Reilly must be feeling with that parasite in her brain augmenting every sensation.

It had been a while since Yaub ejaculated inside of a female and Kate’s body turned out to be the perfect vessel for his release. He started getting ideas about the future of this woman. In any case, he could deal with this later. The priority today was his research.

Kate’s eyes rolled-back while her body bucked wildly on the slab. She could clearly feel Yaub’s hot cum bursting into her loins every time his cock pulsated. It was a lot and the astounded woman felt fuller every passing second. Kate remembered the image of Reilly shivering in bliss while a fountain of sperm poured out of her mouth and she wondered if the same fate awaited her. She secretly wanted it and end up a little disappointed when this didn’t happen.

After he was done, Yaub stepped back retrieving his large cock from Kate’s ass. The exhausted woman moaned softly and jolted a couple times when she felt the fat phallus vacating her body.

The alien looked with satisfaction as some of his cum squirted out of the distended hole before it regained its normal tight shape.

“You are an incredible sex partner, Kate. Your body is magnificent.”

Kate was lying limply on the table catching her breath. This had been the best sexual experience of her life and it happened with an alien nonetheless. Maybe she needed to reconsider her options about how to spend the rest of her life.

* * *

At the far side of the room, Reilly was still in the same position. Her eyes rolled up into her skull and the tentacles still protruding from her mouth. Despite everything, Reilly was obviously enjoying this otherworldly experience in ways that couldn’t be expressed by words. Kate could clearly see it in her face.

It took Kate a few minutes to recover but when she did, she ran towards Reilly to check on her. It was shocking to see the squirming tendrils up close. Kate noticed one of them subdividing and then merging back together when it realized that there was no more living tissue to explore.

“There are four tentacle coming out of her mouth! Are you sure she is fine?”

“Yes, she is fine. The parasite in her brain is being exterminated as we speak. I’ve come to the conclusion that the “brain reapers” are a bio-weapon.”

“A what?!” Kate asked.

“The brain-reapers were engineered to facilitate invasions. You described another creature that inserts eggs to breed more brain-reapers, but I don’t think that monster is smart enough to create these parasites. There most be somebody else coordinating them. The second thing that I want you to do for me is to help me capture one of these unseen aliens.”

“You want me to help you capture one of these monsters? How can I do that?”

“You need to go back to your base and wait until the leader arrives. Then we will decide how to proceed.”

“Wait! You want me to go back there?! No way!”

When Yaub told her that she needed to go back she almost peed herself, however, she was more afraid that if she refused, the process of curing Reilly could be interrupted. She had no choice.

* * *

A couple of hours later, Kate was back on her base. Yaub used a stealth ship to drop her off and left her alone at the cargo docks. She was still naked. This way she could blend in with her enthralled colleagues.

At least I know how to pretend to be mind-controlled and the brain-reapers will leave me alone.

Kate crossed paths with a couple of girls that were just standing like statues with unfocused eyes. Kate thought it was very strange that the male staff was completely missing. Only women roamed the hallways with blank stares, some of them with bloating bellies.

First she went to the infirmary and found only one woman, who was mating with the egg-laying monster. Kate stepped in moving as slowly as possible. Only her eyes moved, searching the room from one corner to the other, looking for some kind of alien that she hadn’t seen before.

While she was in there, the creature made its characteristic low tone sound and Kate’s entire body trembled. She remembered the fat ovipositor penetrating deep inside of her womb a few hours ago, shoving multiple eggs, and this made her pussy twitch. Kate had to get out of there soon or… she vanished the naughty thought from her mind.

Then Kate walked into the crew quarters and she was surprised to find lots of women in there. Marjorie and Aisha were among them. Aisha had an extremely pregnant belly and Marjorie had a smaller bulge, as if she had just been refilled with new eggs moments ago. Kate suspected that this was the case because there was one of the big, egg-laying monsters beside her.

There is another big monster. How many are there?!

Kate quickly scanned the room but she didn’t find any strange looking aliens either. Maybe the “masters” were no going to show their faces any time soon.

She had a communication device attached to one of her molars and she was whispering her findings to Yaub. Kate decided to stay in this room and wait. It was easier to blend in since there were plenty of women around. The only problem was that apparently she was the only one that didn’t look pregnant.

Kate walked rigidly towards the bunk-beds and stood near a woman that was sitting on the floor. The woman’s belly was huge and she was looking forward with an expressionless face, not noticing Kate’s arrival.

Aisha was kneeling a couple of meters in front of Kate. She was holding her large, pregnant belly with both hands as if she was trying to caress whatever was inside of her.

God! Aisha’s belly is huge!

Suddenly, Aisha moaned softly and her face changed for the first time since Kate saw her. The woman opened her eyes wide and extended her tongue as if experiencing great pleasure.

Kate had to hold back a scream when she noticed Aisha’s pussy lips spreading and allowing passage to a green, round object, as big as a baby’s head.

“Something is coming out of her! Aisha is giving birth!” Kate informed Yaub as quietly as possible.

Aisha was indeed giving birth to a brain-reaper. The green ball saturated with fluid was emerging first, followed by the appendages that served as legs and claws to grab its victims.

Kate, who was crouching a meter away, looked at the dangerous parasite effortlessly sliding out of her colleague’s cavity. Unlike a normal birthing, Aisha was certainly feeling no pain. Her previously expressionless face now showed unrestrained pleasure as the thickest part of the creature stretched her pussy lips to the limit.

The brain-reaper plummeted onto the metallic floor with a loud splat, while streams of transparent fluid dangled from Aisha’s pussy before breaking off to join the slime that accumulated between the woman’s legs.

“The brain-reaper is fully grown and it looks exactly as the others crawling the hallways.”

Aisha maintained her kneeling position, breathing with excitement but still staring forward into nothing. Her arms rested limply by her sides while the next creature prepared to vacate her body.

It took less than a minute for the brain-reaper to adapt to its new environment. It turned until it was standing on its legs and started walking slowly towards the door.

At this moment, Kate realized that she was less than a meter away from this newborn parasite and she was in danger. She instinctively jolted backwards before remembering that she should stay still. Luckily for her, the creature didn’t notice her abrupt reaction and kept moving in the same direction.

“I bet this newly born brain-reaper is hunting for a new victim,” she whispered.

Aisha moaned again and threw her head back as another brain-reaper parted her pussy lips and emerged into the world.

Kate looked at her colleague’s belly getting smaller as she gave birth to the second creature. She could also see motion within her womb, most likely caused by the rest of the parasites getting restless and eager to get out.

Aisha reached a couple of orgasms during the birthing process but she never lost her balance or changed her posture. Her mission was to create more parasites and nothing was more important than that.

Kate decided to sit on the ground, next to the other woman that was fully pregnant, and stay motionless. She counted six brain-reapers coming out of Aisha’s pussy before her belly looked flat again.

One of the brain-reapers crawled closer and examined the woman next to Kate. It decided that she was already enthralled and no action was necessary. It turned to Kate and noticed that she wasn’t moving either. Kate turned her eyes to look at it walking away before she was able to breathe again.

When the last brain-reaper vacated Aisha’s body, the woman fell exhausted to the floor. The conscious part of her mind, hidden in the farthest corner of her brain, was still awake but barely. She knew that she had just contributed to the invasion by giving birth to new parasites and she had climaxed very hard while doing it. She felt ashamed, regardless that it hadn’t been her choice. She was just one more spectator throughout this otherworldly debauchery in which she played the main role.

Kate was still sitting motionless watching everything. She was whispering all the events to Yaub, who was listening carefully to her words. The last newborn brain-reaper was leaving the room and the immediate danger was over…

“The birthing process is over. Aisha is fine but very tired. The last parasite is… wait, I hear something!”

...or so she thought. Kate heard footsteps approaching from the hallway.

Kate did the impossible to disguise her terror when a horrifying humanoid entered the room and walked on her direction. This creature was very difficult to describe, not that Kate could talk at this moment. It looked as if a roach had suddenly turned into a humanoid, with a brown and green exoskeleton that shined below the ceiling lights. Its head was filled with menacing teeth and it had spikes that made it even more hideous.

Oh shit! What the fuck is that?! Please don’t look at me! Don’t get any closer!

The humanoid got closer to Aisha, who was sprawled limply on the floor, and looked down at her with curiosity.

Kate wasn’t moving a muscle. She wasn’t even breathing. The frightened woman was looking straight ahead but she could see the arriving creature pretty well, since it was standing almost in front of her. She wanted to tell Yaub about it but she was too afraid to even whisper a word.

The humanoid knelt beside Aisha and aimed the palm of his hand at her head. Kate heard a hum and that’s when she dared to move her eyes. She could almost see some kind of waves that originated in the creature’s hand and traveled through the air reaching Aisha’s brain.

What is he doing? Is there something coming out of his hand?

Aisha’s eyes immediately rolled back while she moaned and twisted on the ground. Evidently, these unseen power was somehow affecting the parasite that controlled the woman’s body.

With her eyes completely white, Aisha started sitting up with stiff motions, like a marionette being manipulated with invisible strings. While she did that, her nipples bloated making evident her growing arousal.

He is controlling her like a puppet!

It became apparent to Kate that this creature was one of the masters. He was responsible for everything that had happened to Reilly and the rest of her friend’s and colleagues. She had to inform Yaub that his target was here.

When Aisha was on her knees, the monster put down his hand and the humming stopped. The woman’s eyes returned to their normal position, yet unfocused and barely blinking.

Then the creature reached out with his other hand and plugged a finger into her pussy. The girl moaned softly but didn’t flinch at all.

I guess he is checking her body.

Then the humanoid laid back on the floor and using his hand again, he commanded Aisha to stand up and straddle his hips. It was at this moment that Kate noticed the creature’s cock. It was huge! The phallus was fully erect, aiming upwards.

Aisha bent her knees and began lowering her body. She moved stiffly with an expressionless face. It was evident that the parasite within Aisha’s brain was acting as a receiver for the humanoid’s commands and it was translating them into motion signals sent to the woman’s limbs.

The creature was aware that Aisha had just delivered a few brain-reapers and her womb was empty and ready for impregnation. They had never captured human females before but her anatomy seemed suitable for breeding something more important the parasites; she could breed his offspring.

Kate watched with amazement as the big cock penetrated Aisha’s pussy and the woman kept sitting down until the entire phallus was lodged within her athletic body. Aisha’s facial expression changed again to show unbridled pleasure, expressed with a loud moan.

Kate forgot for a moment that she should remained immobile and she recklessly turned her head to have a better view. The startled woman felt an unwelcome tingling in her pussy while she witnessed the large appendage disappearing inside of Aisha’s cavity.

The humanoid started using his hand to control Aisha’s motions again and he forced her to bounce up and down on his cock. Kate could see a bulge forming on her colleague’s upper belly every time she moved down, impaling herself on the huge appendage. It was incredible how deep she was being fucked.

Aisha was now moaning continuously and this provided Kate an opportunity to whisper all the new information to Yaub. She told him about the monster’s arrival and what he was doing. She didn’t told him that she was getting very horny while watching this otherworldly scene in front of her.

“He is here! The master creature is here! Are you listening Yaub? You must come and get me out.”

The creature lifted his other hand and now the controlling signals where hitting Aisha’s brain from both sides. The girl began to move her hips even faster, following an almost inhuman pace. Pretty soon the overwhelmed woman’s motions became chaotic and irregular preceding an inevitable climax. When she came, her arms and legs shuddered completely out of control.

Her subjugated brain was desperately trying to reconcile the master’s commands with her orgasmic spasms, but it was impossible.

“The creature is fucking Aisha and she is cumming so hard,” Kate said, mostly to herself.

Realizing that during the woman’s orgasm it was too difficult to manipulate her motions, the master humanoid decided to grab the female’s hips and move her himself, pulling her up and down onto his cock with his own considerable strength.

“Be careful when you come Yaub, because he is very strong and his cock is huge. He can lift Aisha as if she is weightless while he smashes her onto his lap.”

Yaub was indeed listening carefully to Kate’s words and he was worried that his sexy spy was paying too much attention to the wrong details. He was planning the counter attack and he needed as much information as possible.

Aisha was still recovering from her climax while her dominating lover handled her body like a rag doll. The conscious part of her mind had shutdown a while ago, overwhelmed by the intense pleasure. At this moment she was nothing more than a sex toy used to the limit of her endurance to satisfy her master’s wishes.

After a few more minutes of delirious ravaging, the humanoid roared loudly and discharged an abundant load of cum into Aisha’s womb.

Aisha felt his hot sperm filling her loins and a sense of fulfillment saturated her brain, creating an explosion of endorphins that subsequently ignited a new, powerful orgasm, even stronger than the previous one.

“The humanoid is cumming inside of her and the sperm is overflowing from her pussy. She is climaxing too. I don’t know how she can take so much,” Kate was still whispering a description of the events, mesmerized by the brutal, yet sensual spectacle.

When the creature was done, he released Aisha’s hips and the feeble woman fell backwards between his legs. At this moment no one was controlling her motions or her brain. She rested limply on her back with her eyes closed and most of the humanoid’s cock still embedded in her pussy. Kate confirmed that she was still alive because she was still breathing.

The master was satisfied with the new slave. The first coupling session had been very pleasurable. It was unlikely that the human female would get pregnant so easily but this was just a test of her capabilities. What really mattered was the configuration of her body, which was perfect for mating and eventually she was going to produce many offspring to expand the master’s dominance.

Kate daringly moved her eyes to look at his smeared cock and realized with shame that her pussy was wet. She didn’t report this to Yaub.

The humanoid discarded Aisha like an old toy and the unconscious woman rolled to her side, out of his way.

At that precise moment, the pregnant woman that sat beside Kate woke from her slumber and lifted her body to kneel like Aisha did when she was giving birth. This was the worst possible time because the master turned his head to look at her, then at Kate. He quickly noticed that Kate appeared to be enthralled like all the other women but she wasn’t pregnant. This wasn’t right.

Kate had her eyes wide open while staring straight ahead. She wasn’t moving a muscle. She knew that he was looking at her and her heart was almost beating out of her chest from utter fear. She did her best to conceal it.

No! He is looking at me!

The monster assumed that Kate had just given birth to a fresh batch of brain-reapers, but she should be looking for a mate to replenish her with new eggs. He decided to fuck her too, taking advantage that her womb was vacant. The creature aimed the palm of his hand at Kate’s head and the humming began.

Oh God!! He is aiming his hand at me!

Kate could almost feel the energy emanating from his hand, piercing into her brain and tickling her pussy, but she wasn’t sure if it was real or it was just her own mind creating an improper autosuggestion.

Having witnessed what had happened to Aisha, it was easy to assume that the creature wanted to check her pussy, the same way he did before. She shifted her position and knelt like her colleague had done.

But instead of doing that, the monster moved back half a meter while his cock grew to full erection. He already knew that human females were compatible and it wasn’t necessary to inspect her. Kate got confused for a second but then she saw his erect phallus waiting for her and she understood that the creature wanted to fuck her doggy style.

I think he wants to fuck me from behind.

Beside them, the first brain-reaper was vacating the pregnant woman’s body and was falling to the floor with a loud splat. Neither Kate or the monster cared about this.

The creature noticed that Kate moved a little different than Aisha. She was more graceful and sensual.

Kate was expecting Yaub to rush thought the door at any moment and rescue her from being ravaged yet again. But in the meantime, she had to pretend that she was mind-controlled. She had to pretend that she was agreeing to be brutally abused by this humanoid and his huge cock… Kate wanted to think that this was the reason why her pussy was dripping wet and twitching with anticipation.

The anxious woman gasped when the large phallus stretched her pussy lips and penetrated deeply into her body.

The creature immediately started moving his hips back and forth with amazing speed. This female’s pussy was tighter than the previous one and the way it clenched his hard cock felt even better.

Kate jolted with every forceful thrust while she moaned with unwanted pleasure. She thought that maybe she was moaning too loud, considering that she was simulating being ‘enthralled’, but the ravaging was so brutal that Kate couldn’t avoid it. The monster’s phallus was so big and it felt so good.

This was another signal that didn’t go unnoticed by the master creature. This female was behaving oddly, compared to the others. In any case, he was stronger than her and she was obviously not concealing any weapons. She didn’t pose an immediate threat.

The creature decided to continue the pleasing ravaging until the human’s womb was bursting with his seed.

One meter away, the other woman was almost done giving birth to the brain-reapers as the last one was gliding out of her stretched pussy lips. Her belly was flat again and ready for a new batch of eggs.

* * *

A few minutes later, the monster was getting close to his peak and he was fucking Kate faster and harder. He was firmly grabbing her hips and pulling her back with all his might while thrusting his cock forward, shoving it as deeply as possible.

Kate was going insane with pleasure. She could no longer think clearly about who or what was pounding her pussy so delightfully. She was also at the verge of climax and she desperately wrapped her legs around the monster’s ass, not caring that this action could be considered too full of intention for an enthralled slave.

The other woman had recovered from the multiple orgasms that she enjoyed during the birthing process. She stiffly stood up and started walking away, looking for a creature that could refill her womb.

Both the creature and Kate exploded in orgasm at the same time. The woman’s eyes rolled back as her body shuddered violently within her lover’s tight grasp. She could feel the hot sperm of the monster spreading throughout her loins and this prolonged and increased the mind-blowing pleasure.

During the following seconds, or minutes, Kate really couldn’t tell how much time passed, the overwhelmed woman forgot about the Yaub, the brain-reapers, or even Reilly. Her entire world was centered on that spot between her legs that was the source of the most amazing sensation of her life.

But sadly enough, after her orgasm faded away, Kate found herself immerse in a bitter reality. She was lying face down on the cold floor with the heavy monster on top of her, apparently resting. She couldn’t move and she wasn’t sure about what she was supposed to do.

Am I going insane? This has been my strongest orgasm so far.

Aisha was still resting unconscious beside them and maybe she should do the same. Lay low and wait for rescue.

The creature’s cock was still inside of Kate’s pussy and unlike a human phallus, it wasn’t shrinking after his orgasm. It felt good as it twisted slightly within her soaked cavity. Kate tried to ignore the pleasant sensation.

But then something else caught the woman’s attention. She heard the humming caused by the monster’s hand, followed by tiny footsteps that rapidly approached. Kate’s heart jolted with fear as she lifted her head to see what was happening… It was a brain-reaper! And it was crawling straight towards her.

Kate realized that the creature had discovered her deception and he was calling a brain-reaper to fix the situation!

“No!!! Don’t put that thing on my head!!” Kate screamed.

The brain-reaper reached Kate, jumped on her head and wrapped its legs around her skull, all in less than three seconds. The monster was pinning Kate against the floor so she couldn’t do anything to avoid it. She was going to have a parasite inside of her brain!! Kate thought about Reilly, acting like a mindless zombie, constantly aroused and always on the brink of climax. Kate’s pussy twitched and the alien felt it.

The master humanoid was not done with this peculiar human female that was getting aroused while being turned into a sex slave. He turned Kate over so she was facing up and then knelt between her legs. His cock vacated the woman’s pussy while they changed positions and he was eager to shove it back in.

“You are going to fuck me again?!” Kate asked astounded.

There were so many things happening to Kate at the same time that she struggled to understand the situation. She could feel the added weight on her head, but so far there was no discomfort. Kate looked up at the monster, which was looming down ready to fuck her again. She didn’t know how to feel about this. Now that her cover had been blown, she was able to fight him off, but she wasn’t sure that she wanted to do that.

The creature lifted Kate’s hips from the ground until she was at the right height and forced his cock back into her pussy.

Kate simply let it happen, fully aware of what kind of pleasure was coming her way. When the fat cock entered her vaginal cavity, she immediately noticed her enhanced senses. Kate went cross-eyed and moaned with unbridled pleasure. She had seen how the brain-reaper turned Reilly into a sex machine, boosting her libido to the limit, and now it was doing the same to hers, even before the parasite filtered into her skull.

This augmented sensation was so intense that the overwhelmed woman climaxed almost instantly. When her orgasm started, Kate felt tiny prickles on her head but they were barely perceptible within the mind-blowing pleasure that radiated from her pussy.

The skull of all the enslaved girls was pierced while they were asleep, under the effect of the numbing fluid, but not Kate. She was fully awake right now. In a way, she was lucky to have such a huge cock pumping in and out of her body to disguise any discomfort during the enthrallment process.

The humanoid was pleased to see that the female climaxed so easily. This slave was special and she would make a great addition to his personal harem. He continued the ravaging regardless of Kate’s orgasmic spasms. It was going to be a while before climaxing for a third time.

* * *

“Where am I?”

Kate opened her eyes to find herself sprawled awkwardly on the cold floor. It took her a moment to remember where she was or what had happened. She thought about the brain-reapers coming out of Aisha’s pussy; the arrival of the master humanoid; his long cock pumping her body with incredible force and speed… and…

… the brain-reaper!! That horrible brain-reaper attaching itself to her head!!

Kate sat up with panic and looked around the room. The humanoid was not there. One curvaceous woman, that she only knew in passing before the invasion, was on her knees below the huge tripod monster, taking new eggs into her womb.

“Shit! This is terrible! Yaub, I need your help. If you are hearing this… I have a brain-reaper on my head!”

The startled woman lifted both hands to scan herself and there it was. The hideous brain-reaper was attached to her skull and it wasn’t letting go until the parasite had filtered into her brain.

Other than the additional weight, Kate couldn’t feel anything abnormal or painful happening on her head. She was scared… but there was something else that worried her even more… she was horny as hell.

Touching the creature felt as if she was caressing all her erogenous zones at the same time. Somehow it was influencing her nervous system and it was keeping her aroused whether she wanted it or not.

“Yaub, I am trying to take off but it is impossible. I feel weird when I touch it,” Kate said with sadness.

To make things worse, Kate couldn’t take her hands off it. She pulled one leg of the parasite, then the other, trying to find a weakness that allowed its removal. Kate was pretty sure that there was none, but she kept touching it anyway and because of that, she was increasing her arousal. Her vaginal juices were already dripping from the edge of the small bed where she was sitting.

Kate discovered that delicately touching the brain-reaper’s skin felt good, but pulling its legs harder felt even better.

It was an effective defense mechanism to prevent the host from messing with it. The more she tugged at it, the less Kate was thinking about taking it off and instead she was focusing on extinguishing that growing fire between her legs.

It came to a point that Kate wasn’t thinking at all. The excite woman stared at the wall in front of her, extending her tongue out of her mouth and waiting for the coveted release...

Kate used both her hands to forcefully pull the legs of the brain-reaper and she inevitably exploded in climax. Becoming a sex slave didn’t seem so bad if she was going to feel like this all the time.

Kate slipped off the side of the bed and ended on the floor with her legs bent beneath her shivering body. After a couple of minutes, when her fevered mind began to cool down, Kate felt embarrassed for her actions. She was about to become a mindless zombie… a sex slave with no will of her own… and she was experimenting with new ways to reach climax. She was such a slut!

“I had an orgasm and I wasn’t even touching myse… Shit! This can’t be good...” Kate was scolding herself when she saw movement with the corner of her eyes.

Her heart jolted when she realized that two of the master humanoids were walking on her direction and one of them was pointing at her. They were talking to each other in a language that she couldn’t understand.

* * *

A few hours before, Inside of Yaub’s laboratory, the experiments continued. After he dropped Kate at the human base, he returned to work and called one of his favorite assistants. She was a venusian called Shiala and looked a lot like a human female except for her blue skin and her bold, crested head. Yaub was holding a fully grown brain-reaper that he extracted from one of the slugs.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Yaub asked, “the test may have some side effects that we still don’t know about.”

“You saved my race from extinction,” Shiala responded, “I’ll do anything for you. I trust you.”

“Very well. Turn around.”

Shiala was nervous but she concealed it well. She had listened to Kate’s description of the events at the human base and she knew that these creatures were dangerous. However, she found it exciting to have an alien life-form modifying her libido, increasing it to the limit.

Reilly was still sitting on top of the tentacles, which continued spreading within her entire body. The thinnest tendrils were detecting and eliminating the parasite’s cells that infected and controlled the woman’s nervous system. Reilly was slowly being cured while her mind floated in oblivion within a blissful ocean of pleasure.

Yaub knew that it was somewhat unfair to ask Shiala to participate in this test because it was obvious that she would never refuse him. But he was curious about the complete process of possession conducted by the brain-reaper and Kate description was not enough. He wanted to see it for himself.

Shiala’s heart was racing when she felt the tentacles of the brain-reaper clutching and tightening around her skull. The alien creature was cold and wet. Then the sexy blue female felt her pussy stirring when she thought about the possibility of fucking Yaub while all her senses were artificially heightened. This experiment could be fun.

“Kate said that Reilly felt no pain during the parasite’s takeover,” Yaub said.

“It feels a bit cold,” Shiala responded.

In the back of the room, Reilly’s arms were no longer hanging lifelessly. They showed subtle motion that didn’t seem controlled by the parasite, nor were orgasmic spasms. Reilly was regaining consciousness.

Her eyes were halfway opened while she tried to understand what had happened. She remembered seeing in the mirror a monstrous parasite attached to her head and then everything became blurry. She remembered having no control of her body… fucking alien creatures… and huge cocks making her cum several times… Reilly got frightened and dismissed this thoughts.

Her body was barely responding but her mind was definitely more awake. She decided to focus on what was happening right now. She didn’t recognize the room she was in. She also breathed with difficulty, as if something was blocking her throat. In fact, she could feel something moving inside of her neck and in her mouth.

It was all so confusing. Her feet were touching the ground but she wasn’t strong enough to stand up, as if something was anchoring her body to her current position. Then she felt it. There was something big penetrating her pussy! … even worse… there was something just as big churning in her ass!

Reilly’s overwhelmed mind couldn’t process such a surreal situation. She figured that this had to be a dream… or a nightmare… no, it was a dream because it felt good. A pleasing sensation radiated from her pussy in every direction. It was difficult to explain… as if every cell of her body was being stimulated simultaneously in the most delightful way.

A couple of minutes passed and Reilly’s awareness rose to the point that she could understand what was actually happening to her. There were tentacles coming out of her mouth!!! The woman’s heart jolted in fear and at the same time, her pussy twitched hard around the tentacle that filled it completely.

She tried to scream but her throat was completely blocked and only a muted grunt came out. Reilly had almost full control of her body by now and she lifted her hand with the intention of pulling the small tentacles out, but she stopped herself when she realized that the large appendage in her ass was pulling back a couple of centimeters and the tentacles in her mouth were moving with it!

Was it possible that they were connected?!! Was the fat tentacle in her ass penetrating so deeply inside of her that it was coming out of her mouth?! Reilly began to faint again from this shocking realization. Maybe the creature that used to be attached to her head was turning her into a monster!

Reilly’s legs jolted from fear and this separated her from the seat a few centimeters, which forced a small segment of the large tentacles out of her body. It felt so good that the woman’s pussy twitched forcefully one more time and the spike of pleasure radiated throughout her entire body. At this moment, Reilly also understood that she could move away and free herself from this awkward situation.

As she began to stand up, forcing the tentacles out of her pussy and ass, Reilly saw the smaller tentacles that waved in front of her face being pulled back into her mouth and then she felt them gliding down her throat. She was doing it! The tentacles were leaving her body, which meant that they were not part of her and she was not a monster. One thing that she still couldn’t understand was why she was feeling so much pleasure while doing this.

Yaub was standing nearby, watching everything that Reilly was doing. She hadn’t notice his presence and he wondered how she was going to react upon seeing him without the parasite controlling her emotions. Will she remember him? He was going to find out in just a moment.

Sensing that all alien cells had been eradicated and that the host was waking up and moving away, the tentacles retrieved the thousands of smaller tendrils into the main appendage, and began to withdraw within the special seat.

Just as the tentacles vacated her body, Reilly reached a powerful orgasm. This time she was completely aware of what was happening and it was difficult to believe that she was climaxing in a moment like this. But the sensations were overwhelming and her body was reacting the only way possible.

She is having an orgasm while forcing the tentacles out of her body. Interesting.

Reilly hit the ground, but knowing that she was in a strange place, she recovered fast. She looked around the room and the first thing she saw was Yaub, standing less than two meters away, looking back at her.

“Ahhh!! Get away from me!!” Reilly screamed.

“It is fine, Reilly. I will not hurt you. Your friend Kate brought you here.”

Within her panic, Reilly remembered seeing pictures of this creature. It was a dakarian! The other inhabitants of the planetoid. Reilly quickly realized that she was in the dakarian’s base. But why? The frightened woman suddenly had a flash back of herself stepping into Kate’s spaceship. She also remembered Kate looking very sexy while flying the ship completely naked.

Shiala was sitting on top of the stone slab, wearing a brain-reaper on her skull and looking at Reilly with curiosity.

Reilly was confused and afraid. If the dakarian was telling the truth and Kate brought her to this place, why wasn’t she here? The baffled woman looked at the humanoid’s ugly face, then his muscular chest and her eyes unavoidably drifted down towards his massive phallus. Reilly’s pussy quivered so hard that a soft moan escaped her lips.

“My name is Yaub.”

Reilly didn’t know if was more scared of the dakarian, or her own reaction after seeing his large cock. Why was she feeling so aroused at a moment like this?

Oh my God! His cock is so big!

Reilly calmed down after Yaub explained everything to her, and she even was happy when she learned that the parasite had been eliminated from her brain. However, that didn’t explain why there was a tingling in her pussy that refused to go away.

Meanwhile, Shiala climbed down from the stone table and stood immobile on the floor. Something was about to happen. She could feel it all over her body but specially between her legs. Yaub got closer and so did Reilly, curios about watching somebody else experiencing the same thing she did hours ago.

The venusian had been informing Yaub about every sensation she had felt since the brain-reaper attached to her skull, but now she just looked at him with wide open eyes, saying nothing.

“How are you feeling Shiala?” Yaub asked. There was no response.

Suddenly, Shiala’s eyes rolled back, her legs bent and she exploded in the strongest orgasm of her life. At the same time, Yaub and Reilly saw the round sack of the brain-reaper deflating and shrinking as the parasite swimming inside filtered into the female’s skull.

“The parasite is going into her brain,” Yaub said.

“Oh my God!” Reilly exclaimed.

Reilly couldn’t take her eyes off the blue woman’s shivering body and the abundant stream of transparent fluid gushing from her pussy. This lurid spectacle brought back the memory of her own takeover. She had been talking with Kate when it happened. It was all fuzzy bit she remembered feeling a level of pleasure that she didn’t know was possible. This was exactly what Shiala was feeling right now.

Reilly instinctively crossed her legs when the tingling in her pussy turned into an itching that needed attention. The young woman’s pussy was dripping wet.

The brain-reaper fell lifelessly from Shiala’s skull right before the woman itself crumbled to the ground. Her orgasmic spams began to fade away until she ended up sitting on the floor, with her back resting against the stone slab, her arms hanging motionless by her sides and her head tilted backwards onto the surface of the table.

“She is unconscious. Is she going to be okay?” Reilly asked.

“Yes. I will cure her the same way I cured you. How are you feeling, by the way?”

“I… I feel fine… just a little overwhelmed,” Reilly responded.

Reilly chose the word ‘overwhelmed’ because she didn’t want to say that she felt horny as hell.

Yaub was not done making tests with Reilly. He suggested something that at first seemed shocking to the young woman...

“While we wait for Shiala to wake up, we should have sex.”

...but then she saw the dakarian’s erect cock and she knew that there was no way she could refuse his proposal. Her heart started beating fast in her chest and her vaginal fluids were abundantly dripping from her soaking wet pussy.

“What??!! Sex?! But…”

The purpose of Yaub’s experiment was to see if Reilly would willingly mate with him, an alien creature that she barely knew. Something she would had never done before the brain-reaper messed with her mind.

Reilly was in some kind of daze while she watched Yaub’s phallus grew longer. She knew it was absolutely wrong to have sex with this humanoid… this monster, but right now her morals seemed unimportant compared to her physical needs. Reilly wondered why she was feeling so aroused and blamed it on the fact that she had just watched a woman, or a female alien very similar to a woman, having an extremely strong climax and this got her too excited, which was affecting her judgment. Reilly didn’t want to think that maybe she was acting like this because the brain-reaper had changed her, and now she was a whore that craved monsters and she would be one for the rest of her life. This idea terrified her and excited her at the same time.

“Are you excited to mate with me? Have you done this before?”

“No… I mean, yes. I am excited. This is the first time I mate with someone like you.”

Reilly was actually feeling dizzy when she engulfed the tip of Yaub’s cock with her mouth. It was almost as if she was in a dream… a wonderful dream that would satisfy her most intimate desires.

Oh my God! I am doing it! I am sucking this alien’s huge cock!

The woman’s hand was shaking when she gently grabbed his cock and tightened her fingers around the powerful throbbing cock. She used her tongue to massage the head but it filled her mouth so utterly that there wasn’t much room to play around.

Reilly felt Yaub’s hand pressing the back of her head and pulling her towards his crotch. She got frightened, but instead of pushing back, she moved her hands away and let him do whatever he wanted. Again, she was reacting in the opposite way that she should. Reilly couldn’t explain why, but doing it like this was definitely more exciting.

Her lips stretched to the limit as the thick phallus reached the back of her throat and penetrated further inside. Reilly opened her eyes wide as her neck strained, allowing passage to the fat cock into her gullet.

Yaub felt the warmth of the human girl enveloping his phallus and once again he admired these females for being perfect sexual partners.

Grabbing Reilly’s head firmly, Yaub began to move his hips back and forth, fucking the girl’s mouth slowly at first but increasingly faster. Squelching sounds combining grunts and moans filled the room. Yaub regrettably pulled all the way out when he sensed that she was running out of air, but immediately shoved his cock back in.

Reilly was staring at the humanoid’s pelvis trying to make sense of this otherworldly situation. Having Yaub’s cock pumping her mouth felt just as good as having a throbbing phallus in her pussy. It was incredible! The astounded woman was offering no resistance even when she was suffocating.

He is going so deep into my throat!

Reilly was acting like a mindless drone with no control of her body, even though this wasn’t the case. She just was extremely horny and wanted this so badly. Her pussy twitched every time he reached beyond her throat and Reilly could clearly feel an orgasm approaching. She couldn’t believe this was really happening.

A couple of minutes later, with nothing touching her body except for the big cock in her mouth, Reilly reached her peak and exploded in bliss.

Knowing that she was climaxing, Yaub shoved his cock all the way in and firmly grabbed her head while the rest of her body shuddered and twisted with violent, orgasmic spasms. A moment later, Reilly briefly fainted from the overdose of stimulation.

Reilly opened her eyes and found herself slouched on the floor, breathing heavily, with her pussy still twitching every few seconds. She had reached an orgasm while giving a blowjob! How was that possible? The bewildered woman saw Yaub standing at her feet, his cock fully erect and ready for more. She hear the alien asking her to continue this delightful ravaging and she didn’t hesitate even for a second.

“Do you want to continue?”

“Absolutely,” Reilly responded with surprising confidence.

Reilly stood up and bent over on the stone table, next to Shiala. Her legs were trembling but not from fear or nervousness; she was shivering with anticipation. If she experienced so much pleasure just by giving Yaub a blowjob, how was it going to feel having that big cock in her pussy?!

“Kate told me that you never had sex with non-humans in the past? Why are you agreeing to do this now?” Yaub asked with curiosity.

“I… I don’t know. I just want you inside of me. Please fuck me.”

As Yaub suspected, something had definitely changed inside Reilly’s brain. Apparently she was her old self in every regard, except with sex. Most likely the parasite had made behavioral changes that would remain imprinted in the woman’s brain for a while, or maybe permanently. That wasn’t necessarily bad, though. It was just different.

Reilly gasped when she felt the tip of his cock caressing her pussy lips and an instant later she had the entire phallus so deeply inside of her body that she could feel it piercing into her womb.

The baffled woman went cross-eyed from the overwhelming sensation and she knew at this very moment that having sex with Yaub was not going to be a one time thing. This level of pleasure was beyond her wildest dreams and she definitely doing it again tomorrow, and the day after. This was the first time that she consciously had a monster’s cock in her pussy and she was already addicted.

* * *

Back at the human base, one of the monstrous humanoids harshly grabbed Kate and lifted her off the ground. He presented her to the other humanoid as if she was a trophy, or more accurately, a toy.

Kate looked with utter fear at the monster that stood in front of her, then at his waving phallus which projected half a meter from his crotch. The scared woman quickly understood the reason of this monsters’ visit. They were here to fuck her!

“No!! Let go of me!”

Kate screamed, begging the monsters to let her go, but she knew that it was in vain. At least the monster didn’t hurt her when he fucked her a couple of hours ago. This time shouldn’t be any different. Not considering that now there were two of them.

Kate remembered how hard she had cum during her last mating session, and as mush as she hated to admit it, the aroused woman was a little excited about this impeding ravaging.

The creature didn’t care for any introductions or body inspections. As soon as the female was at reach, he grabbed Kate’s waist, positioned her at the right angle and shoved his entire cock into her pussy.

Kate had experienced this before and knew what to expect. The long phallus reached all the way to the bottom of her womb. The overwhelmed woman grunted, trying to hide the pleasure this provided. She felt ashamed of enjoying this brutal abuse too much.

Maybe it would be better to have that parasite already inside of her brain so she didn’t have to worry about any of this.

Kate immediately vanished this thought from her mind. She shouldn’t be wishing to become a mindless sex object trapped in an endless loop of mating with monsters, breeding their offspring and climaxing the entire time.

Kate lost her naughty train of thought when she felt a second cock poking between her ass cheeks. The two monsters wanted to fuck her at the same!

Oh God! The other one wants to fuck me too!

The first creature was handling Kate’s her body with ease, lilting her up and down and impaling her on his long phallus. This motion made it difficult for the second monster to find the right spot for penetration.

Kate looked back and wondered if this new assault was going to override the guilty pleasure she was feeling right now. She hoped not.

Yaub had fucked her in the ass a few hours ago and it had felt great, but this monster’s cock was longer and harder. This might hurt! Maybe she deserved all of this for being such a slut.

Kate was wrong. The large cock plunging deep into her ass felt just as good as the one in her pussy. While the monsters fucked her as hard as they could, it became impossible for Kate to hide her true feelings. She screamed her lungs out, making shamefully evident that she was actually enjoying this ravaging.

The arriving monster found this interesting, since he could see that the parasite hadn’t filtered into the female’s skull yet. This new breeder liked to fuck aliens, even when she was forced to do it. This was indeed a rare and welcomed behaviour.

Kate could feel both cocks fighting for space within her slim body and she had never felt so much pleasure in her entire life.

The two creatures were moving at different speeds, which meant that at a certain moment, one cock was moving out while the other moved in, and a moment later the two appendages were penetrating her and withdrawing from her at the same time.

Kate was now pinned between the two hard alien bodies, staring to the ceiling with unfocused eyes and moaning with unrestrained passion. She no longer cared that her attackers would see her enjoying this brutal ravaging.

The monsters found Kate’s body very adaptable and perfectly suitable as a sex toy and later on, as a breeder of their own offspring. It would be a waste to use this female’s talents just to make more brain-reapers.

This wild coupling went on for a while and Kate’s orgasm was inevitably building within her loins. At this time she was openly and shamefully cooperating with the hideous monsters. She wrapped her legs around the humanoid’s thighs while staring at his ugly face, which by the way, didn’t looked so grotesque anymore.

Kate thought about what she was doing and wondered if she had always been a monster whore and she didn’t know it, or the brain-reaper attached to her head was making her act this way. She still couldn’t feel anything painful or different inside of her brain so it had to be her own disgraceful behavior. Kate had incidentally discovered a new universe of otherworldly sex and she couldn’t get enough of it.

Suddenly, Kate felt a tiny prick on the top of her head. It was the parasite! It was going to penetrated her brain the same way two massive cocks were penetrating her body!

The woman’s stretched pussy and ass twitched at the same time around the pounding appendages, bringing her orgasm even closer.

The parasite is going to enter my brain! I am about to cum while I will become a mindless slave!

Kate was certain that something was about to happen. Something both wonderful and terrible. It was so close now…

Kate saw a burst of white light exploding behind her eyes as her climax hit her like a freight train. Her fingers curled forming a claw as her legs shot outwardly from the discharge of endorphins that inundated her brain. She was screaming in bliss but she didn’t know she was doing it. Her mind was a completely blank as the powerful orgasmic spasms rippled across her entire body.

The monster that was fucking Kate for the first time got confused when the female started shuddering convulsively. At first he thought that the parasite was finally slipping into her head but he quickly confirmed that it wasn’t, at least not yet.

“What is wrong with her? The parasite is not causing this.” the creature asked.

“No, this is how the female reaches climax, even without the enhanced arousal. The parasite should be ready very soon,” the other responded.

His partner explained that Kate was just having an orgasm. It had happened before when he ravaged her and she convulsed the same way when she reached her peak. It became obvious that the sexual behavior of this alien woman was unusual. She was enjoying mating with them. This was one more reason why she should be used for breeding their offspring and not simple brain-reapers.

In the midst of climax, Kate didn’t notice the tiny pricks on her skull as the brain-reaper increased the diameter of the hole just enough for the parasite to filter in and invade her brain.

And then, while she shivered in bliss, the parasite entered Kate’s skull and assailed her brain. The woman opened her eyes wide and stared into nothing as her current orgasm was multiplied tenfold.

Her body and mind didn’t know how to cope with his level of stimulation and she froze like a statue while her pussy and ass twitched frantically. During a brief second of clarity, Kate realized that this was it. She was now becoming a brainless sex toy.

From this moment on, she would do without question whatever she was told and she would fuck any creature with a cock, regardless of its size and species. She was going to live in oblivion, enjoying one orgasm after another without effort. There would be no more decisions to make or things to worry about.

But then Kate remembered Reilly… and Yaub, and this brought her back to reality only for a brief second. He was going to rescue her. He said that he could remove the parasite’s arousing influence. Suddenly Kate wasn’t sure that she wanted to be cured. The extreme bliss that she was experiencing right now had no match in the normal world; the conscious world.

It became too difficult to think and debate things that no longer depended on her. All she could do at this moment was to enjoy this never ending orgasm. And that was exactly what she did.

* * *

A while later, Kate was still pinned between the monsters but she wasn’t jolting anymore. Her arms and legs hung limply, only swinging softly with the rocking motions of the powerful cocks that incessantly pumped her body from both sides.

Her eyes were still open but only the white sclera was visible. Behind those eyes the parasite was sending tendrils to the right sections of Kate’s brain and slowly taking control of her motor and sensory areas.

The brain-reaper that used to be attached to her head, was lying lifelessly on the ground with a deflated fluid sac and its purpose fulfilled.

Both of the creatures knew that the parasite had been injected into the female’s brain and this was the reason why she wasn’t moving anymore. Now she belonged to them. They could do with her whatever they pleased. There were no limits and no restrictions.

A few meters away from the mating threesome, Aisha was peacefully lying on a bed. Her belly had bloated noticeably but there were no eggs developing in her womb. Something else was growing inside of her.

The monster that was fucking Kate’s pussy didn’t like that the breeder was now dead weight. He liked it better when she was twitching all over the place and was delightfully constricting his cock with her overstimulated vaginal muscles. He decided to pull back and fuck her in a different hole. While he did this, Kate moaned softly and some part of her consciousness was awaken deep in the farthest corner of her mind.

She remembered what had happened… what was still happening! It wasn’t easy to form coherent ideas since most of her brain was not hers anymore, but she knew where she was and more importantly, what she was. Kate had become an object of flesh and bone to be played with. She was little more than a sperm receptacle.

“I want to fuck her other hole,” one of the monster said.

“Fine. Let’s switch.”

One of the creatures laid on the ground with his phallus pointing upwards while Kate was turned oven and moved down until the tip of the cock was pressing at her anus.

Kate felt as if she was in a dream. Her arms and legs were not responding to her commands. She couldn’t even move her eyes. Kate soon realized that the conscious part of her mind was just a spectator of whatever was happening to her own body. She also noticed that, despite having no control of her limbs, she could feel everything. When the tip of the phallus touched her anus, she gasped and her pussy twitched intinctively.

Just a moment ago, Kate had two massive cocks buried in her body and now she had none. She wanted them back inside.

It was so wrong to crave for a monster’s cock. Kate should be hating every single second of being a sex slave, but she wasn’t. The confused woman couldn’t understand it. Before the invasion started, she was just a normal woman with a cute girlfriend. Today Kate couldn’t push away the thought and the desire of having an alien phallus in her body.

This troubling realizations were interrupted when the first centimeters of the fat appendage penetrated into her ass. The standing monster placed her limp body on top of his partner as the entire appendage disappeared into her welcoming cavity. Kate grunted and shivered, but only in her mind.

The other creature knelt between her legs and aimed his cock at her pussy. Then leaned forward, piercing the woman’s vaginal cavity with avidity. Kate’s pussy was not as tight as her ass but it felt wonderful nonetheless. The overwhelmed woman was struggling to remain awake while keeping her sanity. She was picturing herself, once again pinned between two aliens with two hard cocks churning inside of her. Only this time gravity was included into the equation. Her own body weight was forcing the cock in her ass deeper while the monster on top was smashing her pelvis as strongly as he could, pushing her down even more.

The creature that fucked Kate’s pussy was happy that his partner wanted to change positions. It was true that the slave’s ass was tighter but now he had the opportunity of impregnating her and being the first one to create an offspring with this lovely, agreeable female.

Kate could feel both huge cocks pounding her pussy and ass in a chaotic yet delightful way. Now she remembered why she was becoming a monster’s slut. It made perfect sense. There was no way she could reach this level of pleasure in a human relationship.

For the foreseeable future, the parasite controlling her brain was going to make her fuck alien monsters over and over, and she was fine with it. She was going to reach climax while taking eggs into her womb and she was going to climax again while giving birth to more brain-reapers… Or maybe she could give birth to the master’s offspring. Maybe she could reach stronger orgasms while doing it. In any case it was not her choice anymore. Nothing was. All she had to do was to obey like a simple slave and enjoy the ride.

When Kate thought about the word ‘obey’, her pussy twitched and she moaned. Then she whispered the word again and her pussy did the same. She said it one more time and she climaxed.

“Obey… aaghh.”

Kate’s consciousness went wild with utter bliss. She could see herself trashing violently, screaming her lungs out under the most powerful orgasm, her legs shuddering uncontrollably and her arms jolting and twisting all over the place. All of it was only happening in the her overwhelmed mind, because in reality Kate was completely limp, receiving the brutal ravaging without no discernible reaction.

At the peak of this extreme situation and with a shattered brain, Kate didn’t realize that the monster on top of her was filling her womb with his seed. He was climaxing too. The creature didn’t hold back and ejaculated his entire sperm reserves into the receptive female.

After he finished, the monster slowly retrieved his cock, trying to keep as much cum as possible inside of the slave’s womb.

Kate began to regain some of her attenuated consciousness and she felt the delightful sensation of the master’s phallus rubbing against her sensitive vaginal walls. However, this made her a little sad because the monster was done with her.

At least she had one more cock in her body and with any luck, it could drive her over the edge one more time.

When the creature’s cock vacated Kate’s pussy, a large amount of white sticky fluid gushed from the gaping hole. This was inevitable, but most certainly there was enough of it flooding the woman’s womb to ensure impregnation.

Now that the creature below only had Kate’s insignificant weight on top of him, he began to move his hips faster. He knew that his partner had reached climax moments ago and he wanted to experience the same. His friend was not lying when he said that this female was a perfect gift from nature.

The monster threw Kate’s limp body to her side without removing his cock from her ass, then continued his frantic ravaging. The conscious part of Kate’s brain was fully aware of what was happening and she was angry at herself for enjoying this so much. It was wrong! She only came back to the station to alert Yaub about the enslavers arrival and now she had a parasite in her brain, a cock in her ass, and she was loving it. It was so wrong.

The other creature stood up, confident that his superior was having a good time. The invasion to this human settlement was evolving better than expected. Human females had been a wonderful discovery. Most certainly he was getting a promotion in the near future.

Even though the monster wanted this wonderful mating session to last, he couldn’t handle the tightness of Kate’s anal cavity. After a few minutes of hard, unrestrained pounding, he reached climax too and a large amount of hot sperm flooded Kate’s loins, then it started gushing out of her ass.

Kate felt the hot fluid inundating her guts in this triggered yet another orgasm. The woman’s mind was a roller-coaster of conflicting emotions. She hated the fact that this was the best experience of her life. Climaxing so easily was wonderful, but the reason why her body was responding this way was terrible. She was a slave! A sex slave!

Kate noticed that the word ‘slave’ excited her as much as the word ‘obey’. This was a distressful pattern, but she decided to ignore it and focused on enjoying her ongoing climax.

When the monster finished ejaculating inside of his new slave, he knelt beside her and positioned a hand above her head. He had reached the same conclusion as his subordinate and decided that Kate’s body was too delightful to breed brain-reapers. This female was good enough to become a personal pet and should be impregnated only by the superior race; the enslavers.

Kate could feel the vibrations in her skull but she had no idea of what information was being transmitted to the parasite that inhabited her brain. It didn’t mattered. This felt nice and her pussy tingled in the process.

“This female is special. She will only carry the master’s offspring.” The humanoid instructed the parasite in Kate’s brain.

* * *

Back in Yaub’s lab, Reilly was bending over while the humanoid pounded her pussy from behind. He was grabbing both of her arms to keep her in place, and the astonished woman felt absolutely helpless. She loved it.

Reilly began to suspect that there was something wrong with her. She agreed to fuck Yaub for the sole reason that she got too excited after watching Shiala’s takeover. She believed that at first but now she wasn’t so sure. There was something else. Yaub didn’t tell her anything about possible side effects o f being a former slave but she could feel it.

That cock pumping her pussy felt a hundred times better than any sexual relation that she had had in the past, either with a man or a woman. The parasite had changed something in her brain!

Both the alien and the woman had arrived to the same conclusion. One by observation and the other by experience. Reilly’s mind would never be the same. Even thought she was in full control of her body and had total awareness, she would always be a slave to her sexual desires. And evidently these desires were not limited to humans.

Yaub’s cock penetrated deeply into her pussy with every stroke and stimulated every cell of her body, almost in a surreal way. When Reilly felt it throbbing and spewing hot sperm into her womb, a signal was triggered at the center of her brain and Reilly exploded in climax too.

The woman’s eyes rolled back and she screamed with unrestrained pleasure as her vaginal cavity was saturated with alien cum.

During this moments of utter bliss, Reilly felt as if she had no control of her body, the same way it was when the parasite was roaming within her brain. The overwhelmed woman got scared, then excited, then her climax doubled in strength.

Yaub held the woman’s arms tightly while he ejaculated inside of her. However, not even during this pleasant moment his analytical mind stopped thinking about possible outcomes of this new test. Could Reilly get pregnant with his offspring? Were they compatible? It would be interesting to do further experiments to prove this.

Near the mating couple, Shiala opened her eyes and slowly moved her head up. She stared forward with unfocused eyes. Her face was slack and completely expressionless.

Unlike the partial takeover of human females, the parasite was able to completely overpower Shiala’s brain. There was no hidden awareness in the corner of her mind, no dissident neuronal connections that could get scared, aroused or confused. Now Shiala was only a womb with the single purpose of mating and breeding.

She stood up stiffly, while the alien organism quickly learned how to use her arms and legs. She had to find a cock, put that cock inside of her and wait for release.

Yaub turned his head when he saw motion beside him. Shiala had woken up! The parasite had taken the female’s brain faster than expected. Maybe it was just controlling her motor functions and suppressing everything else. He made a mental note of this.

“Can you hear me, Shiala? Are you still in there?” Yaub asked.

Meanwhile, Reilly was hanging upside down like a boneless ragdoll with Yaub’s cock still embedded deeply in her pussy. She jolted every few seconds from her receding orgasm.

In a normal situation, the large spider-like monster with the ovipositor would be beckoning the parasite with infrasonic sound, but unfortunately for the organism in Shiala’s brain, there were no vibrations to provide guidance in this place. Shiala just stood there for a moment as if deciding what to do, then she started walking.

“Why is she walking so stiffly? Did I move like that when I was entranced?” Reilly asked.

“The parasite is in control of her body. Most certainly she is looking for a mate,” Yaub said, “I’ll take her to the egwas.”

It is kind of hot. Maybe I can entertain her while Yaub brings Kate back.

Yaub was planning to follow Shiala but at that precise moment he received word from Kate that the enslavers had arrived to the human station. Yaub couldn’t possible know what was going to happen to Kate in the following hours, otherwise he would have hurried the raid to the human base and rescue her sooner.

* * *

At the present time, in the human base, Kate was able to move again and she sat up on the floor. The conscious part of her mind believed for an instant that she was willingly moving her arms and legs but quickly realized that she wasn’t. The parasite was in full control of her motions. It was the weirdest sensation. She couldn’t even control the movement of her eyes.

Kate was staring forward with no expression on her face. She remembered all the other girls that she had seen before, behaving like mindless robots, and now she looked exactly the same. Very soon she would be kneeling below a spider-like monster with a massive ovipositor penetrating her pussy, obediently receiving eggs into her womb. Kate felt her pussy stirring.

This reaction surprised her for two reasons. First, her limited conscious mind was getting excited by the idea of becoming full with alien eggs, which was totally wrong, but she couldn’t help it. Second, because her pussy was responding to a thought that originated within her conscious self, which meant that she still had some influence over her own body. This was good news, even if that influence was effective only between her legs.

One of the big spider-like monsters was already in the room and as soon as Kate got on her feet, the creature walked to stand in front of her. It knew that the female’s womb was vacant and it emitted a strong humming sound that resonated all around the wide space but particularly in the woman’s pussy.

Kate’s eyes rolled back when she felt her pussy lips vibrating and she gushed with anticipation. There would no resistance from her part. She wanted to bend her knees and take that massive appendage into her body. She couldn’t wait for it… but then, nothing happened.

Something was wrong. The parasite in her brain, the one controlling her motions, was not responding to the creature’s call. She was just standing like a statue, doing nothing.

Kate wanted so badly to be ravaged by the monster. Why was the parasite betraying its duty? The woman’s outer appearance was relaxed and serene but deep inside of her brain, Kate’s consciousness was desperately seeking for sexual satisfaction. She was picturing herself on the floor, being penetrated by the ovipositor and climaxing over and over. She had to make this happen. She needed to be fucked. She demanded it! … Suddenly Kate’s knees started to bend.

The impossible had happened. Kate had imposed her will over the parasite’s instructions not to use this host to breed brain-reapers. Kate was so horny and so addicted to monsters’ cocks that the parasite perceived her desire and it got confused about what it should be doing. It decided to go along with its nature and placed the host in the right position to take the ovipositor.

Kate’s face was still expressionless but inside of her mind, she was smiling with contentment while her pussy twitched continuously before the impending penetration. Her wish was coming true.

The spider-like monster extruded its ovipositor and slowly moved it at the right angle. The first egg was already aligning itself at the tube’s base, getting ready for the short journey towards the host’s womb.

Kate moaned when the tip of the appendage touched her nether lips and she screamed when it stretched her to the limit. Before the ravaging, the aroused woman was at the brink of climax and now that the ovipositor was piercing her uterus, she exploded in bliss.

This was exactly what she expected. A wonderful orgasm that arrived effortlessly and grew exponentially until she couldn’t remember her own name. An orgasm that would be followed by another one just as strong, and so on. This was her magnificent new life.

Unfortunately for the mating couple, the enslaver heard Kate’s loud moans and came back to investigate what was happening. Why was she mating with the parasite maker? There were acting against his commands! This was unacceptable. The angry humanoid walked closer and emitted invisible signals to both the woman and the creature.

Kate was in the midst of climax and wasn’t aware of anything except the violent throbbing between her legs that rippled across her entire body. The additional vibrations on her skull went completely unnoticed by the overwhelmed woman.

On the contrary, the spider-like monster devoted its full attention to the new commands and learned that it shouldn’t be doing this. At least not to this host. It immediately began to retrieve its appendage. This rough motion reignite Kate’s orgasm.

The overwhelmed woman was shuddering violently, yet she maintained her position when the thick ovipositor vacated her vaginal cavity. One egg that wasn’t properly deposited in her womb popped out of her gaping hole and fell to the ground.

The parasite inside Kate’s brain, guided by the enslaver, recovered full control of the host’s body and the woman’s orgasmic convulsions slowed down until she was immobile again.

The conscious part of Kate’s mind came back from heaven and realized with disappointment that the ovipositor was no longer inside of her. Worst than that, she had lost the sexual connection that she had with her own body. Kate couldn’t understand why this was happening but she was going to find out in a moment.

The enslaver commanded the parasite, which in turn commanded Kate’s body to stand up and walk. Kate was staring forward focusing on nothing, but she was able to see the dinning table in front of her. Once again she was just a passenger, completely powerless to do and say anything.

However, there was a feeling that not even the enslaver could vanish from her mind… she was still horny.

The enslaver didn’t have to say a word. Kate climbed on top of the table, turned over and spread her legs. Since the fat ovipositor had potentially affected Kate’s impregnation, the humanoid decided to fuck her again. Within her subjugated brain, Kate was delighted.

The penetration was brutal and with purpose. The humanoid shoved his cock all the way to the girl’s womb on the first blow. Kate’s previously slack face showed undeniable pleasure since it was impossible to remain impassive after such a harsh yet wonderful assault.

Now her facial expression showed exactly what she was feeling. The majority of her brain, controlled by the parasite, and her small conscious self were synchronized again.

The table was sturdy and heavy, made of steel, but it was rocking with the violent motions of the mating couple. The humanoid was swaying his hips back and forth with amazing speed, not because he wanted to end the fucking session sooner, but because the girl’s pussy was enveloping his phallus so strongly and so pleasingly, that he wanted to experience as much of it as possible. He was planning to cum inside of her and then he was going to fuck her again. Maybe two more times…. or three.

Kate was no longer thinking about anything. Whether she was conscious or not, it made no difference. The blissful sensations were too intense and were coming too fast to cope with them. Kate’s consciousness was just lying there, at the bottom of her brain, enjoying the brutal ravaging while the parasite commanded her body to do the same. Everything was exactly as it should be.

The squelching sounds of the enslaver’s cock pumping Kate’s pussy suddenly stopped, replace by Yaub voice…

“Take your filthy cock out of her! Your days of trading slaves are over.”

The enslaver stopped moving. With his cock still lodged inside of Kate’s tight cavity, he turned his head slowly to see who was interrupting his mating session. When he saw the gun aiming at his head, he understood that he was in real trouble.

A faint humming noise echoing against the walls went unnoticed.

Suddenly, Yaub lost his balance when he was hit by one of the legs of the spider-like monster. The enslaver had communicated with it using his infrasonic vibrations and the monster had come to his aid. It all happened in a fraction of a second and Yaub was half-way down to the floor before he could do anything about it. Now he was the one in trouble. The enslaver was definitely going to use this brief distraction to attack.

“Fuck!” Yaub exclaimed astounded.

Unaware of what was happening between the two humanoids, Kate only cared about the big cock deeply embedded inside of her. She wondered why it wasn’t moving anymore. When she felt a few centimeters of this wonderful phallus withdrawing from her pussy, she greedily wrapped her legs around the enslaver’s hips.

Yaub was lying on floor, being attacked from both sides. He had less than a second to eliminate two deadly threats. It was impossible! He decided to shot the spider-like monster frist because it already had one of its pointy legs ready to stab him in the chest.

The enslaver knew that the had won. Yaub’s was aiming his gun the other way in this gave him enough time to turn around and cut off his head with the sharp blade on his toes…

...But when he did, the angry humanoid was more than surprise to realize that Kate had her legs tightly wrapped around his body and she was not letting go. Not only the horny woman was slowing him down but she was also blocking his line of sight.

“What the hell?! Let go, you horny bitch!”

This breif distraction became deadly for the enslaver. After shooting down the monster, Yaub turned his gun and shot him. The battle was over.

Unknowingly, Kate had saved Yaub’s life and had saved herself from eternal slavery in the process. Her unbridled arousal and her unwillingness to let go of the alien cock had made all the difference.

When the bullet passed through the enlaver’s head, he didn’t die instantly. His entire body jerked with agonizing spasms, including his huge cock. Kate welcomed this convulsive motions and moaned in response.

The enslaver went down landing on his back, while his body shuddered for the last time. Incredibly enough, Kate was still attached to his hard, bony cock. The horny woman was now sitting on top of him and was riding his phallus as if nothing had happened. She didn’t care that her sex partner was already dead. As long as his cock was big and erect, it was good enough for her.

Yaub watched Kate with fascination and admiration. He was well aware that she had saved his life. Even with a parasite invading most of her brain and controlling her motions, she had imposed her will and refused to let go of what she wanted. Kate was different from all the others. Her mind was strong, unwavering and most of all, she was horny as hell.

“You are relentless, Kate. I guess I can wait until you reach climax before taking you back.”

* * *

After Yaub informed the human headquarters about the incident, Earth’s military force arrived immediately. A high ranking General thanked the dakarian’s for saving the base and they agreed to maintain a closer relationship from now on.

Regarding technology, the dakarians didn’t have much to gain with this new agreement, but after they learned how it felt to fuck a human female, they were eager to tighten their bond with the humans. Yaub even offered his laboratory to cure all the women that had been infected by the parasites. This was most definitely the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

“We will eliminate the parasite from your females,” Yaub said.

“I hope you can teach out chief physician, Dr. Sandra Archer, how to do it,” the General said.

“Yes. I will share my findings with her.”

“Thank you for your help,” Commander Yaub, “We will improve our defenses on this colony to prevent another invasion.”

Yaub was particularly interested on having Kate close to him and he was planning to offer her a permanent job at the dakarian base.

* * *

The following day, Kate was sitting on the special chair with one big tentacle in her pussy, another one in her ass, and many smaller tentacles protruding from her mouth. Reilly was keeling beside her, looking intently at the squirming appendages while rubbing her pussy.

Shiala was spread eagle on the floor, facing down, and Yaub was on top of her, pumping her pussy with enthusiasm. The parasite was still inside of her brain and would remain there for a while. Yaub was not done making tests.

Aisha was sitting on the stone table, displaying a heavily pregnant belly. The woman was so fertile, that she had gotten pregnant the first time that the enslaver fucked her, only to test her anatomy. She also had a parasite in her brain, which became evident while she stared forward with unblinking eyes.

Kate’s eyes were completely rolled-back. Earlier that day, when she felt the fat tentacles entering her body deeper than she thought possible and spreading in every direction, she reached a powerful climax. Incredibly enough, it was still going. The conscious part of her mind was going blank and recovering intermittently. She had no idea of what was going on inside of her body but it felt fantastic. She wished it never end.

Reilly could feel her orgasm approaching while she slowly caressed her clitoris. She wasn’t rushing it. The excited woman looked at the tentacles that projected from her friend’s mouth, remembering that she had been in that exact situation. She got scared back then, but now she wished it was her sitting in that alien chair.

Kate’s arms hung limply by her sides since there was nothing controlling her at the moment. The parasite was desperately trying to survive as the special tentacles destroyed its cells one by one. The woman’s brain was overwhelmed with pleasure.

A couple of meters away, Yaub could feel Shiala’s vaginal cavity twitching around his cock as the female reached yet another orgasm. The venusian woman had climaxed several times already but she wasn’t satisfied yet. It was clear that the parasite was not only augmenting Shiala’s sensitivity but it was also suppressing her sense of fulfillment until having her womb filled with eggs or giving birth to brain-reapers.

The enthralled woman would fuck anyone or anything for as long as possible in order to achieve that goal.

Shiala’s brain was in fact completely void of thoughts. There were only feelings. Overwhelming sensations of pleasure that triggered one orgasm after another. She was not getting tired nor she was planning to stop. If there was a cock available, she would have it inside of her. It was her unavoidable mission.

On top of the slab, Aisha could feel the imminent arrival of the enslaver’s offspring. She wasn’t nervous nor excited despite the huge size of her bloated belly indicating that the unborn creature was bigger than a fully grown brain-reaper.

Aisha opened her eyes wide and moaned out loud when she felt her vaginal cavity filling up from within and her pussy lips spreading apart. Her baby was coming.

The parasite commanded Aisha to remain still but it was impossible. The woman’s legs began to tremble as the tip of a greenish sac emerged from her stretched pussy. While this happened, the woman’s left nipple started to lactate and a thin line of milk trickled down the curve of her breast. Her body was getting ready to feed the newborn.

The large sac continued its journey while its girth got wider. When it was half way out, Aisha’s pussy had dilated at least fifteen centimeters. She was obviously feeling no pain because at that moment the woman reached a powerful, mind-bending orgasm. The parasite in her brain wouldn’t allow any kind of suffering.

It was a most welcome characteristic of being possessed. It was much easier to control a brain when the host’s instincts were aligned with its purpose. Aisha’s main objective was to breed and she was climaxing while doing it.

The birthing process lasted a few minutes, and so did her orgasm.

As the sac completely vacated Aisha’s body, she collapsed onto the stone table. The exhausted woman was breathing heavily while a drop of milk escaped her other nipple. It was possible to see a miniature replica of an adult enslaver curled up inside of the birthing sac. Unfortunately for the alien child, it was going to grow up in captivity, under Yaub’s watchful eye. Maybe, with the right guidance, he could become a valuable member of the universal society instead of a burden like its father.

Two meters behind, Kate was regaining control of her body. Instead of trying to move away from the special seat, she grabbed and caressed her breasts. The excited woman could feel both tentacles churning deeply inside of her and she was perfectly fine with it.

She also could see the smaller tentacles projecting from her mouth and now she knew exactly how Reilly felt the previous day. It was absolutely wonderful! Her body was completely stuffed with alien meat and it couldn’t get any better than that.

She wondered how long it would take to reach another orgasm but she couldn’t even finish the thought. The woman’s eyes rolled-back once again while a burst of mind-bending bliss exploded at the center of her loins.

Reilly was rubbing her pussy faster. She wanted to cum at the same as her friend and now she was falling behind. She looked at Kate’s luscious breast and had to restrain herself before jumping forward and suck them into her mouth.

Moments later, the ‘healing’ tentacles sensed that Kate was free of parasitic cells and they started to withdraw from her body. The climaxing woman felt the smaller ones retrieving into her mouth as the biggest pulled out of her ass. Her next orgasm ignited before the previous one ended. Kate was truly in heaven.

Reilly finally reached her goal and climaxed in sync with her lover. She closed her eyes while her body shuddered timidly, trying to remember exactly how she felt when the large tentacles vacated her own cavities. She wished she could do it again.

A couple of minutes later, Kate was lying on the floor, recovering from her extraordinary climax while Reilly embraced her from behind, providing unnecessary comfort. Kate knew exactly what she wanted for the rest of her life and better yet, she knew how to get it.

Yaub was also reaching his peak and he discharged an abundant load of cum into Shiala’s pussy. He was well aware that the venusian woman was not compatible with him and she couldn’t get pregnant. He held nothing back.

Kate recovered from her orgasm, happy to be in control of her own body again. However, her heightened arousal and her strong feelings towards any creature with a phallus was pretty much the same. Not that she was complaining about it. She knew that her life was never going to be as it was before the attack and she was counting on it.

“Welcome back, Kate. I am sorry that you had to endure a parasite in your brain.” Yaub apologized.

“Don’t worry about it. It wasn’t that bad.” Kate responded.

Shiala, also recovering from her climax, could feel Yaub’s sperm dripping from her pussy. Her boss had fucked her hard and long but the organism in her brain didn’t allow a lasting satisfaction. She wanted more. Reilly looked at her and wondered if this was a good time to jump her bones.

Umhh… maybe I should help Shiala with her sexual needs. I know exactly how she feels.

* * *

Kate and Reilly didn’t hesitate for a second when Yaub offered them the opportunity to stay permanently at the dakarian’s base. Yaub was making biological experiments with all kinds of monsters and the horny girls were happy to help however they could. The smart humanoid didn’t really need the girls’ help but this was a good excuse to keep them around. Their soft, warm and exquisite bodies were difficult to resist.

In fact, at this moment they were in the middle of an experiment with the strangest creature they had ever seen. It was shapeless green blob with a thick tail on one end and a protruding tentacle on the other, projecting from something that resembled a head. It was this tentacle that grabbed the girls’ attention. And they weren’t surprised, nor scared, when Yaub told them to go down on all fours.

In the back of the laboratory, Aisha was on top of the special seat with one tentacle in her pussy and another one in her ass. The parasite in her brain was being destroyed.

The creature’s tentacle was thicker than Reilly’s arm and it was currently penetrating her ass so deeply, that the girl could feel it everywhere inside of her loins.

Kate was kneeling in front of Reilly, with her face a few centimeters from her friend’s, while Yaub delightfully pounded her pussy from behind. Kate was staring at Reilly’s eyes and saw them gradually lose focus as the pleasure of the anal penetration became overwhelming. She could only imagine what was going on inside of Reilly’s body but it most certainly was devastatingly blissful.

At that moment Kate realized that she forgot to ask what was the purpose of this experiment. And the question became more relevant when Kate saw a gush of fluid coming out of Reilly’s mouth and splashing on the floor. The fluid was too clear to be sperm but too abundant to be her own saliva.

“… it’s coming…” Reilly whispered.

“Is the monster cumming inside of you?” Kate asked, not sure what her friend meant.

Kate got her answer when she saw Reilly’s mouth opening wide and the tip of the fat tentacle emerging between her lips.

Under other circumstances she would be freaking out, but she had learned in the past couple of days that nothing was impossible, so she just stared at the slimy tentacle with awe.

Reilly’s eyes rolled back as more of the tentacle projected from her mouth and squirmed in the air, igniting her first orgasm of the night. Orgasmic spasms traveled across her body but the girl barely jolted since the massive tentacle didn’t allow it.

Kate’s only reaction to this impressive turn of events was to extend her tongue and lick the appendage that dangled in front of her face. She was already picturing that tentacle inside of her throat.

The tentacle was now jutting half a meter from Reilly’s mouth and without giving it too much thought, Kate grabbed the tip and engulfed it.

Yaub was still pumping Kate from behind and he could feel his climax approaching fast. More so when he watched his wonderful new girlfriend playing so fearlessly with the massive appendage.

Upon feeling the warmth of Kate’s mouth, the creature shoved its tentacle deeper into her body, passing thought her gullet and beyond. Now Kate’s eyes were losing focus and eventually rolling back from an overwhelming pleasure that assailed her mind.

The ravaging continued for a while. Yaub was on the verge of climax but he was holding it back for as long as possible. Something wonderful was about to happen and he knew it. Kate and Reilly’s consciousness was coming and going as their continuous orgasms merged with one another, seemingly endless. The girls’ faces were right in front of each other with theirs mouths connected by a fat reddish tentacle that was still gliding between theirs lips, coming out of Reilly and into Kate.

Kate was in the midst of climax when she felt her anus spreading wide open and the tip of the tentacle emerging from her ass. She couldn’t quite comprehend how this was possible but she didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was this limitless pleasure that now invaded every fiber of her body. This was exactly what she was expecting when she decided to stay with Yaub.

Yaub noticed the tentacle protruding from Kate’s ass. He grabbed it and pulled, increasing the pressure on his cock since Kate’s pussy started twitching even harder than before. It would remain his secret that this experiment serve no purpose other than providing the girls with the greatest sexual experience of their lives, hence convincing them to stay with him forever, the same way he did with Aisha several years ago.

It was true that he had saved Aisha’s people from extinction, but the woman was with him not only to repay the deed. She stayed because she couldn’t find this so much with anyone but Yaub.

Now Kate and Reilly were right in the middle of such pleasure and it was being imprinted in their susceptible, orgasmic minds. They would never find joy like this anywhere else.

It became too much for Yaub and he released his load of cum into Kate’s pussy. His balls pulsated over and over, filling the woman’s womb to the limit. There was a good chance that Kate might get pregnant but there was no harm in that. She would be the perfect mother for his offspring.

After he was done, Yaub retrieved his cock and a stream of cum escaped the woman’s twitching pussy, spilling onto the floor. Kate was barely conscious but she grunted when her lover pulled away from her.

The humanoid considered that the girls could have permanent brain damage if they remained for too long in this extreme state of arousal. It was lovely to see his new assistants bounded together by a tentacle that penetrated them all the way through, entering Reilly’s ass and coming out of Kate’s. But it was enough fun for today. He walked over to the creature and instructed it to retrieve its tentacle.

Kate’s entire body shuddered violently as the tentacle came back into her ass, glided throughout her loins by constricting and expanding its form as necessary until it came out of her mouth with a loud squelching sound. This was the ultimate sensation for Kate, who was staying upright by pure instinct, aiming to enjoy this ravaging to the last possible second.

Now it was Reilly’s turn. The girl’s mind was more gone than Kate’s and she was keeping her posture only because the tentacle was supporting her feeble body. The moment it vacated her ass, Reilly collapsed to the floor next to Kate. Despite all that she had experienced in the last couple of days, this session had been the most extreme by far.

Kate and Reilly laid next to each other for a while until the astonished girls regained her senses. They were thinking exactly the same thing. This had been the first experiment with one of Yaub’s creature and it had been mind-blowing. Who knows what was waiting for them in the near future.

“Did that just happened?” Reilly asked.

“It certainly did… and we will definitely do it again.” Kate responded.

This was their new life and they loved it.

The End.