The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Building a New Home

By Farleven

Chapter 1

It was the end of summer, the heat hadn’t gone away, but it was coming time for the new school year to start. These were the days to be savored, the last moments of lazy summer days before heading back. It was a fact not lost on the three girls happily strolling their way through suburbia on their way to another afternoon at the local pool.

Jenny, Bell, and Wendy were all pretty much normal eighteen year old girls, enjoying the waning days of summer vacation. They were all gearing up for their freshman year at college, an adventure in its own right. Unfortunately, they were all going to different schools, but for now they were together and weren’t about to waste their final days before leaving for school.

As they neared the pool, a rugged and very serious looking man stepped out into the sidewalk in front of them. He looked them over sharply, obviously taking note of their supple curves, before cracking a very wicked looking smile.

“Excuse me, do you need something?” Jenny hissed. She certainly didn’t like being gawked at like this, and the strange man was still blocking their way.

“Oddly enough, yes, but don’t worry about it. All things come in their own time, miss.” The man pulled a hand out of his pocket, opened it palm up and blew a cloud of dust into the girls’ faces.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” Bell coughed along with her friends.

“Nothing you need to bother your little head about. Good day.” The man smiled again and strolled off as if he did this kind of thing every day.

The girls looked at each other.

“Everybody okay?” Wendy asked. After a brief coughing fit from the dust she felt just fine, but was certainly worried about whatever it was that she’d just breathed in.

Jenny and Bell nodded their heads. They turned to look for the man, but he’d already strolled away. It certainly was an odd occurrence, but nothing seemed wrong now, so the trio continued on for their day in the sun.

Chapter 2

The incident on the sidewalk was quickly forgotten and the girls went about their day. There was far too much happening in these final days of summer to worry themselves with something that seemed little more than a strange occurrence.

So it came as something of a shock to Jenny when she saw the man again a few days later as she was taking a jog around her neighborhood. He was walking towards her on the sidewalk, and his face lit up as he saw Jenny bouncing towards him. Jenny wasn’t the most beautiful girl around, but she was far from ugly. Her face was rounded, soft and basically cute, which complemented a nicely rounded figure well. It’d be hard pressed for any man to not appreciate her body, and Jenny was well aware of the fact. It didn’t hurt any that her jogging clothes were rather skimpy and clung to her well-toned legs and bouncing breasts.

It took Jenny a moment to recognize the man she was jogging up to. For a moment she considered going to the other side of the road, but she didn’t want to look like she was afraid of this guy. Besides, it was the middle of the day, he could hardly try anything that would hurt her.

“Good day, miss, I’m happy to see you again.” The man greeted.

To her considerable amazement Jenny found her self-stopping right in front of him. She didn’t know why, but it just seemed the right thing to do. “What do you want?”

“Oh, just a few moments of your time. I’m Karl, by the way.” Karl replied. His eyes traced Jenny’s sweat coated body with an openness that chilled her. She’d never had someone so obviously gawking at her and still act like they were completely in control of their senses.

“I’m Jenny, what can I do for you, sir?” Jenny chimed cheerfully. She felt very strange, she wanted to tell this guy to get bent, but instead she was letting him leer at her and offering to help him. The oddest thing was the feeling that she had to help him, that it was very important to do whatever she could for him.

“Many things, my dear, but first I would like you to accompany me on a little drive. Alright?” Karl asked.

“Certainly, sir, lead the way.” Jenny smiled. She felt a tingle run down her spine as she spoke, spreading a soothing warmth through her. She tried to fight off the feeling of needing to follow this man, to do as he asked. Still, Jenny couldn’t hold herself back and another wave of pleasure passed through her as she took her first step to follow him.

Karl led Jenny over to a car, a basic dark blue sedan, and opened the door for her. Jenny glided into the passenger seat and waited for him to get in. She was nearly panicked now, she didn’t know what was happening to her, but she did know she’d just gotten into a strange man’s car, a man who held her in some kind of a spell. She wanted to scream for help or bolt from the car, but the most she could manage was a little uncomfortable squirming in her seat and a slightly despondent look on her face.

“Is there anything wrong, Jenny, please feel free to be honest?” Karl asked as he got into the car.

“Yes, sir, I don’t really want to be here, but I can’t make myself try to get away. What’s wrong with me?” Jenny whimpered, looking every bit the lost puppy.

“Ah, I expected as much.” Karl commented. “Don’t worry, everything will be all right.”

Suddenly a cloud seemed to lift from Jenny, she didn’t understand it, but she felt almost normal again, and certainly not worried. She quickly realized that this was because Karl had told her not to be, just like the sudden feeling that everything would be all right. A cold shiver ran down her spine as she realized just what this meant, that somehow Karl had her in some highly suggestible state. Whatever he said was law, at least in her eyes. Even as this realization sank in, Jenny couldn’t summon up any real fear or anxiety, she couldn’t be worried, still she could be curious.

“How did you do this to me, sir? What’s going to happen to me?” Jenny asked.

Karl smiled and started the car. They were well on their way before he turned back to Jenny to answer her. “I put a spell on you, my dear. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it in time, and I think you already understand the basic rules. As for your future, I think you’ll enjoy it more if I let it be a surprise.”

Jenny’s eyes bugged out a bit at that. Karl was intent on keeping her under his power for a while then. That certainly wasn’t something that she found appealing, and it led to other concerns. “I start school in another week, sir, and my family will look for me.”

“Yes, but those will both be taken care of. You see you left a note for your parents before you left with me, saying you’d be gone for a few days with your friends. By the time they come looking for you it’ll be far too late. As for school, for now I don’t think you need to worry about it. In time that may change, but you’re going to be too busy for much school soon enough.” Karl replied, sounding as if he told this to girls every day.

Jenny sat back after that. As much as she still had questions, every likely answer just seemed to fill her with dread. She couldn’t worry, but she still felt very queasy. For now, she didn’t want to know more. Jenny feared she’d have all her questions answered all too soon as it was.

Chapter 3

It didn’t take long for Karl to drive them into the center of town and up to the front entrance of a luxury apartment building. Karl got out and handed his car keys to the valet as another man opened Jenny’s door. Jenny got out of the car and took a quick look around. She felt very out of place here in just her jogging clothes, still damp with her sweat. Still, no one seemed to notice. Jenny tried to yell for help or run, but she couldn’t whisper or move, except to Karl’s side. Karl smiled down at her as if he knew just what she had wanted to do and how fruitless her attempt had been.

Jenny followed him like a lost puppy, all the way into the elevator. She felt like some twisted kind of puppet, unable to control her actions. Jenny wasn’t ready to acknowledge that it was truly a part of her that was directing her movement. She didn’t understand it, and it scared her that she could be complicit in any way with this.

Karl set the destination to the penthouse, and simply stood silently as the elevator lifted them. Jenny took this time to look him over, he was fairly handsome, even for being a good decade older than her. He also had a way about him, like he was the master of all he surveyed. Jenny could certainly understand that, given her own predicament, and she knew she should be worried, this was a man who was capable of virtually anything.

Finally, the elevator reached its destination and opened up to the penthouse suite. Jenny could hardly suppress a gasp as she surveyed the room laid out before her. The elevator opened into a lobby filled with cushions and chairs and a small pool sat on the far edge overlooking the city. A wide array of plants dotted the room as well, complementing the Mediterranean design of the room. A disturbing thought passed through her mind in that instance, the room reminded her of the harem rooms she’d seen in some movies.

“Welcome to your new home, my dear. In time you will find it very comfortable. For now, I think you should get yourself out of those sweaty clothes and let me have a look at you.” Karl smiled.

The suggestion slammed into Jenny’s mind. Her first reaction was to slap him, swear at him and storm off, but in the first moment all she could do was blink. Then the second rush came, the strange need to obey that she’d felt before. Jenny struggle against it, but still her hands crept up her sides and grabbed onto the bottom of her sports bra. So fine was her concentration that she noted every defiant movement of her hands, every slip of a finger grabbing more fabric in preparation for the final act of revolt.

Karl simply watched the young woman as her eyes twitched with the effort of her resistance. He always took pleasure in this part of claiming a new servant, her initial valiant attempts to fight off his control. She was a stripper in slow motion, her hand slowly grabbing onto the sweaty gray fabric. This first betrayal was the most important to inflict, to prove that the girl no longer controlled her own actions. After that it was only a matter of time before they adapted fully.

Jenny winced, fighting to keep from doing what her body had to do. She knew it too, even after all her fighting, her hands were still moving to disrobe her, and that itching need to obey Karl was growing ever more fierce. Then the dam broke. With one swift motion she felt herself pull up, smoothly pulling the bra free of her firm breasts over her head and through her hair. She felt her breasts jiggle freely from the motion as she dropped the sweaty cloth to the floor. A part of her cheered in jubilation as her breasts swung free, satisfying her need to obey. Jenny cheerfully thrust her chest forward, forcing her pink little nipples up into the air and looked up into Karl’s eyes, eagerly awaiting his comments on her youthfully perky mammaries.

“Do you like them, sir?” She chimed in a sweet, soft voice; its edge filled with an eager need for approval. Jenny winced at her own behavior but couldn’t help herself, she needed Karl’s approval, needed him to say he liked her jiggling breasts. Even as she waved her tits gently out for him, her hands were running around the waistband of her shorts and preparing to pull them off as well. Jenny was barely fighting back the desire to be completely naked before this man, and she knew she wouldn’t hold back for long.

Karl looked down at the offered orbs and smiled. Jenny was certainly nicely built and her breasts were among her best features. Now the rounded orbs were sitting at attention on her chest, their pink little nipples already crinkling in the cool air of the room. He reached out and cupped one of her breasts and gently fondled it, squeezing the tender flesh and rubbing her hardened nipple with his thumb. Karl grinned as Jenny moaned pleasurably from his caress as she still yearned for approval. “They are very nice, my dear, we’ll enjoy playing with them very much, I assure you.”

A warm torrent raced through Jenny at his praise, it was nearly as good as an orgasm. It certainly was priming her own arousal, and she felt herself blush as well from the embarrassment of being both so exposed and so complimented. Her defenses had all but shattered for now, and she didn’t even fight as her hands slid her shorts and panties down her legs in one smooth motion. As she leaned over she pulled off her shoes and socks as well, leaving her completely naked in front of Karl. Jenny felt horribly exposed and wonderfully aroused at the same time. She posed again slightly, trying to accentuate her lovely form for his view.

“Very nice, Jenny dear, you have a wonderful little body, would you mind showing me your pussy?” Karl asked as he let his eyes trace over Jenny’s very exposed flesh. There wasn’t any doubt that she was firmly in his sway at the moment.

Jenny found herself giggling sheepishly at his compliments. His approval was intoxicating in a way that had already overwhelmed her better judgment. Jenny knew what was happening, but any thoughts of struggle were being swept away with a growing heat in her loins.

“No, sir, not at all. I hope you like it.” Jenny cooed as she turned around and bent over. She spread her legs as wide as she could to give him the best possible view of her pussy. Jenny had never acted this wantonly or been this exposed to a man before. She wasn’t a virgin by any means, but she’d never put herself on such open display either. Yet, she found herself getting horribly aroused at showing off her body like this, letting this strange man look over her every intimate curve.

“It is simply wonderful, if a bit furry, I have no doubt we’ll enjoy exploring its many pleasures together.” Karl chuckled as he reached down and cupped Jenny’s furry mound. He ran his fingers up her slit, allowing them to slide on her juices as she let out an unhindered moan of carnal pleasure. Jenny squirmed back against his touch, wantonly wiggling against his probing digits “You’re certainly an aroused little thing today aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir, I feel like some kind of horny slut getting my juices all over your fingers like this. I guess it’ll make my pussy really nice to fuck though, right? I haven’t fucked much either, sir, so my pussy should be nice and tight for you to enjoy. " Jenny continued to squirm as Karl teased her nether lips with his well lubricated fingers. She brazenly pressed back against the exploration, part of her hoped he’d continue into deeper realms. She couldn’t believe she was doing this or letting him touch her like that, but Jenny still couldn’t fight off the new impulses racing through her, including the one that was forcing such submissive honesty from her lips. Worse still was how much she was enjoying being touched like this, and reveled in the fact that her pussy was hot and wet for him, preparing herself for him. Jenny had no idea such pleasure could be sparked in her so easily. That very notion worried her almost as much as it excited her, if this was what he could do with just a couple fingers, what would happen when he moved on to his larger tool. Jenny shuddered at the thought, not sure if she really wanted to know if it was in foreboding or anticipation.

“Well, now that is very encouraging, Jenny. I must attend to some business for now. Please feel free to wash yourself in the bathing pool. Once I have finished we can fully enjoy breaking you in as my new servant girl, and we can see just how tight and hot your little pussy is. Feel free to enjoy yourself, just hold your orgasms until we can enjoy them together.” Karl instructed as he let his finger slip from her heated folds. Letting her simmer for a bit was the perfect way to reduce any further resistance and help her fully enjoy the rest of the day’s activities.

Before she could even turn around to acknowledge him, Karl was gone. Jenny was left panting with arousal and brimming with sweat from her current excitement as well as her earlier jog. She stood there with her chest heaving for several minutes as she caught her breath. Jenny could scarcely believe how she’d been acting, something had possessed her, and she knew no way to escape. Even as her arousal faded and her thoughts cleared, she couldn’t fight off the final notions Karl had left with her. The first was taking a bath. With all that had happened, Jenny was certainly ready to take a nice luxurious dip in some water and she strolled over to the shimmering water.

She felt strange standing naked in the open like she was, the smell of her own musky arousal tickling her nose. Jenny realized that she would have been screaming in joy if he’d just dropped his pants and fucked her right then, and her pussy twitched with approval at the idea. Her hand slipped between her legs and she rubbed herself gently for a moment before realizing what she was doing. Jenny scolded herself, she had more important things to do than get herself off, she had to take a bath. Her mind reeled at where the notion came from but all the same she let herself sink into the pool.

The water was perfect, just the right temperature to feel good, and it cut away the top layers of sweat from Jenny’s flesh with refreshing ease. Jenny couldn’t help but let out a satisfied groan as her naked body was slowly enveloped with the soothing liquid. She found it very difficult to consider her predicament as the water gently lapped around her, the waves of her initial descent still rippling across the pool. After a few moments she saw a bottle of soap and a wash cloth. For several minutes she just considered the items as she luxuriated in the warm water, but Karl’s words kept running through her head. He had only suggested bathing, but his tone implied that it was his desire that she do so, and Jenny felt horribly compelled to please him.

Finally, Jenny succumbed to the suggestion, grabbing the wash cloth and soap. She walked over the shallow side of the pool and stood up. With meticulous care Jenny began lathering the soap and ran the lather across every inch of her smooth skin. As she ran her hands across her body, Jenny finally came to her breasts. She had always been proud of them, and how much attention they could draw when she showed them off. Now she was cupping them and shivered at the thought that ran through her head. They were Karl’s breasts now, to fondle and suck and play with as he pleased. She squeezed them gently, remembering the feeling of his hand from only a short while before and savored his words of approval. She could barely wait for him to lay claim to her tender orbs and enjoy them in any way he wished. Jenny pulled her hands away and jiggled her round orbs playfully, finding a wicked pleasure in the free bouncing motion and the notion that they were no longer hers.

“Very lovely, my dear. I can hardly wait till I can have the full show.” Karl commented as he strolled through the room.

“Thank you, sir. I can hardly wait till you break me in, I’ll be a great servant girl.” Jenny cooed, being sure to jiggle her chest more for him. She found it strange just how natural it felt being this naked in front of Karl. Of course, she was going to be his servant girl after all, and it was only right that he be able to see her every curve and make full carnal use of her every curve and hole at his discretion. A part of Jenny revolted at the notion, and she quaked slightly as the two halves of her mind fought. Still, her lovely smile didn’t falter for a moment as Karl ran his eyes over her exposed curves.

“Oh, I’m sure you will, be sure to give the rest of the city a nice wave for me, dear.” Karl laughed as he walked out the room again.

Jenny turned around and giggled frantically, realizing that she’d just been bathing naked in front of the entire city. Certainly, the penthouse wasn’t visible to most of the city, but there were more than a few buildings close by where it would be possible for others to look at. Jenny wondered idly if anyone was watching as she waved out towards the city, giving any lucky soul a full view of her delectable little body covered only in lather. She was sure to give a nice jiggle to her breasts just so anyone watching would get their money’s worth, after all, Karl told her to give them a free display of his servant girl.

Even as she was succumbing to the spell she was under, inside Jenny was in turmoil. She knew the future that Karl had in mind for her, and she tried to fight back the waves of desire and pleasure that swept her every time she thought about it. Being his servant girl was clearly just a polite way of saying sex slave, Jenny was certain of that. Yet, every time she tried to summon outrage at her plight, all that she summoned were thoughts of being filled with a wonderfully thick cock. Worse yet were the notions of subservience that were flowing around her thoughts as well. Her tit’s were Karl’s to lick and hold and squeeze, her pussy was his to fondle and fuck as was her ass, and her mouth was his as well, and would kiss and lick and suck whatever Karl wanted. No matter how she tried to fight it, her thoughts always returned to these notions, and just how Karl would make use of his new servant girl and how much she would enjoy it.

As her mind fought against these new thoughts, her hands were busy pleasuring her flesh. Thoughts of resistance and subservience mixed and flowed through her mind as her body’s fires were stoked by her own careful handling. For a moment she became fixated on thought’s of Karl’s shaft plowing into her depths. Jenny spread her legs wantonly in the pool as her fingers furiously massaged her clit, as she savored the thought of spreading herself out like this, fully exposed for Karl to use her, to fill his servant girl’s pussy with his cock. It wasn’t until Jenny’s humping motions began splashing water did she snap out if it. She cried as she realized what she’d been doing, of what she was about to become, and the wondrous pleasure that would be inflicted upon her.

Worst of all, she couldn’t come, Karl had instructed her not to and she found it impossible to, and Jenny was not one to give up easily. Finally, she’d had enough, and her body was quivering on the edge of a release she couldn’t force. Jenny pulled her hands back, a task of incredible difficulty given how much pure pleasure her hands were spreading. Slowly, she breathed deep breaths, fighting to pull away from the frenzy that had been consuming her. It took some time, but Jenny regained a bit of clear thought again. She shook her head in wonder, trying to figure out how she’d fought off the passionate fires that had been racing through her. It was only when she coasted over to a dish of shaving supplies that Jenny realized why she’d bothered. Karl had said she was a bit too furry, and Jenny had no wish to displease him, at least servant girl Jenny didn’t want to. Her valiant resistance was on the ropes, and didn’t even raise an eyebrow as she lathered between her legs and slowly began scraping away the hair around her nether lips. She wanted to be perfect for him, and crafted her pubic hair into a small tuft just above her slit. Jenny considered he might like a slight touch of hair without being overwhelmed, and she could always shave it off later.

With her grooming done, Jenny pulled herself from the pool and toweled herself off. She took a moment to survey herself in one of the full- length mirrors beside the pool. Karl was definitely getting a bargain, Jenny thought as she surveyed her own body, she would be a great sex slave for him. After her little self-indulgence Jenny looked around and saw a small collection of clothes laid out along the wall and looked them over. They were all various elements of sheer lingerie. Jenny considered what she could wear and finally decided on a simple robe. She pulled it on and tied it closed, admiring just how much of her body was visible through the translucent fabric. Jenny didn’t want to distract Karl from her beauty with fancy clothes, and the robe could be discarded quickly before she would receive the honor of Karl’s full attention.

After she picked out the robe, Jenny decided to take a nap. She would need all her energy soon enough to prove her devotion as a servant girl. With that, Jenny drifted off to sleep with thought’s of submission and intimate couplings to come when she awoke.

Chapter 4

Jenny came out of her nap with a sudden surge of consciousness. Something inside her told her that it was time. Jenny didn’t know where the idea came from, but she found herself sitting up, perfectly awake in the still empty room. A wave of anticipation coursed through her. Her dreams had been filled with scenes of submission, of her surrender to a force greater than herself, and a wondrous joy it gave her to give herself freely. The same frustration that had plagued her earlier efforts at release kept her dreams on the edge of satisfaction as well. Now, Jenny was aching, primed for what was going to come next.

She didn’t have to wait long. No sooner had she woken up than Karl strolled into the room. He was clad only in a comfortable looking robe, and Jenny felt her heat rise just thinking about what was underneath the soft looking cloth.

“Hello, sir, are you ready to break me in yet?” Jenny chimed, her voice edged with eager anticipation. Not even waiting for an answer she pulled herself out of the chair and skipped over to him, opening her own robe as she went. By the time she stood before him, Jenny was fully exposed with her erect nipples and flushed pussy showing her readiness to be claimed.

“Yes, my dear, I’ve been looking forward to it all day. Are you certain you are ready to be claimed as my servant girl? Answer honestly, Jenny.” Karl ran a finger under Jenny’s chin and lifted her eyes to meet his. She was lovely, and her eyes were sparkling with a desperate need that Karl always found very appealing. Certainly, her flesh was ready, Karl’s nose was already being tickled with the scent of Jenny’s arousal, but this was a final test to see how her resistance was fairing.

Jenny winced for a moment, her resistance trying to plow through all of the fog that her frustrated arousal had created in her mind. Her thoughts swirled again, but the sexual energies flowing through her tipped the balance against her true thoughts. It was only Karl’s insistence on an honest answer that gave her defiant thoughts a foothold from which to launch themselves. Still, it was a precarious leverage and Jenny’s mind rippled with a very lopsided conflict.

Karl smiled, watching the inflections of Jenny’s eyes and brow as her inner voices did battle once again. With nearly every woman he claimed they explained that at this point they were of three minds, one-third their old self, one-third his devoted servant and one-third sex crazed animal. No matter how hard they fought, their old self always fought against the need for sex and in so doing left an opening for the power of submission to overwhelm their thoughts. In the end they were left with notes, but the desire to please him and satisfy their own carnal needs.

Jenny was a little different, even if she didn’t realize it yet. Her flesh called out for what only Karl could offer, fulfillment and release. She’d never been incredibly shy when it came to sex, both enjoying the power it gave her and pleasure she could give and receive. Even Jenny’s old self-wanted to sample the carnal wonders Karl had been teasing her with since her arrival. The core of her resistance was her independent nature, she hated to surrender control, and even against this overwhelming onslaught she still clung to that. But it was not enough to hold back the tide and Jenny came to her conclusion. She couldn’t win against the spell she was under, that much was obvious from everything that had happened so far. All she could hope for was to retain some control, not to defeat her independent spirit, but rather temper it for her new role. Jenny wasn’t sure of the details, but it was enough to bring calm to her thoughts and left her ready to answer her keeper’s question.

“I’m ready now, sir, I give myself to you, as is your will.” Jenny stepped back and dropped her robe to the floor, confidently standing naked in front of Karl. She struck a defiantly sexy pose, chin up and breasts thrust out. “All this is yours now, to enjoy as you please. My spirit still burns brightly, but in your service, as a servant should be.”

Karl looked on in amazement at Jenny’s display. She was stunning, standing before him with a striking confidence as she let him view her every curve. This was certainly new to him, no other servant had ever been so bold in her surrender. He had to wonder just what had gone through her mind in those final moments before she gave herself to him. Later he would have to ask her, but for now her actions had him harder than he had been in some time, and he was ready to break in his new servant.

Karl took a step to close the distance between them and leaned forward, grabbing the sides of Jenny’s head with his hands and bringing their lips together. Jenny kissed him with a passion unlike any she’d ever expressed before. As their tongues danced, Jenny boldly moved her hands to the binding cloth of Karl’s robe and pulled it open. She pulled it apart with her arms and pressed her naked flesh to his. As she rubbed her lithe form against his, Jenny felt Karl’s erect pole pressing against her stomach. She marveled at how large it felt, so much bigger than the boys she’d bedded before, and she could barely wait to feel it plowing into her already aching pussy. She had never felt such a need to be filled as she did now, with Karl’s shaft pressed against her tight stomach. Jenny had been aroused before, but this was a need far more direct and powerful than she had previously known.

Even as these thoughts raced through her mind, Jenny was still fully engaged in her passionate kiss with the man who had claimed her. Inside, she knew what he was now, he was her master, lord of her flesh. Jenny shuddered at the notion, welcoming the next thought, if he was her master, then it meant she was his slave. Not just any slave, though, a pleasure slave, whose body was meant for one thing, pleasuring her Master.

Karl pulled his hands away and let his robe drop from him. Jenny’s warm stomach was a wonderful resting-place for his cock as he decided just how to next enjoy the tender morsel melting into his flesh. Karl reached down, and grabbed Jenny’s ass, squeezed it gently and then ran his hands down slightly and lifted her up.

Jenny caught on to what he was doing and squealed merrily with delight as she lifted up her legs and locked them around his waist as she ran her arms around the back of his neck. She giggled as she felt her breasts bouncing against his chest with every step.

“Just going for a little ride, don’t get ahead of yourself, dear.” Karl chided his servant girl as she tried to position her nether lips against the tip of his cock. He didn’t object completely, but he wanted a position where he could take his time and enjoy his new pet more fully.

Jenny just smiled wickedly at him and squeezed herself to him tightly. She had more initiative than any other servant girl Karl had taken before. He wasn’t entirely sure just what she was going to do, not that it bothered him. In fact is was exciting having such an enthusiastic servant and was certain he’d enjoy her considerably.

Karl walked into a large room with a circular bed in the middle, and with hardly a thought he tossed his lovely new pet onto it. Jenny squealed again as she felt the satiny covers against her naked skin. All her past experiences had been rushed uncomfortable affairs in the back of cars or on couches, but this was comfortable, a setting made for this kind of intimacy. Jenny quickly positioned herself on the bed, resting on her ass and elbows with her legs lewdly spread. She was ready to be taken, and she didn’t want her keeper to doubt that for a moment.

“What do you want my lips to be screaming when your glorious shaft is claiming my body?” Jenny asked Karl as he surveyed her naked and ready flesh one more time. She was nearly panting with arousal, and from his perspective, her feminine lips were shimmering with her wetness. Jenny only hoped he claimed her soon, to grant her the release she’d been longing for since his first touch.

Karl again marveled at her forethought, a surprising desire not only to serve but also to please. For a moment he considered that she may have actually decided to become his pet rather than simply being overwhelmed and beaten to subservience. This was very promising given what was to come in the months ahead. She was certainly lovely, and astoundingly sexy at this moment, spread fully before him, ready to be claimed. He smiled at the shaving job she had done, again a mark of subtle defiance, leaving the small tuft above her lips. Karl liked it though, it seemed very fitting her Jenny given her confident nature, and he would have to let her keep it. Her breasts were heaving with her breaths and flushed with her arousal. Watching the soft orbs rising and falling on her chest was alone enough stimuli to bring him fully to attention. Then he looked into her eyes, Jenny had taken on the look of a temptress, doing all she could to lure him in and use her. He saw only a spark of submissiveness, leaving him wondering if she wouldn’t have come to this point willingly. That was of little consequence, sex was one thing, but Jenny would have other duties as well, things that no completely free spirited young girl would stand for. The new Jenny, however, would find it all rather exciting, and for all appearances dive right into the action.

Without giving his answer she slipped onto the bed and crawled between her widely spread legs. Jenny let her eyes dance between his eyes and his shaft as it bounced between her legs. Her pussy quivered in anticipation of the deed to come. Karl paused above her breasts and bent down, wrapping his mouth around Jenny’s tender nipple. She gasped at the strange sensation as her owner explored her aroused flesh.

Karl savored the texture of her nipple as he tickled it with his tongue. It had been too long since he last claimed a teen servant, he thought as his other hand fondled her other breast. Her breasts were still firm and shapely, age not having effected them yet, and Karl let himself enjoy the tender orbs. Jenny certainly didn’t seem to mind as she moaned passionately at his touch.

Jenny was more than happy to let her keeper play with her breasts. She found it incredibly gratifying that Karl enjoyed them so much. No boy had ever taken the time and care to explore her breasts so thoroughly before, it had always been a harsh fondle before moving on to her more thrilling anatomy. Of course, now Jenny was also alight with sexual need, spawned by the spell her owner had placed her under, and his every touch was only serving to make her even hotter.

When Karl finally pulled away from Jenny’s chest, she was panting and groaning with unfulfilled need. She was more aroused than she could remember, in fact, she was aching to be filled, needing to be filled, and the thought of what would be doing the deed was almost enough to send her over the edge as she waited for it. Karl pulled himself up, until his eyes were looking down into his pet’s eyes, looking into a soul consumed by passion and ready to be claimed.

Jenny cooed as she felt something smooth and blunt pressing against her pussy lips. She smiled up into her owner’s eyes in thanks for the pleasure he was imparting her with. Jenny could barely contain herself now, but fought against her own passions for control, her role was to give her owner pleasure, and from that her own would come. Even as she burned to feel his shaft deep inside her, Jenny held back from impaling herself, he would take her when he wished.

Karl smiled as he felt her tender lips quivering against the tip of his shaft. There was no doubt that Jenny was ready to be taken, to be broken in as his latest servant girl. Now only one thing remained to be done, an answer to be given. Karl looked deeply into Jenny’s eyes as he parted her nether lips with the head of his cock. “Karl, Jenny, let your voice ring with the name of your new master.”

With that Karl thrust into the writhing teenager, filling her tender young pussy with his shaft.

“Kaaarrrll!” Jenny screamed as she felt his shaft part her tender nether lips and plunge into her ready passage. His thick cock stretched her inner walls wide, far more than any boy who had preceded him, but her arousal had prepared her pussy to be filled so completely. Jenny’s eyes flew back in their sockets at the wondrous feeling of being taken, of her owner’s shaft thrusting into the depths of her once most private place. Any lingering doubts about her new life flew away as she felt the tip of his shaft reach the deepest depths of her being, claiming her flesh.

“You have a wonderfully tight pussy, my dear.” Karl commented as he let himself enjoy her steaming, twitching passage for a moment wrapped around his shaft. Jenny’s flesh was far more intoxicating than any he had taken recently, and he fought to keep control and allow himself to enjoy her fully.

“Oh, Karl, you feel so wonderful inside me, thank you for claiming me.” Jenny cooed back as she savored the fullness of her pussy. It was wonderful being so stuffed, and she felt an undeniable satisfaction at his compliments as well. Jenny let herself be swept away in the sensations. She’d never been so intimate with anyone before and now she was completely naked, and impaled on the shaft of a man whom she had known for only a few hours and who was now her master. The feeling of his body pressing against hers so fully, without any reservations, was something that Jenny had never experienced. All she wanted now was to continue the dance of lovers they had just begun.

Karl saw the passion bubbling in Jenny’s eyes and lowered his lips to hers. No sooner had he began closing the distance than his pet meet his advance, and their lips pressed together. Karl took that moment to pull back, slowly taking his shaft out of Jenny’s seething folds. Her hips tried to follow, tried to keep him inside her but he finally succeeded in bringing the tip of his cock to her gates again. With only a moment’s pause at her entrance Karl pressed into her again and let her passionate gasp flow into his lips.

Jenny marveled at the feeling of Karl’s shaft moving within her as he began to fuck her eager flesh with slow measured strokes. None of the boys she’d bedded had been so patient, they’d all just fell between her open legs and did their dance quickly, satisfying their own needs. They were just good enough to spark her fires, but not to set her soaring. Karl was different, taking his time, slowly, savoring her flesh, and Jenny loved it. She met his thrusts eagerly, and squeezed her pussy around him as he pressed into her.

Without warning Karl pulled Jenny to him, and rolled onto his back. Jenny shrieked at the unexpected move, suddenly finding herself astride her owner, and still deeply filled with his cock. She took only a moment to realize what he had in mind. Jenny gave him a wicked smile and pulled herself up, positioning herself atop Karl with his shaft still lewdly spreading her nether lips. She pulled her long brown hair back over her shoulders and thrust out her breasts. Jenny knew she was on display for him, and his twitching hardness told her how much he was enjoying the performance.

“You are lovely, Jenny, I’m glad I had the fortune to claim you as my first new servant here.” Karl said as his new servant girl writhed atop his shaft with honest joy.

“Oh, Karl, who else would you want?” Jenny teased as she pumped herself on his cock. She also pressed her breasts out again and jiggled them for Karl, trying to emphasize her own value.

“I placed the spell on your friends as well, you were just the first that I came across after the spell took hold.” Karl explained, enjoying Jenny’s gyrations and jiggling. He reached up and took hold of one bouncing orb in his hand as she continued to fuck him. She did have such wonderful breasts, Karl thought, as he caressed the tender mound in his hand.

“Are you going to claim them too?” Jenny asked, not missing a stroke as she considered that her friends would share her fate. Jenny smiled at the notion, Bell and Wendy would make great servant girls just like she had and she’d be able to have them around to play with. In the last few years she had repressed that, not wanting to scare her friends, but now there seemed no good in denying it. Almost since the first budding of her womanhood, Jenny’s passions had been stoked by both boys and girls. She hadn’t wanted to admit it, but she found herself entranced by the beauty around her in the showers after gym class, including her two best friends.

“Certainly, I need a new harem here to serve me and they are certainly lovely young women as you are. Do you have a problem with that, Jenny?” Karl asked, noting that Jenny hadn’t stopped smiling or fucking even as these revelations were hitting her. She had quite fully succumbed to her new life, and Karl was very pleased with just how skillfully she could use her pussy with nothing more than his spell controlling her.

“Oh, no, Karl. Bell and Wendy will make great servant girls, just like me. They’ve got great bodies, I’ve seen them in the showers before. Will you let me play with them too?” Jenny asked as she squeezed down on his shaft to emphasize her request.

“Mmm, you are quite a good fuck, Jenny.” Karl complimented as her pussy rippled over his cock. Her question struck him as rather odd as well. None of his earlier girls wanted to play with their fellow servants, excluding the one lesbian woman he had taken. Karl had figured that his spell simply didn’t affect a girl’s sexual orientation. So that left one other possibility.

“Have you ever thought about playing with your friends before?” Karl asked as he took in the site of a lovely teen eagerly riding his cock. She simply radiated passion, and Karl was easily taken with her.

Still not missing a stroke, Jenny blushed a bit and answered. “Yeah, they’re both so beautiful. I don’t know why, but I always wanted to get close to them. I knew they wouldn’t want that though, so I never said anything. But if we’re all going to be one little family, there’s no reason why we girls can’t play, right?”

“I don’t see why not, my dear, so long as you remember who the master of this place is.” Karl replied. Jenny could certainly have potential he thought as she bounced happily on his cock. She was so amazingly enthusiastic for one just claimed, and she could be very useful in breaking her friends.

“How could I ever forget the man who owns me? Now why don’t we stop talking and fuck!” Jenny dropped down and looked into Karl’s eyes as the tips of her breasts danced against his chest. Her passions were peaked from riding him, but she wanted more, and she knew just from looking at him that he did too.

Karl didn’t even bother to voice a reply. With another swift move he wrapped his arms around Jenny and rolled on top of her. As if part of on fluid motion, Jenny spread her legs fully as they came to a rest and humped herself against Karl’s impaling shaft.

Jenny let out a happy squeal as her new owner began rutting into her furiously. She did her best to pound back against the onslaught while trying not to lose control. His cock felt wonderful as it thrust into her seething passage parting her flesh over and over. Jenny let herself enjoy the sensations while still doing all that she could to please her keeper. She was his fucktoy, here to give him pleasure, not just for satisfying her own carnal desires. It was hard to keep that control, though, against the sensations of the best fucking Jenny had ever known, but she was determined not to disappoint her owner. How could a sex toy live with herself if she hadn’t pleased the man who owned her?

Karl possessed an amazing stamina as well. Jenny could hardly believe just how long they had been joined together humping like animals. She didn’t want it to end, but she had never had a lover this long-lived. Jenny reveled in it, enjoying every thrust as time fell away against the flow of their animalistic joining.

Jenny was pulled back from the timeless ecstasy of Karl’s fucking when she felt his thrusts speeding up and heard his grunts of pleasure. She instantly squeezed down on her pussy, helping him satisfy his lust inside her as she met his every thrust.

“Give it to me, Karl, fuck your new servant girl!” Jenny screamed passionately as he pounded even harder into her tender flesh.

She was rewarded a moment later. Karl gave one hard thrust, filling Jenny’s well used pussy to its limits again and let out his own war cry. Jenny felt his cock twitching within her depths and the sudden warmth of his seed within her sent her whole body quaking with release. She had been on the edge since she had first entered his domain and now she let out a cry of pure satisfaction as her owner left his seed deep within her. His shaft seemed to pulse forever, and Jenny quivered as she felt every gush of warm juices flowing into her. It felt like her entire pussy was being filled with his seed, she thought, happy at the idea of being filled like that. The torrent of seed into her depths was matched by her own riveting climax. She pulled him to her tightly and squirmed on top of his wonderful tool, quaking with the pleasure he’d sent coursing through her. Jenny reveled with the satisfaction of having served him well, and that he had enjoyed using her youthful flesh.

It was a bittersweet feeling when Karl pulled his softening shaft from Jenny’s still quivering passage. She felt so good, having enjoyed being claimed as a sex toy more than she could ever have guessed. As her passions began to fade away, she felt suddenly very tired. Karl was lying beside her, and they both turned to look into the other’s eyes. Contentment steered them back, a satisfaction of the bodies needs shining in their smiles. Then, without any more fanfare, the pair fell asleep, master and servant both content in their position laying side by side.

Chapter 5

Jenny awoke with a sigh as she felt her owner pull away from her naked flesh. She opened her eyes to the sight of his own bare skin, hardly believing that she’d spent such a peaceful night cuddled against such a fuckable man. Still, her thoughts danced at memories of the previous evening and how much she wanted to do it again. She pulled herself up and gave a fully stretched, sitting yawn, without a through to the fact that she was naked from the waist up. It wasn’t until the chilled air puckered her nipples did Jenny even notice, not that she wanted to do anything about it. Being naked was the natural state for a girl such as herself and even if it was a bit cool, surely Karl would like the sight of her nipples all pointy and erect.

“Good morning, Karl.” Jenny chimed as her owner turned around. He was still naked and Jenny was given a nice view of his well-sculpted front. As her eyes fell to the soft tool between his legs, thoughts of her own duties came to the top of her mind.

“Is there anything I can do for you? How about a morning fuck or perhaps you’d like a blowjob?” Jenny asked as she pulled herself to the side of the bed. It was only after her words had left her lips did she realize what she’d just offered. It felt kind of strange offering herself in such a blatant way, even though Jenny knew it was why she was here. In truth, she’d only given a couple of blowjobs in all her escapades and hadn’t ever really enjoyed it much, but the thought of sucking on Karl’s shaft gave Jenny a fresh shiver of arousal.

“Thank you, Jenny, I would appreciate you helping me in the bath. But first I need your assistance with the toilet.” Karl replied. Like any man in the morning he had to take a leak, and felt this was a good time to introduce his new servant to one of her many new duties.

Jenny jumped out of the bed and bounced to his side, some of her bouncing more than other parts. She blushed at Karl’s obvious stare, and looked up to him eagerly. “What do you need me to do?”

Karl smiled and led the frisky young lady to his bathroom. He stood in front of the toilet and turned to Jenny, taking her hand. Karl gently brought her soft finger to his shaft and wrapped them around. “As my servant girl, it will be your duty to care after my every need, including in the bathroom. Now, take my cock and aim it at the toilet.”

Jenny did as she was told, lifting his softened shaft and aiming it at the toilet. She could hardly believe what she was doing, and was shocked when suddenly a stream of urine came rushing out. In that moment of surprise, Jenny let the cock fly loose for a moment before gathering her wits and aiming at the toilet again. She marveled at the act, that she was now responsible for aiming her owner’s shaft when taking a leak. Jenny had never before handled a cock that wasn’t hard and even then she had only done so for a few moments. Now she had the chance to feel it pulsing with fluid and soft to the touch.

Finally, the stream ended and Jenny gently jiggled the flaccid shaft to rid it of the last drops of urine. She looked up to see Karl staring grimly at her.

“A good first attempt, I suppose. I will allow you to clean it with a towel this time, but I warn you that in the future I may make you use your tongue. You will have to take your duties seriously.” Karl warned.

Jenny could feel to her core that it was no idle threat, and that she would find herself following such an order as well. As much as her will had been freely directed to pleasing her new owner, she had nothing left within her capable of resisting any command he gave her. She sunk her head and look at the floor, having failed him in such a basic task.

“Don’t worry, you are by far the best adapted servant I have claimed, I find little cause to think I’ll have to punish you often, Jenny. Now, clean up the mess and join me in the bath.” Karl commanded, and then strolled off to the main room.

Jenny felt a little better after his compliment and quickly went to cleaning up around the toilet, not wanting to keep Karl waiting. She was looking forward to exploring the body of her new owner. The task didn’t take long, and she merrily bounced out to the bath. She couldn’t believe how free she felt being completely naked like she was now. Even better was the way Karl looked at her, just as he was doing now. Jenny knew he was letting his eyes survey ever part of her body and she warmed at the thought. She was still getting used to the idea, but being a sex slave wasn’t as bad as it was reputed to be. Jenny took a moment to pose for her owner and let him take in the full beauty of his new property before she stepped into the pool beside him.

Jenny slipped into the water next to Karl and looked up to him, her breasts floating just a bit in the warm water. She quickly pulled herself up against his back and pressed her soft orbs into his chest and looked up into his eyes as she writhed against his hardened flesh. “Where should I begin?”

“Where ever you wish, just be sure to be thorough.” Karl replied as he let his hands run across the naked beauty squeezed up against him.

Jenny cooed for a moment at his touch, then swam over and grabbed some soap and a wash cloth. Then, with little fanfare she began lathering up her owner’s well-toned body.

“How are you adapting to your new life, Jenny?” Karl asked as he reached over and cupped one of the bobbing breasts in front of him.

Jenny cooed slightly, but didn’t pause in her work. She tried not to move too far around so that he could fondle her longer. “I just love it, Karl. I can’t believe it, but I feel so natural being naked like this, and I just loved fucking you last night. I know I should be fighting you and mad, but I really just want you to bend me over and fuck me like a slut or use me any way you want. I guess it’s part of the spell, but I just don’t want to fight any of this. Have you enjoyed using me as your new servant girl?”

“Oh, very much so. You are lovely and enthusiastic, I could hardly ask for a better sex toy.” Karl replied as he luxuriated in the feel of Jenny’s delicate little hands rolling over his body. She didn’t even miss a beat as he continued to roam his hands over her ripe flesh, something that would have come as a pleasant surprise in most girls, but Jenny had clearly given herself over to him completely.

“I can’t believe how horny it makes me to think about that. I’m just a piece of fluff for you to enjoy at your whim and I don’t want to be anything other than your property. Thank you so much for making me your sex toy, Karl.” Jenny cooed and wrapped herself around him. She was bubbling over with gratitude for her new life. Rationally, she knew just what she’d become and what that meant to all her previous hopes and dreams but she couldn’t bring herself to care. She was his property now, and he had as much control over her fate as he had over her flesh.

“The pleasure is mine, I assure you.” Karl replied warmly as his pet pulled herself away and continued her task. He ran a hand between her legs and smiled as she whimpered happily and squirmed on his probing fingers. Karl was pleased with how easily she’d taken her transformation and was quickly deciding on the role she would take once her friends were claimed.

Jenny was glad that Karl was taking liberties with her body as she cleaned him. She was here for his enjoyment, and it would be a shame for him not to be entertained at a time like this. It didn’t hurt any that his touch was very arousing as well, lighting sparks wherever his fingers landed. Still, she didn’t let it keep her from her appointed task and she continued exploring her master’s body with the soap. Jenny had never been this intimate with a man, and she enjoyed exploring his body. Some parts were of greater interest than others, especially the shaft between his legs. She was pleased to find him semi erect when she began cleaning his cock, knowing that she was the source of his pleasure. Jenny enjoyed exploring his crotch and especially the unbridled sounds of pleasure from her owner’s lips as she thoroughly cleaned him.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to call you master, Karl? I am your slave after all. I don’t really mind, it just doesn’t seem right to be calling out Karl when you’re using my body.” Jenny asked as she continued to cleanse her owner. His hands were becoming increasingly playful, and Jenny was beginning to get very aroused from the determined fondling of her pussy and breasts.

“If it makes you happy, call me what you like. I am happy that you think of me as your master so readily.” Karl answered, watching as Jenny shivered in arousal at the compliment. She was just so naturally suited to this existence, he thought while his hands still roamed over her.

“How could I not, Master? It’s just natural once you’ve been turned into a sex slave to think of her owner as her master, isn’t it?” Jenny laughed as she washed the last bit of soap from her owner’s body.

“Indeed.” Karl replied simply, grabbing the girl and kissing her passionately with an almost stunning swiftness. He knew she wanted a good fucking, and her wonderful bath had gotten him in the mood as well. Karl certainly wasn’t a man to deny himself what he wanted and right now that was the horny young woman writhing against his chest. Without warning lifted her up by the ass and held her quivering form just over his cockhead waiting to see his new servant’s reaction.

Without a moment’s pause, Jenny reached down and grabbed the shaft and helped guide it to her entrance. She was being called on to serve and to get the fucking she wanted so badly. Jenny didn’t let him doubt her own readiness, kissing him with equal passion as she pressed the head of his cock into her warm and eager nether lips.

Just as she felt her gates parting to accept her master, Jenny felt him pull down on her hips and moaned with uninhibited delight as she felt his shaft plow into her depths. She squeezed her pussy as hard as she could to thank him for filling her so fully. Jenny whimpered as she felt his sack against her gates, his tip pressing into the very limit of her channel and his width stretching her to her limit.

“Oh, Master, can you feel it?” Jenny asked as her whole body quivered around the cock so deeply entrenched within her.

“Yes, my dear, I can feel it.” Karl replied. Pleased at her impromptu performance and just as pleased with the tight warmth of her pussy wrapped around him.

“It’s so wonderful! We fit together so perfectly, it must be fate that you claimed me, Master! How else could I be your perfect fuck toy?” Jenny squealed with delight, reveling in the notion. Without another word she gripped her legs around his hips and gently lifted herself up, pulling him from her depths and plunging back down again. The sensation of perfect fullness filled Jenny again and she leaned up and kissed Karl passionately.

“Oh, god, this is great! Use me, Master! Use your horny new slut!” Jenny cried out as she felt Karl beginning to make his own rhythm inside of her. She wasn’t in the best position to fuck him back, but She did her best to return his thrusts, and massage his cock with her inner walls as he plowed into her.

Karl quickly picked up his pace, pounding into the sex-crazed girl wrapped around him. Jenny’s pure enthusiasm was so enveloping that Karl lost his normal control almost as soon as he had sunk into her steaming channel. After only a few thrusts they were little more than a pair of animals rutting against each other in the midst of splashing water.

Jenny let herself be washed away by the sensation of being so rigorously fucked. When she wasn’t madly kissing her owner’s lips, her head was left swaying free, with her long hair flowing around her as she rode Karl passionately. Jenny had given herself fully to this new existence and reveled in the dance of Master and slave that she was now a part of. Her entire body was his and she gave it freely and eagerly, to please and pleasure his flesh as he desired. It didn’t hurt at all that he sampled her delights in a manner that Jenny could enjoy so thoroughly as well.

Karl couldn’t keep up the pace for long, however, and both quickly realized it. Their passions had flared beyond the point of control, and all that was left was the final bubbling over. Jenny had taken on an almost instinctual awareness of her Master’s flesh and as they thrust together, she felt the moment of release approaching his body. Her determination flared anew and she forced herself upon him with even greater fervor. A final groan of passion passed his lips and Jenny felt him swelling inside her. Then, with a sudden fury she felt the blasts of warmth within her that were his seed filling the depths of her channel. Jenny quivered against him as his warm seed sent her into a riveting orgasm.

“Oh, Master, thank you!” Jenny cooed as she felt his spasming finish inside her own quaking flesh. This was still a wonderfully novel sensation for her that she leaned her head on his should and simply let it pass through her.

Karl leaned over and gave her a small peck on the cheek as his shaft began to slip from his pet’s tight channel. She was such a pleasure to use, and so eager to please that Karl was very satisfied with his choice of her as a new servant girl.

Jenny pulled her head off of his shoulder, moaning slightly as she looked up into his eyes as he slipped out of her and dropped her legs back into the water. “That was wonderful, Master. It felt so great having your seed pumped into me and now my pussy feels all nice and full with it. I never felt that before, Master. Are you going to get me pregnant? I don’t mind, this is your womb after all.”

“No, my dear, you won’t get pregnant, that’s part of the spell I placed on you. Someday that may change, but I prefer to have full use of your body for the immediate future. So please feel free to enjoy my offerings without concern.” Karl answered, pleased that she was so willing to serve him. He gave her round ass a last squeeze and ran his hands up her body, enjoying her smooth flesh once again.

“I wasn’t concerned, Master. I was just wondering.” Jenny replied as she bent over and took his cock into her mouth. She savored the taste as she licked the juices from the recent coupling from him. It wasn’t until she had his entire length inside her mouth that Jenny realized what she’d just done and she smiled around his shaft. She looked up to see him nodding his approval. She quickly finished cleaning him off with her tongue and sucked his shaft dry of any remaining seed. Jenny had never gone down on a guy without a lot of begging before, but now it was just instinct, her master needed to be cleaned and her mouth was the appropriate tool. She shuddered gently at the thought as she finished and pulled away.

“Thank you, Jenny. I will have much to do today. I also expect your friends to arrive late this afternoon, so we will have ample opportunity to enjoy them this evening. I will not be needing your devoted services until then. Please feel free to relax and enjoy yourself. I will call upon you if anything changes.” Karl explained as he stepped out of the bathing pool. Jenny was behind him in mere moments reaching for his towel.

“Thank you, Master, I live to serve.” Jenny replied while toweling her owner dry with a dedicated thoroughness. As soon as she had finished that task, she set upon dressing him. Jenny marveled at how natural it was for her to do this, to serve a man without the slightest hesitation. She didn’t even have to be told, rather she sought out his next desire. It wasn’t until he was dressed and fed that Jenny was left alone to her own devices. It had even taken a small rebuke from her new owner to get her to return to the main room and await his summons.

As she waited, Jenny found a small television in the corner of the room and quietly turned it on. She rapidly flipped through the channels, surprised at how many channels there were on his set. Jenny was even more surprised at how many of her favorite shows now seemed so pointless and shallow now. They were all so driven by selfish values that she could no longer truly relate to and she quickly flipped past them. It wasn’t until she reached the adult channels that her clicking slowed. Jenny had never watched any porn before, such things were sick and perverted to the old Jenny. Now she quietly sat and watched the scenes unfold before her, taking in every action as a lesson, letting it teach her how to better serve her master. It was certainly an educational experience to the rather sheltered teen. She was now a sex slave, and a willing one, but she was woefully uninformed about the kind of recreational sex that she would be used for now. With that fact in mind, Jenny watched intently, soaking up everything she could. With her earlier restrictions lifted, Jenny massaged herself to several orgasms watching the TV and fantasizing about doing everything she saw with her master and her friends later.

Chapter 6

It was several hours later that Jenny heard a chime from the elevators. Her mind raced for a moment, wondering if Wendy and Bell had just arrived. Karl had other business as well, and had left several times that day, but he was in now and that left Jenny curious about who it could be. Jenny didn’t know how a guest might react to a naked sex slave, so she quietly slunk down and waited for her master to call her over.

She listened as Karl walked out to the elevators and spoke to the visitors. She tried to make out the conversation, but aside from hearing two female voices and that of her master, Jenny couldn’t understand what they were saying.

“Jenny, dear, would you please come over to the elevators.” Karl yelled. Jenny could almost sense the enthusiasm in his voice. It left no doubt in her mind that her friends had arrived.

Jenny bounded over merrily, without the slightest concern for her bare condition. The only thought going through her mind was over her friends’ reaction at seeing her like this and then getting to see her friends join her new home.

Jenny rounded the corner and took in the sight of her two friends, both casually dressed in shorts and tees, and both looking very befuddled. Their confusion was quickly replaced with shock as they saw Jenny bounding up to Karl completely naked.

“Hi, Master!” Jenny cooed as she pulled herself up on his shoulder and kissed his cheek.

Wendy and Bell could only stand there stupidly staring at the scene before them. They had no idea why they’d ended up in here. In fact, they had been going about their day rather normally when they felt an unquenchable urge to come here, somehow knowing just how to get to the penthouse. They’d come separately, but found the other entering the elevator at the same time. They both asked what was going on but neither knew, except for the fact that they were both headed for the top floor. They’d worried about what had happened to Jenny since her disappearance, but remembered that they’d left the same strange note for their parents that she had before heading out on this strange trek. All their worst fears were realized when they saw Jenny walk out naked and kiss the strange man who met them after they left the elevator.

“Jenny! What happened to you? What’s going on?” Bell yelled. She wanted to run up to Jenny and pull her away from that man but she couldn’t find the will to move. Bell didn’t understand it, but when she looked over at Wendy, she noticed that her other friend seemed to have much the same problem.

“Hi, Bell! Hi Wendy! I’m so happy to see you girls make it here!” Jenny squealed with delight, letting her own excitement come through undiluted. Soon her two friends would be happy sex slaves just like she was, and they’d be able to please their master together, and play when he had no use for them. Their looks of disgust at her obvious lack of shame didn’t even phase Jenny. She knew they would understand soon enough.

“As am I. You were right, Jenny, they will make fine new servant girls.” Karl commented as he surveyed the two clothed girls before him. His smile widened as the two girls looked up at him with sudden shock at his words.

“I told you, Master. Aren’t they both just the most fuckable girls you’ve seen. Except for me, of course.” Jenny taunted as she pressed her nakedness into his arm. She squealed slightly as her owner gave her ass an approving squeeze. Jenny knew this was an important moment for him and soon they’d all be having fun.

“I don’t know what kind of sick joke this is, Jenny, but put some clothes on and let’s go home.” Bell ordered, doing her best to make sense of the situation. She was more than a bit disconcerted that she still couldn’t move, but she wasn’t the type to give up control that easily. Bell didn’t even want to consider that either her or this strange man were serious.

“Yeah, Jenny, this was really freaky and all but I want to go home.” Wendy whimpered. She was worried that Karl wasn’t kidding, and Wendy didn’t want any part of this kind of game. Still, she couldn’t move her feet either, and aside from a very worried expression was unable to do anything.

“Oh, this is hardly a joke, ladies. I don’t claim new servants often, and I don’t catch and release. Now, if you would be so kind, I would like to see more of your lovely young bodies.” Karl replied. Bell certainly did seem temperamental and Wendy was already whimpering at just a few comments. That they were standing in front of him told Karl everything he needed to know. They had already succumbed to the commands implanted within them, even if they didn’t know it, they were already his slaves.

“Are you kidding me?” Bell hissed, glaring at Karl as his words sank in. Still, she felt a strange need to satisfy his suggestion. Bell fought the notion, but it was like acid in her mind, eating away her resolve. Even so, Bell kept her hands at her sides, holding control against the growing urge to strip that was building up inside her.

“Come now, my dear, I don’t think there is a man on this Earth that wouldn’t want to see either of you naked. I know I will certainly enjoy seeing just how nice and perky those fine breasts of yours are.” Karl replied calmly. He smiled as he watched Bell tremble with anger. Strong emotion always broke down resistance, as it broke down the concentration needed to fight his control.

“Oh, there’s no way I’m going to let you see me naked!” Bell screeched back even as she was loosing control of herself. His statements about wanting to see her naked only reinforcing the bubbling desire to strip out of her clothes. Bell even found herself hoping that Karl would like to see just how perky her breasts were. She didn’t know what was happening to her thoughts, and Bell was quickly falling into a strange state of mind where the new desires welling up inside her were being fought only by the noble concept that she didn’t want to feel this way.

Karl just smiled at Bell’s last response, encouraged that her hands were already making their way to the buttons of her blouse. He still had another guest to attend to and looked over to Wendy, and smiled again as he watched her undress.

Wendy had always lacked Bell’s resolve, and she found herself pulling off her T-shirt almost as soon as Karl made his first suggestion. She didn’t know why, but she was overwhelmed by the need to satisfy his curiosity. Still, Wendy was blushing bright red down to her nipples when she saw Karl look over to her after his exchange with Bell. It was at just that moment that Wendy unclasped her bra and pulled the garment off, letting it fall to the floor as her well rounded breasts bounced free and tasted the cooler air around her. Even in her shame, Wendy couldn’t help but thrust out her chest for Karl’s appraisal. She couldn’t help herself from feeling the need for his approval and waited impatiently for it.

“Very good, Wendy, Bell could learn well from you. I must compliment you on such lovely breasts as well. Tell me have you shown them off before?” Karl asked as he stepped closer to the shuddering young woman before him. She was obviously both nervous and excited, her natural reaction to the situation she was compounded with the strange feelings running around her mind to create a very intriguing display.

“Only once, sir. Do you really like them? You can touch them if you want.” Wendy looked up to him with big doe eyes showing both her eagerness for approval and her self doubt at her behavior. She was completely under his spell, and though she knew she wouldn’t normally behave like this, and was quite embarrassed, she didn’t want to stop. Wendy thrust out her chest again, yearning for Karl to get a more hands on appraisal of her breasts.

“Such a shame for such nice tits to be locked away so much. Though I thank you for your kind offer.” Karl commented as he reached up and took both of Wendy’s breasts in his hands and kneaded them gently as Wendy moaned with untamed passion. The twin mounds were a bit less firm than Jenny’s but they were also a bit larger, and nicely rounded. Karl enjoyed the variety, however, and looked forward to exploring Bell’s endowment next. “Very nice, Wendy, I will enjoy these very much.”

“Oohh!” Wendy moaned as he caressed her sensitive orbs tenderly. She had never allowed more than a few awkward gropes of them before and now she was shuddering from such a patient and complete assault on her flesh. Her own inner battles were already fading into memory, but she was still embarrassed at her state, now compounded by being so openly fondled and so obviously aroused by Karl’s touch.

While Karl was exploring Wendy’s charms, Bell was fighting a similarly hopeless campaign with her own thoughts. She was wracked by conflict between her new desires and her old sensibilities even as her hands did their own evil work for Karl. They slowly unbuttoned her blouse, and by the time Karl was wrapping his hands around Wendy’s ripe orbs, Bell was letting her own bra drop to the floor. She could scarcely understand her own actions, but Bell was already feeling a yearning for Karl to turn to her, and appraise her naked flesh. He was busy with Wendy, however, and Bell simply continued to undress, quickly shedding her clothes as her resistance to being naked fell away.

It wasn’t until Bell pulled off her panties and let them fall to the floor that she came back somewhat to her senses. She realized she’d just stripped at this strange man’s suggestion, and hadn’t even objected to him openly fondling her friend just feet away. Bell shook her head to try and stave off a wave of jealousy against Wendy. Bell chided herself, but couldn’t deny that part of her wanted Karl’s appraisal of her naked form, and for the moment, that part of her seemed to be in control. As she waited, she took up her best alluring pose, hoping to show off her well-toned body’s best features.

“Ah, I see Bell has decided to be agreeable after all, Wendy. Why don’t you peel off the rest of those clothes while I attend to her.” Karl suggested and moved over to Bell. “I’m glad you decided to be so accommodating my dear. You are a very lovely young woman who I will be proud to have as a servant in my home.”

Bell shuddered at his approval. Still, she struggled to maintain some control over herself, it wasn’t easy when he was this close and saying such kind things. She didn’t trust her own tongue to speak, even though her body language was as bad as anything she could have said out loud. Bell knew her poise was just screaming for sex, but she couldn’t help it, her flesh was crawling with arousal.

Karl took in the sight of his latest acquisition as she quivered in front of him. He watched her eyes dart around, working to not look into his even as she presented herself for inspection. Bell was certainly a lovely prize, and spirited too. He wasn’t one to hold back his own desires, though, and reached out for one of her perky breasts. She wasn’t as well endowed as the other two, but she was a bit taller and skinnier and her firm little orbs complimented her well. She was also a redhead, with creamy white skin that Karl couldn’t resist sampling.

“Oh, god, please don’t do that.” Bell whimpered as she pressed her chest into Karl’s probing hand. She only moaned when Karl reached up to take her other breast in hand and squeezed the pair in unison. Even as she objected his hands were sparking her own arousal and Bell withered under this new onslaught.

“Why not, don’t you enjoy my touch?” Karl taunted as Bell squirmed under his fondling hands. Obviously her flesh was enjoying the caress as she moaned wildly for a moment.

“Oh, yes, but I’m not that kind of girl. Please stop.” Bell whimpered again, though still not making a move to pull away. She was beyond such abilities, his hands were sparking too much pleasure in their wake, and Bell could already feel herself beginning to drip with arousal at her treatment.

Karl let go of one of Bell’s firm orbs and let his hand snake its way between her legs. Karl was pleased when Bell spread herself for him without resistance. He gently cupped her already sopping pussy and ran a finger between her nether lips to the very gates of her passage. “You’re very wet for not being that kind of girl, Bell. And you haven’t exactly been pulling away from my touch, have you?”

Bell moaned again as Karl slipped his finger into her dripping pussy. She couldn’t believe herself, but even as his question hung in the air, she began humping against his probing digits. Bell didn’t think for a moment as he slipped his entire index finger inside her. The feeling was beyond description and she couldn’t help but start fucking the invader. It seemed oddly natural for her to fuck things placed in her pussy, especially anything Karl placed within her. Bell couldn’t help but think about how nice it would feel for Karl’s shaft to be inside her instead of his finger, and began humping harder at the thought.

“Oh, god, what have you done to me?” Bell moaned out her answer as she writhed on Karl’s hand. She knew the lewd scene she was putting on, humping this man’s probing finger. She realized just how far she was gone, and still she couldn’t find the will power to stop herself. Rather, Bell found herself trying her best to get her clit to rub against Karl’s palm while still humping his finger. Bell was quickly coming to grips with what had befallen Jenny only a day ago, and a small part of her wondered if she’d be like Jenny from now on.

Karl let Bell’s question go unanswered, extracting his finger from her soppy passage and motioning Jenny over. “How would you like to taste your friend’s juices, Jenny?”

“I’d love to, Master!” Jenny beamed, and quickly took Karl’s offered hand into her mouth and sucked Bell’s juices off. She’d waited for this moment almost from the instant Karl said that Bell and Wendy would join her, and now Jenny savored the taste on her Master’s fingers. She’d taken her own pleasure in appreciating her friends’ naked forms while Karl toyed with them. They were both lovely and Jenny looked forward to them all being a lot closer as Karl’s pets.

Wendy watched the display with some dismay, realizing that she was part of this little group from now on. Bell seemed torn and Jenny had given in. Wendy lamented her own fate, and the likely loss of her virginity as soon as Karl turned his attention back to her. New sensations were stirring through Wendy as well, adding even more worry to her ability to resist. She was flushed with arousal from her hardened nipples to her quivering pussy, and Wendy felt a growing need for fulfillment from her virgin passage. If Karl asked, she’d bend over and let him fuck her willingly, even knowing the cost. Wendy knew this, and even though she didn’t like it, she couldn’t summon the will to resist. In fact, she stood there, still red with shame, yearning for Karl to come back and play with her with her breasts thrust out and legs spread.

Bell sobbed as she watched Jenny sucking on Karl’s fingers, torn between her new fate and the fact that she was still simmering in unfulfilled lust. Her desire for release was as excruciating as her torment at being treated like this, and she no longer had Karl’s finger to focus her attention on. He was still caressing one of her breasts idly, but it was no substitute for having something inside her seething depths.

“Please,” Bell whined, cutting herself short to not betray her needs any more than was already obvious from her writhing body. She’d never felt like this before, absorbed by her own body’s need and she still didn’t want to admit just how far she had succumbed to his influence.

“Please what, my dear? I can hardly give you something that you haven’t asked for.” Karl asked. One of his hands still gently fondled Bell’s breasts and she was anxiously writhing against that touch, obviously seeking more. Her eyes were burning with lust, and there was no doubt what she was begging for.

“Please let me cum.” Bell swallowed her pride. She knew this was a game now, meant to break her, and show her who was in control. There was nothing she could do though, her mind and body were both betraying her in the need for release. That left Bell unable to resist any further, lest she be denied, and such thoughts were actually frightening to her now.

“No, I think not. You have much to learn, Bell. Until I say otherwise, I want you to keep yourself on the edge of release, but you can not orgasm until I say so. If you like, Jenny can help you while I look after Wendy.” Karl smiled as he looked at the surprised look in Bell’s passion laced eyes. He pulled away from her trim form and watched her hands fall between her legs and begin openly masturbating just as he had commanded. Karl wouldn’t have let her come anyway at this point in her adaptation, but it was always fun to play with new servants like this.

Bell lost all thought of the fight as soon as his orders sank in. She couldn’t believe his command, as much the fact that she wouldn’t follow it as the audacity that he could tell her when to orgasm. Bell threw herself into the task of getting off, as much to prove her own self control as the need for release. Her hands fell between her legs as she sank to her knees. Bell cried out as she shamelessly tried to find her orgasm. It wasn’t until Jenny had wrapped her delicate fingers over Bell’s heaving breasts did the new servant even realize her friend was still there. The shock of another woman fondling her gave Bell a brief moment of clarity, but Jenny sensed her reluctance and gave a gentle squeeze that sent waves of pleasure through Bell’s inflamed flesh. Bell’s needs eclipsed her resistance to Jenny’s fondling and soon the two were locked together in a passion stoking embrace.

Karl stepped back over to Wendy as Bell continued to sound off her frustrated needs. He took a moment to look over the beautiful girl before him, already quaking with arousal. She was a fair bit shorter than Jenny, with long auburn hair and a nice endowment that dwarfed the other girls. Still, Wendy was nicely trim, and Karl enjoyed the rest of her form before taking the final step to close the distance between them.

“Hello, again, Wendy, I’m glad to see you free from those confining clothes, you have much to lovely a body to hide it from view. How are you enjoying this introduction to my home?” Karl asked, studying her responses.

“I feel really weird, sir. What are you going to do to us?” Wendy asked, knowing the answer even as she wanted to hear him tell her something else. She felt herself flush as he stood only inches away from her and thrust out her ample chest for him. The needs of her flesh were overtaking her own rational will as she stood naked before Karl.

“Nothing unpleasant I assure you. You are going to be my servants, and if Jenny is any indication, we will have many enjoyable evenings together.” Karl answered, allowing himself a to fondle one of Wendy’s offered breasts as he responded to emphasize just how those evenings would be spent. He smiled as Wendy let out a satisfied moan as he squeezed her gently.

“So we’re going to be your sex slaves then.” Wendy replied, strangely needing to fight off a happy tone to his response. His touch had further sparked her own welled up desires, and the thought of fucking this man had her pussy dripping.

“We will enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, certainly, but you will have other duties as you prove yourself disciplined enough.” Karl stated as he let both his hands roam over Wendy’s smooth flesh, enjoying her sighs at the intimate exploration. She was certainly going to be an enjoyable pet.

“But I’m a virgin.” Wendy stated, hoping that it might keep him from finishing whatever plans he had for her. Still, she was quaking from his touch and doubted her own ability to resist any advance from him.

“Oh, that is a treat. I will have to make special arrangements for this. I suppose that means that Bell and Jenny will have to make up for your fucking duties until I’m ready. I don’t think they’ll mind and it won’t be a long wait. Then I will be more than happy to help make you a woman, won’t that be exciting?” Karl stated as he ran his hand over Wendy’s smooth stomach and teasingly ran his fingers through the upper tufts of her pubic hair.

“Why do you have to do this to us?” Wendy cried as she realized what he wanted and promptly spread her legs for him. She shuddered as his fingers danced their way across her intimate flesh, lighting amazing sparks of pleasure as they went. It wasn’t until he had cupped her mound that Wendy even considered that she should have resisted, but found her need to please him prevented her from trying now.

“Oh, god.” Wendy moaned as she felt his fingers massaging her nether lips. She’d never been touched there by another person before, and in her hyper aroused state, Wendy was very sensitive to Karl’s touch.

“I do this because I appreciate lovely things, and you and your friends are very lovely. You have nothing to worry about from me, you will enjoy your time at my side. Adjusting is always a difficult process, I understand that, but you will still serve me well and often.” Karl replied as the excited girl began humping against his teasing fingers. Wendy was proving to be a very good catch as well, not as willing as Jenny but already well under the influence of his spell.

Wendy simply moaned in response, her own battle against this flood of arousal having been lost. Her old notions of proper behavior were thrown out the window as she bucked her mound against his hand to enhance her pleasure. She still knew what she was doing, she just no longer cared.

Karl took a moment to look over at his other pair of servants, now writhing together on the floor. Bell was moaning with heavy breaths while Jenny massaged one of Bell’s breasts and her steaming pussy. Bell had obviously surrendered to his commands, and Jenny played her friend’s body with the skill of a musician. Karl wondered idly if Jenny could have kept Bell’s orgasm at bay even without his command to prevent her from coming. Bell’s flushed and writhing form was very alluring as well, and Karl decided it was time to finish her preparations.

“Jenny, please take Bell and prepare her for me. Wendy will entertain me until Bell is ready. Bell, you will do as Jenny says until she brings you to my chambers.” Karl ordered. He had already decided that Jenny would be his chief servant, given her amazing acceptance of her fate and willingness to serve even his unspoken requests.

“Yes, Master, I’ll get her ready for you right away.” Jenny pulled herself instantly away from Bell’s quaking form and helped her up.

Bell was still in a fog from her hyper aroused state, and didn’t object as Jenny pulled her to her feet. She still had a cursory sense of what was happening to her, but her will to resist had been sapped by her condition. Bell’s flesh was still rippling from the pleasure that Jenny had stoked in her at Karl’s command. Bell’s apprehension at Jenny’s touch had faded as the pleasure spread through her, and now Bell found herself looking forward to the next time she could play with Jenny.

Karl watched as Jenny led a dazed looking Bell out into the main room. He was very curious as to how Bell would be prepared, but he turned his attention back to the writhing girl still in his possession. He gently squeezed her breast as he considered her fate. Wendy was nicely endowed and that presented another option that Karl sometimes enjoyed with his pets.

“Come with me, Wendy, I would like to prepare you for another of your new duties.” Karl let his hands fall from her flesh, smiling at her groan of disappointment. He quickly led her into a small room beside his bed-chamber.

Wendy looked around the room in awe as she took in an amazing collection of crystals, jewels, and vials. She certainly didn’t understand it, but she knew this was the means by which Karl had taken control of them. She shivered at the sudden worry about why she was here, worried about what he was going to do to her next.

“Ah, this should do.” Karl said as he pulled out a crystal that was surrounded by an eerie blue glow. He stepped over to Wendy and began to rub the crystal against the flesh of her breasts. “You should be happy that you’re well enough endowed for this, my dear.”

“What are you doing to me?” Wendy asked as she felt a strange tingling sensation coursing through her breasts as Karl ran the crystal across them. The sensation was electric, sparking across her tender curves, and Wendy pressed her breasts out so he could better access them. It was an odd kind of massage, and one that Wendy was ill prepared for, but she wasn’t about to pull away either. Karl spent several long moments over her now very erect nipples and they both began to glow a striking deep blue and began sending waves of pleasure crashing into Wendy. She watched as her nipples puffed out to the size of small teat, and shuddered as she felt her breasts swell slightly as well.

“Simply preparing your breasts for a new duty. I do hate having to feed a large group of servants you see, but this way I only need to feed you. You will be able to feed the others with your milk. You will have to do it regularly otherwise your breasts will ache from pent up milk, but I’m sure your fellow servants will make sure that’s never a problem.” Karl explained as he finished. He watched as her breasts shimmered in blue for a moment before returning to normal.

Wendy’s eyes lit up and she quickly cupped her breasts, hardly believing what he had just said. Still, his powers had taken her this far, so she had no reason to doubt him right now. Her breasts did feel fuller than before, and her nipples were completely changed. Wendy wrapped her fingers around one of them and squeezed slightly, and moaned as a small squirt of milk came out with a jolt of pleasure. The thought of Jenny and Bell having to suckle on them sent shivers of pleasure through Wendy even though she was still a bit shocked at the idea. “They’re going to have to milk me?”

“I hear it’s very pleasurable, so don’t worry. Now, we need to prepare me for Bell’s arrival.” Karl led Wendy out to his bed-chamber. “Please, undress me.”

Wendy didn’t even consider refusing him, and quickly began pulling off his clothes. Part of her was curious to see him naked, another thing she’d never had the opportunity for before. Of course this wasn’t just any man, this was the man that controlled her, and she also knew that she would likely be intimately familiar with his body very soon.

The more she slipped off Karl’s body, the more her imagination ran wild. All sorts of perversions began to roll through her mind as she looked over his naked chest, and even more came when she had him standing in only his underwear. As she pulled down the last piece of cloth and looked over his semi erect shaft, Wendy shuddered at the thought of it plunging into her pussy.

“Ah, my dear, are you anticipating anything?” Karl asked as he saw his new servant shiver at the sight of his naked member.

“Yes, sir.” Wendy mumbled, fighting not to answer the question as she finished pulling off the last of his clothes. Her body was already betraying her though, her pussy was bubbling again and Wendy could feel herself dripping.

“Come, now, Wendy, you have no need to keep secrets from me.” Karl prodded. He sniffed at the feminine musk wafting from Wendy’s steaming pussy, knowing what her body was yearning for. The point was for her to admit it, to become used to her new role as his servant.

“I was just thinking about how it will feel when you rape me.” Wendy giggled, trying to express her displeasure with words while her tone was that of an eager lust filled slut. She struggled to defy him any way that still seemed possible. It wasn’t easy, her inflamed flesh, and this new need to please him made it extremely difficult for Wendy to do anything other than comply instantly with his desires.

“Oh, my dear, I doubt very much that I’ll be raping you when I claim you.” Karl reassured the shuddering girl as he took her breasts in hand and gently massaged them. “You wouldn’t mind if I dropped you onto my bed right now and ravished you, would you? In fact, I think you want me to don’t you Wendy?”

Wendy quivered from his handling, and struggled not to admit her own weakness. Her need to please him was overwhelming, as was her body’s need for release, and she looked up and let the truth flow from her lips. “Yes, sir. I know you’ve made me like this, filled me with this desire, and I can’t fight it. If you threw me onto your bed right now, I’d spread myself for you, cry with pleasure when you mount me and eagerly fuck your nice thick cock until you make my virgin body screams for more. Is that good enough for you?”

“Yes, my dear Wendy, I’m glad you feel like that. Bell will still be my partner tonight, but I look forward to enjoying your pleasures soon. By the time I’m ready to take you, you will have no other thought than serving me, and I assure you that it will be an experience you will never forget.” Karl answered as he fondled her. He could still sense her will in her words. Wendy was coming along well, and in a few days she would be the perfect submissive slave, and eagerly let her master explore her virgin passage without the slightest reservation.

Wendy knew he was right. Not only did she have her own feelings and actions to convince her, but Jenny had hardly been a slut before meeting this man. Wendy lamented this fact, even as she could feel her own anticipation at being fucked senseless. Her whole life was being washed away, and there was nothing that she could do.

Jenny slipped into the room, and stood before her master humbly. “Bell is ready for you now, Master, I hope you like what I’ve done.”

“I’m sure I will, please bring her in.” Karl replied, pushing Wendy away. He was more than a little curious to find out just what Jenny had done with her friend.

Wendy’s jaw dropped as she looks at Bell’s naked form as she stepped into the room. Bell’s face was gripped by an expression of eagerness and yearning for approval. This was a strange contrast to her usual calm and confident demeanor. Even stranger were the piercings across her naked flesh. Her nose and ears were all pierced with small golden rings, and her nipples were each pierced with a large and thick golden ring with a silver chain linking them together and to a leather collar around her neck.

As soon as she entered, Bell ran to Karl’s feet and kneeled, pressing her chest out and looked up towards him with reverence and yearning. “Please accept this worthless cunt as your eager servant and slave, Master. This flesh is yours to enjoy as you wish.”

“Impressive, Jenny, how did you manage this? I rarely see such a swift transformation, and I am appreciative of the rings.” Karl complimented his new mistress as he surveyed Bell’s heaving chest. She still stared up at him eagerly, awaiting a more thorough answer about her fate.

“Thank you, Master. I simply let Bell know just how important it was to be your servant. She even did the nipple piercing herself after she realized the error of her ways and I told her that you would like them.” Jenny replied. It hadn’t been an exactly easy thing to do though. Bell resisted, but Karl had left Jenny with complete control of Bell, and Jenny made full use of that authority. Slowly, Jenny crafted Karl into Bell’s new god, and though Bell fought, every command Jenny gave was impossible to deny. By then end, Bell was quaking with anticipation to be claimed by her new master to the very center of her being.

Bell was still aware of who she was and what had been done to her, but Jenny’s words were a gospel. Jenny filled Bell with revelation after revelation until the poor girl’s entire world was sitting on its head. Bell didn’t even want to fight it any more. Why would she want to fight her own god? Now Bell was staring up at her master, awestruck at just how wonderful it was to be in his presence. She could feel her pussy dripping with her juices and was pleased that she would be ready for him to take her. Bell squealed with pure delight as Karl as he tugged gently on one of her new nipple rings.

“Wendy will provide both of you girls with your food from now on. Please drink up, Jenny, while I enjoy sweet little Bell here. Feel free to play once you’re finished.” Karl turned to look into Bell’s anxious eyes. “And as for you my new slut, get onto all fours on the bed and prepare to be mounted.”

“Thank you, Master!” Bell shrieked as she scrambled to take position on the bed. She carefully spread her legs and arched her back so he could enter her easily and then waited patiently for him to take her. Bell squirmed as she waited, imagining the lewd scene she was putting on for his benefit and hoping that he like it.

Jenny was famished, having spent almost a day without any food and almost instantly understood what her master had offered. Wendy stood at Karl’s side apprehensively with her two ripe breasts heaving with each breath. Jenny licked her lips wickedly and approached, getting on her knees and wrapped her arms around Wendy’s waist and looked up into Wendy’s eyes.

“It’s okay, Jenny, I’m master’s milk cow now, drink up.” Wendy gleefully encouraged her friend. She couldn’t believe what she’d just said, that Jenny was about to suckle on her tit, or that she actually liked the idea of being her friends milk cow. Wendy pressed one of her nipples to Jenny’s lips and waited anxiously for her to start sucking.

Jenny didn’t waste any more time, and took one of Wendy’s nipples into her mouth and began sucking. Wendy’ let out a near orgasmic moan as Jenny pulled the first squirt of milk from her breast and was soon lost in a torrent of pure pleasure as Jenny continued. Wendy had never experienced much in the way of sexual pleasure before today, and Jenny’s suckling on her new breasts was almost more than Wendy’s could stand.

Karl stood there and watched as Wendy provided her first meal. He always enjoyed the look of surprise and pleasure that his milk cows had the first time they were milked. Then, with no further ado, he turned to his last slave, and her dripping wet pussy. He lamented on how long he had waited to build a new local household. It had certainly been too long, Karl thought as he rubbed his shaft up and down Bell’s slick nether lips while she squirmed anxiously. As he guided himself home inside Bell’s moaning body, he knew he’d have plenty of fun making up for lost time. These three would provide him with plenty of quality entertainment. He mused as he began riding his latest catch and looked forward to a long and intimate relationship with all of them.

The End