The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bunny and the Big Board


At first, being a porn star—even against her will—caused Melissa a lot of shame. What if her mother saw? Or more likely, one of her old boyfriends? Her body may have been modified, but her face was the same as ever, recognizable even under heavy layers of gloss and glitter...and since she spent most of her time sucking cock, the cameras always seemed to linger on her lustful face.

A few days after making Kitten’s acquaintance, Melissa was masturbating in bed, sliding a dildo sensuously in and out of her mouth. She was topless, and she had on tight leather pants and severely high-heeled black boots; her shoulder-length blonde hair was teased into a wavy mass, and her bright red lips shone wetly. She hadn’t received any instructions that day from what Kitten had called “the Big Board.” But she had woken up horny, her television blaring porn as always, and had decided that this was how she wanted to spend her morning.

Unfortunately, just as the tactile sensation of her lips and tongue sliding over a hard rod began to push her closer and closer to her first orgasm of the day, one of her own scenes started playing on the TV. She blushed furiously. She wanted to leave the room, but she was so close to cumming, she couldn’t stop instead, she watched herself on the screen.

It was one of the movies where they’d made her recite lines from a script. She had shown up that day dressed as a slutty schoolgirl, with knee-high stockings, a plaid skirt, and a little white button-down shirt tied off under her giant jugs, to find that the movie set had been staged to look like a classroom. The “teacher” scolded her for wearing such slutty clothes to school, and in an affected bimbo voice, she had asked if there was anything she could do to stop him from calling her parents...

On the television screen, Melissa, her blonde hair in pigtains, giggled stupidly and pushed her tits together while the teacher penetrated her cleavage with his truly huge penis. In bed, Melissa rememebered how good it had felt to watch his monstrous member emerge from between her firm, round tits, thrusting towards her face again and again. Shame faded away and was replaced again by lust. She shoved a hand under her pants and fucked herself with two fingers, her moans muted by the dildo in her mouth as she came hard.

When she was finished, the Big Board lit up for the first time that day. Almost simultaneously, a stack of papers were shoved through the food slot under the television. “Great,” thought Melissa, “another movie.” She was trying to convince herself that she didn’t find the prospect of fucking on camera exciting, but her pussy moistened at the thought. However, somewhat unusually, the Board didn’t say anything about clothes or makeup...just a vibrator. And, ominously, the red button on her desk console was flashing, instead of the usual green one.

After the usual show of hesitation that Melissa put on for herself, she dutifully pressed the red button. Instead of the bedroom door opening like she expected, a little hidden compartment in the desk opened up. It contained a big pair of headphones, with a cord that fit into a jack right next to the microphone that had puzzled her since her arrival. Scanning the script pages, Melissa began to get the idea.

“Oh, come on,” she said, reading some of the ridiculous shit they wanted her to say. A lot of it was just silly; some of it was downright nasty. A lot of it was way over the line. And for some reason, a lot of it had to do with calling herself ‘Bunny.’

“You have got to be kidding me,” she said loudly and clearly into the microphone.

Three hours later, she was sitting at the desk, drenched in sweat. The vibrator pressed against her clit had brought her off so many times she had lost count, and now she was on the verge of cumming yet again. Her voice was husky and sultry with lust as she read the words in front of her.

“I’m a horny slut,” she moaned seductively.

And then, “Cum in my whore mouth.”

“I love sucking cock.”

Each time she read a line, she had to go to the next one. On her first run-through of the script, she had tried repeating “I love sucking cock” over and over, but she could feel her ecstasy fading. She had no choice but to go on.

“My name is Bunny,” she said for the fifth time in the last hour. “Mmmm, fuck Bunny’s mouth and jizz all over her titties...”

This was her least favorite part. Internally, she tried to drown out her own voice by repeating to herself, ‘They can’t change who I am, they can’t change who I am. I’m Melissa Carter, and I’m a good girl...’

“My name is Bunny. I’m a horny slut.”

‘They can’t change who I am. I’m Melissa...’

“My name is Bunny. I’ll let any guy fuck my whore cunt.”

‘They can’t change who I am. I’m Bunny—no, I’m—’

“My name is Bunny,” she screamed, as she came yet again.

Over the course of the next month, Melissa’s script readings became a regular part of her daily routine. Those lessons were augmented by more guidelines from the Big Board; at first, she had to talk dirty any time she masturbated, and eventually the guys who came to her room refused to fuck her unless she begged for it with some of the lines she had memorized. This was a difficult transition for her; she had been fucking and sucking strangers on and off camera for a long time now, but doing so while also calling herself “slut” and “whore” and “cunt” made it feel so much more...consentual.

She almost felt relief when the Board started insisting that she introduce herself as Bunny before getting fucked. If she had to admit to being a slut all day while jacking guys off in her face, it was almost easier to slip into another identity to do so. “My name is Bunny,” she had said to one shirtless hunk who had shown up at her door, “and I can’t wait to wrap my slut lips around your hard cock.” She had not been lying about any of it.

Around the same time, even her dreams had started to fall in line with her new lifestyle. She used to dream of her former, normal body, and her old life. Now she dreamed of herself as Bunny, a big-breasted slut who loves sucking cock. She hadn’t given it much thought, until a wet dream woke her up late one night. In the dream, she was surrounded by dicks, caressing one with each hand and working on a third with her mouth while the other men stroked themselves to stay hard. She had begged them to cum on Bunny’s face, and when they all did so in unison, she cried out loud, waking herself up.

Lying in bed, she realized she could hear her own voice. It was coming through her headphones—unplugged, since she was far from the desk now, but somehow her voice was still being played back to her, very softly. Lately the television blared loudly long into the night, and she had found that she could only get sleep by putting the big headphones on and cancelling out the noise. Now she listened closely to her own murmur in her ears: “My name is Bunny...Please...I want you to cum all over Bunny’s face...” It was so faint she could barely make it out, but it was there.

Taking the headphones off was not an option—the television was still on, and she could see that the girl on the screen was a screamer. Sighing softly, Bunny closed her eyes and forced herself to ignore the quiet voice in her head. After a few minutes she managed to drift off to sleep again, and into another hot dream.