The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bunny and the Big Board


Melissa climbed off of her exercise bike, sweaty and worn out, and almost immediately the Need returned. The orgasmic noises coming from her TV weren’t exactly helping. She walked into the bedroom to see what the commotion was all about. It was a situation she was intimately familar with: a hard cock slamming in an out of a bald pussy, doggy style. She never used to be turned on by hardcore porn because she associated it with exactly this kind of camera shot, but now she felt the warmth of her own arousal building in her pussy.

On the other side of the room, the other screen came to life, and simultaneously Melissa heard the lock on her door disengage. That was odd; usually she was supposed to press the green button when they wanted her for movies, she assumed so the camera crew would be notified that she was on her way. But then, looking in the hall, she realized that the usual trail of green lights wasn’t illuminated; today it was a purple trail, headed in an entirely different direction. The screen had the usual litany of highly-specific requirements—these shoes, that bikini, those earings, blah blah blah—but then she spotted something new. Next to the word “MOUTH”, where she usually saw the male symbol, today the big circle sat on top of a cross. Melissa was expected to go down on a woman.

She turned this concept around in her mind. On the one hand, she just wasn’t interested in women. Never had been, really. A lot of girls used college as a time to experiment with that kind of thing, but the few times she had allowed herself to fool around at all, it had been with guys. She even had a roommate who got drunk and came on to her sophomore year, and she had to let the girl down...ick. On the other hand, well, first of all there was the ecstasy she knew she’d experience from obeying the screen. And, she’d been watching a lot of porn lately—like, really a lot—and she had to admit she found a lot of the sluts on TV attractive. Usually, when the board had her playing with herself, she pretended she was the girl on the screen, that she was the one getting her face blasted with cum. But for a few days now, a lot of the scenes were girl-girl, and in the throes of passion, Melissa may have mentally placed herself in those vignettes too, 69’ing with one of those big-breasted beauties, smooth thighs hugging her head in place, a wet soft tongue lapping at her clitoris...

Melissa suddenly snapped out of her reverie and froze in place. She was already all dressed up, sitting in front of the mirror with her hair in curlers, applying her eyeliner. The whole time she had been having this little internal debate, she hadn’t even noticed that she was getting ready for her date.

“I’m not going to let them change me,” said the pin-up girl in the mirror. She opened the dildo drawer and picked out two of her favorites: old reliable Number Twelve, which she affectionately thought of as her first love among the array of toys, and the somewhat-more-formidable Number Eighteen. She shimmied out of her bikini bottoms and lay down on her back in bed, eyes glued to the TV screen. This scene was almost ending—perfect, they were just about to get to her favorite part. She teased her vagina with the Number Twelve, and savored the feeling of slowly inserting the Eighteen into her mouth, while the man and woman in the porno picked up the pace. The Eighteen was her favorite for simulating blowjobs, because it was thick enough to stretch out her mouth just beyond the point of comfort. Now the girl on the screen uncoupled herself from the guy, turned around, and got on her knees. She held up her big boobs, stuck out her tongue, and sat patiently while the actor jacked himself off, his cock inches from her waiting face. Melissa could feel her orgasm coming, it was just around the corner...

Frustratingly, the scene dissolved away just before the money shot, and Melissa whimpered in disappointment. To make matters worse, it was replaced with a lesbian facials would be forthcoming. Melissa pulled the fake cocks out of herself and set them aside with a sigh. “I’m not going to let them change me,” she said out loud. She watched for a while as the pretty blonde on screen licked and sucked a fiery redhead’s bald pussy. Now that she was really thinking about it, it didn’t look so bad. “I’m not going to let them change me.” But it might be nice, less debasing even, to not get penetrated for once. “I’m not...” She turned her head from the screen. She still had some willpower in her. She could do this.

Her heels clacked loudly on the floor as she followed the trail of purple lights. She knew she must look pretty hot, with her big tits spilling out of her bikini top and her sweet curls bouncing was she walked; she hoped her mystery date approved. Finally she reached the door, not one she had ever been led to before, and stopped short. She could still turn back. But it was too late now. Total contentment was waiting for her just beyond this door.

She pushed the door open and stepped in. There was a hopelessly erotic brown-haired woman sitting up on the bed, wearing nothing but a pair of tight, thin blue gloves that went almost all the way to her shoulders, white stilleto shoes, and sheer white stockings that went halfway up her thighs. Her back was arched to better display her huge breasts (’Even bigger than mine!’, Melissa observed with a sense of awe), and her legs were spread wide, exposing her moist, hairless crotch.

“What took you so long?” the woman asked breathily. A chill went up and down Melissa’s spine. She knew this woman. She remembered.

It was the woman who raped her!

Melissa was frozen, her back against the door, unsure if she should find something she could use as a weapon or run out the door as fast as she could in her heels. Her jaw dropped and her mouth went dry. Finally she was face-to-face with one of her captors, but she wasn’t prepared, she had been surprised, this wasn’t how she planned it at all—

“Come on,” the brunette whined, “don’t keep me waiting any longer...” She spread her pussy invitingly with two of her long-nailed fingers. Melissa’s eyes locked onto her enemy’s wet labia. Suddenly her mouth wasn’t dry anymore, and she smacked her lips together unconsciously. ‘They can’t change me,’ she thought, ‘can’t change me, can’t change me...’

Now she was on her knees, holding the brunette’s legs open with her hands and eagerly lapping at the wet pussy in her face. It tasted different than she expected, different than her own juices...more tart somehow. It was the best thing she had ever tasted, next to cum.

This was her first time eating out another woman, but she could tell she was doing a good job. She knew what she liked, the techniques she had always wished her boyfriends would employ, so she just let that knowledge guide her. It was clearly working—the other woman was enjoying one loud orgasm after another, her pussy clenching and gushing every time. In between orgasms, she was talking almost non-stop: “Ooh, lick Kitten’s pussy...mmm, you’re so hot...Kitten loves it when hot sluts suck her twat...yesssss, don’t stop...” Melissa was in heaven, no longer mindful of the fact that she was orally servicing a woman who had raped her and beaten her unconscious just a couple of months ago. Caught up in the moment, she allowed herself to reach up and squeeze those huge, sexy tits. She rolled the other woman’s nipples around in her fingers while she continued to hit all the right spots with her tongue, and was rewarded with even higher-pitched screams of delight. The brunette’s orgasmic cooing only served to amplify Melissa’s perfect happiness.

Finally, it was over...that great feeling washed away, and Melissa found herself face first in her rapist’s vagina, hands still clutching those cartoonishly large breasts. Before she could collect herself and pull away, the brunette reached down and pulled her into the twin bed. The laid together side by side, close by necessity, their giant breasts squashing against each other. Melissa was staring straight up at the ceiling trying to figure out a way out of this mess; the other woman was lying on her side, her arm draped across Melissa’s flat stomach, her gloved hand caressing the blonde’s cheek.

Furious, Melissa asked the question that had been on her mind since she woke up that day with her breasts the size of bowling balls. “Why are you doing this to me?”

The brunette laughed. “Look around you, honey.”

For the first time, Melissa took in her surroundings. This room was a lot like hers—exactly like hers, actually. It even had a screen like hers, with that QR-code pattern...except for some reason, it stayed a pattern and didn’t turn into words.

“You’re a prisoner too?”

“Mmm, that’s right baby,” purred the brunette. She planted a soft kiss on Melissa’s neck. “What’s your name?”

“Melissa. Melissa Carter.”

“Hi Melissa.” Another gentle kiss, this time a little higher up on the neck. “My name is Kitten.”

‘Of course it is,’ Melissa thought to herself, but she kept her mouth shut. Something occured to her.

“Before, when they first brought me here...when you...when you raped me...”

Kitten finished her thought. “Mmm-hmm. That’s what the Big Board said to do.” She glanced at her screen, the one Melissa couldn’t decipher.

Melissa refused to look at the woman. Tears were welling up in her eyes. “You could have resisted. You could have said ‘no’. How could you even do something like that to another woman?” Kitten laughed, and Melissa winced at what she perceived as callousness.

“You haven’t been here that long, baby. You’ll see. But I guess I am partly responsible for what happened to you.” She was kissing Melissa’s cheek now. It tickled...Melissa shivered. “I was on the engineering team that built some of the technology they’re using. Actually, I helped design the Big Board.”

Melissa couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “The Big Board?”

“Yeah, you know, the Big Board.” Kitten indicated the screen with the coded pattern. “Well, that’s what we used to call it, anyway. See, after you and I first met—" Kitten licked Melissa’s cheek affectionately while Melissa cringed—“they cut your head open and attached some microchips to your cerebral cortex. The implant has access to a lot of brain functions...visuals, hormone release, seratonin, yada yada. I don’t really know the organic side of it, I just helped design the Big Board’s software.”

Melissa looked at Kitten’s Big Board again. “Yours doesn’t seem to be working.”

“Huh? Oh, sure it does. See, it’s keyed to my implant, so only my eyes and brain can decode it. And once that happens, the implant knows what the win conditions are, and, know how it goes. It’s all meant to reprogram your desires through repetition.” Now she planted a sweet kiss in the corner of Melissa’s unparted lips.

“Then you’re still just as bad as they are. How much did they pay you to sell out your own gender?”

Kitten seemed genuinely hurt. “I didn’t know! I swear! I thought it was for a good cause. All our test subjects were men—volunteers, pedophiles mostly, who wanted to be reprogrammed into a socially healthy orientation. We even turned away a woman on ethical grounds, because it was clear she was being pressured into turning straight by her parents. I never would have don’t this if I’d known. Some asshole in sales accidentally CC’d me on an email I didn’t even understand, and the next thing I knew I was here.” Her mood lightened suddenly, and she chuckled. “Of course, if I’d thought about it for a second, I might have realized. They were bound to use the technology wherever it got them the most profits.”

“They’re not going to profit off of me,” Melissa vowed.

Kitten laughed again. “Are you kidding? Baby, look at the TV.”

Melissa looked. It was another porno, but she was the star! She remembered this one. She was totally nude, on her hands and knees between two huge black guys, one pounding away at her pussy while she jacked the other one off into her mouth. Her huge tits swayed pendulously, and the look on her face was unmistakable, naked lust. There was a lingering closeup of one huge black cock slamming in and out of Melissa’s wet pussy, and she could hear her own muffled, appreciative moans as she watched her pert ass bob up and down energetically. Melissa had been filmed almost a dozen times now—masturbating, sucking guys off, getting fucked—but this was the first time she had ever seen the results.

“I’ve been watching your movies all day, sexy. You’re so fucking hot...” Kitten tried to kiss Melissa on the lips, but Melissa pushed her away, jumped out of the bed and ran for the door. “Oh, don’t go,” Kitten whined after her, reaching out from the bed. It wasn’t easy on her heels, but Melissa ran the entire distance back to her room.