The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Breath of Power

Jim’s Just too Lucky:

“So you wanna know how it all started? That’s funny! I’m not even sure myself … Well, the best I can figure was that back in high school I had the most vivid dream, but my very being told me that it was real! I couldn’t remember it very well, but I never forgot how real it felt. After, almost too much went well for me, at least socially. I even got my first girlfriend, Jen. We had a lot of fun, but we broke up after high school. By the time I got to college, everything went to the extreme.”

This was already an odd story to be sure, but I told it to this women anyway in my rather bland apartment. Katy was her name. We had the same major at this grad school, but I never really new her until recently. She was doing some project on “charisma,” and she thought that I could help her out. In hindsight, I definitely understood why she asked me for my help, but I had no idea at the time. She was kinda cute, actually. She was slim, with soft light skin, very light brown hair and bright green eyes. I kinda liked her, and thats probably why I decided to help her out.

I gathered my thoughts, and continued: “It was Eva that really started everything. When we met in college I wanted her, and hell, I jerked off to her the night we met! She was so fucking hot with her voluptuously healthy body … Well, I’m sure you don’t need to hear more on that!”

I did not think I needed to describe Eva to Katy. She was so beautiful though. So sexy with her dark eyes. Her skin was light and flawless, while her tits were large and supple, her legs were long and smooth, with feet a remarkable size eleven. Her arches were high, and her toes were long. Usually she had her toenails done with a nice, natural gloss, but sometimes she had them done in a dark blue or black that contrasted oh so perfectly with her light skin. She was obsessed about keeping those feet clean too, even though she did had a tattoo of a red flower on the top of her smooth left foot. It was those feet that awakened my fetish, and hers too. Hell, I fucking loved every inch of her.

Katy adjusted herself in her chair, and I continued: “Early on, I learned how much she loved her feet to be rubbed. She didn’t admit to having a fetish at first, but we soon admitted how much we enjoyed her feet, and it was in that moment where our sex life truly ‘got off.’ At first we experienced the most glorious ecstasy by exploring this fetish. There was always licking, sucking, fucking, etc, but she always seemed one step ahead of me. We even had a threesome with one of her sexy friends (she was a slim redhead), which Eva actually asked for! And after, I know that we gave her friend a love for feet!

“I don’t know when it started, but she eventually began to enjoy her own feet more than I did! It was unexplainable … Eva eventually just stopped looking at me in the way she did early in our relationship. I remember a moment when I caught her naked, while using her feet to pleasure herself. I looked into that bedroom, and she didn’t even acknowledge my existence! The heal of her foot was rubbing her pussy lips, while she deep-throated her other. I remember drool dripping down her foot and cheek. She then slowly removed the foot from her stretched mouth, and gave it that look she used to give me: a look of love. Then she started to make out with the arch slowly and passionately. She rubbed her other foot on her pussy all the while, and came harder than I had ever heard her cum.” I shook my head.

“It was not long after that when she had a serious talk with me. We sat on our couch, and she said, ‘I’ve really been meaning talk to you about something, Jim,’ she said to me in her deep voice, while lightly stroking her bare feet that lay behind her. I asked her what this was all about. She answered, ‘Well, this is kinda hard for me to say. I never would’ve expected this. It is a little strange, but its true…’ I told her I would listen to anything she had to say, and she slowly continued, ‘I have … I’ve fallen in love with someone else. Well, two someone else’s, I guess.’ I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She then said with some confidence, ‘Well, they’re more ‘what’ … They’re my feet. Oh fuck it, I’m in love with my feet!’” I trailed off, realizing how surprised Katy looked, and perhaps as surprised as I was when first I heard the revelation.

“Messed up right? I mean, who falls ‘In love’ with their feet!? We kept in contact for a while, and last I heard, the “three” of them were doing just fine. Needless to say, that was my last serious relationship for a while. It was just too weird, you know?”

After I told her my story, Katy seemed off somehow. I think she even looked a bit turned on!

“That … that was not the story I expected!” she said somewhat shakily.

“What do ya’ mean?”

“Not sure. Lets meet up in the cafe tomorrow, or something, after I look this all over …”

The Awakening:

She had a pretty voice. After talking with her, I realized that I really did have a thing for her. I excitedly met up with her the next day. The cafe was just as generic as any other, though they did have a loose “college” theme. We soon found a table, and she said, “I don’t think this is all just ‘charisma.’ I think you have something more. I can’t explain it, but I can feel it! It’s too damn subjective … But maybe. Maybe, if I can see you affecting someone else. Control it, maybe. Then this whole thing might make sense,” she said out of breath, and somewhat disjointedly. I was intrigued, and I decided to go along with her little experiment.

“See those two women over there, the brunette and redhead?” she asked in a forced tone. “Yeah,” I answered. “Make them do something, anything,” she said quietly.

I looked over at them. They were pretty cute in their tube tops, short shorts, and flip flops. ‘Maybe I’ll get the redhead to briefly rub her thigh,’ I thought. I had no idea what to do at first, but then something happened. I started to exhale with those thoughts in mind. It was not air coming out of my lungs, and it felt kinda strange at first. It was not instant, but the redhead’s hand slowly moved to her thigh, and she gave it a couple of strokes. She had a strange look on her face while she did it, but did not seem fully notice what had happened. ‘These are … my Spores,’ I thought.

Using the same method, I had them both walk over to our table and sit down across from each other. The feel of the Spores was beyond strange, but their feel quickly grew on me, so to speak. When they walked over, I’ll always remember the blank look in their eyes. I had them start talking with us as if we were good friends. Katy looked pleased, but unsteady. I then reprogrammed their minds (an idea that sort of just came to me). I had them say, and believe that they loved to experiment, even though they really were straight. I then had them say that they had to go back to their dorm. I programmed the redhead to want to experiment with their feet when they got back. I was able to make her pretty horny too, and it showed! They would also not acknowledge our existence from that moment on.

I could not believe how easy it was. It was as if the very taste of my Spores broke down a human mind. Maybe they were already fucking each other, or just liked sex, but who knows? Though, It WAS exhilarating to control them!

When we got to their dorm, Brigit, the redhead, took the brunette’s, Angie’s, arm, and took her to a bed. “Angie, you know we’ve never done anything with our feet. I’m kinda horny, and I wanna try something knew!” Katy was clearly amazed at all this, but had not said a word since we left that cafe. Angie, sounding a little shocked said, “I don’t know. I’m not really into feet, you know.” Sexily and forcefully, Brigit said, “Just fuckin’ take your clothes off! I have so many ideas!” Brigit took her clothes off fast, but Angie took her time, as she clearly was not all that excited.

As I watched, I looked over at the pretty Katy. She was watching without protest, and hell, I think she was almost enjoying it! “What’s gonna happen next?” Katy quietly asked. “Just watch.”

When I answered, the bare women were already making out. They looked like real lovers, with so much passion in their moans! They pulled back, licked their lips, and Brigit asked, “Are you sure about this feet thing?” Angie crawled down to friends feet, and answered by licking her big toe. She started to massage and lick the soft foot. Brigit looked shocked, but let her continue. “UMMMM,” Angie loudly moaned. Breathing heavily, she slowly licked from heal to toe, and when she got to the toes, she shoved every last one into her mouth. In and out, in and out, she went as if it was a large cock. She gagged loudly, but seemed to enjoy every second of it.

She then pulled the soaked foot out of her mouth, and smiled with her droll dripping off her lips and Brigit’s foot. She took the foot, and lightly stroked her own wet pussy with it. She had a such mischievous smile on her face. Slowly, she then pushed the whole foot into her now dripping snatch. In and out she went like one whole cock, but better! Angie’s mouth was open wide, as it was something she had never felt before. There was more in her than she ever had before. She was in ecstasy. “That feels so weird Angie!” Brigit exclaimed. When she came soon after, it was the most remarkable scream I had ever heard.

“Fuck Angie! You really ARE into this!” she screamed while sitting up. “Fuck yeah! I’m gonna make you love this as much as I do!” Angie then pushed her friend down with her foot, and said, “Open wide!” She forced her foot deep into her friend’s mouth. Brigit gasped and gagged and even resisted, but did not stop her friend. Her lips cracked, as her friend’s small foot was forced inside her. When Angie had enough sucking, she slowly pulled her foot out. Angie had a disgusted look on her face. “Don’t worry sweet Brigit. By the time you cum, you will love this!” That was exactly as I had wanted, and I was amazed at how all of my commands were so easily followed through.

Angie slowly brought her wet foot down to her new lover’s pussy. “A little dry, I see. Good thing you lubed up my foot, Brigit!” she said with a devilish smile. With one toe at a time, her foot eventually fell into the pussy. In and out she went. “Oh God. Oh Fuck! ERRR!” There was more in her pussy then she ever had, and it was too much for her at first. But eventually, it all turned to pleasure. “Ummm,” she eventually moaned, “Your soft foot IS starting to feel good inside me! Oh fuck it … ummm, FUCK … FUCK ME HARDER, I CAN TAKE IT … OH, OH YEAH, I LOVE IT. DON’T FUCKIN’ STOP … OH OH FUCK … HUH FUH FUCK YEA … OH OH OH YAAAAAAAAAA, AHHHHHHHH AHHHH,” she came loudly. Brigit picked up the foot that had just pleasured her, and licked her own juices off of it. “Ummm, I can’t believe I resisted. Fucking delicious!”

Pleased with what I had done, Katy and I left. We decided to meet up later to discuss this further. It all seemed a bit too much for her. I could tell she was unintentionally affected by my Spores, and was resisting, at least for now.

A New Reality:

After using my Spores so extensively on those women, I started to understand my power. Images of that damned dream started to pop up again, but I still could not figure it out. Regardless, I now knew, or felt, that I could do almost anything. The feeling penetrated my soul. It was in that moment that I truly started to revel in my power.

Not long After, I got a call from Katy. Sounding much more in control, she told me to come over to her apartment. I was going to make sure we had some fun!

I got to her apartment fast. When she opened her door to let me in, I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw! Her light hair was free flowing and wild. She wore a tight fitting T-shirt that revealed her bare tits underneath, with short jean shorts, and flip flops. Her long, bare legs were light and smooth, and her feet, while having slight bunions, were not half bad either. My eyes were so fixed on Katy that I cared nothing about surroundings. She brought me over to her couch.

“How do you do it?” she said breathlessly.

“Its in my breath. My spores.”

“I have to know what it feels like. Do whatever the fuck you want to me. I just wanna be completely aware of it all!”

“Sure,” I said knowing how much fun we were going to have!

I breathed a command over to her so that she would take her clothes off, and she quickly obliged. “Wow! I never felt anything like that! I think I almost came!” she said surprised, while looking at her bare crotch. She looked great naked! My type may lean toward the voluptuous, but she pulled her slim figure off quite well. I then had her give me a wet kiss. She was good with her tongue, to say the least!

After we massaged our mouthes for long enough, I began to pour pure, non commanded Spores into her. She squirmed in my arms, and her eyes rolled back into her head. She was in pure ecstasy as I blew into her. She stopped fully breathing, and only inhaled while I poured. It was as if she was on the edge of orgasm, but could not reach it, nor did she seem to want to. I poured nearly everything I thought I had, and then pulled away.

She continued to inhale as she fell to her back. She began to shake violently. Her back arched, and she screamed in orgasm for an eternity. Her breathing was completely erratic after. Barely catching her breath she said, “That was … amazing … I can hardly breathe … I could actually feel the spores inside me!” I added, “We’ve just started.”

I then decided to go a bit further. I thought that I would give her a foot fetish. ‘It was all gonna lead to feet eventually,’ I thought. I blew the command over to her. I also command that sexy women’s feet would turn her bi, but she could become straight again if she wanted. Her eyes rolled back into her head again. I finished the reprograming within seconds. She was wide eyed, when she came back to her senses. “What did you do? I feel different.” I answered, “Look at your feet.” She looked down to then and slowly proclaimed, “WOW!”

Despite the small bunions, her feet really were quite pretty. She definitely turned bi by looking at them. She picked one up and started to massage it. “They’re so soft. Those wrinkles. I had no idea. I mean, I know you gave me this fetish. But fuck! Thank you!” She rubbed her feet so hard, and brought them close enough to smell them. She looked pleased, but when she tried to taste them, she realized that she was not flexible enough. “Please! Please, I have to taste them!”

At that, I nodded. This was to be the first time I changed someone physically, but I knew I could do it. I had her lie back, and I spread her soft legs. I then began to exhale my spores over her inner thigh with the command to highly increase her flexibility. She almost came as I blew so close to her moist pussy. As I shifted over to her other thigh, I continued to blow, and she came the moment my Spores hit her wanting pussy. When I reached her other thigh, I made it more flexible, as well. I went back to her pussy when I finished, and gave those wet lips a good kiss.

I licked my lips, and said, “You can taste them now.” Almost the instant after I said it, she grabbed her feet and licked and sucked them off with great intensity. She then looked at one, licked her lips, and shoved the whole thing in her mouth. With one still in her mouth, she grabbed her other foot, and rubbed the heel into her pussy. The sight reminded me of Eva, and I found myself more turned on than I thought possible. After she came yet again, I licked and sucked her soft heals, arches and toes. I then had her give me a footjob with her sexy arches. Up and down she went, as my cock was caressed inside her soft, tight footpussy. Damn it felt good! She was a natural with her feet. “I love using my footpussy!” Katy screamed. I came pretty hard from her strokes, and she lustfully licked my cum off her feet.

I then decided to see how far I could go by transforming her body so that it would resemble the full bodied Eva. I even decided to go as far as the only hair that she would have is the hair on her head, her eye brows and eye lashes. She was to be perfect. I brought her lips back to mine, and began to blow. She inhaled more deeply this time. She loved it. As I blew into her, I could feel her transform as she squirmed in my arms.

I kept my eyes open to see her transformation. Her body first grew to accommodate the more voluptuous body type. As her hight increased, her legs became longer, fuller, and better toned. Her hair then grew, and became even silkier than it already was. It then slowly darkened to a jet black, and shined. On my chest I felt her tits grow at least two sizes, almost pushing me back with their growth. Her feet grew, as well, gaining a sterner arch, longer toes, and toenails permanently pedicured with a dark blue color. Even the “tattoo” appeared on her left foot!

I pored more into her than I thought possible. I felt drained, and had to pull back. I was not sure if I had done enough to fully transform her body, but as I saw her complete the transformation before my eyes, I knew it was enough. “Eva!” I said in amazement. As the transformed Katy lay there unconscious, I knew that I had to fuck her. She was just that hot!

I felt her soft face and hair as I jerked off, and I lightly rubbed my cock on her pink lips. I then felt down her neck, and then to her soft hands, which I had cup and stroke my throbbing member. I then squeezed and sucked off her huge tits, before I rubbed my cock between them. Down to her moist pussy I went, and then commenced licking and sucking on her delicious pussy lips. I shoved my cock in there too, and humped her hard. She was still passed out!

I pulled out before I came. I then licked and felt her long, silky legs. Then I clamped my cock between her firm calves, and humped them until I finally came. After, I moved to her impossibly perfect feet. I licked, sucked, rubbed. They tasted so fucking good! Better than I remembered! I then clamped my cock between her perfect arches. The feel of every stroke, of every wrinkle of her sole, nearly made me cum. And when I came, it was hard and fast, as I screamed, “I LOVE YOU, EVA!”

After I screamed, Katy slowly started to come to her senses. “What … what did you do to me?” she asked drowsily. She stood up, and nearly fell over. I could see my cum dripping down her legs. She could barely walk at first, and stumbled greatly. Hell, she was barely even the same body type anymore! “Fuck! … You turned me into Eva didn’t you!” she said as she began to look at herself. “I had no idea how hot she was!” As she spoke I realized that her voice did not change into Eva’s, as it was exactly Katy’s. While she, more or less acted the same as before. Even her eyes were still bright green! I did just as Katy asked by ensuring that she was fully aware of it all, though I doubt she expected this extreme! She stumbled back to the couch looking amazed.

“Do like your new body?” I jokingly asked.

“I guess I am pretty hot now. I liked my old body though, but then again, I’ve never been so smooth. I mean, fuck … my feet combined are hotter than the rest of me. This is a body even women would drool over!”

“I can tell you like those feet.”

“Oh fuck, they are sexy!” She said as she grabbed then, and then licked and sucked.

“I know.”

“I see what happened to your ex now! FUCK, I love these feet! Better than anything I’ve ever wanted” she said as she devoured them.

“Do you want my power,” I asked as I felt my Spores regaining their strength within me.

“Yes,” she said with drool everywhere.

“Come here. Kiss me again, sweet Katy.”

We started to make out. Her mouth was exactly like Eva’s, especially with the taste of her feet in her spit. Well, it was Katy’s mouth now. I smiled diabolically, and started to pore. She started to only inhale like before, but did not squirm as much. I poured so much into her, and more than I ever thought possible. Though, I did not drain myself this time. I worked to fully transform her lugs so that they would excrete Spores at will, but she will always think that she could never truly control me with them … All right, I did do one thing that she was not fully aware of … When I finished, I pulled back.

“Can you feel my Spores inside you, my Katy?”

“Yes,” she answered exhaling spores at me.

“Ummm. They taste good coming from you.”

‘We are gonna have some fun,’ I thought. Oh, and I finally remembered that damned dream. I remembered the world of Pleasure, of her disciples, and of Bacchus. It was no dream. Pleasure knew that the Spores could threaten their power, so they converted my counterpart, and polluted the Spores with their power before he fully knew of their existence. There would be no one to rival my power here, in this world!