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Britley’s Indecent Proposal

Warning! The following story contains material of an adult nature and is intended for mature readers.

Britley had a difficult decision to make, the hardest one of her still young nineteen-year-old life. CD sales of her latest pop release were phenomenal at first, but did not sustain their momentum as expected by her record company. In front of her was an offer to star in a major motion picture with one caveat. She would have to put up several million of her own money to co-executive produce. The film was an extraordinary opportunity for her. More exposure and the potential to boost CD sales as well as a film soundtrack of new material. She couldn’t afford to pass it up. All she needed to do was come up with the money. The problem was there was a deadline and she didn’t have much time.

There were basically two choices in front of her, and both were dreadful. One was to take an adult men’s magazine’s offer of several million dollars to do a nude photo spread. The other was to seriously consider the outrageous offer of a businessman who offered millions of his own to spend one night with her. The magazine thing definitely could not happen. She was still a role model to millions of young girls and there was no way she would herself like that in front of millions of readers, despite the unparalleled publicity she would surely receive. Although she was assured the spread would be tasteful, she could not degrade herself that way. The thought of millions of men ogling and drooling over her pictures, and worse, was too much for her pretty blonde head to think about.

The alternative choice then was just as worse. To sleep with a complete stranger was abhorrent, especially when she already publicly vowed to keep her virginity until marriage. His offer initially disgusted her and she said so to the press when it came out. She basically said the person should take a cold shower and leave her alone. She thought and thought about it, and as time went on, the money began to weigh more heavily on her decision. She finally decided that there was only one way it would happen. There had to be complete confidentiality. If it ever came out, her image would be damaged beyond repair.

Britley finally called in her assistant, and told her to contact her publicist, her manager, her record company representative, and her attorney.

2 weeks later

Patrick Wade was quietly tingling with excitement. He couldn’t believe it when he received a call from Rave Records a week earlier concerning his big money offer to sleep with America’s most popular teen pop singer. He made the offer knowing the chances of it happening were slim to none, but there was always a chance. He had been infatuated with the pop star ever since he had seen her first video. He followed her career with great interest, and when she suddenly blossomed into a vivacious young woman, flaunting her innocent sexuality in revealing outfits, it was too much. Patrick wanted her even if it was for just one night. It especially intrigued him when she revealed that she was saving her virginity until marriage.

As a multi-millionaire, he had money to burn, and so he used his lawyer to contact her record company and made his stunning offer. The publicity was world wide, reminding some of the film in which a millionaire offers a young couple one million dollars to spend the night with the wife. Then came the statement from Britley herself, and his hopes were dashed. But at least he got her attention. And now here he was, on his way up to the law firm offices of the attorneys who represented Britley, carrying an agreement that had been delivered by courier to his office a few days earlier.

When he stepped out of the elevator into the foyer, he was met by a receptionist, who led him to a large meeting room. He took a seat on one side of an immense conference table, feeling vulnerable and strange without his own attorney present. But as part of the agreement, no one was to even know he was here. A few minutes later, a slender blonde wearing a tailored suit gray suit and high heel pumps stepped in and took a seat across from him.

“Mr. Wade, good afternoon.” She said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice, not bothering to shake his hand. She seemed in a testy mood. “My name is Brenda Fawcett. I represent the artist in this matter. I assume you’ve read over the agreement.”

“Yes I have.” Patrick said simply. He was amused by her mood, knowing that she probably found all this distasteful. The fact that she was extremely attractive made it all the more enjoyable for him.

“I’d like to go over some of the details with you so that there are no misunderstandings.”

“Absolutely.” Patrick said with a smile, which unnerved Brenda immensely.

“First, the location of the meeting will remain a secret until the day it happens. Then you will be picked by our people and taken to a predetermined address. The artist will be there, as well as a security person and myself.”

“Great.” He said, staring straight into her eyes, giving her a nervous feeling again.

“Once there, you will have one hour to spend with the artist. This is to make her as comfortable as possible. You may converse about anything other than the subject of sex.”

“All right.”

“Then you and the artist will move to a bedroom.” Brenda continued. “The lights will remain off. The artist will undress and enter the bed first while you have your back turned. Then you will undress and enter the bed.”

Patrick continued nodding as he followed along in the written agreement.

“When the act of sex takes place, you will be required to wear a condom. The artist will provide her own lubricant. There will be no kissing. There will be no fondling, rubbing, grabbing or touching of any of the artist’s body. The only parts that will touch are the one’s necessary for copulation. In this case, the artist will be on top.”

“May I ask why?”

“Because this will cause the least amount of bodily contact. The artist may place her hands on you however. You will not be on top, is that understood?”

“Yes.” Patrick answered, already visualizing the scene, which was getting him aroused.

“The sex act itself will last thirty minutes, or until you ejaculate, whichever comes first.” Brenda said. This was one of the sticking points of the agreement. Patrick wanted at least an hour of fucking, and Britley wanted as little as possible, first suggesting five, then ten, then fifteen minutes. When Patrick finally gave a take it or leave it counter offer of thirty, reminding them of the money involved, Britley finally relented and accepted.

Patrick was sitting back, rocking comfortably in his chair, and enjoying the obvious discomfort of the beautiful lawyer in across of him as she read him the rules of engagement. All the while he wondered what she looked like naked.

“Remember that there will also be absolutely no oral contact like kissing, and of course that includes any form of oral sex, given or received. Let me also make it clear, Mr. Wade, that if at any time, the artist becomes too uncomfortable and does not wish to continue, she may so choose on her own behalf. There will be absolutely no force taken on your part. If the artist is hurt in any way, other than the pain caused by the loss of her virginity, than you will be liable for damages in excess of ten million dollars.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, Ms. Fawcett.” Patrick said with a crooked smile. “But I have to say that I never realized how cold and impersonal this all sounds when you say it out loud like this.”

Brenda ignored his grating sarcasm and continued, “Finally, once the act has taken place, then you and artist will ‘spend the night together’ as stated in this agreement. That means that she will sleep on one side of the bed, and you on the other, and all effort will be made by you not to touch her in way shape or fashion.”

“That might be a little tough. I like to cuddle.” Patrick chuckled. “I’m joking of course.”

Brenda looked at him, shivered slightly and went on. “You will wire the determined monetary amount to the escrow account agreed upon herein within twenty four hours of the singing and notarization of this agreement. Once the act has taken place to the satisfaction of both parties, we will then take receipt of those same monetary funds into a blind trust fund set up for the artist. By the way, we also received the test results from our physician and he has determined that you are drug and disease free.”

“Okay. Is that it?” Patrick said, with a hint of weariness in his voice.

“Yes, Mr. Wade, that’s it.” Brenda said, picking up on his attitude. “Do you have any questions about any of this?”

“Call me Patrick.” He said with his most charming smile. “And yes, I do have a quick question. Will ‘the artist’ be wearing that same porn star dress that she wore on the television special? You know, the one with the slits in the side and the high heels?”

“Before we sign these papers, Mr. Wade.” Brenda said with a sneer in her tone. “I just want to say something off the record.”

“By all means.”

“I just want you to know how much I find all this vile, indecent, degrading and immoral. This is a terrible position for you to be putting this young girl in.”

“Sorry you feel that way, Ms. Fawcett. But it’s her choice isn’t it?” Patrick said, looking her straight in her clear blue eyes. “And don’t worry, there will only be one position that I will be putting that young girl in, just like we agreed. On top.”

“You’re despicable.” Brenda hissed, turning slightly pink in the cheeks.

“You know, Ms. Fawcett, it’s a good thing you caught me on a good day.” Patrick began as his eyes narrowed and his expression suddenly turned slightly dark. “Otherwise, I would show you a thing or two about indecent and degrading. Believe me when I tell you that I could make you take those words back in your mouth... and swallow them.”

Brenda suddenly felt a chilling shiver go through her and was then overcome with the sudden, strange urge to... There was flash of animalistic attraction toward him that she could not comprehend. Then she caught herself and glared at Wade, and quickly slid the original copy of the agreement across for him to sign. “Let’s just get this over with.”

Patrick took the agreement, removed a Mont Blanc pen from his jacket pocket, and scrawled his signature, all while never taking his dark eyes off the shaken attorney.

1 week later

Patrick waited patiently in of the VIP suites of New York City’s exclusive Empire Hotel, where rooms usually began at a thousand dollars a night. He had been given short notice that morning and was picked up by a car to arrive at a particular time in the hotel lobby, where he was met by a bulky gentleman, who led him up the elevator and showed him into the plush suite. He was searched for weapons and recording devices, none of which he was carrying. Now he was alone, helping himself to a bottle of water from the bar, where he noticed all the alcohol had been removed. It seemed like they had taken every precaution possible, and he had to admire their thoroughness, but inside he knew they were grossly unprepared, and he smiled to himself.

The door to the adjacent suite suddenly opened and in walked Brenda Fawcett, followed closely by the security man, who eyed him cautiously but suspiciously. His adrenaline began to pump overtime, and he knew Britley was probably in the next room.

“Mr. Wade, she’s ready and waiting in the next suite. You can go in now. Remember, this gentleman and I will be right here in this room until tomorrow morning.”

“Splendid.” Patrick said as he gave Brenda a knowing wink and an unnerving smile, which made her take a step back nervously, the strange sensation of attraction and slight arousal coming over her again and making her uncomfortable. She even felt her nipples harden under her blouse. There was a tinge of jealousy as she watched him walk past toward the adjoining suite to meet Brenda’s young client, ultimately to have sex. For a moment, she couldn’t help but imagine that it was her having sex with him, not Britley.

Brenda’s daydream vision vanished as suddenly as it appeared when Patrick told her before he left and closed the door behind him, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

* * *

Britley, sitting in a plush white couch, shapely legs crossed, nervously tapping one high heel, looked up as Patrick entered the room. She had seen a photograph that her publicist had shown her, but nothing prepared her for seeing him in person. He reminded her of a young actor whose name she couldn’t recall. He had brooding, handsome features and dark shoulder length hair. With his stylish charcoal black wool tailored suit and deep blue silk tie, she didn’t take him for a multi-millionaire businessman.

He looked too young, but when he came closer, Britley noticed a harder edge around his pale gray eyes as he approached her. She stood up quickly to greet him and all while cursing her personal stylist for making the dress she now wore, absently tugging down at the extremely short hem to cover as much of her thighs as she could. She would never have worn it unless it hadn’t been agreed to, as well as having her hair and makeup done before this meeting.

“Hello, Britley.” Patrick said as he extended his hand. “I’m Patrick Wade.”

Britley took it smiling nervously as she mumbled, “Um, hi.”

Patrick took a seat next across from Britley while she sat back down on the couch, staring at Patrick and then looking away quickly as she wondered what in the world to say to someone that would be paying millions to have sex with her. She quickly blocked that thought out of her mind and decided for now to treat him like just another fan.

“So, um, have you heard my new CD?” Britley asked, making self-centered small talk.

“Yes, I have.” Patrick answered.

“Um, what did you, uh, think of it? I’m, um, just curious.”

“It was very good.” Patrick said. He didn’t want to spoil the moment and tell her that he thought most of it was mindless drivel.

“I’m doing so much promotion right now.” Britley said. “It’s so crazy. you know?”

“Yes. You must be selling a lot of CD’s.”

“To be honest, um, not as much as I’d like.”


“Yea, um, that’s why I have to take advantage of any, uh, exposure I can, you know?”

Patrick paused before asking, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Um, sure, I guess.” Britley said, dreading what was for sure to be an embarrassing question.

“Why did you finally accept my offer?”

Britley took a deep breath and rolled her big brown eyes as her soft cheeks blushed. “Oh, gosh, um, I was hoping, uh, you wouldn’t ask me that.”

“Come on.” Patrick urged her gently. “You can tell me.”

Deciding she might as well tell him, Britley let out a big sigh and finally relented with an embarrassed giggle. “All right, if you really want to know. I have a chance to star in a movie, but, um, I have to co-produce it. That means I have to come up with some of the money myself. A lot of people think that because I sold a ton of CD’s, you know, that I have millions of dollars to burn. But a lot of that money goes back to the record company, into promotion, management and all kinds of stuff that I don’t even want to know about.”

“Oh, I understand completely.” Patrick said. “I’ve done a few movie deals myself.”

“Really?” Britley asked, forgetting for a moment that this man was here for but for one reason, to take her virginity.

Patrick smiled and nodded at her. She was far better than he expected. Full of young innocence despite her wardrobe and sexy look. He wondered what kind of image consultants pushed their ideas of having this young girl dress in revealing outfits, ostensibly to attract impressionable young girls as well as pubescent boys, and even men, who saw her as either an ingenue or a total tease. It was brilliant exploitative marketing, the kind that ultimately attracted her to him. Now she was a few feet away, finally in his reach. Now it was time for the ultimate moment of truth. He looked at the teenage girl, staring deeply into her large innocent eyes, probing with his power of control. The power that had moved others to his will and made him what he was today, one of the wealthiest men in the world. It was only because he chose not to draw unwanted attention that he was not the wealthiest of all.

It was now time to push a few buttons.

“Can I tell you something?” Patrick said as he held her suddenly startled look. Something seemed to click on inside her head, and now she was listening to him with rapt attention.


“This is not going to be as bad as you might think.” Patrick told her with a grin. “Believe me, by the time we’re done, you won’t believe how you’ll feel.”

Britley didn’t like the sound of that, and glanced at the closed door to the adjacent suite anxiously, as if hoping her attorney and the security guard would come in at any moment.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Fawcett is in the next room, but she is going to be occupied while you and I have our time together.”

“Mr. Wade...” Britley started to say, wanting to tell him that she was feeling very uncomfortable about all of this, to tell him that it wasn’t worth the money after all, but she couldn’t make her lips say the words. Something unexplainable was happening to her, and she was unable to comprehend what it was. Oddly, she found herself feeling slightly feverish, although just moments ago she was feeling perfectly fine.

Patrick noticed the blank stare on her face, as if she had lost her train of thought. He knew she was succumbing to his mental manipulation, and prompted her “What were you going to say Britley?”

The first words that came to her mind were ‘I want you.’ She gasped softly at the thought and turned pink, suddenly wringing her hands together in her lap. “I...don’t know.”

Patrick smirked at her. “Are you feeling all right? You looked flushed.”

“ think...” Britley stuttered, losing her cool. “I feel...weird.”


“Um, yea.” Britley said softly, closing her eyes for a moment, trying to clear her head. She was struggling with the sudden feelings of arousal stirring deep inside her stomach. ‘What’s happening to me? I can’t believe this.’ She thought to herself. She wondered why all of a sudden she was feeling the urge to kiss Patrick, and it was making her blush again. She looked at him and smiled nervously, like a schoolgirl. When she tried to look a way, her eyes kept drawing themselves back to him. All at once, her body tensed up and a shiver went through her, making her skin tight and her nipples plump under the sheer material of her dress.

“Oh, gosh.” Britley whispered as her big eyes fluttered. There was a warm feeling between her legs that she could not avoid. Her hands her gripping the cushions of the couch now, and Patrick looked on with obvious delight. Make no mistake, the vivacious young pop star was getting hot and bothered.

“Britley.” Patrick said to her.

“Um, yes?” She asked, looking at him with softness in her eyes.

“Would you like me to come and sit next to you?”

Britley hesitated for a moment, her mind vacillating between fear and wanting. Finally she gave a whispery reply, blushing again. “Um, yes.”

Patrick rose slowly, never taking his eyes off Britley, smiling at her tentativeness as he approached her and sat next to her. She turned immediately toward him, as if only waiting for his very next words.

“I want you to do something for me.” Patrick said.

Britley nodded.

“Take it.” Patrick said as he held out his hand, palm up.

Britley slowly reached up with her own hand and placed it on his. Her body jumped slightly and she let out a breath of air when she came in contact with him, like a mild but warm tremor. Patrick leaned close to her until he was only inches from her beautiful soft face, and asked her, “Do you want me to kiss you?”

Britley felt her heart beat swift in her chest, her body tingling with a sudden adrenaline rush. At that moment, she wondered why she was giving in to this. This man was paying to sleep with her. She didn’t love him, and she wasn’t married to him. All she knew at that moment was how much she wanted him. Try as she might, she could not resist him. Even though deep down she knew this was in not the agreement.


“Would kissing me be the most important thing in your life at this moment?”


“Would you do anything for me to kiss you?”

“Yes.” Britley groaned. This was torture.

“Then you have to do everything I say from now on.”

“What?” Britley asked, confused at first by his words. Her head was spinning; totally oblivious to the fact that Patrick was feeding her mind with emotional urges, which in turn forced her body to respond with building arousal and responsiveness to him.

“You’ll do whatever I ask, won’t you Britley?”

“Yes!” She exclaimed when she finally comprehended what he was saying. Her body was warmer and her breathing became harder. She wanted him badly. “I’ll do anything.”

“That’s good, Britley.” Patrick said as he casually unbuttoned his jacket. “Now this is what I want you to do first. Put your hand on my lap.”

Britley blinked her innocent eyes and swallowed. Her body was hot now, almost at the point of perspiration, and she tried to hold herself together before she became totally unglued. ‘What is he doing to me?’ She asked herself.

“Omigod...I can’t.” Britley moaned.

“Of course you can.” Patrick said. “Because you want to kiss me remember?”

Britley whimpered and watched while her hand seemed to move by itself, first to his thigh, then slow and shaking upward until it rested on just below his belt on his crotch. She looked at him to see his response, as if seeking approval.

“Good.” Patrick said. “Now unbuckle and unzip my slacks.”

“Mr. Wade, please...” Britley pleaded, trying to fight his suggestion.

“You want to do it, Britley.” He told her calmly. “Just do it.”

Britley moved both hands together now, first unbuckling his leather belt and then tentatively grasping the zipper, as if it was hot to the touch. Finally she began to move it downward until it stopped. She was breathing quickly through her pert nose, her body almost shivering. Her emotions were in overdrive, aroused beyond normal. She now had to fight the urge to reach in and grab him.

“Take it out.”

Britley looked at him, stunned. She still had vague remembrances of the agreement, and her instinct was still telling her to resist, but it was becoming more and more hopeless. She looked at his lips, and the desire to touch them with her own forced her respond with his commands. She slipped her hand into the opening of his boxer shorts until she felt his hardness. It leapt in her hand and it frightened her at first, but then she became fascinated as she brought it out into the light. She flushed pink and looked away, and then glanced back at Patrick, who merely grinned at her.

“Do you know what I want you to do now?” He asked the anxious teen.

Britley, who held his thick and hardening cock in her soft hand, shook her head ‘no.’

“I want you to kiss it and put it your mouth.”

* * *

Brenda Fawcett had no idea what had come over her lately. Ever since she had met Patrick Wade, she had been overcome with surging feelings of arousal. She was in the prime of her sexual life, and she had never been as perpetually horny as she was right now. She had called an old boyfriend the night before, and when he arrived, she gave him the fuck of a lifetime, and then threw the bewildered lover out of her home. All she could think about while making love to him was Patrick Wade, and it infuriated her.

Now she sat relaxing in a lavish hotel suite with no one but a burly body guard, and now she had the distinct urge to fuck him too. All her client, a wildly successful teen pop star, was in the next room with a man who wanted to sleep with her for millions of dollars. It was too much to think about.

Brenda decided she had to have a drink. Then she remembered all the alcohol had been removed and became more frustrated than ever.

“Is there anything wrong Ms. Fawcett?” The security man asked.

“What’s your name?” Brenda asked him, just realizing that she didn’t know his name.

“Steve.” He said, slightly taken aback by her sudden interest in him.

“Steve, would you be a dear and call room service to bring up a bottle of scotch.”

“Sure.” Steve said as he picked up the telephone and dialed the hotel operator. He glanced over at Brenda, who was staring strangely at him, like a cat sizing up its prey.

* * *

Patrick Wade was in ecstasy, sitting back comfortably on the couch while the blonde head of the nineteen-year-old was bobbing up and down on his lap. She had followed his commands and instructions perfectly, and eager student, absolute in her submissiveness. Nearly gone were any hesitant feelings about what she was actually doing. Giving head to a total stranger who happened to be a millionaire. She began to wonder why she had any misgivings about any of this. He tasted wonderful in her mouth, and she couldn’t get enough of him. In the back of her mind, it was knowing that every act she performed would get her that much closer to her ultimate goal. To kiss him, and she couldn’t wait.

Patrick liked the way she stroked his cock while she slurped and licked vigorously, cupping his swollen balls softly with her other hand, making low moaning sounds as she sucked. When he felt about to erupt, he lifted her head up by the chin and looked down into her bright brown eyes, telling her, “I want you to stop for a minute.”

“Am I doing it right?” Britley asked worriedly, not wanting to disappoint him even for a second.

“Yes. You’re great.” Patrick assured her. “I want you to stand up in front of me now.”

Britley immediately got up, wondering why he wanted her to stand instead of letting her suck his cock more. She loved his cock.

“Hike up your dress.” Patrick said deviously. “I want to see you have under there.”

Britley smiled embarrassedly and giggled. “Mr. Wade! I’m not supposed to let you see anything. Remember the agreement?”

“Forget all that, Britley. Just do it what I told you.” He said, more forcefully.

Britley’s face took on an expression of a girl who knew she was doing something naughty, and reached down for the hem of her minidress and slowly began to lift it up until the bottom of her sheer white panties began to peek out from beneath.

Patrick was rock hard as he watched Britley reveal her most intimate area. Her smooth tanned legs looked perfectly edible against the white material of her panties. He reached up and cupped her, making Britley tingle with pleasure and giggle. Then her giggle changed into a soft moan as Patrick massaged her.

“Ummmmmm!” Britley sighed with pleasure, closing her eyes as she gripped her dress tight against her waist while Patrick pressed his fingers against her. She was unprepared when he suddenly gripped the top of her panties and yanked down enough to slip his hand underneath the material and cup her warm trim mound. “Unnnnh!”

“Are you really a virgin, Britley?” Patrick asked as he teased her, reaching around with his other hand and finding to his delight that Britley wore a thong to hide her panties lines under the minidress. He gripped her ass cheek tight as he continued fingering.

Britley sighed and nodded with a faint, “Um, humm.”

“Take off your dress.” Patrick said. “I want to see the rest of you now.”

“Mr. Wade. I’m not sure if...”

Patrick gave her ass a sharp swat and said, “Do it!”

“Yes, Mr. Wade,” Britley said submissively, slightly afraid, yet turned on by his outburst. She pulled the dress up slowly and carefully up until it was over her head. Then she let it drop to the floor as she shook her mussed hair back in place. Her body was really tingling now as the she felt the cool air on her skin.

Patrick looked up at her chest, packed into a sheer sports bra, nipples hard and poking out. Britley seemed ton between proud and embarrassed by revealing herself like this.

“Take off the bra.”

Britley gulped again. More and more her normal resistance was broken down, and she felt her fingers reaching back behind her as she thought why she was doing this. When the bra fell away, Patrick stared at the perfect pair of round breasts and smiled wide at Britley, telling her, “I guess the rumors of a breast implant were false after all.”

“Play with them.”

Britley was surprised by his request, but she complied, reaching up to cup them in her warm hands, following Patrick’s suggestions to pinch and squeeze the nipples. Soon she was moaning as she massaged her ample mounds while Patrick continued fingering her now moist opening. She felt her knees get weak and she could hardly stand now, but Patrick hadn’t told her it was all right to sit down, so she stood as best she could.

“I think I’m ready to fuck you now, Britley,” Patrick said lasciviously, and then smiling when the word seemed to shock the young teen with a gasp. Her whole body seemed to blush and he was enjoying every moment of it.

“Please, Mr. Wade...” Britley whimpered.

“Please what?”

“Please” fuck me now.” She pleaded, struggling with the words she had always been told were not to be spoken by a proper young girl.

“Go to the bedroom and wait for me.” Patrick said as he released her. “I’ll be there soon.”

“Please! Come with me!” Britley whined as she watched him get up in front of her, zip his pants up and buckle his belt. “Where are you going?”

“Listen to me, I want you to do just what I was doing.”

“To myself?”

“Yes.” Patrick said as she stroked her pink cheek. “You think of me and how hot I make you, and what will happen when I kiss you.”

Britley, her body practically shivering with excitement, reluctantly turned and headed straight for the bedroom as Patrick admired the sensuous wiggle of her walk, her ass jiggling as she strutted away wearing nothing but her panties, high heels, and a thin gold ankle bracelet. He was going to really enjoy fucking that sweet piece of ass of America’s pop sweetheart.

But first he had something to do.

* * *

Brenda was as hot and bothered as she had ever been. Here she was, in a posh hotel suite, slightly tipsy from her scotch and water, staring at a man in a dark suit as he waited patiently for something to happen or something to do. She downed the last of her drink, and mustered enough courage to get up and walk over to the security guard. He stood stock still as the lithe blonde strolled up to him with a nasty look in her eye. His mouth turned up at the corner in a sly grin. He was hoping for this. The night would not be a total waste after all.

Brenda sidled up to Steve and leaned up to whisper in his ear, “I really want to fuck you.”

She then leaned up and planted her lips on his mouth and tongue kissed him vigorously. Steve responded by reaching around her waist and pulling her close to embrace her. They both got so into it that neither of them heard Patrick as he stepped in the room, smiling as if this was what he expected to find all along.

“I told you not to do anything I wouldn’t do.” Patrick said, which caused Brenda to gasp in surprise and leap back away from Steve, all while wiping at her mouth and absently straightening her blouse like a teenager who had been caught making out by her parents.

“What are you doing in here?” Brenda demanded to know. “What happened?”

“Nothing. Calm down.” Patrick said, and then glanced at Steve and said off-handedly. “We won’t be needing you anymore.”

Steve, taken aback by Wade’s bold remark, seemed to puff up with indignation, turning to Brenda, who was staring intently at Patrick.

“Say’s who?” Steve asked with intimidation in his voice.

“Tell him Brenda.” Patrick said.

Brenda was at a loss for words at first, caught up in Patrick’s hard stare. Finally she was able to utter, “We won’t be needing you anymore."’

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. Please leave now.” Brenda said, barely acknowledging him.

Steve was infuriated, angry at Wade’s disdain for him, but even more frustrated that he wouldn’t be able to fuck his hot little employer, Ms. Fawcett.

“Fuck this!” Steve said as he stalked out of the room and slammed the door behind him.

Patrick was now able to turn his full attention to the nervous blonde lawyer standing before him, wringing her hands.

“ you want?” Brenda asked.

“We’re going to have a little chat.” Patrick said as he approached Brenda, who stepped backwards slowly. “But first I want you to take that blouse off.”


“You heard me. Take off your blouse.”


Patrick stared hard at her and said ominously, “It wouldn’t do any good to resist me.”

Brenda found it was true. The more she struggled to resist, the more she found herself complying with his demands. It was as if she had no will of her own, the mere sound of his words controlling her hands as they reached up to begin undoing her satin blouse.

“How are you... doing this?” Brenda wanted to know as she opened her top, revealing a lace bra cupping her pert breasts underneath.

“That’s a long boring story.” Patrick said. “Now shut up and take off your bra.”

Brenda tensed at his abrasiveness. She found herself becoming more and more aroused by his strong and commanding attitude. Her chest seemed to swell as she unsnapped the hook between them and opened the cups to let them fall before his appreciative eyes.

“Very nice Brenda.” Patrick said as he reached up and cupped them, making Brenda sigh and shiver at his warm touch. Then she let out a small moan as he massaged them. Just when she closed her eyes and began to give in to the pleasurable fondling, he turned her around roughly, pushed her over to the couch, and bent her over.

Brenda gasped loudly when Patrick took her short skirt and hiked it up over her quivering ass and then grasped her panties to yank them down around her thighs. Her tense body responded to his rough treatment and she grabbed onto the sofa as Patrick unzipped his pants and took his cock out as he held Brenda down firmly with one hand at the back of her slender neck. Soon, he found her opening, which had already become dripping wet.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Brenda screamed out when Patrick entered her hard and fast, penetrating her tight walls deeply and felling her with his thick shaft. Patrick then proceeded to thrust into Brenda with hard force, his hips slapping up against her taut ass cheeks, grabbing onto her curly blonde locks, which were tousled around her head, and grasping a handful of her ass while he pumped her.

“Now listen good, Brenda.” Patrick hissed between grunts. “Our little agreement has now become null and void. Tomorrow you’re going to write up a new agreement. First off, I’ll be producing Britley’s movie myself. After I’m done here with you, I’m going to go into the next room and take my turn with Britley, and I’m going to do her every way imaginable, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Right now she’s fingering herself on the bed and dying for me to get back. Did I tell you she’s already sucked me off once, just like you’re going to do in a minute?”

“No.” Brenda whimpered. “You can’t. She’s just a teenager.”

“She’s a little tease, and she’s going to get everything that’s coming to her. My management company is going to take over contract. My people will be directing her career from now on. I think she’ll be doing that magazine spread soon after all. Then, we’ll do another film, where Britley does a great nude sex scene. Maybe throw in a nice lesbian-kissing scene too. I think we’ll change her image a little as we go. More adult-oriented.” Patrick said as he gave Brenda several hard deep thrusts, which made the couch scrape across the hardwood floor while Brenda groaned in ecstasy.

Suddenly, Patrick pulled out and yanked Brenda up and spun her around to face him. After sticking his tongue in her mouth to soften her up, he shoved her down to her knees and told her, “Open.”

Brenda parted her lips, meaning to protest, but all she could manage was a muffled, “Ummmpfflggh!” as Patrick rammed his cock in her mouth. She could feel herself inexplicably becoming wild with passion as she felt him invade her opening. She was so turned on that she immediately wanted to deep throat him.

“Suck it good, Brenda.” Patrick said as he grabbed her by the hair and pumped her warm mouth, which she began to suckle eagerly. Her expert oral stimulation got to Patrick, and soon he quickly unloaded and spilled down her throat “That’s it. Get every bit of it.”

When he was done, he pulled out and straightened himself up as Brenda looked up at him breathlessly, licking a drop of come from the edge of her bottom lip. She then pleaded with Patrick, “Please fuck me again, Patrick. I didn’t get to come.”

“You can entertain yourself while I go and do your client.” Patrick said callously as he straightened his coat and tie and left Brenda trembling on the floor, aching to be taken.

* * *

Britley had her eyes shut tight, teeth clenched in a grimace as she plunged her delicate fingers inside the slick opening between her legs, desperately trying to bring herself to orgasm as she fantasized of Patrick making love to her. She wanted him so bad it hurt. ‘I wish he was here right now.’ She thought to herself. ‘I want him so bad.’

When Patrick walked into the room, removing his jacket and then his tie, Britley wasn’t even aware of it, she was so into masturbating herself. Patrick smiled at her naked form on the bed, writhing madly while he removed his shoes, shirt, pants, underwear and socks. Then he climbed into bed with the pretty blonde moaning teen.

“Patrick!” Britley exclaimed with surprise when she felt him on her. She embraced him quickly as he moved in between her trembling thighs. She never wanted anything more in her life than for Patrick to fuck her right this second.

Patrick obliged Britley’s aching and clawing body. She pulled him into her as he mounted her tight pussy. Britley let out a high-pitched squeal as Patrick’s cock broke her in and filled her to the hilt, taking her precious virginity. The initial stab of pain was then replaced by utter ecstasy, as Patrick began humping her, and Britley returned his pelvic thrusts with her own, meeting him until they both found a comfortable rhythm. He proceeded to lay into Britley hard, nailing her deep into the bed. After several grunting minutes, he got up into a different position on his knees and threw Britley’s ankles up on his shoulders and rammed her with force, causing her flexible dancer’s body to flail from the penetrating stabs while he grabbed her pert breasts and squeezed them hard.

“Ooooooooouuuuunnnnnnhhh!!” Britley groaned while Patrick had his way with her, her hips bucking up and down on his cock as it impaled her. She grabbed the pillow under her head and squeezed it in her fists, biting her lip and arching her head back. She had never felt anything so incredible and mind-blowing. But after many more minutes of the excruciating ecstasy, she couldn’t find release.

Patrick savored every moment with the fresh-faced teen, flipping her pliable body around in several different positions, bringing her to the edge of climax and then holding back, frustrating her increasing desire to orgasm. She was slowly being driven wild with erotic sensations in her body and mind, until she was literally bouncing off the walls.

“Listen to me Britley,” Patrick as he grabbed her by the hair and whispered in her ear as he fucked her from behind. “You’re mine now. Everything you do from now on is for me. Do you understand?”

“Yessssssss!” Britley moaned, grabbing onto the sheets as she met his thrusts.

“Do you want to come now?”

“Yes! Please! God! Yes!”

“I’m going to kiss you now, and you’re going to feel like you’ve never felt before.”

“Please Patrick! Unnnnnnnnh!” Britley screamed

Patrick turned her head back and kissed Britley deeply and sensuously, and she came alive in his grasp, her body tensing like a live wire as a throbbing orgasm shook her being. In turn, Patrick exploded deep within her, thrusting deep as he climaxed, arching Britley backward and up until her back was bowed. He gave her several hard and fast thrusts before he expired with heaving gasps, finally turning over onto his back to catch his breath while the exhausted Britley lay moaning and gasping next to him, her tanned young body covered with a sheen of perspiration, trembling on the wet sheets.

As Patrick slowly recovered from the intense fucking, his mind was already moving forward into the future. Britley was to be the first of his stable of hot young singers to exploit for his own financial gain as well as personal pleasures. Then next would come Christina...then Jessica...then Mandy...