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Bunnies are happy, happy, happy!

“It’s just disgusting!” Jennifer said in her most irritated voice. She was sitting in the local coffee shop with her friend Gina. They were both discussing the new building that had been put in almost overnight just across the street from their favorite coffee shop.

“I know,” Gina said she was a tall woman with a pretty face and long legs that men could climb but her small perky breasts had made her the recipient of ridicules in the girls locker room at school which seemed so long ago because now she was a successful woman with a promising writing career.

“I mean look at it!” Jennifer shouted she was quite opposite of Gina. While Gina had long legs it was normally Jennifer’s creamy thighs that attracted men, and where Gina had small breasts Jennifer had larger C cups that were “just right” as she called them. Finally Jennifer’s ass was what made traffic stop it was big and bounced wherever she went despite these qualities though Jennifer was quite uptight (though she wouldn’t call herself that) and believed so firmly in equality in relationships that her one with her current boyfriend was on the rocks.

“Disgusting,” Gina said and sipped her coffee, “how can they debase themselves like that?” She pointed to one of the women who she saw standing next to the long line of men waiting to enter the club. She had on a black low cut satin corset, mesh panties on her legs and tall heels, her cufflinks and bowtie were enough to make her look like a silly ditz but the bunny ears on her head topped it all off. Despite her hilarious attire men were waiting in line to enter the club while they ogled her voluptuous body.

The girl had many twin sisters up in lights next to the name of the club, “The Happy Bunny”, it read.

“I just cant stand it,” Jennifer said in a disgusted voice and then finished her coffee with a big gulp, “I’m going to submit something to city council about this. This is such a huge step backward for this town, and after what we’ve been working for too!” Jennifer shouted then stood up from her chair and said her goodbyes.

After that she was so furious she marched over to the club to have a word with the girl. When she got closer she saw just how beautiful the girl was. Not in a classical way but in a way where she had half her ass hanging out in the hot July heat and the tops of her nipples were proudly on display.

The girl only looked to be a few years over 18 maybe even fresh out of high school. Jennifer was only a few years older but still found it pathetic that such a young girl had debased herself.

“Young lady what do you think you’re doing?” Jennifer said in her snooty, authoritarian voice. She grabbed the lady by the wrist and pulled her away to the groans and complaints of several men.

“Hey what do you—” the girl dressed like a bunny said before looking up at her gorgeous assailant, “hey lady you’re kinda hot!” the bunny girl said and began to reach her hand around and started humping Jennifer.

“Get off of me, how old are you anyway?” Jennifer said shoving the girl off of her, “how could you debase yourself before these men like this?”

“Huh, those words are too big for me,” the bunny said with a confused look on her face.

“She’s saying how can you be such a dumb sexy slut!” a boy shouted.

“Oh,” the bunny girl said and her look changed from that of comic confusion to that of comic glee, “because Trixie is a dumb sexy slut! Trixie is a bunny slut!” the girl, Trixie, giggled.

“You disgust me,” Jennifer said and turned to leave.

“Uh...” Trixie said, confused by those big words.

“She’s saying she wishes she was a dumb sexy slut too!” the same boy shouted this time followed by laughter. The others joined in.

“Oh,” Trixie said and walked back to her spot, “of course she does! Who wouldn’t want to be a bunny slut?” Trixie giggled.

Jennifer’s brain raced with thoughts of that as she drove to work. She couldn’t believe a woman would actually like being treated that way. That she could be such a...ditz. It all made Jennifer sick and she tried to push it to the back of her head as she parked and got on the elevator.

“Hey Jennifer,” her friend Rebecca said as Jennifer walked to her office.

“Hey Rebecca,” Jennifer said back, “hey will you sign a petition I’m making?”

“A petition for what?” Rebecca asked.

“The removal of that club from our town,” Jennifer said she pronounced the word club the way most people pronounced vermin.

“Can you do that?” Rebecca asked, “if so sure I’ve seen that place I even tried to talk to the manager but he just offered me a job. I left in disgust those people are so filthy.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Jennifer said, “thanks so much tell your friends too.”

Jennifer sat down at her desk and tried focusing on work.

She found it was far too hard to do so. As an engineer her tasks did not consist of making buildings or designing tunnels as she thought. Instead she maybe made a small contribution to one in collaboration with tons of others once every three months. The rest of her job was filing meaningless reports and assigning interns.

Out of boredom she looked up the club and found the sites website after awhile. Suddenly she realized her speakers were off and she heard a song play through the speakers and echo throughout the room.

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Bunny
Every woman should be a happy Bunny
Just listen close and you will see,
How happy a bunny can be!
Every day you work, work work!
And what do you get?
Every day bunnies play, play, play!
And what do they get?
Every day you think, think, think!
And what do you get?
Every day bunnies play, play, play!
And what do they get?
Every day you feel tired,
Wishing you were carefree!
Every day you’re so exhausted,
Wishing you were happy!
Do you want to know the way,
To become truly free!
To yell hip-hip-hooray,
And be a happy bunny!
Just listen to these words of wisdom
From the bunnies
All you do is suck, suck, suck men
All you do is fuck, fuck, fuck men
All you do is please, please, please men
Then you’re happy, happy, happy
Don’t think, just suck
Don’t work, just fuck
Don’t complain, just please
Then you’re happy, happy, happy

The last few verses repeated a few times before Angie turned it off and closed the browser in disgust. She couldn’t get the tune out of her head though and even found herself singing bits of the song.

“Don’t think, just suck,” she heard someone whisper in the cafeteria. She looked over to see Rebecca chewing on some salad and reading a newspaper and not even realizing she was singing the horrid song.

Jennifer ignored it and finished her lunch. She tried to work again but found the song still present. She pulled the browser up again and listened to the song a few more times.

Don’t think, just suck
Don’t work, just fuck
Don’t complain, just please
Then you’re happy, happy, happy

Jennifer couldn’t stop listening and zoned out for a bit. She snapped out of it with a fire alarm going off and she walked out of the building following drill procedures. While out there she heard the song again and looked around but couldn’t find the owner of the voice, the song drove her crazy.

Once back in her office she tried focusing and managed to do a few reports before she couldn’t take it anymore and just left early. She drove home trying to find a new song to listen to on the radio but nothing catchy was on. Then she accidentally tuned in to the Happy Bunny radio and the song played.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” she shouted and turned her radio off. The song annoyed her to no end but at the same time it enthralled her and the lyrics ran through her head until she felt like a single thought organism.

She reached her apartment and found a package at the door.

There was no return address but she saw it was addressed to her and she opened it up.

Inside was a sight that both entranced and scared her. The complete bunny outfit sat in the package. A red satin corset, mesh stockings, heels, even the cufflinks and bowtie, and finally the ears and a silly tail she hadn’t noticed before on Trixie.

That wasn’t all though underneath of it was a CD that read “the bunny song”, Jennifer knew what It was. She saw next to the CD were three dildos that must have been 9′ long they were shaped like carrots and even had a little green leaf part.

“Oh my God...” Jennifer said, “what’s happening?” she was close to throwing it away when her phone rang.

“Jenny?” came a deep voice over the phone.

“It’s Ms. Krenshaw,” she said in her snooty voice she was trying to sound professional and tough but really she was scared, “who is this?”

“Listen Jenny,” the voice said again and it made Jennifer cringe, “you probably already found our little....’benefits package’,” he chuckled, “listen if you want a job as a bunny the spot is open what do you say?”

“Listen to me you little creep!” Jennifer said sucking in her breath and trying to be as tough and powerful as possible, “I don’t know what game you’re playing here but it’s not gonna work, you and you’re seedy club are going down!” she shouted and hung the phone up.

She walked over to the package and struggled. She left it on the counter and remembered that trash day was on Thursday and she would get it then.

Jennifer sat down at her computer and began to surf the web for the latest news but couldn’t concentrate. Instead she put the CD in the computer and listened to the song.

“Don’t think, just suck
Don’t work, just fuck
Don’t complain, just please

Then you’re happy, happy, happy” she moaned and then walked over to the package. She pulled out a carrot and began to move it in and out of her snatch. Soon she was doing more than moving and began to plunge it in and out as fast as possible. She orgasmed four times to the song and finally passed out in her chair exasperated and elated, the musty smell of sex filled the room.

She awoke in a sweat the next day with the carrot in one hand.

“What have I become?” she asked herself and then got dressed and went for coffee with Gina. She drove by the Happy Bunny and felt envious of Trixie for getting to fuck and fuck and fuck and suck and suck and suck. Jennifer sighed and imagined being fucked so many times like Trixie, not having to work, not having to think, just sucking and fucking and pleasing.

“NO!” she shouted to herself and pushed those thoughts to the back of her head then sat down with Gina.

“There are more of them,” Gina said ominously as though describing a swarm of locusts.

“Huh?” Jennifer asked.

“More bunnies,” Gina said, “I saw like 5 walk in today and they all looked so stupidly happy.”

“I actually got a uniform in the mail!” Jennifer said in outrage.

“What did you do?” Gina said curiously.

“Threw it away!” Jennifer lied and sipped her coffee, “its just sick I cant imagine doing anything like that!” Jennifer said pointing to Trixie giving a man a blowjob.

“Yeah...” Gina sighed almost longingly.

The rest of their conversion involved talks of local politics although it always came back to the club until Jennifer left for work. Gina said her goodbye then stood up and admired the club from her car.

She sighed and looked longingly before singing a bit of the song.

Jennifer couldn’t find Rebecca to sign her petition and went to her office to find her.

“Uh...” she said scanning the room and only seeing some boxes and Rebecca’s assistant Mark, “Mark where’s Rebecca?” Jennifer asked.

“She quit,” he said frankly and packed up his bag.

“Why?” fear gripped Jennifer.

“Something about being happy,” he said and pulled his bag over his shoulder, “anyway it means I get off early hey have you seen that knew club? It’s off the chain, those girls are the sack,” he laughed knowing that it would offend her then he waked out of the room.

Jennifer stormed out, “traitorous bitch,” she said under her breath. Then she sat down at her desk, took a few deep breaths, and tried to focus. She didn’t make it twenty minutes before she turned the song on. Then reached into her briefcase and pulled out a carrot she remembered packing for use during lunch. She couldn’t wait though.

“Just real quick, just get it out of my system,” she said and turned the song up full blast then began to rigorously masturbate. She plunged the carrot in and out of her slit before she was no longer sitting in her chair but lying on the floor and already on her second orgasm.

One wasn’t enough though she had to be happy, happy! She shouted. Then reached into her brief case and pulled out a second one. She put the dripping one into her plump ass and the new one up her front bottom and began to impale herself on both.

She heard knocking at her door but didn’t care. She kept it up and finally came powerfully.

“YESSSSS!!!!” she shouted then began to wind down. She looked up to see the clock had shifted to 5 and she had been fucking herself for the past 4 hours. She signed contentedly before the door burst open.

Two security guards and her boss stood over the cum soaked wreck of a woman. He couldn’t help but admiring her tits as she rubbed them through her shirt and the nipple tops protruded through the fine sheen.

He shook his head and the guards carried her out. Literally. Jennifer couldn’t believe it but listened to the song on the way home. She arrived back at her house and spent the rest of the day listening to the song and sucking on one carrot while fucking herself with both dildos.

She found the turbo function eventually, strapped them on, and fell asleep in a numb haze of musty cum and sweat.

The next morning she awoke and cried for a while at realizing her problems. She took a long shower. Washed the cum out and got dressed. She would talk to Gina; that would make her feel better.

Once at the coffee shop she found there were now three girls in line instead of just Trixie and they were all servicing the waiting men. Jennifer was disgusted but also jealous again. She pictured herself doing that and almost crashed in her daydream.

She got out and found to her dismay that Gina was nowhere to be found. She looked across the street and remembered the conversation from earlier.

She knew.

Jennifer walked in both anger and curiosity over to the club. Pushed Trixie out of the way, and brushed past the bouncers who seemed to be expecting her. Once inside she found it to be nothing short of a shameless orgy of flesh and sweat.

Bunny girls were being fucked on stage, fucked in the aisles, fucked on the tables. They were giving blowjobs, handjobs, titjobs, anything all around the room. Jennifer could hardly think over the loud music that was in fact the bunny song.

She didn’t have to look long to find Gina who was wearing the green bunny outfit. She was handing out drinks on a silver platter to a waiting group of guys.

She had on a green satin corset that was cut so low the tops of her nipples were protruding proudly. Her long sexy legs were made sexier by the mesh, but Jeniffer noticed something different. Her tits (no longer could be called breasts), were huge, bigger than Jennifers, bigger than Trixies!

“Gina, what the hell happened to you!” Jennifer shouted over the music.

“Huh, its Gigi,” she giggled and pointed at her nametag, “I guess I was always a bunny slut,” Gigi shrugged. Then one of the men at the table pointed to his cock and Gigi got down on both knees with a practiced grace and took his stiff member in her mouth until he came all over her face.

“Your...tits!” she yelled.

“Like ‘em?” Gigi asked after she was done and was licking the cum from her whorish face. Meanwhile another man came up behind her and pushed his dick through a flap in her costume just below the hilarious tail. He began to fuck her from behind.

“What did they do to you!” Jennifer came off as disgusted but was really jealous and longed to be like Gigi.

“They just ohh yeah,” she grunted and bucked as the big man fucked her, “they give you free uuunggggg tits unnnnnggggg when you sign up ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhh yeah!!” she shouted loudly and she lowered her head onto another man who was pointing to his cock.

Soon she was servicing them both and loving it more than ever. Jennifer was disgusted and walked out but not before the manager. A tall man with a stylish goatee and muscled arms stopped her.

On his right and left were matching pink and white bunnies both looking almost identical.

“So Jenny,” said the man, “jealous of your friend, we could get you bigger tits if you want, just sign up, I think you have a uniform,” he chuckled. Jennifer scowled and left the building. She listened to the song on the whole drive home.

It was the evening when she got home and listened to the song and realized that she was fighting the inevitable. The phone rang but she ignored it, instead she reached into the package.

She pulled the red satin corset on and felt in comfortable fit on her. The lower part had an edge and with every step she took she felt it rub her cunt and she loved it. Then she put the mesh stockings on and then the heels. Jenny looked at herself in the mirror and saw what she was becoming but didn’t stop instead she smiled at herself. She put the cufflinks on and then the bowtie and realized that it was also a collar around her neck. Then she put the ears on over her head and smiled.

She reached for the carrot and found the slit in the uniform that you could move apart to allow for seamless fucking while still being a bunny and she put the one carrot deep in her slit. After masturbating until the sun set and getting rid of all thoughts that didn’t involve the song she knew what she was.

“I’m a bunny slut,” she said softly as she looked at herself in the mirror, “I’m a bunny slut!” she shouted and smiled. She felt like a little girl but also felt incredibly sexy. She put on her makeup to make her lips shine along with shadow and liner to feel sexier followed by the bunny earrings she hadn’t noticed previously in the box. With that she did her blonde hair in whorish curls and smiled once more at herself.

“Hi there,” she said in her girlish voice, “I’m a bunny slut how may I help you?” she asked and licked her lips.

She was ready.

She hopped into her car and began to drive she passed the coffee shop that was abandoned at night now and looked at the club. She saw the line of people stretching far back and she began to hunger for cock in her. After masturbating for the past few days she needed to be fucked, she was a bunny slut.

She parked her car and hopped out. She swayed her ass as she walked learning from movies how to entice people just by walking, because that was what bunnies do. She saw Trixie at the door.

“Hey Jenny!” she shouted in her high voice, “you came back?”

“Yeah you were right Trixie,” she smiled her white teeth, “Jenny is just a bunny slut, she just didn’t know it yet!”

“Hooray!” Trixie yelled and kissed Jenny on the mouth then hugged her like a little girl would, “all women are bunny sluts deep down!”

“Oh you don’t have a nametag Jenny,” Trixie said and touched her on her breast where it should be, Jenny felt a shiver of pleasure at the touch.

“Oh,” Jenny said. She was confused.

“Just go inside,” Trixie said smiling back, “they’ll sort it all out.”

Jenny walked inside she slipped past the bouncers who seemed to be expecting her again. She looked around the room feeling at home in the music. After awhile she was approached by the man again who was still flanked by his bunny girls.

“Jenny?” the man said in a fake questioning voice.

“Hey Mr.” Jenny said, “Jenny is sorry, Jenny realizes she’s just a bunny slut and wants to get a nametag, can you forgive Jenny please?” she asked in her little girl voice.

“I could if you can prove you’re a real bunny,” he smiled, “what do bunnies do?”

Jenny knew immediately she dropped to her knees just as Gigi had earlier and unzipped the man’s pants. She stared in awe at his organ for a few seconds before swallowing it in her mouth.

Jenny had never given head before but she didn’t find it hard. She just swirled her tongue around and made sure to have a good rhythm as she bobbed her head up and down on his shaft. She sucked furiously but also happily as though she had found her calling.

“Good girl Jenny,” the man said and petted her like you would a...bunny, “if you make me cum I’ll let you be a bunny girl forever, would you like that?” he asked.

“Mmmmmmhmmmmm!” she confirmed eagerly. With that she worked harder and began to play with hi balls and then she pulled him all the way out and began to lick his shaft starting at the tip and going down to his balls then back.

Finally he could bear it no longer and exploded in her mouth. His jism painting her throat and tongue. Jenny drank it all down and then felt it settle in her stomach and a strange taste of salt remain.

“Good girl Jenny,” he said again, “here I have a nametag just for you,” he pulled it out of his pocket after he zipped his pants back up and then pinned it on her right breast.

It read: HI! My name is JENNY and I am a Bunny slut!

Jenny felt complete. She walked around until she found a tray of drinks to deliver to a table. She walked over and greeted everyone in her high pitched voice. They were a group of five friends.

“Hey baby how about you stay?” the one guy asked. Jenny complied and sat down on his lap. The big guy reached his hands around and squeezed her breasts and Jenny moaned like the bunny slut she was.

“So, like, what are you studs celebrating?” she giggled.

“It’s Brad’s birthday,” one guy pointed to a man wearing a dress shirt and some pants. He had short brown hair and a clean shaven face. Jenny immediately got up and walked over to Brad whose eyes popped as he looked at her.

“And whats your birthday wish big boy?” she asked and planted a kiss on him.

“Uh...I’m married,” he smiled, “my friends just brought me here as a joke,” he said but Jenny knew he was horny and she had to make him happy.

“That’s good,” she smiled, “you need a little bit of variety in your life,” she kissed him on his lips and then down on his crotch.

“I don’t-ohhhhh,” he moaned as she wrapped her hands around his stiff member.

“Oh...” Jenny said in a disappointed voice, “you don’t want Jenny to please you?” Jenny was confused normally a hard cock meant they wanted to fuck.

“ want...” Jenny didn’t need any more encouragement and began to suck on his dick. After swallowing his cum she then gave a round of blowjobs on the house to all the men before they tipped her and Jenny realized she had done what she needed to do.

Then she felt a hot hand on her neck and she turned to see Gigi.

“Hey Jenny!” she shouted.

“Hey Gigi, I’m sorry I was such a dumb bitch earlier,” Jenny said, “I was stupid then, now Jenny is a dumb bunny slut!” she shouted like she had just passed the fifth grade.

“It’s ok Jenny,” Gigi said and kissed her long and passionately, “you see Jenny haven’t you always wanted this, if you weren’t a dumb bunny slut you wouldn’t have it!”

“Yeah!” she yelled.

“Oh its time for the bunny song, come on stage Jenny!” Gigi said and lead her friend by the hand to the stage. They stood in a line on the stage with the other bunnies.

“Its time for the bunny song!’ came a loud girlish voice from the speakers.

Bunnies are so happy, happy!
Bunnies like to please the men
Bunnies are so happy, happy!
Bunnies live to please the men
Bunnies like to shake their tits! All the bunnies on stage shook from left to right
Now up and down! All the bunnies bounced some tits popping out of the corsets
Bunnies like to show their toosh! All the bunnies turned to present all their asses
Bunnies like to shake their toosh! All the bunnies shook it up and down and left and right
Left cheek! All the girls shook just the left cheek with a practiced skill
Right cheek! All the girls did the right cheek with the same skill
Right tit! All the girls bent over backwards to show their tits and ass at the same time
Left tit! By now they were in the most complex position Jenny could never imagine doing before
Now everybody says!
“Welcome to the happy bunny my name is Mitsi!”
“Welcome to the happy bunny my name is Cami!”
They went down the list until they reached Jenny
“Welcome to the happy bunny my name is Jenny!”

“And we are here to please you like all women should!” they yelled and then all blew kisses and the curtain fell. It was followed by applause and whoops from the crowd. With Jenny never having felt more complete

After that Jenny went back to serving drinks and being fucked. She eventually found Becky. When the club began to close all the bunnies went to the back room where the manager waited.

“Great work today girls,” he smiled, “now what are you!” he shouted.

“Bunny sluts!” they said in unison.

“Good girls now good night,” he said and the lights dimmed down in the club.

Jenny looked out from the stage she saw the expanse of the club and the tables and the bar and other girls cleaning up. She saw the manager as he walked away with his bunny girls.

She saw her new life and she smiled

Bunnies are happy, happy, happy.