The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Brainwave of Horror III

by Jafar

Added 31 October 2004

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A skeptical psychology professor helps a student come to terms with mysterious naked pictures of herself; a hypnotist’s show leaves people slipping off into trances, at the suggestible mercy of the people around them; and hypnotic suggestions take on a life of their own, using the people of a town as pawns in their competition to be the last suggestion standing.

Chapter Length Added
Prolog 624 words 31 Oct 2004
Caught 22734 words 31 Oct 2004
After the Show, Part 1 14461 words 31 Oct 2004
After the Show, Part 2 20364 words 31 Oct 2004
Epilog 406 words 31 Oct 2004